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Shinwa is the former leader of Phoenix, reborn as a positive spirit wanting to atone for her sins. She is the sister of Kado Spiritwood.

Appearance and Personality

Shinwa appears to possess simple dresses when not in combat scenarios, with long white hair and gold or purple eyes, depending on her fancy or mood. When pulled into battle, she dons a mysterious dragon like armor that nullifies her presence to even the most powerful of beings.

Shinwa is generally a kind person, but when faced with her duty, becomes sullen and of a dour temperament. This makes reasoning with her extremely difficult if one is seen as a hindrance or nuisance, interactions with her require extremely diplomatic temperaments lest any chance of a common ground burst into flame. She genuinely loves her closest allies and friends, and will not forsake them save for the more dire of circumstances. She carries a deeply founded sense of failure and self loathing, for all of her deeds and her actions. She feels this way the strongest when dealing with her love life and her family.

She appears to have reverted to a state of mind similar to before her negative and positive spiritual beings no longer aligned and split apart, leaving it uncertain how she will respond towards her comrades old and new.


Shinwa was born in the East Flora of Echo, the second youngest in her whole family aside from Kado, the last born of her family. When she was born, the full moon shown upon her hair, illuminating it softly in the night. It was then her mother, according to the tradition of the Chinmoku People, named her 'Shiias Spiras', which translates as 'Silk Thread', for her first name, and 'Spiritwood' for her last. She grew up with her older brother Kake, whose mischievous streaks often caused bickering between the two.

As a young child, Shinwa was rather spry and eager to learn, described as a little doll with boundless energy, and surprisingly brute strength. At the age of two, she was given a teddy bear named Mr Fred, and was obsessed with carrying it anywhere she was going. This got to the point that her father attempted to make her stop taking it to the dinner table, unfortunately for him, that day was when she learned to breath fire.

Some time later, when she started needing to sharpen her dragonic fangs, they gave her a wood block to keep her from eating her pillows. However, one night she missed her mark and instead ate Mr Fred, resulting in a tantrum that burned down the entire house. Sometime into her early years, she was heavily scolded whenever she would cause harm to someone else because of her lack of control, due to her gradually awakening dragonic side. This guilt would become debilitating after she hospitalized a playmate after shoving them in the chest area, breaking their ribs. This guilt would come to be the catalyst for the darkest moment of her life...

One fateful night, Shinwa experienced something that traumatizes her to this day, a nightmare that never seemed to end. The monsters in her nightmare tortured her, assailed her, whispered maddening thoughts and temptations in her ears, and brought her to madness. Continuously bombarding her very spirit with vile energy that warped and distorted her being, she perceived it as one long, unending nightmare. However, it was something much worse.

While this ethereal torment continued, many long days passed in reality, and she never woke up, screaming and frothing at the mouth. In the nightmare world, she perceived that they were mutating her into some manner of abominable beast whose very blood killed anything it touched in her mind, deer, rodents, and people alike. At the height of this torment, her eldritch tormentors drove a black orb deep into her very soul, and her eyes began to burn as she began to see and comprehend things from beyond reality, horrible, terrible beings whose power began to warp and twist her in their image. The power of her soul ballooned out of control, and she thought she would be torn apart by the power of her own soul.

Without warning, the dream ended. What followed were countless rituals and rites to dispel whatever had been wrought upon the young child, but the damage was done. Shinwa's mind was shattered. She would remain haunted for many years, unable to cope with the dark memories and the physical pain they would give her. Kake tried his best to support Shinwa, but found it difficult, as she remained distant. Kuchi, her eldest sister, did her best to whip her into shape, and together, the two made gradual, tiny gains.

It would not be until she was seven that things began to change, when she bore witness to her baby brother Kado's birth. The newborn babe was a source of delight and positivity, and her affection for the child blossomed and made her finally escape the shell of misery that had clouded her for so many years. It was around this same age that Shinwa met a young boy around her age named Furue, who took notice of her change in personality, and eventually approached her, the two eventually becoming friends.

Furue quickly brought about a great change within Shinwa, who had been merely content to live, and the two often spent many afternoons together, each growing as members of their society. Finally, Shinwa turned ten, and at that same year, an important visitor would come to her humble village.

