Upnation is the land beyond Downation. It is slightly larger than Downation as it is also joined by Midnation. It is alot more advance in the art of culture and teachings, though they lack in certain areas. It is alot more vast than Downation and more sights to see. Upnation has abit of an Oriental culture.

Starting Day 1

Everyone is doing their jobs aboard the ship.

Elaonore: *looks over the ship and witnesses the clear ocean*

Daikeim walks up behind her and hugs her. "Enjoying the view?" He says with a kind hearted tone to his voice.

Elaonore: *smiles and holds Daikeim's hand* It's beautiful. Look...*can see many marine life of many assorted fishes. Some jumps out the water. She can also see nymphs swimming with those fish*

Daikeim smiles and looks at the marine life. "It's beautiful... But, won't you miss Downation?"

Elaonore: There's no doubt that I will. But as long as I'm with you, anywhere can be my home.

Daikeim kisses Elaonore then looks at the small island that is Downation. "I can say the same thing, but I think it'll be nice to get away and just relax... Like a vacation."

Elaonore: A vacation...*looks up into the clouds and smiles* I always wanted to go on one those...

"Well, I guess we can consider this a vacation... I mean, we're away from our home and going somewhere new, we can go sight-seeing when we arrive, ok?"

Elaonre: *kisses Daikeim on the cheek* I would love that...*smiles*

Daikeim wraps his arms around her, joyous about the sight-seeing. "Ok, then it's settled, we sight see when we arrive. For now, I guess we wait."

Elaonore: Actually, I still want to speak to you about the dream I had...

Intrigued, Daikeim gives a curious look to himself. "Hmm? Oh, do tell. I'd like to hear about it."

Elaonore: I was about our future together. We lived in a big enough house and we had 2 boys and 1 little girl. And we were happy.

Daikeim gains a shocked expression. "Three... Children, umm... Alright, what are their names?"

Elaonore: I don't know...but once we do have children, you name the boys and I can name our daughter. Okay?

The line hit Daikeim like a ton of bricks, the colour in his face just drained as his voice has a small tone of dread in it, although he isn't trying to be mean. "When... When we have children!?"

Elaonore:'s bound to happen sooner or later, right?

Daikeim stays silent for a moment before responding. "Oh... Yeah, sooner or later..."

Elaonore: *playfully smiles* Don't be so distraught. It's only 3 children, right. I bet we can take them.

Daikeim takes a second to think about it, before smiling himself. "Yeah, I guess you're right. It's only three, can't be that hard."

Elaonore: And besides, you can teach them how to be brave and strong and stand up for others who need help, just like you.

"Yeah, and you can teach them how to be kind and sweet, just like you." Daikeim chuckles and softly holds Elaonore's hand.

Elaonore: *yawns* Well, it's about time I head to bed. All this scenery is making me quire tiresome...*nearly falls asleep*

Daikeim catches Elaonore and helps her to her room. "Here you go, you'll need all the rest you can..."

Elaonore: Thanks Daikeim...*gets into bed* I'll see you in the morning...*goes to sleep*

"Goodnight... Sleep well." Daikeim softly kisses Elaonore on her head before getting into his own bed and resting.

The Mid-Passage

Daikeim wakes up and gets out of bed, quickly changing into some new clothes and cleaning himself up before walking over to Elaonore and smiling. "Good morning honey, how'd you sleep?"

Elaonore: *eyes are still closed, but she still smiles* I slept great. The moving waters made it feel so peaceful.

"Glad to hear, hmm... By now, we should be passing through Midnation. I'll be out viewing, come join me when you're ready." Daikeim softly kisses Elaonore's head and walks out the room, walking to the same place he and Elaonore was before she fell asleep.

The Midpassage

Captain: The it is. The Passage. After we pass through there we will be a few miles from Midnation. After we land at the End Harbor we're gonna have to walk the rest of the way.

"Ah alright..." Daikeim notices the towering statues ontop of the mountains, he ponders for a second before asking the captain. "The statues, what are they?"

Captain: One time, a group of honor-bound warriors called the Spartans came here after they had served their times during wars. That castle you see there was once where they would go to celebrate victories and compete over who had the most kills. They we valued here, even if they were human. and they thought of us a dear friends, sadly they no longer live anymore.

Daikeim sighs. "Oh how times have changed..."

Captain: You can say that again...

The ships begins getting close to The Mid-Passage

"So, how long will this take? And I want to ask a question, what are you doing about the situation on Earth, regarding the Mythos and humans?"

Captain: What do you mean? We never been to Earth. We do know our brothers are out there. We can only hope they make it safely.

"That's right, I forgot... You guys don't have a means of passing the barriers, hmm... I might need to talk to your lord when we arrive at Upnation. Sort a couple of things out."

Captain: Sure thing. The Lord would love to share some more ideas to those who are knowledgeable.

"Ok, and regarding my first question of how long it'll take before we arrive?"

Captain: Oh, i don't know. One maybe two hours. It's a good long way, but we'll get there within the day.

Daikeim takes a sigh of relief before looking at the scenery. "Good to hear, anything else I should know about Upnation?"

Captain: We have sort of a European-Asian culture. So it might be interesting to you guys. We also have more lanscapes, too which we don't know where they lead. That's just the many beauties of Fantasy.

"Yeah, that seems just about right..." He looks at some rolling landscapes. "Probably more of Fantasy than any of the nations know of..."

Captain: Yes sir. Breakfast will be served momentarily. You can just hang around on deck until every awakes.

"Ok, thank you Captain." Daikeim turns his head towards the statues again, admiring the way they have been built, and also ponders about the Spartans.

Several minutes later, everyone awakes and they set up breakfast. There are grits, eggs, sausage, bacon, waffles, bagels, oatmeal, and pancakes with orange juice and milk.

"Hmm, I might as well... I'm gonna get hungry sooner or later." Daikeim goes over to where breakfast is being served and easily tucks in with some of the dishes.

Elaonore: *comes up from below deck and rubs her eyes* I guess i awoke just in time...

Daikeim looks at Elaonore and smiles. "Oh, hey Elaonore. Come sit and enjoy the food, it tastes amazing!"

Elaonore: I bet it does. *gets some grits,eggs,and sausage and mixes it all together. Says her grace, then begins to eat* Mmmm. Warm and delicious.

"I haven't eat like this in a while..." Daikeim suddenly goes into thought of how he's lasted this long without starving to death, but the enticing scent of the food draws Daikeim away from his pondering, allowing himself to eat more.

Everyone finishes every bite of their breakfast and clean-up after themselves. After that they just marvel at the blue seas and ask one another what Midnation and Upnation are like.

Daikeim glances at the people on the ships before chuckling to himself, looking back at the scenery. He goes into his Half Dragon form and jumps high into the air and glides around the area, following the ships. "Hmm, I wonder..."

Captain: What you looking for up there?

"It's nothing, Captain, I'm only sightseeing." Daikeim glides around the landscape, done in such a way that it seems that Daikeim is relaxed. Only letting his wings do the work while he rests, somehow avoiding crashing and flying gracefully.

Elaonore: *looks at Daikeim flying and smiles*

Daikeim dives down to the surface of any large bodies of water and lets his arms down, causing two continuous splashes to seem coming out of Daikeim's hands. Daikeim then flies straight up into the sky and opens his eyes, looking all around him before taking a sigh of relief and letting himself drop down to the floor. Only for his wings to naturally stretch out, slowing his descent and allowing him to softly land and lies on his back on the water, seemingly like a lily-pad. "And now to relax..."

1 hour later

Captain: About 30 minutes from here and we'll be there at the End Harbor.

Elaonore: What is Upnation like?

Captain: I can only say that people with your type of taste will enjoy it. Really. It's a sight to behold. It's just so...indescribable.

Elaonore: Is it that amazing of a place?

Captain: It's Fantasy. Absolutely anything can happen here.

Daikeim glides over the ship and looks down at the Captain and Elaonore. "So, thirty more minutes... Alright then, I still find it weird that a peaceful nation would have a lord... Did a war happen or something?" Daikeim lands softly just aside the two.

Captain: We were tad bit disorganized with our system of business and gathering resources and we aren't really fighters, so we fell victim to poachers and Myth traffickers. Until he came, he showed us how to be more organized with our workflow and how to stand-up for ourselves. He even taught us new things we have never thought of making. We call him God's 2nd Gift.

"A name would be nice, and how can Mythos get disorganized-- Nevermind..." A quiet sigh falls out of Daikeim's mouth as he looks around, asking another question. "Hmm, I wonder. Is this person a Mytho as well?"

Captain: Oh he is,. He demonstrated to us by firing beams from his eyes and it shot a tree down. It was mighty impressive and he sure didn't like the humans. Mostly saying they are unworthy and are the true monsters. I can definitely here that.

Elaonore: Not all of them are that bad.

Captain: I know. It's just that ever since the Spartans have died, there has never been any more humans that have shown the slightest bit of kindness.

Daikeim glances at the Captain. "There are some humans that have shown kindness, but they're few and far between... Also, by that point, your 'lord' is a fool to think that humans are unworthy... They just have to learn to stop having feuds with one another and the Mythos. They're like this now because they're afraid of us, and can you blame them?" Lightning and fire surges around Daikeim's hands.. "Do humans want their young ones to feel pain that comes from us? That's why they've done this to the Mytho; locking them up in Fantasy... To protect themselves." Daikeim sighs and speaks in a quieter tone. "How fast can this ship go, I want to get to Upnation as fast as we can."

Captain: They don't think we do the same? no they just hurt us and all we do is try to go on with our lives. Our loved have been taken and have never returned. We didn't want any trouble. We just wanted to go home. The humans aren't content with protecting themselves, they want us gone for good.

Daikeim speaks in a more irritated tone. "Enough! Just point in the damn direction of where Upnation is, I'll get there myself... Tired of talking about this already."

Elaonore: Daikeim calm down. We all have different opinions on one another. Besides, the only kind people you ever met was my mother, everyone else just thought we were monster, even though we are not. But sometimes, humans don't want to see the truth, that we're just like them. They are always abit too quick on the trigger to actually get to know us. *touches where Daikeim had been shot at during their time in London* I do believe Myths and humans can be together, but not everyone wants to see that. They feel like it can't happen. But deep in my heart, I know it can.

Daikeim stays silent before taking a step back and turning around, looking at the area around them. He then just sighs and flies up into the air, deciding to stay up there until they reach Upnation.

Elaonore: *looks at Daikeim and sighs*

28 minutes later


Captain: We're here.

Everyone looks over the boat and sees a Spanish-looking town up ahead and all seem really excited

Captain: That's the End Harbor. We dock there and continue the rest of the way on foot.

Daikeim lands and looks around, before following the others. "Hmm, how big is Upnation? Or haven't you explored it all yet."

Captain: This is Midnation. We're 2 extra days away from Upnation.

Everyone begins to get off and get their belongs of the ships

Captain: We can take a quick break, then we can get started.

"Two more days... Fine." Daikeim goes off to wonder around Midnation.

Captain: Don't go to far.

Elaonore: Thank you very much, Captain.

Captain: Oh absolutely.

Elaonore: *follows Daikeim* They never mentioned a town being at a harbor. It's very pretty.

Many of the residents greet them as they walk by

"Yeah, it is pretty, isn't it... Honestly, I want this over and done with. I don't exactly like it here, and I still don't trust these people. But anyways..." Daikeim looks at the residents. "They do seem friendly, I guess I'm not used to kindness." He slightly chuckles to himself.

Elaonore: Certainly with all the hate that goes on around in the world...*looks to the ground*

Daikeim smiles and holds her hand. "Hey, don't worry... I'm sure there are people out in Earth that sees that the Mythos' aren't a threat... It'll take time, sure, but still."

Elaonore: *smiles and holds his hand abit tighter*

"So then, what do you wanna do? There's a lot by the look of it, so it's your choice."

Elaonore: We could go to the nearest cafe and eat. I'm quite hungry again.

"Now that you mention it, yeah, I'm hungry too..." Daikeim takes a look around, trying to find a cafe. "You got the sweeter tooth, I'm sure you can find a cafe, right?"

Elaonore: Yes. *points to a bar with tables* That should be one over there. Come. *they walk over to the counter*

Bartender: Welcome to the End Harbor. You guys need to eat or do you need to drink?

Elaonore: We're here to eat.

Bartender: Ok then. What will it be?

Elaonore: I'll just have noodles, please.

Bartender: Man, I love noodles. How about you, sir? Want anything?

"Ramen, Tonkatsu and Yakitori... And a couple of dangos and wagashi, if that's alright with you." Daikeim says that with a perkish smile to his face.

Elaonore: *chuckles*

Bartender: Man, your one hunry feela, aren't ya'? Ok then. What flavor of noodles do you want, sweety?

Elaonore: Creamy chicken.

Bartender: Whoa, I have just met you and I already like your sense of taste. your orders will be up soon. *heads into the kitchen*

Daikeim starts to smell the food being cooked. "I can't wait, it'll be nice to have food as close to Cyanic's dishes in terms of taste." Daikeim goes quiet, and thinks about Cyanic and Arcadia... "Hmm... I hope everything's alright over there..."

Elaonore: They will be...You just have to trust and believe. You can always go to check up on them. It's not like they banned your forever. *smiles*

Daikiem notices an energy in the air, and turns to see a portal open with a black cloaked man with a white mask, bearing a 'A' crossed out with an 'X' on the mask's forehead. The man silently looks around, before noticing the cafe sign and begins walking towards it, not seeing them at first. The man ends up sitting down across from them at a different table. He then turns his head and seems to notice them.

"Oh. Hello, how are you two?"

Elaonore: We are doing fine. How about you, stranger?

"I am... ...fine. Been through a few rough patches. Tell me, is this Downation? It doesn't feel like it."

Daikeim chuckles. "No, you're in Midnation... To think that there's more to Fantasy than Downation, go figure. So, wanna explain the grand entrance?"

"Oh what the portal? I was looking into something, that's all. Hmm... food smells good."

Elaonore: I know...It takes me back when my mother showed me how to cook when I was younger. She could cook about nearly everything. but what is it that you are looking for? We can no doubt help you find it.

The man chuckles. He reaches up and takes off his mask, and pulls down his hood, revealing Kado's face. "Oh, just looking to say hi."

Daikeim looks at the mask carefully, inspecting it for a moment. Before looking at Kado and closing his eyes, Daikeim stays quiet then opens his eyes and talks. "Yeah, I knew I met your signature before. You're the one from Downation, who almost had a fight with Drake, aren't you?"

"Yeah, that would be me. My name's Kado. You're... Daikeim, correct?"

Elaonore: Kado! *gets up and hugs him* It has been so long. how are you doing, friend?

Kado smiles with faint surprise, but also a happy smile. "Oh, I've been better. ...Probably in as much crap as when I came the first time. Only this time I was actually able to walk away from it..." His thoughts trail off, and his smile fades a bit.

"It's nice to see you as well. I see you two are traveling together?"

Elaonore: Yes we are. Daikeim isn't quite fond of this place thought, but he'll get there. How's everything back at your home?

Kado's face unmistakably sinks. "...I wish it were better. ...I resigned some time ago, and..." He puts a hand to his face, and lets out a ragged breath.

"....Azula is gone as well. ...I've left the organization in the hands of another one of my operatives. ...I can't stay with Azure anymore. ...It's too much now." He remains silent for a while.

Elaonore: *eyes sadden abit* I'm so sorry to hear that things did not well at all. I can say the same when you left, but they go alot better. Like I said, you will always have a home here. *slightly smiles*

Kado sighs. "In any event, I came here to see you guys... and I guess get my mind off things for a bit."

Elaonore: By all means, stay as long as you like. We're about to be travelling to another Nation of Fantasy. You're more than welcome to accompany us. Maybe the beautiful sights may get you mind off the tragedy.

"...You know I was actually going to ask that. I would be glad. How long do you think it will be before your food arrives? I'm hungry myself, I haven't eaten since.... ...yeah."

Bartender: *walks out with his arm full with their food* Here. Sorry it took us awhile. *gives Daikeim his food and gives Elaonore her bowl of noodles and gives Kado a bowl of noodles too with a bowl of rice with a bean curd and gives them forks and chop-sticks* Eat up.

Elaonore: Thank you kind, sir. *says her grace and takes her fork and starts to blow on her first forkful of noodles*

Despite how polite Daikeim seems at the most part, the look of his food reminds him of his time as a child. Causing him to act like a child while he eats the food, occasionally complimenting on the food. All while he has a smile on his face. A few moments pass and to Elaonore and Kado's big surprise, Daikeim's finished all of the food, still slightly hungry. "Ummm, can I have seconds?"

Bartender: Man, you are one hearty bastard, but don't worry, i'm gonna stuff ya' before you leave here. *goes back into the kitchen*

Elaonore: I have like the least out of you two and your already done with 5 dishes. That's really astounding.

Kado blinks, having just started eating. His face conveys all of his reaction, without the need for words.

Elaonore: *chuckles at the look on Kado's face* Don't choke on a fly now.

Kado eats his noodles with only his chopsticks, and rather well. After he finishes, he silently takes out Dark Slayer still sheathed and looks it over, drawing it slightly to look at the now almost crystaline blade, watching the dark purple energy hum through its depths.

Elaonore: *looks over at Kado* Are you alright Kado?

He sheathes his sword. "...Yeah... I'm fine. So what sort of adventures did you run into?"

Elaonore: *is sort of caught of guard by the qestion* Hmmmmmm, that part is really hard to say...or to put into words...

"Simply put, a lot... But in recent memory, Drake has been captured by a group named Phoenix. They control these things called CEs... Knowing you, you've probably came into contact with their leader; White." Daikeim says that with a tone of anger and despair at the same time, clenching his fists at the thought.

Kado's eyes flash red for a moment, and in that moment Daikeim feels as though the energy that had struck London had briefly radiated off him.

"Did you just say, 'Phoenix?' 'Phoenix', was here?!" He says in a very sharp voice.

Daikeim stands up and looks towards Kado, now talking in a more confident voice. "They're stationed in Fantasy right now infact, just off the cliffs of Downation... Nice to know someone else shares my hatred for them too."

"They're what? ...All this time... ...and this is where they were hiding...." Kado has a dark look to his face.

"Yeah, funny how that works, isn't it? So, then, I'm guessing you truly found what you was looking for?" Daikeim summons the Draconia and glances at the patterns etched into it. "So I'm guessing after this, we're working together against a common enemy, right? Afterall, the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

"I don't know what I will do. With their invasion of Earth, I intend to finish the fight there. Maybe when the chance arises... ...but in all honesty, I need a real, genuine respite."

Daikeim 'sheaths' the Draconia and sighs. "Yeah, I guess we both need it more than anything for the time being..."

Elaonore: I thought vacations were for relaxing, not for worrying or fist-waving.

"It is, but before we do that..." Daikeim growls at Kado, slightly shocking him a bit after what he said. "You were the person who caused the destruction in London... Weren't you..."

Elaonore: *eyes widen abit upon hearing this* Daikeim, we shouldn't make accusations like that. Especially toward a friend.

Kado's eyes slowly close, and his head sinks in shame. ".........He speaks the truth...."

Elaonore: *looks at Kado for a moment and puts hand on his shoulder* Kado....I know you didn't mean it....I grew up there,yes....and everyone I knew lived their too....t's only a place of memories for me now...Even I will misss it tremendously, I only pray for those who live there.....A city can always be built up again....A man I love told me that my true home is here....with my true family...though I wished it was someone else who destroyed it...We all fall short....It's ok.

"........You were hurt........I can feel it."

Elaonore:....Yes...I was....*looks down* But it's ok now....I feel better.

Her hand suddenly phases through him, and he gets up silently, intangible.

"......I am sorry........." He puts money out for the bartender, then begins to walk away, eventually solidifying as he walks.

Elaonore: There's no need to be sorry. Because it all worked out in the end. We need to look into the sunset and remember that there is a better tomorrow. And if you continue to look at the dawn of yesterday, you will never find your way to something better.

Bartender: *is standing there crying* T-That was beautiful,man....but here man, here's your things. *gives Daikeim his second order and takes his tip* I-l'll just leave you guys to it, then...*heads back into the kitchen*

"......" Kado looks back at Elaonore. "....What sunrise do you even see in my future Elaonore? My sun is dead." A bitter look is in his eyes.

Elaonore: If your sun is dead, then how are we still alive, Kado? We all share the same sun and God would never let it go out until he comes for us. As long as that sun is in that sky, there is a future and don't you dare say or think otherwise.

Kado closes his eyes. His eyes open again, and are solid red. "That's not what he meant, wind lady." His voice is different now.

Elaonore: *is taken back by the sudden change in voice* Are you another one of those...other people?

"I don't know what that means but- OW!" Kado punches himself in the head, and when he opens his eyes, they are normal. "......Sorry about that. His name is Neo. ....I am a Shapeshifter-Spirit hybrid... unfortunately I have two other souls within one body... Neo is technically the one that destroyed London.... not me personally. You indirectly met the third. ....Remember that....... other form? Of mine?"

Elaonore: Oh yes, I still remember. But still, it's never too late to find your way. You're still welcome to join us.

Kado looks over at Daikeim. ".....Are you sure about that?"

Daikeim glances at Kado and sighs. "If Elaonore trusts you, then I'm sure to follow..."

Captain: Come on everyone! It's time for us to get on our way! Get your belongings and we can get started on the long walk ahead!

Everyone begins getting their stuff and getting ready to move

Elaonore: Yay! It's time! *eats the rest of noodles and heads over to everyone else*

Daikeim follows the captain, not giving a second glance at Kado while walking past. Daikeim's wings and tail sink back into Daikeim. "Two other souls in him... Oh, this is gonna be interesting to say the least..." Daikeim reaches the captain and poses a question. "Did you say walk... How far is Upnation?"

Captain: Like I said. 2 day travel. I really don't like specifying mileage. You can stomach the walk, can you?

Kado watches Elaonore for a moment, then sighs. "Well, I might as well..." He conceals Dark Slayer in his clothing, and puts on his mask and hood, and approaches the crowd.

Captain: If that's everyone, let's get going. *begins to walk*

Everyone else begins to walk while saying good-bye to the


Elaonore: This is so great! I wonder what Upnation is like?

"Probably like Downation... But bigger and more up, I guess. What do you think?"

Elaonore: I don't know. That's why I asked.

Kado silently walks along the edge of the crowd, preferring to remain slightly outside of it. His instincts tell him to avoid being in the middle of crowd to avoid being attacked And there goes my constant paranoia dear Master Hiroshi fixated into my brain. Kado chuckles quietly to himself.

He silently looks ahead at Elaonore and Daikeim. ...She reminds me too much of Azula. So hopeful, so cheerful all the time. ....I wonder if I'll ever find where I belong...

He sighs with irritation when a kid gets a bit close to him, curious.

Fantasy landscape iv by concept cube-d75dyl0

Some hours later after walking through and marveling the landscapes

Captain: We'll rest here for the night and then we'll get back up at 12:00 P.M..

Everyone begins to lay on the ground and converse for a little while before going to sleep.

Fantasy landscape by concept cube-d71a4h3

Daikeim strands away from the group and finds a nearby field and summons the Draconia, sliding his hand against the blade and coating it in Exeon energy and then begins training with it. "Hmph, so we have the person who caused that much damage with us... Ugh, nothing but bad news is gonna come out of him." He begins attacking the air more viciously, the blade glowing a bright gold in the darkness.

Elaonore: But he is our friend and he has as much right to be here. Everyone: Good or bad deserve to be here, Daikeim. That's the value of family.

Kado watches Daikeim walk off on his own, and with his own thoughts keeping him up, he might as well sort them out with practice. But practice what?

Well... you could train to use Dark Phoenix Mode. Neo cuts in.

Ha ha that's halarious. Remember, my powers are sealed, moron.

Heh, not anymore.

Ha- -What did you say?

When that fine fella Demgel came and killed Origin for us, he basically-

....I didn't think of that. ...They sealed Origin's power... and since I'm a reflection of Origin... destroying the original, the seals are gone...

That's right. And since we know that we got some godly beings to fight, why not match with our own?

...I still don't know how it works.

But I do.

...Why would you teach me?

Neo laughs. Cause I can. And technically I'm still destroying shit, we work together you know.

Alright, let's see what you got to offer.

Kado silently makes his way through the trees, keeping an eye out for Daikeim on occasion.

Elaonore: *looks at the moon and smiles* Dear God, thank you for such a beautiful day. Bless us as we sleep restfully and keep us safe as we venture to Upnation. Help Kado find his way in life and bless Daikeim an help him to settle down. Keep my mother and father safe aswell. Amen. *lies down on the ground and goes to sleep*

Kado silently meditates, focusing on drawing in the shadows and darkness.

Hmm, you're doing quite well. Try condensing it into form. And more. Lot's more. You're trying to create a wrecking machine of terror, not a puppy.

Kado is slowly surrounded by a thick wall of darkness, which starts to take on the visage of a skeleton.


Daikeim notices a twinge of energy elsewhere, a bit familiar in fact.

"Hmm..." Daikeim looks towards the source of the energy, he tightens his grip on the Draconia and walks towards the source. "I wonder who or what is emitting this..."

Kado manages to create a skeleton, starting from the waist, up to the head.

Good, now try and stand up while maintaining control. Try and adjust your balance as quickly as possible.

Kado slowly stands, and as he does, the skeleton sprouts legs and eventually feet, rising up to its full height.

We can practice movement later. Just focus on maintenance for tonight.

Daikeim stands besides one of the trees, watching carefully. He desummons the Draconia and looks at his Soul Stone, with glows an ominous purple and black, Daikeim sighs under his breath and continues watching. "What is this psycho doing..."

Kado slowly tests the form, testing clutching its fists a few times, then moving it's arms and head a few times, trying to synchronize his body with it. He eventually notices Daikeim and slowly dissipates the form, landing roughly on the ground.

He looks at Daikeim and laughs. "I see you over there. Come over here and let's talk, since the both of us don't seem in the mood for sleep. We could use a talk anyway." He sheathes Dark Slayer.

Daikeim walks towards Kado but stops a couple of feet away from him, he crosses his arms. "What was that just now..." It's obvious that Daikeim has an irritated tone in his voice, he also seems impatient.

"Dark Phoenix Mode. Each of the Eight Elemental Slayers gives elemental powers to their wielder, and can unlock a special power called the Phoenix Mode. Mine is the Dark Slayer, hence Dark Phoenix Mode. I was practicing, I've never used it before. However Neo can, ...and has... and is giving me tips. ...Not that working with him is easy. Hate the damn pyscho sometimes."

He pauses, looking at Daikeim. "Look, I can see you don't trust me -it's written in giant bold neon letters across your damn face. I have my baggage, and you have yours. There happens to be a powerful god of some description threatening to make his return soon, and I'm trying to belt in some time to get over Azula before that happens, and also train my powers so I can control myself so.... ....London...... doesn't happen again. I'm having enough problems without you giving me death glares every five seconds, ok?"

"A powerful god? I know two, there's Van Valeric then there's his bastard of a son; Evoh. But I'm guessing it's neither... Hmm." Daikeim glances at Kado before walking towards him, he stops right infront of him and raises two fingers and places them on Kado's forehead. "Not one word, I need to concentrate..." Daikeim's eyes flash gold for a second, he then takes his fingers off of Kado and sighs. "Ok... So you have had it rough. Fine, I won't 'give you a death glare' anymore. Just try to keep Neo in check ok?" Daikeim turns around and starts walking back to where he was training. "If you got any questions then say them now, I want to keep practicing..."

"If you don't mind me asking, what is your relationship with Elaonore? You two seem a lot closer than just traveling partners. Don't answer if you don't want to, just thought I'd ask. Also, would you be interesting in training together? I could use a partner other than an insane psycho."


Are you seriously going to deny that?

.......You win. *Grumble*

Daikeim stops in his tracks and turns around to look at Kado. "Elaonore and I are a couple, we've only been together for a short while but we've... Experienced a couple of things, why were you wondering? And I guess we can train for the time being..." Daikeim takes a couple of steps towards Kado. "Any more questions?"

Kado sighs. "No, no more questions. I asked because she helped me when I was in a dire situation, and I wanted to know she had someone to look out for her. She's a good friend and a good person. You're a lucky guy." He smiles faintly. "Unlike me that is. Mind if I train using the Dark Phoenix Mode?"

Woaaaaah someone's ballsy enough to want to fight with their toy skeleton eh?

Oh shut up you little imp.

I am NOT an imp!

Whatever you say, Imp.


"Sure, go ahead. But in that case, I'll try out something that Drake gave me..." Daikeim gains a faint blue aura while he gets draconic features like claws, fangs and animalistic eyes. "There we go, Initial Stage... When you're ready Kado." Daikeim gets into a fighting stance.

Kado takes out Dark Slayer and impales it in the ground, before kneeling. Daikeim watches in slight fascination as the darkness around them slowly but gradually more quickly forms into the shape of a massive black humanoid skeleton, with four horns curled at the sides of its head and one sprouting from the forehead and curving towards the back of the head. The skeleton follows Kado's movements as he slowly stands, appearing to float inside the ribcage. The being stands double the height of the tall trees around them. The skeleton moves into a ready stance as Kado does the movements.


"Impressive, this'll be interesting... I'm ready." Daikeim's attitude has suddenly changed to be more lively and energetic, he examines the massive skeleton then glances at Kado. "Hmm, this might be harder than I thought..."

Alright, let's take your time- WOAH!

Kado swings the massive skeleton's hand at Daikeim, its claws whipping with razor sharpness at him.

Daikeim jumps back, narrowly dodging the attack. He then jumps onto the arm and sprints up it, charging a sphere of lighting in his left hand. Once he reaches the shoulder Daikeim slams the sphere against the skeleton's skull, discharging bolts of lightning throughout the body, Daikeim then jumps off and lands on all fours before standing up to look at the effects of his attack.

The skeleton jumps back, landing further back. The skull where he had hit it had partially collapsed, and it is redirecting energy to stabilize and close the gaps.

Wasting no time, Daikeim charges a sphere of lightning and fire and sprints towards the skeleton once more. He jumps towards the ribcage and throws the sphere into it, managing to burst through and landing on the opposite side.

The Skeleton surges with sudden energy, and it manages to swat him and send him flying as it spins around to face him.

After colliding through a couple of trees, Daikeim jumps high into the air, all Kado can see is a small blue dot in the sky. But as he looks, multiple red dots appear around Daikeim, all getting bigger by the second. Daikeim points towards the skeleton, and all the massive fireballs speed towards Kado like meteors, all crashing down at the skeleton. Daikeim then falls to the floor and lands, causing a small crater. "Are you sure you want to keep using that form?"

"Oh I'm pretty sure."

A fiery skeletonal hand bursts out of the fire, and blasts him with an instantaneous explosion. The flames suddenly gather and wrap around the Skeleton, fusing with the shadows and cloaking it in wreath of flames. The structure seems stronger as well now. The flames turn dark purple in color, but the skeleton remains pure black, and then it raises its hand again and begins firing bolts of dark fire at Daikiem, the bolts flying at extremely high speed.

Daikeim quickly summons the Draconia and starts to deflect, dodge or slice the bolts in half. Although some do come in contact with Daikeim, giving him cuts on his arm and chest, Daikeim charges the blade with lightning and slashes at the air, causing waves of lighting to course out of the blade and speed towards the skeleton. Each one that hits sends more and more lightning throughout the whole creature, electrocuting Kado as well. "Ok... That was surprising... Any more tricks up your sleeve?"

A metal shield forms on one of the construct's arms, and it deflects the shots of lightning back at him. While it does that, it fires spheres of lava at Daikiem as well.

Daikeim's eyes flash gold as a Exeon barrier suddenly appears infront of Daikeim, absorbing the lightning and lava. "That was too close..." Daikeim looks at the construct, trying to find and exploit any weaknesses.

The construct holds up a hand.

"I'm getting a bit tired, sorry man. I'm not very good at using this thing yet. Takes a lot more to control this much energy."

Daikeim gives Kado a confused look. "Oh? We're stopping for the time being? Umm... Ok?" Daikeim sits down, crossing his legs, he patiently waits for Kado's energy to come back.

Kado holds Dark Slayer in his lap, panting tiredly, having dismissed the skeleton. The air seems much brighter near Kado, the more that Daikeim looks at him.

Daikeim desummons the Draconia and exits the Initial Primitive Stage, he notices the air. "Uhh... What's going on?"

Kado looks up at him. "Oh, it's just Dark Slayer. The reason it has its name is because it naturally eats away at any darkness nearby. The previous wielder of this sword was able to banish a massive area of night away just by unsheathing his sword."

"Really? Hmm... So, the members of Phoenix, do they have a similar blade to yours?"

"Yeah. Each of the members has a Slayer representing a certain element. White has Light Slayer, Torrent the Wind Slayer, I wield the Dark, Fire, and Earth Slayers, Toma possesses the Water Slayer, Noriko the Lightning, and Aoi the Ice. There used to be eight members, but Naomi and I defected, and Hiroshi I killed. He was my master when I was one of their apprentices."

"One of their apprentices... Ok, yeah, I picked that up from you earlier. So, what do you plan on doing after all of this is finished? I mean, you have got plans... Right?"

"....Not really. Azula was really the only hope for a future after Phoenix. I know she's not gone gone but... ...I don't even know how to begin to help her. ...I don't even really know what White did to her.... ...but a guy named Demgel told me he sensed the energy of an arch-angel. ...I just don't know what to think right now. Maybe there's a future for me somewhere.... ...but everything just feels bleak right now."

"Well, everything is bleak to say the least... A lot of stuff has happened to all of us, some we cannot forget and some we never hope to remember. But what Elaonore said was right, everyone has a future, it's something to look forward to, for now, just strive towards that." Daikeim stays quiet for a moment before speaking again. "And about Azula, I think I have a clue to what Phoenix did to her..."

Kado blinks, though he hides what anger does show. "Oh? What that might be?"

"Chaos Engines... She probably got changed into that, Chaos Engines are what the name implies... Chaos. Powerful enough to wipe out most things..." Daikeim stays quiet, thinking about when he saw Drake inside the tube. "Well... It's either that, or she's inside a tube, where they get her DNA to create more CEs... Until they're not needed anymore, I don't know..." Daikeim clenches his fist and slams it on the floor. "Kado, whenever you're going to fight Phoenix. Make sure you bring me along, ok?"

"Sure thing, Daikiem. I know my own limits. I'm not about to fight Phoenix alone. I'd be glad to have someone like you with me."

"Ok, and hey... Sorry about the hostility, it's just that the only strangers I've met when I'm around Elaonore have been... Unfavourable, I worry about her safety and well-being almost all the time, but if she trusts you, then I will to." Daikeim has a small smile on his face as he chuckles and stands up, looking towards the camp.

"I understand. I have a distrust of strangers too. Unfortunately that comes from my training." He laughs. "In any case, what you said just now, Chaos Engines? There's another piece of the puzzle. Something called the Spear of God. It's a mythical device allegedly designed by Chinmoku, but was never actually built. It was canceled before it could be built, as the device would require massive stores of energy, beyond humanly possible to manufactor, and because it was possible in theory to not only have feats such as killing gods, but even destroying whole worlds in a single blast. ...I thought about it for a while, and it occurs to me that White had rarely discussed such a topic, though the details are vague, she said before she took Azula, 'I have acquired the Spearhead.'"

"...She plans to use Azula for the energy, Chaos Engines are powerful enough to destroy planets... So, if Azula's the Spearhead... So where do you think the device is?" Daikeim looks back at Kado.

Kado sighs. "I have no idea. But if she really has the Spear of God, then we are in a lot of trouble if she decides to use it. She could utterly decide the whole human vs mythos battle with one shot... And couple that with what Valeric and that other god are up to... ...we could be screwed in more ways than one."

"Yeah... But for now, let's just rest... We both need it if we're gonna stand up against them." Daikeim starts walking towards the camp, before saying one more thing to Kado. "Y'know Kado, it was nice to meet you. I hope you get Azula back, from what I've seen, you two should be together." Daikeim chuckles.

"Thanks... It was nice to meet you...." He trails off, thinking about what Daikeim said, electing to sleep next to a tree in the tall grass within sight of the camp.

Day 2

Sun has risen and the warmth of it touches the sleeping travelers.

Captain: *sounds a gong* Rise and shine, peeps. We got one more full day and we'll be home free.

Everyone begins to get up and get their stuff ready to move.

Kado doesn't immediately wake up, still sleeping, still wearing his mask, and the kid that had followed him earlier is back, curiously looking at the shapeshifter ninja.

Captain: *rings the gong again* Wakey,wakey, sleepers. We have a little while to go.

Elaonore: *is slowly waking up* Mmmmm....*slowly gets up and stretches*

Kado almost ignores the second gong, but the kid reaches out for one of his sword hilts, and he suddenly flips upright and jumps into the nearest tree branch.

"Nice try kid. But no." "Awwww...." The kid whines.

Kado shakes his head, and then jumps over toward the main group, stopping near Elaonore.

"Good morning, Elaonore. Sleep well?"

Elaonore: Wish I could sleep a little while longer...*stretches abit more* But I slept rather well. How about you, Kado? Daikeim didn't give you any trouble while I was asleep did he?

"...Yes, but we had a talk and worked it out. You're lucky to have one another. We also trained a bit before we went and slept for the rest of the night. I myself was working on a particular.... technique. I hope I can at the very least, to be able to control rather than be controlled by my power. I've already messed things up enough, and I'm going to make sure I never allow that mistake to happen again. I promise."

Elaonore: Understand that we all make mistakes. And no matter how bad they will get, we will always have our open arms to you.

Kado silently nods, and Elaonore notices the kid shadowing Kado, but Kado lightly stomps the ground and the kid's progress is impeded by a wall of stone.

Elaonore: *smiles* Looks like you've got yourself a little admirer, Kado.

"I can see that. Most kids are obsessed with ninjas when they're young, but how often do you get to see one?" He laughs lightly. "Unfortunately I don't like attention that much. Makes me nervous."

Elaonore: i know how that's like. When I was in high school, boys would follow me home everyday, trying to court me. Ofcourse, I would just walk past with my head high and my eyes forward. Even now, I still notice guys staring at me from the distance. Sort of like how the captain is right now.

Captain: *is shocked* No! No! No I was not!, I thought I saw...ughhhmmm...that rock move!

Elaonore: *chuckles* no one likes a liar, Captain.

Captain: *bows his head in shame* My apologies, ma'am...

Elaonore: It's alright.

The kid manages to climb the rock wall, and Kado sighs. "Three... two... one..." He sidesteps as the kid tries to leap at him, and the kid lands on his face.


"You can stop any time you like, you know."

Elaonore: *giggles* The boy must really be fond of you. But it's sort of dangerous, being fond of someone you dont know at a very young age.

Kado looks away. "...Being around me tends to draw people into trouble... ...being fond of me tends to be a mistake..."

Kado and Elaonore feel slight vibrations as the trees rustle, suddenly they see Daikeim get blasted right past them. As they look towards the forest, they see a massive gap of where trees have been disintegrated and they notice a golden figure. But before they can even say something, Daikeim flies past them once more with the Draconia in his hand. Managing to slice the figure in half before it fires another attack, the figure forms into a aura that gets absorbed into Daikeim. He takes a sigh of relief and walks towards the two with one of his hands scratching the back of his head. "Oh... Sorry about that, training with Exeon energy again." They can clearly see sweat marks and bruises all over Daikeim, suggesting that he never got any rest after all...

Kado sighs. "Take it easy, Daikeim. You should have rested when we stopped last night."

Daikeim chuckles. "Yeah, maybe you're right... But I need to get a control of this energy, the sooner the better... And resting is something I've been doing too much of lately, so I need to practice and train until I get back into my normal routine."

Elaonore: So strange that I still remain tiresome, while you remain restless. Guess there's reason to ask how you slept.

Kado sighs. "I understand if you want to be ready, just don't over do it. With our luck anything could happen."

"True, but that's the thing, anything could happen. So it's best to be ready for it, so, when will we be moving again?" Daikeim says with an exhausted tone to his voice as the sweat evaporates from his body.

Elaonore: We're moving on right now. See. *points at everyone begining to walk* This is it. After today, we'll be there.

Kado looks over at Elaonore. "Where are we going again?"

Elaonore: *shrugs* I don't know. We'll just have to follow and see.

Daikeim sighs. "You know, it'll be nice if we had a clue of where we're goi--" Daikeim stays deathly quiet as he turns to look behind him, a smile appears on his face as he notices something. "Heh... Well I'll be damned."

Kado looks in the direction Daikeim was looking, and sees Drake. "Oh hey it's-" He freezes, as he sees the little electric yellow sphere now diving at him.

"NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!" He starts running fast, and the orb zooms after him, Elaonore and Daikeim think they can hear some sort of laughter from it as it wizzes past their heads. It suddenly arcs over Kado and as it dives at him again, changes into a blond haired girl with a brown jacket and a skirt, and lands on top of him giving him an enormous bear hug, Kado's face burning from how tight she squeezes him.

"KADOOO! How's my little brother doing?!" She laughs cheerfully.

"'re.......crushing...............meeeeeeeeeeee.......!!!" He gasps hoarsely.

Daikeim looks at Noriko and Kado then chuckles, but then turns to look at Drake who's currently flying towards Daikeim. Only stopping at a couple of feet.

"See, I told you I would be fine." Drake looks at Kado. "Noriko, c'mon, the poor person can't breathe... Remember that we still need to make sure that Torrent isn't following is, I think he's still mad about the prank." Drake laughs before getting punched in the arm by Daikeim.

"That's for going against Phoenix by yourself!" Daikeim takes a second look at Drake, realising all of his wounds are gone. "Huh? What happened to..."

Drake says with a grin on his face. "Simple, Aoi healed me... That reminds me, we got some problems..."

Elaonore: *looks upset* Mmmmmm. Problems aren't suppose to happen on vacations.

Noriko whips her head up, releasing Kado finally. She looks in the direction they came from. "He's not following us. I can't sense his electromagnetic energy any more, which means he'll be out of range. We're fine, White won't let him get too far when he's that mad. And not to worry! I'm on break! Yeeeeeaaaaa break time!!!" She cheers, hugging Kado fiercely again. "BLARG!!!" Kado yelps.

"Don't worry Elaonore, your vacation will be fine. So then Daikeim, what's happened during my absence?" Drake says as he looks around, before glancing at Noriko hugging Kado. "Are you gonna help him?"

Daikeim looks at chuckles. "Nah, they seem to be fine... And not much has happened really, but I want to know... How are you here? You do realise what Phoenix is, and bringing your friend along isn't helping."

Drake sighs before speaking. "Don't worry, after this event has happened, me and Noriko are defecting from Phoenix. I gotta fight for my freedom so yeah, and she won't do us any harm... Noriko wouldn't hurt a fly would you? ...Actually, nevermind. We had nothing better to do so I thought we would go pester you, and your friend." Drake takes a second to look at Kado. "Oh, you're the person that thought it would be a good idea to fight me back at Downation, weren't you?"

Kado gives him a look. "Actually, that was the other way around." He suddenly changes into a perfect replication of Drake and says, "Noise circus? You better watch your mouth you runt, unless you want it off of your face... " Kado says in a exact perfect version of Drake's speech and tone, then changes back to his usual form.

"Ever heard of a joke?" He says dryly.

Drake smirks and places his hand on Kurai's hilt and slightly unsheathes it, showing Kado a bit of the blade, Drake then speaks in a prideful manor. "A Ryunexo is a skilled swordsman, I don't think you would want to even try... I mean, I would have to hold back, don't want you dying since you seem to be Daikeim's friend... But no promises!"

Kado smirks as well. He takes Earth Slayer out of his sleeve and unsheathes it, and makes a sword stroke behind him. Suddenly a massive section of earth rises up under his feet and elevates until Drake can barely see him standing on top, and he simply jumps down and lands in a cloud of dust, landing silently even as the tremor shakes the others for a moment, and with another stroke of his sword, the raised section lowers just as violently and quickly. He sheathes it, a smile on his face.

"Oh trust me, I'm no push over. But we're not here to fight-" He dodges another hug from Noriko. "So you and Noriko are planning on defection eh? Better call than hanging around White, that's for sure."

"Heh, yeah... But it's not only us, the only people actually still loyal to Phoenix are Toma, Torrent, and two CE's named Azula and Silent Angel..." Drake looks at Noriko and sighs. "Why that name of all things?"

Noriko looks over at him. "Because he's so quiet! He almost never says anything! Plus he's got some really nice angel wings!"

Kado grows deathly silent at the mention of 'Azula', and Daikeim and Elaonore notice a sort of black aura about Kado as soon as Drake had said that name.

Noriko looks over at Kado and pokes his face. "Hey are you ok-"

".......Shut it...."

Daikeim looks at Drake with a concerned expression. "It's best if you don't say that name, it's too personal for him..."

Drake's expression changes as he keeps quiet, fully sheathing Kurai as he looks at Noriko. "Noriko, do you want to stay with these three for the time being?"

Noriko looks over at Drake. "Ehhh, for a little bit of catching up probably, but we've got other things to do and I'm sure we can always just visit again right?"

Drake says nothing for a moment, looking towards Daikeim as they both remember about Corruption and the effects he has when the two are in close proximity. Drake forces a smile and looks back at Noriko. "Yeah, we can visit when we're able." Daikeim sighs before speaking up. "Come on, we need to follow the group."

Fantasy landscape by azelinus-d5ysvlf

Everyone walks for some hours. until they see small valley with a ridge above it

Captain: Beyond this point lies our means of transportation from here on out. Just a couple more miles.

