"I need to check your heart rate."
The Real Doctor
The Broken Angel
The Avenging Mask
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Family Nanashi(Brother), Nanairo(Sister-Deceased), Unnamed siblings(Deceased), Unnamed Mother(Deceased), Unnamed Father(Deceased)
Status Alive
Eye Color Hazel, Red, Golden, Cobalt
Hair Color Caramel
Height 189 Cm
Blood type Ether
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Health Amazing
Affiliation LoI(Former), Self
Species Unknown-Immortal(Formerly Human)
Base of Operations Volmond's Domain
Weapons Caladbolg, Stone of Death
Current Occupation Master of All Trades
Fighting Style Trick Step, Phantom Step
Partner Shinwa
Team Moon in Full Bloom
Relatives Nanashi, all others Deceased
Marital Status Single


Volmond was born on Earth, though with a different name. He grew up in some undetermined time period where technology was more advanced than it is currently, placing his birth date in future or distant past. Until a faithful incident, the doctor lead a rather stressful life, being the illegitimate son of a wealthy woman of status.

For years, Volmond had to fend for himself against the majority of his family, barring his mother, an elder brother and his elder sister, and people who sought to use him as a bargaining chip against his family. During this time, the future doctor seened to always avoid trouble by a hair, often without realizing that he was in a dangerous or disadvantegeous situation in the first place. It was only when a serious attempt on his life, did Volmond learn of his own luck- Rather of the existence of his guardian angel.


One day Volmond was involved in a serious accident, one that resulted in the death of the majority of his mother's side of the family, his and his mother's hospitalization and his inheritance of his mother's fortune after her passing. Immediately people accused Volmond of orchestrating the incident that killed half of his family, but lacked sufficient evidence to properly try him in court. This led to people attemptimg to enact their own justice against the innocent man, resulting in Volmond having to stay on the run to keep himself alive.

Moving constantly and changing his name from his original to Zwei, Volmond continued to hold onto living until he was taken in by his father's family. Initially believing in their sincerity, Volmond was disillusioned when he began to realize that his "family" only wanted his fortune and would do anything to get it. Bitter, the soon-to-be doctor left in the dead of night, abandoning the ones who preyed upon his naive heart. Unknown to him, his remaining family had alerted the ones pursuing him to his location, leading to a nearly fatal ambush on Volmond. Just as a killing blow was to be struck, Volmond was saved by the appearance of a particular woman, his guardian angel.

Fending off the attackers, the raven haired woman tended to Volmond, transfusing some of her essence into the young man to save his life. Thankful, Volmond pledged his loyalty to the being who saved his life, a Phoenix named Kokua Suzaku. Kokua later explained that she was assigned to watch over him upon his birth, there being a shortage of angels to fill the role of humanity's guardians so Phoenixes were given the role, though the near doctor did not believe her. Asking for evidence to prove her claim, Volmond was stunned to see the woman traveling with him transform into a large bird wreathed in black, violet and blue flames then revert to the form of a human. Entranced, the young doctor chose to follow this mysterious woman, not that he had much of a choice in the matter.


Months of travel turned into years in the blink of an eye. The doctor was no longer a young teen, but a man in his early twenties, and had learned to do more than hide behind others to save himself. He had become adept in both the healing and martial arts and learned to wield a sword, though he was far from the perfect fighter. He took on the role of supporter whenever something or someone attacked him and Kokua, using his sword as a tool of defense while Kokua dispatched whatever came their way. Then one day Kokua grew ill.

The phoenix remained quiet about her illness, not wanting to worry er companion, but eventually the young doctor took notice of her gradually worsening condition and attempted to stop her from over exerting herself, only to find that the cause of her sickness was due to the transfusion of essence years prior. Searching for a way to return the given essence, the doctor studied the arcane arts until his very being was attuned to the Great Mana, the lifeblood of magic wrought from the blood of the universe. With this, he quickly mastered as many types of magic as he could handle, gradually transcending from a simple human with divine radiance to a High Human, one who has reached and surpassed the limitations of what could define and shape humans while remaining, purposely, out of the realm of gods and deities. With this new found awakening, the doctor was able to return Kokua's given essence and gradually repair the damage her very being had taken do to having done such, only to receive a fierce scolding from the phoenix for endangering himself by doing so. This lead to an argument that resulted in the phoenix's return to the heavens, having fulfilled her role as the doctor's protector, tough not without bitter feelings being born between them. It would be the following year that brought both back to each other.

