Dark Prynce: I introduce to you, the realm of chaos and order.

Aeon: It's generally more chaotic than orderly. Welcome Prynce and Fresh Mea- young warriors.

Dark Prynce: Well, they wanted to come and train.

Zane: I want to be as strong as possible.  

Aeon: *Ignoring Zane at that moment* So, how’s reality fared while I’ve been asleep? I guess it’s bored or annoyed, so I should wake up. Anyways, who are the young ones?

Dark Prynce: Been pretty relaxed since you fell asleep. I'd also like to go to the next level of my training. The new ones also want to train, but one of them is a dragon.

Aeon: ...

Dark Prynce: So, who does she train with?

Aeon: I’ll see if Tatsu wants an apprentice, she’s been a little bored.

Zane: So, what's first?

Dark Prynce: *Ignoring Zane* So just how long do you think we'll be here

Zane: Am I being ignored?

Aeon: ... A few centuries, give or take a thousand years.

Dark Prynce: In real time?

Aeon: Yes, but you won’t age much. Chronomancy and Time Compression and all.

Dark Prynce: Alright. I guess you can wake up now.

Aeon: Good, I’m bored of sleeping through eons. *Distant rumbling and explosions followed by a wave of energy*

Dark Prynce: Remember, don't underestimate him.

Zane: I won't.

Shiner: How could anyone underestimate that immense power.

Umbras: Hmph, like we know it's really him.

Arachne: Be more respectful.

Lucime: Yeah, you never know what to expect.

Zane: Like when he fights me

Dark Prynce: Just be ready.

*16-Bit sprite appears with a 64-Bit sword*

Aeon: *In robotic voice*Hello Prynce, young ones. I am Aeon, your trainer. *He points at Shiner* Not yours, Tatsu will be your trainer. Now any questions?

Umbras: Yes, how do we not underestimate you? You're 16-Bit!

*Dark Prynce walks off towards the training area.*

Aeon: Tertiary Energy Conservation form. I could still annihilate you in a second or less if I wanted to. Care to test my strength?

Umbras: Gladly. *Charges at Aeon full speed.*

Aeon: *Snaps fingers and Umbras explodes then reforms* *Grabs Umbras then smashes him through a cluster of stars* Happy? I wasn’t even forced to break a seal, you’re weaker than you think.

Umbras: *Twitching on the ground.*

Zane: You were warned.

Arachne: Next time, listen to your elders.

Zane: He may not look like much but *looks at Aeon* that was insane

Dark Prynce: *Appears in a swoop of darkness* Physical appearance means nothing to Aeon.

Aeon: I destroyed a solar system as a tree.

Zane: With that much power, why would he care?

Osiris: I'm looking forward to the training.

Aeon: Osiris, your reputation precedes you. I look forward to training you.

Osiris: I appreciate it.

Zane: Did you hear anything about me?

Aeon: ... You have a major weakness to electricity and have Demon Blood.

Dark Prynce: I'll be taking separate training from you all. So will Shiner.

Zane: I could tell that one.

Dark Prynce: Aeon, you can explain it to them. I'll be in the next training area.

Zane: So why is Shiner not going to train with us?

Aeon: I don’t train full-blooded dragons anymore. She’s a dragon, so I’ll let my fiance train her.

Zane: Why don't you train full dragons?

Aeon: The last one I trained destroyed multiple Galaxies, then a few Universes.

Zane: What was his name?

Aeon: Nidhoggr, the Malicious Striker.

Zane: Never heard of him.

Aeon: Of course not, I trapped him in mythology.

Zane: Not all dragons are like that.

Aeon: *In a melancholy tone* I know, but I gave him the power to do that. I have no prejudice against dragons.

Zane: Now not many people like Dragons.

Aeon: I still have a soft spot for them after all, Tatsu is a Great Wyrm, the strongest dragon in and out of existence, and she’s my fiance.

Dark Prynce: That's ironic, she's training my fiance.

Zane: She's my sister.

Aeon: Shiner? I see. Well, I need to prepare a few things. I’ll call on you all when I’m done. *Teleports Shiner to parallel dimension, then walks into a large arena*

Shiner: Where are we?

???: In my domain. I am Tatsu and it’s nice to meet you, Shiner.

Shiner: It's nice to meet you too.

Tatsu: I see you have no tolerance for teaching dragons anymore, do you Aeon?

Aeon: You know the reason why...

Tatsu: Fair enough. I'll turn my new targe- student into a Great Wyrm, by the time I'm done with her.

Shiner: Were you going to say targ-

Tatsu: No! Now, come with me, and I'll make you stronger than ever!

Aeon: Have fun. I have to get back to my new trainees.

*Aeon appears back at his front gate.*

Aeon: I hope you're ready for the next level Prynce. As for the rest of you, get prepared for the easy level of training.

Zane: When do we start….

Aeon: In five minutes, I need to speak with Prynce alone.

Dark Prynce: Alright.

*Prynce and Aeon disappear and reappear on the other side of the pocket dimension.*

Aeon: Do they still not know your real name?

Dark Prynce: Nope, and that's a secret I'm taking to the grave.

Aeon: Why not? You should be proud of your name.

Dark Prynce: Unlike you, people can use my name against me. It's a dangerous name that could destroy all I've done to fix everything.

Aeon: Really? Do you know what would happen to the universe if my name is uttered out loud... by accident?

Dark Prynce: Never mind. Your name spells much worse than my name. We don't need a repeat of what happened last time.

Aeon: You do what you want. I'll keep your name a secret if you want.

Dark Prynce: Thanks.

*They reappear to see Osiris and Zane fighting a one on one battle to see who's stronger.*

*They land  about 10 feet apart*

Zane: That was the warm up round! *Zane's eyes glow*

Osiris: Glad you have more in you, I was getting bored.

Zane: I was just testing you.

Osiris: I hope you put up a fight! *rushes at Zane and punches him in the face but Zane takes the punch and it hardly does anything.* Cocky. *Knees Zane in the stomach and he flies back. Osiris appears above him and slams him to the ground blasting after him*

Zane: *He stands up turns around and blast him but it does nothing* Okay? *Zane disappears when running forward moving so fast he is almost invisible and flies up at Osiris leaving another dust cloud when flying at him Osiris punches at Zane but hits nothing and Zane appears behind him and slams him to the ground but before he hits the ground Zane appears below him* Particle Pulse! *Zane pushes a tiny energy ball into Osiris' stomach and blasts him and Osiris flies into the air but recovers quickly*

Osiris: *surprised* How is he that fast!? *growls* My turn! *Osiris rushes at Zane and tries to punch him but Zane Teleports. Osiris turns and blasts Zane and it disintegrated Zane's right arm* Your predictable.

Zane: Really now? *Zane grows back his arm but it stays darkness and fire* Not what i was expecting but i'll take it *Zane forms and attack and his arm regains it's normal color and Zane looks at the attack and then at Osiris.* Don't count on predictability *Zane holds his arm* Dark Flair Blast! *An energy beam made out pure Darkness and Fire is fired at Osiris. The fire burns so hot it leaves a trail of fire behind and it hits Osiris*

Osiris: *mutters to himself* So the stories are true. *to Zane* Is that all you got!

Zane:*as an answer Zane unlocks his first seal* No.

Osiris: So, we’re getting serious? *Begins to glow a dull white light and charges at Zane.

Zane: Yeah *Zane blast him and it hits him dead on and explodes creating a cloud of smoke and Osiris flies through but Zane is gone. Zane Appears behind Osiris and tries to kick him but Osiris blocks with his arm and Zane disappears again. Zane appears behind him and kicks him in the head making the unsuspecting Osiris fly back only to be kicked into the air by Zane. Zane appears above him and similar to the Moonlight Barrage except his arms are stretched out to the side. He has two energy balls in his hands. He flips over and hits Osiris with a particle pulse blasting Osiris toward the ground. Before he hits the ground Zane kicks Osiris back through the blast and out the other side of it. Zane kicks Osiris' legs making him stand in the air and Zane then appears behind him and kicks him to the side and while he is flying that way Zane appears in front of him and hits him with another particle pulse. Zane then kicks Osiris to the ground and Zane holds out his hand and similar to the particle blast a small energy ball appears and he fires a blast stronger than his particle Blast* Particle Burst! *The blast hits Osiris*

Osiris: Was that supposed to hurt, or make you feel good about yourself?

Dark Prynce: Okay, that’s enough. You’re both strong enough to handle each other. You need to train now. *Dark Prynce disappears* Good luck to all of you. I hope you come back in one piece.

Osiris: I won that fight.

Zane: No you didn’t!

Osiris: I didn’t lose any limbs!

Zane: But I hit you more!

Osiris: So?

*Zane and Osiris fall to the ground and twitch.*

Aeon: Enough of that, time to begin. *The sky turns dark and Aeon disappears and his voice is heard everywhere. The ground changes into a symbol and they're surrounded by empty space.* You need to battle your worst fears.

Osiris: I fear nothing! I've been through hell to get this far!

Aeon: I didn't mean any current fear. I meant me. Come and find the door to the training area without dying of fright, and you pass.

Umbras: There is no door! It's just empty space!

Aeon: All the more fun for me. *Laughs wickedly*

Evelyn: I guess we just get to the end. *Dashes off and is soon overtaken by darkness. A few seconds later, you hear a blood curdling scream and see her on the ground crying.*

Osiris: Leave it to a weak willed whelp to mess up so early. *The air tenses as Osiris is overtaken by darkness and another blood curdling scream is heard. When he appears again, he's pale and passed out on the ground muttering something like Even a strong will can be broken with time, repeatedly*

Lucime: Care to go together, Zane?