They reach a ruined castle that looks more like a fort.

Noriko yawns. "Oh great, MORE ruined fortresses. Don't see enough of those say, every single day...." She yawns again.

Kado sighs. "Say Drake, that sword wouldn't happen to be a Slayer would it? It's an interesting one."

Drake unsheathes Kurai to give Kado a better look at the blade, he smirks. "Yep, a hybrid of darkness and fire. Named it Kurai after an old friend... Plus, I can add runes to this to enhance it when I can." Drake says proudly but then his tone goes back to normal. "She just asked what my favorite weapon was, and that was that..."

"I see. Never heard of a Slayer having two at once. Interesting." He dodges Noriko again. "Are you done with that yet?!"

Noriko giggles. "Nope! You got seven years of hugs to make up for!"

"She's persistent, isn't she... Along with troublesome, but I guess you already knew that already... So you're 21, wow, I guessed you've experienced a lot during those years... Also, I thought people at Phoenix despise you... So how is Noriko like this towards you?"

Kado sighs. "Well 'despise' is probably the wrong set of words to use. More or less I was forced to defect after White tried to have me killed - and almost succeeded. I'm not surprised that Noriko still acts the same- ARRGGGH! WILL YOU QUIT IT?!" He snaps as Noriko takes advantage of his distraction and hugs him cheek on cheek, which makes him burn red.

"Grrrrr..... ....Anyway..." He says, trying to ignore the overeager fairy's touch, "Cause she's not one to hate people to begin with and wouldn't care if I was enemy or friend, she'd still do this to me.... ...please stop that......." He squeaks as she keeps going.

"Lighten up Kado! You're so gloomy!"

Drake laughs. "Yeah, White's a bitch when it comes to that... And I guess I could see Noriko as carefree regardless, haha, she's like a vice to you... So why'd you defect? I heard stuff here and there but never got the full story, so if you wouldn't mind..."

Kado sighs. "Basically the way I see it has to do with my heritage partially. You see, the original Phoenix tried to help humanity beat the Mythos back after they created the original Slayers, and used their powers to aide them. But humanity turned on them and the organization was forced to flee. One of the original eight, a man named Hadari was enraged by humanity's betrayal and decided to punish them, but as great and terrible as his power was, being the strongest of the eight and the unofficial leader, he could not beat humanity and their hybrid Mythos alone. So he sought after the power of the other seven Slayers. To do that... he would have to kill the wielders and take them for himself. One by one Phoenix fell, until the first White remained."

Kado pauses. "It is one of the most controversial and bitter battles of Echo's history. Hadari with his seven slayers, versus a lone White, and her remaining Light Slayer. Lover against Lover. Now bitter enemies. White defeated Hadari in the end, and refuted Hadari's quest for vengance. She believed in a world of peace, not war. ....Hadari was the first Dark Slayer. ....because of that betrayal, it was not til I was chosen by the blade that Phoenix allowed the Slayer to have a master. ....I am only the second Dark Slayer. I don't know the exact reason, but I think White did what she did under the assumption I would try and copy my predecessor."

"Hmm... Better safe than sorry I guess. Well thanks for telling, it was bugging me that I didn't know..." Drake looks at Noriko and sighs. "I think he's had enough hugging, seriously... He's gonna suffocate if you aren't careful."

Noriko puffs her cheeks slightly. "Fiiiiiinnnneeee...." She reluctantly lets go of him, and Kado sighs.

"Finally..." He looks at Drake. "Hmmmm.... I don't believe it, did you give her obedience lessons or something? She never listens to anyone usually..."

"That's because no one really hanged out with her, from what I know anyways. It's because we're sorta similar in a way, we got stuck in her tower after a food prank and just talked about stuff... So I guess we can be considered friends? And don't worry Nori, you can get me back soon with one of your pranks..." Drake says with a nervous smile to his face.

"Hmmm....." Kado thinks to himself quietly.

Noriko changes into the little sphere of electric yellow light and lands on Drake's shoulder. "Ahhhhh.... much better."

Drake softly pats the light with two fingers in a playful manor, he then looks at Kado. "So you never actually took a minute just to hang out with her, like normal people would?"

Kado closes his eyes. "....We hung out, but there really wasn't much to do. I was quiet and timid, and it took me a long time to get used to the other people around me. I only really interacted with Naomi and Torrent, a few years into my apprenticeship. A year or so later, Noriko started up her act and started acting.... ....I guess kinda like a big sister and constantly messed with me." He smiles.

"...Naomi and Noriko were the only people I really knew at all, but I was closer to Naomi."

Noriko laughs. "Closer as in K-I-S-S-I-N-G in a tree. He was probably head over heels any time he got a chance to be with her. I don't blame him though. Her tails and ears make her so cute sometimes!"

It's obvious by the look on Drake's face that he's struggling not to laugh, as childish as it is, he lets out a small giggle. Before giving up and laughing alongside Noriko.


They continue to walk abit further until they finally make it to a straight with buildngs on each one

Captain: We've made it. We'll venture on with one of those. *points at an air ship*

Kado looks at the airship. "Oh joy. An airship......" He glances at Noriko. "You better not do anything to it like last time.

Noriko flashes a bit. "Whatcha mean?"

Kado folds his arms. "Last time you short circuited the airship ride we took when I was thirteen and almost made us crash."

"Hee hee hee... that was priceless."

Drake looks at Noriko with a grin on his face. "You deserve a cookie, just hope that we survive this one if we do crash." He starts laughing.

Daikeim looks over at Drake and Noriko and sighs. "Poor Kado, them two are like children... Can't say I blame them though, especially Drake who just got out of Yosai. And I guess Noriko has an effect on Drake, you could say they're-- Nope, not going to say it."

He feels a little touch on his head, as Noriko lands on him. "Say that we're what? Come on now, you can tell me."

Drake overhears and looks at Daikeim, a smug grin on his face as he walks over to Daikeim, chuckling. "Yeah Daikeim, you can tell us... We're what now?" Drake says it in a certain tone that makes it hard for Daikeim to tell if he's joking or not. Daikeim makes a slight gulp as he says it, in a worried tone. "I guess you could say I thought you two were... A thing?"

Drake's eyes widen as his expression changes into a slight shock. "Noriko and I are a what now?!"

Noriko giggles. "That's right! We've been making it good if ya know what I mean!" She laughs, then rapidly orbits Daikeim's head while still giggling.

Drake's expression and skin colour has drained from his face, the look of death in his eyes as he's unable to make a response to what Noriko just said. Daikeim looks at Drake and says in a rather dismissive voice. "You did what!?"

"Hey! I didn't mea-- NO! I MEAN THAT... It never... NORIKO!" Drake looks at Noriko with a worried look on his face. "Please don't joke about things like that..."

"Awwwwww.... ....joke about what?" She lets that one sink in before abruptly cutting off Daikeim. "*Sigh*.... yes.... I was kidding.... too bad you denied it though, that would have been so much fun!" She giggles again.

Kado sighs. "Noriko....'re scary."

Drake looks at Kado and sighs as well. "I'm going to Echo with her, how do you think I feel?" Drake walks over to Noriko and plucks her out of the air and places her on his shoulder.

As his hand moves away from her, he feels a small zap, then he feels her sit down. "Hmmph. You didn't have to grab me so hard.... that hurt..."

Drake softly pats Noriko and apologises. "Like I said, you can get me back someday, alright?" Drake puts on a smile and lightly chuckles before turning to look at Daikeim. "Do I really look like I would want to settle down? I mean, I'm basically in my prime! I want to have fun and cause chaos, not relax and be orderly."

"Payback's a bitch..." She mutters under her breath.

Daikeim looks at Kado. "Was she always like that during your time at Phoenix?"

"Sorta, but I don't believe she's pulled that sort of thing on someone before, to that degree at least."

"Hmm... Then what makes this different... Unless she wasn't joking, or at least hoping Drake went along with it." Daikeim slightly chuckles before looking back at the two.

Daikeim notices the orb has faded revealing Noriko's tiny frame clad in a very simple dress, leaflike in design. Her wings are easily larger than her whole body, the four wings about as long as Drake's forearm. She has what Daikeim believes to either be an annoyed, disappointed, or bored look on her face, though he's not sure.

"Umm... Is there a problem?"

"No. Just bored." She flies off from Drake's shoulder and lands on Kado's, and begins saying something to him, and they seem to start having a conversation, though they keep it to a point none of them can tell what they're talking about.

Daikeim simply shrugs and turns to look at Drake who's admiring Kurai once again, Daikeim sighs and smiles as he summons the Draconia and spars with Drake.

After everyone takes a break,they head to the first airship taking the first 50 passengers and lifts off

Elaonore: *looks over board and sees nearly all of the beautiful landscape of Midnation* So beautiful up here....*rest her arms and head on the side of the airship*

Kado sighs, staying in the center of the ship as much as possible. Noriko however gleefully flies around the ship, observing the landscape with great interest. A few times Noriko comes close to trying to air tackle him, but Kado goes intangible each time.

Daikeim and Drake are in their Half Dragon forms, racing around the ship, causing some passengers to cheer and even place bets on winners. Pleased with the audience, the two coat themselves in fire and blaze around. Causing shapes and trails of fire to appear in the sky, finally their 'show' ends off with them flying back towards the ship, narrowly missing everyone and landing on the deck. Causing a massive cheer from both crowds, Daikeim and Drake laugh as they bump fists and go find something to eat.

Kado just shakes his head with a small smile. The kid from earlier shows up, and Kado sighs.

Fantasy landscape m20705

"Ninja! Please teach me how to be a ninja like you!"

Kado silently looks at the kid. ".....Sorry. I'm not much of a teacher. ....Besides. A warrior's life isn't for you little guy." He looks away from the kid, silently looking off into the landscape.

After flying past some high mounts they reach a huge connection of cities in the skies.


Capatain: This is the Sky Con. Region. Most airborne Myths live here. Most of them are modern scholars and philosophers.

Everyone looks down in astonishment.

Daikeim jumps off the ship and dives down, Drake soon following. Being the show-offs they are, they fly around the residents, manipulating their energies to create more unique stunt but managing to not harm anybody. The people on the ship can hear cheers and laughter, while others think that their antics have gone to their heads...

Elaonore: *shakes her head* Those two...couldn't stop showing-off for the world...*slightly smiles*

Kado sighs, while Noriko decides to take pot shots at Drake for fun with small lightning bolts for entertainment.

Drake dodges the incoming bolts and smirks. "Oh, you're gonna be like that? Hehe, Daikeim, let's go!" Daikeim smirks to and turns towards Noriko. "Got it!" Both Daikeim and Drake fly at high speeds towards Noriko, managing to dodge the bolts with ease. Daikeim flies past Noriko while Drake stays a couple of meters away, both create a wall of arrow like objects made of pure fire. "Better start dodging little fairy!" Drake shouts with a playful tone to his voice.

She suddenly disappears in a bolt of lightning, and appears about a mile to one side of the ship.

"Better start aiming, little dragon!" She taunts, firing a bolt of lightning square on Drake's face.

Drake flinches, causing the wall of arrows to completely miss Noriko. But while she giggles, she's unaware about Daikeim, who by now has charged the arrows with lightning and are now speeding towards Noriko. "You're not the only one who controls lightning here! Have fun!"

Kado smiles, and looks over at Elaonore. "He really shouldn't have done that." He says with a smile.


Elaonore: *her smile grows wider*

After a few more hours, they make it over water, but the water itself goes over a fall and near those falls are Victorian-styled buildings

Captain: This here is New Victoria. A couple more hours and we'll be there.

Elaonore: *marvels at the sight of the city*

After multiple lightning arrows, Noriko suddenly starts raining more than ten times the lightning arrows straight at him and Drake, laughing gleefully.

Kado shakes his head. "Told you. Noriko is the Lightning Slayer. Using lightning elements is useless against her. She'll just make you eat your own medicine."

After a moment, Drake and Daikeim hover side by side. "Heh... She has us pinned, any ideas Drake?" Drake examines Noriko and a grins appears on his face. "Uh huh, I have an idea. Just be ready when I give the call, ok?" Daikeim nods as he watches Drake twist and turn, dodging the arrows.

Just as he gets in range of Noriko, he playfully smile and flies past her, kissing her cheek and speaking in a much softer tone. "Hehe, did I just surprise you?" She gets a tingly feeling on her cheek as she stands puzzled, Drake smirks and gives the call. Daikeim gains the golden trail in his eyes as he summons four energy dragons that fly at Noriko and wrap around her wrists and ankles, restraining her. Drake and Daikeim hover infront of Noriko and fist bump each other one more time. "I think we pulled that off pretty easily, ok Daikeim, you can release her now." Daikeim chuckles as the dragons fade away, but then he turns to looks at Drake. "Do you think you went a bit far?"

Noriko puts a hand on her cheek quietly. She silently flies off out of sight before they can notice she left, flying inside of clouds and sparking with various colors of lightning, her tiny form hidden well within the clouds.

Daikeim punches Drake's arm. "Yeah, you took it too far." Drake angrily sighs. "Oh come on, don't give me tha--" Daikeim points to the clouds, obviously not pleased with Drake's action. "Go and apologise!" Drake looks to where Daikeim is pointing and sighs, slowly flying up and looking around to find Noriko. "Hello...? Noriko, where are you?"

Suddenly the cloud explosively erupts in a massive burst of light and sound that shatters his eardrums and blinds him, the force slamming him down onto the deck of the ship in a matter of seconds, and Daikeim looks up at the cloud to see it violently thundering and sparking lightning bolts.

"Well... She's obviously not happy..." Daikeim looks at Drake, who is currently crashed onto a broken table and chair. "REALLY EINSTEIN? YOU DON'T SAY!" Daikeim sighs and flies over to Drake and helps him up. "I told you that you went too far."

"I was only playing around, it was to throw her off guard and it worked, didn't it?"

"Yeah, it did. But now look at her... Go up again."

"What? Hell no! Not a chanc--"

"Drake, go up. Anything you get from her is what you deserve..."

Drake looks up and growls at Daikeim. "Fine... You owe me big time." Drake gains tribal markings once more as he carefully and slowly flies up towards the raging cloud, knowing it's a stupid idea but goes along with it. "Umm... Noriko?"

"I have a lovely nick name for you."

"...And that would be?"


"And why would that be my nickname?" Drake finally gets at arms length with the cloud, he sighs and goes into it, fully knowing the dangers he's putting himself through.

He has to dodge a series of bolts of electricity which force him to maneuver back out.

"Because that's what they're going to write as your cause of death if you don't leave me alone...."

Daikeim lands next to Kado and watches. "Wow, he managed to piss off the care-free girl... Well done Drake, well done..."

"Oh come on Nori, you can't be serious..." Drake takes a second attempt at getting into the cloud.

He feels a pressure land on his shoulder just before he does, and he looks over to see her covered in a blue aura of electricity. Her face doesn't look as pissed as he imagined. It looks more annoyed, her arms are crossed as she stares at him.

"Don't ever kiss me again." She promptly kicks him in the face with her little foot, which hurts a hell lot worse than he imagined it would, then she zooms down to the ship and goes out of sight.

Kado sighs.

Daikeim also sighs and places a palm to his face. "Ugh... God dammit Drake, always one to take it too far, aren't you..."

Drake angrily sighs and punches the air, causing a small wave of fire to blast out. "Ow... That fucking hurt..." Drake glances down and looks at the water, he sets himself ablaze and flies down into the water to calm himself down for the time being. "Hmph... I'll catch up with them later..."

Kado gets up and silently follows where he senses Noriko hiding, and goes below deck and finds a pile of barrels, prying it open to see her curled up and glaring at him.

"What Kado?"

"You never act that way. Mind explaining?"

"....None of your business."

Kado taps her little head. "Hey. You're supposed to be my 'big sister' ehh? Looks like I'm the big one now.

"Hilarious. A short joke. I just LOVE short jokes." She says with annoyance.

"Look. What's the deal, you made me confide in you, how about some mutual respect here Nori?"

"He kissed me. There."

Kado sighs. "Seriously Nori. Come on now. That never bothers you. You'd probably love attention like that."

"Yes, I probably would, except the guy did it just to mock me. At least I'm genuinely curious about people when I tease them... ....but he blatently said to everyone he has no interest. Fine. But don't come back later and f*cking kiss me! Either hands off or hands on. They don't get to choose both."

Kado sighs. "Yeeep. High strung... listen. He doesn't know how you tend to feel, or react to things. You want to enjoy your time together back in Echo, well you need to work this shit out."

"He can go fuck himself.... .....I can go alone."

"*Sigh* You're just saying that cause you're pissed. When he comes back, I'm going to tell him where you are and you two will sort your shit out." Kado gets up and leaves without another word, and walks back up above deck, and stands by Daikeim again.

"Well, that was something else."

Daikeim sighs and folds his arms. "Sucks to be the mature one, doesn't it... You'd think considering some of the stuff they get put through, they would have a little more maturity in them... I guess Drake has still got some unwanted surprises for others, but for once. I have no idea how these two are gonna resolve this problem, Drake usually holds grudges and I'm guessing Noriko does to?"

"Actually, no. Like the element she controls, she is a brief violent flash of light, and then it is gone as soon as it has come. Big, dramatic, and over with quick."

"Hmm, I should of guessed that... In that sense, Drake is defiantly fire hands down... Let's just hope that Drake actually holds back and will care for what Noriko has to say..."

Kado shakes his head. "A thing about some faeries though, they have this all too sharp intuition to avoid people who are angry or bitter at them. She'll probably hide in there until he's calmed his attitude down. And with Noriko, let's just say she can find a lot of ways to entertain herself. It's more of a matter of how long can he keep the fire going than anything else. Even if he does try and talk to her with that attitude, she'll not likely let him close and avoid him until he's level headed."

"Hmmm... Do you want me to get him over here? Once I calm him down of course..."

"If you can calm him down, yes."

Daikeim closes his eyes and senses Drake's energy signature, he then flies down to him. Located on a rock at the surface of the water, Daikeim lands beside him and looks at him.

"What do you want Daikeim?"

"I think you know what I want..."

"I am not apologising to her, it's her fault she overreacted!"

"She didn't overreact... She had every right to act how she did, I mean... Wouldn't you be a bit mad if someone just came up and kissed you?"

"Viewpoints are different Daikeim, so take a guess genius..."

Daikeim sighs. "You obviously don't know what a kiss means to a woman, do you? Because think about it, what you did probably changed how she looks at you now, for the worse." Daikeim places two fingers on Drake's head and stays quiet, after a moment he takes them off. "You made a blood promise to her, if you go back on that, you're no less pathetic than the dirt you walked on..."

Drake says nothing and looks at his left hand, which has small scars on the tips. He sighs and a wave of fire erupts from Drake, causing the nearby water to evaporate in an instant, he then stands up and looks at the ship. He sighs and punches Daikeim's shoulder as he flies up and lands infront of Kado, with Daikeim landing soon after.

Kado looks at Drake with suppressed surprise. "Hmm. You actually got him here faster than I believed possible. You calm enough to talk?"

Drake puts his hands in his pockets and nods silently. "Yes, just tell me where Nori is..."

"She's below deck hiding under a big pile of barrels. I made a hole in it so I could see her, so you should be able to tell which pile she's in. Assuming she hasn't grown bored of hide and seek."

Drake goes below deck and takes a look around, seeing the barrels with a hole through one. He walks up to it and looks through the hole.

Noriko looks up at him, her small eyes trying to see what emotional state he's in.


"Hey... Can I come in? If that's alright with you..." Drake says in the soft tone again, slightly surprising Noriko.

"Sure, I suppose you could. You wouldn't happen to be smaller than about two inches would ya?"

Drake turns into a small flame and shifts it's way inside, it then forms back into Drake with tribal markings over him again. He's slightly taller than Noriko, he tries to force a smile but sighs instead. Opting to stay on the opposite side from Noriko.

At this size he can see she looks more fey in nature, with slightly pointed ears and generally looks more cute than beautiful or pretty. Her wings glimmer with a yellowish light that flickers on and off.

She blinks silently at his spell, and then shrugs. "I guess you can. ...I'm.... errrrgghh... sorry." She looks up at an opening in the 'ceiling', idly watching crew members passing by.

"You don't need to be, I'm the idiot who thought it was a good idea to do that... I guess I'm not used to having a female friend so I kinda got carried away. I'm sorry..." Drake take his hands out of his pockets and places them behind his back, grasping them together as he looks at Noriko. A small smile appears on his face although Noriko can't notice it.

She sighs, then irritably pulls at her dress. "Ugghh.... I hate dresses." She pulls her legs up and holds them up close to herself with her arms.

"It's fine if we're friends, but... said all I needed to hear about your stance with me. We're just friends, and you have no intention to settle down. I respect and understand that, I feel.... sort of the same way. Just.... ...don't send me mixed messages. I don't really consider kisses to be the realm of 'just friends', it just doesn't feel right to me. ...and I am genuinely sorry. I overreacted. I guess you could say I didn't think either."

Drake walks up to Noriko and examines her quickly before opening his HSC and spellbook... He makes some mental calculations before pointing towards Noriko, tribal and lightning patterns appear on her dress as it forms into a smaller version of her usual outfit. "These spells are handy, aren't they."

Drake then looks through his HSC before pulling out an object and passing it to Noriko. "It's to put on your outfit." To her, it just looks like any other symbol, Drake closes the spellbook and puts it in the HSC and stores it away. "It's the Cyanican rune for lightning, put that on and your lightning skills should amplify ten fold..." Drake briefly laughs. "Don't send you mixed messages, got it. Also, what do you mean sort of the same way?"

She looks at it curiously for a moment, before looking up at him. "You know... ...I like a good adventure, I'm always looking for something to get involved in. You know full well I like causing havoc whenever possible. Though I do like to relax once in a while....." She shakes her head for a moment. "You get the idea."

She looks over the outfit for a moment, and smiles faintly. "....thanks Drake."

"It's no problem, the least I could do for being a dick to you." Drake looks at the hole he went through before looking back at Noriko with a smile on his face. "C'mon Nori, let's head back to the others" Drake starts walking towards the hole, slowing down so Noriko can catch up.

Noriko simply flies past him up and out of the hole, standing on one of the top barrels of the pile.

Drake chuckles and goes into his Aura Dragon form and follows Noriko. "Oh, and I'm not trying to be mean. But when you said 'We're just friends, and you have no intention to settle down.', what made you think that you'd be the person I would settle down with?" Drake laughs again. "Trust me, you'd try to kill me if that was the case, I'm really incompatible when it comes to stuff like that... Anyways, do you want to race to top deck?"

She lightly zaps him then races off. "Sure!"

Drake smirks and flies after Noriko, despite her being the Lightning Slayer, Drake manages to catch up and eventually overtake her. He looks back at her and sticks his tongue out at her before blazing off almost out of her sight.

She lazily flies out of the lower deck and appears in full form, and slowly walks off to one side of the ship, and watches the scenery roll by.

Daikeim notices Noriko and sighs, looking at Kado. "Do you think those two are ok now?" As he says that, Drake resizes back to normal and land next to him. "Talking about me again Daikeim?"

Kado looks over towards Noriko and silently observes her for a moment. "...Yeah, she's fine."

Daikeim takes a sigh of relief. "That's good to hear... Drake, don't be a dick to her again."

"It's in my nature to be a dick to people, but for once I'll try." Drake chuckles before playing with a fireball.

Kado silently walks over to Noriko, and they start talking again, though once again they can't really tell what they're saying.

"Hmm, I wonder what those two talk about..." Daikeim ponders.

"Meh, probably just catching up on old times... They haven't seen each other in seven years Daikeim, so I guess they'll be talking about that. And why are you wondering that?"

"I don't know, just a random thought really... Oh, that reminds me, you said there was a problem?"

Drake sighs. "Yeah, Phoenix are gonna be in a battle against two people... Someone named Jibaku and Valeric, I guess his evil intentions are showing now..."

"Valeric... Then, why would he help me? Why did I help him..."

"Because you're a dumbass at times Daikeim, he probably doesn't know either... But he probably wanted to do it for some reason, that you have to find out yourself..."

Daikeim looks out at the scenery and sighs. "I wish I could, but I just need to relax right now Drake... Elaonore is on a damn time limit, I might as well make it worth while..."

They notice Noriko hugging Kado, but it's more of a gentle hug, and Kado gently hugs her back after a moment, his embrace seems almost reassuring in nature. After a moment they break apart and Noriko heads off toward a different part of the ship, and Kado just looks at the scenery, putting his mask back on.

Drake laughs."Well shit, he does have emotions beside angry and depressed... Hmm..." An glint appears in Drake's eyes as he examines the mask. "...I need to get a hold of that mask..."

"Drake, what are you planning?"

Fzd landscapesB

"Oh nothing, just a little something to make me laugh."

They land in the central part of New Victoria as they get off they marvel the amazing structure of the city. The continue to venture on into what is now the border of Upnation.

Captain: See those mountains? Those used to be temples atop those mountains. They we're built in honor of a magnificent scholar named Feng Zhu. Who was the original founder of Upnation's culture and way of living.

Kado chuckles. "As impressive as these lands are, they're nothing to the grace of Chinmoku."

Captain: They're not there to impress. Remember that.

Kado shakes his head. "Regardless of intent, that is what they do. But regardless, this is a fair land." An air of curiosity comes over him. "Do you know of a world named Echo by chance?"


Captain: No, but I am sure of the scholars maybe have heard of such a place.

"I see. I heard rumors once that our people once had contact with Fantasy, but if they had, little acknowledgement of it exists I guess."

Captain: Hmm.

They continue to walk until they make it to water and several Junk ships are waiting for them.

Captain: Ok. 50 on each boat. Come on now. We're a few miles away.

Everyone gets aboard their boats. 50 on each ship.

Captain: Let's sail.

The ships begin to sail away from the shore

Elaonore: *is excited* We're almost there! I can't wait!

Noriko yawns. "Can't be that interesting can it?"

Elaonore: I don't know. Never been to this part of Fantasy before. That's why I'm so excited!

Kado fiddles with some things hidden in his sleeves, Elaonore can hear occasional clicks of some sort of metal as he does. He looks at her for a moment. "I'm just adjusting my weaponry."

Elaonore: Why bring weapons on vacation?


"A vacation, yes. But that doesn't excuse the world from attempting to screw with you. Just because you decide the rest, does not mean the enemy rests. Constant vigilance, is one of the many things my master taught me."

Elaonore: Oh my....It's beautiful...more beautiful than I ever imagined....

Their before them lies a magnificent Asian-styled city. Everyone looks upon it in awe and are eagerly excited.

Arrival at Upnation

Captain: We've made it.

Kado and Noriko look at the city with some interest. "Hmmm.... pretty nice. Reminds me of the old compound's style, what do you think, Noriko?"

Noriko nods a bit. "Yeah, the old compound had some Japanese and Chinese style to it for sure."

The ships docks and everyone gets off and are so eager to look around.

Captain: This is the Imperial Harbor. The Supreme Lord has made this as a bases of meetings to discuss economical improvements and such.

Kado looks at Elaonore. "So, what should we do since we're here?" He subtly scans the area with his shadow senses to sense if anyone might be lurking waiting to attack or otherwise pose a threat.

Elaonore: I'm going to try some oriental noodles! Oh! I maybe even try sushi! *finds the nearest catering stand*

Daikeim looks over at the now fleeing Elaonore and happily sighs. "Guess I'm following her then, see you three soon." He catches up with Elaonore, holding her hand while they both go to a catering stand.

Drake laughs and pulls out the pink spraycan and sprays Kado's mask. "Much like Torrent, pink really suits you!" Drake goes into his Aura Dragon form and flies off, they can still hear his childish laughter.

Kado sighs, and pulls out Fire Slayer. "Be back after I roast him into roasted turkey." He says to Daikeim, then launches up into the air and is enveloped by a bird made of fire of every color, then soars off after Drake, able to catch up to him rather quickly.

"Hey, got something for you!" *Blasts Drake with green fire.*

Drake counters the green fire with a black fireball, he then unsheathes Kurai and starts clashing swords with Kado. "You have three Slayers, put 'em to use!" Drake says in his cocky attitude again.

Kado teleports in a burst of darkness, and appears further away, Dark Slayer drawn. Suddenly several large shadow hands come out of his back, Drake counts his total number of arms to be now eight. Kado draws Fire Slayer with his other normal hand, but Earth Slayer is drawn by one of the new shadow hands. The rest of them form swords made of pure darkness, each resembling Dark Slayer in appearance.

Before Drake can raise his sword, Kado closes the distance incredibly fast and begins slashing and stabbing at him with a blinding speed, and when Drake attempts to attack, he easily blocks with one of the shadow swords.

"You shouldn't tempt me."

Drake smirks as the tribal markings on Kurai begin to glow, Drake flies back and takes one almighty swing, causing a wave of black fire to disperse from the blade and slice through some of the shadow hands. Kado sees Drake's aura morph off of Drake and become a separate entity, with it having an aura variation of Kuria. The two speed towards Kado and unleashes a barrage of slices, slashes and stabs.

Kado effortlessly ducks under Drake and the clone's strikes, and then grabs Drake's sword arm and begins twisting until Drake feels his shoulder get dislocated, and then Kado kicks him hard in the stomach, impaling the aura version of Drake with both Dark Slayer and Fire Slayer, before pulling back, and Drake notices a metal forming around Kado much like the metal he had seen the earth creature use that was virtually indestructible. It takes the shape of a full set of armor, including a helm as well.

"Ok... No more playing around..." Drake grabs his arm and pops it back into place, he sheathes Kurai and glares at Kado, growling his aura forms back onto Drake. Once more, tribal markings appear on both the aura and Drake's eyes glow white. He fades away in fire and appears high above Kado, summoning multiple phantom swords, he points at Kado and the blade speed toward him. They pierce his arms and legs without damaging the armor, Drake then flies down and slams both his fists against Kado's chest. Blasting him down to the floor, before Kado can react, he is pushed back up by a column of rock. Drake appears beside Kado and slams his arm against his back, sending him flying into the water. Drake flies over and lands ontop of the water, with steam coming the the water around him.

A strange fish pops out of the water and bites Drake on the leg with sharp teeth, before turning into a snake and slithering across the water and into tall grass and out of sight.

"...Ow? Hmph, anyways, show yourself Kado... I doubt you can breathe underwater."

Drake feels a painful burning sensation on one of his shoulders, and sees a blob of lava burning his skin.

Drake looks up and sees that Kado has shapeshifted into Hitomara, Drake jumps away and pours water on the lava, cooling it instantly. "So... You're gonna be like that? Heh, fine by me..." Drake gets consumed by fire and emerges as a fire dragon the same size as Hitomara, Drake is in the center. The dragon roars and flies towards Kado and tackles him to the ground and claws at him

Kado sighs, the voice coming out as Hitomara's. "You really must be a class A student from the moron academy." He says, as the fire dragon's attacks do nothing to him. The sharp tip of the metal and molten lava dragon pierces right through the fire dragon, and embeds itself in Drake's left side, and rips him out of the fire dragon and smashes him against the ground strong enough to crack it.

"Grr... Fuck it, I'm ending this!" Drake pulls himself out of the ground, dark energy emits from Drake's hands as he flies towards Kado and presses his hands against him. "Shadow Cast: OBLIVION!" Kado and Drake get covered in a pitch black energy which causes them ungodly amounts of pain, forcing Kado to shapeshift back to normal and quickly lose eyesight for a moment. When his sight returns, he sees a bloody and battered Drake knocked out cold.

Kado sighs. "Great. Daikeim is gonna have both our heads I'd imagine." He walks over to Drake and holds out a hand to Drake's side, and slivers of metal form from the ground and begin stitching Drake's wound closed. After that is done, Kado summons his shadow arms, and picks him up with four of them, which hold him up and Kado begins looking for Elaonore and Daikeim.

"Might as well get you back to Elaonore, I imagine she'll patch you up." When he finally finds Daikeim and Elaonore, Kado sighs. "Hey, we got a bit carried away, he kinda needs some healing, I don't know any healing so I brought him back here. ....Sorry, should have been more careful."

Daikeim looks at Drake and sighs. "Don't be, he wasn't gonna let that thing from Downation simple go by unnoticed. Thanks for bringing him here Kado, he just has to learn to not get into fights this easily... As you've probably seen, he isn't the smartest when it comes to exploiting weaknesses." Daikeim looks at Elaonore who's eating. "I'd hate to bother her with Drake's idiocy, I'll deal with him..." Daikeim takes Drake and lays him on the floor, placing his hand on Drake's chest, a blue aura covers Drake and slowly heals him. "So, what were you two doing?"

"Fighting, I didn't think he'd get that aggressive that fast."

"Yup, Drake will get aggressive very quickly... It's in his nature to be aggressive towards people stronger than him, he strives to be the best and even beat gods..." Daikeim chuckles. "Too bad he has a long way to go before he manages that, so expect him to challenge people who could easily kill him... That was also explain some of the reasons of why he went to Yosai in the first place..."

Kado sits down, hiding Dark Slayer back inside his sleeve. "He has a death wish I swear."

Daikeim smirks and stands up, indicating that the healing is done. "Yup, ironic how he's Cyanic's Soul of Revival..."

Kado sighs. "So what are you planning on doing here Daikeim?"

"What do you mean? With Drake?"

"No, I mean, you're here now, so what are you going to do now that you're here?"

"Oh, well... I was hoping to have a vacation with Elaonore..." Daikeim looks at Drake and sighs. "But with what Drake's said, I have a feeling that Elaonore will be relaxing by herself sadly... Oh, I wanted to ask, what do you and Noriko talk about? It's hard to ease drop at times... Hehe" Daikeim smiles nervously and scratches the back of his head.

Kado takes metal from the ground, and forms it into a new mask, and breaks the old one. "I really wish people would stop screwing with my mask..."

He puts the mask on then looks back at Daikeim. "Well, she was telling me earlier things she thought I needed to know about Phoenix since I left." He glances at Drake, then back at Daikeim. "Just lots of things. Personal stuff, catching up, reminiscing, that sort of thing."

"Knew it... So what about you? Are you gonna stay or do you have some important things to attend to?"

"I may stay for a time, but I fully intend to fight Jibaku and Valeric. After that, who knows. I will not be returning to Azure though. I'm tired of serving others, while my life pays the price. A life without fulfillment is not worth living. I want to live my own life, not be struck down every time I long for something more."

"Hmm... Seems like the sensible choice to make, well, I wish you luck on your further travels. I feel like you'll need it, hell, anyone who's going against them two will need it..." He looks down at Drake once more. "Yeah, you have a damn death wish... Speaking of your friend, where is she?"

"Uuugh... You dare bring her here and your head is on a spike..." Drake groans, slowly opening his eyes and sitting up. "The hell happened?"

Daikeim chuckles. "You got your ass handed to you by Kado."

Noriko appears on Kado's shoulder. "Hi Drake! You ok?"

Kado sighs. "Well to be fair he did beat me around a fair deal. I wasn't going for killer moves though."

Drake blankly stares at Kado before a moment before looking at Noriko, sighing before laying on his back again. "Long story short, me and Kado got into a fight, nothing really surprising... Got my ass kicked and you missed out on it" Drake laughs before looking at Daikeim. "And where the hell were you during all this?! I could of died!"

"Well, for starters, it was your decision to fight Kado. And I was eating food with Elaonore, and Kado wasn't aiming to kill you..." Daikeim shakes his head.

"Oh yeah, Shadow Cast... Yup, stupid idea..." Drake takes a moment of silence before standing up and looking around, he smirks and then walks off.

"Drake, where do you think you're going?"


Daikeim has a puzzled look on his face. "You don't do shopping..."

"And demi-gods don't get banished from their home and have casual conversations with the evil bastards... I'll be back soon, maybe." Drake says with a confident and proud tone to his voice despite the fight beforehand.

Kado leans against the nearest wall, and sighs. "How do you you two put up with him....?"

Noriko laughs. "Simple, I simply piss him off more than he can do to me! It's really simple really..."

Kado shakes his head. "The food here any good, Daikeim?"

Elaonore: *is eating on imitation crab sushi* It tastes good to me. Tastes amazing. Why don't they ever make stuff like this back at home?

Kado sits down at the vendor stand. "Might try something then."

"Grrrrrrr.... how long do you insist on keeping me in this f*cking pocket?!" A voice growls from Kado's pocket.

Daikeim looks at Kado. "...Did your pocket just speak?"

Kado digs in his pocket and pulls out a crystal with obsidian black and snow white coloration about the size of his palm.

Finally, you insufferable brat! Do you realize how damn hot it is down there?!

"No and I don't care. Oh yeah, this is Dimrune, he's a light and dark elemental. He's kinda got a.... explosive temper."

Daikeim chuckles. "So you have a Drake in your pocket... Well at least with that you can just bury it or throw it away..." Daikeim looks at the crystal with slight curiosity. "Strange... An elemental reduced to a gem..."

The crystal suddenly levitates and flies off a bit, then crackles as a strange void takes form in the light shaped like a humanoid, with faint red eyes.

And even think about treating me like that or I'll bury YOU. IN THE DARKEST ABYSS-

Kado yawns. "Yeah yeah, darkest Abyss. Will you stop being a drama queen?"

"Hmm... So what's your story then, Dimrune? I'm interested to hear, you see entertaining enough you might as well give us a story."

Well my passion is devouring mortal souls, cause I'm a Incubus you see, and I also like to ruin everyone's fun. By the way, fuck you.

"You're welcome, so Kado, how long have you had this buzzkill in your pocket for?"

"Oh a little bit before I came to Fantasy. A friend and I had to fight him cause he was being controlled by Phoenix."

Dimrune silently moves to choke Daikeim, but Kado draws Dark Slayer and Dimrune flinches and pulls back.

You're luck you got that sword of yours......

Captain: Everyone! The Supreme Lord wishes the presence of the new comers! Everyone gather around!

Everyone within the area gather around the golden balcony. The balcony turn into stairs.

Elaonore: Ooooh. We must meet him or her. Surely anyone who went through all this hassle just to get us over her must be greeted and thanked. *joins the rest of the big crowd*

Daikeim notices a subtle change in Kado's form, now slightly transparent.

"Expecting something bad?" Daikeim walks past Kado, joining the crowd.

"Like I said.... constant vigilance. I can't really trust anyone. Particularly government officials."

Near the stairs a throne can be seen and it has someone sitting in to but the figures upper torso is shadowed. It shows that the figure is wearing pants-leggings with red geometrical lines.

"Wishes the presence of the newcomers..." Daikeim looks at Kado and nods. "Yeah, I see why now... This doesn't seem like it's gonna end well..." Daikeim looks back at the figure, now more cautious and observant towards them.

Announcer: Introducing the beaer of our fortune and the great teacher of our lands. The one true son Fantasy himself who descended from the heavens to aid our magnifecent realm to greatness and beyond.

The figure stands up from the throne. He is wearing a brightish-red leather sweater with a line down the middle. He also has a symbol of a broken musical note on his right chest. He also has a chain made of of the same symbols hanging from one of his pants loops. His face is still shrouded, but his lips can be seen.

Unknown to any of the majority of the observers, Kado's shoulder shifts as he silently reaches for his sword hilt, nervous.

Daikeim examines the symbol. "Hmm... I wonder why that is their logo, but for now I need to focus..." Daikeim's eyes scans the area for security measures and routes.

Announcer; Let's welcome our leader...

The figure comes to where everyone can see him.

Announcer: Drekavas!

Everyone cheers and claps

Drekavas: *bows*

Without a second thought Daikeim instantly roars and enters Primitive Stage One and confronts Drekavas, before the guards can try to intervene, Daikeim sends out a shockwave that ruptures their hearts, killing them instantly. He simply glares at Drekavas and growls once more, before unsheathing the Draconia and charging it in Exeon energy. "Don't you think you're getting away this time... Not a chance in hell!" By now, Kado and Noriko are shocked by Daikeim's sudden outburst. But when they focus on Daikeim, they notice his expression on his face... Pure anger and bloodlust, with the obvious intent to kill. "How dare you... HOW DARE YOU SHOW YOUR FACE IN FANTASY ONCE MORE! You... I warned you what would happen, didn't I..."

Captain: *rams himself into Daikeim forcing him off the stairs and into the crowd*

The crowd catch Daikeim and throws him off unto a small clearing on the ground

Captain: No one threatens the Supreme Lord!

Everyone surround him are staring down at him. Some are ready to attack him.

Elaonore: Daikeim! *makes her way through the crowd and makes it next to Daikeim* What's gotten in to you?

Drekavas: Brothers, stand down.

Everyone backs up afoot or two

Daikeim stands up and wipes the dust off of him, he looks at Drekavas and growls again but before anything else happens. A gunshot is heard and the Captain drops dead, as everyone looks up, Drake drops down and lands behind the crowd, loading Ember bullets into his Shadow Pistol then aims at them. "Ok shitheads, listen up! Any of you touch Daikeim or Elaonore, you're turning into dust, got it?" Drake walks towards the crowd, a gap opens up as Drake nods towards the two. Daikeim walks towards Drake, holding Elaonore's hand while he moves. "Thanks Drake..."

"I go off for five minutes and you guys get into a fight, nice one." He laughs then looks at Drakavas and smirks. "Oh, so you're Drekavas, am I right? What's with that stupid outfit..."

Elaonore: What is you guy's problem!?

Everyone begins to look upon them in hatred, then look back at Drekavas

Drekavas: It is ok,my brothers. I did warn you that some of the residence form Downation were a bit too war-mongering. But I am shocked that you have killed three honorable men who were only doing their duty to protect their lord.

Drake laughs, almost mockingly. "You!? Yeah, a false prophet..." Drake turns towards the crowd, opening his HSC and turns it into a screen. "So, to all who are foolish, what do you expect a leader to be... Daring, brave, honest, strategic and powerful... But from I've seen, your leader is nothing but a coward." He points towards Daikeim and Elaonore while still facing the crowd. "So, you have no idea why my friend reacted the way he did to Drekavas... Well..." Drake presses and pad on the screen, showing a video, Daikeim growls at the video. "Your leader kidnapped my friend and his lover and operated on them... Now while Daikeim and I are from another planet, ELAONORE IS A MYTHO! JUST LIKE EVERYONE HERE!"

The crowd see CCTV footage of Elaonore and Daikeim getting operated on, and eventually cuts to blank after a while. "Inhumane if you ask me, I know this because I went to this location... And I have more..." The pictures and files Drake took while he was at the labs are shown on the screen.

The crowd gasp and cringe and cover their eyes.

Drekavas: I already told them. They are aware of my sins and that I have come to repent for them. They looked past that old shell of a man I was before. Back then I only wanted what was best for mankind, know I only seek what is best for the one true race that deserves to be on this planet! The Myths!

The crowd cheers and appluade

Drekavas: *looks back at Drake* So, if you done making yourself look like a neanderthal, don't you have a weakling friend to attend to?

Kado silently watches this whole thing. His eyes slowly open, and a dark wave of negative energy rushes through the crowd, though no one except Daikeim realizes the source.

"You did that to Elaonore....? ....bastard......" He growls softly, his vision begins getting coated with red.

"That's not all..." Two pictures come up on screen. "Say hello to Van Valeric and his son, Evoh... Your leader is associated with Van Valeric, and the reason for Evoh to be up on screen..." Drake sighs and turns his head away, the video going back on to an unfortunate segment. "Your leader allowed this to happen... After leaving Elaonore in a broken state, he ALLOWED THIS FILTH TO HAPPEN! And Daikeim was forced to watch it all..."

Daikeim glares at Drake before sighing and holding Elaonore's hand, trying to reassure her.

Drake points to the two once more, but to show that them two are holding hands. "People of Upnation, the main reason Daikeim attempted to attack Drekavas was to protect Elaonore... And even if that was an 'old shell' of himself, these moments are in the mind of my fellow friends, the false prophet and now you... Tell me, would you forgive Drekavas if these events happened to you? To your loved one? To anyone who you care about? And look at you... You're praising nothing but a demon... A sick, fucking demon..."

Drekavas: I have no dealings with the Valeric family, if he has one. I had not known they had come to violate my subject. Also, it does not matter what I am. Who all in the crowd are demons or have demon blood?

A few hundred raise their hand.

Drekavas: I count too. So what makes me so different from them? We have all made mistakes. Have we not. Those who bear demon blood are bound to do so, but look at them now. They have found peace with themselves. They found a home they could come to. So have I. Look at what I have contributed to this great nation. Demons can work miracles. But I'm doing it for the right reason. *walks down the stares* And if I truly am I coward, why am I walking toward the same people who killed three of our own? It's either because they're not worth fearing or it's because I forgive them.

Some in the crowd whisper to themselves

Drekavas: I was a scientist. The reason I did what I did, was to discover something beneficial to my race. But I knew mankind all to well. So this is why I have made it hear. To redeem myself and contribute much to great society.

Everyone begins to cheer

Drekvas: But if I am truly a monster like they say I am, what would you have me do to show you that I have changed?

Some converse among themselves

Drekavas: I have one...*walks up to Elaonore* My apologies for what I have to you. You must understand, that I only did it to help my kind. So they did not have to live in fear for the rest of their lives. I am oh so sorry for what happened to you afterwards

Elaonore: *wipes a tear from her eye* I-it's alright. I know how that's like....trying to show not the monster everyone else thinks you are. *manages to smile*

Drekavas: You are a truly outstanding young lady. *takes her hand and gently kisses it*

Elaonore: *giggles*

Drekavas: I apologize I had frightened you aswell. Brothers! *raises Elaonore's hand in the air* If it were not for this beautiful young lady, I would not be here! She had blew me into the heavens and down here. I may be a blessing to you, but she above everyone else deserves the greater blessing!