As the doctor, now able to properly fend for himself, traveled and eventually left his homeland, he came across the sister of is Guardian Phoenix, Akua. The elder of the two phoenixes approached the young man with news of Akua: being the purest and of the purest lineage of phoenixes, she was to be used to fuel the Eternal Flame, a remnant of the First Phoenix only kept alight by being infused into a phoenix of pure blood and pure heart as to keep the docile flame from raging uncontrollably. Normally such an affair would have been far kept from a single human, but Akua had reason to believe that Kokua's time with the doctor had "tainted" her heart with unnecessary emotions that would taint the Eternal Flame in turn. Neither accusing the doctor, nor forcefully coercing him into obedience, Akua asked that he come with her to prevent a predicted catastrophe, only to be asked why she did not take her sister's place, being of the same lineage. The elder phoenix could only reply that she had truly been tainted, before whisking them both to the heavens.

Expecting to find a peaceful land inhabited by the holiest beings in creation, the doctor was shocked to see that his idealized heaven was in fact war zone as the phoenixes battled over Kokua's right to bear the Eternal Flame. Fire, ash, light, darkness, ice and smoke raged in the holy land, growing fiercer as those who believed that the young phoenix should bear the flame and those who believed that there were others more qualified fought until the intervention of the angels stifled the visibility of the war. This brief calm lasted through the majority of the doctor's journey through the heavens, but the moment he and Kokua met was the moment the appeasing power held by the angels faded and the war raged on. And then, the most unlikely of outcomes came to pass.

Rather than merging with Kokua as intended, the Eternal Flame instead was forcefully merged with the doctor briefly, stunning the combatants to a complete standstill as a human withstood the infinite heat and awesome power held within the flickering ember of the Eternal Flame before it passed onto its chosen host: the newborn daughter of Akua, Iylessa. Severely burned and near drained of all mana by the all consuming fire of the Eternal Flame, the doctor collapsed while the majority of the stunned phoenixes could only watch his limp form be carried away by Akua and Kokua to be treated. It took several weeks for the doctor to recover enough to awaken and several more days to be able to speak, enough time for Akua and Kokua to argue over his being there and the "taint" in Akua's heart being her love for the doctor, having grown from a simple sense of duty into actual affection born from their trials and tribulations together. The same argument was used for his choice in coming to "save" Kokua, because of his own affection for her- enough to nearly die from being consumed by the will of the First Phoenix in order to protect her from the consequences of hosting the flame without a "pure" heart. Hearing this and realizing that this was true, Kokua made up her mind to forever walk at the doctor's side as a companion, or ahead of him as a guide when he grew lost, sentiments the doctor shared.

The two experienced a brief courtship phase, wherein Kokua's brothers would often attempt to test the doctor's worthiness for their sister, but ultimately were wed in the heavens before returning to the earth when the doctor had fully recovered, his presence only being allowed for as long as his treatment took. The two continued to travel, the doctor living up to his title as they visited small villages and large capitals of the world before settling in one such village.

Paradise Lost


True Awakening


Dreadlord and Godslayer

The doctor no longer had much of a will to fight, eons having passed and repeated from his Temporal Crux, and so he decided to find a place to permanently rest. He soon came across a nameless dimension and chose to settle there, only to find persecution due to being superficially different from the people of said plane. Initially fine, the doctor's patience wore thin rather quickly and he chose to return the scorn that was directed at him one hundred fold. What was a single act of revenge soon became multi-dimensional conquest as other dimensions began to send support to the dimension in which he presided, leading to a near endless war until the doctor's reputation grew enough to cause most dimension traversing beings to keep a wide distance from him. This only grew more and more severe as those who would fight him were crushed by his army of hastily created soulless automata or the doctor himself, up until the point in which the title as doctor was replaced by Conquerer, Warmonger, Second Coming of the Demon Emperor and ultimately Dreadlord of the Nigh End. By this point gods had began watching the doctor's movements, some amused by his wish for peace and his constant wars as a result of others targeting him, whereas others grew weary of his ever growing power to the point of sending their own after him. Expecting an easy victory, the gods who faced the doctor were felled one by one by him, each death resulting in more gods being sent after him until entire pantheons were slaughtered when the doctor ceased his defensive approach to end the conflict at the roots. It wasn't long until few gods remained, most slain, others forgotten as people in various dimensions began to worship other forces in order to smite this catastrophic arbiter until those forces, too, were slain or forgotten as the cycle continued. And then one day, the doctor vanished, having grown weary of the conflict brought about by his desire to rest, thus he returned to his home... and found ruin.


