This page is a collective of different species for users to choose from, of course this page is only used for users who are having trouble or need inspiration when it comes to making a new character. If anyone wants to submit a species that isn't on this list, please ask in the comments, one of the TZ staff will answer as soon as we can. 

Note: When it comes to using a custom species made by a user (Example: Cyanican), please ask the owner of said species if you're allowed to have a character with that species in mind. But do keep in mind that you may have to change some aspects of your character to fit in with the species as to reduce the change of consistency issues.  

The species generally fall into a few groups, mainly Human, Myths (all typical supernatural beings aside from say Angels, Demons, and Extraplanar Beings), as well as things that don't fit any general description. You can make your own, but they should be approved by admins before being made.



Born from the Aether. Celestial being tied to the mortal plane.


Born from a spider of old, cursed to tread beneath the gods due to a display of arrogance.


Constructed beings granted a will and a soul. The body may break but the soul will remain.


Those thought to be dragons, but unrelated. Their hatred runs deep.


Servants of the Divine Powers, granted roles that make them beyond the understanding of men.



Servants of the Divine Powers, given freedom etched with an ironclad oath.


Mystical beings, great and terrible. Known equally for greed as they are for virtue.


Born from Dragons, yet not the same. Carriers of great power and a terrible curse.


The life within nature, given form.


Those who commune with nature and magic, elves originally hailed from Alfheim, but thousands of years ago, their kind scattered as their realm went dark. The most common types of elves are descended from these elves, but are not unconditionally related, as Myths dwell throughout the cosmos. The most common elves are Light Elves, Moon Elves, and Wood Elves.


A race born from the death of a goddess. Gentle of heart, but made for war. Originally giants, but by far still impressive in stature, and with elf like traits, they are a race they are known to keep to themselves. Known for varied skin colors, distinctly blues and purples.


Beings of nature and magic, born to sow merriment and discord on a whim.


Stalwart guardians of the planes, each great in stature.


Artificial beings given false life and a play at a will. Bound to their creators until death.


Those who watch over the gate, striking down the unworthy who attempt to pass through.


Great magic smiths akin to the elves. Fire and iron are their blood and steel is their flesh.


Those thought to have descended from Beasts of old. Holding great power, but an equal burden.


Artifical life forms in the manner of humans and similar beings. Lacking a soul, but housing a great will.


An oppressive yet oppressed race slowly dying out. Holds great potential.


The ones who lie in the mirrors of dreams, identical to their viewers yet off in some way.


Beings who rival the gods with their ferocity and might. Each can bring ruin simply by being.


Like humans and yet not. Faced with their own great trials and tribulations.


Born from the Nether. Infernal and Abyssal beings bound to the mortal plane.


Savage beings of great strength. Thought to be mindless, but in truth more devious than believed.


Mythical birds clad in flame. A sign of healing and rebirth, traits many of them embody.


Great beasts that dwell within water and air, thought to be the sign of a great calamity.


Beings who change faces and lives on a whim, often forgetting their own in time. Those who live on Echo are known for their black irises that shift into colors representing their mood, often seen with pale or oriental skin, much of their culture was influenced in its early years by Japanese and other Asian cultures. Known for copying the forms and occasionally abilities of their adversaries.


Those born to fly. The sky is their home and those who would endanger it would feel their wrath.


A fragment of the departed, clinging by a thread. With no physical form, they cannot easily interact with the material world, but they are by no means lacking.

Spirit (Echo)

Born of the mystical goddess Azayakana, the Spirits maintain the balance of the world. Their powers range from simple affairs, to that of reality warpers at their most extreme. They live both in the physical, and spiritual worlds, but are not the undead. Many hold powers unknown and unspoken and have the potential to change the fates of others with their guidance, or bring ruin.


Thought to be demons, these wild and deadly beings steal lives without a second thought, cutting down others in a wild frenzy when incensed.


Those who have ceased to live, yet carry on due to curses or unfinished business. Some are mindless brutes, while others possess a more refined intellect and nature.


Those who guide the fallen to their rightful place. Honor bound warriors who fight along side the slain as both guardians and comrades.


Those afflicted by a change in nature causing them to lose their humanity. Varied in form and temper, very few hold like abilities.


Those cursed to become beasts when the proper conditions are met. Some have turned this curse into power, while others are born into it and see it as a part of them more than a detriment.


Beings thought to be relatives of dragons. Known for their terrible ire when awakened, but peerless knowledge when consulted otherwise.


Phantasmal beings who weave illusions and spirit away those of weak will. varied greatly in form and power.

User Species

User: Ryunexo/Dragon Kid321

  1. Cyanican

User: Axis of Destruction/DracoWyrm

  1. Aculi
  2. Chaos Engine
  3. Spirit (Echo)

User: ChaosWyvern-i

  1. Dragonid
  2. Etherite
  3. Endlos(Race)
  4. Highborn
  5. Highlander
  6. Kaiju