Everyone roars with thanks

A giant electric bird swoops down and grabs Elaonore and flies her away from the city, just as a massive skeletonal hand blasts through the crowd and smashes Drevakas into a far building.

Everyone turns to see a towering skeletal demon of pure darkness rising from from ground where Kado stood, piercing glowing red eyes emitting from his mask, which has cracked from the change in energy levels.

"I don't care what he's done for you. But you are no different from humanity. You're just as sick, and cowardly. You cheer for blood, and praise those who would bring you right back into a second slaughter! If you so desire to drink in blood and slaughter, then you should have no problem with being the subject of slaughter now."

Daikeim and Drake can feel the full unleashed energy of Neo present now, and suddenly the skeleton begins to grow flesh and muscle, growing even taller than the buildings, and looking as if it was a living thing, not a mere construct of energy. It grows eight arms, and manifests eight massive energy swords about as long as the various buildings are tall.

"For now on... Mythos... ....Humans.... I will kill anyone who stands in the way of peace. If you desire to live, then abandon this man's arrogance. Else I shall wipe out the lot of you."

Neo swings his sword, and brings down one of the buildings down towards the crowd.


Drake looks up at Neo and smirks. "No wonder I got my ass kicked..." He unsheathes Kurai and talks to it. "Corruption, Stage Two. Now." The blade hisses back. "Why should I--" Drake shouts towards Corruption. "DO IT NOW YOU BASTARD!" A sigh can be heard as Drake gets coated in a black aura and reemerges in Primitive Stage Two. "You should do the same Daikeim..."

Daikeim nods and taps into his Exeon energy, causing a blue aura dome around Daikeim. Emerging out in Primitive Stage Two. "Drekavas doesn't deserve to live Drake... Not after what he's done, and no amount of apologies will ever fix that scar..." Daikeim and Drake fly up to Neo and go either side of him, Drake smirks once more. "Well then... This is new, but impressive as all hell..."

Everyone backs up from them and look in horror

Drekavas: We' appears that these people don't know the value of forgiveness, nor due they know the value of family...their willing to slaughter you all because of my mistakes. I am given a second chance and they just want to kill me anyway. Ask yourselves. who is the monster here? Me or you? Look at these people. They cower because they see you as one of them and your wiling to take arms against them? What have they done wrong? Appoint me as their leader? How messed up is that?

Neo takes the building and catches it in mid air before it falls on the crowd. "I cannot forgive those who commit atrocity. There is a point, a line you never cross, Drekavas. Once you crossed that line. You cannot go back. By your hand the girl was tortured and experimented on. Because of what you did, an innocent life was shattered. Even if she forgave you, she may likely carry that burden for the rest of her days. You once crossed the line before. You will do so again."

He throws the building at Drekavas. "And I care not of them. Innocence... ...ha."

He steps forward, not even caring for the shrieks below as he steps dangerously close to stepping on them.

"The simple truth of things is Drekavas.... ....I don't care about anyone else. Not anymore. People look up to people they see with power and ambitions, and use them for their own gain. They don't care about the person anymore, not as long as their savior will protect them. Like I said, Drekavas. I will no longer stand for anyone who is a threat to peace. That includes you. You and all of the hatred of humanity, hatred of Mythos, have no place. I'm done fighting for justice. It doesn't exist. But I shall crush hatred underfoot and destroy anyone who speaks against peace! This is your only warning. If any of Upnation, Midnation, or even Downation, or that of Neo Pangea threaten the peace, I shall smite them. With. This. Sword."

He raises his sword skyward, and a blast of pure darkness descends upon the city, and not a light can be seen, save for the glowing red eyes of the Dark Phoenix.

"I am the Dark Phoenix, Kado. Farewell." The Dark Phoenix collapses, and Kado summons a portal and looks back at Daikeim and Drake, and looks toward Elaonore and Noriko, then steps into it and disappears, the darkness fading with it.

I'm sorry.... ....but I don't belong anywhere.

Drekavas: What he doesn't realize, is that these people don't care if I had the power or the ambitions. I did this because they were on the road of desertion. I brought them up from that because i had the means to and I was obligated to help them become great, so they wouldn't have struggle any longer. He thinks that destroying everything will bring peace. It will only see darkness. These people accepted you with open arms and just because they looked past my past mistakes he thinks I am still evil and these people are gutless. I can see why he doesn't belong anywhere. He throws everything away the moment he receives it.

Daikeim simply growls and walks towards Drekavas, clenching his fists and fixing his gaze at him. Drake follows, smiling evilly as he tightens his grip on Kuria. Daikeim speaks in a demonic tone to his voice as he approaches Drekavas, his aura creating shockwaves that prevent anyone getting at arms length to him. "Face it Drekavas... You're not getting out of here without a couple of scars of your own, and we'll be more than happy to arrange that for you..."

The two are now at spitting length of Drekavas, both creating a destructive aura. Drake laughs and walks right up to Drekavas. "Let's do a public humiliation... You think you deserve the title of a lord?!" Drake grabs hold of Drekavas and throws him towards Daikeim, who slams his fist against Drekavas' skull. Slamming him to the ground and causing blood to spill. "Fuck what the people think about us! If they're foolish enough to follow someone like you, then they don't realise that sooner or later... That past is coming back to haunt you, let me show you a simple thing we did back at Cyanic."

Daikeim grabs Drekavas' by the back of his neck and holds him up in the air, pressing his fingers on two pressure points that restrict any movement. Drake steps in front of Drekavas and grabs a knife, he then grabs hold of Drekavas' arm and etches a symbol into it. He then sets his hand on fire and pressed down on the symbol, causing more pain to Drekavas. "The Draconia, please..." With his spare hand, Daikeim passes the Draconia to Drake, who the proceeds to stab Drekavas in the stomach. "This is what happens to monarchies during Cyanic's ancient times. They would get Vitae Gods to punish them, but luckily for us, we have Daikeim..."

Daikeim smirks as he places his spare hand on Drekavas' back and speaks in Heroa dialect, the crowd can see what seems to be thorned spikes growing out of Drekavas. Drake then turns to look at the horrified crowd, speaking up. "THIS IS YOUR LEADER, THIS IS THE 'ALMIGHTY' BEING THAT YOU PUT YOUR TRUST INTO!" Daikeim lets go of Drekavas, he falls to his knees and becomes too weak to stand up. "Now forced two his knees by two people... Ha, well done Upnation... Let's go Daikeim, we're done here..." Drake walks away, leaving Daikeim to look at Drekavas.

"Hmph, maybe we do share the same mind... We punish the people who deserve nothing but pain..." Daikeim knees Drekavas in the face and follows Drake.

Elaonore: *looks at Daikeim with horror and disappointment, her eye flowing with tears*

Noriko has her in her arms, and looks at Drake and Daikeim with a blank expression, then stands up and pats Elaonore on the head, before silently turning her back on Drake and Daikeim and begins walking away.

Daikeim looks at Elaonore and just sighs before looking away, but still retaining his angered expression. The two fly up in the air and just wonder for a while, before Daikeim finally speaks. "What happens now?"

"I'm going back to Yosai, all of this is just noise to me... You?"

"No idea, just gonna do what I usually do... I'll probably stay here just incase, seems like a good idea."

"But if it is a good idea, that's up to you... Until next time, stay safe Daikeim." Drake flies high up in the air and then flies towards Yosai, quickly becoming a dot as he speeds off.

"Yeah... You too Drake..." Daikeim exits his Primitive Stage and flies to a nearby shore and just sits near the water, watching out to sea.

Noriko stops and looks back at Elaonore, then sighs and walks back to her, and sits down next to her.

"...You ok?" She asks softly.

Elaonore: *is curled up and is crying in her folded arms* No.....I feel just so dreadful...

Noriko puts an arm around Elaonore. "And why's that?" She asks. "You didn't do anything wrong."

Elaonore: It's just that...why? Why did this all happen? Did we just spent 3 days traveling over here just so we can instill fear and hatred for one another? I wanted to rest and find peace with the man I love...but I guess I was foolish to think that something like that would happen. It just seemed too perfect.

Noriko looks sad a bit. "I'm sorry things didn't go like you wanted... rarely is so kind, ya know?" She gives Elaonore a hug. "Hey, you know, even though things just went to the hot oven, and things look pretty bad, they'll get better. Don't they? I mean, sure this part of the whole trip ended pretty bad, but do you have to let the whole experience get ruined just because you bit into a sour apple? I know it's hard, but hey, I don't doubt for a second he was only thinking of you. ....He still needs a swift kick to the balls for his temper, but you can't let all of the rain wash away the sunshine, right?"

Elaonore:...a real good kick to the balls...

Noriko laughs. "Yes, a real good kick to the balls. But in all seriousness Elaonore, go and talk to him, sort shit out right. You love each other right? Don't let today taint that. You have your entire lives to spend to make up for today. Don't forget that. Today might be crap, tomorrow might be shit, but maybe the day after will smell of roses." She pats Elaonore on the back. "Okay?"

Elaonore: *looks at the setting sun* Yea. *gently smiles* Okay. But I would prefer if he would talk to me first.


Van Valeric: *is standing next to Daikeim* Quite a show you stirred up. I have to say I'm quite disappointed aswell.

"Shut up Valeric, this is none of your concern... Why are you here this time?"

Van Valeric: I did come here to educate you on your foe, but now I am here to educate you on how you acted.

"Educate me on my foe? Really?!" Daikeim stands up and looks at Valeric with anger in his eyes. "In any case, you're a foe as well! I've heard of your plans Valeric... Just like Drekavas, I won't let you..."

Van Valeric: Not sure if you have a choice, but like you said. It's none of your concern.

"...Fine then, tell me what I did wrong!"

Van Valeriv: Your emotions. Your hatred for one man led everyone to fear. All because of what he did to her. In all honesty, Drekavas didn't do nothing to you, but to her. And if she forgave him, why is it so hard for you to do the same?

Daikeim punches Valeric in the chest, winding him somewhat. "DO YOU HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT THAT FELT TO ME!? DO YOU? TO STAND BY HELPLESS TO WATCH SOMEONE YOU LOVE BE USED LIKE A FUCKING TOY! So no Valeric, Drekavas has done something to me... The scars run deep, and they will not heal..."

Van Valeric: *stands* Because, you hold to the past. He do not believe like she does. Everyone deserves a another chance, no matter how much bad they have done. You keeping yourself back from healing. Is it so hard to believe people can change?

"What about Evoh, does he deserve a second chance..."

Van Valeric: Even someone like him, yes. You may not like to hear that, but there is such thing as repentence. Look at Drekavas. He was once a scientist who did internal cross-morphing experiments on Mythos to discover evolutionary change for mankind. Now he seeks to redeem himself by contributing to Upnation and the myths. upnation never thrived like this in years. It was slowly collapsing, until Drekavas had came and shared his knowledge to Upnation. Look at it now. If someone like Drekavas can do something like this for a nation, why should we hold him back for what he did before?

Daikeim roars and kicks Valeric to the ground. "I don't care! You, Drakavas and Evoh... Monsters all of you, you don't deserve no happiness! YOU DESERVE TO ROT! Redemption is useless, I won't allow you three to live for the remainder of my life... Drekavas tortured her, Evoh violated her... I blame Drekavas for doing this, but I realise that it's you who's to blame... You stood by and watched, without even thinking about the after effects of this... Despite your true goals, I fucking trusted you... I TRUSTED YOU!" Daikeim grabs Valeric and punches him, crashing him into some nearby rocks. As Valeric recovers, he sees a tear falling from Daikeim's face as he walks up to Valeric and strangles him. "DEATH! YOU DON'T DESERVE NOTHING BUT DEATH!" Daikeim picks Valeric up and throws him across the floor, the sound of despair can be heard in Daikeim's tone. "Help... That's what I considered it, you helped me... But now I see that you stabbed me in the back..."

Van Valeric: No. i have not. You only perceive it that way. Sort of how Elaonore perceived you today. Everyday she sees you as a hero, someone she felt like was missing from her life. Some who would always do what was right and help anyone who needed it. Today she saw monster beating a criminal who was willing to change his ways and right his wrongs. In other words, you back-stabbed her too. Not only that, you back-stabbed me. Why do you think I lied to you? Is it because wicked people deserve life? No. They don't, but these myths are willing to give it to them, because they deserved nothing too. Like you didn't deserve to have Elaonore back. But I gave her to you. Death will only make you happy, but it wont make her happy, because the man she loved only wants to kill those make mistakes. Even now, I still help you, but your intolerance is clouded your eyes.

"Don't... Mention her, do me a favour Valeric... Never 'help' me again, I don't need it, I don't need your fucking advice... JUST GO AWAY!" A shockwave of fire blasts out of Daikeim, sending Valeric flying into more rocks. More tears drop from Daikeim as he continues to roar and growl, he summons the Draconia and aims it towards Valeric's neck, slightly pressing on it. "This will be your only warning... Leave... And never return, otherwise your death will be guaranteed."

Van Valeric: If I didn't know any better, I thought the boy I saw as an honorable man was acting like my son.

"I said... Leave..." Daikeim places his foot on Valeric and presses down, slowly cracking his ribs.

Van Valeric: *phases through Daikeim's foot and is now standing next to Daikeim* I was wrong.You are more of a monster than my son... *disappears into darkness*

I hope you're satisfied...

Daikeim roars one more time, causing the area around his to shake, before he just sits down. Motionless, like he's frozen in time, unable to think straight. Conflicting feels of rage and despair, along with confusing thoughts clouds his mind as he's unsure of what to do. He just sits there with his head tilted down and with no expression to show, even his soul is at war with itself, as it's corruption and darkness shrouds it but it continues to fight back. He finally says something, but he sounds exhausted and filled with sorrow, forcing the words to be quietly spoken to himself ."I just wanted her to be safe..." A continuous stream of tears fall from Daikeim's eyes, the only thing that seems to be showing some form of emotion.

A hand touches Daikeim's

Elaonore: I Know...but that wasn't protection, Daikeim....I was in no danger...You just hated him for what he did to me...but I didn't want to see you do that to him...not like that...Not in front of those people who look up to him and confide their hope in I confide my hope in you...I wouldn't want that to be taken away from me...

"Do you expect me to forgive him just like that? Without punishment for what he did to you, I never meant to hurt you... I just don't trust him, I never can, I don't believe his goal for redemption. To me, he doesn't deserve it..."

Elaonore: No one deserves anything, Daikeim. We cannot determine who deserves or doesn't deserve, for we are guilty of many things. Like the time I turned into that thing and caused a tornado that destroyed Outpit Vursia Town and everyone in them. I killed my brothers. I didn't deserve forgiveness, but you told me that those whom I had killed would even thought I didn't deserve it. And if they can forgive me for taking their lives away,then you can forgive that man for what he did to me. Because I forgave him, even though he didn't deserve it. I was given a chance to prove to myself I was not a monster. I rebuilt Outpit Village and Vursia Town and even though that wouldn't bring those people back, I know they would be proud of me for trying. Sort of like that man over there.He has a chance to help others by finding redemption, by assisting the myths he used to torment when he was human. As for the trust thing, When you planned on taking me to London, did I immediately take your hand?

Daikeim stays in silence for a moment before speaking. "No, you didn't... But look what happened after we went there..."

Elaonore: And even after that happened, I still trust you, because you didn't know. Even if you did know, I still would trust you.

Daikeim sighs and closes his eyes, the stream of tears finally ending. He reaches into his pocket and pulls something out, he places the item in Elaonore's hand and closes her hand before softly kissing her head. He stands up and walks away, speaking again in the same sorrow filled tone. "I need time to think Elaonore, I'll come find you once I find the answers I'm looking for..."

Elaonore: *looks in her hands ang is breathless and and surpised to see a golden ring with a single diamond. She smiles and lets out a small laugh, while her eyes are filled with tears of joy. She holds her hand with the ring close to her chest. She slowly puts the the ring on and marvels at it and continues to hold it close to her* Please come back soon...

Daikeim expands his wings and springs up into the air and takes flight, he stays up there for a moment before choosing his location and flying towards it. After a while, Daikeim lands back in the location where the public humiliation took place, he sighs and takes a quick look around.


Drekavas is sitting on his throne having a nurse stitch up his arm.

Daikeim sees Drekavas and groans before slowly walking up to him, not saying a single word as he stops a couple of feet infront of Drekavas. He creates a blue energy sphere and fires it at Drekavas, but instead of doing damage, a blue aura surrounds Drekavas, healing his wounds.

The blue aura turns red and shrinks into the size of a marble. Drekvas flicks it and it hits Daikeim in the chest only causing a a little burn.

Daikeim just glances at Drekavas. "Do you really think a nurse is gonna heal everything?" Daikeim says in an irritated tone, before creating another blue sphere.

Drekavas: I've already healed. She's only stitching up that brand you carved unto my arm.

"Drake did that, not me... You should be thankful that you're not dead yet, because I don't see anyone but me, you and the nurse..." The blue sphere turns into an orb of fire, the heat of it intensifying as Daikeim clenches his other fist.

Drekavas: You and I both know that I can't die. *the aura disperse into thin air*

"Then it would be more fun to make you suffer for your sins... But, you're lucky..." Daikeim angrily sighs. "Listen to me now because I'm only saying this once, I hate you and your guts and I'll never forgive what you did to Elaonore... But, thanks to her, I won't be hostile to you unless you go against us, essentially... The girl you tortured has saved your life, so for now, it's a mutual understanding, between both of us."

Drekavas: That was weeks ago, Daikeim. Do you even heat yourself? You acting like a little brother wanting to get back at his older brother all because he took away his favorite toy and tore it up. Think of this. Why would I send for 300 men to travel across the land and sea for 3 days, just to bring you all here? Hm. If I am the person you portray me as, why did I do that? Would a wicked person do that? Why?

Daikiem ignores what Drekavas' said, instead just gritting his teeth in anger. "Do I make myself clear, Drekavas... I will stop the hostility, but if you go against us, I will end you. Got it?"

Drekavas: Us? Apparently there was no us today, Daikeim. It was all you and your allies doing today. I did simply nothing to anger you. You raised your hand against those who thought of you as a brother. Why? They only wanted to protect their Lord, just as I have protected them and yet you go and kill three men because of it. Do I get under your skin so much that you are willing to kill anyone who prevents you from getting your revenge upon me?

"Not to get revenge, I will kill anyone who hurts Elaonore. Simple as, and as much as I would love to kill you where you stand, I will not. And I don't mean us as in mean and you, I mean us as in people I actually care about..."

Drekavas: So you don't care about these people, who were ever so kind to accept you into their family?

"They haven't done anything to Elaonore... This is why you're lucky, now if you excuse me..." Daikeim turns and walks away.

Drekavas: Yet you killed three of them? They've done nothing to her and yet you killed three of them.

"Last chance, Drekavas... For now, we're at a mutual standpoint. So as I said, I won't be hostile to you unless you turn against the people I care about. This time, I want an answer!"

Drekavas: I understand. But that would be hypocrisy, wouldn't it?

Daikeim says nothing and walks off back into the city of Upnation.

Drekavas: *yells after Daikeim* I know their names! *hears something* Do you here that...

Nurse: Hear what?

Drekavas: It sounds like...*eyes widen* Get down! *pushes the nurse out the way and ducks down unto the floor and an explosion comes from the side of the wall. Gets up and looks out the gaping whole down unto the city*

Everyone is n panic as fires are ensuing and numerous explosions are happening. Gun shots can be hear and people are saying things like, 'What's going on?' and 'We can't see!' People are falling over dead or trying to hide. Some try to fight off something but wound up dying.

Drekavas: Hmmmm. Poachers. *Summons Draconia Shadow and jumps down into the city*

"Great... More trouble..." Daikeim summons the Draconia and enters his Half Dragon form, chasing down and killing any poachers that get in his way.

Daikeim gets hit by a rocket from behind

"Hmph..." Daikeim turns around and looks at the one who fired the rocket, pointing the Draconia at him. "You made a poor choice my friend..."

Shrugs and hits Daikeim with another rocket.

Daikeim growls and catches the rocket with both his hands, somehow so delicately that it doesn't explode. He then slices it in half and looks at the poacher, sprinting towards and slamming his arm against his throat, making it near impossible for the poacher to breathe. "Pathetic..." Daikeim stabs the Draconia through the poacher's neck, killing him instantly. He then pulls the Draconia out and looks around at the damage and sighs. "These people..."

A wooden stake pierces through Daikeim's kneecap.

"Grr..." Daikeim pulls the stake out and crushes it before glaring at the one who fired it. "I swear to God..."

The poacher is standing next to a catapult. He waves at Daikeim and flicks him off, then fires the catapult, which launches a boulder with lit sticks of dynamite stick out of it into a tower. The tower falls over and is about to land on Daikeim, but just as soon as it is about to crash untop of him, it is levitating in midair inches above Daikeim's head.

"Hmm..." Daikeim hovers out of the way and looks at the tower.

The tower drops once Daikeim moves out the way

Daikeim flies high into the air and glares down at the poacher, charging a massive fireball and throws it towards the catapult, destroying it and killing the poacher. "...Elaonore... Oh no..." Daikeim turns towards the direction he came from and flies towards there, in hopes of seeing Elaonore in one piece.

Someone grabs Daikeim's arm. "I'm right here."

Daikeim turns around and sees Elaonore softly holding his arm, he smiles and hugs her. "Are you ok? These people haven't hurt you, have they?"

Elaonore: No. I just got here. I must get the other city-dwellers out of here as soon as I can. You do your thing. *heads back into the fires and some of the city*

"Ok... Stay safe." Daikeim flies back into the city and starts dealing with the poachers while helping some Mythos' escape the city unharmed.

Drekavas: *is defending a few people from falling debris from the the towers, while guiding them out near the shore* It's this way! Keep on!

Elaonore: *leads more people out toward the shore* Is there anymore?

Drekavas: We might have to go back and make sure.

Elaonore: No. You stay here and protect them, just in case more poachers make their way out too. *goes back into the fire*

Daikeim hovers over a group of poachers and lands infront of them, glancing at their weapons and armour, he smirks. "So, answers would be nice. Like, who sent you? Or, why you thought it would be a good idea to do it... Or why shouldn't I slam your faces into the ground with a force of fifteen megatons. Answer wisely and quickly, you haven't got long." Daikeim coats the Draconia in fire and spins it in his hand.

One poacher sees a women with two children trying to find their way out the blaze. He smacks him in the face with the nozzle of his launcher and quickly raises his launcher and fires it at the the woman and children. Elaonore comes in, puts her arms in a X formation in front of her and gets directly hit.

Poacher: *points the launcher at Daikeim* That's my answer, bitch. Got a second response too. *fires the second rocket and it explodes once it hits Daikeim*

Daikeim walks out of the smoke with slightly torn clothes, a dark glare meeting the poacher's eyes as Daikeim sprints towards him and grabs his left arm and twists it, snapping it out of it's socket and breaking it. Daikeim then slams his foot against the poacher's kneecap, shattering it to pieces. "Let me tell you where wrong... First you came here, two you fired a rocket at an innocent family..." Daikeim grabs the poacher by the neck and picks him up with ease, easily squeezing enough for difficult breathing. "So before I break your other leg and arm, are you gonna tell me who sent you?"

Poacher: The same man whoes gonna pown your smug ass. *spits in Daikeim's eye*

Daikeim rips off a cloth of his clothes and wipes his eye before crushing the poacher's windpipes then incinerating him until he turned to dust. Daikeim lets go and turns towards Elaonore, walking up to her and holding her hand as he looks at the woman and two children. "Are you three ok?"

The woman nods her head and runs off toward the shore. Elaonore is unconscious with most of her hair burnt off and now looks short and sort of stubby and the right side of her face is shadowed by what little hair she has left.

Daikeim picks up Elaonore and flies towards the shore, seeing Drekavas. He sighs and walks up to him. "Make sure she is ok, if I come back and she's missing, God help you..."

Drekavas: *takes Elaonore with him and moves the hair out the right side of her face* Wow, that's a...mmmmm....that's pretty nasty burn right there.

"Heal her as best as you can... Ok? For once I trust you with her... Don't disappoint me, I'm going back into the city and dealing with the poachers and escorting overs..." Daikeim flies back into the city.

Drekavas: *looks at the right side of face again* Poor thing...*turns toward* Come forth anyone with medical proficiency, we must tend this injured lady. *slowly puts her on the ground and several medics surround her*

Daikeim looks back at the shore and a small frown appears on his face, but soon turns to look at a group of poachers. "Ok scumbags... Judgement day has started..." Daikeim's eyes glow gold as he speeds towards the poachers, seemingly teleporting around his prey.

Poacher: Everyone. Stay on high alert.

Everyone starts to slowly move about in caution

In flashes of light shaped like Daikeim, he appears in front of one poacher at a time, absolutely destroying their bodies in an instant. The poachers can see dents in their allies' bodies as Daikeim continues to teleport around, after a mere moment. All but one poacher is standing, he steps back but bumps into Daikeim who merely looks at the poacher. "Boo..."

Poacher: *smirks* Surprise, motha' fucka'.

Daikeim is smashed into the ground with a sledge hammer lodged against his cerrebral cortex. Rendering him unconsiouc.

Poacher: God job.

Poacher: Man dude, it was hot up on that building. Hope I didn't kill 'em.

Poacher 2: nah. Ya' sure didn't. One tough son 'f bitch. The competitors will love to have him. Give me the collar.

Poacher 2: *takes a collar out of his pocket and hands it over*

Poacher: *puts it around Daikeim's neck and the collar locks-up* Let's go ahead and load 'em. *carries Daikeim and put him in the back of a four wheeler and drives off*

I'll Always Come Back

Daikeim exits the portal and takes a short sigh before rubbing his hand on his neck, the markings of the collar are faint but still there. His eyes take a glance at the area he was sent to before closing them and sensing Elaonore's energy signature with ease. "Please be ok..." His eyes open and he turns and walks to the direction of where Elaonore is.

In the city

Drekavas: *is standing next to a window outside a house*

Daikeim sees Drekavas and walks up behind him, giving him nothing but a glance. "Is Elaonore in here?"

Drekavas: *points to the window*

There is Elaonore sitting on the floor near the lit fire place with a blanket around her. Her hair appears to still be stubby.

Drekavas: She's been in front of that fireplace ever since she was told you were captured. She helped our injured even when she was suffering from her own injuries. She is truly remarkable. Go. Be with her. She's been waiting for you. *walks away*

Daikeim walks towards the door and opens it slowly, taking a quick look at Elaonore before closing the door and walking to her. He speaks in his soft and warm tone that Elaonore is used too, he places his hand ontop of hers. "Elaonore, it's me..."

Elaonore: *turns and reveals that her right eye is completely gone, only skin is there. She give Daikeim a warm smiles at him and hold his hand* I knew you would come back...

Daikeim's expression just drains from his face as he sees his love's injuries, unable to make a clear sign. A lone tear streams from his face as he hugs Elaonore as tight as he can. "God... Oh my God... I'm so sorry, Elaonore I'm so damn sorry..."

Elaonore: *hugs him back* You aren't sorry, Daikeim. You're the man I love. I chose to do what I did. And it was worth it. I'm just glad i can atleast still see you. One eye is better than none, right? *smiles at him*

"You don't understand..." Daikeim softly sighs and forces a smile. "Yeah... Drekavas told me, you're unbelievable." Daikeim kisses Elaonore on the cheek and goes into his Half Dragon form just so his wings wrap around him and Elaonore while they hug.

Sit next to the fire for a while in eachother's embrace

Elaonore:...Drekavas also told me the name of our children....

"I'm gonna regret asking, but what are the names then?" Daikeim says in an more than obvious worried tone.

Elaonore: Our oldest son is named Rosen. Our second son is named Saiem. And our daughter is named Ethyl. Perfect names. But listen Daikeim. I am not forcing you to have children with me if you don't want to. As long we still have each other.

"Don't worry, we'll be together until the end... And with the children thing, we never know." He politely smiles.

Elaonore: *rest her head on Daikeim's shoulder. She looks at her ring again and smiles*

Daikeim holds her hand and chuckles. "You really like that ring, don't you? Then again, I wouldn't blame you, it looks amazing especially when it's on you."

Elaonore: It's that and because you were the one who gave it to me. I've... *smiles with tears of joy swelling up in her eye* never expected anything like this to ever happen to me...

Daikeim wipes the tear away and softly kisses Elaonore. "Everyone deserves a chance at a full life... No matter who you are, I'm just happy my chance was with you."

Elanore: You sure know what to say to a woman, huh?

Daikeim smiles. "Apparently so... I guess I have a certain charm about me." Daikeim holds Elaonore close as he looks at the fire.

Elaonore: *snuggles closer to Daikeim* Heh, charm.

"Oh? And what would you call it?" Daikeim says in a more playful tone in his voice.

Elaonore: I call it speaking from your heart. As long as it one of those corny sayings I here often times.

Daikeim chuckles then yawns, obviously tired from the eventful day he's had. As Daikeim slowly dozes off, still with his arms wrapped around Elaonore, she noticed that he also has a ring on his finger, in the same design as hers, showing his commitment to her. Daikeim smiles and kisses Elaonore one more time. "I love you..."

Elaonore: *smiles and has hear hand on top of Daikeim's hand* I love you to... * falls to sleep*


Everyone gathers outside the palace as Drekavas stands over the ledge

Drekavas: My fellow denizens. I know that his day has not been what we expected. Far from what we expected. We just wanted to welcome our long lost brethren and become one again, but instead we get a massacre that we did not for see. It is not the fault of our attackers, but it is my fault. I was foolish to think my enemies would forgive me so easily, but yet you all have seen what I have done to you're kind and yet you do not ridicule me or hate me for it. You forgave me for my actions. And thus I thank you all. We'll continue our construction tomorrow and we will mourn for those we've lost today...

Everyone begins to turn away

Drekavas: *has a still but some what angered face.*

He walks down the stairs and out toward the harbor and once he makes it to the water, he set one foot ontop the water and then the other an begins to walk amongst the water and make his way outward toward the vastness of the sea.

Several hours later

Drekavas makes it to awhat appears to be a huge tear in the middle of the sea. He looks up at it and enters

Inbound Assault

Silent Angel looks over at the CE trailing behind him. "Do you wish to talk? You're rather interesting to me. Is it true that you retain your human identity?"

Xenima:...Yes. But you'll probably be more interested in my aresnal than me personally.

"No. I'm not interested in your weaponry. Right now. Even though I lack my old self, I still resent my existence. For me, we are all brothers and sisters. Bound by the same existence. Such things as hatred of Mythos is pointless now. Like it or not, all we have is each other, when we are not deprived of our existence. Xenima. I both envy and pity you. I envy you that you have your past self intact... even if it is only your mind.... ....yet at the same time.... the torture you must feel must be great.... either way.... we all share a burden.... from now on, we are brothers. Understand, Xenima?"

Xenima:...Hmmmm. and brothers and sisters trust each other don't they?

Silent Angel nods quietly. "That they do."

Xenima: Then allow me to lead the way. *dashes past Silent Angel and towards the City*

Once they make it they land on the balcony to the palace

"Xenima. I need you to attack the city. Explosives, anything like that. I need to find a specific target. Alright?" He flies off.

Xenima: Hmmm....*jumps down towards the city and makes his hingers like a pistol and begines to fire bullets from his finger tips*

People begin to slightly panic and are confused

Silent Angel quietly flies high above the city, quietly looking for a trace of the energy of the man he was sent to kill.

Xenima: *is fighting a Yokai and a Behemoth at the same time. A thre-pronged laster blade appears from his left foot and begins to slash at them and once he finishes an explsion goes off and he goes after more fleeing myths who are trying to stop him*

"Stop!" Everyone stops in there trcks and looks up at  a man wearing a brightish-red leather sweater with a line down the middle. He also has a symbol of a broken musical note on his right chest. He also has a chain made of of the same symbols hanging from one of his pants loops.

Drekavs: Come at me, but not at my fellow subjects. It's obvious your master has figured out I haven't died yet.

Deal with him, Xenima. He is not my target. I will remain beyond visible range. Keep him focused on you, but don't be careless. He's powerful.

Xenima: *looks up at Drekavas and takes hold of his three-pronged laser blade and jumps up at him and slices Drekvas down the middle and an explosion goes off*

Drekavas: *is still standing there* I know you can do better. The last one nearly one-shotted me.

Xenima: *svagely throws kicks and punches at Drekavas*

Drekavas: *dodges his attacks with ease and trips him abit* Too savage. Not enough discipline, if not at all.

Xenima: *his fist turns into big gauntlets* How about this for szie? Yeeaaa! *punches Drekavas dead center in the face but he doesnt move. He continues to keep punching him as hard as he can in Drekavas' face but he's not flinching*

Drekavas: Done yet?

Xenima: how is that possible?

Drekavas: Possible? Please. I dont think such a thing exist anymore. *heel kicks Xenima into his throne*

Drekavas: Wnna try again?

From behind Silent Angel a voice speaks in a calm as he obverses the fight. "This seems awfully one sided... So why are you here, let me guess, White sent you, didn't she?" As Silent Angel turns around, he sees Daikeim in his Half Dragon form, arms crossed while he glances between him and the fight. Finally focusing on Silent Angel himself, a cold stare reaching into his eyes.

"....." Silent Angel extends his arm, a black aura enveloping him, and a solid black shape takes form in his hand, a sword made of his Aura. From his feet, a dark purple cloud of smoke billows forth.

Daikeim reaches his arm out to the side and in a thing but long blaze of fire, which forms into the Draconia, before Daikeim clashes swords with Silent Angel, he says one more noteworthy thing. "Remember, CE... I'm one of the only people who know how to kill your kind." This his free hand, he taps the back of his own neck before placing it under the hand occupying the Draconia's handle, he then flies towards Silent Angel and unleashes a controlled bursts of slashes and slices straight at his chest.

Silent Angel quietly blocks everyone of them, and suddenly a wave of the purple smog flies at Daikeim.

Daikeim fades away in fire and appears behind Silent Angel, charging his hands with fire and lightning. He grabs hold of Silent Angel's arms and throws his downward, sending a barrage of fire and forked lightning directly at Silent Angel, some managing to collide with him, further accelerating his descent into the ground.

As soon as he lands, Daikeim hears a crackling sound and then a loud scream as a spear of blackish green impales his left wing and explodes, sending Daikeim flying into a building. As Daikeim recovers, he sees Silent Angel is unscathed and is throwing more spears at him.

Daikeim's eyes flash gold as he sends out a shockwave with disintegrates the spears, for the brief moment he has, he looks at his heavily damaged wing. "Crap... This hurts too much..." Daikeim forces himself to exit his Half Dragon form, he takes a look at Silent Angel and growls. He jumps down at him and slams his fist into his chest, pushing Silent Angel back by a considerable amount, Daikeim stands and sighs. "You're still angry about what I did to Kanashimi, aren't you?"

A pale green aura surrounds Silent Angel, and he throws a punch into Daikeim's stomach that instantly makes him feel as though he had eaten a sickening amount of rotten flesh, the urge to hurl overwhelming, and while the sensation momentarily cripples him, he is spin kicked into a nearby building, but the sickening sensations persist.

Daikeim stays nauseous for a moment, covering his mouth his his hand as his vision spins around, obviously not helping in his current situation. "Uuugh... Ok, avoid all contact with him, I can't fight in this state... Get a hold of yourself!" After another quiet moment, Silent Angel notices an orange glow emitting from the hole in the building he kicked Daikeim into. And just after that, most of the broken support beams fly and crash into Silent Angel, knocking back into a wall, as he takes another look. He sees that Daikeim has fire emitting out of his eyes and mouth, his hair even replaced by fire, taking a strong red colouring.

"I haven't used this in a looong while, glad I have an excuse to use it now..." Daikeim sends more metal crashing into Silent Angel, eventually pinning him to the wall, Daikeim smirks as he creates a small fireball the size of a pea and tosses it towards his target, upon colliding, the fireball implodes into a massive explosion.

When the explosion clears, Silent Angel stands in the epiccenter, his clothing taking the worst of the hit, he himself is fine, but he felt the attack, Daikiem knows it, just not very much.

He holds out his hand, and a long halberd of black aura forms. He swings it about, and the motions blast apart the buildings behind him.

"Your hits are getting better. Last time we 'fought', I didn't even feel a thing." He says quietly.

"Ah, so you do talk... That's nice to know. Although, I would like my questions answered, but that can wait... Guess I have to get closer to do some actual damage..." Daikeim gets coated in Exeon energy and grabs the Draconia then begins to sprint towards Silent Angel, managing to dodge the halberd. He uppercuts Silent Angel and flip kicks him away, as Silent Angel stands up, he is pelted with multiple blasts of Exeon energy and then one final beam of Exeon sending Silent Angel crashing into a building.

As the building collapses, he sees Silent Angel get back up, and mildly dusts himself off before unleashing a slash that strikes down an entire neighborhood before cutting into him.

Daikeim recovers and glares at Silent Angel, spitting a bit of blood out. "How much does it take to kill this guy!? Nevertheless... I need this to end quickly..." Daikeim charges the Draconia with Exeon energy and slashes at the air, causing wave after wave of Exeon to be clashing into Silent Angel, cutting him surprisingly. Daikeim then appears infront of Silent Angel and throws as many punches in as he can before grabbing Silent Angel by the neck and throwing him into a wall, finishing by throwing the Draconia at Silent Angel, impaling him. "...Please tell me that done something..."

The hideous black green aura is back, stronger than ever, and stops the Draconia cold, only causing a small crack. The aura shifts into a skeletal armor shaped like a dragon. The feel of it is enough to nauseate Daikeim alone.

"I believe as the humans say, 'Now we're cooking with gas....'" A ghastly voice echoes, and sickly yellow eyes glow from the eyeholes. He swats the Draconia aside, his aura crackling as he forms a longsword of the same incredibly dense, vile Aura. The air around Silent Angel seems dense and heavy, and has become much darker.

"That was the first time I was hurt in battle.... you managed to cut me. Excellent." For some reason, his voice is causing a stir of fear to creep in Daikeim's head.

Daikeim looks at the grotesque monster as with slight fear, his eyes scanning the area for anything he can use against it, he makes a run for the Draconia and swipes it back into his hand. Before jumping back to get a better examination of Silent Angel. Daikeim growls and enters Primitive Stage One before charging straight at him and sliding past him, using his tail to grabs Silent Angel. Daikeim then proceeds to send out another barrage of attacks on Silent Angel's body before slamming him down into the floor. "They say that fear can cause an adrenaline rush, which is basically a shot-term upgrade to your body... Huh, I guess fear helps once in a while..."

Suddenly Silent Angel grabs his forehead and takes off into the sky, the two beginning to rocket across the skies above the clouds, soaring at violent speeds and crossing the ocean between Upnation and Downation in mere moments, Silent Angel beginning his descent and slamming them both into the ground in Downation...


Drekavas: *eyes shine a and x-shaped light and a quick flash of beams of light fires at Xenima*

Xenima: *launches himself out the way before an explsoion goes off and his hand begins to fastly rotate and begins to fire bullets from all fingers*

Drekavas: *all the bullets instantly drop befire before they even touch an inch of his body*

Xenima: *fires a rocket from his kneecap*

Drekavas: *spins around and the rocket whirls around him and out of the palace*

Xenima: *a rocket launcher appear from over his shoulder and fires the rocket*

Drekavas: *turns the rocket into a rock and catches it*

Xenima: Well...this fight was totally one sided.

Drekavas: Some, if not all fights will be like that. But I admit, you would've had a better chance facing Daikeim.

Xenima: You might as well be right.

Drekavas: I am right, And I am also fair and considerate. So how about we just throw fist at each other instead of rockets?

Xenima: *hands turns into guantlents* Fine by me. *charges at him with his fists drawn. His guantlet glows with a divine light and he hits Drekavas, knocking him back*

Drekavs: *stops at the stairs* Impressive...

Xenima: *upper cuts Drekavas out into the waters and jumps after him. He then pile drives Drekavas into the waters of the harbor*

Both crawl out the water

Drekavas: That was pretty astonishing for jut getting to use your powers.

Xenima: &is pantng* Yea...I suppose.

Drekavas: But he problem is you're too angry. Too savage. It makes you moves predictable, but there was some good points, like when you dodged my Alpha Beams and then attacked. That part was pretty good. So, did you release the Track' em Up like i told you.

Xenima: Yes...yes i have...right before i left the fortress....

Drekavas: Then let's see what all it's found out about your adversaries.

Both make it back to th palace and heads into a secret section of one the rooms and a huge computer is there.

Drekavas: Now let us seewhat all the vital information we need. *presses a few buttons and all The events that have happened at Yosai so far display unto the screen and after 30 minutes of watching it all*

Xenima: Damn it! This changes everything!

Drekavas: Not really. Some minor fallbacks butthe mission stays the same. It's obvious that shinwa split herself into good and evil and the evil is the one still known as White.

Xenima: Idon't care if she split herself! She deserves to pay for what's she's done to me and the others whoe are still bound by the wires! She took us from our homes and exploited us to this scinces and turned us into monsters! She tormented an archangel to make us and she felt no remorse then! Why is she all sympathetic now? Is it finally she fears of dying at the hands of those she has wronged? Cowardice. Good or evil,she deserves a punishment far worse than Hell...

Drekavas: Man, so much hate. Ever heard of second chances?

Xenima: She threw them out the window once she took the angel.

Drekavas: Listen, the angel is gone. As far as I know, not many more CEs can be produced, but they already released a new class and you brothers and sisters still remain inactive. Continue to stick with the plan and your brothers will be free.

Xenima: But what if she knows of the plan.

Drekavas: Then improvise. I know you're goning to be one-sided, but it's the mind that wins the battles, not the power one simply has. Remember that. Go now before suspisicon arises.

Xenima: Yes, master. *turns and walks towards the balcony*

Drekavas: Oh and Xenima, don't forget to get me a blood smaple anywayyou can.

Xenima: Yes sir. *the turbine on his jet spins faster and faster until jet fire bursts out and flies of with a tail of jet fire behind him*

Return to Home

Daikeim falls from a portal that opens up in the ceiling of the house Elaonore had been staying in and lands on his face.

After he recovers he swipes the dust off of him and looks at the crystal, a nervous yet hopeful expression on his face as he walks towards the house and opens the door slowly before looking around the room. "Hello?"

Elaonore is still asleep on the floor wrapped in her covers.

Daikeim smiles softly and picks Elaonore up, leading her to the bed where he lays her down delicately. Daikeim then looks at the crystal and recites what Kake said quietly before crushing the crystal over Elaonore's face and waits patiently, holding her hand while a faint dusty green aura covers Elaonore's head and reverts all damage done her face. The eye regenerating back and the burn marks disappearing, the smile grows on Daikeim's face as he kisses Elaonore's forehead and sits by until she wakes back up.

A few moments later Elaonore wakes up almost abruptly and sits up.

A soft voice falls onto her ears, as she turns to look at Daikeim, she notices his welcoming smile and blue eyes. He then chuckles and places one hand over one eye at a time. "Hey there Elaonore, how do you feel?"

Elaonore: Still tired. Thanks. *lays back against Daikeim's chest and snuggles up against him* How about you?

Elaonore notices the bandages covering Daikeim's left arm, right hand and forehead. He smiles innocently but nervously and wraps his arms around her, chuckling and kissing her once more. "I'm fine, I may have gotten into a fight... But I'm fine, I'm just glad I'm back here with you."

Elaonore: A real trouble magnet, aren't you. *smiles*

"Apparently so..." Daikeim lies down on the bed, still holding onto Elaonore's hand. He looks up at the ceiling and softly yawns, glancing back at Elaonore. "If you're still tired, you can go to sleep again if you want."

Elaonore: I can't. I have to do something for my days rather than laying around. I don't like not being productive with my time.

"Then what do you plan on doing? Surely you have a dream job, right?"

Elaonore: Not anymore, other than being wife.

Daikeim stays quiet for a moment before chuckling again. "If that's so, then you're an amazing wife... But still, you're in Upnation, surely you can turn a hobby into a profession, it'll give you something to do while I'm away, won't it?"

Elaonore: Well...I was thinking of painting once again.

"Then you could do that, start painting, and once you feel confident, you can open a shop and sell them... If you want to that is, hmm... I don't think I've seen you paint, haven't I?"

Elaonore: You haven't,but I have and I know how. I'm not sure about selling them just yet, but it will occupy my time. What about you?

"Training, taking care of you, dealing with some idiots... I always have something to do, one way or another, so I don't have time for hobbies sadly... I mean, I'd love to, don't get me wrong. It's just that with everything that goes on, I'm gonna wear myself out sooner or later..." Daikeim sighs.

Elaonore: *holds his hand tighter* Then let's enjoy all the time we do have before then. You still promised to take me sight seeing.

Daikeim smiles and stands up, hugging Elaonore and walks to the door, his wings sprouting out and folding up so he can fit through the door. "Ok, so let's start the sight seeing now, shall we?"

Elaonore: *follows Daikeim outside* Ofcourse.

New Beauty

"Ok... Sightseeing, shouldn't be that difficult... Hmm, we could fly just above Upnation, that was we would get around faster. Or we could just walk, it's your choice since I don't mind, although walking throughout Upnation will possible take a week or so." He says jokingly as he takes a look around before looking at Elaonore, waiting on an answer.

Elaonore: We don't have to see all Upnation. So I don't mind walking today.

"Ok, so a nice walk it is... I guess I'm leading soo..." Daikeim looks in a direction leading deeper into the city and starts walking, slowing down so Elaonore can catch up. "Anything you're interested to see along the way?"