Volmond is a calculating and manipulative person, only taking action when the outcome is long decided, whether that be victory or an illusion of loss. He can easily curry the favor of others with kind words and acts of goodwill, but this is generally to further his own goals or protect his own- he cares little for others upon initially meeting them. That being said, the doctor is human in regard to his emotions and will occasionally act upon them if they grow strong enough. An angry doctor can bring about xenocide without batting an eye, whereas a more taciturn doctor can restore things lost forever back to the world. To allies, acquaintances and his creations, Volmond shows more of his kinder nature, often ensuring their safety if he finds them in a difficult situation. Anyone close to Volmond is granted his protection and his loyalty for the most part, both being lost if the doctor is betrayed. It should be noted that doing so is a very unwise decision as Volmond tends to hold grudges, grudges that he will never forget.

In combat, the doctor sheds all of his humanity however, choosing to cripple and destroy foes from within just as easily as he cuts them down with his assorted cursed weapons, some earthly and known, others foreign and beyond understanding. This is tempered by his time as the Dreadlord, where any semblance of mercy was driven out of him, and his imprisonment by the source of his hatred. More machine or monster than man when in combat, the doctor can be considered an anti-world class threat once he begins to use his true power, much greater than the meager amount he shows in most conflicts. This was amplified further when the part of the doctor's psyche partitioned off to hold back his more destructive abilities, thought to have been granted by the source of his hatred, merged back into his regular psyche, making him an utter terror in battle and yet one of the kinder people outside of battle when not in a mood.


Volmond normally appears to be a human male of average height with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He wears a simple button-up shirt and slacks or cargo pants under a white lab coat with many pockets. His hair is messy, but maintains a semblance of uniformity, while his eyes change colors to fit his mood: Hazel for content and neutral, golden for annoyed or irritated, cobalt for defensive and protective and red for angry. He is slim, but not so much so as to appear malnourished or frail. Behind his small frame, however, lies power greater than what even most higher gods can handle and the knowledge to utilize said power with no issues.



Volmond and Aeon have a rather tense relationship. Mentioning Volmond around her will cause Aeon to enter one of her darker forms, while mentioning Aeon will sour Volmond's mood. At some point, long in the past, their relationship was not so sour...


Volmond and Alara see each other mutually. If Volmond doesn't hinder Alara as she performs her duties, Alara won't attract Aeon to him nor will she impede his work. That being said, neither is willing to work with the other, being on similar but opposing sides of the spectrum.


Volmond sees Alexian as a childish person with a foul temper. Alexian holds a great deal of loathing toward the doctor, yet can't actively harm him without risking the health of Seraph. In all honesty, Vol wouldn't harm a hair on Seraph's head, but he doesn't let the humanoid know that.


Volmond and Anira rarely have interacted, but Volmond knows that he and the Kaiju would most definitely disagree with boy another if they were to discuss ideals and how to reach them. Aside from that, they get along quite well.


Volmond sees Asteria as an ally more than he sees the former goddess as a creation. Asteria feels that she owes Volmond a great deal so, she listens to the doctor without fail.


It is difficult to guage Cruxia and Volmond's relationship, but one may assume that the Relic Goddess of Pain is loyal towards the one who saved her life.


Volmond and Endlos seem to be connected, but for no specified reason. Volmond appears to be wary of the King of Endlos.


Helios formerly despised the doctor, thinking of him as a monster for experimenting with his partner more than for experimenting on him. The two have since come to an understanding of sorts, where the doctor allows Helios to carve his own path before his "fated day" arrives.