Zane: Yeah it can't be that bad *Zane and Lucime casually walk into nothing holding hands. Zane and Lucime look around* There is noth..*Zane's head snaps to the right and then to the left*

Lucime: W-What is it!? *squeezes Zanes hand*

Zane: Nothing. Stay close. *They continue onward and they hear a faint evil laugh*

???: You think you can make it through *Laughs more* You are more dead than alive right now! *Uncontrollably laughs* I will enjoy this!

Zane: Who are you!? *Zane thrusts his arms to the side, knocking back Lucime* sorry.

Lucime: It's okay *smiles but then stops and points in front of them* What is that!

???: You think you're tough don't you Dragon. A weak little hatchling.

Zane: *eyes glow and head snaps to the unknown enemy* What did you say *pushes Lucime back a little* Who are you.

???: I am the master of this darkness. I am your worst nightmare! I am…..

Zane: I really don't care…..

???: Well then you weak little dragon! Show me what  you've got!  *he charges at Zane but misses. A huge Dark claw appears and moves toward Zane and grabs him*

Zane: What in the- *Gets dragged off but breaks his hold only to see Lucime getting dragged into the dark and just fades to black. Zane runs after her but she is nowhere to be found as he comes back to the point where he last saw her* What Have You Done?! Where Is She?! *Zanes eyes turn a deep blood red with black rings for pupils*

???: So thats your fear. with all that pain and death in your life thats what you are afraid of. Losing her! You’re a child, a pathetic whelp who stepped into the big league without any knowledge of the repercussions. I'll end this quickly, I have no time for children.

Zane: *Zane blasts at him with almost everything he has but misses him and almost hits Umbras outside the darkness*

???: Don't you see, there is no stopping me. *A dark hand smacks Zane deeper into the darkness.*

Zane: How do I hit him!? That should have been a direct hit! *looks around for signs of a weakness and sees none* Everything about his attack and defense is perfect.

???: How would you know anyways? There is no way out of this. I am everywhere and nowhere. It's called the Schrodinger's Cat experiment. There is no way you can hit everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Zane: Thats it! *Zane's eyes turn black and has a darkness aura. He begins to walk forward*

???: Really, that's the best you got? *A hand grabs his aura and forces it back into his body before absorbing Zane into the depths that appear a dull gray.*

Zane: Where am I?

???: In the void, the abyss, the end of all. I hope you have fun down here, forever.

Zane: So this is the void. somehow it's connected to him. *Zane looks around and sees nothing but gray.*

Dark Prynce: This isn't oblivion, there's too much stuff here.

Zane: Like what!?

Dark Prynce: Gray. Later, my training's starting.

Zane: Grey. The mix of white and black. Light and dark. *Zane's eyes glow black and his black aura comes back.* I hope this works! Shadow Breaker! *Zane fires a wave a pure darkness then begins to break down the light around it. Then like glass it shatters. Zane then appears back in the darkness, and a door is in front of him.* Well that went well. *Zane walks toward the door.*

Aeon:... Oi, Schrodinger! Did you really use that much of your power? Even an undertrained Luminancer could break through that. And then there was the Abyss. As I recall, the Abyss sucked your life and will away if you stood in it. That void of yours could’ve been used much better. Do I have to show them Neo Chaos?

???: ...Are you trying to train them or permanently scar their minds and bodies?

Aeon: As long as they can learn, it doesn’t matter. Besides, I’m not using them for target practice... Yet...

Tatsu: *Sneezes* Aeon’s enjoying himself too much again... *Effortlessly dodges an attack from Shiner* You’re improving, but you still have a long way to go before you can graze me! Until then, lets add a few obstacles to test your reflexes. *Snaps fingers and meteors begin to rain down towards Shiner.*

Shiner: What did I sign up for!? That’s not entirely fair!

Tatsu: Would you prefer me to actually attack you?

Shiner: *Avoids a meteor* No!

Tatsu: Good. Now for... Another challenge. O’ Great, Celestial, Star, I call upon thine power. Deliver thy Unwavering, Impartial, Judgment onto my Adversaries! Divine Assault: Judge of the Cosmos! *Clouds form a giant ring as a decagram forms in the sky, soon followed mystical symbols and various seals of energy. Indigo light gathers in the dead center of the decagram.*

Shiner: ...  What did I sign up for?

Dark Prynce: Literal Shooting Stars? Really Aeon?

Aeon: Would you prefer we skip the warm-up? It’s a necessary part of training.

Dark Prynce: Fine, *Avoids a star going supernova* I’ll stick with it. I just have one question. Will this training increase my speed, strength, or defense.

Aeon: ... Yes...

Dark Prynce: I guess I’ll find out later. *Gets hit by a white dwarf and jumps out it unscathed*


Aeon: I guess since you finished your test, you officially get to train with me.

Zane: So is everyone else coming?

*Osiris walks through the door. Followed by Lucime, Umbras, and Arachne.*

Umbras: Hmph, that was nothing.

Osiris: Then why did you cry all the way through?

Umbras: I did not, I just had something in my eyes.

Arachne: Yeah, yeah, get over it. At least we're here.

Zane: That was easy Umbras. I made it through no problem.

Aeon: Now all the targe- I mean trainees are here. Now then, who likes playing tag? You run through the dark cave, I seek and des- tag you.

Osiris: Sounds legit.

Umbras: I bet I can hide better than you.

Arachne: I think the nocturnal will win. Night vision anyone?

Zane: This is not that simple! Trust me you'll need more than that.

Osiris He's right! Let's go! *Runs into the cave.*

Zane: *whispers to Lucime* Stay on the move. Don't be a sitting duck out there.

Lucime: I know. Just be careful, and don't get tagged.

*A rumble is heard from the cave.*

Osiris: Now he can't get us, I doubt he can tunnel through rocks this thick, even I can't do that.

*Sinister Laughter is heard followed by loud rumbling*

Zane: You were saying! Run! NOW!

Aeon: *Innocently* Run, why run? Who’re we running from?

Umbras: I have a bad feeling about this. *Starts running away*

Zane: Lets go! *grabs Lucime's arm and follows umbras*

Osiris: That was an impressive trick, I bet you can't do it against me. *Charges at Aeon* I've been through hell to get this power!

Aeon: Did you cross through the multiverse on a quest for revenge, swap genders, find true love, destroy a universal threat, lose the person you cherished, find them again, then train four people to extreme lengths while asleep? *”Tags” Osiris through a wall* You’re out.

Osiris: I need more power. *Passes out*

Zane: So thats a tag…..

Umbras: Just keep running. *Umbras took off again this time running into a stalagmite.* I just realized, I can't see.

Arachne: I can.

Aeon: *Appears near Umbras and “Tags” him through the stalagmite* I can too. He’s out. Four left!

Lucime: There's only three of us.

Aeon: *Lightly “Tags” Evelyn* Correction, now there are three of you. Who’s next?

Evelyn: How'd you find me? *Passes out*

Aeon: Combination of thermal vision, night vision and the ability to detect life and death around me... Anyways, I choose Arachne next!

Arachne: I pick Zane next!

*Zane disappears with Lucime*

Zane: Why me?

Aeon: I know, I’ll tag both of you! *Suddenly vanishes without a trace.*

Zane: Oh boy, this can't be good.

Aeon: Where am I? *Snickers* Am I here? *Appears near Zane* Here? *Appears near Lucime* Shh, I’m behind all of you. *”Tags” all three trainees with medium force*

Zane: So who won?

Aeon: No one... Osiris, he was the only one who actually tried to attack me. Onto the next phase of the warm-ups: Dodge Meteor.

Zane: Really?

Umbras: Thats a warm up?

Lucime: Not one I've heard of.

Zane: This should be fun.

Lucime: Sometimes you scare me… *Zane laughs a little*

Umbras: Maybe we should wake up the others.

Osiris: I heard meteors and dodging in the same sentence, so I woke up.

Aeon: By the way, I’ll be throwing and timing the meteors. This exercise won’t be about just warming up, it’ll be about increasing reaction times.

Zane: So Lucime do you want to wake your sisters up?

Lucime: I guess so. *Walks over and shocks Arachne and Evelyn.*

Evelyn: Am I still dreaming? I heard dodge meteor.

Arachne: That's a dream? I dreamt I was on a mountain of spiders.

Zane: They are your sisters.

Lucime: Let's just start the warm-up.

Zane: I wonder how my sis is doing?

Tatsu: You’ve already gotten quicker on your feet.

Shiner: Thanks, but I'm trying to beat you. *Fires an energy ball of fire at Tatsu.*

Tatsu: Why do you think I'm training you? *Deflects the fireball and fires a planet sized energy beam at Shiner*

Shiner: I know. *Avoids the energy blast, but gets hit by the aftershock.* But does it have to be so dangerous?

Tatsu: This is the safe training.....

Shiner: .........


Zane:*Lands on a meteor and stands on it* This is fun *Zane jumps off kicks off of one and lands on another* How are you holding up Umbras.

*Umbras gets hit by a fifth meteor.*

Umbras: Not that fast Zane.

Zane: You can't slow down, Umbras! The meteors don't!

Aeon: I would never.... *Meteors speed up to the speed of light squared* Is that what you wanted?

Zane: More of a challenge. Yeah. Wait  *gets hit by a meteor* maybe not

Osiris: Bring it on! *Starts to slash meteors apart and starts walking closer to Aeon.* This is nothing! *Gets hit by 500 meteors in less than a second, and keeps walking.*

Zane: Show off. where's Lucime?

Lucime: Don't worry about me! *Grabs a meteor with her web and deflects it.* I'm fine!

Zane: *blocks a meteor with his hand* If you say so.

Evelyn: This is amazing! *Slows time around her so that the meteors slow down around her and she sends them back at Aeon.*

Zane: Come on Umbras! you can't be that much weaker than ….. *gets hit by a meteor and gets stuck inside* Me. *the holes in the meteor glow red and then it explodes to revel Zane in his First seal form*  Time to step up my game.