Elaonore: I'll let you know, but how about tonight you decide what we do tonight. I don't mind one bit.

"Hmm? Oh, alright then... Guess I'm planning that too."

Elaonore: *chuckles* Well, at least I'm here still help you.

"Yeah, that's true..." Daikeim grasps hold of Elaonore's hand as they walk around, glancing at the buildings and community that surrounds them. "Not as friendly as Downation's people, but I guess they're more busy... I wonder if the people at Downation miss us, then again we did basically destroy and rebuild their cities." He says jokingly yet nervously.

Elaonore: I mean I wouldn't blame them if they aren't friendly to know. They're just scared.

"I can see that... You're starting to sound like most humans, how they're scared of us just because we're different... You know, Earth treated their own kind with slaves, and that's because they were different. Even now, there's still conflicts all over this planet due to religion, race and more..." Daikeim sighs and looks up. "It confuses me, is this world simply reliving dark eras? Or is it still arrogant to change... Sorry for the sudden seriousness."

Elaonore: I'm afraid we are to repeat this cycle we call 'life'. Only until God comes will everything be fixed.

"And sorry to sound like Drake, but. 'Well then, he better move his big fat ass and clean this shit up.'" Daikeim chuckles slightly before seeing a park among the buildings and citizens, he smiles and walks towards it and sits on a bench, he takes a small moment to breathe before looking at his surroundings. "I guess Upnation has some pretty sites as well."

Elaonore: Yes. surprisingly enough, far better than the ones back at home.

Daikeim laughs. "And I thought I was easily impressed, we've seen buildings and a single park so far and you already say that it's better than Downation's sights... What about the night sky, the fields... That small place where you guided me too, you can't deny that those were amazing sights."

Elaonore: Of course they were, but I never said I would stop loving the sights I knew. I love them the most cause I've made my best memories there and those memories were with you.

"I guess I can say the same, considering those are my greatest moments with you yet... Yeah, I'm glad I left Arcadia, and as cliche as this sounds, I feel this is only the beginning... Especially with these on our fingers." He notions at the rings as he softly smiles. "So... I'm a bit hungry, what about you?"

Elaonore: Yea...I sure am. Been a long while since we've eaten, hasn't it?

"Yeah, we might just have bottomless stomachs, come on, we'll find a nice place to grab something to eat." Daikeim stands and looks around the area, quickly scanning the area before noticing a small cafe. Without hesitation, he holds Elaonore's hand and eagerly walks towards the cafe at a faster pace than usual, making it difficult for Elaonore to keep up. When he finally reaches the cafe he seats Elaonore by a table just outside, he then sits down opposite her and waits for someone to arrive to take their order.

Waiter: May I help you?

Daikeim nods and then lists off his meal, most of it sounding alien to the waiter, he then notions at Elaonore. "What do you want, Elaonore?"

Elaonore: I would like noodles, please.

Waiter: What kind?

Elaonore: Hmmm. Spicy Chicken please.

Waiter: Ok. Your orders will be up in just a moment. Anything to drink?

Elaonore: Just water for me.

Waiter: Ok and how 'bout you, sir?

"No thanks, I'm not thirsty." Daikeim says politely as his stomach grumbles. 

Waiter: Alright. You're meals will be up in just a moment. *heads back into the kitchen*

"Right then, that's sorted... Now Elaonore, any idea for plans tonight? I've kind of hit a bump, since we don't know what Upnation has to offer fully yet..." A obvious nervous and unsure tone in his voice he asks her.

Elaonore: That's why we're sight seeing, isn't it? *gently smiles*

Daikeim smiles and chuckles, nodding in agreement, he then looks at his ring and asks a question. "Huh... Isn't there supposed to be a marriage after the engagement?"

Elaonore: Yes there is. Drekavas has already set up. We're going to be married in 3 days.

"Ah, I see... Would of been nice to be told that it was arranged... But take what you're given I guess."

Elaonore: You never asked. Well, you did just now.

"True, but considering it's our wedding... Nevermind." Daikeim taps his finger on the table, patiently waiting for the food to arrive.

Elaonore: But what is it you expect in our future together? Besides us being happy.

Daikeim's smile disappears as he remembers about Elaonore's condition, a wave of dread hits Daikeim but he soon shakes it off as he reaches over and places his hand on Elaonore's hand. Speaking in a soft tone. "Well... That's hard to explain, but I promise that I'll make it worth it." He smiles.

Elaonore: *smiles* It's already worth it. *puts her other hand ontop of Daikeim's hand*

He leans over and softly kisses Elaonore for a moment, breaking off the kiss seconds before the food arrives.

Waiter: What's good? Here is your order, sir and here's your order ma'am. Is there anything else you all need?

Elaonore: No, I think that will be all.

"No thank you." Daikeim looks at his meal with a childish glee and begins eating, not wasting any time before it gets cold. It doesn't take long before Daikeim is finished, looking pleased with himself as he smiles. "That was delicious!"

Elaonore: *is still eating on her noodles* Need to learn how to savor your food.

Daikeim chuckles. "I guess, but it tastes so good it's hard not to."


At Upnation's harbor, three figures come off of a boat and take a glance around, one turns to look at the other two. "Ok, Typhoon, you're with me." His eyes glance at the other figure, a more irritated tone. "And as for you, you'll be support, remember the targets and only the targets, got it?" They both nod as the main figure begins to walk into the crowds with Typhoon following behind, leaving the last figure to tend to his own orders.

While on their way, Typhoon walks up to the figure he's following. "Zero, Dracorex sent us on a suicide mission, you know that right?" Zero then turns his head towards Typhoon and chuckles deviously. "I've confronted one of our targets before, he's too easy... It's the other one we have to worry about." Typhoon then makes a concerned face. "And of the Heroa God's partner?" Zero slows his pace. "Our mission was told to us Brother, don't forget orders already..." Typhoon nods and looks at the rooftops, separating from Zero. "I'll scout from up here, just carry on going." And with an agreeing nod from Zero, Typhoon scales the nearest wall up to the rooftops and dashes off, leaving Zero to take a more direct approach.


Drekavas: *looks down from a window at the harbors and has flashbacks of his many previous lives*

Voice: Writhing on your memories?

Drekavas: You can say that. More of a recuperating stage. *turns to see Van Valeric*

Van Valeric: You and I know you haven't changed. Atleast, not yet.

Drekavas: Everything changes. Change is how we survive, how we become superior. How existence is still called existence. In time, a greater change will come. *looks up at a shining star*

Van Valeric: But is it the change you want?

Drekavas: It is. It has to be. I have no other purpose than to know all.

Van Valeric: Sounds like a meaningless task to me. Though I am all for knowledge, nowing everything just sounds bland.

Drekavas: Knowledge as far as this universe goes. There are many out there. I must know them too. There is no end to what we can know, what we can learn.

Van Valeric: I'm fine learning only from this plane, thank you. I suppose you know what is arriving?

Drekavas: Ofcourse. Two sisters of the Lambda series of CEs are coming to eradicate me. What a joy that sounds.

Van Valeric: And?

Drekavas: Two foreigners from Cyanic possibly Zane. Haven't spoken to him yet.

Van Valeric: And of the boy?

Drekavas: I can sense he is in good hands. In time he'll come back to me.

Van Valeric: Just know that you can forge you own destiny. You will change once you realize this. *disappears*

Drekavas: *looks back up at the shining star* I already know my destiny.

Daikeim feels a strange sense of unease, and upon looking into the night sky, sees two bright stars, a red and blue one. They seem much larger than normal stars, but he can't tell what they are. All he knows is that they are the source of the unease...

Daikeim takes a small sigh and stands up from the table, glancing back down at Elaonore. "C'mon, we should get going... Sorry you couldn't finish your meal, when we get back home I promise I'll learn how to cook so I can make you noodles whenever you want." A small eager tone to his voice as he takes Elaonore's hand and begins to trail off deeper in the city.

Just above on of the rooftops, Typhoon glances down at the couple and sniggers. "Awww, look at that... It's a shame we have to kill them, they look happy together... Bleh." Typhoon then feels the same unease as Daikeim as he looks up at the sky and notices the two 'stars', shaking the sensation off he goes to find Zero who is currently hidden among the crowd. Typhoon simply sighs and follows after the couple, meanwhile just beside the building where Drekavas is, Zero looks up at the window and smirks behind his mask before shapeshifing into a guard and 'patrolling' the area.

After a while, Typhoon gets a voice in his head. 'Typhoon this is Zero, do you have your targets?' Typhoon sighs and taps his device. "Yes I'm on pursuit, I'm guessing you have your target so what do you say we do here?" Typhoon can hear a small bleeping noise on Zero's end of the connection, Typhoon then smirks. "Oh I see, doing that are we?"

'Well, Dracorex said to take them out, he didn't say we could have a little fun in the process.'

Typhoon chuckles as he ends the connection. "Alright then, Typhoon out... I wonder when the fireworks will start, soon probably..."

Zero begins walking away from the building, his hands deep in his pockets as the bleeping noises soon die out for a brief moment... And at a press of a button, the bleeping noises are replaced with the noise of a building exploding into pieces, the cries of Mythos around the area, they all bring a sick twisted smile to Zero's face as he shapeshifts into a civilian to hide among the carnage. The shockwave blasting out halfway across all of Upnation.

Drekavas: *sighs in irritation* I swear, there's too much chaos in the all the worlds.

Elaonore: *sees the explosion* Oh my God.....did you see that?!

Daikeim turns to look at the smoke from the explosion and growls. "Dammit... Probably more poachers... Elaonore, you either find someplace safe or find Drekavas, I don't want you to get hurt..." Daikeim plants a small kiss on Elaonore's forehead then enters his Half Dragon form and flies off to the source of the explosion, when he arrives he sees the ruins of the blown up building, multiple Mythos dead and every other Mytho panicking. As he tries to calm everyone down, from a different building Zero watches in amusement, waiting for the right moment. He contacts Typhoon and begins explaining the rest of his plan, soon shutting off the communications.

Suddenly, the area shakes as the red star glows stronger, a massive red barrier covers the full extent of Upnation in a matter of seconds, the energy behind it monstrously powerful.

Drekavas: *gets up from the rubble and brushes himself off* Far too much...

Daikeim spots Drekavas and walks up to him. "Good to see you're alright for now, what happened? Me and Elaonore were just out and then this happened, hopefully she's fine. But right now we need to find who did this..." Drake looks up at the barrier. "And that..."

From above, Typhoon sits on the rooftops and watches eagerly, laughing to himself as he watches the carnage. He then looks over at Zero, who shapeshifts into a civilian and nods at Typhoon, who then smirks and cloaks himself in complete invisibility.

Up is Going Down

From the chaos, a lone figure walks towards Daikeim and Drekavas, calm as ever. Zane then stretches a bit as he glances at Drekavas before looking around. "Whats going on here?"

Drekavas: The two you looking for are over there. *points to wear Typhoon and Zero are initially are* One's a shape-shifted into a civilian and the other went invisible. you take care of them. I must take care of the other two...

Zane looks at him. "You sure? but uhh I don't know the whole situation so what exactly is happening?"

Drekavas: Chaos, Zane. Nothing but chaos... There are two terrorists and two assassins. You can either stay with me and deal with the assassins or go with Daikeim and find the terrorists.

Daikeim glances at Zane and sighs. "Oh, it's you from the dragon realm... 'Dragon prince', Right?" As Daikeim says that, they can hear a voice echo throughout their ears, suddenly they see all of the civilians stop and turn their heads towards the three, their eyes have a red aura as cracks form around it.

"So, the Heroa God, his partner, a Dragon Prince and the Hybrid... Well well, Dracorex will be pleased, tell me Daikeim, are you sure that your loved one is 'safe'?" A laugh echoes once more as the civilians suddenly solidifies and glows bright red, before oddly enough, the landscape beyond the barrier disappears and becomes black, and even the barrier seems to disappear, replaced with a endless starry sky. There is no moon, but the two bright red and blue stars are still distinctly visible in contrast to the more dimmer stars.

Drekavas: * reverts the lightning back at Zero and Typhoon sending them crashing into a building* Lightning...Just*turns back to Daikeim* Well I guess you can handle these two from here, they seem like fireflies trying to sting with their lights. Besides, I got two others that do require my attention. *looks up at the two stars*

Zane looks at Daikeim "You don't seem happy to see me" Zane smiles "So terrorists or assassins. I think i'll pair up with Daikeim this time. If that's alright with him"

"I'm indifferent, right now I need to get rid of these two..."

Typhoon groans. "Ugh, heroes, they're not as fun are they..." Zero gets up and scoffs, helping Typhoon up. "Don't worry, you promised yourself not to die until you fight your old rival, now stop getting beaten and put some effort into this." The two look at Zane and Daikeim, before they both nod and pull out a small device and activate it, an aura cloaking them both.

Daikeim narrows his eyes at them before growling. "That energy, stealing it for your own, that was the reason for your last visit, wasn't it?" Zero chuckles. "Yes, mine and Typhoon's mission was to collect a sample from multiple targets, so we could benefit from it... Now we were ordered to kill you, simple as."

A chaotic energy forms in Zero's hands as he looks at Typhoon. "You take the Prince, I got the Demi-God."

Typhoon laughs and looks at Zane, taking the sword off of his back and charging it with the same chaotic energy. "Gadly!" Without hesitation, Typhoon zips towards Zane and suddenly appears in front of him, spinkicking Zane away from Daikeim. He then dances his sword around his arm, taunting the Prince. "Come on, we need to data anyways, lose or win, this is gonna be fun!"

Drekavas: *looks up at the two stars and out of nowhere has a vision of a man falling out of the dim,day-lit sky, the vision ends and blinks his eyes several times in confusion* What the...*looks back up at the stars*

Zane smiles doing handspring sideways. he then cracks his knuckles. "Think you can even keep up?" Zane looks at Typhoon. "It's been a while since i fought someone." Zane pulls out a sword handle then flicks his wrist and a blade slides out. "I get a chance to test this sword out"

Typhoon smirks as lightning surges through out him as he charges towards Zane to engage in the sword fight, while that's happening Daikeim feels uneasy...

"Don't let your mind wonder, Demi-God, you have an opponent right here..." Zero states, Daikeim just looks at the two 'stars' and stays quiet, taking him a moment before he realises the threats. "Chaos Engines... Much stronger than the ones before, damn... Well then, looks like we have to make this quick." Daikeim dashes towards Zero, uppercutting him into the air then blasting a barrage of fire which Zero easily deflect and comes back with a torrent of chaotic energy which causes Daikeim to dodge back. He then flies up to Zero and fires a direct blast of Exeon energy down at Zero, crashing him down to the floor. "Unlike last time, I won't let out come out winning..."

Azula and Abeni merely watch from above the entirety of the battle. "So Nanashi has been crippled huh... at least he won't have to fight for a while..." Azula muses. "Hmmm? Oh... would seem that Daikeim is aware of our presence... it would seem he is more eager to finish his fight now..."

Abeni looks at her, her wings silently occasionally flapping. "Are you going to act on it?"

Azula has a weak smile. "I'll let them take care of business for a while. Though if you're bored, Abeni... I guess I could summon Tiamat..."

Abeni chuckles. "That snake of yours is damn impressive."

"....It has been too long... ...a shame we shall meet again as enemies..." She muses as she looks down upon Daikeim's battle..

From the smoke, Daikeim can hear laughter as Zero springs up and unleashes attack after attack before throws him across the ground, he recovers and sprints towards Zero and slams a Exeon orb against his chest which explodes sending him flying at Typhoon. Zero handsprings up next to Typhoon, Daikeim then glances at the two and walks up beside Zane and chuckling. "Your commander sent you to your deaths, hasn't he?" Zane notices Daikeim's eyes flash gold as he steps towards, Zero's stance changes as he becomes aware of Daikeim's shift in power.

"Typhoon, tag the Dragon Prince then go after her, got it?"

Typhoon nods and speeds towards Zane, just before Zane swings his blade at him, Typhoon changes into lightning and passes through Zane, materialising on the other side. Typhoon then pulls out a small device and plants it on Zane for a split second before pulling it off and sprinting after Elaonore, gleeful laughter emanating from him. Zero then looks at Zane and Daikeim and smirks behind his mask, his form changing to become more demonic. "So then, let's get started, shall we?"

Azula silently observes Typhoon for a moment, before sighing. "I wanted to avoid attention for a while longer but..."

A massive bolt of blue lightning strikes Elaonore, and with speeds faster than light, teleports her to a distant island far south of Downation, where before she can react, a strangely angelic voice echoes,

"This is my thanks for last time... sleep..." And so Elaonore does.

Before anyone can note the disappearance of the blue star, it is already present again.

"Now I shall begin...."

Suddenly a massive explosion rocks the capital of Upnation, as a giant black and white double headed snake far larger and longer than the city itself bursts into being from nothing, letting out a mighty roar, and the black head blasts Typhoon with pure destruction magic as it roars.

Typhoon gets completely surged with lightning as he dissipates into a single lightning bolt which sparks around to a different locations, after materialising, Typhoon looks at the snake. "There's no way we can take that..." He looks at Drekavas and smirks. "But all I need is a small sample and our mission is done..." Typhoon then turns back and sprints towards Drekavas, quickly planting the same device on him and taking it off for a split second. "There, we're finished here Zero!" He looks up at the barrier and sighs. "But I don't think we're gonna make it out... Better hide until then..." Typhoon cloaks and disappears.

The snake appears to not only be tracking Typhoon's movements perfectly, but is also preparing another blast.

"Great... No use for this then..." Typhoon begins to scale building to get to the snake, narrowly dodging another blast as he finally reaches a building tall enough to get on the snake. "YAAAHOOOOOOOOOO!" Typhoon manages to land ontop of the snake's head, he then laughs as he infuses his blade with lightning and stabs it on the snake's back and slides down it, sending massive amounts of lightning into the creature.

As he does so, the White snake head opens its mouth, and absorbs the lightning, then with blinding speed bites him on the shoulder and begins shaking him like a rag doll, thick armor growing on both snake heads.

"Ow ow ow ow ow! Get off of me!" Typhoon carefully aims his blade and throws it directly into the White snake's eye, causing it to roar in pain and let go of Typhoon who falls down to the ground but crashes into a roof. He then gets up, clutching his left arm as his sword dissipates into dust. "Crap... What can I do? My arm is busted, sword is gone, lightning doesn't seem to have any effect against thing... It's gonna prepare another blast and I'm done for... Unless."

Both heads turn toward him and open their mouths in a roar, and they both charge beams of energy at him.

Typhoon pulls out the same device from earlier and activates it, causing lightning and unstable energy to flow and arc around him as he glares at the snake. He then flickers speeds towards the snake one more time, creating a massive orb behind him, Typhoon then jumps up and smashes the orb against the body of the snake. Causing it to explode with unstable energy which blasts both Typhoon and the snake through multiple buildings. As he recovers, he looks at the black snake head and creates a new blade out of the chaotic energy then begins to charge at it, letting out his own roar as he takes a swing at it.

The black snake lets out a roar and discharges another burst of destruction magic.

Typhoon emerges from the blast and impales the sword through the roof of the black snake head's mouth, and with a click of his fingers the blade explodes. Typhoon then places his hand on the snake and discharges massive amount of the same chaotic energy. "Come on come on come on COME ON DIE ALREADY!" Typhoon then climbs ontop of it's head and creates more swords then stabs them into every vulnerable part of the Snake's body as he runs down it before watching them implode one by one.

The snake seems to dissolve into blue particles, then disappears into the sky...

Azula looks down upon the scene quietly. "Tiamat was beaten... very well, I shall give him rest for the time being..."

Abeni thinks for a moment. "Is it time?"

Azula closes her eyes. "....."

Typhoon laughs wearily before collapsing unconscious, while that is happening Daikeim looks at the particles before glancing at the 'stars' again, he then turns to look at Zane. "You keep this one occupied..." Daikeim then flies up to one of the buildings and closes his eyes, staying quiet for a moment. 'Hmm... Yeah, these are Chaos Engines... But not like Kanashimi or Silent Angel, these are stronger - Much stronger... Wait, your energy is similar to the one Kado was talking about... Azula.'. When Daikeim opens his eyes, his eye colour has a gold tinge over the blue, he then looks directly at the blue 'star'. "So we had to meet under these conditions, that's saddening, I guess I'll have to be careful and just disable it."

Suddenly, as in response to his realization, the blue star begins to glow violently, in fact it becomes bright enough to wash everything in a brilliant blue, and the star descends, as soon as it does, the ground begins to quake, first softly, then more violently as the star continues its descent, until eventually the star lowers to a point where a surreal six winged being emerges from the intensity of the glow. It descends, and as its feet touch the ground, a massive tremor rips through the city, and suddenly a powerful 'wind' blasts everything away within five miles of the being, reducing anything in its path to rubble.

A faint golden aura emits from Daikeim as he jumps down and lands not far from Azula, he then takes a single step towards her before stopping. Glancing at her then focusing directly at her eyes, his own eyes narrow as he speaks. "So you were sent by White, I assume... Chaos Engine Azula, as much as I hate to do this, I must put you down. I cannot allow such destruction be controlled by Phoenix's leader, but before that happens I must ask... Why do you follow her? Or am I simply asking a foolish question."

Azula's eyes are almost blank as she looks back at him. Her face is faintly recognizable as that of the face of the woman that accompanied Kado when he had first met him. ".....I... don't have a choice... ...none of us do... though you should have known that already from meeting Kanashimi. ...So she's alive after all then, accompanying Drake? ...I see...

.....Kado has been suffering without me, huh... ....if only I could be there to comfort him...." Her voice is sad, but her eyes are flat.

Her wings spread wider to their full extent, shimmering with power.

"I believe Silent Angel warned you to get stronger, as if you could not beat him, we would crush you."

Daikeim's aura intensifies as his eyes coloured a solid gold, his own power sending out a pulse. He enters his Half Dragon form, his wings stretching out as his tail sweeps the floor, his draconic growl shakes the floor as he gives a cold but determined stare. "Don't you worry about what Silent Angel has told you, I'm not going to hold back... So don't count on crushing me like the bug you think I am, I will stand my ground." Daikeim then takes a couple more steps towards Azula, clenching his fists, getting in a stance, ready to fight. "Sadly, I haven't got a choice in this either, you'll be the death of millions if you continue to walk these worlds with the power you wield, so I'm gonna take them away..."

Drekavas: Hold. They are here for me...So if they want me dead, then I'll face them myself. *walks forward*

Azula quietly stares him down. "We aren't here for just you. You are both our primary objective. You both are desired dead."

From her forearms, a strange energy begins to surge forth.

Drekavas: Don't you think you have enough power? Certainly all the physiologies you have are quite sustainable for your purpose.

"Reasoning with a weapon with no will of its own is pointless."

She unleashes a wave of the energy out of nowhere straight at them, devouring anything in its path, even the ground it races upon.

Daikeim sends out his own wave of Exeon energy which causes both waves to evaporate, he then glances at Drekavas and sighs. "Now isn't the time for talking, we need to focus." Daikeim looks at the strange energy and begins to hover in the air, examining Azula for a brief moment. Suddenly appearing infront of her, the sudden movement causing a shockwave which knocks her back giving Daikeim the perfect chance. He coats his hands with Exeon energy and begins a barrage of attacks, moving a smooth as water but still making his attacks unpredictable.

She moves back and to the side, then abruptly cuts across between his attacks right in front of him, smashing him aside with a wing straight through fifty buildings, and in the same motion unleashes a blast of white fire hotter than the sun's surface directly at Dre, igniting half the city into flames.

The fires just depacitates into the air before it even touches Drekavas or the city

Drekavas: Oh don't mind me. I'm just minding my own business, just observing.

Zane: *Stands alone watching Daikeim* So the fight has begun. I think it's time for this weapon joined. Our Own Monster meant for Destruction. *Zane Smiles almost Evilly as he pulled out His legendary Obsidian sword and put up his other sword*

Azula suddenly grabs Drekavas by the throat, and in seconds they are high above the city, and she flings him down, his impact causes a massive explosion that shakes the whole of the city, and she just as quickly dive punches him in the stomach to rip a hole deep enough for a blast of lava to erupt forth. With a flap of her six wings, a monstrous gale decimates even more of the city.

Daikeim stands up and glares at Azula, taking a look around at the decimation and ruins, he roars as he rises into the air. His aura growing as he flies towards Azula at blinding speeds, managing to grab hold of her, Daikeim glares at Azula then headbutts her down to the ground. As she falls he appears above her and slams both his fists down on her, causing her to instantly crash to the ground. He descends and lands just infront of her, giving her a cold glare as he whispers something, Azula then suddenly floats in the air and is thrown across the floor. Daikeim then creates a small orb of energy and fires it at her, once it collides it duplicates a thousand times and all implode when they make contact with Azula.

Azula points her fingers at Daikeim as the orbs fly at her, and a massive blue beam of destruction energy blasts apart the orbs and smashes into Daikeim, in less than a second she appears through the explosion and punches him with explosive force into the stomach, and hits him twice more in the face, then blasts him with another beam, this time from her mouth point blank.

The beam stops right in front of Daikiem's face and Drekavas is standing right behind him

Drekavas: You mind moving?

Daikeim manages to fly past Azula, grabbing her by the neck before slamming her into the floor before holding her still. Daikeim then places three fingers on Azula's forehead and begins shifting through her memories, a small sigh can be heard as he stands up and takes a step back, speaking in a soft tone. "So, that's what happened to you... I'm sorry to have you experience what you got put through." Suddenly a massive increase in godly power emits from Daikeim although he looks as calm as ever, his eyes glowing a bright gold, everyone but Daikeim himself notice that his aura has somewhat changed into a knight's armour. He speaks once more, but sounds like there's more than ten people talking in sync. "If Kanashimi could escape White's control, then so can you..."

Drekavas: Same with Xenima. But like you said. There are no need for words.

Azula effortlessly lifts Daikeim off her, and now he is the one being held by the throat. "Too easy." She suddenly kicks him in the stomach, sending him flying. She meets him in seconds, smashing him down face first, pinning him down with her foot.

"Daikeim. The only reason Kanashimi was freed is because of you haphazardly butchering her. Drake had to come and clean up your own mess. She did not escape of her own will. It isn't possible to. Don't preach to me like that. You only insult yourself."

His next attack is simply deflected by a dragon shaped aura around her, far stronger than even Silent Angel's own aura. She effortlessly backhands him back into the ground.

Daikeim flickers and appears behind Azula already in a pose like he just punched her, the second Azula turns around she is basted across the ground he then appears behind her and fires a Exeon blast directly into her back. "Vitae Arts: Temperance of a Thousand Wills..." Suddenly a thousand clones of Azula before she was reverted into a Chaos Engine materialise around her, they all have golden eyes as they charge the very same destruction energy beam at Azula. "I'm sorry that I have to use this, but for some reason I can't use Chaos Engines for these, just submit Azula, it'll be easier for all of us... I promise." They all fire the beam directly at Azula creating a explosion which is strangely silent but has the force of a nuke. From the smoke she then sees Daikeim walking towards her, but any ranged attack she does is simply phased through, absorbed or deflected until Daikeim then stops and flickers one more time. She feels something touch the back of her neck, followed by another sigh. "Destroying the organ will kill you which we don't want... I know exactly how to disable you now..." Before she can react, Daikeim elbows her shoulder blades before grabbing her and sends destructive Exeon throughout her body, feeling like multiple explosions are happening inside of her.

".......Limiter One... Spirit...Limiter Four.... Endlos..... Release." A monsterous explosion of power forces him away from her, and in her place, a tall, towering giant, pure black with red and blue tendrils of energy streaming from it, with silver wings made of symbols stands before him, with strongly glowing blue eyes. Red and blue spirit brands flow through her body. She raises a hand, and the tendrils grow long blades of spirit energy, and dive at Daikeim with blinding speeds, ripping into him in seconds, dealing damage to both flesh and soul simultaneously.

She then closes the distance between them in milliseconds, slamming a fist into him with raw spiritual and physical energy that in the resulting shockwave levels the city completely and almost creates a mountain range from the force of the uplift at the edge of the city, Daikiem slamming into it a mere second after it is created, destroying the tallest peak.

She opens her hand, a blade of pure energy begins to form.

"All Smiting Blade....."

Drekavas: All-Smiting? Please, Even a simple fly-swatter would be enough to destroy you.

Zane: *Catches Daikeim and Lands with him standing him up* You have to try harder than that. I'd say I would try but we'd have a better chance if we all attack at once. *Looks over to him* Take no chances.

Daikeim looks at Zane and nods, before looking at Drekavas. "Ok... Everyone get ready..." Daikeim closes his eyes for a moment as a golden aura covers Zane and Drekavas, their power increasing tenfold, Daikeim then summons the Draconia which has changed into a greatsword made of pure Exeon energy which pulsates with a bright glow. "Heroa Swordart: Tiraku."

Drekavas: *draws forth Draconia Shadow*

Zane: *Laughs a bit* This should be fun *Zane casually shifts in to his base Dragon God form and smiles* 3.....2....1......GO! *Zane Poses like he's going to run but disappears cracking the ground before appearing behind Azula Slashing her with his Obsidian sword before kicking her to the ground and then picks her up and kicks her into the air Pulling her back down slamming her into the ground and slicing her with his obsidian sword again and tossing her to the other two* Next!

Azula's body is transparent, and she lands without a sound, then jumping away at high speed. She materializes, but oddly enough turns to her previous form and sits down, fading from view except on the spiritual plane, while a large blue barrier surrounds her.

"Let the Chaos run rampant... ...Tiamat, come."

Suddenly all of the energy in the area is pulled to Azula's location, where an eight headed serpent appears, no, a Hydra. It lets out a massive roar, blowing them all back. Azula herself seems to be now within the serpent.

Drekavas: *takes his hand and many of the debris take form into an enormous canon with yellow light shining from it*Load it up, Daikeim

Daikeim creates cannonball sized spheres of unstable Exeon energy and places them in the cannon, he then raises into the air and stretches his arms out. And suddenly dragons made of Exeon materialise behind him, with Daikeim being on the biggest dragon that resembles the same one he uses in his Primitive form, they all let out a combined roar which also pushes Tiamat back a fair bit. Daikeim then smiles and chuckles, just realising something Azula done. "Thank you."

Tiamat does not seem impressed, in fact it responds by opening its mouths to create energy blades much like the one Azula created that she called the All Slaying Blade, and then proceeds to cut off the heads of each of the dragons heads, destroying them in an instant and then proceeds to attack the cannon, as well as Zane, Daikeim, and Drevakas.

Drekavas: *throws Draconia Shadow and it slices the heads in half in all angles and once it come back to him, lights shines from the cut heads then explode and their remains rain on the three*

Tiamat's heads simply regrow, and begin to let out reptilian mocking laughs, as their scales begin to slowly change color to black...

Tiamat begins to sink into the ground and as he tries to free himself he can't and once he pulls hard enough he falls into a humongous hole within the earth. Drekavas looks over the hole and jumps down in it. They are both in a dark hole and the light just shine under their feet.

Eight giant spheres of destruction energy form in the mouths of the eight heads, though they are now pure black, and before Drekavas can react, he is blasted by all eight at once, and before the others can react, are blown away by a 400 mile wide explosion, part of it blasting into the Upnation gate, and leaking out an additional 100 miles in all directions. When everyone manages to look up, the site that was once the location of the city is nothing but a massive blast crater rapidly being filled in by the ocean, and above a glowing winged figure, much different than before ominously flies above the destruction.

What looks like a pure black humanoid dragon with six silver metallic feathery wings and many countless streams of positive and negative energy, as well as a large shroud of Ether silently flies above the scene. Piercing glowing blue eyes stare down upon them.

"Limiter 2, Dragon, Limiter 3, Aetherborn... ...released." Suddenly a thick black with red trim armor envelops the being completely, and a more robotic voice echoes,

"Chaos Engine Mode Activated. Engaging Chaos Drive."

When Daikeim gets up, he looks at the destruction around him, he then takes a look at the humanoid dragon. "Look at what you've done... Tens of millions of innocent Mythos wasted away, man, woman and child... Desolation and ruins now flood this Nation, all because of you, no more restrictions..." Daikeim flies up to the same level of the humanoid and creates a hand sign, letting out a roar. "VITAE ARTS: COGITA'S PRESENCE!" Suddenly Daikeim's Soul Stone glows brighter than any sun, enveloping Daikeim is a sphere of light, to everyone's surprise. The power inside the sphere skyrockets higher than anything, but strangely enough no one can detect that it's Daikeim's energy, when the sphere finally dies out. All that hovers in place is someone new, glowing with his power, shrouded in robes and no weapons on him, black hair and golden eyes, he looks like a young adult but has an ominous and wise presence about him.

"So you finally call upon for my aid, Daikeim... You're forgiven, you need to rest, I will take care of your priorities for the duration of my time in this new land."

Azula seems to not react initially to it, a large sphere of condensing energy the only occurrence resulting from her, but buried deep beneath the CE's suppression, Azula mentally weeps, the only thing she can do now that the Primary CE has fully taken control of her entire being.

I just want this to end... I just want this to end! WHY?!

Her piteous cries go unheard...

Suddenly, her vision flickers, and a man in white armor with long brown hair stand in front of her, his back facing her.

"Wh...what is this?!"

The figure silently turns, revealing his front half, a strange white helm adorns his head, two small black fake eyeholes are the only distinguishable features.

A echoing voice, like that you would hear underwater speaks... ".......You are not from here... ...or rather... you are not meant to be here..."


The CE jerks to life, the strange phenomenon in Azula's consciousness throwing its systems off balance.

"Unknown Error. Diverting subroutines to investigate anomaly in Secondary CE."

All the while, the CE maintains its main attention on the newcomer, letting off a powerful burst from the Chaos Drive.

The figure simply looks around himself, noting Zane and Drekavas, but focuses at Drekavas. "Heroa God blood but yet not a Heroa..." The figure then looks at Azula, putting his hands behind his back as he hovers towards her, simply examining her. Until he gets at arms length with her that he stops moving and speaks, his eyes glancing around the ruined city. "So you're the one who have caused this." He then looks directly into her eyes and notes something. "A war going on inside of yourself, your mind and soul... Torn in two, you feel conflicted and scared, hoping to reunite with a loved one... Oh, where are my manners? Nice to meet you Azula, I'm Vitae God of Thought; Cogita."

The CE merely flies back at light speed, then fires another blast from the Chaos Drive.

"Primary Directive Lost. Reason: Unknown. Attempting to location subject: Daikeim. Failure. Present Target: Unknown Affiliation. Selecting as SSS threat level."

Cogita puts his hand in front of him and opens it, the blast simply condensing into a small marble which Cogita crushes with no effort. "Daikeim is resting away back in Arcadia's lakes, that will be your reason. When my duration is over, then he will return." Cogita then descends and softly lands, he looks at the CE again. "You expect me to fight back, don't you?"

"Investigating anomaly. Use of Endlos Tier power verified. Investigating..." The CE ignores him.

"Expanding Absorbtion Field." The field around the CE expands, lifting up rubble, air, water, anything close enough to be sucked in and converted to energy. It seems to be powering up.

Drekavas: *is setting on a rock shirtless and wet*

Cogita points one finger at the CE and a blue beams emits from it at pierces through the CE's shoulder, just before it can react to fire another blast. It is suddenly pulled down by a mysterious force which crashes it down to the ground, Cogita hovers over to the CE and looks down at it. "Such violence, it saddens me that there are people created for the soul purpose of causing damage to everything..." The CE levitates in the air and then is sent flying through a mountain range, destroying the mountains in the process. "Sadly, everyone needs to cause some form of damage..."


Azula blocks another sword stroke of the armored figure, who has drawn one of twelve swords circling him. He has thus said very little sense she had appeared.

"Where am I? Who are you? What's going on?!"

"...." *CLANG!* Another sword strike, and he somehow pushes her back again. Just how strong is he? Wait... shouldn't I be in Chaos Engine Mode?

"......You are where you should not be, Lambda of Destruction. Undoubtedly you have summoned yourself from the past to now... there is no other reason for you to exist when you are dead in this history... ......I am a ghost of your past, and a phantom of your future. You have crossed time and space... do not belong here. Begone from my sight, fallen Azure Goddess." He swings at her again, and she blocks him with frustration.

"Tch! How are you overpowering me like this?!"

"....So you are from back then, huh? Very well..." The air begins to vibrate violently with his power, and he tightens the grasp on his sword.



Everything fades for a horrible moment... then...


Azula is back in her body, and observes as the CE fires a retaliative blast at Cogita. She suddenly feels the CE's power drop dramatically, and for a few minutes has control of her body, though limited. And something else... something warm soaks her waist and chest... ....and then the pain kicks in, and Azula lets out a howl of pain as the large sword cut has a large gaping slash in her torso.

What's?! What's?! What's going on?!

Critical Damage sustained. Cause: Unknown. Unknown. System has received critical damage. Attempting to repair...

After sidestepping away from the blast, he looks at the CE. "Ah, she's back..." Cogita pulls his hand back, causing Azula to come flying towards him, and in a split second. He grabs her hand and slams her down to the floor, causing a shockwave to set off inside Azula's wound, further injuring her. He then lets go and levitates her up, turning her around so he has a clear view of the back of Azula's neck. "A single targeted strike will render you powerless, or so Daikeim has told me..." Cogita then prepares to strike the neck.

He is suddenly grabbed by the wrist and thrown across the water, skipping many times before coming to a rest. The being that had thrown him is a woman in red, thick armor with white hair which gleams iridescent in the light, while her eyes seem to carry the very nature of fire within them, a glowing orange. She gives him a small smirk. Above them, the red star is gone. Six red dragon-angel wings sprout from the woman's back. She now has Azula in her arms.

Failure to repair damage. Cause unknown. Regeneration is impossible. Need... urgent care. Entering Dormant Phase...

"Dormant Phase...?" The woman mutters as the armor slides out of view, and Azula first shrinks back to her first form, but strangely enough begins changing again, losing her wings, scales, all until she appears as a simple woman in a red dress, black hair, and listless grey eyes.

The woman eyes Cogita, Zane, and Drevakas for a moment, then suddenly the barrier breaks and the woman speeds off with Azula in tow towards the south.

"And so this battle is finished, making us the victor..." He sighs as he looks around. "But at this cost, and sadly my duration is up... Daikeim, when I return to Arcadia I will see what the others can do to restore this Nation, but in your own time try to help too, these Mythos are part of your natural life now, so treat them like family." Suddenly the stones on Cogita's robes begin to glow as he is consumed by the same sphere of light, and after a while, the sphere dies out and a healed Daikeim takes his place. "Thank you, but you're right, this cost is too high." Daikeim looks at Drekavas and Zane then sighs. "You guys where a massive help..."

Drekavas: *look at the desolation around him* Bringing them back....*sigh* They'll know what have unacceptable...

Daikeim focuses on Drekavas, and irritated tone to his voice. "And what do you propose we do? Look around you Drekavas, this city is no more so you tell me what YOU want to do. This is your Nation after all, I expect you to take charge and deal with the situation. Yes, they'll remember dying, but surely they'll want to live a full life, man, woman and child Drekavas, that was the cost of us winning. Every single Mytho in this city was killed because of the CE, if I were you, I'd try and find any way possible to bring these Mythos back. They deserve to live a full life and not have it end so prematurely because of a single thing made for destruction."

Drekavas: BRINGING THEM BACK WOULD ONLY BE ROBBING THEM OF HEAVEN! Heaven, Daikeim! In comparison to their lives here, it's eternal as opposed to just living here. When Myths die, they go to Heaven or Hell depending on how they had lived. Far different from how mankind dies. I can't rob them of paradise like that...As a leader, I am to be fair to my subjects...That wouldn't be fair if I did that...

Daikeim growls at Drekavas. "Spineless... As a leader, YOU SHOULD OF PREVENTED THIS FROM HAPPENING! LOOK AT YOUR EFFORTS, 'LEADER'! You lead an entire NATION, if you can't keep from once city from destroying and killing everyone in it, then how are you going to take control of millions? What kind of leader gets beaten by the opponent in their own Nation and has to be forced to watch as the people who look up to you die? I'll tell you, Drekavas... That kind of leader is someone who doesn't deserve it."

Drekavas: Then what about you? You let their leader get captured. you're lover ask of you to take his place, but you refused. You talk about protecting these people when you failed to do so yourself! All because you were only thinking about yourself! And now you would have me take them from Heaven, just so they can live their minimal lives here? What leader would I be then? And what leader would that make you? You did the same with your lover....robbed her from paradise because you failed to protect her...if you can't protect one, you can't protect none...This was my fault anyway...So this is what I deserve....letting them live in Heaven is the only way I can repay them...

Daikeim picks the battered Drekavas up by his throat, the obvious intent to kill. But then drops him after a moment and walks away. "I refused because I know I'm not fit to lead, I may be a Demi-God but I still have so much to learn, I was taken away from my home before I could learn, so don't expect me to instantly become a leader..." Daikeim shows Drekavas his ring.

"That being said, this proves that I've made my promise and I still intend to keep it; I promised Elaonore that I will protect her with MY life. And while I obviously have difficulty with that, it doesn't mean I've broken it. Now as for you, I expect two things from you... Elaonore's safety and the Mythos of Upnation's safety..." Daikeim looks at Drekavas directly in his eyes. "I'm entrusting the person who captured me and my lover and operated on us, I'm trusting you that you will help me with keeping her safe, I'm also entrusting you with millions upon millions of Mythos' lives here in Upnation..." Daikeim sighs as he sits down against a rock. "We need to do something... I just don't know what... If you believe that the Mythos will be happy in Heaven, then fine... But what of this city, or what's left of it?"

Drekavas: It is only a city, Daikeim. But Upnation is boundless. There are more out there in my expansion...we must get moving then. Also checked on acquittance of mine to see how he was doing. He's safe, some girl is taking care of him. You'll need to find your lover so we can be somewhere else.

Daikeim just sighs before looking at Drekavas. "I know where she is..." He then turns to look at Zane. "So what are you doing then?"

Zane leaning against a wall looks over at him. "Nothing right now? Why do you ask?"

"Well you arrived here suddenly so I don't expect you to go away soon... Hmm... I may have something, but it can wait." Daikeim begins to fade away as he teleports to Elaonore's location.

A hour or so pass when finally, Daikeim fades into the same location where he teleported away. Elaonore tucked in his arms, he takes a look around. "Ok... We're back."

Drekavas: Took you long enough. Come now, let's get a move on. The next city is 80 miles.

Daikeim nods and begins to follow Drekavas, soon looking back at what once was a city, a sigh being heard. "It's a shame this happens..."

Drekavas: It'll be an even greater shame if she knows about it.

"So you're planning to hide this from her? Drekavas, she is no fool, she will realise and soon she'll find out."

Drekavas: And do you know what will happen when she does?

"I have a slight understanding of what will happen... Even so, I'd rather have her know than to have her be oblivious... It's like this saying Drekavas, what hurts more? Words or silence..."

Drekavas: Depends on what you want. A sane wife or one who has lost her mind? Words, Daikeim. They hurt more than silence, cause there are things you wish you never knew. Like a friend of hers killing of an entire city filled with her kind. Think of it, she's always into them as her family, and some of them were from Downation. She knows about that, then she'll be a homicidal maniac. She's more likely to believe that everything was a dream. Do you want to live everyday of your life hearing your wife say, 'I should've died with them'?

"You're taking it way out of proportion... I believe that she has a stronger will than you make it out to be, what makes you think that she's like that? Or did you gather your info on that damn operating table..." Daikeim growls, he then begins to pick up his pace, walking past Drekavas. 

Drekavas: Her will has been weakened. She has undergone too many things she would never had expected to happen to her. This will be the last straw for her. Even someone like Elaonore can be broken. You may think I'm over-reacting about this, but I'm in truth, I'm telling you like it is. You tell her what happened, she isn't going to be Elaonore anymore. Heh. Rhyme.

Daikeim just now ignores Drekavas and speeds his walking up.

Drekavas: *puts his hand on Daikeim's shoulder and stops him* If you don't want to believe anything else I say, just believe to this: I'm trying to preserve your happiness for you and your soon-to-be-wedded wife. She has been through to much. You tell her what had happened and she snaps. You want the best for her? Then keep her sane. I know you don't want to lie to the woman you love, but it's the only way to keep her from slipping into that place where you could never come back from until it's too late. I don't want to see you unhappy because your wife's become a suicidal maniac. I know you don't want that. Not someone like Elaonore....I know you don't wish to believe your wife has such a withered will, but she's innocent. And the innocent break more easily with the certain push. And given the push Elaonore took...something like that would ultimately destroy her...for the sake of her...spare her from the truth...cause this truth will hurt her more than you can imagine....and that's no way to spend a life with someone you love...

"Back. Off... Touch me and I'll seal your fate." Daikeim then enters his Half Dragon form and flies to the location.

Drekavas: Hm. It's all to him now. *continues to walk*

After a while, Daikeim can see a village built on the side of a high mountain in a clouded valley.

He lands softly then looks at Elaonore who's still sound asleep, he then looks at the village. "I guess this is where we needed to go." After a moment of looking around, Daikeim then turns around and waits for Drekavas.

15 minutes later

Drekavas: Arrived.

"About time, now I'm guessing we just fly up."

Drekavas: Then up we go. *flies upward*

Daikeim flies up as well, landing in an open area, he then looks at Drekavas. "So where are we?"

Drekavas: Sky Valley Village. We'll stay in a local for the night.

"Alright... And what about Elaonore when she wakes up?"

