Yuen Soragami
Ensui and Susano'o
Ditzy Gun Ace
The Chrono Seeker
The Foretold Hero(es) of Legend
Important Information
Gender Male(Yusuke)/Female(Ensui)
Birth Date Unknown
Family Secret
Status Alive
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Blonde with Blue tips
Height 170-193 Cm
Blood type Ether
Age 25(Appears 12-13 as Yusuke)
Weight 30-47 Kg
Health Staggeringly Good
Affiliation Unknown
Species Unknown
Base of Operations Unknown
Weapons Familiars, Tsukuyomi(Gun), Ameterasu(Blade)
Current Occupation Seeker
Fighting Style Unknown
Partner Unknown
Team Unknown
Relatives Secret
Marital Status Unknown

Yuen is a rather strange existence, born perfectly in balance with both yin and yang energies, resulting in their... Unique condition. Where Yuen is from, what they want and who they are related to is a rather large mystery. The only thing that is known about the mysterious person is that they hail from the distant future and are seeking out three people.


Absolutely nothing is known about Yuen's past as they come from the future.


Yuen is rather strange personality wise. Yusuke is childlike and playful, often coming off as far too innocent for his own good. Ensui, however, is all business and rarely smiles, often coming across as emotionless or impassive. How they act around others they know has yet to be seen.


Yuen appears differently depending on who is active. Yusuke appears as an adolescent wearing what looks like a mixture of Scholarly robes and hunting gear. He carries Tsukuyomi by his side and uses Ameterasu as dagger. Ensui appears as a young woman in her prime, with a modified, more combat oriented, version of Yusuke's attire and a gunblade about her size. Ensui doesn't care about showing any skin. Both have the same blonde hair with blue tints and grey eyes, but Yusuke's hair has more of a blue tint while Ensui's eyes are colder and harder to read.

Abilities and Skills


Both halves of Yuen are extremely good shots with Tsukuyomi.

Weapon Mastery-

At some point, Yusuke mastered gun play and Gun-kata, while Ensui mastered various forms of swordplay and close ranged combat.

Elemental Magic-

Both halves of Yuen have control over the eight basic elements in the form of magic.

Arcane Magic-

Both halves of Yuen have mastered the foundations of Arcane Magic and Mysticism.

Familiar Creation- 

Yuen has the strange ability to generate and summon Familiars. They also have the ability to create them from scratch or win them over. Currently Yuen has at least fourty-three different Familiars.


Ensui appears to have control over technology and machines to a certain extent.


Yusuke appears to be able to affect the weather and geographical features of areas to an extent.

Ether Manipulation-

Yuen has control and near full mastery over Ether, able to change it into Seithr and add attributes to it as well as reveal its 'true' form comprised of solidified knowledge in the form of smooth 'bark' from a certain tree. Yuen can use Ether for offense, defense, recon, stealth and even recovery by calling upon different portions of their Etheric Knowledge and Etheric Library.

Etheric Knowledge-

As a user of Ether, Yuen has access to Etheric Knowledge, a stockpile of stored and shared information via an Etheric Network. Yuen has a small amount of information granted by their parents, but the rest of the stockpile comes form their many experiences.

Etheric Library- 

Having stockedpile enough information via Ether, Yuen was granted the capability to store and categorize said information in a more refined and private way. As an owner of the rare Etheric Library, Yuen is able to process information faster, store and access it better, modify the information and synthesize new things from it.

Weapons and Equipment


A blade that changes forms depending on the wielder. When Yusuke uses it, it appears as dagger with a glowing blade that can be combined with Tsukuyomi to create Shiranui, a strange gun with an even stranger ability. When Ensui uses it, it is the base for the large gunblade, Susano'o, she creates with it and Tsukuyomi.


A gun that changes forms depending on its wielder. This is Yusuke's preferred weapon over Ameterasu and appears as a modified, futuristic flintlock pistol. Ensui uses Tsukuyomi as the gun portion of her gunblade.

Gae Bolg-

Yusuke's secret weapon. Its true nature is... 


Ensui's secret weapon. Its true nature is...


Endless Blader

Infinity Gunner

Ether Edge -α-

Ether Edge -β-

Ether Edge -ω-

Ether Spiral Mode

Hero Mode

Legendary Beast




Yuen -Gestalt Mode-

Yuen -Monad Mode-

Yuen -Oracle Mode-


Yuen has a great deal of Familiars. These are a few of the more commonly called or powerful ones.







Bahamut II



Vector Hounds


Bit Lord

Omni Bits