Umbras: Is this just a game to you? We are training here.

Zane: Still it's fun. Look at everyone else *Zane get hit by another meteor but nothing happens.*  

Umbras: These meteors are nothing, but I can't dodge them!

Zane: Maybe you should get faster!

Umbras: Don't order me around!

Zane: Well then how am I that much faster than you!?

Umbras: I'm more a defensive type!

Zane: Speed is good for defense though. It also help with counter attacks so you're at double loss.

Umbras: Shut up! I can take more hits than you! *Avoids a meteor*

Zane: Then have a present! *grabs a meteor and throws it at Umbras*

Umbras: I don't want it! *Smashes it and blasts at Zane*

Zane: *stops the blast and uses the Dark Flair Blast* So you want to fight!

Umbras: *Throws another meteor mixed with his power* What do you think?

Zane: *teleports to dodge* You'll have to do better Umbras! I know you're better than that!

Umbras: Don't mock me! *Transforms and appears in a knight's armor that radiates darkness* I will destroy you! *Smashes through 5 meteors and uses their remains as projectiles.

Zane: Well this is new. *deflects some of the shards but his clothes get tore up*

Umbras: I'm not through yet. *Uses his wires to tear off some of Zane's skin*

Zane: Now there the Umbras that I know.

Umbras: Did you really think I'd go soft? Now let's get the deity! *Slices some meteors apart and uses the shards to break some more at Aeon*

Aeon: Now that warm-up's done..... *Stars begin to fly at the fighters* We can start your first level of training.

Zane: So whats level one?

Aeon: Reach me, and tag me while avoiding the supernova and black holes.

Zane: Alright! everyone give it everything you got! *Zane transforms to seal two*

Osiris: I don't need transformations, I need releases. *Charges at Aeon getting hit by supernova on the way.*

Zane: Too cocky.

Evelyn: That's the spirit! *Flies at Aeon at top speed, avoiding the black holes in her way and dodging the supernova.*

Arachne: This'll be fun.

Zane: Lets Go!

*The rest stay back and start blasting Aeon and the traps before starting to move towards him.*

Zane: Support fire thank you.

Lucime: No problem. Just tag him.

Zane: Almost there!

Evelyn: Not before me! *Jets passed Zane and gets to Aeon but before she can tag him, gets forced into a black hole by an invisible force.*

Osiris: My turn! *Attempts to slash at the field and loses his sword to a supernova.*

Zane: Now!

Umbras: Got it! *He, Lucime, and Arachne blast the field and which allows Zane to Break through and "tag" Aeon, but he doesn't flinch and Zane as well as the others feel the attack.*

Zane: We win.

Aeon: Okay. Now for the next 100,000 years.

100,000 years later....

Zane: How long has it been

Dark Prynce: About 100,000 years for you, 1,000,000 for me, 1 in reality.

Umbras: I hope you're ready for the tournament.

Osiris: I hope you put up a good fight. I'm making it to the Finals!

Dark Prynce: You have to fight Aeon in the Finals. I hope to see you in the semi-finals.

Zane: I plan on it!

Announcer: Now, for the first round of the tournament! Zane vs Umbras vs Osiris in a Battle Royal, and Lucime vs Arachne vs Evelyn, and Dark Prynce vs Chaos!

Zane: So this is the fight. are the girls going to watch?

Dark Prynce: Good luck, all the fights go on at the same time.

Zane, Umbras, and Osiris Battle!

Announcer: Fighters! Ready? I don't really care, begin!

Zane: Lets go. *Zane's eyes glow and steps forward*

Umbras: *looks at Zane and Osiris* This should be good

Osiris: you guys are nothing. *steps forward and pulls out his sword*

Announcer: 3…..2…..1…...Fight!

*Osiris and Umbras Rush at Zane but he stands there. Umbras punches at Zane and Osiris slashes at him. Zane blocks both with his arms*

Zane: not bad! but not good enough  *Zane uses a burst of energy to send them back. then Zane rushes and Punches Umbras in the stomach Then kicks him to hit Osiris knocking them into the air. Zane Then grabs their Legs and throw them to the ground and blast them both* Is that all you got?

Osiris: Of course not! *Blasts at Zane and sends an energy slash towards him. He then charges and attempts to slash his waist, but Zane avoids.* You're a slippery one.

Umbras: Don't forget me. *Smashes the ground and energy pillars spurt from the ground.*

Zane: This will be fun *Zane avoids the attacks and charges at umbras with Osiris following* your turn *Zane stops in front of Umbras and teleports and Osiris Slashes Umbras*

Umbras: Quit toying with us! *He starts to charge at Zane, but gets sliced in half.* Damn.

Osiris: Sorry about that. I got it. *Pulls out a chain and grabs Zane's foot with it and slams him into the ground.* I caught a big one! *Pulls him closer, dragging him across the ground.*

Zane: no I caught you *Zane Kicks off the off the ground and flies away as fast as he could with Osiris still holding on. He stops and grabs the chain and slams Osiris to the ground with it.*  

Osiris: Have fun while you can, I'm not done. *The chain bursts into black flames and burn Zane's legs.

Zane: I'm a Dragon that can use dark energy. Is Dark fire really going to be that effective?

Osiris: Amaterasu! *The flames encompass Zane and begin to absorb his life force.* Only when they're not really fire, or darkness.

Zane: What the….. *starts to land* What's happening!

Osiris: I'm draining your life force. Angel ability.

Zane: Well stop! *Zane drops to his hand and his knees

Osiris: Why should I? I want to win!

Zane: You're going to kill me to do it! *Zane tries to get up*

Osiris: Oh yes. Should have been stronger.

Zane: *Struggling to muster up energy* Are you calling me weak?  

Osiris: What else would I be calling you? *Increases the size of Amaterasu*

Zane: *Zane Stands up with his eyes closed* You really think you…... can win

Osiris: Stay down! *Begins to wrap the flames around Zane repeatedly.*

Zane: No! *opens his eyes and releases all of the energy he built up and the flames are broken off of him*

Osiris: If that didn't work, then I need to use physical attacks. *Gets kicked by Umbras.*

Umbras: Not if I can help it!

Zane: Umbras he was about to kill me and now you come.

Umbras: I was sliced in half!

Zane: Well Osiris What are you going to do now?

Osiris: Kill you both! *Attacks Umbras and slices him into multiple pieces before blasting him to smithereens. He then attempts to attack Zane, but is too slow.*

Zane: You like that sword don't you. how do you like mine! *Zane's Sword materializes in his hand.*

Osiris: Fine then, let's do this.

Zane: *Rushes at Osiris leaving himself open*

Osiris: Too easy, you're an amateur! *Slashes at Zane but hits an afterimage.

Zane: Amateur? *appears in front of him and attacks*

Osiris: *Blocks the attack* I guess not much of an amateur. *Deflects the sword and slashes at Zane again, but misses.*

Zane: You're too slow! you'll never hit me!

Osiris: Hmph. *Sits on the ground and puts his sword next to him.* I quit.

Zane: What!? You've gotta be kidding me!

Osiris: You're right. *Walks out of the arena* I need to get faster before I can fight you. Otherwise, the fight will go on forever or I'll lose.

Zane: Never stopped me before! I Can beat faster opponents than me! you have to watch for the holes

Announcer: Osiris has just left the battlefield folks! That means he's disqualified from the tournament! Zane is the winner!

Zane: Who's next then!?

Round Two

Announcer: The next round includes Zane vs Dark Prynce and Evelyn vs Shiner.

Zane: This should be fun

Dark Prynce: I hope so. I wanted to go against Amaterasu, but it couldn't even beat you.

Zane: Don't get me wrong it wasn't easy. I got enough energy in time a few seconds longer i would have been toast

Dark Prynce: Give me a good show then.

Zane: So Sis it's nice to see you

Shiner: It's been a while. *Hugs Zane* I missed you.

Zane: I missed you too! Now Show us how strong you've gotten!

Evelyn:  I want to fight her! She can't be that strong!

Shiner: You never know.

Evelyn: I got this fight. *Charges at shiner but Shiner catches the attack*

Shiner: Well then! *Knees Evelyn in the stomach and then slams her to the ground and kicks her in the air and blasts her to the ground.*

Evelyn: How is she that strong?! *Evelyn stops time but gets kicked by shiner and slammed to the ground and Shiner blasts her to the ground again* I give up, I can't win.

Announcer: There is no quitting from this round on!

Aeon: But what if they’re dying a painful, gruesome, death at the hands of an interdimensional warlord or Queen Alara?

Announcer: I don't make the rules, I only enforce them! The opponent either needs to die, or be knocked unconscious!

Shiner: So did I win?

Evelyn: I'm not dead or unconscious!

Shiner: *Blasts her* how about now?

Dark Prynce: I guess, she's not moving, and her eyes are closed. I think she's still alive....

Zane: *pokes Evelyn* Well… *Evelyn twitches a little*

Announcer: Time for the next battle!

Zane: Well this is it.

Dark Prynce: I guess so. I hope you're ready for this.

Announcer: Fighters take your start! Get ready! Fight!

Dark Prynce: Welcome to your oblivion. *Pulls out his twin guns and starts shooting at Zane.*

Zane: *Dodges and also shoots back*

Dark Prynce: *Maniacal Laughter* You're so fun to play with. *Starts shooting out incendiary rounds that connect and go through Zane's bullets*

Zane:  *barely dodges the rounds* guns are not my strong suit *Shoots but misses*

Dark Prynce: How's about we make this more fair. *His guns disappear and are replaced with a Katana.* A sword match.

Zane: * tosses his guns up and they turn into his sword*  This is in my blood literally.