Drekavas: That's up to you, Daikeim...Spare her or ruin her. That's all I'll have to say...*walks into the nearest inn*

Daikeim sighs. "Didn't mean that." He puts Elaonore on his back and carries her like that around the Village, after an hour or so, he goes to the inn Drekavas went and rests there for the night.

The next morning

Elaonore: *slowly begins to wake up. She rubs her eyes and looks around the room*

She sees Daikeim fully awake, looking at the ornaments that decorates the room. "Good morning, are you ok?"

Elaonore: heh heh. I'm quiet fine. What about you?

"I'm doing well, nice to see you woke up... So what do you want to do?"

Elaonore: *gets out of bed* Go out for morning walk for one. Everyone needs some fresh air to star their day after all.

"Ah, yeah ok, can I join you?" He asks as he places an ornament back.

Morning Walk

Both walk through the streets of the village as the villagers begin to prepare for the day ahead.

Daikeim takes a look around. "So... Another new place, this will be interesting."

Elaonore: *looks around* I love new sights. So much beauty to take in. The one thing that brings me joy to see, is the greatness of home. *looks at Daikeim* Do you miss your home, Daikeim?

He looks back at her. "If you mean my home in Arcadia, sure... I mean, I've came from there all the way to here, it was a lot to take in at first. But I feel like I adpated here greatly." He smiles. 

Elaonore: It's just that, I couldn't imagine you being in the one place you grew to know.

"Hmm? How so?"

Elaonore: It's like me being away from Fantasy. I couldn't live without it. Or atleast couldn't live not living there anymore.

"That makes sense... So, how about we go to a flower shop and get you something nice?"

Elaonore: Why want something nice in the shop when I have something 10x better right next to me?

Daikeim chuckles and gives Elaonore a small kiss. "Yes but even so, it would be nice to get you something that matches your beauty."

Elaonore: Well alright. You keeps you from insisting any further. *smiles*

After a while, they reach a flower shop, he tells Elaonore to wait outside. He enters and takes a look around before noticing a boutique of osiria roses, he then takes a look at the shopkeeper and asks. "Excuse me, how much for the boutique?"

Shop-keeper: 2 gold.

"That's new... There's a currency here... Ok." Daikeim fishes his hand into his pocket and pulls out a small sack of gold, he opens it and gives the keeper two gold pieces. He then nods, picks up the boutique and exits the shop, Daikeim then hands the boutique to Elaonore and smiles. "Here you go."

Elaonore: My goodness, Daikeim...they're astonishing. *smells them* Smell astonishing aswell. Thank you. *hugs him with one arm*

He hugs her back. "See, I told you they matched your beauty."

Elaonore: Heheh. Flowers can only match so much beauty.

Daikeim gains a playful smile. "Oh? Are you saying that your beauty surpasses the roses?"

Elaonore: I don't know, do you think my beauty surpasses the roses?

"Without a doubt." He chuckles as he kisses Elaonore once more.

Elaonore: *embraces the kiss and wraps her arm around his neck*

"Ok, so let's continue our walk, shall we?" 

Elaonore: Yes, let's. *holds Daikeim's hand and the continue to walk*

After a while, they reach a small park. Daikeim let's go of Elaonore's hand to let her wander as he takes a seat on a bench, a small sigh of relief escaping his lips.

Elaonore notices a man dressed in a yellow cloak coming up the path further down the park, headed in their direction. Daikeim notices that the being seems to have absolutely no trace or hint of a presence, as though he was just a trick of the light.

Elaonore: Good morning, good sir. Lovely morning, is it not?

"That depends on one's definition of 'good morning." He replies dully.

Elaonore: Beautiful skies. Air to breath. Sights to see and things to accomplish. Another day to make everything worth while. Don't see how it isn't.

Daikeim looks at the figure with a slightly curious yet cautious expression.

The figure looks at Daikeim. "Ah, the Heroa, Daikeim. I don't believe we've met."

"No, I don't believe we have... But now you have my attention, so then, how are you?"

"Well. Can't say the same for Drake and his lovey dovey gang. Besides the point, you certainly seem like a weary group if I've ever seen one. Had a bit of a nasty run in with the Blue Lambda?" He asks casually.

"So you've met Drake, wouldn't surprise me since he likes to gain reputation... And yes, we did, but nnow I'd like to know... How do you know of all this? Or were you one of the few who witnessed the fight."

"Oh, I've been watching you since you arrived on Earth."

"Strange... But wouldn't surprise me..."

"Well, what can I say? A guy like me with big plans has to check all the variables. Oh, and I would be ready, the next couple of weeks? Gonna be an ouch if I ever saw one."

"Oh? And how so?"

"Oh, Phoenix, grudges, war... I could go on."

"Mentioning Phoenix already means unwell for all of us..." He sighs. "Seems like these worlds don't ever get a break."

"Yes, a war on the whole of Fantasy itself would certainly be 'unwell'."

"Hmm, then can I ask about your opinion on this. You don't seemed to be concerned."

"Mmmm... no, you can't. Needless to say, disaster is going to strike big time upon both worlds, Fantasy and Earth. Perhaps the salvation of these two worlds lies in something other than sheer strength?"

"Possibly... But we will see, won't we?"

Elaonore: Sir, before you go. Please take these. *give the man her entire bouquet of osira roses* When ever you look at these, promise you'll see that everyday is worth something cause it took every good day to produce these.

The figure freezes, and seems to be uncomfortable. "Umm... err... ....umm...."

"Hmm? What's the matter, they're only flowers."

"...Errr... ....You ever met someone, who was per say... ....kind of a bitch....? Sorry..." He mutters the last word.

Daikeim blinks. "...Yes, more than you think."

"....Let's just say I'm sorta uh... ...married to a... ......Mega Bitch."

"Wow... Ok then, just make sure she isn't listening in."

"....She has been. ...You know, screw the drama..." He takes the flowers. "Thank you Miss Elaonore. I'm gonna have to excuse myself. ...Oh, and see you soon, Daikeim. We'll meet again, sooner than you know." He disappears.

"Ok... That happened."

Elaonore: Sorry about the flowers, love. But I felt like he needed those flowers more than I did.

"It's fine, let's just hang around here for a while before going off."

Elaonore: Sure. But I do feel like there's something bothering you.

"And what makes you say that?"

Elaonore: Simply because you chose to stay here when the man spoke to you instead of continuing our walk. What's the matter?

"Well, it would be a bit rude just to move on, wouldn't it? Besides, it sounds like I'll have to leave once more soon..."

Elaonore: Oh...*holds his hand* If you must...then I will gladly wait here until you return. *gives Daikeim a gentle smile*

He smiles back and chuckles. "We have a few weeks, he said, but I can't be exactly sure... But I think I'll risk it."

Elaonore: I don't care how long you're gone, as long you come back.

"I always come back, don't I?"

Elaonore: When you'll come back is a different story.

"When is a different story, yes... But I promise you, I'll come back."

Elaonore: No need to make that promise. I already know.

He kisses Elaonore. "But for now... Let's just relax, shall we?"

Elaonore: *smiles* Relax we shall.

He lightly holds Elaonore as they begin to walk through the new village they arrived in, stopping here and there to talk and get stuff.

An hour later

They finally make it back to their room at the inn and set everything down. Elaonore simply goes over and sits on the bed.

"Hmm? Are you alright?"

Elaonore: Only taking a rest. You can only walk for so long when it's morning.

Daikeim nods in agreement and lies on his back on his bed, looking up.

Elaonore: Anything else you want to do today?

He answers with a hum as he begins to think. "I... Don't know, it's been the same old same old, hasn't it?"

Elaonore: always has now that I think about it. Mostly back at Downation I would be attending to the children at this point. But alas, there are no children teach.

Daikeim blinks. "...Huh, you were a teacher at Downation?"

Elaonore: More or less, yea. But wouldn't you not be surprised?

"Yeah, fair enough... Hey, there are probably some kids here to are eager to learn, so maybe you can start teaching again."

Elaonore: But that's the thing. Here in Upnation, they have well educated teachers. The kids I teached, really didn't have teachers, due to their parents running businesses, plus some either took up the responsibilities or were being home schooled.

"Well if they do have any places of education here, maybe you can see if you can get a place there?"

Elaonore: Maybe....But what about you?

"Hmm? Well, I'm always busy as you can see thanks to our visitor. I don't think I could settle down even if I tried." He chuckles.

Elaonore: Who was he though? Do you know him?

Daikeim shakes his head. "Not at all... But if what he said was true, then we may meet again."

Elaonore: *nods slowly*

There's a knock at the door

"I'll get it." He says as he walks towards the door and opens it.

Drekavas: Morning Daikeim. *puts a smile on his face*

Daikeim notices the smile and slightly narrows his eyes, but still retains a friendly expression. "Ah, morning, Drekavas, what brings you here?"

Drekavas: We gotta keep moving. I we're going to Jong-Chu City. There is where your wedding is being set up as we speak.

Daikeim blinks. "Woah woah wait wait... What?"

Drekavas: You thought you were staying here? Goodness no. This was just a resting point.

"Ok, first of all, we just arrived... Second of all, why is the wedding happening NOW!?"

Drekavas: Not now. Tomorrow. If it were today, we wouldn't have stopped her and have been at the city by now.

"...I think you're starting to forget that I can teleport." Daikeim sighs. "Still, a little more warning about the wedding would have been nice."

Drekavas: Then why did you sleep in an in and didn't sleep in your new house in the city? Hm?

Daikeim then mumbles something about a story and convenience.

Drekavas: Thought so. If you want, we can teleport to the city. Make things faster for you.

"Honestly, it's up to Elaonore."

Drekavas: Speaking of which. *enters their room* Good morning, Elaonore.

Elaonore: *smiles* Morning, Drekavs. How is your morning?

Drekavas: Good as always.

Both chuckle

Drekavas: We're going to get going today towards Jong-Chu City. Would you rather walk there or teleport there.

Elaonore: Well if you came sooner, I could've done my morning walk on the way there. *chuckles* But I suppose we can quick travel there. More sights to see.

"So it's settled, we teleport to Jong-Chu City, are both of you ready?"

Elaonore: *nods* Yes.

Drekavas: So am I.

"Alright." Daikeim places his hands on Elaonore and Drekavas' shoulder, his eyes then flash gold as they all flicker and disappear. When they open their eyes, they're in the whole new city.

City of Happiness

Elaonore: *marvels at the city* So glorious...

Drekavas: I know. Another work of team and progress. *leads the way*

"Dreakavas, you can't expect both me and Elaonore to be ready in an instant."

Drekavas: Like I said, it's tomorrow. Plenty of time.

"Let's hope so..." Daikeim blinks before slowing down his walking pace. "...So uuuh, Cyanic nor Arcadia have the same marriage terms as Earth or Fantasy, so I may need someone to lead me through this."

Drekavas: Oh yea, that's right. Well I'm pretty sure your fiance can fill you in. Here we are. *he stops at two stroy house made of brick and metal with oriental decorations* Your new home. Enjoy.

Elaonore: Thank you, Drekavas.

"Yes, thank you Drekavas." Daikeim takes a look at the house. "...Kind of suspicious how there always seem to be an empty house just for us."

Elaonore: What would be so suspicious about it, Daikeim?

"Well I'm just saying, every new place we go to, there is always a house for us to live in, that's all." Daikeim walks up to the house and opens the door, moving aside so Elaonore can go in first.

Elaonore: That's just called planning ahead. Or atleast I like to call it that. Come on. Let's go see.

Daikeim blinks. "...Let's see what?"

Elaonore: The inside of our new house, silly. *smiles*

In response, Daikeim chuckles and enters the house, he takes a minute to look around. "So... A two story house, pretty big."

Elaonore: A bit small but it is for only the two of us.

"Or if we're going down your route of our lives, the three of us."

Elaonore: Heheh yea...*slightly smiles at the thought of it* The three of us...

"Or four, or five." He chuckles. "But if we were to go down that way, I think I'd just handle with one child."

Elaonore: One would be good enough for me. *chuckles*

Daikeim smiles and holds Elaonore's hand, he then pulls her in and kisses her. 

Elaonore: But listen, I don't want to make quick decisions unless you are alright with it.

"Quick decisions? Like a possibility of a child?"

Elaonore: Yes. Exactly. I know you don't see yourself as father material, so I don't want to force anything on you that you don't feel ready for or uncomfortable with.

"It's you I would be worried about... I mean, with me being your partner, you're not exactly the safest of people."

Elaonore: And I still wouldn't do a single thing about that. It is still our life, and no one should change that, no matter who they are.

"I'm just saying... If we did have a child, you two would be targets, and that's something I don't want to happen."

Elaonore: You may be the man of the house, but I can take good care of myself as well. I'm not sick anymore, Daikeim. *smiles and holds the side of his face* Though I do find it rather attractive when you come to my rescue. You don't always have to have come and save me.

"Don't be silly, I have to. What kind of man would I be if I didn't come to my woman's aid?"

Elaonore: *smiles* Yea, but women aren't all that defensless as you might percieve.

"Yeah, I guess so." He chuckles again as he starts to wander around the house. "So... What do we do now?"

Elaonore: Now, we take a lesson in Marriage 101.

"Oh yeah... So how does it work?"

Elaonore: Well, it all starts like this.

15 minutes

Elaonore: And that is how marrigages on Earth works.

"Ok... That doesn't seem very difficult, so we need a suit and a dress...?"

Elaonore: Well yes. Since everything else has been done for us.

"Alright... So I guess we're going out to find the suit and dress."

Elaonore: If you mean get fitted, then yes. Let's go. *grabs Daikem's hand and rushes out the door*

Daikeim staggers as he catches up.

They make it to a loom shop

Elaonore: Here they will take our measurements so they can put together our dresses.

Daikeim blinks. "...Our dresses? You mean your dress and my suit, right?" Daikeim asks, chuckling.

Elaonore: A suit is a 'man's dress'. *smiles* Come on, let go in. *she takes him in*

Almost immediately, the tailors take them both into separate dressing rooms taking their measurements and checking for the material to make them

"Well then, they certainly are quick in their job, aren't they?" Daikeim says, patiently waiting until the suit arrives.

1 hour later

The tailors finally come in with his suit, all pressed out and nicely bagged

Daikeim smiles and takes the bag. "Thank you, and the price for this?"

Tailor: Free, just take it.

"Oh, thank you so much then." Drake says, his smile even wider. He wishes the tailor a good day and now waits for Elaonore.

Elaonore: *comes out with her dress in hand* Got mine. You have yours too?

"Yeah, so that was it, right? Just the suits and we're ready for tomorrow?"

Elaonore: Just one more thing. Cake.

"A cake... So I guess we're off to the bakery?"

Elaonore nods and smiles, she once more takes his hand and rushes off, with Daikeim keeping his pace. They soon reach the bakery where the assortment of cakes towers over the couple.

Elaonore: Wow, all these cakes. Which one do you want, Daikeim?

"Well, if we're going back what you said... We should get a tiered cake, shouldn't we?"

Elaonore: Ofcourse, but i mean what kind of cake, like as in flavor.

"I'm a fan for vanilla."

Elaonore: Ok, and I'll settle with chocolate, so would you rather have half the cake be vanilla and the other half chocolate or, should we have it swirled.

"Swirled will give it a unique apperance, so let's go with that."

Elaonore: Swirled please.

The baker nods and goes off, but he tells Elaonore about the time it will take before the cake is finished, the both leave the bakery.

Elaonore: Our cake should be done in about and hour. And that should be all we need to-waaait. We need to write our vows.

"...Our vows...?"

Elaonore: Yes. Our promises to our commitment to each other.

"Ok... That may be difficult with me since I am not the best with words."

Elaonore: Just write what's in your heart. I know you should atleast have half of a paragraph. I know I would be writing a whole book. Heheh.

"Ok then... So I guess that's what I'll be doing then..."

Elaonore: Yes. All we need is pencil and paper and we write.

"Umm, I think I'll think of the vows when I'm alone, helps me think." Daikeim says, chuckling with a nervous tone to it.

Elaonore: Well you'll have enough time when you're away. I can postpone the wedding until you return. It is not a big deal, I can wait.

"I doubt that I can put a wedding on hold, it seems like a bad move on my part."

Elaonore: Bad but necessary. I am only one person in comparison many others who might need you.

Daikeim chuckles. "Playing the guilt card, I see?"

Elaonore: I don't hold a higher place than anyone else, Daikeim. *holds his hand* I may be your wife-to-be, doesn't make me any different from everyone else.

After a bit of quietness, Daikeim softly smiles and pulls Elaonore in and kisses her. "Look, right now, you're that matters the most... The wedding comes first."

Elaonore: *takes a deep breath* Ok.

Drekavas: *walks up to them* Afternoon. E

Elaonore: Hello Drekavas. How is your day.

Drekavas: Being ruler over an entire nation is stressful, but nothing I can't manage.

Elaonore: *chuckles* I bet.

Drekavas: How are you two?

Elaonore: Oh just fine. We were simply just talking.

Drekavas: If it's about the wedding, then I can saftley say that our dear Daikeim does look a little nervous.

Elaonore: *laughs* Oh stop!

Daikeim narrows his eyes at Drekavas only just enough so that no one notices. "Yeah... Just have to sort out vows, that's all, I think so anyways."

Drekavas: Vows you say. You don't look like the one to really show your feelings much less right them down, so I think I'm available long enough to lend you some assistance.

"I will be fine, Drekavas." Daikeim says in a slightly stern tone. "Just... Give me a pen and paper, ok?"

Drekavas: Sure. *reaches into Daikeim's pockets and pulls out a paper and pen and hands it to him* Give it us much effort as you can. *whispers into his ear* I'd be happy to wait for you to fail. *pats him on the back and walks away*

Daikeim glances at Drekavs before he 'mysteriously' staggers on some fallen object. "Don't fall, Drekavas, it would be really embarrasing." He chuckles. 

Drekavas somehow doesn't fall over

Drekavas: *turns to Daikeim* Fall over what? *continues to walk*

When Drekavas leaves the house, a flowerpot falls onto his head. Daikeim then smiles innocently and walks upstairs to write down his vows.

When he reaches to the last step he falls through and lands on a shelf.

Elaonore: Daikeim! Are you alright?

"Yeah, it's a small fall, I'm fine." He floats back up and then sits down on a chair, he thinks for a moment before writing down on the paper.

A while passes until Elaonore gets a knock on the door.

Elaonore: Who is it?

"You can answer your own question by opening the door."

Elaonore: Sorry sir, but if you're going to be rude, then I'll have to tell you to leave.


Elaonore: And after all this time you were gone, you still have learned any manners. For shame.

"I have been to hell and back Elaonore, the least you can do is open a door."

Elaonore: I don't care if you were raised by the devil himself. You behave or you don't come in.

After that, she hears the door being picklocked open with Drake walking halfway up the stairs then stops. "Daikeim, you up there?"

"Drake? Is that you?"

He chuckles. "Yeah, what, you didn't hear me?"

"Haha, no, I was too busy with something, what brings you around?" 

"Come meet me outside, I want to catch up."

"Oh? Yeah sure, give me a second, alright?"

"Awesome, see you outside in a minute." Drake then walks back downstairs, completely ignoring Elaonore, he exits the house and closes the door behind him.

Elaonore: Dad's shotgun sure would've been handy.

A moment passes as Daikeim comes downstairs, stuffing a piece of paper into his pocket as he looks at Elaonore and chuckles. "Getting along, I see."

Elaonore: I'll only get along with him until he learns how to act appropriatly around people. Maybe you can teach him that.

"Oh leave him be, Elaonore... I understand that he can be rude at times, but you don't know him as long as I do, it's something that can't really be changed." He says before approaching Elaonore and planting a kiss on her cheek, he then exits the house and walks up to Drake. "So then, how are you?"

The second Daikeim asks that, he instantly notices Drake's expression, not his boastful self but more of a melancholy tone to him. He looks at Daikeim and sighs. "...Phoenix has taken Noriko, I've been beaten to shit and hell." He shows Daikeim the bandages. "I got my arm torn off... So really, I just want a break."

Daikeim's eyes widen. "Oh... Didn't know you had it that bad Drake, so you came here to rest?"

Drake simply nods as he sinks his hands into his pockets. "Yeah... More or less, although I won't be around for all of today, I'll be having to be back with Kanashimi and that."

"Kanashimi? And how are you two doing?"

In response, Drake lightly punches Daikeim's shoulder. "How about we just relax? I'd like that instead of banter right now."

Daikeim chuckles as he lightly punches back, he then sprouts out his wings and looks at Drake. "Let's find somewhere secluded, maybe we can spar?"

Drake smirks as his own wings emerge, he then floats up just as Daikeim does too. They both chuckle before Daikeim takes off into the skies, with Drake following close behind. After a while, the two seem to encounter a long abandoned village. Drake takes a look around before glancing at Daikeim. "Huh... How old do you expect this place to be?"

"Probably a place that's been evacuated since the Lambda fight... So then." Daikeim gets into a fighting stance and looks at Drake. "Shall we begin?"

In response, Drake smirks and gets into his own fighting stance. "As always, three... Two... One... GO!" And with that, Drake races towards Daikeim and throws a punch with his right hand. Daikeim blocks it with his left forearm and kicks Drake's left side, knocking him away. He then rushes towards Drake to knee him in the gut but Drake sidesteps and slams both his hands against Daikeim's back before spinkicking Daikeim into the floor

Daikeim jumps back up onto his feet as Drake charges towards him, they both throw a punch which collide in mid-air. "Hehe, maybe this is what I needed." Drake chuckles as Daikeim smiles. "I'm glad you think that, but you don't think you can win against a Heroa God, right?"

"Don't get ahead of yourself, Daikeim, you did get wounded by a shotgun of all things." Drake mentions as he uppercuts Daikeim then throws him into one of the houses, Daikeim emerges with a fireball in his hand as he flies towards Drake and smashes it against Drake's chest which blasts him to the ground. "Oooooooouch... Ok, if you want to play like that." Drake gets back up and smirks as a black fireball forms in Drake's palms as he jumps high in the air then dives down at Daikeim then suddenly sidesteps behind him and smashes both of the fireballs into Daikeim's back. 

Daikeim quickly turns around and slams his arm into Drake's side then grabs him and throws Drake into a building, Drake stops himself before he crashes through and blinks which then causes Daikeim to appear in front of Drake. The two begin to exchange attacks to one another until a fireball from both sides explode when they collide which blasts them two back. Drake and Daikeim stand up and chuckle.

"Ok, how about we do some more... Bladed attacks?" Drake suggests as he unsheaths Kurai, only to see Daikeim with the Draconia in his hand, charging towards Drake. "Ok, that's a yes then!" Daikeim slashes down but Drake blocks it before knocking Daikeim back and returning with a sideways slash. Daikeim jumps back then swings the Draconica as it emits a wave of Exeon energy, Drake jumps into the air to dodge the wave then swings Kurai which emits a white dash to speed towards Daikeim who just manages to evade the wave.

Daikeim looks up at Drake and chuckles. "Not bad for a mercenary!" Drake lands and spins Kurai around his hand. "Well, don't expect me to go easy on you."

"Who said that I was trying?" Daikeim taunts, Drake then smirks and flies towards Daikeim and coats Kurai in a black flame and does a final slash towards Daikeim who qucikly deflects it and barges Drake then kick sweeps him to the floor. Before Drake has time to react, he feels the point of the Draconica against his neck. "Ok ok... You win this one, now let me up." Daikeim in response, desummons the Draconia and pulls Drake up, after a minute, the two begin to walk throughout the abandoned town casually talking about recent events.

The two here footsetps and voices.

Drake looks at Daikeim. "I thought this place was abandoned..."

"I guess I was wrong..." Daikeim says as he sneaks towards the source of the noise, with Drake following close behind.

There they see several M.C.C.P soldiers and some automaton that looks like a four-legged turret.

"The MCCP... Huh, you think they saw the fight?" Drake asks. 

"That's a probability, but if they did, they'd would have been coming this way... It seems they're looking for something or someone."

Soldier: Alright, there's nothing here. So we might be heading back to the facility as soon as possible. The Administrator has called in a full callback. All personel is to report back to the facility and wait for further instruction.

The others nod and the begin to make their way out.

"Now now, you sorry excuses for soldiers... What makes you think you're getting out here alive?" When the soldiers turn towards that source of noise, they see Drake and Daikeim, equipped with their signature blades, giving the soldiers a smirk as they walk towards them. "MCCP... Well then, this will be easy pickings..."

Soldier: Damn. And I thought if we just ignored you we wouldn't have any trouble. We aren't here doing anything suspicious. We are just exploring this new enviroment.  Not doing anything besides sight seeing.

Daikeim chuckles. "I don't know if I should find that funny how you tried to ignore us, out of what? Hoping you wouldn't die today?"

"But then again, how could you ignore a Heroa and a mercenary quite like myself? Besides... This land doesn't like the MCCP here for obvious reasons, and actually... How did you get there, the Gate I know is thousands of miles away from here."

Soldier: We hiked. We found the gate round about...roughly two weeks ago?

Drake simply walks up to one of the soldiers and takes their radio. "Mercenary to MCCP, come in MCCP... This small squad of soldiers are pathetic cowards, my advice is that this group is dealt with great pain once they arrive back to headquarters." Drake the pushes the radio into the soldier's hands then blankly looks at him. "Go on, get lost. Before I change my mind and him and I turn you and your friends into nothing but red splatters on the floor."

Soldiers: Eh. It's a soldiers life. We're expendable for a reason. Let's go troop. *the soldiers walk off in two columns*

Daikeim looks at Drake in slight confusion. "That's not like you, Drake." 

"Yeah, well I can't be killing people who are just doing their job... It's only when I notice them causing terror and havoc, that's when I'll kill them. Besides, you don't like me killing for the hell of it." 

They hear a faint screeching.

The two turn to the direction of the screeching, they shrug and walk towards it.

They find out that the screeching has some how passed them. From above. Fainting back to where they came from.

Drake flies up into the skies and looks towards the source of the screeching. "Airborne... Ok."

The screecing seems to be close enough to the city

Daikeim focuses on the screeching before opening his eyes slightly, he quickly pulls Drake down. "Well... It's your old friend."

Drake looks at Daikeim with slight confusion before finally realising. "...Oh great, this asshole."


Elaonore is writing until she hears the screeching

Elaonore: Hm? *gets up and heads outside and sees everyone standing out there also wondering what that screeching could be*

All off a sudden a sudden something lands, creating a dust storm. And once the dust clears, Jumbo rises and lets out a screech. Everyone begins to back up abit looking at him in both fear and awe.

Elaonore: *is equally surprised* Jumbo...? It's you...You're back. *runs up and hugs him*

Jumbo: *lowly grunts* What is this place...? Why have we not notice this...?

Elaonore: *lets go* We sort found this place nearly a month ago, but how are you here.

Jumbo: The Before...

Elaonore: Oh...

A few moments pass until Daikeim and Drake land back into town and looks at Jumbo. 

"Well... He's back." Drake says plainly, Daikeim takes a closer look at Jumbo. "Hmm..."

Jumbo: *turns to look at them* You are still here...?

"What's the supposed to imply?" Drake quickly says back.

"I'm just as surprised too."

Drekavas makes his way through the crowd

Drekavas: Guess things didn't go well back there, didn't it?

Drake and Daikeim take a few steps back and watch.

Jumbo: *turns to Drekavas* Who aaarre yoouuu...?

Drekavas: *walks up to him*  I am Drekavas, proud leader of Upnation. No need to introduce yourself, I am well aware of who you are. *puts his hand out for a handshake* Welcome to Upnation.

Jumbo: *instead grabs him by his shirt* We smell Flesh...from the Outside...We smell blood on your hands...*lifts him up*

Elaonore: Jumbo! Put him down!

The guards show up and surround Jumbo

Drekavas: Don't engage. Your senses are correct. I am part human, aswell as a murderer of several myths, but I've come to make a change.

Jumbo: *grumbles*

Elaonore: Jumbo!

"For once... I'm with the man with no mind here, Drekavas has comitted crimes against Mytho and mankind... Unlike my demi god friend here..." Drake unsheathes Kurai and stands next to Jumbo. "I'm not bound by anything here, so if Jumbo decides to take Drekavas out of the picture, then I'm not one to be against that." He states, glancing at the guards with a fiendish smile, a darker tinge to his eye colour.

Elaonore: No! No! NO! *gets up in Drake's face* You are not pulling the same stunt twice, you here me?! Why would you just go out of your way and just kill people for no reason! These people have lived in peace, and wouldn't resolve to fighting unless it was to defend themselves and right now, they're defending the one person who helped them in their time of need! What he's done, is behind us now! Besides, what do you care?! You're not one of us! You're not one of them! He never did anything to you! You have no reason to avenge someone or anyone you barely know! You just kill for the sake of it, likes some child raised by wild animals! How about you stop being judge and jury and let these people live in peace and not die for some senseless reason! *is breathing deeply*

Drake grabs Elaonore by her neck and holds her up, not squeezing tightly, but just holding her there. His eye colour darkens even more as he blankly looks at her, almost in pity... "You poor thing... You simply don't understand..." Drake's voice has changed, a more slickly tone hidden amongst the apathy. "Do you not know what a mercenary is, Elaonore? It's someone who gets paid to kill someone they have no history with, if I go out of my way to kill someone for no reason? Then that's my simple thirst for bloodlust..."

He looks at everyone around him then glances back at her. "It's not behind us, it's behind you. I don't think you even considered Daikeim, did you? Do you think he trusts Drekavas at all? Why should he, he took someone he loved and operated on her, toyed with her like she was nothing. These people have lived in peace... Yes, that is true, but not for long... It doesn't matter who they defend if it's for the wrong reasons, you and mostly everyone else here is defending a murderer, a sick and twisted scientist." He chuckles darkly. "I'm repeating myself here... Not die for senseless reason? Oh, you silly thing... Do you not remember your little outbreak back at Downation? Do you not remember the amount of people you killed, or the destruction that you caused? Do you hear their pleads? Their only question; why?"

Drake starts to lightly squeeze her neck. "And finally... If I'm not one to be judge and jury, then what made you in charge of what I am? Not one of them? Not one of us, xenophobic, are we?  And no, Drekavas never did a thing to me... But, it's what he did to you and Daikeim. That's why I'll be more than happy to kill him, no one hurts my friend and gets away with it." By now, Elanore struggles to breath, which prompts Daikeim to rush in and apprehend Drake who just chuckles to himself. "I have a partner who loves me, a guardian angel and three 'kids'..." He looks straight at Elaonore, his eyes piercing her soul. "What do you have, girl? You have a broken and tattered body, a mind that barely thinks straight, your only friends are a mindless beast and a monster, your dad treats you like an outcast, like he doesn't even care about you... I say that the only thing that redeems you is that you were lucky to have Daikeim choose you, if it wasn't from him. Your mother would be dead, you would have continued to be a test subject... Or worse."

Jumbo: *drops Drekavas and rams Drake into a house*

Elaonore: *coughs*

Jumbo gets kicked back into the street as Drake emerges from the house, laughing. "Is that your best!?" He speeds towards Jumbo and knees him in the gut then headbutts Jumbo hard enough to stun him. Drake then grabs him and slams him to the floor.

Jumbo punches Drake in the gut then punches him in the face, sending him flying out of the roof and into the sky. Jumbo is already where Drake is and grabs his face. He then slams Drake all the way back down to the house, destroying it.

Myth: My house!

Drake gets back up and looks at Jumbo. "You're a beast, aren't you? Here, let me show you how to fight like one." Drake says as he enters Stage One of his Primitive form. He quickly claws Jumbo's chest then tackles him through a set of buildings before picking him up by the neck and slamming him down to the floor three times in a row. He sets Jumbo ablaze and throws him across the floor.

Jumbo gets up and the fire grows bigger and his Pentagram glows. The guards finally reach them and surround the both of them.

Everyone starts to notice Drake's chuckle turn into a laughter as the bandages on his right forearm starts to tear off, revealing the black claw. His hand makes a swing in air as the guards get ripped to shreads by a multitude of black spikes which form out of the ground, Drake then lunges at Jumbo and knocks him down. The same black material as the spikes form around Jumbo and hold him down, restraining even his strength. "Look at you... Hmph." Drake raises one arm with the soul intent to kill.

The two are separated by a piercing light, which wraps them both in burning chains, the mere presence of the light burns Corruption's essence as if it was standing in the core of the sun.

Enough, Drake! He hears a familiar, angry voice.

The colour in one of Drake's eyes changes back to normal as he tries to endure the pain, he takes a look around then spots Seriah. "I thought you were staying at the tower... Ow... Ow... Fucking... OW!" 

I was, until I noticed my charge was trying to MURDER someone!

Drake growls at Seriah but only manages a small portion of it before the chains burn him even more.

She smacks him in the face with a wing, the blow feeling as though she just hit him with a diesel truck fully loaded.

Excuse me? You knock that off right now before I knock you straight into next month!

The guards draw close just

Drekavas: We are sorry to inform you, that you two are here by under arrest. Why? Isn't it obvious? Come quietly or I will deal with you two myself.

Jumbo: *the blaze goes away and his Pentagram looses his glow*

"Seriah, release me."

"How about, no." She says, fully appearing to him, hands on her hips and bearing a very cross expression.

"You can tell me off once we go back, ok? I need both of my hands to activate it anyways."

She just crosses her arms.

"And if you don't, then Azayakana will, won't she?"

"Azayakana isn't the queen of Fantasy. This isn't her jurisdiction. No, she won't help. You need to owe up."

Drake's tone grows serious. "Listen, Seriah, there is no way in hell I am going into custody by Mythos. If I stay here long enough for me to miss out on getting her back, then who do you think is going to get soaked in blood..."

"I'll talk with His Pretentiousness over there," She says pointing back toward Drekavas. "But in the mean time, you need to learn that the 'the law doesn't apply to me' crap is going to cost you in life! I may be your guardian angel, but that doesn't include 'giving you a free pass'."

Drekavas: Come along now. *begins to walk with Drake and Jumbo being forced along behind him* I have a cell with your name carved in it. No joke. I just had a strange feeling I was gonna need it and sure enough I did. And it's a very special cell too.

"Oh, Pretentiousness. You try to hurt him or anything, or in any way 'test' on him, you will not live very much longer."

Drekavas: Please. The emptiness of an angel's threat to someone much higher is demeaning. Besides, me 'testing' on him wouldn't make him any smarter. So no worries. *continues walking*

"Wrong answer." The chains rattle and threaten to immediately snap.

Drekavas: You're new, aren't you?

"And you are only Nigh Omniniscent. Even you have things that you cannot understand or even fathom."

Drekavas: More than you could? Ask yourself this, in your line of work, What Would That Bastard Child Do?

"I'm not going to answer that question. He is my charge, and unless God tells me otherwise, I will not cease. And no, you don't count. Let me also make something clear." She pulls out a red scroll, which immediately puzzles Drevakas, as merely looking at it is causing him anxiety.

"Let me make it quite clear that I can reduce you to a much much lower state of being than me with no effort at all. You're not even 'high'. And neither am I. Not compared to him."

Drekavas: Then what makes you so sure you can even become a match for me? So  far you are failing at your job aswell as persuading me not to harm him. Such rash assumptions, tend to go sour. Like right now, you're trheatning me like I'm going to do something. That doesn't make me wanna not hurt him, it makes me wanna see how long he will take to rot. So in the mean time, I would do better and make like a real Guardian Angel and just...disappear.

Drekavas gets punched in the face hard enough that he gets knocked down to the floor, when he looks at what caused it, he sees Drake armed with both his blades, with Kurai mutated into a demonic greatsword, the chains that binded him now snapped and laying on the floor, runes and tribal markings all over Drake, when he speaks, his tone of voice has changed back to normal. "Don't you dare... Talk to Seriah, like that!" He kicks Drekavas across the floor. "Call me a murderer, call me nothing, call me stupid... But don't you dare talk down on my guardian angel, you want to deal with me yourself? Then go right ahead."

Jumbo: If he refuses to fight, so are we. *punches Drake in the gut and punches him into another house*

Drekavas: *gets up*

The towns people tend to his aid

Gaurd: Are you alright, Supreme Lord?

Drekavas: Oh, I'm simply swell. But now more chaos is ensuing. You know what to do.

Guard: Yes sir! Come on!

The guards go after the two

Jumbo: *his Pentagram glows* Just like no one should oppress your The Winged Person...No one should oppress Elaonore...You fight us now..*before Drake notices, Jumbo is already delivering massive blows at amazingly fast rate. He then uppercuts him out of the roof, takes his foot and slams him back down to the floor* You should've left...

The guards surround them once again. 'Stop right there! You already have made it worst for yourselves and others! Anyfurther and we will put you to death!

A powerful dark, cold chill blows, heavily affecting Jumbo, Seriah, and Drevakas, striking a powerful chord of fear in them, as strange ghostly whispers fill the air.

Drekavas: Hm. A strange presence looms.

A black mist starts gathering in a nearby street, and a voice echoes: "Nephilim..."

Drekavas: Oh my, someone demands me. And here I thought I out-aged them all.

A figure begins to form from the black mist, slowly approaching, but its gait seems odd, as though it were a zombie, or hardly alive.

Drekavas: Hello there. And who might you be?

It straightens, and appears to look directly at him, as it does, Drevakas gets a vision of a massacre of countless Nephilim by this being's hand.

"I am the Judge. You will leave this land... now..."

Drekavas: On what grounds? Simply because I am a Nephilim or because of my past sins. My sins that these fine people were so willing to forgive me for?

"Because of your present and past sins. I know you and your past self... you have no such thing as 'emotion' or even understanding. Indeed, you view yourself above others, you know only yourself. You are empty and without purpose. You and the rest of your kind never learn."

Drekavas: That part is debatalbe. But think of it like this. The people want me here. What will they do without me? What will you do if they try to stop you? Don't you see this as an injustice to these fine people? They want someone with my intellegence and leadership to guide them. What is the worst I could do here? The past is the past, the present can also count for it too will be the past.

"I do not entertain the serpent of the silver tongue. Besides... they will not defend you from me. If anything... I should defend you from them..."

Drekavas: My place is with these people. I am their leader whom they look to for hope and guidance. All you'll be doing is running them into the ground. Woudlb't you be commiting a greater injustice by destroy these peoples spirits? I have not harmed them one bit, yet you say I should pay for what I did a year ago? Why not account for his sins? *points at Drake* He's killed for money and for pleasure, for when I did, I did for a greater good. Or him. *points at Jumbo* The thing is made of hate and will kill those who casted him away here and any other human being. How am I so different from anyone else? Is it because of me being a Nephilim that you do this or is it because you fear my presence her will change everything?

"What exactly do you think you're changing? You are filled with pride and arrogance. You like all the rest, are blinded by the Pride of the Nephilim. That pride destroyed Earth, and it will lead to the destruction of these people. You walk the same path you did when your race first came to be. And you are doomed to repeat it. That is why you must leave, because you are a poison. To yourself and the world."

Drekavas: Well then. *walks up to the figure* Let Him stop me. Personally.

The whole of Fantasy momenarily quakes with an absolutely enormous power, as Drevakas' power is completely dwarfed and cast aside as he is blown miles away in mere seconds by the aura of the figure, who is now adorned in a white armor Drake reconigizes from the vision before, though aged and worn.

"That's the one I saw...? That's impressive..." Drake says as he stands back up, he walks up to the figure but keeps his distance. "You... You're the one I saw, correct?"

"...No. He is yet to be." The figure stalks past him and toward Drekavas, his mere presence scattering the guards out of their fear, he pauses and looks at Jumbo.

"Move an inch toward him, and I will hand deliver you to the Before."

He then prowls up to Drekavas and pins him down with a clawed foot.

"Know your place... The likes of you can be felled... so... easily... your pride is your weakness. I ask again. What. Change. Have you actually brought to this world? You have only continued what has been, you contribute nothing. One who is empty has nothing to offer to this world. Remember that. Your crimes are tenfold because you view the world from a false height. When in reality, your view is less than a grain of sand compared to the world."

The being kicks him in the head, knocking him out. It then glances at Drake and Seriah, and they are returned to Echo. It then disappears like a dark midnight fog.

Drekavas: What change?...What change, you ask?...*smirks* *gets up* My change...

Drekavas feels weird, but he doesn't have a way to describe it exactly.

Drekavas: This won't be long now. I'll just take my time. *sits on the ground*

It will get longer duration the more you idle...

Drekavas: Not for much longer. *begins walking through the vast landscapes of Upnation*

Daikeim turns his head towards Elaonore. "Are you alright? I'm sorry about Drake, I don't know what got into him." He says as his hands glow gold, he then starts to heal Elaonore from any wounds Drake caused.

Elaonore: I'm...I'm fine...*slowly gets up without looking at him*

Daikeim sighs and looks at Jumbo. "And you?"

Jumbo: Nothing scathes us. We will abide. *he walks off with the guards surrounding him*

"Fantasy is getting way too hetctic..." Daikeim begins to walk before turning his head toward Elaonore. "You coming home? You look like you need a rest."

Elaonore: I don't need to rest... I need to think...*simply just walks off*

Daikeim sighs once more before looking at the Mythos around him. "...There is nothing to see now, go." Daikeim says as his wings sprout out and he takes to the skies.

Jumbo is put in a  prism made out of psycic energy. Some guards stand around the prism while the other head back out to settle the confusion

Jumbo: *sits down*

"Jumbo...Can you here me?"

Jumbo: *slowly lifts his head up* Yes...We can hear...

"I have an offer for you I think you might like."

Jumbo: Hmmm...What is it you want to tell us?

"For decades you've fought your new-found family in the name of mankind,but mankind turned against you and tossed you in with your enemies, that you soon accepted as your family. And soon after accepted mankind as your enemy. I can give your freedom and your vengeance. I can free you and all of Fantasy. And The Before and all mankind will know your pain"

Jumbo: *eyes slowly widen as he slowly stands*

"All I ask of you, is to make this pact as a...equal partnership."

A hand stretches out towards Jumbo

Jumbo: *reaches the hand and grasps the hand*

Meanwhile, Daikeim finally lands on a flat style roof and decides to lay down, he looks at the ring on his finger before lightly shaking his head. "...What the hell has happened over the last couple of months... It's all just a blur, a hectict, confusing blur. It's times like these when I'm at a loss, with Drake, Elaonore, the events... Uuugh, I just don't know about anything right now." Daikeim sits up and holds his Soul Stone in his hand.

Elaonore is sitting under a pedal tree in a garden. She has her eyes closed and breathes, letting the wind blow in her face. She slowly opens her eyes

Elaonore: What's happening...? For these past few months...have been the worst in my years of life...I just don't understand why is this all happening...Why my heart, soul, and mind feel so...wrenched. *she puts her hand over her chest* What is the reason for all this?...Was it?..for something good to come out of all this...? *looks up into the cloudy afternoon sun* Please God....Tell me why...These past few months since those two whoe fell from above...My life just hasn't been...right ever since...And all I've done a tool...All I do is just...say words but not do anything...And all I have been doing was just...thinking about myself...and when I tried to help...It just hasn't worked...What am I, Lord?...What can I do to stop all this...I'm tired of just...being the center of most of these problems that had occured...I just...*a tear rolls down her face* I just want things to change...


The Wanderer with the Earth's Protection

'' To him, the world he saw was full of awe. He understood deep inside that not everything was as it should've been, in fact he knew something was very wrong, but the amazing and beautiful things he could find in such a damaged place pushed those thoughts away. He felt like his surroundings were a bubbling fountain of wonder yet to be discovered, but he wasn't so enamored as to not notice the dangers of his surroundings.

You can feel it, can't you? The looming chaos.

"...I am aware."

To some degree, it's rather beautiful. The cycle. The change.

"Something from which I am an outlier of..."

Well no outlier deserves to feel unwelcomed


'I welcome you to Upnation. What brings you here, Outlier?'

"Looking for something... Someone... I'm unsure beyond that."

'Who are you looking for?'

"A person. I don't remember anything beyond that."

'Well there are plenty of persons around here. You'll find whoever you look for I'm sure.'


"Do you need directions to the nearest town?"

"That would be nice."

"Keep heading straight. The next town is three miles up ahead."
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Niji Garden

"Thank you..." The figure walks in the direction ahead.

Three miles later

The stranger makes it to some japanese garden.

"The start of a town? The plants are lively..." He pays more attention to the plants than anything else.

There he can see a pink-haired woman sitting under a tree with pink blossoms

"Hmm... Are you the caretaker of these plants?"

The woman wipes her eyes. "No...But I oughta be, heheh. They're magnifcent, aren't they?"

"They aren't stifled."

"The colors of the flora. It's like ...looking at a rainbow...Anyway, what brings you here, stranger?"

"Passing through... Rainbow is ill-suiting."

"Is it because rainbows fade or you can barely see them? Besides, our raibows here are different."

"No, the full beauty of nature cannot be defined in such a way, not in the slightest."

"What brings you here, kind stranger?"

"Passing through, looking for something not here, there or anywhere I've been."

"What are you looking for? I might help."

"A place that is a blank in my memory, yet ever so vivid. A circle of eight, standing above many, but below one, never faltering from eternity's caress, yet scattered to the wind and lost to one another. The answer in two sides of the coin lies, yet the truth is rent and shattered like fallen ice..."

"But isn't the truth the third side?"

"No coin has three sides."

"Maybe a side you can't see. But a story has three sides."

"There were only two selected, of the other I do not know."

" The truth, silly. Your side, my side, and the truth. Three sides to both the coin and the story."

"Only time will tell."

"I guess it will. Do you need a place to stay?"

"No, I should be on my way."

"Oh I insist. You can just stay the night and continue on your way until morning."

"I'd rather not impose, I should be on my way."