Many had gone their whole lives without seeing the heartland of the Empire, Chinmoku, the Temple City. Many more never even laid eyes on the Emperor, the Grand Eye. One could only imagine Shinwa's surprise, and indeed, the whole village's when he arrived unannounced to the village of the Spiritwoods and Dragonclaws.

He set about visiting all of the children of the village, including Shinwa, and testing them in various capacities. A few select were noted, and later taken aside. It was revealed to them, and later, their parents, that the Emperor sought to bring reform to the frontier of the Empire, by traveling to the remote villages and selecting their brightest children and overseeing their education, in the hopes of uplifting more of his people.

Shinwa indeed had shown exceeding promise, and had been selected as an able participant. However, she could not bare the idea of leaving home, and was almost completely set on not going, until it was revealed that Furue had been selected as well, though his studies would lead him down a warrior's path, while Shinwa was deemed a worthy academic, but if she went with the Grand Eye, she would almost certainly still see him.

With this mote of encouragement, she finally accepted the Grand Eye's offer, and together with several other children, finally visited the Temple City of Chinmoku. There, years would pass, and as Furue became more and more of a brilliant swordsman, and Shinwa one of the brightest minds of the academy, so too had their feelings, and indeed under a moonlit sky, in the beautiful gardens of the Capital, Furue pledged his body, soul, sword, his true name, and indeed, his love, for his beloved childhood friend.

There was no hesitation or reluctance in Shinwa's acceptance of Furue, nor no shortage of celebration or joy back in their home village. Yet, in these early days of happiness, the seeds of her misfortune would stir. For during her long years of study, she had been watched. And indeed finally, after this point in her life, her observer finally stepped forth from the shadows. A yellow cloaked man, face hidden in shadow, asked her once simple question: 'Would you consider joining Phoenix, and making use of your talents to better serve this world?'

Shinwa promptly refused, and the yellow cloaked figure receded as soon as he came into the shadows. But...

Even as the happiest day of her life drew ever nearer, the mysterious man was ever more determined to persuade her. Eventually, she snapped, and struck out at him, demanding to know why he was so desperate. With an intake of air, he finally told her a prophesy: should she remain on her path, eventually, her most dear brother would come to fall to a great darkness, and become a terrible threat to all of the world. Yet, if she were to join his cause, she could save everything.

His words tore at her mind, and she tried to reject the strength they had in her mind. Yet he had shown her first hand what would happen. She confided in Furue, and he demanded she forget about the man's words. Yet... ...she could not ignore them, until fear drove her to obey the cloaked figure's request, and she took the white blade, the Light Slayer.

However, this wasn't enough. The figure bid her to leave her happy life behind, so that her brother might live happily. Her heart now in anguish, and with days left until her wedding, despaired over the impossible choice. And on the eve of her wedding, she went to the bed of her young brother, and stripped him of any memory of her. Mournfully, she put on the wedding dress of her sister's make, to remind herself of what she had to say goodbye to, and one last time, walked out of her home. On that fateful night, however, Furue saw her, and in the heated argument that followed, in her mental pain, Shinwa would slay her fiance, unable to control her own strength.

She fled that night, being scarred by a fear of blood after her fiance's blood covered her body, and resorted to stripping herself of emotion to better aid her cause. And thus, a monster was born.

Bidden to rally members to her side, Shinwa, now named White the Eighth, went out in search of those worthy to wield the Slayers. To command the Wind Slayer, she found a village of half elf, half shapeshifters, and ordered a massacre, only to spare the candidate for the Slayer and tell him that if he joined Phoenix, he could hunt down his family's murderers, and so Torrent joined her cause.

For the Fire Slayer, she sought out the Yokai Village, a place of inhuman cruelty to the Yokai born every couple of years there, and rescued a young Kitsune girl named Naomi, and brought back her humanity. Seeking the Lightning Slayer, she journeyed to the Moonlight Glade and recruited Noriko, the ten year old princess of the fey kingdom.

As she journeyed, a young member of the presitegous Muoa Clan, Toma sought her out, and to White's surprise, was worthy of wielding the Water Slayer, and became her personal vassal. With no leads for the Ice Slayer, White traveled north, until rumors of ice giants came to her ear, and realizing Caess the Elemental Terror of Water and Ice was in the area, set forth to capture her, and inadvertently found her Slayer in the form of Caess' daughter Aoi.