Dark Prynce: Then don't let me down. *Flies at Zane creating a shock wave behind him*

Zane: Oh no! *Puts his sword in front of him to defend*

Dark Prynce: *Clashes with his sword and deflects it upward before preparing a slash straight down his middle.*

Zane: *disappears just in time* That was close! *slashes at Dark Prynce*

Dark Prynce: *Let's the attack connect, but sustains no damage* Is that all? *Slashes at Zane's arm*

Zane: *Zane's arm gets cut off and tosses sword to other arm and attacks Dark Prynce*

Dark Prynce: *Appears behind Zane slices off both his legs and takes the attack from Zane's sword before he can register the pain.*

Zane: what the! *Flips over and grows back his limbs* I can't keep up! *Eyes glow* What is he planning!?

Dark Prynce: *Appears behind Zane and slashes his back.* Nothing really, but how can you see through attacks that you can't see?

Zane: I got better and my eyes are a little quicker *blocks a second slash from behind.

Dark Prynce: Then I guess I should move quicker. *Slashes appear around Zane and soon he's bleeding out from everywhere but his head*

Zane: Well then! *Appears to the side* I should have seen something that brutal coming.

Dark Prynce: Not at all, this sword is slowing me down. *Punches Zane in the temple and palms him upwards before kicking him into and through a wall of the Arena.* Are you still alive over there?

Zane: Just fine *Zane rushes but appears behind Dark prynce and blasts him*

Dark Prynce: *Dematerializes and appears right in front of Zane before palming again and smashing him through the wall. He then grabs him and throws him into the air.* Nether Field. *The field warps into a place a gray and death that seems like it could kill anything within seconds.* Be careful, one wrong move and you age a few hundred million years.

Zane: Good thing I don't age.

Dark Prynce: I forgot, some explode, others drain life force, and the rest are insta-kills.

Zane: *Looking around* I love being a dragon. *Zane rushes at him dodging the traps*

Dark Prynce: Good job! *Blasts one of the explosive traps in front of Zane sending him into one of the traps the drain his life and hold him still.*

Zane: Not this again! *Starts to try to break free*

Dark Prynce: It's no use. This is the death force you're dealing with. If you had any chance of escape, it's gone now.

Zane: *Struggles to keep his eyes open* I can't lose like this. *Eyes close starts to breath heavily * No this can't be it *lightning starts to surround Zane* I can't give up!

Dark Prynce: This is new. I'm enjoying the power increase.

Zane: *hair begins to flow like energy* I'm not done yet! *opens his eyes and the energy surge comes to the surface freeing him and his hair turns to pure darkens and fire energy* This is new for sure.

Dark Prynce: I guess I need to power up now too huh? *Zane punches him in the gut, but it does no damage. Dark Prynce glows a brilliant gray color and changes into his Overlord Form.*

Zane: I like this form! *Rushes at Dark Prynce and blasts at him*

Dark Prynce: Honestly, that won't work. *Gets sent flying through a wall before and explosion surrounds him.* That felt nice. My turn. *Charges Zane and force palms him into another trap before dashing at him and punching him in the chest.*

Zane: That was nothing *Use a pure fire blast*

Dark Prynce: Don't taunt me, I'm still going easy on you. *Releases a barrage of force palms on Zane before pulling out his guns* Absolute Velocity Attack. *Repeatedly shoots Zane.*

Zane: *Gets hit by the attack* Need to try harder.

Dark Prynce: *Shoots Zane in the head and rips his body apart subatomic particle, by subatomic particle causing him to explode*

Zane: What am I doing wrong!? Am I getting over confident? What is wrong with me!

Dark Prynce: It's not you, I'm just on a whole different level.

Announcer: And the winner is Dark Prynce! Is that dragon kid still alive?

Dark Prynce: I should probably put him back together....

Zane: I'm fine…. There is something different about me?

Aeon: You’re at a wall, that’s the easiest way to describe it.. After this tournament, we’re going on a fishing trip to help you surpass that wall... Maybe I should also have him go on the hunting trip as well... Whose round is next? I’m itching for a chance to release pent up energy.

Announcer: The next match is... Wait, those two are participating before the Semi-finals? ...Well, due to a change in ordering, the next round is Lucime versus Shiner and the following round is Dark Prynce versus Lillia, then the winner of the former match against Shion. Nero and Xiao have taken the place of the two apprentices of Aeon for the Semi-finals.

Shion: I’m pretty sure I opted out of participating to go find my Shadow Sword Set.

Lillia: Don’t be a spoilsport, This is a chance to prove who’s truly the strongest around!

Shion: And that’s why I asked not to participate without my Shadow Sword Set.

Dark Prynce: I guess I finally get a chance to do some real damage.

Zane: Well have fun.

Dark Prynce: Sorry, you didn't make the cut, but I wanted to fight Lillia to show you her power. I also wanted a chance to go all out.

Zane: I wish Umbras was more  of a challenge like when we first fought.

Umbras: So I'm not as imaginative, sue me.

Zane: I just wish I left some of my abilities with you too.

Umbras: It's not like you beat me, the angel brat did the hard work for you.

Zane: And I beat him.

Umbras: No he quit. He left because he was bored, not losing.

Zane: He definitely can't beat me now!

Umbras: Or so you think. We're still not done training. This is just the sparring, remember?

Dark Prynce: Quit arguing, just watch the fight and enjoy. It's your sister versus your girlfriend Zane.

Zane: What? *looks up* This should be good.

Dark Prynce: We'll see.

Zane: Who do you think will win?

Dark Prynce: Without a doubt, Shiner.

Zane: Well then….*rolls his eyes*

Tatsu: Shiner, start this out with a bang and end on a high note!

Aeon: Lucime, dodge like you would if I were chasing you!

Dark Prynce: Good skill to both of you. I'll try not to pick favorites.

Zane: I can't pick. it's either my sis or my girlfriend.

Dark Prynce: Let's give them time to warm up. If you win Shiner, I'll cook you a dinner of your choosing.

Lucime: What would you do for me if I win Zane?

Zane: *looks at her* Well I uhhhh…….

Lucime: *looks a little worried* Is that nothing? *looks mad* Do you think I don't have a chance to win!

Zane: *Looks scared* It's not that at all!

Lucime: Then what is it!?

Zane: I hadn't really thought of it...

Lucime: *still looks a little mad* Well then think of something.

Zane: *looks down* I will….

Dark Prynce: Buy you a new.... surprise! It'll be a surprise! Go with it!

Zane: ok. You ruined the surprise. Thanks a lot!

Lucime: No, don't tell me! I like surprises. *Runs off and starts warming up.*

Zane: *sighs* Thanks

Dark Prynce: I have a planet on standby with it's own moon, gravity, air supply and Star. The site on it is amazing. I'm saving the other one for our anniversary.

Zane: What do you expect to happen there?

Dark Prynce: Don't know, don't care. Just thought it'd be better than dinner.

Announcer: Time for the next round! Shiner vs Evelyn. Fighters take your stances! Let the battle begin!

Shiner: I'll let you go first.

Lucime: How nice. How strong has she gotten though*Dashes at Shiner and shoots her in the head with obsidian rounds 15 times before reloading and smacking Shiner and kicking her in the gut. When the dust subsides, Shiner stands there unharmed.*

Shiner: Should've stuck with dodging. *Punches Lucime in the head, snapping her head sharply to the side before kicking her chest, sending her flying across the field.*

Lucime: That hurt way more than I thought it would. *Snaps her head back in place.* I need to be more careful.

Shiner: Damn right you should. *Dashes at Lucime and goes for another kick but she dodges it with surprising speed.* You've got good reflexes I'll give you that. *Summons a rain of anti-meteors to strike Lucime.*

Lucime: You have got to be kidding me!? *Begins to flip and roll out of the way of the meteors.* Well she is a whole lot stronger…..

Shiner: Oh, a slippery one. *Teleports behind Lucime and kicks her legs from under her and blasts her with a fireball.*

Lucime: *surprised* Was she ever this brutal!? Nice move.

Zane: I don't think she was! anyways stay focused!  

Lucime: Right! But just how long can I last!?

Shiner: I hope you can keep up. *The ground begins to shake and flame pillars surround Lucime* Because there’s no way out now.

Lucime: She's going to kill me…...*Lucime sends a wave of blood into the fire and it turns into clots, trapping her even more* bad idea!

Shiner: This is the end, Infernus Draconis. *The Pillars of flame surround Lucime fusing together to make a dome that converges on her.*

Lucime: I don't want to die. *Blood swarms Lucime at the last minute and the fires burn out, leaving her in a red cloak and crimson eyes, she licks blood off of her hand and smiles sadistically.* I guess it's my turn now. *An undertone is heard when she speaks.*

Shiner: This is a new development. I shall act accordingly. Divinum Draconis Furiam. *Lucime is surrounded in white light that seems to stun an is pierced multiple times and decimated before being forcefully reformed and passing out on the ground.*

Zane: is it over?

Dark Prynce: ...... I didn't know she could be that brutal.

Zane: That was insane!

Announcer: I think the vampire chick is dead! The winner is Shiner! Now it's time for an intermission before the next Massacr- I mean fight! My money's on Lillia, everybody knows that she's stronger than Dark Prynce.

Dark Prynce: Yeah, but you're not.

Announcer: ......

Lillia: You might as well give up now,  you don't stand a chance.

Dark Prynce: Oh sure, like I'd do that. That's the only area you're better than me at.

Lillia: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Your intelligence won't help you in our fight.

Dark Prynce: You continue to underestimate me, while I overestimate you. We'll see who wins.

Zane: it is a bad idea to underestimate anyone. there could always be something they're hiding, something to hold back.  

Shiner: I doubt Prynce would lose to you.

Zane: Thats like saying i would lose to my sis.

Dark Prynce: ......Yeah .......

Zane: You don't sound sure about that!?

Lillia: You lost to Prynce, I doubt you could beat your sister.

Zane What do you mean by that!?

Lillia: Announcer! We have an exhibition match! Zane vs Shiner!