"I sense no burden for you only staying a night. It is getting late. But if you need to continue then I won't stop you."

"Then I'll be going."

"Where you are going must be very important for you to turn down a kind offer."

"I've burdened enough people as is, I'd rather not burden more."

"Funny. She did say you were no burden to her. Personal Isolation is a rot."

"What you see as isolation is the result of history repeating itself too many times. I'd rather not see it happen again."

"So what do you do? Ignore it?"

"Avoidance and ignorance are completely different."

"But both involve turning turning your back on something."

"I'd rather not have someone who knows less about me than I do myself judge me."

"Your actions just seem...unnecessary. But since I know less about you, then then explain it to me."

"My course of action is optional in a suboptimal situation, I do not require rest."

"Hmmm. Alright then. Is there anything you do need. Besides hospitality of course."

"Nothing aside from answers you do not have."

"Alright then. Then you should know where the exit is."

"Indeed." The figure walks away.

"Then take care."

The figure quietly disappears from view. Not this place either... Where are you?

Invasion Day

Vzark's pod crashes into the ground some time later, near a village, he receives a message from White.

They have two options... join us, or death.

Vzark takes a second before opening the door to his pod and stepping out, gazing onto the unfamilar area, but quickly remembers why hes here. "Understood." He places his hand to the hilt of his sword, and begins heading into the village, sensing and getting an idea of who and what is around.

Some of the villagers see Vzark running towards them.

Myth: Hm? Who is that guy?

Vzark walks up to the Myth and glances at the other villagers. "Thats not exactly important, who I am I mean. However, what is important is whether your village will remain present, or completely wiped out. Phoenix is going to end up taking hold of this place, but It'd be nicer whether you have a say to live or not, right? My question is whether you'd like to remain apart of us, or to put it simply..." Vzark suddenly unsheathes his blade and drives it across the Myth's neck, decapitating them. "Die." He sheathes his blade, holding back a breath. "What am I doing...?"

Everyone is completely shocked and terrified

Myth: Sweet crimeny, man!

Myth 2: To hell with with joining...What ever the hell Phoenix is!

Some of the myths rush Vzark

"That didn't work." He sprouts his wings and darts forward, slicing down the various Myth's as they charge him. Around the entire village he creates a gravity shield that blocks them all from leaving. "Sorry. I did warn you, to be fair." Vzark begins darting and flying around, killing Myth's before stopping as bodies are scattered throughout the entire village. "One last chance, will you join us?" 

Myth: Seriously, to be real. And I know this is the worst moment to say this, but you suck at first impressions, man!

"Oh fuck off. Answer the question" Vzark simply waits, sheathing his sword.

Myth: I think you can already see where we stand from what I said, I mean for real, we aren't sell-outs and you sucked for speaking out to us about your organization. So no. No will not join.

Vzark sighs and the Myth sets ablaze, and is completely reduced to ash. Moments later the entire village is desolated, with various buildings destroyed and bodies strewn everywhere. "They chose death, White."

Move on to the next.

Even as she says that, more pods like his fall across Upnation.

Vzark looks at all the pods and then at the bodies, shaking his head and moving on from the village. He gets rid of the gravity shield and continues walking. "Wonder how long this war will last."

Vzark hears some sort of a scream

He heads to the soruce of the scream, raising a brow behind his helmet. He keeps his guard up, sensing for anyone nearby.

Before Vzark knows it, something double-axe handles him over the head and sends him crash back to the ground. When he lucks up into the sun, he looks up he sees a shadow engulfed in flames coming down at him at top speed

Vzark suddenly dissapears from the ground and appears behind the shadow, sword raised up and firing a Novic blast at the shadow from his sword, completely engulfing it. "Fuck. You."

The Novic blast turns becomes part of the shadows flaming aura. The shadow turns back around, flies up to Vzark, and grabs hold of his hands

Vzark surrounds himself in light and water and the two elements fuse, slamming into the shadow and smashing it into the ground, enveloping it comletely. He creates more light and water and covers his sword in it, charging up and impaling the shadow in the torso.

Vzark is completely engulfed in fire. Feeling every inch of his body scorching at an immense degree. The shadow stands to it's feet and holds on to Vzark and begins to apply crushing force

Despite the heat, Vzark feels no pain from the fire and instead covers himself in light, pushing off the shadow and the light shield splits into various shards that all fly at the shadow. The fire that englufed Vzark goes away, and he slashes the shadow across the chest with his sword right before the light shards crash into the shadow, causing it to fly back.

Vzark still feels the burning sensation, but the shadow still stands. Something suddnly wraps around Vzark's neck and pulls him down to the ground. A blue giant walks up to Vzark and is about to stomp on him.

Vzark slices whatever wraps around his neck and jumps up behind the blue giant, stabbing it in its back. He increases his own gravity and quickly rakes his sword across the entire giants back, slicing at the tendons in its legs to bring it down. He fights through the sensation, getting easily used to it. 

The burning continues as if there is nothing to stop it, but Vzark notices it doesn't feel like his body is burning. The shadow lets out a scream and closes the gap between them before Vzark knows it, then socks him in the face launching him throuhg numerous houses

Vzark stabalizes himself mid air with his wings, and the rubble of the houses begins to float up. They all initially launch towards the shadow, but suddenly change course and fly straight into the giants face. He quickly speeds up and begins to ignore the shadow, creating orbs of fire and smashing them into the giant over and over.

The shadow rushes Vzark and punches him in his side, wich makes a loud cracking sound. The shadow punches Vzark in his other side, which makes another loud crack sound. The shadow double-axe uppercuts Vzark into the sky. The shadow flies after Vzark, grabs his leg, flies back to the ground at Mach 2 speed and slams Vzark on his back, crating a large cloud of dirt. As the dirts clears, Vzark finds himself in a crater. He looks up at the shadow and sees it clearly now. Vzark sees a fairly tall masculine figure. The figure is only wearing pants, his upper body and feet are bare with a Pentagram symbol apparent on its cheast. Its skin is tanish grey, it's hands only have 3 fingers and curved bone protruding from both of it's elbows. It has long triangular wings, and it's head is large and slightly roundish. It's face consist of a long triangular beak and eyes as black as the abyss.

Jumbo: *screams*

Vzark completely heals his wounds and sheathes his blade, stretching. "Nice combo, could have been better. Really didn't want to have to resort to my other powers, but fine." The area around Jumbo suddenly shatters and explodes, and Jumbo is sent flying high into the sky. Vzark speedly shoots up and brings his leg down onto Jumbo, and he is sent flying straight back into the crater, making an even larger one.Jumbo begins to feel an insane amount of pressure, and his bones begin to break and shatter.

Jumbo: *screams* *he flies up to Vzark and socks him in-between the eyes, sending him flying. He flies after him, grabs his leg, spins him around, lets go of his leg sending him flying back the other way. Jumbo catches up with Vzark and back-hands him into the ground and begins to repeatedly punch Vzark in the stomach as he continues to glides through the ground*

The Vzark Jumbo grabbed seemingly vanishes into dust as the real Vzark roundhouses Jumbo in the head. He grabs Jumbo by the throat and unsheathes his sword, slashing it across his back and chest before letting go and creates a cannon of light that bursts down onto Jumbo, completely engulfing him. After the light disspears Vzark reers back and kicks Jumbo in the side, sending him flying with extreme force. "Fucking overgrown pidgeon."

Jumbo: *flies past Vzark at Mach 5 speed*

Vzark feels blood begining to gush from his stomach

The wound quickly heals once more as Vzark creates a gravitational shield in the surrounding area, and Jumbo is sent crashing at extreme force into the ground as he hits it. The force causes a crack in the surface to form, and Jumbo is sent straight down into it. He closes the surface of the ravine, sealing Jumbo deep into the ground. "Getting really annoyed with this fucker."  Vzark sheathes his sword and waits. "I know you're not done."

Jumbo: *comes up from underneath Vzark and uppercuts him into the air, grabs his lag, and begins to slam him into the ground like a ragdoll. He stops and begins to fly up and lands down on him. He does this several times until there is a crater filled with blood under his feet* *screams*

However, before Jumbo can even react or do anything Jumbo suddenly finds a sword impaled into his torso. Vzark drives the blade back and forth across Jumbo's chest before drawing it out, and slamming his fist into Jumbo's face. The force causes the wound to spread and rupture, damaging the rest of his body as he is sent back once more. Blood is sent across the area as Jumbo flies, and Vzark speeds torwards Jumbo once more, elbowing him into the ground. "Leave, and I wont have to kill you."

Jumbo begins to overall perform worse and worse, though he can't understand why, his movements are slowing and becoming clumsy, it is becoming harder to attack and land hits.

Jumbo: *screams in frustration as he continues to pursue Vzark*

Vzark begins to dodge every attack Jumbo throws at him with his new found clumsiness, attacking back in between every attack. Every attack Vzark does causes the wound on Jumbo's chest to open more and more. Vzark then pierces his sword into one of Jumbo's wings, and then cuts into his knee.

Jumbo: *his wing hits Vzark in the face, nearly knocking him over, he accidentally steps on Vzark's foot and falls over on top of him.*

Vzark quickly angles his blade so that it pierces inti Jumbo's gut as he falls, and he grunts before pushing him off and taking his blade out. "You're slipping up. Last stand."

Jumbo: *stands to his feet* We will never fall to our tormentors...

"Then die standing." Vzark suddenly rushes Jumbo and systematically slices everywhere on Jumbo's body, seemingly having no effect. He jumps back and suddenly all of the areas attacked suddenly slice open all at once, rushing Jumbo with intense pain.

Jumbo: *enjulfs himself in fire* We won't die! Can't die! Unitl they all pay! *screams* *rushes Vzark*

Vzark dodges out of Jumbo's way, and creates a few rocks that trip Jumbo. "I thought you were done screaming." The fire absorbs into Vzark's blade, and he increases Jumbo's gravity, beginning to crush him.

Jumbo: *stands to his feet once again* Our wrath cannot be stopped!

"But it can be postponed." Vzark increases the gravity and it causes Jumbo to fall once more, the ground around him beginning to crack and shatter.

Jumbo: *walks toward Vzark* Murderer...

Vzark bites his lip. "Shut up." Vzark makes the pressure even stronger, and the earth that started to crack begins to shake, splitting apart.

Jumbo: *continues to walk towards Vzark* You are like us...Why do you slaughter us like animals?

"Because only animals would be dumb enough to refuse life when it's offered to them. I gave them the chance to survive, and they declined." The dearth begins to shake even more, various ravines forming around the two as nearby buildings begin to collapse. "I will strike you down if you don't leave."

Vzark hears noise from the nearby tree, as Koruda appears. "Could you be any more slow?"

"Could you be any more creepy?" Vzark glanced at Koruda and sighs, turning to Jumbo. "Apologies." Vzark suddenly darts behind Jumbo and slams his fist into the back of his head, knocking him out. "Is this, more sufficient? I wanted to give him a chance to join us."

"You're still quite slow. He wouldn't give you a chance if you were the fairy godmother." She retorts. "Though I suspect this one has a grudge against humans we could sate if it wasn't so busy being a parakeet."

"We shouldn't waste any more time then. Next village. Leave whatever it is here, I'm sure somene unfortunate will come across him and either kill him or die. And the fight would have been over faster if you actually physically helped." Vzark sheathes his sword and nudgss Jumbo's body with his foot. "Give me a second. "White if you don't mind, I need my dragon. Is it possible for you to send it here? Thank you in advance." Vzark waits. "Hopefully bringing in something to help us."

Saving it for a more difficult fight. Don't assume he's down, forewarning.

"If I didn't brand him with Misfortune, you would have been the one being pummeled."

"I would have been fine. Keep in mind I was testing my boundaries, I could have fought harder. He was nearing his limits to begin with. Don't act like you saved me." Vzark snarls to Koruda, stretching. "Have you managed to get any villages to join Phoenix yet?" Vzark keeps his guard up after hearing White, occasionally glancing at Jumbo for signs of awakening.

"I was keeping an eye on you honestly. What with you being known as the butterball of the bunch, I deemed it appropriate to see you in action."

Vzark stops stretching. "...What do you mean I'm known as "the butterball of the bunch"? His voice has some offense taken to it, clearly annoyed.

"Some of us don't think you have what it takes to survive... this." She gestures to the sights and sounds of destruction.

"Id be lying if I said I don't either." Vzark remains silent, and clutches the handle of his sword. "Whether you're amongst those and I doesn't matter. You're going to bear witness to my success. What makes you any more capable to survive this than I do? There's equal opportunity for both of us to die and you know it. Next village." Vzark begins to stomp off, the ground cracking near Koruda. "Follow me if you still want to see me in action."

Koruda watches him for a moment. "I remain unconvinced." His temperament will be the true deciding factor... will he let his emotions dominate him like they did with the Blue Lambda?

"Could have been worse. I could have ended up with Kagerou instead of Koruda. Sucks either way it seems." Vzark continues to walk, eventually floating up into the sky to scout out for the closest village.

People are panicking

Guard: Everyone get out of here as quickly as you can! We will hold off these intruders back as long as we can!

Koruda flies into the village and lands near the guard.

"So before we all freak out and try the whole killing thing, unlike my partner here, let's be reasonable. You know it's a matter of time before one or the other kills you lot off. Humans, us, it doesn't matter at this point. But I can at least guarantee that you should want to be on the winning side. Us, by the way. You've seen the power we possess. It's futile to fight back. We won't kill you unless you fight back against us. There's no reason to die, when you could have everything."

Guard: We already had everything...All you're doing is taking it away. Now you want us to join a side in a war we wanted no part of and threaten to kill us all if we refuse?! What kind of monsters are you?!

The people agree with the guard

Vzark steps next to Koruda. "You say you already had everything. If you had everything, There would be no reason to need us to keep this land safe, to keep your lives and familes safe. Yes, we are taking away something. We're taking away the risk of all of you being murdered by others. The moment you side with us on this war, is the moment you find yourself more comfortable then ever before. Regardless of wanting no part of something, it could, and can happen anyway. Have you even considered the fact that there could have been a force coming at your home, striking you all down without a chance? We give you the choice to live and prosper. What makes a monster a monster, is listening to pleas to gain pleasure from the pain in a voice, then listening to a plea to make things better. We hear the pain you cry out and come to either support you in return of you supporting us, or putting you down before any more suffering can occur."

Guard: We have began to prosper. You've come to the wrong place to give us a talk about war and prosperity. If you want poor saps to fall for that hunk of dung you're saying to us, then go the Reality. We already have the perfect world for ourselves. You cannot force equality.

Koruda shakes her head. "Prosper? Like that city that was sacked and raided by human poachers? Or that city that was erased from the face of this world? Don't make me laugh. Do you even know what the humans are planning, at this very moment? The war you say you have no part in, you're a part of it like it or not. It doesn't matter if you side with us. Because... the humans are coming for you. They will come for you, for them, the war never ended. They'll finish what they started... Absolute Genocide."

Guard: And how come we don't know you're aiming for the same thing? Absolute Genocide. We don't even know who you are!

"Because if we were such a thing, we wouldn't waste time talking to you. We'd just blow every last one of you away in a single move." Koruda says simply.

"Believe me, you're only humiliating yourselves, you can't win or get away. We're much too powerful for that."

Vzark steps forward once more. "Much too powerful, yes. But also not so cruel. And if this is your idea of a perfect world then you must be a mad man. A perfect world wouldn't be susceptible to this Absolute Genocide Humanity started, and plan on finishing. We can provide a perfect world, you must understand that. The power we have, the power we can use to save you could be shared with you all if you just listen and support us. We are giving you the choice of life and true happiness, it's inane to decline."

Everyone talks to one another about the situation

Vzark pulls Koruda to the side. "Is this reasonable enough? Regardless of what we say these people don't even truly listen."

"In another matter, we can always just capture them. We need natives for the war effort once we strike Earth. A few villages here and there are expendable."

Some of the villagers begin to raise their hands

Vzark turns to the villagers, somewhat wary. "I think they might have their answer now."

"Matters little to me. If they are defiant, it'll be my turn."

Some begin to walk over to them

Guard: *is surprised* W-What are you-?

"They're being smart, unlike you. Don't you know the weak survive better in a pack than as mere stragglers? It's basic survival. Those who join with the strong and live under their protection will live, all else are crushed underfoot. Though the option is still available for you to join us. To become strong like us, stronger than anything the humans could imagine. We'll build this land up into the greatest that shall ever stand, in Fantasy or Earth. Not even Neo Pangea will compare to the great union we'll build together."

Koruda offers her hand. "It's still not too late to sip from the wine of glory..."

Vzark is eyes the various Myth's that take to their side. "Bit cheesy line, but I guess it works." He steps beside Koruda, taking off his helmet, giving the warmest look he can muster to the remaining Myth's. "Please, join your friends and families who have decided to join us. I know all of us would hate to be separated from those we care about."

He feels the mental sensation of being slapped in the face by Koruda. I can rearrange your face if you'd like. You should treat women like a goddess.

Rearrange your fucking attitude. I'm not going to unconditionally treat someone a specific way just because of their gender, that's absurd. Vzark's warm expression nearly deteriorates, but he keeps it up.

Guard: *has a distasteful look on his face* ...I think I'll pass...

"...He's making a face that makes me want to reduce him to base elements."

Vzark puts his helmet back on, shaking his head. "Then do it. We have him a chance." Vzark looks to the remaining Myth's. "Same applies to you all. Ill let my ally figure out how with this."

Guard: Deal with me how you want, I will not join.

Vzark nods to Koruda and puts his helmet on. "Come with me you all, you'll be taken back to your homes soon enough." He leads the followers farther away, waiting for Koruda to finish.

"You're missing out." Is the only thing she says.

Guard: *runs off*

Koruda simply shrugs.

A breeze of wind blows past them

"As if speed is of any use."

Jumbo: *slowly begins to move*

Some of the myths go over to him and try to help him up

"If I were you, I would stay down. Death by my hand will not be pleasant."

Jumbo: *stands to his feet* We will not die...Not until they pay...Not until you pay...

"It doesn't matter how determined you are. I'm warning you, even so much as touch me and you will find hell itself to be a minor inconvenience."

Jumbo: Brothers...Do not listen to threats and lies...We will only be exploited...They delude themselves of their purpose...We were deluded too...You...Are but a puppet...Do you not want to cut away from such strings?...To think for yourself and not conform to the higher power's want?...

"When have I lied? What I've spoken is the truth. Humanity, as you call them, 'the before', you already have suffered at their hands, do not deceive yourself. We're on your side. This fool is a traitor to everything you Myths stand for. Do not be fooled by him, he would see your homes and world destroyed by the human race! He is selfishly seeking control for his own gain, not your own! Remember the war all those years ago? They will come, and they will bring their hate and their wars to you. Your children, wives, husbands, will all be nothing but livestock, no, game hunted for nothing but sport!"

Koruda gives the crowd a faint smile. "Unless you're all nihilists just looking to die, you really should not heed him."

Jumbo: Do your words come from your own mouth or from the tongue of your higher power?

"I don't need my mistress to speak for me when I know the truth, bird."

Jumbo: That...Is what we told ourselves too...So long ago...Look now... *tightens his fist*

"Oh really? So I'm wrong, even though you yourself have seen what they have done, and know what they are like, even after what you went through, you have the nerve to call me a liar? You don't deserve to live, not because you are in the way, but because you are a hypocrite. This is a war to save mythic kind, we have your best interests in mind."

Jumbo: LIE! You killed your brother! YOU ARE TRAITOR! *screeches*

A strange glow forms around her, then six wings sprout from her back. "Brother? What nonsense. We exist above your kind, the next evolution for both men and myth, we are man and mytho joined in unison, distinction erased. Punishment."

A series of glowing swords impale and pin Jumbo to the ground, and deflect the myths surrounding him, preventing their aid.

"No, you are the liar, because you will not admit the truth. Vzark, take him away. Our lady will deal with him."

A slight sigh is heard as Vzark suddenly slashes across Jumbo's body, and Jumbo finds his entire body numb and immobile. "Today is the day the bird loses his will to fly." Jumbo begins to levitate as Vzark walks off.

After Vzark deilvers Jumbo away, he hears an extemely loud cackle, and stops walking. "What in the fucking name of...?" He turns to the direction of where he heard the voice, and takes flight.


In the other villages some begin to evacuate while the royal guard begin formulating a plan

Lookouts report a single red figure approaching their location.

Guard: Get into your positions!

The royal guards spread out across the village

The figure continues to approach.

Guard: Halt Stranger!

The figure is wrapped in a white cloak, wearing what looks like heavy red plate armor all over her body, with brilliant white hair. The figure looks up at the Guard, the figure appears to be a woman, extremely beautiful at that. She regards him with blazing amber eyes.

"I serve under Lady White, I am one of her mightiest warriors. I don't want to have to kill anyone, but this village belongs to Phoenix now. Surrender yourselves and you will be spared. Believe me when I say that no army could ever best me in combat."

Guard: We do not want to hear your boasting! We want you out of here!

Abeni raises her hand in the direction of the guard, then flicks her finger at him, and the whole front city wall is blown away by a mighty force, the remains fly miles away, yet the guard hasn't moved and was not damaged. Abeni then lowers her hand, and he falls gently to the ground, allowing him to see how easily she shattered their defense.

The other guards are equally shocked

"Sadly as much as I wish I was, I do not boast. Stand down and I won't have to harm you."

The guards put down their weapons still in shock

"You'll be given respect and limited autonomy following you obey any orders I present you, defying me is defying White, and she's not a very forgiving person. I'd really rather avoid killing any of you, especially because I know you'd rather live in peace. You'll be treated as though you're one of our own in due time and free to live your lives as if this never happened.

Now, I have a simple question. How many of you would be willing to serve under me and become strong?" She walks into the heart of the town as she says this.

Someone throws a rock at her head "Nazi!"

The rock bounces off an invisible force field of sorts. She silently looks in their direction.

There she sees a old elf man " Boooo! Go back to sucking your Fruher's schlong!" Waves his fist at Abeni

She gives him a strange, sad smile, before moving on in the town.

The old man coughs 'Down with Germany...'Oww...'

"Mute," Abeni mutters under her breath, the old man finds himself incapable of speech in her earshot.

The old man shakes his fist at her again

Abeni is already elsewhere in the village, alone.

A breeze of wind blows past her

She sighs.

The skies above are no longer the beautiful blue and purple it has always been. The sky is now brown with saturated stars shining above.

Abeni merely quietly stares up at the sky. "I just want this over with... I don't care how..." Monsters like me, could we even have a chance? What cost would we have to pay?

She lets out a irritated sigh. "Talking like the kid now aren't I...?"

More like talking like every human who isn't ignorant

Abeni doesn't respond.

Don't feel ashamed. It's the only good thing that can come from a human being. Ramblings of a dream.

Abeni lets out a slight breath, and the temperature in the village rises sharply.

Oh. No talking. I see. Well maybe you'll be ready to talk when you see me. I'll be waiting for you and your partners in the West.

A meteor flies off in the direction of the West, though Abeni's face doesn't change.

"Bother someone else," She mutters.

Something is on your mind. May I ask what it is? If you're comfortable with telling.

Abeni growls, and an earthquake soon follows.

Use your words. A simple 'yes' or 'no' would suffice more than shaking the ground.

She closes her mind, her fists balled.

Let it all out. Shout if you want. I will be silent, but know that I am still here.

Abeni silently gets up and makes her way out of the town, heading into a patch of tall grass.

The wind remains silent

Abeni begins to meditate in the field.

Something about the field feels unsettling to her

She ignores it, focusing on increasing control of her sword mentally.

The wind remains silent

Abeni continues training, aware of the presence of a young male near the entrance to the town watching her.

There's somone who wants to speak to you

"Don't care..." She grumbles.

Don't or won't?

She doesn't give a response.

The young man walks up behind her and stops

"What?" She doesn't open her eyes.

The young man draws forth a katana

"That's not a smart idea kid."

The young man grips his katana tighter

"I'll make you a deal. Beat him and I'll fight you."

The ground beneath Abeni cracks and begins to glow red.

"I can ahndle whatever you got."

The young man runs at Abeni with his katana held over his head

She jumps up as a massive giant with angelic and demonic traits erupts from the ground, towering over the man with six arms, each with its respective's side's angelic or demonic properties. Abeni hovers high in the air.

"Yogan, don't burn the place down."

It nods, then looks down at the man.

The young man stops and awes at the sight of Yogan

The giant's angelic side's eye flashes gold.

The young man gains his composure and and jumps at Yogan

He is blasted by a burst of light.

The young man is sent flying across the ground

He feels someone catch him.

The young man looks up

Abeni stands behind him, her expression difficult to read.

"I won't tell you tell you to stop, you won't listen, will you?"

'Maybe another time.'

The young man tries to stab Abeni from behind

His sword rings out with a sharp 'DING!' as it bounces off her skin like armor, even though the portion of her back he stabbed was unarmored. He sees a violent crack run down the blade.

The young man ignores the crack and swings at her again

She flickers and is gone.

The young man looks around, confused.

A gust of wind buffets him as Abeni appears on a distant hill, a sword now visible on her back, a giant greatsword with faint runes on it.

'You wait to break my sword just so you can draw yours?"

She suddenly flickers in front of him and slashes his sword, shattering it like glass.

"Respect your sword as much as you would your own life." She smashes him with the flat end of the blade toward the town and the crowd that had gathered.

She then silently approaches.

The young man attempts to stab Abeni with what's left of his sword

She grabs his sword hand, stopping him.

"What you're doing is understandable. However, I have something to say you need to hear. If you want to be a hero, look after these people and live, don't go running off to your death. What you're doing isn't being a hero, it's throwing your life away. If Phoenix lives or dies, will be by how you all carry on."

The young man has a confused expression

"You don't know why I'm telling you this, do you?"

The young man waits for her to tell him

She releases him and walks off. "Because you have a future, a life you can live beyond these times. I do not." She returns to the fields.

The young man looks at Abeni as she walks away

She resumes training mentally.

The wind remains silent

Monsters like us have no place. Those who live by the sword, die by the sword, after all. Still...

Abeni thinks of Nanashi and gets a melancholy smile. "It would be nice if that path still was possible. Though if it was, I'd be convinced my life is just a fairy tale... ..." She trails off.

"Even still, does he even have a chance of it? I hate men. Men without passion. They are far fewer than they think." She mutters.

What will you chose Nanashi? When we meet again, and should we be on opposite sides, what would you do? Will you take the easiest road to self gain? Or will you take the long hard, painful road?

The wind remains silent

The towns people converse amongst themselves

Myth 1: I'm not liking any of this.

Myth 2: No one is.

Myth 1: How could we not have seen this coming? We were warned beings just like these had destroyed the capital. Millions of people killed by only two...

Myth 2: I can't even imagine. Atleast the dead will rest in the afterlife.

Myth 1: The one we dreamed of? You mean the one that doesn't exist?

Myth 2: Don't be like that.

Myth 1: I'm sorry, it's that...No matter how much like man we become, there's always that one thing that they have that forever seperates us from them: A soul. Us myths...We're just construct made up by man...They gave us no soul...That's why they call us monsters....When we die...It's over...We don't go to Heave or Hell or even ander the earth on a spiritual plane....We just...Disappear...

Myth 2: You don't know that.

Myth 1: I knowbut it's not too far-fetched neither.

Myth 2: That's a scary thoought. I can only hope the Supreme Lord coms and fixes this.

Myth 1: We were foolish to believe that a paradise existed. Not on Earth or here...What do our lives amount to?

Myth 2: They way you've been saying it, I would say like the ashes. You burn whatever and that's what their reduced to. The moment the wind blows them, you don't even know that they were ever there.

Myth 1: *sighs sadly*


On a rock mound, lies a arc-shaped monument with the vision of an glacier apparent in it. A four-wheeled vehicle comes through. A man dismounts it and looks around.

Poacher: No one here. Come on in, boys!

Five other forur-wheeled drivers come through

Poacher: Before we get started, do you all have the RPGs?

The others nod in confirmation.

Poacher: Y'alls got the sub-machines and them vodka bombs?

They all nod in confirmation

Poacher: And y'alls got the collars and the serum?

They all nod in confirmation

Poacher: Alrighty then. *mounts his four-wheeler* Let the poachin' begin!

The poachers drive off

Abeni opens her eyes slowly, and begins walking back toward the town without a word.

The young man is in a hut sitting on his knees

'I'm sorry, Master.. I-"

"Failed, I know. I felt your defeat from where I was sitting."

"...I did not mean-"

"Mean to what? Make a fool out of yourself? You already did so by taking up your blade to face your opponent. If you were to be cut down because of your impatience and arrogance, I would not mourn for you. You have done more than me."

The young man bows his head in shame

"The worst part is you didn't even do it for the safety of others. You did it to make a name for yourself. And that is no warrior I'll train. For here on out, I am not your master and you shall not wield another blade until you put past you selfish desires. I ban you from my house-hold until you have learned this lesson."

The young man slowly raises to his feet and exits the hut

Abeni walks into town, a very different aura about her, the people she passes feel a powerful tense pressure from her, almost as though she was on her guard about something.

The poachers are coming up on a village

Poacher: i'm seein' it, boys! I can just smell the Ben's in the air!

Abeni issues a silent warning to the populace, as a red barrier forms over the town.

The poachers see the barrier

Poacher: Oh looky there, boys. They think they're safe inside their little dome.

The others laugh.

Poacher: If they're gonna play like that, then you know what to do.

One of the poachers takes the RPG and replaces the main missile with another one withe the words "Against All Things" marked on it

A flash of red light blinds them momentarily, and a sickening 'crunch' is heard in the direction of the man with the RPG. When the light fades, Abeni stands with the fleshy pancaked remains of the man firmly under her foot, she destroys both missile and the launcher with a red, staticy light.

"Oh looky there boys, looks like that one is dead." She says nonchalantly. For some reason, any fighting spirit they had is drained, now all they can think of is fear and feebleness.

"You know, I really hate men." She says, as her next punch reduces the closest man to her into bloody paste. Her expression has shifted gears to that of the most venomous, evil, malevolent sort, as though not even erasing them from existence would satisfy her hate.

"And not the 'human race' men. Just... males. You all disgust me."

I need you to find some candidates for underlings. I'd like each of you most powerful Lambdas to have generals under you. Make some candidates if that's what it takes.

Do they have to be men?


Then I really don't care. Let me finish with... ...hmm. Idea.

She looks at the Poachers again. "So then... gonna run?"

Poacher: *is shaking in fear* I-I-If you want us too...

"Butchering you like the pigs you are would be too simple. And messy. I might as well remold you into something more useful."

Poacher: *claps his hands together* Thank you, merciful one... *get's on his knnes and bows his head*

The other poachers do the same

"Don't call it mercy, that's not what it is."

A hole rips open in the ground, glowing with a red, hellish light.

"In fact, I'm sending your souls to damnation."

The paochers begin to scream out in fear

Abeni gives them an impassive look. "Look at you. Now you know what it's like. Standing before the one who is about to take your lives... do you know who else has felt this?"

As one of them says 'Your mom?', Abeni begins summoning five demon souls from the pit.

"The myths you would call animals. The fear you feel right now is the same they felt, before you took them away from their mothers, their fathers, their family, their friends and loved ones. You know, I wasn't always like this... I was once human, a young girl living on a tiny island in the sea..."

Poacher: H-How was it?...Living on an island I mean?

Abeni's eyes flash red, and they see a small island community being ravaged by red armored warriors of Phoenix, their emblem blazes strongly in the memory, in particular, three young sisters are taken from the beaten town, one with a striking resemblance to the woman passing judgement to them now, their mother is beaten in the head repeatedly until she falls unconscious.

The vision is gone as quickly as it had come. "Life before doesn't matter, only what is. Want to know what happened next? Years, and years, and years of pain, of living so close to death yet unable to die, only to be reborn as this." She gestures to herself.

"In my eyes, you're no different than the scum who commands and enslaves me."

Poachers: Well the only difference is we're not terrorists. We do what we do for money.

Abeni without another word pulls the souls of five female demons from the abyss and begins to command them.

"Listen to me, accursed spirits. I offer these vessels and unbridled power, as well as the redemption of your sins and souls. Offer thy-selves to service and obey. They shall take thy place in the pit."

A gorgeous man appears before " Excuse me, but I believe if you want to talk about making a trade, then you would have to deal with me."

"Automatic contract, it requires the presence of those to be given the contract and verbal agreement. The provisions are already stated, begone. The payment was already prepared." She indicates the poachers, at the same time red energy lights up previously obscured sigils and markings in her armor and scales, the light resembles the flickering of fire, and a dark presence is evident.

"Why thank you, miss. It was a pleasure seeing you." Put's his hand out  for a hand shake.

Abeni does not grant it. "The Deceiver shall have no respect in my house. The contract is up to the demons, not you."

Retracts his hand "As I have no respect in your house, you shall receive none in mine. I'll be expecting you. Take them, they're yours now." 

Abeni condemns the Poacher's souls, extracting them and hurling them into the pit. "You speak, but lack awareness." She says simply. 

The man disappears into the pit

Abeni addresses the demon spirits. "Enter the vessels I have offered you if accept my will." Sigils form on the empty husks of the Poachers, allowing entry.

The demons enter the husks

The bodies are repurposed to suit the new souls, then five black tendrils appear out of Abeni's back and impale their bodies, and begins their transformation.

"Name yourselves."

The horned woman wearing a red kimono and a fairly pale complexion steps forward "Ryoka"

The pale woman with misty white hair wearing a black tank-top and a misty transparent long skirt steps forward "Sylles"


A soft cackle can be heard from one of the demonic girls, fire snaps and crackles from her horns, her whole body radiates thermal energy. Amber eyes gleam as she studies the ones who spoke first, her body is adorned in a red frayed dress, revealing and curvaceous. Her long blonde and red hair is tied in a ponytail

"Name's Moegara," She says in a sultry,embery voice. "You all look like fun toys~"

Ryoka: Says the toy that has a broken voice.

"Cute, coming from the Drab Queen," Moegara retorts.

Ryoka: Detestable, coming from the Kinky One.

Sylles: Would you both please stop? We must let the others name themselves too.

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One of the girls finishes her transformation, and begins to sprout white feathery angel wings, her blonde hair seems

relatively short. She appears to wear a more lavish form of dress, her legs and arms are protected with golden armor. She eventually wakes, opening her eyes.

"....I am..." She doesn't seem to know her name right away, then finally she seems to make one. "Kanda."

Moegara smirks. "Better taste than you, Sylles."

Sylles: Colors and looks can go so far, Moegara.

Battle zone warrior fire blade anime girl hd-wallpaper-1701400

The last one appears to be slowly changing, far slower than the others. Abeni looks tired as this one's growth is merely creeping along.

Ryoka: This other one better be worth all the daylight we're wasting.

The girl's hair slowly begins to turn red, a white frilled shirt and red skirt backed with feathers begins to take shape, a strange red blade appears next to her as well. She seems strangely underwhelming, until they notice the sheer amount of power dwelling within her. When she is completed, she doesn't initially wake.

Ryoka: *grunts*

Sylles: Don't worry. She'll awake.

Moegara inspects her with interest. "Think she's trying to say something in her sleep...?" The girl's mouth is silently moving.

Sylles: Can you make out the words she's saying?

I am Yasei...

They hear in their heads.

Ryoka: Damned telekinetics...*scratches the side of her head out of irritation*

Abeni coughs. "You, Ryoka, you and Sylles carry her. She doesn't appear to have full use of her legs... Moegara, Kanda, help me to the village, I'm tired."

Kanda comes to Abeni's side and begins to help, Moegara takes a moment but finally joins Kanda in the effort.

Ryoka: *puts her hand over Yasei's face and pushes her over*

Yasei then falls on a bed of black butterflies, which begin to lift her up

"White wants us back at camp, her soldiers are on their way here to cover for us. To the coast."

Sylles: Anything else?

"No cat fights."

Sylles: Yes, ma'am.

Ryoka: Acknowledged.

Angel of Redemption Returns

It's been weeks since the event with Drake and Elanore, Daikeim has been wandering around the outskirts of Upnation, reflecting on what's happened. After a while looking out to sea, Daikeim's wings stretch out as he takes flight back to his home, on his way, he notices the pods and the slaughters, he begins to fly faster and eventually makes it back and takes a look around. "Elaonore? Where are you!?"

Daikeim makes it to a oriental-styled garden. There he can see Elaonore sitting on a stone bench, looking down.

He walks up to the bench and sits next to her, saying nothing for the time being.

Elaonore: I'm sorry.

"You shouldn't be the one saying that, I should be... I shouldn't have stood by as what happened, happened... I'm so sorry, Elaonore..."

Elaonore: No need...All things work together for good. I'm apologizing for being a burden to you. All it seems is that I've only been making things worse for you because of my misfortune.

"It's more than fine..." Daikeim places his hand ontop of Elaonore's and smiles, but then stands up. "I hate to break this moment, but we need to move... Upnation is in trouble and I don't want you to get harmed..."

Elaonore: If my home is in danger then I must be with them.

After a moment of silence, Daikeim sighs and looks at Elaonore. "Do you know how to defend yourself?"

Elaonore: I did help you fight that one girl, didn't I? *smiles*

"One girl? You did not so much help as you did squirm, as Silent Angel tells me." A monotone girl's voice says from above them. The earth shakes as a bridge of stone erupts from the ocean in the distance and connects with Upnation.

Elaonore: Hmm? Who said that?

Elaonore notices Daikeim's expression change to an annoyed one as he looks up to see Nezumi. "So... Another Chaos Engine... Which means that there's more around, that would explain the pods and the slaughters..." Daikeim growls as his blue draconic aura forms around him.

Daikeim and Elaonore both suddenly realize as they look up at her, that her face is eerily familiar.

"Hmm, a clone of Kanashimi? I wonder if she's named you as well..."

Elaonore: *examines her face* Where are you all coming from? And why have you chosen to attack our home? We have done nothing to provoke you.

"Because our lady wills it. Man and Myth's childish wars shall come to an end." Her face shows no emotion or actual interest in what she's doing.

Elaonore: It can't end like this! Your sendor should know that this will only spark more conlict!

"I wouldn't know. But there will be no conflict if there are no Myths or Humans left to fight."

"..." Daikeim flies up to Nezumi but seemingly looks through her. "White... What makes it her business to deal with wars that don't involve her? I've already heard what she had to say about it, but it still confuses me how she believes this... Genocide is truly an answer, yes, it does end this war. But there's something that she wanted to stop, that will never end; hate." He then focuses on Nezumi. "Knowing her, she's probably suppresed your emotions somehow..." Daikeim hovers around her before being back in front of her. "The device is covered up too, so... You're an upgrade to Kanashimi... Do you have a name like her?"

"Nezumi... ...Genocide, most efficient path to peace. ...Aside from the alternative, which she has elected to choose... ...integration. There is no reason for anyone to be different from another anymore..."

A strange look forms in her eyes, as a blue aura also appears.

"Huh..." To Nezumi's surprise, Daikeim is rather curious about the aura. "You're no ordinary Chaos Engine then,  especially with the power spike just then... Oh, excuse me." Daikeim, knowing the risk, lightly places his pointer and middle finger on Nezumi's forehead. "Don't worry, this won't hurt, I promise." Daikeim's eyes flash gold as he gets a glimpse of something, he sighs. "Yeah... You're made with Drake's DNA alright..." Daikeim hovers back. "And like his old self, you're going to follow your orders set by White regardless of anything, aren't you."

Nezumi just quietly jumps back to the ocean silently, the aura becoming flickering blue flames. A gold brand of sorts appears on Nezumi's left cheek, and a strange image superimposes itself over Nezumi, as if two versions of her were present in the same space at once. He can't however quite tell what the second Nezumi looks like.

Daikeim sighs. "That's a yes then..." His eyes dimly glow gold as he summons the Draconia, he spins it around before getting into a stance, the sword gains a golden aura as Daikeim voices slightly changes. "Very well." Daikeim flies up, high above Nezumi and watches her carefully.

On the bridge, faint shapes of figures in large troops become visible. Nezumi merely raises her hand toward him.

Elaonore: *summons a great gust of wind and blows it toward the figures directions*

The wind collides with Nezumi and doesn't appear to affect her, when it clears, Nezumi is gone, and before Elaonore can react, a presence is behind her, and kicks her to the ground, causing her face to scrape across the ground.

"You have your chance to be part of a perfect world, a world where war between men and myths becomes unnecessary. Remember all those who have died and been taken away from you, all for sport by the human race. Remember the children, the women, and the men you have lost. Join us or not, it means nothing. Get in our way, and your land will burn." Nezumi's voice is enhanced to travel throughout the town.

"You have your chance. Don't waste it."

Everyone begins to talk amongst one another.

Daikeim appears behind Nezumi, then looks down at the Mythos then looks back at her. "Well, it sounds promising... But then again these people will listen to Drekavas after what he's done, so don't take this as an accomplishment, are those your words? Or were you told by her to say them... Oh... And also..." Nezumi feels a painful sensation in her mind as Daikeim throws her to the floor. "Don't you dare harm Elaonore, or I may consider killing you..."

His attack on her fails spectacularly.

Nezumi without warning impales him with a flaming sword that scrapes his heart and chars the surrounding tissue around it before backhanding him into a series of buildings, completely destroying them.

"I have already analyzed you 6,000,000,000 times and analyzed your ability. You will find even harming me a challenge."

"Heh... Impressive... No wonder that purple haired CE likes you, what's his name again...?" Nezumi hears Daikeim's voice echoing around in her head as meanwhile, he gets back up and looks at his wound. "That'll take time to heal back up..." He flies back up into the air and turns his head towards Nezumi. "So, harming you will be a challenge, but not impossible... I'll take those odds."

"As for you?" She inquires the Mythos around.

Some myths raise their hands

The army is now almost to the shore.

"Good, some of you are actually intelligent. Wait for them with white flags. You'll join them once they set up camp at the shore. As for the rest of you who don't want to die, go join your brethren in the wilds and hope you don't die in the crossfire. I don't take any pleasure in killings unlike some of my brethren, I'd rather leave you be. If you fight me, I will not give mercy, be warned..." She says this again without any interest or emotion in her words.

She turns her head toward Elaonore. "As for you..." She flips her hand in her general direction and Elaonore is blasted into a couple of buildings, away from Daikeim and her.

"Don't you know how to gauge an enemy's strength? I could kill you with no effort."

She then turns toward Daikeim. "A fly buzzing in ones ear must be swatted aside."

"Wow... You are like Drake..." Without warning, Nezumi gets slashed multiple times with the Draconia then is sent flying towards her troops, a crater forming where she lands. "Becuase you haven't been here for an hour and already I've gotten sick of you." 

She notices Daikeim's aura become unstable as he growls, he drops down and sprints towards her while she gets up, he charges through all her troops, before grabbing her by her neck and slamming her into the makeshift bridge. "I shouldn't have the patience to put up with you... So I'll just enjoy myself now. Get up."

She blocks him with a flaming shield as he charges her, every fiber in his arm is torn and damaged from the impact with it. She points at him with a finger, and a mighty gale blows him away.

"Another power in my growing arsenal... Myths are careless."

She feels the entire bridge shake, crack the crumble underneath her, before she can react, Daikeim flies towards her and grabs her by the leg, he flies high up into the sky before throwing her into an ocean. Lightning surges around him as he points his hands towards the water, causing a torrent of bolts to strike the water and in turn, her.

The water explodes into steam, not a drop of water touches her as her whole body ignites in blue flames, and she catches the lightning in her hand and deflects it at him. The bridge is caught in a wave of green light, and it is restored to unharmed condition. Daikiem notices his hand that touched her has been severely burned.

"Elementary technique at best." A volley of blue fireballs begin smashing into him from every direction.

Daikeim smirks as he lets the fireballs hit him, he's obviously affected but isn't showing any forms of being in pain, not even flinching. "Well, I wasn't exactly taught to fight like the best... Don't bore me, Nezumi..." As the last fireball hits, Daikeim slowly hovers down and lands, he glances at Nezumi. "Let's see if you noticed..."

Nezumi slashes in the direction of Daikeim, and suddenly everything in the line of fire of the slash is ignited by blue flames, flames that burn the very essence of whatever they touch, they spread in a mere instant.

"This would have really... Really hurt..." Daikeim gets coated in a golden aura in an attempt to heal from his wounds, however the aura becomes unstable and dissipates, he annoyingly sighs but starts to walk towards Nezumi, spinning the Draconia around.

The fire enveloping Nezumi seems to grow stronger as the second image of her starts to gain strength.

Daikeim suddenly appears at arms length from Nezumi, his blade pointed right at her throat. "Shall we see how well you are with a blade..."

"I pity anyone still inside the village..." Her eyes glow a brilliant blue, in fact her body turns blue from a rapidly increasing force coming from within.

"For someone who shows no emotion, I'm surprised you feel pity." Daikeim says before rolling his eyes, the Draconia disappears into flames and Daikeim turns around and walks back to the village.

Suddenly a massive explosion of blue fire engulfs the village, originating from Nezumi, as a massive pillar of the fire rises into the sky.

Daikeim looks at the village at it all burns, he closes his eyes and sighs before speaking. "Usually... I'd be more concerned, about them, about the destruction, about the death..." He turns to look at Nezumi, and just like her, he's showing next to no emotion. "But to be one hundred percent honest; I don't care." He suddenly appears in front of Nezumi, a shockwave knocking her back slightly, he gives her a blank stare. "I pity any soul that belongs in your empty shell of a 'human'" He coldly says...

The fires swat him aside before he even gets close, Nezumi isn't even budged. When the flames retract enough for him to see her, the difference is surprising.