A girl that Volmond took in. Initially the doctor simply saw her as an assistant, but over time began to treat her as more of a daughter than anything else. Volmond has made one of his ambitions to be able to cure the girl of her condition that threatens her life and sanity. Since she vanished, Volmond has been masking his own frantic mindset in regard to her safety and is using far more of his resources to find her than one might think.


Volmond appears to have a great deal of romantic feelings for White. He cares for the shapeshifter as much as he cared for his long deceased wife and will not allow anyone to kill her or destroy her chance at happiness outside of Phoenix. After the division between White and Shinwa, he primarily watches over Shinwa and occasionally checks on White, but isn't unaware of the resentment the latter has for him. In truth, he is hiding a great deal from Shinwa, but isn't to the point where he can tell her any of it.


Volmond thinks Obidiah, without a doubt, is an idiot. He sees the human's unruly behaviour and attributes it to future issues for his organization and supposed family structure. Likewise, he dislikes his treatment of his allies because of his sentiments and would really like to cut him down to size before his arrogance causes him to lose out on a great many things. That being said, he thinks Obidiah has the potential to do much good, if only he would try to reign in whatever remains of his fragile sanity.


Volmond has a soft spot for the girl, secretly doting on her. He does feel remorse for ending her humanity and ultimately plans on making it up to her.


Volmond dislikes that all Nageki seems to do is cry, but his own harsh speech belies his own care for the boy. At this point Volmond can't tell if he's a philanthropist at heart or if he has a knack for finding orphaned children.


Aside from his petty thoughts of vengeance towards the cloaked figure, Volmond finds Eien to be overly idealistic about his utopian vision. He doesn't relate with him, despite similar circumstances and would rather they not be compared as they are opposite ends of the spectrum.

Abilities and Skills

Themis-Khaos System-

Volmond's self created internal system that governs his ability usage and what triggers them. This was made largely to prevent the accidental usage of his stronger abilities and to prevent anyone from forcing him to use his abilities against his will by shifting their activation and usage conditions and requirements. If someone completely copies his abilities, they will be unable to use them without first understanding how the Themis-Khaos System functions and what links to what within it. Cannot be bypassed without certain code phrases.

Iustitia-Aequitas Systema ϐ

Successor to the Themis-Khaos System. Effects unknown.

Presence Nullification

Volmond is able to completely erase his own presence without an issue, in fact, he can erase it on such a scale that it becomes impossible to track him should he want to remain unnoticed. This ability is constantly in effect over his domain.

Immortality Breaker

Volmond is one of the few beings that can slay immortals without special spells or weaponry due to his time spent in the Realm of Nonexistence. A mortal blow inflicted by the doctor can nullify any form of immortality and, coupled with his choice of weapons, negate any attempts to regenerate from the damage taken.


Volmond can teleport to nearly any location, unhindered. The few exceptions are Tartarus and Aeon's Realm, the latter of the two specifically repelling him.


Volmond is a master of Alchemy and Transmutations. Combined with his vast amount of knowledge and creativity, the doctor is able to create Homunculi with various abilities from various organisms and create materials and resources from scratch.

Origin Magic

Volmond is a practitioner of the Original magic, but to an unknown extent. Likely a byproduct of bearing the Eternal Flame and a fragment of the now long destroyed Great Mana.

Restorative Magic

Volmond has mastered and perfected Restorative magic, being able to cast all but the most advanced of spells in an instant. Greatly impacted by the Great Mana.

Spacial Displacement

Volmond can distort and modify space around him, often changing its dimensions or properties to store objects. He has yet to utilize this ability in combat.

Vector Manipulation

Volmond can manipulate vectors and movement direction on an extremely large scale. The focus of this ability is not solely for protecting the doctor from dangerous attacks.

Phantasmal Gait

Volmond has the ability to move in such a way that he phases through beings and objects while not being exactly intangible. This is one of his primary offensive skills, but is also used for faster movement and traversing obstacles with ease. This ability allows all directions of motion to be accessed.

Planar Gait

Volmond is able to travel between dimensions and planes to an extent. Being one of his less utilized ability, he rarely shows it unless he absolutely must or is simply bored.