Announcer: And now welcome to the ring, a match that technically doesn't matter, Zane vs Shiner!

Zane: Ready!

Shiner: More than you know. *Smiles sadistically*

Announcer: Begin!

Shiner: I'll let you go first.

Zane: Well then. Is she that confident!? *Zane rushes at shiner*

Shiner: You move to slow. *Shiner twitches and Zane gets hit by an unknown number of attacks before he bursts in a bright flash and rematerializes in front of her and gets kicked across the arena.*

Zane: What the!?

Shiner: Well, I'm waiting.

Zane: that was a lucky shot! *teleports behind her but still gets kneed in the stomach* HOW!? Ok time to test this out *transforms into a dragon god*

Shiner: That's cute, you can power up too? *Shiner grows wings and scales and her butterfly swords increase in length* Let's see what you can do. Come on brother, give it your all!

Aeon: Did you do anything to her mind, Hime-sama?

Tatsu: No, I just unleashed a bit of her full potential. The brutality was always a part of her, it was just suppressed. It’s appearance is a side effect of her awakening.

Aeon: I see... Lillia, I authorize the activation of codes SOL and VAN-EDGE in the event that Shiner grows more sadistic and during the battle with Prynce. Shion, you can use Kami no Satsugai-sha and Shinigami no Tsurugi during your battles.

Lillia: *Eyes sparkle* Finally, I’ll show Prynce my full power. *Begins chuckling darkly*

Shion: *Sighs* I really can’t just go home and find my Shadow Sword Set. Fine, I’ll participate, but I’m not going to try.

Dark Prynce: Shiner seems more brutal, and sadistic. I wonder if it can be suppressed.

Aeon & Tatsu: Probably. Aim for the small of her back or behind her left ear.

Dark Prynce: Only if it seems like she’s going to kill Zane, he still needs to unlock is inner potential.

Aeon: He could use the experience. I’ll check to make sure nothing particularly nasty happens to him in the future. *Peers into the future* ...Tatsu, why’d you teach her how to use the Nether Blade?

Tatsu: I couldn’t teach her my ultimate techniques, so I taught her one of my stronger skills.

Dark Prynce: Can we end this now? Zane might die if she uses that.

Shiner: I wouldn't kill my brother.

Dark Prynce: So you are still in there.

Shiner: I'm just playing with him.

Zane: This is new?

Shiner: I believe it's still your turn.

Zane: Her personality is different too.

Dark Prynce: Give her time to adjust to the power.

Zane: Yea look how soft Umbras is *smiles slightly*

Dark Prynce: He's brutal when he wants to be.

Zane: What happened to my dragon instincts too? Most dragons would have gone into a rage by now too.

Dark Prynce: Royal blood? Just focus.

Zane: *Closes eyes* I can't lose to my little sis. I just cacantn't! *Disappears charging at Shiner*

Shiner: Where’d he go? I can feel him, but he’s too fast. He made this much more fun. *Shiner smacks the ground turning it into sand and summoning lava on it to turn it into obsidian.*

Zane: Time to test the limits of this form *knocks over the obsidian towers* Come on that won't work on me

Shiner: Fine then. *Shatters the obsidian, sending it flying around in a shower of fine cut needles.*

Zane: oh no! *dodges all of them but one*

Shiner: When did he get so fast? Do you need more? *Flies up and sends a flurry of energy blasts into the arena setting off multiple explosions* How’s this!

Zane: Perfect! *Zane rushes at shiner explosions not affecting him and knees her*

Shiner: You really are a fool. *Slices off his arm and gets him in a bear hug before berating him with energy spindles, tearing apart his insides.*

Zane: Are you sure. *Disappears out and appears in front of her without a scratch*

Shiner: Meteoron Verberare *Meteors appear out of the sky and smash into Zane sending him back into the arena while Shiner charges an energy blast.* Contritio Mortem Undo *She sends the blast at the arena destroying Zane’s muscles, skin, and most of his internal organs, saving his brain and heart.* How’s that? I might have overdone it a little.

Zane: Well she might kill me. that was a little much. *

Dark Prynce: You know that form can absorb energy right?

Zane: It can!?

Dark Prynce: Why else would you still be alive, the move translated was Death Destruction Wave.

Zane: well then *closes eyes and starts to heal*

Shiner: Why won’t you just give up? *Sends a barrage of Contritio mortem Undos*

Zane: now's my chance! *appears to get hit by the attacks but is standing there fully healed*

Shiner: Did you help him Prynce? Because last time he almost died from that.

Dark Prynce: No, I just told him one of that forms abilities. *Shrugs*

Zane: I also kinda figured it out because after that last attack I felt stronger even though I was almost dead.

Shiner: Absorb this! Cometes Percute *Comets erupt from the ground and the sky and attempt to pursue Zane.*

Zane: Really…..  *flies around trying to avoid them then flies at shiner teleports behind her grabs her and throws her to the comets*

Shiner: You’re really starting to tick me off.

Zane: Are you sure.

Shiner: Porro divinis draconis furiam *A Nether Energy Ball forms that appears to be twice the size of the universe and has explosions going off on the inside of it and Shiner throws it at Zane.*

Zane: you're kidding me…..

*The blast then sends of waves that act as solar flares*

Zane: *Grabs Dark Prynce* Calm her down *pushes him in front of him*

Dark Prynce: *Absorbs the blasts and the aftershock, and the after aftershock, and the implosion, and the release of the true blast as well as the waves and punches Shiner in the back of her left ear and she passes out after reverting to her original form*

Zane: That went well…..

Dark Prynce:*He walks out and his clothes are tattered. He sends a wave of darkness over him, and appears in newly refurbished battle attire. He then punches Zane and sends him flying out of the multiverse, without a dimensional portal*

Zane: So now what? *looks around* how do i get back *starts flying back*

Announcer: On to the next battle! Wait, who won anyways? I had to visit the John.

Dark Prynce: I did. Now let’s get on with it.

Announcer: But you weren’t apart of the fight.

Dark Prynce: I knocked one of them out, and sent the other through the multiverse, I won.

Announcer: But it wouldn’t be official. Who would’ve won?

Dark Prynce: I don’t know, they were both kind of losing control.

Zane: So what did I miss?

Announcer: Did Dark Prynce here win the battle? I doubt he did since he won’t beat Lillia.

Dark Prynce: You have three seconds to change you statement.

Announcer: Probably won’t hurt Lillia.

Dark Prynce: 3....2.....0

Announcer: Fine has an equal chance. *Dark Prynce blasts him in the chest*

Dark Prynce: That’s better. Lillia, you ready to battle?

Lillia: With a real opponent, yes.

Dark Prynce: I won’t hold anything back.

Lillia: That’s what I like to hear. *Jumps into the ring and throws the announcer back into the stands* But this venue is too small for that kind of battle.

Dark Prynce: I agree, let’s take it elsewhere. *The arena expands and flies into space.* Better?

Lillia: *Punches Dark Prynce* Much.

Dark Prynce: Like I said, nothing held back. *Dark Prynce glows a deep purple and rings and chains are seen falling from all around him and disappearing. Soon, he is wearing a gray cloak that covers his face and he has a scythe with two blades that has a matching symbol as his cloak. Black hair falls slightly from his hood and darkness swarms around his body. His hands appear to have gauntlets and his voice an undertone.* I hope you’re ready for this. All that Nether goes into this form. That and my power is multiplied by the restraints released to the power of 100,000.

Lillia: Code SOL initiated. *Black mist surrounds Lillia and becomes a set of ebony armor surrounded by blue flames. Lillia’s hair becomes silver and her left eye turns black and blue. She grows fangs and swirling black marks appear on her face.* Flames that devour all equally, I summon thee. Incorruptus appear! *A black and blue long sword appears and seems to growl.* You aren’t the only one who’s been limiting their self. Your magic won’t do you any good while I’m in this form and my strength and speed are equal to Aeons.

Aeon: No, not really. Maybe the speed and strength I used when I trained her, but not my full speed or strength. None the less, I wish both of you luck. *Creates an energy field around the majority of the audience.*

Announcer: Why are you putting a force field around everyone? Lillia’s just going to cream Prynce.

Aeon: I’d advise you stopped underestimating him, he’s taking my place after Endlos Blatt... He is going to remember all of this by the way and he occasionally holds a grudge.

Tatsu: Endlos Blatt... I hope Shiner and Prynce do a good job. I also hope that they watch over Scion and Yuka with Nero and Xiao.

Announcer:... You’ve lost me. Who?

Aeon: Don’t worry about it and judge the match.

Dark Prynce: We're ready!

Lillia: We'd prefer everyone to witness this.

Announcer: Okay. The next battle is about to begin. Let the battle commence!

*Dark Prynce lifts his hand and begins shooting meteors at Lillia who swats them out of her way.*

Lillia: I said your magic won’t work. *Charges at Dark Prynce. He puts his hands on the ground and rocks shoot up and smack Lillia.*

Dark Prynce: And I said I’m not holding back. There’s more than one kind of magic.

*Dark Prynce pushes his hand out in front of him and the air begins to swirl. The stars begin to fly towards the arena and explode on impact with the ground. Lillia gets up and works her way to Dark Prynce gracefully avoiding the onslaught. She then decks Prynce and slashes at him. Prynce narrowly avoids the attacks and force palms Lillia in the gut forcing her back a few feet. He then changes his scythe into gauntlets and punches the ground causing a shockwave to go through the crowd. Lillia falls back and dives towards Prynce and as he dodges, she kicks him in the head sending him flying across the field.*

Lillia: I said I’m stronger.

Dark Prynce: You really need to stop underestimating me. I’m not done yet. *The sky turns a bright purple and everyone looks up to see stars fusing together.* Singularity Smasher. *The stars collapse and form a black hole that begins to suck everyone in. Dark Prynce kicks Lillia into the singularity and it explodes.*

Lillia: That won’t stop me!