Nezumi has undergone a physical transformation that has given her a purely energy based form, colored a mix of grey and blue. The full length of her golden markings trailing her body can be seen, as well as a series of vein like black tendrils that run throughout her body. She possesses a pair of curved horns, wings that appear to be comprised of energy sigils, and a reptilian tail. A ghostly dragonic armor covers her form, transparent to the point he can see her, but opaque enough to make the distinctions between the two blurred.

"Silent Angel, do you remember what he said about us?"

Daikeim hovers back up onto his feet, he puts his hands into his pockets as he looks at Nezumi. "No, I don't." The same bored tone.

"If you don't get stronger soon, you will fall by the hand of the Lambda. You didn't heed his warning."

"Do you think I had the time to get stronger, even if I wanted to? Because I seriously doubt that you did." 

He is blasted by a huge wave of blue fire. 

"But for the love of God... FUCK! OFF!" Daikeim backhands the wave of fire, dissipating the entire wave, his arm coated in Exeon energy. "I usually save this for Evoh, but to hell with him! Vitae Arts..." Daikeim makes a finger gun gesture at Nezumi, and when he 'fires' it... "Lockdown." Nezumi suddenly feels her heart skip a beat... Then another... Then another... "I've already grown tired of you, so I'll play a game with you... How long do you think you'll survive?"

She begins laughing softly, before cutting him vertically in half with a slash of her weapon. 

Suddenly a wall of pure darkness forms between Phoenix's forces and the entire town, as Daikeim is slowly passing away, he hears a familiar voice, though is unsure whether he wanted to hear it or not...

"And I thought I like to go get myself killed... Tsk tsk... I would tell you to not move while I do this but it's not like you're in any shape to move just yet..." Daikeim painfully feels his body being 'stitched' together. "You're lucky I arrived, I came looking for someone else and here you are a bloody mess." He notices Drake's unlikable cackle as he opens his eyes and looks at him. 

"What... What the he-- Drake? What are you doing here?" Daikeim asks as Corruption helps him up.

"Don't bother asking questions, I literally just arrived and don't need you to question me like I'm lower than you, ok? Just get your blade, when that wall goes down, the rune circle will fade and you should be alright, I'm taking care of you right now... So make sure not to die on me again." Drake shakes his head at Daikeim before unsheathing Kurai and sprouting out his wings.

Daikeim does as Drake says and summons the Draconia, Exeon energy accelerating with his healing as suddenly the wall turns to ash and falls, revealing the masses of troops, Drake simply chuckles. "This'll probably be my last fight like this, so let's have fun."

Nezumi merely stares at the two, before flicking her wrist, as thousands of energy blades begin to spawn all around them, each pointed menacingly in their direction, before being launched at high speed at them.

Suddenly a golden clawed gauntlet forms on Drake's arm. "Divis! DRAW!" Suddenly a red 'mist' composing of thousands upon thousands of microblades flies out of the jewel on the gauntlet and clashes with half of the blades while Daikeim's eyes glow gold as he begins clashing with the the other half.

Nezumi quietly levitates in the air as she begins to spin her flaming sword in the air, all the while the blades continue to clash.

"Daikeim, deal with her, I'll be up there in a minute!" Drake shouts as the red mist envelops all around Drake, deflecting the swords from every direction as Daikeim nods and flies up and clashes with her blade before hovering back. 

"Ok then second time's a charm..." Daikeim spins his blade around before smirking. "Heroa Arts: Essense Drain." The Draconia suddenly has a dark purple tinge to it as Daikeim flinches. "Ok... This should be even..."

He feels a force repelling his technique that he didn't notice before. Almost immeidately after the blade is blocked it tears apart into many countless spheres and disappears, but all around Drake and the village are massive circles of blue light, each several kilometers across, Drake's hair is standing straight up.

Drake looks up and annoyingly sighs, the red mist goes back into his gauntlet as he flies straight up. "GOD DAMMIT DAIKEIM WHY ARE YOU SO FUCKING USELESS SOMETIMES!" Within a blink of an eye, his aura forms around him and he uppercuts Nezumi, an audible crack can be heard the second the aura around Drake's fist connects with the energy body of Nezumi. Drake glares right at Daikeim. "Do... Something... About... Those... Rings."

Daikeim nods and quickly lands, his eyes glow brightly as does his hands and aura as he forms a rather tight dome around the village, he takes a look around at the citizens. "...How am I going to get these to safety..."

A globe of the same spheres that had vanished reappears and begin bombarding all of the areas highlighted, Drake and Daikeim are close to the epiccenter of the attack, with Drake being immediately blasted by thousands of high power spiritual flames which cause tremendous explosions.

Due to the force alone, Drake gets blasted onto the roof of the dome and continues to get bombarded by the flames, he then smirks. "Insula." The gauntlet changes into a smaller sapphire coloured shield, he then places the shield right in front of him as the shield takes the brunt of everything...

Nezumi merely watches him.

Drake flickers like a flame and appears not that far from Nezumi, a twisted smirk on his face, he raises the shield so that the front is directly facing Nezumi, the gem humming rather loudly. "So... This shield just absorbed the energy from all of those flames... And once commanded, it will release this energy at whatever this shield is pointing towards to... Oh, and it ignore resistances and grows stronger the more it absorbed..." Nezumi sees Drake's eyes flicker as his smirk grows. "Burst." The shield suddenly glows white as it releases it energy into a white blasts that bombards the same strength of the attacks back right at Nezumi.

Multiple Nezumis start to appear at random around him, the one he shot at was fake.

Drake looks around at the multiple Nezumis before annoyingly sighing. "Fucking Chaos Engines..." Drake spins Kurai around and slashes at three of the Nezumis before flicking his wrist at a few others, causing black spikes to emerge from Drake and impale them.

Drake begins to feel incredibly nauseous.

"Ugh... Playing these kinds of games then..." Drake closes his eyes and breathes slowly.

Drake is suddenly impaled by a green spear of energy and smashes straight through the dome with a massive explosion engulfing it soon after, the flesh around his stomach where he had been impaled is now rotting.

Daikeim looks over at Drake, worried. "Crap! DRAK--" 

"S-Shut it, Daikeim... Just get any remaining Mythos away from here." 

"But what about yo--"

"GO." Drake grabs the spear and snaps it off as he rises back up, he looks at Daikeim with anger. "I'll deal with her, just save the rest." Daikeim sighs and goes off to gather up the rest of the Mythos, meanwhile Drake looks at his wound and growls, he spits some blood onto his hand and writes runes around the wound, causing a bandage of pure darkness to form around the wound, keeping in any bloodloss and reducing the effect of the rotting. He looks up at Nezumi but notices Silent Angel looking down at him, Drake's growl can become audible to them. "...You... Fuck..."

"Are you sure you want him to leave?" Nezumi asks. "Seems like a very poor life desicion."

"..." Silent Angel says nothing.

Drake flickers like a flame and suddenly appears up at the same level as the two, but instead of attacking straight away, his eye faintly glows white. "...You know, after what your leader did to her... I wonder if she would feel the same if I did it to you... Actually, no, she doesn't care much about her toys, does she?" His eyes ink up with a blood red colour as he clenches his fists. 

Silent Angel is encased in a complete set of armor, all of which looks like horrid bones. His helm is a dragon's skull, a large tail and overbearing wings can be seen, as well as a sickly green aura.

Drake gives them a disgusted expression, he glares at Nezumi then Silent Angel before growling. "Fine... Bring it. Divis, Draw." The golden gauntlet returns as does the microblades that float around Drake, he cracks his knuckles before summoning Kurai into his hand.

Nezumi's sword reappears, and she points it at him.

Drake also summons Shizuka and points that at Silent Angel then points Kurai at Nezumi.

Nezumi switches positions, moving behind Silent Angel while he brandishes two massive cleavers.

He wastes no time as he flies towards Silent Angel and clashes blades with him then quickly kicks him in the chest before slashing down with both swords.

The kick doesn't even connect with him, and Silent Angel easily blocks, while under his feet a cloud of purple smoke forms.

Drake quickly moves back and commands his microblades to go flying, most of them scrape against Silent Angel's armour while some cause cuts on his skin, the majority go straight towards Nezumi.

The blades fail to do any damage, and Nezumi blocks them with her shield. A huge bombardment of blue fire begins raining down on him from all directions, even as Silent Angel refuses Drake any time to lower his guard with constant attacks from his cleavers and toxic cloud.

"Slay: Blade Rave." Suddenly a giant blade erupts from the earth and stretches all the way up into the heavens, knocking Silent Angel back to Nezumi's side, the blade glows then vanishes in a flash of light, what emerges is a cloud of glowing swords that gracefully dance throughout the air before forming into a massive ring of blades which start to deflect both his attacks and the fires. Drake then makes it his turn as he quickly rushes the two as the multitude of blades clash with Nezumi's shield and Silent Angel's cleavers.

Nezumi opens her mouth and a beam of blue energy bypasses his attacks and blasts him away into the ground, causing a massive crater to form more than twice the size of the town.

After a moment, the ring of blades emit a blinding light while flying past the two Chaos Engines, taking this opportunity, Drake flies up and grabs both of them by their necks and dives straight back down into the crater, the ring of blades suddenly fly back down and slashes across Silent Angel's arm and armour and Nezumi's leg and chest.

Drake's entire arm that touches Nezumi spontaneously combusts and is reduced to ash, while the one touching Silent Angel's wilts and falls off, causing agonizing pain in both cases. The two both strike him with blows that collapse his chest, then dodge his weapons.

Drake somehow makes it back up to his feet after getting struck back, his small smirk turning into a dark and sinister smile as his aura becomes pure black, unstable and begins to 'drip', the only things visable are his dark red glowing eyes and his smile as he looks at his 'children', he begins to laugh as the material even regenerates his arms back. The area around him even darkens as he takes steps towards them.

"Let's not suppress these feelings anymore..." In Drake's mind, the vision of Noriko being tortured plays through his mind over and over and over, this actually causes him enough pain to fall to his knees, just before he loses it, he mutters two final words to himself... "For... Her..." Suddenly loud audible cracks can be heard as he twitches, he then screeches out loud enough to be heard all across Fantasy before laughing, he gets back up onto his feet and tilts his head towards the Chaos Engines. "HehehhahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH! I'LL ENJOY RIPPING YOU TO SHREADS!He suddenly speeds towards the two and strikes both of them, causing them to get blasted back into the side of the cater, Drake simply cackles to himself.

In the distance a figure wearing armor can be seen, wings slowly disappearing as they land. He puts his hand to the handle of his sheathed blade, crouching. "Such power...who is this?" He sees the crater, and along with it Nezumi and Silent Angel. "What the fuck have you done to them...?" He takes a step, but remains in stealth.

Mid way through Drake's attack, Nezumi appears to move with impossible speed and seems to easily evade his attack, while Silent Angel blocks with his armor and doesn't budge. The next instant, Drake is blasted miles away by a spear and beam of blue fire.

They can hear is cackling once more as a literal tsunami of darkness pours into the crater, making no one within it to see a thing with Drake flying above, he suddenly dives down and claws down Nezumi's back then spin kicks her into Silent Angel before the darkness changes and morphs into constructs that form around the fighters, Drake now starts to play with black fire in the form of small dragons as he waits. "Come on. Prove to me that you're worth this much...Drake's voice sounds warped and twisted, he laughs again, taunting the two.

Drake once again fails to get even close, she doesn't even look in his direction and yet easily dodges him, then swats him aside, her flames suddenly burn away the darkness. She gives him a neutral expression.

"Is that supposed to impress us?"

Vzark's eyes widen as he sees how easily Nezumi just brushes off the strangers attack, standing up. "I think she's already proven it."

They can hear Drake grit his teeth but smiles once more as he takes steps towards the Chaos Engines. "Hahahahahaha..." Drake's claws enlarge, getting to the length of daggers at this point. "No, I don't need to impress you... I just want to tear you two apart.He laughs as he fades away, now becomming a voice in their heads. "I WILL NOT BE BEATEN BY TOYSDrake suddenly appears behind Nezumi bites into her shoulder down to the bone, he viciously shakes her around before tossing her aside, he kicks down on her then turns to look at Silent Angel. "Heheh... Come on, Angel, you don't want her to end up like Kanashimi, do you?His smirk widening as he quickly jumps back away from either of them.

Just as he is about to bite down, everything comes to an absolute crawl, and the next thing he knows, all but his upper torso and head are spared from a massive explosion of fire, and he is thrust miles away. To everyone else, she has moved in only a blink of an eye, while they barely moved a millimeter.

Vzark's hand slips off the handle of his blade. "....What the fuck is going on here?" He looks to the distance of where the stranger was sent flying, placing his hand on the handle again.

Once more, they can all hear Drake's laughter but don't see him even come down... All until Vzark feels cold breath against his neck. "And who might you be... Another Chaos Engine?"

Vzark quickly turns to where he heard the voice, keeping his blade sheathed. "I thought we were toys, according to you." He steps back, glancing to the others as he talks.

"Hmph... They don't even know you're here, do they... Haha... Let's get you introduced.With that, Drake suddenly grabs Vzark and throws him beside his teammates, Drake slides down the side of the crater and looks at them. Drake's eye glows white as blood red rune marks form all over Drake, he cackles. "Now this is a fight worth dying for..."

Vzark suddenly appears behind Drake before he can grab him, and slices across Drake's back, a slight glow remaining on his back. He sprouts wings and darts to Nezumi and Silent Angel, spinning his blade before sheathing it. "Things going well for you two?"

Nezumi is still impassive. "Not challenged.... ....." She falls silent.

"Ah, yes. They're arriving now."

"Enough.The entire crater gets indented with rune marks that all begin to glow, from where Drake is, they see nothing but a black unstable mass of darkness. "Bind.Energy constructs form into chains that wrap around their arms and legs trapping them to the floor, unable to move, the mass of darkness slowly takes exact shape of Drake, with only a glowing red and white eye that is left. He flicks his wrist which causes mutiple blades to form and circle the Chaos Engines, each one pulsing with a different colour. "Initiate Star Modus. Progression Four.A spectral set of greaves and gauntlets form on Drake, he puts his arm out to the side as a demonic greatsword forms out of fire and lands into his hand. 

And even before they can attack, they feel a shockwave as suddenly they're blasted to the other side of the crater, ripping them from their chains, Drake hovers in the air, looking down on them. "If I don't kill you now..."

Nezumi soon after bizzarely moves out of range, still not looking concerned, though it may be she just doesn't care about the situation.

"Yes yes, continue. They'll be here soon, the ones that enabled us to begin with, this won't matter much longer." She says nonchalantly.

Silent Angel merely gets up, looking at Drake. "Your attacks will never do anything to us, even with that increase in power. Raw power is worthless unless you know how to apply it in battle."

He charges a spear, while Nezumi seems to be lazily flying about closer to the army.

Drake is suddenly up in Silent Angel's face. "Deciding take part of this now? About time...Drake takes a few steps back and throws Kurai up into the air, his arms droop to the floor as he laughs. 

A feeling of dread washes over Drake.

"I'm not sure if it occurred to you yet, but you and I are not equals. You are not on our level. Your friend calls himself a God yet he was defeated by me when I was at the power of a mere archangel. Also, you're really terrible at baiting. How about you try putting more skill points in intelligence?"

Drake is slashed repeatedly, but all he had seen is a faint blur of movement.

"Perhaps you haven't noticed, but I am more than an Eta now. You're going to have try a lot better than that."

He is slashed by Silent Angel's spear.

"Also... ...." His next attack stops inches from Drake's face. "....How is she?"

A form of tribal strokes make up Drake's sinister smile. "Why should it matter to you? She doesn't care about you.Drake kicks Silent Angel back and catches Kurai before laughing. "YOU THINK I WOULD JUST UP AND TELL YOU? WHAT GIVES YOU THAT IDEA?! ...Maybe you'll see her, her gravestone? Who knows... Oh wait.Drake's eye flashes white. "I do."

A huge barrage of spears begin bombarding him and making the crater even worse, some engulfing the town.

Vzark had seemingly taken the previous attack well, getting up and watching the two talk. "Yeah...doesn't really seem like they need much help, but..." He waits for an opportune moment.

After a moment, Drake begins to slice and deflect the spears, he cackles once more before speeding towards Silent Angel. "BECAUSE WHY SHOULD I TELL YOU THE STATE OF KANASHIMI WHEN I DON'T KNOW THE STATE OF NORIKO! WHY SHOULD YOU GET THAT SATISFACTION?! ANSWER THAT, ANGEL!He tackles into Silent Angel and roars in his face before headbutting him, he jumps back and clenches his fists, tightly.

Suddenly a massive shadow obscures the area.

"They're here."

Vzark looks up the sky, curious about the shadow. He then looks back to Nezumi and Silent Angel, tilting his head at the stranger.

What he sees is a gargantuan stone giant towering miles and miles above them, its single hand is bigger than the countryside.

Drake looks up at the giant. "...The Kanjo Gods...Drake looks at Silent Angel and growls. "No, for once, I plan to take you fucking bastards out.Drake speeds towards Silent Angel begins to summon phantom blades to overwhelm him as Drake throws a multitude of punches.

The moment Drake reaches Silent Angel, the glowing pattern on his back suddenly makes an odd, reversed sound and implodes on itself, releasing a massive explosion of novic energy that engulfs Drake, and sends him flying into the distance. Vzark speeds past Silent Angel and up to Drake, slamming his shin into his stomach to send him flying even farther. "You're not taking, ANYONE, out." He lands to the ground, and darts all the way back to Silent Angel.

Drake hovers back up to his feet and looks at both of the male Chaos Engines before smirking underneath this black material. "Runts...Drake flickers and appears in front of them instantly, he clotheslines them then creates a small black orb and fires it between them, causing an explosion to blast them both away from each other.

A bombardment of metal spikes begins raining down on Drake, Nezumi stands on its shoulder and is lobbing huge blue fireballs at him.

Drake places his hand onto the floor as the runes indented into the crater glow, this causes an entire black 'roof' to form over the crater, sealing Silent Angel, Vzark and Drake inside. "I'll deal with that thing when I need to... As for you two...Drake glances at Vzark and 'lightly' cackles as his eye glows white. "...Oh, heheheheh... I see now... Well, that's interesting.Drake lodges Kurai into the floor as he walks towards the two. "Now all we need is Kagerou and Kanashimi and it would be a nice reunion, wouldn't it, Angel..."

Vzark grits his teeth under his helmet as he steps back. "What are you going on about?" He looks to Silent Angel, expecting silence. 

Suddenly something rips straight through the dome of darkness, and in the next moment something's foot connects with his face and shatters his jaw, sending him flying out of the area at high speed, spinning like a top. 

Drake stops the entire attack dead in it's tracks with one hand, the two Chaos Engines can see red viens glow and pulse as he stops the kick, he then places runes on it which binds the foot in place. "No.Drake continues to walk before stopping not that far from the two. "What's the matter, Vzark... Having troubles there?"

The runes quickly fall apart and Drake is blasted by a bolt of lightning away from them, meanwhile Silent Angel takes the opportunity to create a ring of spears around him.

"The only trouble im having is figuring out how long its going to take for you to give up." Vzark takes steps forward instead, his fingers taping the side of his leg.

Drake gets back up onto his feet, taking a second to stretch out his arms, he looks at Vzark and more tribal strokes make up a twisted smile. "You're like me in more ways than you think... But going against you like this will be boring, use your aura as a weapon... I think you know what I'm referring to..."

The moment Drake mentions it, the air around Vzark seems to twist and distort, almost warping the space around him itself. A dark purple aura begins to surround him, and the ground cracks as it takes form of a large, terrifying crude and jagged dragon. Vzark begins to glitch himself and occasionally shows a twisted and demonic vision of him, and the dragon roars. Oddly enough Drake begins to feel an intense feeling of dread and terror, his legs starting to shake.

"Oh... This feeling of terror! FANTASTIC! HEHAHHAHAHA, THIS IS TOO GOOD, THIS FEAR IS PUMPING ADRENALINE BACK INTO ME!Despite his legs shaking, he maintains himself and spins Kurai around before charging directly at him, he jumps and slashes down.

Vzark fades away and appears behind Drake, slicing across his back various times before slamming his fist into his back, causing Drake to plummit into the ground with the crater increasing in size. He darts back and aims his sword at Drake, and his aura dragon appears to charge up an attack, breathing intense aura that seares Drake's skin, bringing immense pain. "And to think the myths called me a're the true one."

"..." Silent Angel fires the spears into random locations in the crater, while the being, pure electricity, lingers, charging several high power spears of lightning. Various rumblings can be heard outside.

'Drake laughs even as his skin is being horrifically burned. "They call you a monster? ...Well then.Drake flickers then flies through the aura without harming it, he stares at Vzark and cackles. "It seems you're like your old man then... Heheh...Once he flies out of the aura, he grabs onto the tail and begins to swing Vzark around, knocking some of the spears out of the ground before letting go, causing Vzark to get thrown towards Silent Angel.

Upon coming into contact with them, the spears explode and release a huge poison gas cloud that engulfs everything, Drake's entire body begins to literally turn into nothing but decomposing flesh, his regeneration destroyed by the sheer amount of poison.

Drake growls as he stands, but rather than his flesh dissolving, it's the black material that fades away, showing a very bloody Drake who suddenly staggers and coughs out blood, he looks around him and chuckles. "Well... Shit... Heheh... It doesn't matter though, does it?" Drake raises a throne from the earth and sits down in it, looking towards the Chaos Engines. "I'm injured, outnumbered and outgunned, so what can I do other than wait." He chuckles once more, seemingly content with dying.

Vzark sheathes his blade and lets out a breath, his aura dragon staying with him and almost seeming to wait. "You'll pass the time wih an answer. The fuck do you mean im like my old man?" Vzark walks up to Drake, staring him down as he sits.

"Did you not notice how your Eta brethen look like me in a way? Kanashimi, Silent Angel, Kagerou, the one above this crater and the few others around the fortress... All but you, which IS strange because off all the people to have my DNA but come out differently, you're a strange case, Vzark..." Drake closes his eyes. "Put the pieces together..."

Vzark glances back to Silent Angel and Nezumi, before fixing his eyes back to Drake. "You can't be serious..." Vzark seems to compare himself to Drake in his own mind, seeing the large differences, and then realizes how alike Silent Angel and Drake look. He opens his mouth to say something, but nothing comes out as his aura dragon dissipates. 

Nezumi flies down and lands, looking at Drake in her usual expression. "Why did you not listen when I told you what would happen?"

"Heh... Because why should I listen to an emotionless and mindless drone of Phoenix? Now don't bother speaking, Nezumi, you'll bore me..."

"You'll find that listening is a better alternative than being eviscerated." Vzark's tone is sharp and defensive. "Who the fuck are you?"

Drake slowly opens his eyes and gazes at Vzark, smirking. "Don't get defensive about her..." Vzark hears a small voice in his head. "If you like her or not, you know I'm right." Drake chuckles. "So, who the fuck am I? I am the one who gave the Eta class of Chaos Engines the Cyanican DNA, and as you can tell." He gestures towards the other Chaos Engines who look similar to him. "But if you want specifics, you're my son in a sense, I am Drake Ryunexo."

Nezumi tilts her head to one side after he addresses her, the look in her eyes are different as her body becomes flesh again.

"Difference between indifference and total apathy... Resisting control is pointless, so I don't bother to. To worry is to plague the mind with weakness..."

Vzark makes no signal of emotion as he hears Drake speak in his mind. "Drake Ryunexo? Son...?" A second passes before Vzark suddenly unsheathes his blade and puts it to Drake's neck, a soft glow of energy sparking as it nearly grazes Drake's flesh. Soon after he sheathes the blade, and turns around. "This is over."

Drake slowly stands up from his throne and looks at the Chaos Engines, first Nezumi. "Resisting control is pointless? ...Try telling that to Kanashimi, Kado, me, hell, even the Lambdas have considered it... And to worry is to plague the mind with weakness." Drake looks directly into Nezumi's eyes, seemingly looking at her soul. "Is that supposed to imply something..." Drake then walks towards Vzark, his hand resting on the pommel of Kurai. "Just because I call myself a father to some, doesn't mean that I am... In fact." Drake's eye flashes white. "...I can see him now... Huh..."

"You clearly lack the knowledge you claim to have if you made such a statement. And yes, it does. If you worry, its just that much less you give everything your all. ...My mind is always focused on what's ahead of me, not behind."

"See who now? I think you've lost too much blood, sit back down and die while resting." Vzark turns his head to Drake, and glances at Nezumi as she talks. "What are we going to do with him?"

Drake simply chuckles. "Chiseled body, markings of his left side, a very nice mustache, he's very kind too... Huh, you had some dad, Vzark... Also, you're not going to do a thing to me because I have something that people like Silent Angel and you want..."

Vzark wonders about what Drake is saying, but clearly doesn't understand. "What the fuck are you going on about? Regardless you're in no shape to bargain."

They hear the sounds of marching approaching.

"Oh right, I forgot... She wipes their memories so that they won't remember... Ah well." Drake smirks and unsheathes Kurai, pointing the blade at Vzark. "I'm in no shape? Oh please, spare me." He says in a heavily sarcastic tone. "Try me."

"Sit back on your false throne. Like you said you're outnumbered, as well as seemingly outsmarted. Not like that appears to be a difficult thing to accomplish." Vzark looks away from Drake, putting his hand over his sword. "Based on that marching you're losing time. Answer the question, what do you mean you have something people like me and Silent want?"

"That's just it..." Drake's eye flashes white once more. "Answers... Probably won't mean much to you now, but all in due time..." Drake listens to the marching and his smirk widens. "They're just fodder, your armies won't do a thing against me... It's the slaves with value such as the Gods, the Lambdas and a select few Chaos Engines that would give me an issue." He spins Kurai around and slides it back into its sheath.

"Or me." A woman's voice says behind them as the army of Chaos Engines form a ring around the crater.

Vzark fixes his head to the source of the voice. "I do believe I warned you about losing time."

Drake only laughs as he looks towards the source of the voice, he then looks around the ring of the crater before walking past Nezumi, Silent Angel and Vzark. "Well... Look who finally decided to get out of her fortress and onto the field, pretty sure the last time you properly fought was when you tossed Daikeim and I around when we were all dragons, so, come to see little old me killed, White?" She can tell the disdain when he says her name.

"No, I've come to see what a wasted potential you are." The being of lightning leaps to White's side, taking on a concrete form as a mix between Noriko and Kaminari. The giant shrinks down to a more reasonable size, but still towers over the others. Various other figures, each with a distinctive color, including a black and white one, all join her, eight in all.

"It's disappointing to know the original is just going to be replaced without more than a whimper and cry." There is almost an annoyed look of disappointment, as though she had been expecting more.

To respond, Drake only cackles as his eyes glow blood red, the same black material as before corrupts his aura and becomes pitch black, his wings stretch completely out as he makes a prideful growl. "I should kill you where you stand for what you did to Noriko...Drake looks at the mix between Noriko and Kaminari for a moment before clenching his fists as he focuses on White.

"Honestly, and this is not my cynical nature talking, I'd like to see that. The attempt, at is." She gives him an odd smile.

"As you are now, simply won't do. The White of yesteryear maybe, but as things stand and from judging your fight, not in a million years. " The smile evolves into a smirk.

She begins walking down the crater toward him.

Vzark simply steps back and walks to Silent Angel and Nezumi, giving a final glare to Drake from under his helmet as he runs the experience through his head.

Drake growls as he engulfs himself in black flames, he speeds up his walking pace. "Divis, Draw.The same red mist of microblades emerges from his gauntlet and hovers beside him. "Well apologies for not being in the right... Mindset about it."

Her face changes to something he can't recognize, but it is strangely soft. It then hardens a moment later, as she takes something out of a pocket.

He instantly stop walking and narrows his eyes at White, he unsheathes Kurai and stands his ground. Weary about what she has in her pocket.

She takes out what looks like a tiny white marble in her hand.

"Honestly, killing you serves no purpose. In fact, in some respects I may want you to live..."

"For what, so you can place me back into a fucking tube? Don't think so...From behind Drake, dark energy begins to erupt around him as they form into constructs of dragons, Drake aims Kurai at White, smirking. "The only gift you ever gave me, it'll be funny how it'll reduce you to nothingness in one swing...

She sighs, and tosses the orb in the air, which suddenly begins to shine with pure white light. 

Drake simply sends the creatures to attack White while Drake walks towards her, he looks at the Chaos Engines and the Kanjo Gods but shakes his head. "Even if I die here..."

Suddenly everything to him begins slowing down, warping and distorting. In a flash of light, the two have disappeared from the crater, all that can be seen is the orb, now covered in complex iridescent runes.

"...Well thats a thing now." Vzark takes a moment before walking over to the throne Drake made, and sits in it. "How long do you think they're going to be in that...thing...for?"

"Not very long." Nezumi says impartially.

"Do we even know what that thing is or...?" Vzark crosses his legs, leaning back into the chair.

"Her weapon."

"Her weapon is a marble that grows into a gigantic orb that transports people into it? I guess that's..unique."

"It does more than that... the inside is an infinite universe of infinite energy."

"...Oh. So its more of a personal domain rather than weapon? I could see how its useful, kind of leaves us with nothing else to do though."

As he says that, the sphere begins to shine brightly again.

Vzark turns his attention to the orb, somewhat wary. "Guess they're done."

White soon appears from the light, and the orb has disappeared.

Vzark fixiates on White, noticing Drake doesn't appear to be present with her. "Has she killed him...?"

"No, but he will not be recovering for at least a week if he's lucky." She remarks simply.

"I see. So...hes really the one who provided DNA for me and the others?"

"Yes." She says, seemingly uninterested in the conversation.

Vzark sighs and drops anything in his mind, laying back in the throne. "He could have made this a little comfier...and gotten less blood on it."

White looks at him quietly. "Vzark. I want you to oversee the fortification of these seaside towns done. Gather a list of the most able bodied individuals in the lands we have already conquered."

He seems to perk up, somewhat interested. "Understood, Ma'am." He stands up from the throne and sprouts wings, taking off.

She watches him go, before walking off toward the bridges. "Continue as planned," She commands the army as she goes.


The captured villagers are all assmbled in a line

Vzark approaches them all, holding his head high. "Now, as you all know you ae under the protection of Phoenix. We will do all we can to help you and this land, but we need your help as well. You see, your land isn't the most heavily protected, and we require your most able bodied workers to build proper fortications. Thos who believe they are capable, please step forward."

A good portion of them step foreward

"Your contribution will not be unnoticted, I assure you. You're doing us, and your community a great favor. First agenda is to set up a perimer arround the area, likely in the form of a wall, towers, and barracks. Work in what you expertise in. Building will start as soon as possible."

They begin to take up the debris of their homes

Vzark simply watches them as the begin to gather materials, and flies up in the air. He scouts the area, making sure of no hostile forces nearby.

Gather half of the most able bodied, we shall use them to build our numbers.

"Shall do." Vzark descends back down to where the Myth's are working, telling them all to gather. "You all are already doing a fine job, I have to say. However I need to ask one more thing from you all. I need half of you to come with me, we need more people to...increase numbers."

They are reluctant to step forward.

Vzark sighs calmly, adjusting himself. "Those who step forward will be seen and put into high regard, it is necessary for the prosperity we all desire."

The villagers look amongst each other quite hesitantly

"Please, I do not ask you as a figure of command, I ask you as a fellow being under Phoenix. To keep this community together, some people must stand up to defend."

Myth 1: We stand just fine all together

Bind them to your will. I will select one to take care of their... integration.

"...You don't understand me. I really do mean everything im saying, but when I ask for something, in order to sustain what we have, you must do it." A strong force suddenly comes out of nowhere and pushes forward half of the Myth's. "Thank you for your contribution. Now, I hope nothing like this occurs again, for your safety. We should be having company soon so do be ready."

Vzark hears footsteps approaching the village.

"Wow, a lot sooner than expected." Vzark turns to the direction of the footsteps, occasionally glancing to the Myth's.

He sees Nezumi walking toward him. Following behind is a group of Phoenix soldiers.

Vzark gives Nezumi a wave before stepping back to get out of her and the soldiers way. 

She approaches the group of villagers, looking amongst them. She begins scanning their level of intelligence. 

The villagers takes a glimpse over at Nezumi and her army

Myth: Pfft. Frickin' weirdos.

Nezumi begins to turn into her energy form once more, and her energy begins to envelop several Mythos. Meanwhile, one of the soldiers that had accompanied her gives a nod to one of the others.

Vzark moves over to Nezumi, taking off his helmet. "So what exactly is going to be done with these guys? I've only been told we'd be using them to build numbers, and I can only imagine what White means by that. Hello, by the way. I didnt get to say it a while ago."

"Matter-Energy Conversion Process enabled. Subjecting candidates to Lambdan Ascension. Linking Etheric Networks. Linking subjects to Gran Flux Systems. Boosting Gran Flux Operating Systems."

Vzark's face shows a clear state of confusion, taking a second to respond. "...Okay. I'll just uh, wait til you're done." 

She extends her hand toward his forehead, and a few of her fingers lightly touch his forehead, and suddenly his whole being seems to link to hers, he feels his heartbeat beat in unison, every breath he takes is shared with her, and he feels his and all of the energy of the various Chaos Engines he has met, as well as the endless numbers of those he hasn't all ingrained in her energy. The contact with her makes him feel like he could swell and expand like a balloon, as though the mere presence of her energy was invigorating his very soul to grow. 

She quietly pulls her hand away, as the Mythos she is turning all let out moans of pain as her energy converts them into beings of pure energy, their forms being altered into images of perfection, though their existences seem to be becoming superficial, their emotions and thoughts redesigned into information and processing, as though becoming living computers, in fact seeming more and more like mere extensions of Nezumi than independent functional beings. 

"She told me no. She will give it to you." Nezumi says shortly after retracting her hand. 

Vzark cant even make a single sound after the whole experience. Questions and thoughts fly through his head, and he cant hold on, nor even catch one of them. To those looking at him he seems like a ball of tense yet calm energy, taking large breaths every now and then. He eventually collects himself and musters up a few words. "That...what...?"

Nezumi is returning to the task at hand, almost finished, now turning on the other villagers Vzark brought, though she seems more interested in turning them into Etas.

"Okay, I said i'd wait until you were done but...but fucking hell, what was that? I cant just experience something like that and wait to ask about it..." Vzark still seems in a dazed state but soon regains his demeanor, letting out a deep breath before taking one in.

"Brief increase of awareness due to proximity of energy."

"...I see. I think im getting the idea of what you were doing but...why did you stop...and, who stopped you?" 

"First was explained, second you will see."

Vzark remains silent for a while after her response, simply waiting and thinking while the Myth's are turned into Chaos Engines. "...How long, do you think this war is going to take, Nezumi?"

"As long as White demands it."

"The war could be over even before something like White realizes..." Vzark lets out an exasperated breath, clearly concerned.

"Something concerns you."

"...Yeah, a few things are concerning me, actually. One of them how necessary all of this really is. I mean, have you even encountered a single challenge yet? I mean I fought Drake for a bit but he was quickly subdued, everything is going perfectly fine. It kind of...puts me off, like something isn't right. The second thing..." Vzark seems hesitant to speak after his first point, glancing to Nezumi.

"They have at least one more threat. He is calculated to be the highest level threat. There are multiple entities on White's watch list, none of them are native to this plane yet may become a factor once we invade Earth. Second reason?"

"...Its probably silly but, I'm kinda concerned about you. Mainly with the war in general and whether you'll be fine, and...even your...recent transformation. I'm just...worried."

"I can easily handle my enemies." The transformed myths have now grown organs like the rest of them, binding them to the will of Phoenix. "White has simply advanced me to my pinnacle, I am now almost perfect in her eyes."

"But are you perfect in your own? And do you even want to be like this?" Vzark's voice seems strong yet gentle at the sane time, now fully fixing his gaze to Nezumi.

"I do not understand inquiry."

"What I'm trying to ask is whether you yourself think you're perfect. You said White sees you as almost perfect in her eyes, right? What about yours? What do you think?"

"No input."

Vzark's face clearly show signs of distress as she responds. "...Okay. Just think about it, okay? Its something that can be really important. Can you promise me that?"

Vzark suddenly feels a twinge of danger.

Vzark quickly puts his helmet back on and his hand quickly reaches for the handle of his sword, turning to where the danger was sensed.

He is slashed across the chest by one of the soldiers, the strike sets him on fire.

Before he can be slashed, Vzark appears behind the soldier with his sword out, and quickly impales the soldier in the chest, ripping the blade out and kicking him down. "The fuck do you think you're doing?"

The soldier blocks him almost as soon as he does this, rendering the attack moot, though Vzark as to quickly move out of the way, as suddenly the majority of the soldiers are attacking Nezumi, Vzark, and the other transformed CEs.

"Death to the abominations!"

Vzark creates a powerful wave of force that sends the soldiers that are attacking them back and to the the ground. "Oh for fucks sake." Vzark speeds through various soldiers, slicing across them and impaling some as he goes.

His charge is blocked by a wall of steel, then is captured by a circle of six soldiers who create a barrier around him. While this is happening, the other soldiers distract Nezumi and the other CEs while the others head to town and appear to be herding the people into portals.

Within the barrier Vzark starts creating air with the temperature of sub zero, and the particles in the energy become slow and eventually stop moving all together, and the barrier disperses. The wall of steel suddenly lifts um into the air, and systematically crushes each soldier as Vzark runs back to Nezumi, and increases the soldiers gravity to levels where it is impossible for them to move, and are forced to the ground

The wall does nothing but turn into sand on contact, doing nothing.


Vzark then starts to feel incredibly light headed, as a decent number of the soldiers simply stand up as though the gravity wasn't bothering them.

From the group of soldiers, one stands out as they approach. He seems vaguely familiar, though he's not sure how. The soldier possesses a set of mighty white armor beautiful and ornate in its design, the person seems to command a powerful air of authority, and Vzark can tell the soldiers respect this one.

"You have no idea how long I've waited for a moment like this... to finally uproot the corruption of this organization I so long and dearly served... you and White's creations are an abomination, an affront to the true cause of Phoenix and her forefathers. White cannot be forgiven for tainting our lineage and our pride..."

He draws a massive greatsword and beckons Vzark to fight him.

"Orilond Silverfang, former Commander of the Dragon Guard." The strange lightheadedness fades as the other soldiers disappear with the villagers.

"...I always preferred silver over gold, but I guess everyone's got their personal tastes. Do I have to introduce myself too or...? Nevermind. Your cause seems a bit..bullshit? Have you considered that some Chaos Engines don't actually agree with that White says and does? Regardless you're wasting your time, but I guess I'm about to as well." Vzark sheathes his sword and lets out a breath, glancing at the environment around the two.

"You think this is about you? Arrogant. You are a byproduct of the sin of the past four Whites, born of sin. The very dna you are composed of was aquired through shameful dishonorable deeds. Even now White continues to promote herself as though a god, such blasphamey must be stopped. You are nothing but her pawns, and if we must slay you even in your unwillingness, so be it."

"Sin can turn into virtue in some cases, attacking Chaos Engines like me is just wasted potential. Slaying those who dont really deserve it is being just as cruel as White is. Your actions will cause you to turn out to be just like her. But if you're fine with that, alright. Be a hypocrite. Oh and nice sword by the way, and nice title. Former title, sorry. Do you want me to attack first or are you just going to stand there and spew more shit from your mouth?"

Orilond charges him with surprising speed considering his weapon and armor.

Vzark quickly sprouts wings and flies up to evade his charge, and fires various aura blasts at Orilond.

Orilond rockets up in the air after him, then grabs his face and knees him in the crotch, then hurls him back to the ground, flinging the massive sword with incredible speed into the ground after him, causing a tremendous explosion of light.

The moment Orilond grabs Vzark, he turns into sand that blows away in the air, and Vzark kicks Orilond back into the ground, which causes a shockwave upon impact. "Close, but not close enough."

Orilond gets up quickly, and Vzark is suddenly enveloped in a powerful light.

Vzark quickly darts away and out of the light, creating a field of darkness to try and negate some of the light still around him. He continues to fly around, constantly moving.

A volley of spears impale his wings.

He holds back a noise of pain before his wings disappear and he dives to the ground, quickly landing safely before crashing. He begins to run around before growing wings once more, however they appear to be made of aura rather than actual wings.

The next spear is already mere moments from stabbing him in the chest.

Vzark quickly dodges the spear and looks to the direction of where the spear came from, sending his own spears made of pure aura of his own.

A large dark shadow looms over him.

He quickly cuives flying up to go around whatever is casting the shadow, and soon strengthens his armor by placing an aura shield around it.

He is blasted to the ground before can even get far by an intense beam of light from the shadow, which is revealed to be a huge dragon.

Mid way before reaching the ground, the Aura turns purple in color before projecting a shield of darkness that protects Vzark from some of the light, allowing him to move out the way. "...I need to use that more often...and a fucking dragon? Are you serious?" He speeds up above the dragon, firing various blasts of aura from his body.

He is struck in the back by more spears while the dragon rains down fireballs, dodging easily

The aura fires its own spears that destroy the spears coming towards Vzark on its own, while Vzark dodges the various fireballs raining down. "Ballsy...not ballsy..ballsy..not balls- oh fuck it." Vzark quickly lands ontop of the dragons back, holding on tightly.

The dragon suddenly starts falling.

Vzark continues to hold on as he travels along the dragon, reaching the wings. Aura saws are then created that fly straight through the membrane of the wings, going back and forth.

The dragon flips upside down just as he reaches the wings, squishing him hard.

Before Vzark can be squished, he creates a large forceful explosion that pushes the dragon up, giving him enough time to dig into the ground before the dragon hits him. He soon pops out of the ground nearby the dragon, "That was...close. At least I got the wings a bit.."

The dragon moves to bite him, but then its head falls off, and the dragon falls dead. Standing near it is Nezumi, with a blue blade of energy, looking impartial.

Oriland disappears. 

Vzark's Aura armor dissipates as he lets out a breath of relief. "Thank you for that Nezumi, I can imagine everything was fine on your side then." 

"I was actually just watching a few minutes.

"...Oh. I imagine I was supposed to end that sooner then...? Nevermind, Oriland got away. Still, thanks."

"I was interested in testing your fighting ability. White encouraged an end to things."

"I think I could have won...hopefully." Vzark takes a second before thinking again, soon showing signs of nervousness. "...Nezumi, it's always fine to be honest with you, right? With anything, I mean."

Nezumi tilts her head to one side, and returns to normal appearance.

"...I'll hope that's a yes, well...okay I...fuck give me a second." Vzark seems to get even more nervous before taking off his helmet, revealing an oddly flushed face. "I do want to be honest and based on...certain things it's probably just best to tell you. There...there isn't a need to drag it out. Nezumi I uh..fucking hell why is this so hard?"

Her head is at full tilt. "Erratic heartbeat, pale face, sweat... are you sick?" She presses a hand to his forehead.

"Oh, what? No no I'm not sick, i-im nervous at all, and now I'm stuttering, oh God..." Vzark runs his hand through his hair, trying to calm himself. "I have to say this quick and fast before I change my mind. Nezumiihavefeelingsforyouicantholditinanylongerireallyneedtotellyouandimreallynervous." What Vzark said is barely coherent, only a few words really being able to be heard.

Nezumi's head can't possibly tilt any further. "Feelings? Unclear meaning." She seems to have picked up on every word some how.

"Oh god I really hope I didn't have to explain more... okay, Nezumi when I-I say I have feelings, I mean I like you...romantically." Vzark's eyes are fixed to the ground, his body seeming extremely tense.

"Romantically...? I don't know much about that..."

"I-its fine, really, I just wanted to tell you. I don't really know much about it either but..." Vzark bites his lip, nearly drawing blood. "I wanted to be honest, it's fine if you wouldn't feel the same.."

To his surprise, she pulls him to her and presses him against her in a small hug, very much unsure and unfamiliar with the action, but the attempt is sincere.

"I don't know what to feel or how to feel. I do know the way ones instincts act compel us to behave certain ways could be comparable to emotions... so trust in them like you would instincts I suppose... take the wheel, I care not."

Vzark's face turns even redder as he hugs her back, smiling widely after relaxing. "Yeah, I'll..I'll trust in them, definitely. And I'll try not to be too in control of the wheel sometimes, in case you'd like to take it, at some point.." He breaks the hug after a bit, fixing his hair despite it not needing to be fixed. "Even if you don't know what or how to feel, I'm fine with it."

"You're more stiff than I."

"Hey I get tense when I'm nervous, don't judge." Vzark laughs while responding. "And you aren't that stiff, the hug was nice."

"You freak out when you are out of your element."

"I don't even think I have an element...I understand what you mean though, what should I do to change that?"

"Learn to account for things you normally wouldn't consider. Accept unknowns are just another factor to process, it's nothing to fear."

"I guess I have an innate fear of things going wrong and the way I don't want then to. That's really why I didn't want to tell you about my feelings, by the way. I can try though, no point in not doing that."

Nezumi tilts her head to one side again.

"Nevermind, I'm pretty much rambling at this point. Thank you though. ...What do we do now, by the way? The Myths are building, Oriland and his traitors seemed to have fucked off, we do have some time."

Nezumi looks over toward where White had defeated Drake.

"White wants us to be ready to push on."

"Guess we should start that then, anything we need to prepare exactly or should we start heading forward now?"

"It's almost night. White has an encampment near the old capital of Upnation... follow me." She begins to head off.

Vzark puts his helmet back on before following after Nezumi, taking one last look at the area they're leaving.