Volmond is extremely good at everything he dabbles in, thus earning the title Master of All Trades. Generally used to maximize the efficiency of multitasking

Hyperreactive Mana Translation

Volmond can nigh instantly cast a slew of devastating spells before one can blink and further strengthen, modify and accelerate spells by drawing on the fragment of the Great Mana housed within him.

Godslayer Gene

Volmond is able to align himself to the wavelength of Gods and slay them with little to no issue, often surprising them when he deals fatal damage to them without them noticing or reacting.

Reason Killer

Volmond is currently the only being able to destroy the concepts of Order, Balance and Chaos directly, rather than their avatars.

Law Killer

Volmond can completely disregard any restriction placed upon himself and break universal laws should the need arise.

Unfathomable Depths

Volmond opens a gateway into the the realm he refers to as Betwixt, drawing everything within range into it before closing it and stranding whatever was caught in a sense and power depriving realm between others.


Volmond summons an incarnation of the World Eater and sics it on his target(s). Anything caught within the creature's maw is utterly destroyed and erased.

Annihilation Drive: Otradimensio

Volmond literally shifts the fabric of time and space around an area, forever trapping it within a another, hellish dimension or simply annihilates it with shift.

Annihilation Drive: Stella Danse

Volmond commands a celestial convergence event, gathering thousands of stars and commanding them to fall towards his target, forming into a Super Massive Black Hole that annihilates itself after a short period of time.

Annihilation Drive: Malefic Touch

Volmond, in a similar fashion to Otradimensio, shifts the fabric of time and space, this time forcing multiple dimensional layers into the same location, resulting in a large scale erasure of space and time.

Annihilation Drive: Spacial Anomaly

Volmond reenacts the Big Bang on a smaller scale, condensing the power enough to cause a great deal dimensional and planar damage over the smaller area.

Annihilation Drive: Celestial Opposition

Volmond creates a field of pure destructive energy around himself, drawing in anything too weak to escape a star's gravitational pull and relentlessly destroying all that touch it. Volmond has since perfected this skill to a greater level, allowing him to wrap the field around himself and increase the power of the pull.

Sol Storm

Volmond generates a field of star-like plasma around his targets, then creates several smaller celestial bodies around it and has them tear through the field in a cyclonic fashion before detonating.

Hyper Ionization

Volmond can ionize matter with no issue, generally by stripping their atoms of large quantities of electrons.

Black Flare

Volmond has control over mysterious black flames with a multitude of effects and properties.

Code: Angra Mainyu


Weapons and Equipment

Skofnung Scalpels

Scalpels made from the legendary sword, Skofnung. Any cut made by them will not heal without contact from the Skofnung Stone, the tablet that Volmomd houses the tools in. They appear as stony scalpels with ultra smooth blades.

Shamsir-e Scalpels

Scalpels made from the legendary sword abbreviated as Shamsir. As with the Skofnung Scalpels, cuts made by these will not heal without the introduction of a special, highly limited poultice. They appear to be emerald and gold tinted scalpels with jagged, razor sharp blades.

Aegis Labcoat

A labcoat made from the remains of the shield Aegis. While its full power is unknown, the coat acts in a similar fashion to Aeon's cloak. It appears to be a standard labcoat with dozens of pockets and a shield crest on the breast.

Golden Fleece Scarf

A scarf made from the mythological Golden Fleece. It's restorative and defensive properties are second to none, its only flaw being its lack of offensive options.


A legendary sword of epic proportions. The blade is sealed with various chains and sigils. It is said that a single swing can level mountains. Hidden within the blade lies the sword that severs the threads holding the world together: Terminus Est. Now awakened, the Unbinding begins.


A legendary sword capable of negating regeneration. Holds quite a reputation.


A legendary sword that negates regeneration and is known for slaying dragons. It holds a very special property.

Killing Stone Gauntlet

A gauntlet made with a chunk of a stone that killed all who approached it with thousands of curses and poisons. Anyone touched by it is almost fated to die. The doctor bypasses the curse upon this armament by simply overpowering it with his own curses and dark power, amplifying its effects while also nullifying its effect on himself.

Gleipnir Ring

A ring made from the remains of Gleipnir, the legendary bindings of Fenrir. Capable of crippling the strongest beings and binding the greatest of gods despite being simple string. Its binding power grows as it binds greater beings.