Learning of a legendary human-shapeshifter swordsman, White sought out Hiroshi, and in the exchange of blades, both fighters learned much without speaking so much as a word, and he willingly joined her cause as the Earth Slayer. But to complete the new generation of Phoenix, she had to return home. Attacking it, and sparing few, even scattering her own family to the winds, she claimed Kado, her own brother as the Dark Slayer, bending him to her rule, and so she may keep him close and oversee his development.

When this was complete, her mission would begin in earnest.




From then on, she would become the leader of Phoenix, White VIII, and prepared to shape Kado's life in such a way that he would never become that monster, instead, a hero. Soon after her plan neared its conclusion, a being named Volmond, whose words and affections began to change her, until the truth was revealed to her: Kado never would have become what she had been warned of, in fact, her actions would lead to the creation of that 'monster' she so feared. Torn by the revelation and the change in her life thanks to Volmond, her soul tore in two, resulting in the being that is now, and her dark half, White VIII.

In recent times, a choice she made resulted in a binding contract between her and the mysterious Omega, resulting in her current mission to reverse the creation of Roka.



Volmond is incredibly dear to Shinwa's heart, a good deal of it stemming from him saving her from herself and giving her a second chance she didn't believe she had or deserved. Through various ordeals, her care for him grew, but at the same time, fractures deep in her heart, old wounds, began to open.

Things that Shinwa thought she had healed from in her life have resurfaced, and the nightmares from so long ago now cloud her heart and distort the truth of who she is, and her place of belonging. If Volmond can reach past the darkness long buried and festering, perhaps not only will he save her once more, but open the way to new possibilities. What is certain is that she needs him now more than she ever has.


She and Kado possess a long history, filled with pain, hatred, and regret. Of all of her failings, her failed relationship with her brother impacts her the most. She believes that if she had just had faith in her brother instead of believing the lies of others, both she and her brother would still be happy, and indeed, none of the horrible things that happened to them would have happened.

She struggled long and hard to prove herself to her brother, to find a way to make things right. However, when his very being was used to create Roka, Shinwa's heart was crushed with grief, guilt, and regret. Despair ravaged her heart, and the long buried past and all of its dark memories returned. It could be said that this despair lurks at the heart of her fast degrading state of mind...


Esocentric Light Manipulation 

  • Kugelblitz
  • Mirage and Illusion - One of White's most infamous move sets, she can create false images of herself that deceive her opponent, and can create clones that explode on contact.
  • Supernova - White's most powerful Light based move, twin of Implosion.
  • Implosion - Matter in an area is condensed into a star's core, and obliterated.
  • Light Speed - White can move at and past the speed of light with ease.

Lambda / Goddess Abilities

  • Evolution Manipulation - White has gained the aspect of Evolution, allowing her to dictate the power of others, useless with purely energy beings. The physical form of a energy being can still be weakened. She can either enhance or devolve a being.
  • Armor Skin - White's skin has become so strong it is like a suit of armor, all but the strongest weapons will be made useless. Protects against ordinary weapons and low to mid tier weaponry, fire and forms of heat, high resistance to blunt attacks.
  • Personal Domain - White is able to establish a single region of land as her own personal dominion, in the presence of which the authority of other beings, specifically in her presence, becomes second rank to her own, greatly weakening any Aspect or Avatar present in her dominion. Current Dominion is Yosai Fortress.
  • Erasure
  • Ether Manipulation
  • Aether Manipulation
  • Nether Manipulation
  • Primal Shield - A high class Lambda trait, it acts as a basic buffer for all manner of attacks or intrusions on the being who unlocks this trait, making all forms of offense greatly weakened. The ability to do damage to the being using this technique requires obscene levels of damage to even break the shield. Passive.
  • Divinity
  • Solar Aspect - White has a strong affinity with the sun, empowered by its mere presence.

Spiritual Power 

As a spirit, White is largely immune to true physical damage, all wounds sustained are superficial if not pointless, as she exists truly in energy form. She is able by default to manipulate her surroundings, the spiritual balance around her, and the souls of others. Only energy attacks can deal permanent damage.