Nezumi leads him to a huge camp of countless tents, many of their CE brethren are present. A series of large white buildings circle a giant crater that spans miles both wide and deep, he cannot see where the bottom of the crater is. Nezumi appears to be leading him to the white buildings.

Vzark gazes around the tents and buildings, somewhat curious. "Looks like things have been turning out well for this invasion, then. Whats the crater for, by the way..?"

"The crater is the former location of the Myth's capital. Azula destroyed it."

"...Ah. Explains why its..bottomless- okay anyways, this might be a silly question but whats your favorite animal? Just curious."

"...I don't really know any animals..."

"..Really? Not even cats, dogs, birds, anything like that? How come?"

"...White didn't teach me on such things... I know what a bird is... ...not much else..."

Vzark remains silent. "..It wont be like that for long, i'll see if Im able to teach you about animals. Personally I really like cats and snakes. That really sucks to hear though."

She shrugs, and they arrive at one of the white buildings. "This is where I'm staying. White tells me you're being grouped in with Abeni, once she gets here. If you need something this building is where I'm at."

"Ah good to know, i'll probably check in every so often if it isnt a bother. If it isnt any trouble can I hang around here until Abeni comes?"

"Not at all..." She walks in the buliding.

He goes in after her. "Out of all the abilities I could have, somehow im wishing I could create animals." Vzark looks around the inside of the building, then to Nezumi. "So do you know where some of the others are right now? Abeni, Azula, Silent, etcetera."

"Not really. I do know that Kagerou is rock climbing the crater."

"Of course. Remind me to flood the crater soon." Vzark gives a laugh to himself. "I'll have to wait for the others, namely Abeni then. Oh and I was thinking, maybe in some time we could go...somewhere? Just to talk and spend time, really."

"...What do you have in mind?" She asks, her head tilted again.

"Anywhere, really. Maybe back to Yosai? With how large it is I'm sure there are a lot of things you and I both missed, especially me. What do you think?"

"I don't care..."

Vzark seems a bit upset for a split second before tapping his hands on his legs. "Well...okay, why dont we go now? The others will take sometime to get here, so why not use that time? It wouldn't hurt."


"Come on, lets go then." Vzark seems somewhat happy as he begins to walk out, gesturing for Nezumi to follow. Where can I get a cat...?

Cat you say? He hears White speak in his head.

"Oh, hello White. Yeah...I kind of need a cat for...reasons." Vzark is clearly avoiding something.

Don't hide it, you want one for Nezumi, don't you? This little romance thing of your is so adorable.

"..Thanks. I expected some teasing but mainly from Kagerou, but I cant really act the way I do with him to you. But yeah...I want one for Nezumi. Can you supply me with one...?"


There is suddenly a poof of smoke, and in Vzark's hand is a tiny kitten.

Vzark says and thinks nothing for a second, somewhat fixiated on the kitten. "Fucking hell thats cut-...anyways, thank you White, really."

I'll count that as a favor owed...

"I'd say its worth it." Vzark pets the kitten lightly before turning to Nezumi. "Hey Nezumi, you know how I asked about animals, right?" 

"Yes...?" She asks, her head turned. 

"Take a look at this." Vzark presents the kitten to Nezumi, clearly eager. "Its a cat, well, a baby one. A kitten to be specific."

Nezumi seems for an eternity, like she isn't showing interest, but then she slowly reaches her hand out to touch it, a growing look of wonder on her face.

"Go on, it wont bite. If it starts making a noise and almost vibrating its showing affection by the way. Its called purring. You can hold it too if you'd like." A smile starts to grow on Vzark's face, lightly petting the cat as he holds it.

She begins stroking the tiny head, fascinated.

"There are lots of different breeds and kinds of cats too, they can pretty much come in all shapes and sizes. They maybe a little less active and hyper as dogs, but I actually like that. You can name it too." Vzark seems puzzled for a second. "ont know what breed this kind of cat is...regardless its still adorable."

Nezumi seems to want to hold it.

Vzark hands the kitten to her, letting her hold it. "Always be gentle, especially with kittens."

Nezumi holds it quietly, her face seemingly brightened at the sight of it.

Vzark smiles happily in response. "You seem to like cats then. Happy to know." He pets the kitten as Nezumi holds it, occasionally glancing to her.

Nezumi seems to have no interest in sharing, fully fascinated. He can hear purring from the kitten.

Vzark lets Nezumi handle the kitten on her own, laughing to himself. "And there's the purring I mentioned, it likes you."

Nezumi spends a good while just holding and cuddling the kitten.

"Kittens and any pets are still a big responsibility though, you have to take care of it constantly. Its like a child except...not. Im glad you're enjoying yourself." Vzark sits down nearby, grinning under his helmet.

Kagerou, hiding in a bush, snickers.

Vzark feels something is off, but ignores it. "Not now..." He gets up, looking around. "So..would you like to keep it?"

"Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes!" Nezumi chirps with what sounds like joy.

Vzark seems just as happy as Nezumi is to hear her joy. "Thats great! Considering its yours you can name it too. Anything."

She tilts her head. Kagerou is now openly laughing.

Vzark creates a strong gust of wind that nearly pushes Kagerou all the way back to the crater, and then closes the door. "...Anyways, yeah you can give it a name. Something silly, something serious, it can be anything you want."

Her head is still tilted.

"Okay well, since this cat is a baby and we're the first to really interact with it, it doesn't have a name. Like how your name is Nezumi and mine is Vzark. We should give it a name, its what you do. If you don't have a name I could always try and help."

"I don't know..."

"Hmm...Slinger? Wicker?...Freude? Freude sounds nice to me, what about you?"

Nezumi looks up at him. "Wicker... Wicker... Wicker!" She seems to have settled on the idea.

"Wicker it is then!" Vzark looks to the kitten. "It fits, very well. I wonder what Wicker will be like when they're older, hehe."

Nezumi continues loving on the kitten.

"Ill let you continue getting acquainted with Wicker then." Vzark takes off his helmet once more before sitting down, resting his eyes for a few seconds.

Vzark hears a knock at the door.

Vzark's eyes shoot open, sighing. "That better not be Kagerou." He gets up and hesitantly opens the door.

Kagerou is standing at the door, a rather passive look to him. "Before you scream bloody murder, I want to talk. Real talk. No shenanigans."

"Fucks sake." Vzark sneers and sighs. "Fine, fine. But I swear to God if you're lying to me Kagerou I'm never giving a chance like this again. Start taking."

"Mind if we talk outside?"

Vzark looks to Nezumi. "..Give me a second, Nezumi." Vzark nods and walks outside, closing the door behind him. "Okay, what is it?"

Kagerou sits down on a tree stump. "You always this uptight? Scratch that, I answered my own question. Finally told her huh?"

Vzark rolls his eyes at the first question before sitting down as well, running a hand through his own hair. "..Yeah. Let me guess, you're going to laugh and tease me about it? Thanks for having the courtesy for doing it without Nezumi seeing."

Kagerou smirks. "I don't think you would have admitted it or had the courage if I wasn't nagging you. You're too indecisive. That'll get you killed, bub. I mean, what if you hesitate because you meet someone with ideals like you, but on the other side of the war? What if you second guess, and they exploit it, and kill you? What then? Well, that lovely confession would mean nothing. And I'd be down a playmate."

Kagerou takes out his sword, which seems to be a blade with a chainsaw component, and begins inspecting it, and washing dry blood off the weapon.

"Plus, it's not like Nezumi is all that intimidating. She'd probably consent to being given a nuclear bomb component."

Vzark's eye twitches before he takes a deep breath. "I'm not indecisive. I take my time and make sure things are done at the right moment. I wanted to tell her already, and I had the courage to do so. Its just that your fucking teasing gets annoying. And who says the person who shares my ideals wouldn't hesitate as well? My confession would still mean something, as the end of something doesn't dictate whether something means anything or not, the journey does."

Vzark sits up, and takes out his own blade. "Washing the blood off is a waste, by the way." The blood from Vzark's sword suddenly lifts off and forms a sharp spike, shooting into the ground nearby Kagerou. "Use it as a weapon."

Kagerou smiles. "Cliche, really. I prefer something more subtle. Like, tearing down the very seams of someone's mind, picking apart the cracks little by little, until it falls apart of its own accord. That's just me though. Play with blood if you wish, I prefer the mind.

Plus, that's a very poor way to think, you should take care of your sword."

Kagerou casually tosses a knife at Vzark.

"If you set up a plan, it hurts worse when it fails. It stunts your potential when you act on a set playing field and don't accommodate for adaption and variations. It's why I prefer a pace that changes based on my situation, rather than my plan. Heck, I rarely ever plan.

Does what I say bother you? I saw the twitch."

Vzark catches the knife, throwing it to the ground. "Bull fucking shit. Every aspect I've seen of you goes against being subtle. Go on, give me the whole fucking spheal about how you're messing with me and doing that very thing of picking apart cracks. And do you see a single fucking spot, scratch, dent, or anything in this thing? No you fucking don't. And strange, for someone who supposedly prefers the mind, you clearly don't fucking exercise the use of your own!" 

His tone is is getting more aggressive as he speaks, glaring down at Kagerou. "So what if it hurts when it fails? If it hurts then quit fucking complaining and let time rid you of pain. Yes, everything you say is bothering me Kagerou. It should be fucking clear. You don't have a need to point out my responses to your idiotic words. Unless you're actually going to talk to me on a serious level and stop nagging me about everything, I'm done." Vzark sheathes his sword, beginning to walk off.

Vzark feels a strange sensation in the air as he turns his back on Kagerou, dense, heavy, and dark.

"I said I'm done, Kagerou. I don't want to talk to you, or fight you." He turns to Kagerou, giving no sign of emotion. "Just, please. Leave me alone. I'd rather not have Abeni forcefully separate and or stop us again. So if you're angry, take it out on someone else." Vzark turns once more, walking off.

"Is this how you take simple criticism? You know, it's really childish of you. Especially because I have your interests in mind. You know, I came to tell you congratulations, throw a few suggestions... now you're cursing at me. It's as if you're wanting me to rip your throat out for being a dick." A thick, black aura can be seen from him, any trace of a smile, even warmth is gone from his features, just a cold, dark impassive stare, the energy he gives off is right on the border of ultimate wrath and ultimate disinterest.

"If you want to have any chance of being happy, to live, to see her be more than she is, a hollow shell... ...then instead of being so impudent, remember this: I'm looking out for you, and I'm there, even when you don't think I am. At any time, on a whim, I could kill you. Rip your guts out, spray your blood in such ways I could make an abstract... feed your eyeballs to wolves... ........And another thing. The key to her heart lies in one simple question. 'What does it mean to live?'"

Vzark stops walking. If you have my interests in mind, you have a really shitty way of showing it. You know, theres a part of me that really wants to give all this another chance, but what you're showing and telling me now is really diminishing that part. Your criticism would have been appreciated if you werent so problematic and troubling to me whenever you say something. I dont get it."

Vzark turns back to Kagerou. "Of course I want to see her be more than she is. And for someone whos apparently looking out for me, its strange to want to kill me in those ways. Thats why I dont believe you Kagerou. I cant believe that you'd ever want to help me if this is how you are. You want to help me? Congratulate me? Go ahead. But I wont believe you until you prove to me you truly mean all this. I know I need help, but telling me my problems and telling me how to fix my problems are two different things."

He hesitates, clearly thinking. "if you want to really support and help me Kagerou, im willing to start over. But this...this needs to change. You say you're adaptable and can change on situations, then change and adapt to this. Okay? All of this needs to stop."

Vzark can't help but flinch when he looks back at Kagerou, whose body is covered in a visible black aura, red glowing eyes prevailant.

"Ah, right, you've not seen me when I'm serious, have you? I have a power that only me and Drake share, a power that makes me want to kill... ...everything. It's called Primative. Scary, ain't it? Go on, admit it, I won't blame you. ...I won't blame you if you're not either. After all..." Kagerou dwells on something for a moment.

"Let's just put it this way. I'm no idiot, my previous actions was an extention of my 'friendly side' trying to be just that, friendly. I prefer that people are honest with themselves, that they realize their value. Once I noticed how you interacted with Nezumi, it dawned on me how you felt, so I tried to be encouraging, at least in my point of view. I wanted you to realize the worth of taking initiative rather than standing idily by, after all, life does work that way. If you don't act, it'll take what matters most to you. 

Like, for instance, if I kept it up, eventually my attempts to alert Nezumi to you would have succeeded, and you would lose your chance to address it on your own terms. You saw the importance of it, and took action, because it mattered too much for you to let yourself lose that. Remember that side of me is a facade, a fake. For your sake, you'd best live with it, because when I'm not that... I kill things. Oh, and on that note. I tell you your problems, because I expect you to learn to deal with them yourself. They are not my issues, I don't know the answers to them, because they are not mine. Understand me?"

Despite Vzark's forced flinching, he keeps an unchanging stance. "No, your form isn't scary. Its daunting, but not scary. It would only be scary if you do, kill everything instead of want. It'd be scary if I was helpless against it, and right now I'm clearly not. If that side of yours is fake then I want nothing to do with it. Sure, it covers up a side no one wants to deal with, but fake is fake." Vzark steps closer to Kagerou, staring into the red eyes. "You're right, they aren't your issues. So do back off. Are we done here?"

"I hope you understand the saying, 'don't poke the tiger'." Kagerou says as a massive black hand grabs Vzark, it is so big he fits inside the hand's palm no issues what so ever.

Vzark instantly teleports to the side of Kagerou once he's grabbed, blade in hand. He quickly jumps back, distancing himself from he and Kagerou."You really want to make a scene? Here? Out of all places? This is what I meant when I said you don't exercise the use of your own mind. I'm not poking the tiger, I'm trying to get away from the tiger but the tiger keeps roaring."

"Actually, this is a test from White." He says as he slashes at Vzark with his chainblade, which roars to life as a burst of lightning rushes Vzark.

"Also, waste of a technique, honestly."

Vzark smacks the lightning away with his blade as he dodges the slash, simultaneously firing a Novic blast from his sword at Kagerou. "Fucks sake."

With a flicker of movement, Kagerou is gone, and Vzark feels his neck hair stand up.

Vzark growls as he jumps back, his sword slashing behind him without him holding it, and once the sword is done slashing it slings back into his hand. "At least Nezumi has Wicker to keep her company..."

The force of Kagerou's punch blows both sword and Vzark away, and he nearly crashes into a tent, but when he gets up, Kagerou is barreling down on him, a few giant boulders flying behind him, ready to smash him.

Vzark quickly flies up and behind Kagerou, creating an explosion behind the two boulders that forces the two boulders to fly even faster and straight into Kagerou, causing him to hit the tent. "..Shit."

Kagerou has a strange aura around him, as does the boulders, and neither of them move. The boulders suddenly rocket straight into Vzark without warning.

He fires two Novic blasts that combine and consume the boulders, imploding and destroying both boulders. The remaining energy left over from the Novic Blasts suddenly shoot forwards Kagerou, combining into various Novic blasts that speed towards him, while Vzark sprouts wings and gains higher ground.

The aura appears around Vzark, as Kagerou gestures at him, then suddenly Vzark is pulled down into his own attacks, just as they were to hit Kagerou.

An aura shield quickly forms around Vzark the moment he is transported that block the blasts, keeping Vzark safe. The shield then separates into various blasts that home in on Kagerou, but exploding before they hit him.

Kagerou is nowhere to be seen when the explosion clears.

Vzark continues flying around, trying to home in on where Kagerou could be by tracking his aura, staying on guard.

From behind him, he hears a voice. "Whatcha looking at?"

"Something more appealing to the eye than you, hopefully." Vzark swoops down to the ground to avoid an attack, looking behind him before taking back to the skies.

He hears a chuckle right behind him, while at the same time, faint flickering images of Kagerou appear all around him.

Vzark releases a wave of aura in all directions, dissipating all of the images. "Stop with this game already."

Vzark is slashed from underground by a blade of steel.

Vzark quickly sidesteps and is barely grazed by the blade, creating his own blade of steel and impaling it into the ground below.

Vzark feels a tingling sensation, just as he's shocked by an electric landmine.

The electricity is shot out and redirected into the sky, and Vzark growls. "..Really? A landmine? How the fuck do you even get this shit anyway?"

The only response he gets is a prompt kick in the face.

Vzark swiftly ducks under the kick, rolling back and jumping up, landing safely. "I'm getting really tired of this dodge and swing act we're doing, I have a cat and...partner, to tend to."

His dodge puts him right in the path of the real Kagerou's kick, who was standing behind him.

Vzark quickly bounces back from the kick as he forms an aura dagger in his hand, stabbing it into Kagerou's leg before moving back.

The aura dagger is shattered by Kagerou's Primitive form, as Kagerou strikes with a massive clawed hand that persistently chases him.

Vzark constantly moves in erratic movements, dodging the various slashes coming at him.

Kagerou begins randomly teleporting, firing beams of plasma at him.

Vzark uses the surrounding tents and buildings as a deterrent for Kagerou not to attack, incase he does not want property damage.

Kagerou charges with an absolutely powerful punch straight at him.

"Fuck my life." Vzark shakes his head and charges back, punching Kagerou square as well.

Just as both punches are about to land, Nezumi appears between them, and kicks them both with a split kick in mid air straight in the jaws. She then walks up to Vzark with the cat on her head, and lightly sits on his stomach, looking into his eyes.

"You two done having a playdate?" She asks with her usual expression.

Vzark seems absent for a good eight seconds the moment he is kicked. He lifts his head up, looking back towards her. " wasn't a playda- okay, nevermind. Yeah, I think..I think we're done here." He looks to the cat before double taking back down to Nezumi, a bit flustered. "Uh..Nezumi? I uh...kinda need you to get off...maybe."

She doesn't move for a moment, then deliberately moves her face closer, the expression not changing.


He clearly tenses up a bit, seeming nervous. "..No reason, no reason at all..." His face turns red, taking a deep breath. 

"Here's my present for the kitten." She abruptly kisses him on the forehead, then leaps up and kicks Kagerou in the head so hard his head gets buried in the ground, then runs off in a skip, cat in tow.

"" Vzark remains lying on the ground for a good amount of time, smiling to himself. He gets up, nearly tripping before collecting himself and walking off, whistling. 


"You're tough and strong, clearly. You can get yourself out...maybe. Good luck." Vzark whistles even louder. "Besides, you'll make a good tree."

Across the ocean, a massive pillar of light can be seen for a moment, a heavy rumbling can be heard.

Vzark furrows a brow as he sprouts wings and hovers up into the air, looking in the distance of where the pillar of light is. "What now..?"

The light appears to be coming from Yosai.

"Might as well go, now, I suppose. Where's Nezumi though..?" Vzark starts looking around, trying to find her.

Nezumi is still walking around with the cat.

Vzark smiles as he spots her, swiftly landing beside her. "Good to see you, Nezumi. And of course Wicker too."

"It was only moments ago. You still look red."

Vzark tries to cover his face with his hair, completely forgetting about his helmet in his hand. "...You did take me by surprise, but it is still good to see you even if it wasn't that long ago. I was going to ask if you still wanted to head to Yosai, especially now with the whole giant pillar of light...thing."

Nezumi tilts her head. "I don't care..."

"Well, come on. I'll try to make it at least somewhat enjoyable." Vzark puts on his helmet and grabs Nezumi's hand, leading her along.

She quietly follows.

"So how's Wicker? You seem to be really enjoying their company." 


"That's good to hear.." Vzark looks around, then back to Nezumi. "Hey, the moment the whole pillar of light stuff is figured out, why don't I tell you about some more animals? I don't think i'll be able to get more but I can at least talk to you about them. What do you say?"

"I guess?"

"I'm gonna take that I guess as a hell yes, just so you know."  Vzark smirks to himself and when they reach the bridge, Vzark takes another look at the closer pillar of light.

The pillar suddenly implodes on itself and collapses into nothing with a mighty bang that deafens them.

"Fucking christ!" Vzark recoils slightly as the bang occurs, looking back to where the pillar used to be. "I...I guess we can start the animal talk earlier, now." Vzark just stands there for a bit, before turning to Nezumi.

Nezumi seems more focused on the direction of Yosai.

"Or...maybe we should check out what everything was." Vzark shakes his head at himself and starts walking across the bridge.

She follows him, as they get closer, a heaviness is felt in the air.

"I really dont like this." Vzark tenses up as his hand reaches to the handle of his sword, continuing to walk into Yosai and eventually reaching where the pillar was.

The origin of the tense energy seems to be coming from the central tower.

Vzark speeds up his pace as he goes. "What do you think happened?"

Nezumi shrugs.

Encampment 2

As they finally cross the bridge, Vzark glances at Nezumi. "Something off? You seem like you're pretty deep in thought."

"I'm fine."

"Okay, just wanted to check. Where exactly should we head then? Back to your building or...?"

"I don't really care..."

"Hmm, alright. Lets just look around the encampment for a bit to see whats been going on, and then head back to your building. "


Vzark walks through the various tents in the encampment, looking around and getting an idea of what the place is like. "Funny, all of this happened so fast."

Some of the other Chaos Engines eye them as Vzark continues carrying them, some of the girls giggle, the guys occasionally snicker. Nezumi doesn't seem to notice or care.

Vzark feels a bit put off at first by the quiet remarks, but soon ignores them. "Nowhere near as bad as some certain people, the teasing I mean."

She says nothing.

"I'm probably making too much of it anyway." He gives a faint shrug with a smile, reaching the building they once were at. "Do you think some of the others are here by now?"

Nezumi's head turns toward the west side of the camp, as a group of women are approaching, two of the women are carrying Abeni as they walk.

Sylles: Is this the camp, ma'am?

Ryoka: It's the only one we've come across.

"Welp, theres that answered..." He turns to Abeni and the people following her, somewhat confused. "Good to see you Abeni, and...?"

"It is, girls, just take me to my quarters..." She indicates one of the white buildings at the camp, but smiles faintly on seeing Nezumi. Moegara however begins to crack up. "Heee heee heee heee... oh my gosh that's so cute I could die from the moe...."

Vzark's face turns red after hearing the remark. "...Thanks...? I uh...dont know how to respond to that."


Abeni looks down at her in annoyance. "Just hurry up Moe." Moegara grumbles, then starts taking Abeni to the building.

He regards Abeni with a faint nod as a substitute for waving goodbye. "Things are really getting strange..."

"Indeed..." Nezumi says impartially.

"Regardless we should probably head to your building then, since I suppose everyone else is heading to theirs. I'm not sure where I'm residing, actually."

"Either mine or Abeni's, White says."

"Oh, good to know. I'll probably end up switching between you two, depends on which building I'm closest to at the time." He gives a quick laugh. "Probably yours today."

Nezumi tilts her head, but doesn't say or do anything else.

"Anyways, let's get there now." Vzark starts walking in direction of Nezumi's building.

She just closes her eyes.

He brings her to her building finally, entering inside and setting her down. "Feels like the day has been so long, it really hasn't though."

She looks after him, then to Wicker, who struts up to Vzark.

He kneels down and starts petting Wicker, carefully and gently picking him up. "Good to see you buddy."

The cat purrs.

Vzark sits down and looks up to Nezumi, motioning her to come over.

She tilts her head.

"Come on, hold him for a bit. I want to see if I can find something here." 

She quietly walks to his side. 

He hands Wicker to her and quickly starts looking around the room, eventually mumbling and coming back with something in his hand. "Mind putting Wicker down for a second?"

She tilts her head even more, but does so.

Vzark kneels down and places a ball of yarn near Wicker, and sits down beside Nezumi. "Just watch."

She watches quietly.

"He...should start playing with the yarn..." Vzark nervously laughs and coughs, adjusting his throat. "Please, please do something!"

Wicker tilts his tiny head at the yarn ball, sniffing it.

"Just...wait." Vzark puts his hands to his chin. "Thats at least somewhat better..."

Wicker begins licking his paw.

"...Hmm." Vzark picks up the yarn ball and puts it away, before sitting back down and creating a small mouse made of aura that begins to move around Wicker. "This should work."

As soon as Vzark touches the ball, Wicker pounces the ball, and his hand, sinking claws into yarn and flesh.

"Okay jesus hes much more eager than I thought!" Vzark drops the yarnball and the mouse goes away, with the yarn ball rolling.

Wicker leaps after the yarn, he and the ball bounce all over the room for the next hour.

Vzark smiles and laughs occasionally. "God I really can't hold my own against adorable stuff."

The ball gets batted straight into Vzark's face.

"Eh...really hard to get mad at a kitten..." Vzark catches the ball as it drops, setting it onto the ground and rolling it towards Wicker.

The cat doesn't seem to wind down as it continues, eventually knocking the ball into his face again, only this time the cat pounces after it and ends up climbing on his face on top of his head.

"...I think thats enough of the yarn for now." Vzark holds the ball in his hand and leaves Wicker on his head, turning to Nezumi. "Hes...tricky, apparently."

While he holds it in his hand and looks away, Wicker is slowly crawling down toward his shoulder.

Vzark turns back and to Wicker. "Guess you're not done." He lets Wicker crawl down, slowly moving the ball around in his hand.

Wicker leaps at the ball, tackling it out of Vzark's hand.

He silently laughs to himself as Wicker leaps, sitting back and watching him go. "Sorry if its a bit silly Nezumi, but you have to admit its kinda fun to watch."

She shrugs, though her mouth has lifted into something akin to a faint smile.

Vzark fist pumps in his mind, smiling back. "He'll likely be preoccupied for a while, as lazy as people say cats can be, they spring to life whenever yarn is around."

She shrugs again, this time seeming like she is thinking about something.

"Sorry if I'm being nosy, but is something off? I know I already asked but throughout the day you've seem to be pondering about something,"

She looks off to the side, not answering.

"If its something troubling I'd like to help, but its okay if you say no." He looks a bit concerned, moving a bit closer.

"Just thinking," She says quietly.

Vzark opens his mouth but subsequently closes it, relaxing. "Well, whatever it is I do hope you sort it out." Vzark smiles, putting his hand to her shoulder gently. 

She looks at him quietly, an unclear expression on her face. 

He stays quiet before taking his hand back to his side. "Probably isn't a question that isn't able to be answered, but do you have a passtime or hobby you enjoy? Other than sleeping."

Her head tilts. "I've already answered a similar question."

"Mhm, I know. Just like to see if anything has changed. I mean myself personally have changed quite a bit since I woke up, I'd think."

"No..." She looks away again.

"Then that's what we're going to change." Vzark stands up, putting his hands to his hips. "True, maybe right now isn't the best time to figure it out, but we might as well try. There has to be something you'd like."

She doesn't turn her head back. "You're... confusing."

Vzark slowly sits down again, putting his hands his sides. "...Sorry, what do you mean confusing?"

"You're confusing. To understand."

Vzark bites his lip. "I get that part, but in what way? The way I act, what I say or...?"


"Well, I can help you with your confusion...I guess."

She still isn't looking at him.

"Hey, come on. If I'm confusing then I'd like to help, just explain to me, okay?" Vzark clearly has concern in his voice, worried.

"How do you explain what you can't explain?"

"I dont know...maybe show? Not everything has to be done in words, you can use other things to convey something."

Nezumi begins flapping her arms in a meek attempt to convey frustration, while saying in a monotone, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..."

Vzark blinks. "...You feel like an angry bird...? Okay yeah maybe...that isn't the best way. Okay, is there anything you can think of that could explain it? A single word or feeling, anything?"

"That isn't what you do when you freak out and scream?"

" is but that doesn't exactly help...but I suppose I get you're frustrated at me for being confusing, right...?"

She is about to answer, when a loud war horn blows.

"...It's time to begin."

Vzark wears a somewhat solemn look at his face before shaking his head and putting his helmet on. "...Alright, let's go."

As he comes out, Abeni is seen, and she beckons him.

Vzark hesitates before taking off his helmet and quickly kissing Nezumi on the forehead before putting his helmet back on, quickly walking to Abeni. "Thats my present for spending time with me."

She tilts her head as she looks after him, but doesn't say anything else. Abeni meanwhile ruffles his hair.

"Glad to see you worked up the courage at last. Proud of you."

Vzark smiles, a bit red. "Thanks, I was hoping you would be. I guess there wasn't really a point keeping it all in."

"Better to let these things go free."

"Now let's just hope it, what exactly is going to go on now? The second part of the invasion?"

"I'd say middle point of this campaign. Meet my generals, Moegara, Ryoka, Sylles, Kanda, and Yasei." She bids the five to say hello, Moegara flashes him a sexy smile, while Kanda politely waves, and Yasei faintly nods.

Ryoka: Avert your eyes, fool...

Sylles: *bows in respect* Greetings.

Vzark waves back, somewhat unsure of how to respond to each of them at once, but is clearly put off by Moe. "..Pleasure to meet you..?"

Abeni just sighs. "Anyway, you're with my battalion, the main fighting force. Nezumi is intel, Azula heads the destructive corps, Silent Angel is with us, and White heads the Commando Corps."

"Understood, then. Are there current orders or anything?"

"Kick the ass of any resistance to the West. Enter Earth as soon as possible, and that's basically it."

"Straightforward but I somehow doubt it will go hope then." 

"Hope... interesting word. Anyway, make sure you're ready in the next couple minutes." 

"I'm ready enough now, actually. Might as well get a head start before my hope and confidence eventually deteriorates into the pile of nothingness it usually is." Vzark carries a deadpan look, before grinning and turning to Abeni. "That was a joke, I am ready though."

Abeni rolls her eyes. "My little sister made worse jokes than you. Trust me."

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" 

"Good, since my sister was more awkward than you." 

"Didn't think that was possible. Either way, nice?" Vzark eyes the area around a bit, before looking back to Abeni. "So, when did you get your generals? I haven't seen them before."

"...I...'got' them."

"...You got them. Never mind, I won't question it. They seem strange but...nice, I guess? I mean they aren't like Kagerou so that's an automatic plus ten to non asshole...ness."

Moegara leviates and floats over to him, pinching his cheeks. "He's an adorable little one Abeni, shame he's taken by the Bland-O-Tron 2000 over there." She ruffles his hair, then gives him a friendly squeeze. "Ever want some love tips come ask me, I bet she'll fall heads over heels for you~"

Vzark's face continues to redden, putting his hands behind him. "I'll consider your offer, I suppose..." He moves one hand and rubs at his cheeks. "And to be fair she isn't really bland..."

She is soon swatted away from him by Abeni. "Alright alright, let's get this done." Abeni begins to walk off toward the west side of the camp.

Vzark quickly follows after her,  instinctively cracking his neck. "Here we go...again..."

All around them Chaos Engines and soldiers are gathering into large columns, each headed by one of the head Lambdas, Abeni in front of Vzark's group.

Vzark gazes around the various Chaos Engines, taking a deep breath in and then releasing. "Half way away from our goal, or half way closer...?"

Abeni turns to the large group.

"Form ranks!" She barks.

Vzark gets into formation along with the other Chaos Engines, fixing his gaze to Abeni as he waits.

She gazes at the assembled group, then closes her eyes. "Mercy be upon us..." She mutters. "We depart! We don't stop until the gates!"

Vzark nods to himself, readying himself for when they start moving.

The Infinite Universe, Norvaorbis

Drake suddenly comes to in an entirely white, blank space.

"So that you and those who are worthy enough to live become strong enough to survive anything at all costs..."

Drake only chuckles. "I've survived everything up to now, I think I'm already prepared for everything else."

The scene ripples as White appears off in the distance. "I sense that the shadow of death lingers over you. You met a force beyond your capacity, beyond your control. In fact, I would even wager that it is something that shouldn't exist. Am I right?"

"Void God... What a bastard.Drake turns his head towards White. "Yeah. I guess you could say that, but why are you even asking all of this? I doubt you're concerned about me."

"Because those things are a far greater threat than anything else I have ever seen."

"And you want these... Things in check, don't you?"

"Glad to see your IQ has surpassed that of a baboon."

"Charming... We both know that if there are beings like Void God about, your toys won't be able to stop them... Which means you're looking for alternative solutions."

A strange static forms around White. "Is that right?"

"Why else would you bring this up? You wouldn't have if you didn't think your Chaos Engines couldn't fix the issue."

"I think you have it backwards..." She says as the static launches at Drake, and he gets a cold chill, remembering the same energy that Void God generated is errily similar to what she's using.

Drake quickly leaps out of the way as he summons Kurai and growls. "Hmph... Well this'll be interesting."

"Are you still holding onto that kiddie sword?" White laughs. The air about her is different now, she feels different than the times he's met her before.

"I'd be lying if I said it hasn't been given an upgrade... And apparently so have you.Drake narrows his eyes at her, he doesn't get any closer but circles around her. "Besides, I couldn't throw away such a gift, it would be against my... Nature."

White sucks in a breath, creating a mighty gale rushing toward her.

Drake shoves Kurai into the floor and uses him to hold on with one hand while he releases a spiral of black flames towards White.

She releases the breath in a massive white searing beam that blows away the flames and heads straight for him.

"Insula!Suddenly a small sapphire coloured shield appears on Drake's left arm as he places that in front of himself and mostly absorbs the beam before Drake gets blasted back, he quickly gets back on his feet and jumps back even further.

He feels himself being impaled on a blade.

"Hmph..." Drake pulls himself off the blade and looks around, annoyed.

White is standing behind him, smiling coyly. 

"Let's hope you're not as fast as Sukina, otherwise I would be in a lot more trouble.Drake returns the smirk before commanding the shield to release the absorbed energy, resulting in an outward pulse of energy which damages and blasts White back a fair distance. 

White remains stationary, but it seems to miss her anyway. "You call that aiming?" Drake notices it passed underneath, rather than at her.

In response, Drake raises a dome of fire around him then extends his arms outward, causing the dome to rapidly increase in size. He looks towards White and races towards her, following behind the dome walls.

She remains stationary until the last minute, until she disappears, just as the dome touches her.

Suddenly black tendrils form out of Drake's back and stretch out, grabbing anything near him as Drake quickly looks around.

Something grabs his legs and pulls him out of the dome.

The tendrils suddenly speed towards whatever pulled him out.

White appears in front of him and kicks him in the face, breaking his nose.

Drake head whiplashes back before he strikes her across the jaw.

He encounters the same force that seemed to dull his strikes against Nezumi as he does so, but she is moved back.

"Is that all you had for me? After what I did to her? You're not holding back are you?" She says with a coy grin, elongated canines visible.

Drake jumps back then examines White, before widening his eyes in surprise. "Huh... You have it too then... And that shield of yours, breaking that is going to be... Tedious."

She smiles again. "Tell me, if I didn't hold my creations to a high enough standard, then why would I choose to make myself one of them?" White's skin seems to be becoming more reflective, she appears to have a silver sheen.

"I doubt that you have the organ on the back of your neck, but if so... Then I have a very clear target to go for...Drake flickers then appears in front of White, he quickly gets into a strange fighting stance and kicks the side of White before hitting her throat with a chop.

In mid stance, his chest and throat are sliced clean open by her sword, the movement almost invisible.

The black aura quickly hardens over the neck and neck, Drake unsheathes Shizuka, once he does the sliced areas faintly glow a teal colour. "Hech... Bitch.Drake spins both blades around before slashing across White's arms then kicking her back. "If you're going to draw your blade, the least you could do would be polite and let me draw my own... Then again, you're not the White I saw through that fucking glass!He speeds towards her then disappears for a moment before stricking her from behind.

In both cases an invisible force bars him, though it's not the original force protecting her, but almost as if he hit an invisible object. A moment later, a similar force smashes into him and sends him flying.

"White you saw through what now?" 

Drake lands on his feet and skids across the floor before flying high up into the sky. "Your own soul seems seperated from itself... So there's another out there... Great.Drake sighs.

He is smashed back to the ground by a pillar of... ...something.

"Hmm, more observant, don't tell me you're actually evolving a brain?"

After a moment, Drake gets back up and chuckles. "Oh, speaking of... I really shouldn't be punching you... Instead.In almost an instant, a beam of darkness races towards White, skimming her cheek. "You're a spirit... So energy and elemental attacks must hurt like a bitch, right?

A blast of light with the raw concussive force of a supernova erupts from White and quickly overtakes his own attack, making it seem like an idle fart on the wind. 

"NOT A FUCKING CHANCE!" Suddenly Drake presses both his arms against the force itself as a wall of darkness stops the blast of light dead in its tracks. He then extends his arms out to the sides which causes the darkness to implode, scattering the two elements away. Drake swaps Kurai out for Shizuka as the runes along it's side begins to change colours. "Ok, this should be a fair fight now..."

She sighs. There are now three of her.

Drake jumps back and smirks. "Explosive clones... What did I say about being fair, White?" The runes on Shizuka begin to trail from the blade to the shoulder, they all settle to one colour per rune as Drake slashes towards the three once, causing the blade to spew out every element at his command all directly towards the Whites.

The three flicker in multicolored light, then three slashes rip open his back, when he turns around there are six of them.

"What. Did. I. Say...Drake flickers like a flame and appears a while away from the Whites. "Divis, Slay: Blade Rave...As before, the shield on Drake's left arm glows as a massive blade erupts from the ground, then vanishes in light, what comes from the light are a ring of phantom blades that dance wildly around before circling around Drake, he summons Kurai. Now with both his signature blades in his hands, Drake glances at White. "Mark of the Artisan."

"You don't demand equal ground, you earn it. You're not strong enough to merit listening to." There are now thousands of Whites all surrounding him.

He suddenly is bombarded by a vast number of invisible strikes.

By thought alone, the swords around Drake viciously dance and fend off a vast majority of the strikes, he thrusts his left arm up which causes the same blade to rise from the ground, slashing past a few hundred of the Whites. "Let me tell you something..." He glances towards the true original White then suddenly appears in front of her, all the swords blocking any attack at the moment, he stares right into her eyes.

"The last mistake you will ever make is underestimating me...He darkly chuckles."I find it rather fucking insulting that you don't use everything you got against me, hell, you have a way of manipulating me directly yet you won't bother... You tell me that I'm a disappointment to you, that I'm wasted potential, you even said "So that you and those who are worthy enough to live become strong enough to survive anything at all costs." So... Is this all a test to you, White?"

The images of White all collapse, and White stands behind him. "Ok then. Have it your way..."

Suddenly, for every microblade, twenty lights appear, until their number becomes unknowable.

"If you want to play by sheer numbers..."

Drake turns to look at White then notices the wall of lights, he smirks but only faintly as his entire body tenses up. "Not exactly what I meant, but this'll do...Drake's wings stretch out as he quickly prepares to dart around.

Tens of thousands of strange gun like structures appear out of the lights, each one begins firing thousands of beams of light at him, all the while orbiting him in a deadly dance.

As the beams draw close, Drake only has microseconds to dodge and evade each one, and while he does this, the blades around him also block some of the beams away from him. He quickly turns to look at White then charges straight towards her while managing to dodge the majority of the beams.

He finds himself getting hit by the attacks causing massive damage, as though the attacks were layered in anticipation of his movement.

He growls as lands on his feet. "Don't you dare use that fucking Eye...The blades cross around Drake, defending him from any attack for a while.

"Blades that reduce all to zero... in that case."

A strange, white static forms around White.

"Oh great...Drake flickers then takes to the skies, as far away from White as possible, the blades completely shielding him.

White condenses the energy around her hand, and she closes it into a fist. Soon after, there is a massive surge of the static, until it takes the form of a dragon's maw. She then suddenly starts turning blue.

Drake's eyes glow red as the entire area becomes pitch black, he fades away from White's sight, no where to be seen.

White remains motionless, the white static begins to flicker and die out, and White takes a neutral stance.

Within moment, Drake reforms in front of White, the black material splits apart around the head, revealing his face, a small trickle of blood escaping his mouth. "God... You're a bitch to deal with... And you know what's the worst about this? I know I'm not going to win, not because of my Eye, but for once... I'm way out of my league here." He growls as he simply glares at White. "So I'm aware I'll lose... But before that, answer. My. Question. Is this all just a test to you."

"If this truly was a bout where I was even truly attempting to try, the heavens would be ripped asunder."

At first, Drake doesn't respond, his expression goes back to neutral as he exits his form for the final time, only now can all the wounds be seen, his chest ripped open just enough to see the ribs, a tear on the side of his neck only covered by a slick 'bandage' and cuts and marks all over him. He spits out the blood in his mouth then glances away, he places his hands into his pockets as the swords go back into their sheathes. "So then... Is this where I'm going to die?"

White begins to grow angelic wings. "Hmm. Why would that be the case? Enemy, obstacle, whatever I am to you, not that I care, it is my personal outlook to never be dominated. I must always be first, the top."

Once her wings are fully grown out, there are a total of six. "It is my opinion that you are worth enough to keep around for the sake of my amusement. Besides, someone's already had fun with you, there would be little point in finishing you off if I didn't do it all myself."

She gives him an odd smile. "After all, you amuse me. What fun would it be if I ended this farce before I could fully enjoy it?"

After a moment she speaks again. "You have two options. Either I put you out of your misery and discard you for someone to find you and nurse you to health, or I elect you mercy under my reign. I'm quite serious."

"...As tempting as that is, I prefer not to take sides in this war of yours, I'm only here because I need Noriko back, safe. And. Sound." Drake sighs a moment after. "Besides, it wouldn't be a first I got nursed like a child thanks to Phoenix... Honestly, I couldn't care what happens to me, Fantasy, Echo, Earth, any of that... It's only a handfull of people that deserve my full attention." Drake looks back at White. "And just saying that if you dare lay a finger on them, if anyone from Phoenix harms them... I will destroy everything you built up, and don't get me wrong, I am going to kill you for what you did to Noriko." That last sentence had some sort of force that White could feel.

White only flashes him a smirk. "Since you amuse me so much, have a discount." Something drops on top of him, then everything goes black as a powerful force slams into him.

Day of Reckoning

The armies of Phoenix sweep across their conquered lands and over into the west...

Ryoka: Hm. Over there.

There they see a enormous boulder-shaped rock  in a steaming crater. There the armies see what appears to be a throne carved out on top of the enormous boulder. And there they can see what looks like a man sitting on that make-shift throne

Abeni stands in front of her main battalion, while her generals maintain their positions in front of the other divisions. White remains a ways away, overseeing the march, there is no sign of Azula.

'Welcome to my domain. I see you all made yourselves good and comfortable.'

Abeni doesn't react. "Surrender yourself and make this easier on yourself."

'So you made it. I was wondering when you would come around for a talk. But sadly, you aren't here for that. Instead you are here to make take me and my land. I cannot do that. But what can make it easier for both parties, is an alliance.'


'I won't surrender, but I will willingly help you in your endeavor. Beside, I was going to pull the same stunt too anyway. I figure 'Why not join the band wagon', right?'

"You misunderstand... there is no shared glory in this. White does not care about your sovereignty over these lands, or anyone else's. In fact, that is the very thing she has declared war on. Sovereignty. No one shall be sovereign, that is her whim. The division of existence is a crime to her, she shall impose her absolute order on this world." As she says this, her eyes are faded.

'Sadly, she will only be wasting her time. The time she could spend actually destroying Reality. Either way, I don't want nor need the glory. All I want is man gone and mythology to prosper gracefully and rightfully. You can debate over this all you like, but I still offer my aid to you. If your Lady wants.'

"You do not understand. Your nation, all nations, divided, are a sin. The races, divided and unequal, are a sin. And all who do not defy this order are to be torched."

'So what do you want? To make them like you?'

"One body, one mind, against the end of all things."

'Hmmm. I don't believe my people would comply to that. It wouldn't be mythology anymore without diversity.  It's like you're making your own Godhead, or for the most part a hivemind.'

"Enough, just surrender now and spare yourself the trouble. You won't win no matter if you fight or not."

'And what ground do you base that off of?'

"It is true that you have power, but not the kind of power that wins a battle, or wars."

'Why limit my powers there, when they can achieve far beyond just wars and battles?'

White begins to silently approach the front line.

'Are you the leader?'

She reaches the front lines, and Drekavas notices her power seems incredibly underwhelming compared to the assembled army, even the Etas seem stronger.

'I don't want to fight you.'

"By not surrendering, you declare hostility. All hostiles will be terminated or integrated."

'Ok then. If I surrender, what will happen?'

"All races shall become one whole, and one nation. It is time for Myth and Man to become one and the same."

'How do you plan on achieving that?'

"My soldiers and generals should be evidence of that. Man and Myth bred together so thoroughly they have evolved into a brand new existence."

'Against their will. So I assume you will be using force, unless they conform willingly.'

"Indeed... this is a bit more important than your meaningless concepts of morality and individuality."

'But your concept of equality is just a scewered, if not impossible. Then again...The idea does intrigue me...'

"Impossible? Such a thing does not exist. Especially with the power of gods."

'You maybe right, but we do have to take...Him...into account...'

"He is not my primary concern."

'Neither is mine. I will surrender under one condition. That is if you're willing to hear it.'


"I will not be your subordinate. We are to be equal partners.'

"Define equal partners."

'With your talks of equality, you should know what I mean.'

"...An interesting proposal. But do you have the power necessary to afford you such a deal?"

'From what we both can see, we have a similar set abilities. Similar enough that we would come to a stalemate. Meaning I am just as powerful as you are. That's something I never thought I would admit. I'd figure that 'Why scale our powers against each other when we both should use them on the human race.'

"Hmmph. Fine, I will humor you, but if you cross me, you will understand how unenlightened you are to my power, and the Myths will pay the price."

'Understood. I will have my subjects to stand down.'

"Do you claim to hold the lower realm?"

'Lower and Upper.'

"Whatever. Just stay out of my way. I have business to attend to."

She begins to walk off in the direction of the Gate.

The individual disappears and a cool breeze begins to blow.