Book of Thoth

A book said to have been written by the Egyptian God of Knowledge. It contains powerful and forbidden spells and information capable of overturning the world as it is in capable hands.

Brahmanda astra

Possibly Volmond's ultimate weapon, but very little is known about it.



Matea is mechanical being with an appearance akin to that of a Faerie. While not neccesarily fitted for fighting, Matea is nimble and fleet-footed and quick with its Stinger, a needle-like bladed weapon. Cannot be killed, only temporarily destroyed. A support unit by nature.


A being similar to Matea in appearance, but is crystalline rather than mechanical and has eight wings as opposed to six. Gaia is a balanced being with both offensive and support abilities. Extremely nimble and able to change directions nigh instantaneously, Gaia is almost impossible to keep up with and is highly dangerous when using Piercer and Pincer, a pair of rapieresque blades made to cut through the greatest defenses. Completely unkillable by regular means.


A being akin to a set of armor designed to resemble a wolf. Volf specializes in all forms of weaponry and combat, being completely combat oriented. While not as nimble as Matea and Gaia, Volk is capable of high speed movements and actions. Volk utilizes its claws, energy blades, its spectral aura and its tail as weapons. It can also use any weapon it is given and can fire bullets of Ether at an extremely high rate and with high accuracy.


Fyryg is one of the three familiars Volmond acquired after training to surpass his limits. She is a Kirin taking on a humanoid form, appearing as a young woman in her late teens with wild red hair, yellow eyes, golden horns holding a flame between them, clawed hands and feet, red and black scales scattered around her body in small clusters and a tail. She has a burning aura and a spontaneous, fun loving and naive personality, though she can be serious on occasion. Her power is unknown, but it may be related to fire or something similar, though this is speculation and not fact. The range of her power is unknown as well.


A Great Spirit governing death, acquired as a familiar for the doctor when he trained to surpass his limits. Immaterial to those she deems unworthy, Elstia appears as a tall woman with ebon hair and violet eyes surrounded by ethereal skulls. Calm and cool-headed, Elstia rarely shows any sign of her power, let alone capabilities. Known as a Grand Phantasm.


An Archfiend the doctor acquired as a familiar through training. She appears as a young woman in her late teens with four black wings, two seemingly angelic, two draconic clad in silver armor. She has blonde hair and red eyes with black sclera, a long cord-like tail, a pair of ebony horns that curve into a circlet shape and demonic arms from the elbow down. Dour and mocking, little else is known about her.


The End

Initially an amalgamation of all of the doctor's prior forms, the form eventually settled into its own, erasing all prior transformations in exchange for creating a new, more uniform form. Denoted by a smoky grey countenance barely masking deep indigo spurts of flame escaping from where his hands and feet should be, the doctor's garb takes on a black and dark blue coloration as his lab coat stretches into an overcoat masking the lower half of his face. The upper half of his face is visible, with his eyes having taken on a dead grey coloration and his hair having been pushed backwards, revealing silver markings vaguely forming a circlet on his forehead. The smoky aura surrounding the doctor changes forms passively, sometimes appearing as wispy wings other times appearing as menacing faces and sinister visages with eyes and mouths highlighted by bursts of flame. That being said, the allusions to fire and darkness this form has are not the extent of its abilities, rather those are simply the beginning, hiding a much deeper well of power behind thick clouds of smoke.

Mana Memory

A byproduct of the Great Mana and Eternal Flame. More of a curse than a form, power beyond comprehension flows from this form, damning all it touches for eternity.


An apocalypse bringer awakened when Nihilism meets pure sloth. Lazy and pessimistic, the less noticed by this form a person is, the better it is in he long run.

Law Killer

A curse more than a form, born of corruption and overuse. Estimated time until activation: Impossible to calculate.


Sage of Nihil

The Sage of nothing, who is lacking in want and sees the eventual return to nothingness should the broken cycle of the world remain in place. It does not fight this path, nor does it advance towards it, instead opting to create its own path of indeterminate ends. Do not mistake this oddness and lack of desire as simple listless movement, however, as the one who sees the end of all things holds the power to sever the threads keeping those around them aloft, allowing them to drop like lifeless marionettes.