*Dark Prynce appears behind Lillia*

Dark Prynce: It wasn’t meant to. *He grabs her throat and punches her in the gut a few times, and the last time, he blasts through her and smashes her into the ground. She gets up and rips off Prynce’s arm and kicks him into the air. She teleports behind him and hammer kicks him through the arena and into the empty space. Dark Prynce heals his arm and a barrage of purple blasts fly through his crack and pinpoint Lillia and follow her as she tries to avoid them. Dark Prynce then turns his gauntlets into a katana and slashes at Lillia, distracting her long enough to be hit by the blasts, which causes her to get hit by one of Prynce’s slashes. She then blocks the rest of his attacks and smacks him into the energy field Aeon created.*

Stranger: Enjoying the battle? *Lights flashing in the background from explosions*

Zane: *looks up a little amn* Were you talking to me?

Stranger: Yeah. Who do you think will win?

Zane: Prynce is smarter, so given enough time, he’ll win.

Stranger: But it seems like he’s doing fine now.

Zane: Yeah he’s got the experience. He can out think me in a fight.

Stranger: That’s what I would expect from such a skilled fighter. But is seems like Lillia’s getting angry.

Shiner: I doubt she’ll beat Prynce with wild attacks like that. They’re unfocused and he can easily avoid them.

Stranger: Yeah, but he seems to be having a difficult time all the same.

Zane: Still he just needs to find the hole in her attacks.

*Lillia lands on the field and is pelted with many comets and asteroids that are made of dark-matter*

Stranger: I think it’s almost over. They both seem to be on the end of their ropes.

Zane: This might get interesting.

Lillia: You’ll need more than that to beat me.

Dark Prynce: Remember when I said I wasn’t holding anything back? Lied. *Dark Prynce glows a bright purple and grows black wings. His armor turns into a suit and his scythe seems to be sharper.*

Lillia: So was I. *The same dark mist from earlier surrounds her and she gains leathery wings and her long sword increases in length.*

Stranger: I guess I was wrong.

Zane: I told you this is where things get interesting.

*Dark Prynce and Lillia disappear from everybody’s view. Explosions appear everywhere and soon both of them crash into ground and dash at each other. Lillia attempts to slash Prynce as he feigns and spins with his scythe causing Lillia to have to jump back with scratches on her. Lillia swats the scythe in mid spin and stabs Dark Prynce through the chest, he then pulls his scythe behind her and cuts off her legs before he flips over her and removes her sword from his chest and putting the scythe in front of her neck. He then stops right at the flesh and sears the wounds closed.*

Dark Prynce: I win.

Announcer: That was an unexpected victory. And brutal don’t you think?

Dark Prynce: She’ll heal in a few hours. But for now is immobile, and if she moves, I’ll remove her head. *Grabs his temple* I win.

Lillia: Fine. I give.

Announcer: And Dark Prynce is the winner! The unexpected outcome, happens! Now, time for a short break. *Throws his mic and the ground and grumbles something to himself.*

*Dark Prynce walks back into the stands and the Aeonic Field is released. The arena goes back to the planet and settles down.*

Zane: I told you he would win.

Stranger: I’m glad, he participated further than I expected.

Zane: So who are you?

Stranger: Just someone who has a... relationship with Dark Prynce. I’ll be taking my leave.

Zane: who was that.

Dark Prynce: I’m glad he finally left. He should never have come here.

Zane: So who was that?

Dark Prynce: As long as he didn’t cause a commotion, you don’t need to know.

Zane: Alright then.

*Dark Prynce walks up to Zane*

Dark Prynce: You should go rest, you’ve got an hour before the fight starts. Go and relax. You to Shiner. You’re fighting next.

Shiner: Okay. I’ll see you guys in an hour. *Walks off*

Zane: and I'm out of the tournament right?

Dark Prynce: Yeah, sorry. But I have to go on. I need to fight Aeon.

Zane: I'll watch that then get back to training.

Dark Prynce: You should still look around. You seem kind of hungry. *Stomach growls*. I’m going to go look for food. *Walks off at a brisk pace.*

Lucime: I am kind of hungry Zane. You think we could go find some kind of food?

Zane: Sure. *Grabs Lucime’s hand and they both walk off to find food. After a few minutes, however, they get lost.*

Lucime: Man this place is huge. I wonder if we’ll ever get food.

Zane: Of course we will, it can’t be that hard, right? *Looks around and sees no concession stands whatsoever.*

Lucime: I have a question. why did it take you so long to get back when Prynce knocked you out the multiverse? Can’t you just teleport back.

Zane: About that.... *Shows Zane in a swirling place with a map that he keeps turning around.* I got lost.

Lucime: How do you get lost, when you should know where to go?

Zane: I was outside the multiverse, directions are kind of hard to find back here.

Dark Prynce: You guys should get back now. The next fight’s about to start. *Tosses a bag of food at them* I figure you didn’t find out that the food is in the sky, did you?

Lucime: Yeah, we didn’t check that way.

Zane: Hopefully

Dark Prynce: Well, I brought you this food. Enjoy.

Zane: Thanks. Let’s get back. *All start walking back to the stands.*

Dark Prynce: Lucime, are you okay?

Lucime: I have a raging headache, but I’ll be fine.

Dark Prynce: Here *Pulls out some kind of liquid* I made this for any kind of internal or psychological pain. It should help with the headache.

Lucime: Thanks. *Drinks from the flask* Wait, this is blood!

Dark Prynce: Yeah, I lied a little. When was the last time you fed on blood anyways? The first time we got here? Or before?

Lucime: .......

Dark Prynce: Don’t worry, the donors were willing to give it up, and knew what it was going to.

Lucime: Thanks. *Drinks more blood* It really does help.

Dark Prynce: Next time, just drink from the blood fountain, you must have passed it a few times.

Zane: So that’s what those were.

Dark Prynce: *Face Palms* What else would they be?

Zane: Water fountains...

Dark Prynce: The liquid was red. *Twitches*

Zane: I didn’t really look.

Dark Prynce: *Pulls out another flask and chugs it down, some of the liquid dripping down his chin.* It really is refreshing.

Zane: Really?

Dark Prynce: What, it’s fruit punch.

Zane: *Rolls Eyes* Whatever.

Dark Prynce: *Brings his scythe up* What was that? *Looks menacingly at Zane*

Zane: Nothing.

Dark Prynce: Thought so.

Announcer: The next battle is Shion vs Shiner. Wow, both start with Sh. That means be quiet and watch the battle. Spectators, take your seats.

Zane: Do we have to be quiet?

Announcer: I said take your seats and be quiet didn’t I?

Dark Prynce: *Lifts up scythe* Are you talking to my next successor with an attitude?

Announcer: I’m not scared of you.

Zane: That’s not a good idea.

Dark Prynce: I beat Lillia remember.

Announcer: Take your seats and BE QUIET!

Dark Prynce: *Appears behind announcer. Screams are heard*

Announcer: Okay, just take your seats, talk as much as you want.

Zane: Prynce, maybe you should calm down a little.

Dark Prynce: Sorry, it’s harder to control my instincts when I’m in this form.

Zane: I can tell.

*They take their seats and wait for the match to start.*

Shion: I’d just like to say that I’m not going to go all out. That would require more effort on my part and I really want to find my favorite quartet of swords as soon as possible. No offense.

Shiner: Some taken. I prefer to fight opponents who actually try to win.

Shion: Don’t mistake my words, I’ll end this quickly so I can find my weapons.

Shiner: *Smirks* Pretty cocky for a person who isn’t going to try in battle.

Shion: *Glares at Shiner as he summons his Kami no Satsugai-sha Set* Often it is those who bark the loudest that have the weakest bite.

Shiner: *Scowls and summons a Nether Blade* Bring it on coward.

Dark Prynce: That escalated quickly. Do you know where his Shadow Sword Set is?

Lillia: *Fully Recovered and whispering to Prynce* Aeon hid it to get him to use his stronger sword sets. Shion’s not going to find them for a long time.

Dark Prynce: The last time this happened, Shion went on a rampage that took two weeks to stop and that was with the both of us using our combined strength.

Lillia: But we’ve surpassed him since then.

Dark Prynce: ...Yeah. He was Aeon’s first and oldest apprentice. I’m pretty sure he’s as strong as us, possibly slightly stronger. He’s just never motivated enough to go all out except when his weapons are at stake or friends are in mortal danger. He reminds me of a certain person.

Lillia: Aeon?

Dark Prynce: Sort of. Remember that time when the three of us took Ragnarok away from him while he was asleep?... *Shudders*

Lillia: *Shudders* Demon God Mode... I really don’t want to be ripped into proton fragments again.

Hooded Man: He ripped you into proton fragments... I guess Light can become cruel when angered enough. Judge, Light’s here. Almost ready?

*Dark Prynce and Lillia feel on edge as a monstrous aura appears next to them, belonging to a woman wearing a white cloak.*

Judge: I’ve been ready Oscura. Light’ll be... quite surprised when we see him.

Lillia: *Stands up* Who are you and how do you know Aeon?

Oscura, Dark Prynce and Judge: That’s none of your business.

Lillia: I’m making it my business.

Dark Prynce: *Sighs* Why not. Who are- They’re gone... Most peculiar.

Aeon: Something wrong?

Dark Prynce: Do you know anyone named Judge or Oscura? A duo of people with those names just came by and seemed to know you by the name ‘Light.’ Ring any bells?

Aeon: No, I don’t... I’ll look into it though.

Dark Prynce: Most appreciated. As for the winner of this fight, they go on with me to the next round, correct?

