Seraph was an ally and close friend of Alexian...

Seraphina Legna
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The Melancholy Angel weeps invisibly...
The Melancholy Angel
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date 10/01
Family Volmond(Caretaker), Helios(Surrogate Brother), Asteria(Surrogate Sister), Cruxia(Overseer)
Status Alive- Metamorphosing
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color White with Black patch
Height 165 Cm
Blood type O+
Age 18-23
Weight 35 Kg
Health Passable
Affiliation Antagonists, Volmond, Alexian(Former)
Species Human(?)
Base of Operations Volmond's Domain
Weapons None
Current Occupation Volmond's Assistant
Fighting Style None, Familiar
Partner None
Team Full Bloom
Relatives None- All Deceased
Marital Status Single


Seraph usually declines talking about her upbringing, but from what parts she has told, she was born into a family with twelve other children. Because she was different from the others, prone to mistakes and clumsy, she was othen singled out and bullied by her siblings due to this and her hair color. At a young age she was introduced to alcohol to help reduce her suffering, but this only compounded the issue once her father found out.

At some point, Seraph's mother died, sending her father into the world of alcoholism and bankruptcy, both of which he blamed on her one day. What happened next, Seraph refuses to go into detail on, but it is known that she was heavily abused and nearly killed when an elder brother temped to cut her throat with scissors, instead making her temporarily mute.

Eventually, Seraph met Volmond and Alexian, though as to how she met the quick tongued teen remains a mystery. It is known that she held romantic feelings towards Alexian, feelings he did not return or notice because of how busy he was at the time watching over his group of misfits. At some point, Seraph managed to confess to Alexian, but shortly thereafter tragedy struck the teen's family, rendering him distant and her to believe that she was the cause of his eventual disappearance. Not long afterwards, Alexian's group drifted apart, leaving Seraph to fend for herself. 

Many tragedies befell Seraph over the next few years. Her family's treatment of her grew worse and on several occasions the girl was physically and emotionally scarred by the things done to her. On a particularly bad day, Seraph finally lost her temper, one that had been kept concealed under a mask of aloofness, blinding two of her elder siblings and hospitalizing three others before her anger finally subsided and she was disowned by her father, shortly after learning of an incurable condition she had been born with. It was then that she met the enigmatic doctor for a second time.

Volmond offered Seraph salvation from her ruined world and broken life in exchange for her serving as his aid until she had successfully repaid her debt to him. Agreeing, Seraph was whisked away to Volmond's domain where the doctor sought to train her in the ways of a medical practitioner and healer.