  • Negative Energy Manipulation - White's spiritual powers allow her to control and manipulate the negative aspects of virtually everything, from emotions, thoughts, and aggression in general.
  • Dominance - White possesses the aspect of Dominance, allowing her to dominate her opposition with little effort, be it mentally or in combat.

Natural Abilities/Powers 

  • Supreme Swordsmanship - White possesses swordsmanship unrivaled by most, further honed by Hypercompetence, she can even cut what normally would be considered uncuttable.

Satsujin no Kōsaku

A form of Kinjutsu that hones high skill, efficiency, and speed to form nigh one hit kill techniques, and requires extreme training and dedication to master. Untrained individuals attempting to mimic or master the skill will suffer extreme tunnel vision and sensory overload trying to operate at the speed and precision of this series of abilities.

Tenants of Satsujin no Kōsaku

  1. Your sword must be sharp, so must your training never cease.
  2. Fight by honor and restraint, so that only the worthy meet your absolute blade.
  3. Waste not your sword on an undeserving enemy.
  4. Be swift, be just, never cruel. Your enemy should die without humiliation and pain.
  5. Act, do not think. Your heart, forged in fire and pure conviction, knows the correct course of your blade.
  6. Death is the ultimate punishment. Do not inflict it needlessly.
  7. Never forget your victim. Show them honor and never forget, but never condemn yourself.
  • Technology Mastery - White can access and use any machine with excessive ease, as well as build most machines far beyond average understanding.
  • Magic Mastery - White has a profound understanding of magic and its functions, able to cast a huge assortment of spells.
  • Science Mastery - White has an advanced understanding of various branches of science and their application.
  • Deception Mastery - White's silver tongue is legend, she is able to corrupt individuals into serving her through carefully calculated lies, always having a failsafe to ensure once someone is caught up in her web of lies, they will remain trapped.
  • Transcendent Eye - An ocular power passed down in White's bloodline, this power is the superior version of Drake's Temporal Sight and the Chaos Engine's Mythologic Adaption. White is able to see past any obstruction, border, or otherwise inhibiting factor related to vision. Additonally White can analyze phenomena with such precision and speed that not even Lightspeed Users can actually keep up with her reflexes, awareness, or accuracy. This vision makes her borderline Hyper competent, as it allows her to understand almost anything she sees in mere nanoseconds. Like Mythologic Adaption, she possesses the ability to copy perfectly a technique used against her, regardless of race, its ability to do so is almost unrestricted, it would take a truly legendary defense to nullify this ocular power's copy ability.

Unlike the Temporal Sight, White is unable to see time, though this is because it has not reached its final level of development.

  • Dragon Breath
  • Renegade - The ability to move through anything, including attacks, restrictions, and obstructions. A combination of light speed, spacial warping, and self manipulation.
  • Runaway Force - White becomes stronger with every successful strike to her enemies, and as long as she is dominating the battlefield, will exponentially grow faster, stronger, and more resistant to damage.
  • Dimensional Interference - White can break the various boundaries of the world, using space itself as a weapon, and can even cause dimensional collapse at will. She can use this to cancel out teleportation, portals, and other means of spacial travel. Special version of spacial manipulation borne of unique knowledge of the mechanics of space.
  • Tribune - A power lying dormant within White. Connected to Void Call, it is essentially the release of White's full power in such concentrated bursts that living things caught within the impact area are either obliterated or forced to evolve to inhuman levels to survive. An innate power since her birth, White stores over 60% to 80% of her aura and lifeforce, using techniques of the Fairies of Moonlight Clan to avoid Tribune's secondary effect, Void Call.

Shielding and other means of blocking are essentially useless in this zone, as the combination of void and aura make defenses easily penetrated. The best course of action is to either not trigger this ability or flee at the first sign of it.



She can take the form of a massive white dragon, with the added ability of combining fire with her light abilities.

Light Phoenix Mode

She takes the form of a massive dragon whose form is made of countless twinkling lights, but is deceptively a solid form that emits powerful light radiation, strong enough to melt metal in her immediate proximity. The true range of its powers are so far unknown.

Spirit Form 

Ultimate Form 

Has a secret form, which was unlocked just before she was split from Shinwa.

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