Aeon: No, the winner will fight Xiao. You’ll be fighting Nero. The winner of those matches will fight each other. A word of advice: Don’t try to brutalize Nero, he’ll defeat you the moment you attempt to. He may be weaker than you when it comes to attacks, but he’s as fast as Shion, meaning he can, at the least, nearly keep up with me when I move at my regular speed and high speed with no issues. Sad to say this, but Shiner’s chances of victory are slim against Shion, but if she does win she should be able to defeat Xiao.

Dark Prynce: Don’t count Shiner out, she may be stronger than-

Aeon: Shion’s current set of blades can disable regeneration, defenses and hit from across any distance.

Dark Prynce: I see... That’s not good at all.

Aeon: The match is starting.

*Shiner sprints towards Shion with her Nether Blade only to be repelled and launched to the ring’s edge. She quickly recovers and bombards the area with meteors and dark beams of energy, effectively destroying the area Shion stood at.*

Shiner: Heh. Big talk for a weakling.

Announcer: The victor is Shi- What in the!

Shion: Too slow, Wyrmling. *Appears behind Shiner and performs a spontaneous slash to her neck and joints. He then walks to the arena’s center and begins to sheath one of his katanas.* Don’t move, you’ll just rip yourself into pieces that can’t reform into a living being. Plus, I took the time to arrange a few surprises for you in the event that you do attempt to get up.

Shiner: I don’t feel a thi- *Screams as her arm dissolves into biomolecules.*

Announcer: So the winner is... Shion? That was an unexpected turn of events. *Is suddenly muffled and replaced by another announcer with silvery, white hair* Anyways, we’ll host a small break of an hour before continuing onto the main event of today!

Zane: Will she be okay?

Dark Prynce: Not sure, she really should have expected that though. She was warned. *Gets up and jumps into the ring to give medical attention to Shiner.*

Lucime: I’m going to the blood fountain. Want to come with me?

Zane: Sorry, blood make me sick.

Lucime: *Under her breath* But you like to fight. *Out loud* Okay.

Evelyn: Hey, what happened to Shiner?

Dark Prynce: *Appears next to her* She lost the battle, these are the stages where battles get kind of brutal. Next stage, they become more tactical. You can stay and watch, or you can go with Osiris.

Osiris: I had to take a walk of Shame and Seclusion to make up for my surrendering.

Dark Prynce: Zane, Shiner will recover, but she’ll be in medical bay for a few hours before she can twitch, a day before she leave.

Osiris: Did you just ignore me.

Dark Prynce: I’m going to practice my long range skills, they seem a little rusty now that I think about it. *Teleports into the arena and strands of darkness begins to whip about.*

Osiris: He just ignored me. *Jumps into the ring and gets smacked by one of the whips in midair, sending him flying through the air.*

Zane: Prynce! Do you really have to treat him like that.

Dark Prynce: He needs to grow up and smell the roses! People get ignored all the time and deal with it! *Grabs his forehead and continues training*

Lucime: That was nice. Hey Evelyn.

Arachne: Has anyone seen Umbras?

Umbras: I have.

Zane: Wait, where have you all been!?

All: Nowhere.

Zane: *Rolls his eyes* Yeah, sure.

Dark Prynce: *Starts practicing his sharpshooting and knife throwing, along with his archery.*

Osiris: *Lands with a loud smack* Thanks for the trip Prynce! Annoying son of a- *Gets hit in the head with five arrows and in the back with a few knives, and then passes out*

Zane: Really?

Dark Prynce: I said I need to work on my long range. *Shoots the arrows perfectly at the target* See? I’m better know. *Walks off*

Umbras: Is he okay?

Zane: I don’t know. He seems irritated. *Follows Dark Prynce*

Umbras: I was talking about Osiris.

Lucime: We should probably make sure he’s okay.

Evelyn: I got it, you make sure your boyfriend doesn’t get maimed.

Arachne: Go ahead, I need to work on my strategies.

*With Dark Prynce*

Zane: Are you okay?

Dark Prynce: *Looks up and removes his hands from his temples* I’m not sure. Just this feeling I have from earlier, first the stranger you met, then those two newcomers, Oscura and Judge. Say they know Aeon.

Zane: Still…….

Dark Prynce: My fight's next. I need some rest.

Zane: Good luck *starts walking away*

*Back with the others*

Osiris: Prynce is really becoming a pain in my aow!

Zane: And you're a quitter!

Evelyn: You don't understand why he quit do you?

Zane: cuz he's too slow

Osiris: Don't tell him my business.

Evelyn: Because he hasn't gotten nearly as strong as you. He knew he would lose. He just didn't want to admit defeat.

Zane: i would rather lose than just quit.

Osiris: I wanted to train more, and didn't want to be embarrassed by you.

Zane: you missed the good fights. *looks down* mine with Shiner was too close

Lucime: Are you okay?

Zane: Yea it's just i got better but i kinda started to slack on my training….

Lucime: It seems like that for everybody except Prynce and the newcomers.

Zane: We are the newcomers here…..

Lucime: Yeah, but I meant the other students of Aeon.

Zane: and my sis *rolls eyes*

Osiris: I hate it when you talk in your minds

Zane: What's your problem

Osiris: I've been thinking. What's the date? In our time that is.

Zane: you mean on earth?

Osiris: Yeah.

Zane: I have no idea…...

Osiris: Well, anyways, I think I know why Prynce is irritated.

Zane: Why?

Osiris: I get the feeling that today is an important day for him.

Zane: well give him time

Arachne: Well do you know what it is?

Zane: No I don't

Arachne: How about we ask him?

Zane: He's resting for his fight

Lucime: How's about Shiner?

Zane: if she's up to talking…..

Shiner: Please, Prynce strapped me in this medical bed and I can't move, but I can talk.

Zane: So whats up with him?

Shiner: Remember when we met his parents. It was the anniversary of their death when he brought us. It's been a year.

Zane: It has?

Shiner: Yeah. Apparently something happened with their corpses a while ago.

Zane: like?

Shiner: They were stolen and that's all I know.

Zane: Really who would do that.

Shiner: Like I said, all I know. Sorry.

Zane: Anyways thanks sis.

Shiner: No problem, anything beats being stuck here.

Dark Prynce: Why are you meddling in my business?

Zane: We just wanted to know, we were worried.

Dark Prynce: Your heart’s in the right place, I’m just trying to figure out how it happened. *His mind shakes violently*

Zane: If you need my help, I’ll help.

Dark Prynce: No, I know where they went, but there’s nothing I can do about it now. *Mind shakes even worse*

Zane: So then why don’t we go after them?

Dark Prynce: Because they’re not a threat to us or the universe......... yet.  *His mind begins to tremble uncontrollably*

Zane: Fine *rolls eyes* let me know when you decide that they are

Dark Prynce: If you want to go after him, that’s your call, just remember he’s as strong as me, and as smart as well. *His mind finally stops trembling*

Zane: *Looks annoyed* I kinda want to train until the match starts II have a ways to go to test the limits of this new form

Dark Prynce: Sorry if I offended you, but you can get some training with me-

New Announcer: And the battle is going to start soon. Fighters, take your positions, spectators, take your seats.

Dark Prynce: Guess not.

Zane: *Closes Eyes* Well then, I’ll train later *Starts walking to the stands.*

Dark Prynce: *Walks out onto the field and puts his hand on his temple and clenches his teeth.* This is bugging me more than I thought it would. But I have to finish this tournament. Hey, Nero, you ready?

Nero: Yeah, are you sure about this though? You seem a little ill.

Dark Prynce: *Removes his hand from his temple* Yeah, I’m fine. Just something that happened.

Nero: Okay, if you say so.

Dark Prynce: Thanks for understanding. *Summons his whip blade and grabs his temple again. Strands of darkness begin to whip out uncontrollably in from beneath him. After a few seconds, he gets back into control and the darkness stops.* Sorry for the trouble, however, I need to continue.

Nero: Are you sure? I think you should take leave and rest for a while. *Takes a few steps towards Dark Prynce*

Dark Prynce: As much as I’d love to, I can’t quit this far in. A headache isn’t going to stop me. *Twitches* Zane, maybe I was wrong about that threat I told you about earlier. You should find him and get him away from here.

Zane: Got it!

Dark Prynce: Good luck, he should be weakened hopefully in someway, find it out.

Zane: I got it.

Stranger: What’s the matter the Prynce? Can’t stand my presence?

Dark Prynce: Quiet! Why do I always get a migraine when you appear?

Stranger: I believe it has something to do with unresolved feelings or troubled thoughts that stem when I appear. But, that just means that access to your mind becomes a lot easier.

Dark Prynce: Hey Nero, can we postpone this battle? I have to take care of something. *Passes out and is surrounded by twilight energy.* Sorry, I can’t allow you to access my memories, or my thoughts.

Stranger: Ah, but you can. Either your mind is vulnerable, or your body. We both know that field isn’t going to last more than a few minutes.

Dark Prynce: You didn’t come alone, did you?

Stranger: Of course not! Why would I?

Dark Prynce: I see, so you are just as smart as me, eh Prynce.

Anti-Prynce: So you know my identity?

Dark Prynce: Ever since you were created. *The area shakes*

Anti-Prynce: Seems like the field is dissolving. Which means it’s time for the party to begin.

*Oscura jumps out of the crowd as soon as Prynce’s twilight field is gone, and fires an energy at him. Dark Prynce wakes up, and dodges only to collapse on the ground in pain.*

Dark Prynce: This is really annoying Prynce! *Back in his mind Dark Prynce punches Anti-Prynce and he crashes into a stray thought.*

Anti-Prynce: I have to admit, I’m impressed. I didn’t expect you to multitask at such a high level.

*Back in the arena Dark Prynce is limited to avoiding the onslaught of Oscura, slowly being backed into the wall.*

Dark Prynce:I won’t let you get any information, even if I have to die.

Anti-Prynce: But we both know you can’t.

Dark Prynce: Doesn’t matter.

