Toma Muoa
I shall bring down justice...
The Water Slayer
Cascade of Justice
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Status Deceased | Absorbed into Roka
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height -
Blood type B+
Age 27 (Deceased)
Weight -
Health Deceased | Absorbed by Roka
Affiliation Phoenix
Weapons Water Slayer
Species Shapeshifter - Nymph
Base of Operations Yosai
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) -
Current Occupation None
Abilities Water Magic
Fighting Style Overwhelming Flood, The Tide of Justice, Storm of the Avenger
Partner Sukimu
Team Phoenix
Relatives -
Marital Status Single

Toma was the Water Slayer of Phoenix, and one of the Trimasters. She was being capable of being incredibly gentle, yet violent in the same turn.

Species: Shapeshifter-Nymph

Her sword's spirit was Mikadzukikei, the Water Warlord.


Toma was born from a line of fierce and virtuous fighters, many of her clan have been honored guards and public servants to the Empire of Chinmoku. As a young member of her clan, she was brought up with a well rounded education, and learned about Earth's history and the violence man committed both against each other and Myth kind. After this, when White came and offered her a place to join and fight for her justice, Toma did not hesitate, and soon became a strong apprentice of Phoenix.

Toma was one of Kado's fellow apprentices in Phoenix, and only mildly paid him any attention. Largely carefree and relaxed, she would often spend her time not training reading or working with water colors, being one to enjoy art deeply. She would often swim in a lake, and loved competing to prove who among the apprentices was the best swimmer, something she excelled at doing.

She has a firm sense of justice, and seeing as humanity has done nothing but put down the Mythos, she is more than glad to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Personality and Appearance

Toma is kind and compassionate to her allies, noticed as being one of the largely cool headed members. However, when she is in combat, she offers little mercy or compassion, especially for those who fight against her cause. Over all, she keeps a cool head in combat, but can become angry at those who defend the cause she seeks to destroy.

Toma has blue eyes, and short black hair, occasionally letting it grow out in a pony tail. She often wears white or blue robes, occasionally wearing battle armor.


Water Slayer

Her control over water is terrifying, considering the sheer amount of it that exists in the world.


She can take the form of liquid water, but if encounters boiling temperatures, she will avoid doing so at all costs.

Heavy Rain

She can cause intensive rains to occur on command, obscuring vision and chilling her enemies to the bone, even increasing the hazards of the terrain.

Flash Flood A

A result of Heavy Rain's continued use for extended periods of time, if Heavy Rain continues for more than a couple of hours, the region she is in will experience major flooding with very little warning.

Flash Flood B

She can summon forth a massive wall of water to flood the region, though it takes 30 minutes to impact the region.


Only usable while a body of water is available, she can drown her enemies in a violent whirlpool that can tear off limbs.

Aqua Jet

A heavily pressurized blast of water that can serve as her sword, and can cut through entire buildings-and people with little effort.

Blood Pressure

She has full control over the body fluids of an enemy, and can use them to painful effects, including: strokes, heart attacks, clots, body manipulation, ruptured arteries, internal bleeding, stomach ruptures, liver failure, etc.


A wall of water miles high surges forth at her command, and wipes out an entire city in mere seconds. Due to the amount of water moved, it's not over until the water has surged forth more than three times, and she can continue this ability until no single building remains standing.

Needle Rain

Rain pressurized and sped up to such speeds that the water droplets become sharper than needles and impale her enemies to death.


Water Phoenix Mode

She is capable of taking on a massive wall of water into the form of a lion. And not a sea lion. This wall of water is impervious to freezing and boiling, and can drown most enemies in their own blood, figuratively and literally.