*Dark Prynce slams into the wall and Oscura dashes at him. Before Dark Prynce can move, Nero grabs him and escapes effortlessly.*

Dark Prynce: Thanks Nero. I’m having a tough time fighting two people at once.

Nero: I told you to leave. *Smirks* But thanks for the appreciation.

*Back in Dark Prynce’s mind, Anti-Prynce is fighting for mental dominance.*

Anti-Prynce: You know what I want, just give it to me! *Punches Dark Prynce, who blocks easily and counters with a sweeping kick that Anti-Prynce avoids.*

Dark Prynce: ...... *Dashes at Anti-Prynce and punches towards his chest, but switches to a hammer kick at the last second pushing Anti-Prynce back.*

Anti-Prynce: Stop focusing on two places at once, and fight me all out!

Dark Prynce: Get out of my head.

Anti-Prynce: This has to be putting strain on your body.

Dark Prynce: ...... Of course. But I can put this up far longer than you have.

Anti-Prynce: What makes you say that?

Dark Prynce: I just found your location.

Anti-Prynce: How!

Dark Prynce: Telepathy works both ways my friend.

*Under the stands, 50,000 feet.*

Zane: I found you! *Blasts him and wakes him up from his trance.*

Anti-Prynce: So close. Who broke the connection?

*Back with Dark Prynce*

Dark Prynce: Good to be back. How’s it going Nero?

Nero: Just fine. *Gets pushed back by Oscura*

Oscura: Why isn’t Light here yet Judge?

Aeon: *Appears behind Oscura, surrounded by a volatile, almost evil aura.* I assume you mean me. *Aeon punches Oscura, only to be blocked and partially countered.*

Oscura: *Grins* Hehehehehe. Light, its good to see you. I’ve been wanting to meet you for a while now.

Aeon: Cut the act, shadow. I know very well who you are Oscura or should I call you Dark Aeon?

Dark Aeon: *Jumps away from Aeon and releases a torrent of dark energy.*

With Zane and Anti-Prynce

Anti-Prynce: And I was making such good progress. Then you had to come along.

Zane: I have to help my friends. Even if I have to kill you!

Anti-Prynce: Kill me? Do you know who I am? *Takes off his cloak revealing someone who looks like Dark Prynce.

Zane: Prynce!? Why are you down here? I just saw you in the arena fighting Judge!

Anti-Prynce: I’m not Dark Prynce. I’m Anti-Prynce, it’s in the eyes. Literally, mine are red. *Punches Zane in the chest.* And you should know better than to interrupt a Prynce!

Zane: *Flashback* Sees Anti-Prynce wipe his memory and Chi get killed and his first battle with Alpha Blaze. *Back to present* You! I’ll make you pay. *Transforms* I’ll paint this arena with your blood!

Anti-Prynce: Go ahead and try. But first. Alpha!

Alpha Blaze: I’ve been waiting for this! *Punches Zane, but right before it connects, Zane grabs his hand and squeezes it tightly, crushing it.*

Zane: You’ve just used up your last chance. *Rips off Alpha’s arm and spartan kicks him in the chest back to Anti-Prynce.* Now it’s your turn. *Turns to Anti-Prynce.*

Alpha Blaze: I’m not out just yet! *Charges at Zane, but halfway through, Zane blasts him to bits ending him quickly.*

Zane: You are now. *Charges Anti-Prynce, but stops right in front of him, and blasts him energy blasts from both of his hands sending Anti-Prynce into the wall*

Anti-Prynce: You’re getting better! My turn! *Dashes and uppercuts Zane through the ground and out the ground of the arena into Dark Aeon’s torrent of energy.* Oops, my mistake!

Dark Prynce: I’ll make you pay for that! *Gauntlets appear on his hands and he teleports behind Anti-Prynce and kicks him skywards, then flies after him and punches him with a Nether charged attack, sending him crashing back into the ground.*

Anti-Prynce: It’s not like I told him to come attack me, wait that was you!

Dark Prynce: Don’t pin this on me you egotistical sociopath.

Anti-Prynce: Thank you for that generous compliment. *Flies up to face Dark Prynce*

Dark Prynce: You have three seconds to leave before I make a mess of you on the arena floor.

Anti-Prynce: We both know you won’t do it, you’re too soft.

Dark Prynce: Like you can stop me. *Grabs Anti-Prynce and begins punching him rapidly, before blasting him with a wave a negative energy.* This time, I won’t hesitate to end you. *Chases after him and avoids a slash at his head, stopping mid strike.*

Anti-Prynce: Don’t forget who you’re fighting. *Slashes at Dark Prynce, but he blocks with gauntlets.* Oh nice, you really are going to go all out. Well then, no restraints. *Anti-Prynce flashes a brilliant gold as rings and chains fall from his body. He now wears clothes identical to Dark Prynce’s, except they have opposite colors.*

Dark Prynce: At least we’ll know how truly is the strongest of us. *Summons his scythe and sprints towards Anti-Prynce.*

Anti-Prynce: *Dashes towards Dark Prynce and slashes his arm. Dark Prynce counters with an energy blast to his side, knocking him away. Dark Prynce teleports behind Anti-Prynce and kicks him in the spine, stunning him for a second. Dark Prynce smashes Anti-Prynce to the arena and sends a wave of darkness towards him. Anti-Prynce meets it with a wave of light and appears next to Dark Prynce. He kicks Dark Prynce in the chin and punches him in the chest. Dark Prynce doubles over in pain before getting hit by a flurry of energy attacks. Dark Prynce puts up an energy shield to absorb the blasts after a few seconds before repulsing the attacks back towards Anti-Prynce. Dark Prynce begins shooting out energy from his scythe knocking Anti-Prynce towards the ground. Dark Prynce sprints towards Anti-Prynce and punches him square on the jaw towards the ground with a super charged fist, sending Anti-Prynce through the ground and creating a crater. Dark Prynce then begins to slash Anti-Prynce repeatedly with his scythe and energy blasts shredding Anti-Prynce. He then opens a dimensional portal and sends Anti-Prynce through it, ending the fight.*

Dark Prynce: I’ll postpone this battle for another time. Right now, I need to make sure everyone’s okay.

Dark Aeon: How noble. *Hits Dark Prynce with a torrent of dark energy in which Dark Prynce absorbs.*

Dark Prynce: Like I said, fight later. *Punches Dark Aeon, sending him flying.* Aeon, do you have this guy? I need to check on a few things.

Aeon: I got  him cover- *Jumps away from an unseen ball of of negative energy.* Why are you here... sister. *Judge grins at him from afar before jumping down into the battlefield and curtsying.*

Judge: It's been too long... Gaea. How's your body doing by the way? Still mad at Volmond for taking the original thing? *Aeon's head twiches at the mention of the name Volmond and a sinister aura surrounds him. He smiles, sending a shiver down the spine of everyone within a six hundred mile range, before his attire transforms into a white and black set of cargo pants, a black shirt and a short sleeved white and black jacket while his eyes  turn an eerie yellow and his hair turns silvery white.*

Tatsu: Damn, Prynce hurry up with whatever you're doing and get Alara or Aeon's going  to go completely berserk and start destroying everything.

Aeon: *Laughs darkly* Everything is meaningless. All should return to the void from whence it originated... Restraint Type: Kishin- Released. Objective: Majin'ou Monogatari. Initiating now. *Aeon creates a large ball of Chaos and snaps his fingers, causing the ball to split into millions of smaller ones and rain towards the ground, destroying everything they touch.* Now... let darkness consume you! Majin'ou Monogatari: Kishin no Yume- Mugen no Yami. *The balls rupture and Chaos is released into the world, but, before it can culminate, Tatsu blasts Aeon with pure Aether Energy and temporarily stuns him. Judge takes this opportunity to order Dark Aeon to follow Dark Prynce before peppering the air with negative energy spears aimed at Aeon. He dodges all of them barely before recovering completely from his fiance's attack and releasing a wave of sinister energy that repels everything near him*

Judge: More! Show everyone your true face, Gaea! *Smiles darkly before firing a negative energy sphere at Aeon* Show them the being of solitude and dispair! The god of misery, pain and chaos, not the mask you choose to show everyone!

Tatsu: Shut up and leave him be! *Grabs Judge and slings her through the fabric of the increasingly unstable  dimension.* Aeon calm down, don't let your anger consume you!

Aeon: Aw, why should I? They should at least see an inkling of what I experienced and what better way than to show them back to their origin. *Aeon's hair turns black and the sinister aura around him intensifies immensely.* Tatsuki, you, Alara and Prynce should understand my outrage the best- after all, you three were the centers of your worlds' hatred and strife.

Judge: My job is done. Anti-Prynce, Oscura, you're on your own. *Teleports away from the unstable dimension as a pair of truly monstrous prescences enters it*

Unknown Entity: Aeon... Why did you allow your pain and sorrow to overtake you again? Alara, I cannot interfere with my child, please calm him down.

Alara: Yes, Master XxXxX. I'll remind him of his heart. *She teleports between Aeon and Tatsu.* Aeon, I need you to wake up or *Grins devilishly* I'll have to beat some sense into you.

Aeon: Princess Meridith Alandea Godsbane Alarythern... Alara, your existence never ceases to amaze me and annoy me. Have at you, Sword Demon Spawn. *Alara's eyes narrow and black lightning crackles around her as a Scythe materializes in her hand.*

Alara: I recall telling you that my 'father' and I will never be the same. Please make sure to remember that after you scrape yourself off the cusp of existence... Girly Boy.

Dark Prynce: Aeon, you need to calm down, now. *Summons his own scythe, and releases the last few restraints he had, allowing him to grow wings and a tail made of oblivion and darkness, as his aura becomes dark.* Boukyaku no Yami. While I do understand your rage, I cannot allow you to destroy many innocents for vengeance. Prove your sister wrong, and return to the state you have chosen for yourself, or I will be forced to act.