The Royal Moonlight Clan is a clan appointed by a consensus of the eight clans of the Moonlight Shire kingdom, also known as The Tsuki Kingdom. The current ruling house is the Thunder Fairy clan.



Momoka, The High Queen


The queen and head of the Royal Moonlight Clan, Momoka is a kind, compassionate woman. She leads the current generation of the Thunder Fairy clan, as well as the nation. When she was younger, she was more prone to being a prankster and almost childish, which being in a leadership position put a damper on, though she is still highly capable of such things, she prefers to try to reign in, not encourage her multiple daughters, and give them a proper example. She is the great granddaughter of Eien.

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The High King, Osamu


The former captain of the guard, in charge of protecting the royal family, he was chosen by Momoka to be her husband, though he was initially unwilling due to a perception of unworthiness. Her persistence eventually paid off, and he agreed to take her hand. Serious and strict, he has lost many comrades during his service, something that has not healed over time. He never underestimates anyone, which has paid him well. He is the more authoritative figure in the household, and when he speaks, his word is considered final. The last time someone argued with him, they lasted a mere hour before ending up crying in a corner.


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Kumiko, 1st Line Princess

The eldest of the family's sisters, Kumiko takes the most responsibility out of the group of sisters. However, she also likes to work as the organized brain to the sister's insanity, which without her help, would be much more disoriented and least effective. However, she defers to her parents and puts down mischief during public events. She is one of the few members of the family who share her father's family genetics, having gold eyes rather than blue, though she sometimes sports them as blue, depending on her mood. She is 38 years old, and first in line to the throne, and receives a high amount of training from her parents.


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Akarui, 1st Line Prince + Mabushii

The eldest of the brothers, Akarui takes a very relaxed pose in regards to almost everything, not one to be angered. He takes a strong indifference to everything, even when subjected to his sister's maniac activities. As the first in line for the throne as the eldest male, he receives a high degree of training from his parents. He likes to read and fence, more of an intellectual than his younger brother. He is 30 years old. He has blonde hair and gold eyes.


The second eldest of the brothers, Mabushii is a little bit more excitable than his other brother, Akarui, while he shares his twins indifference, secretly he sometimes enjoys the random antics of his sisters, but never joins them, stating he's not intelligent enough to keep up with his sister's insanity. He likes to box and write books, as well as swim. He is 29 years old, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Second in line to the throne, he is slightly in the shadow of his brother, which causes him to slightly resent his position as second, but never brings this up.



Michiko is the second eldest of the family, and like Kumiko, receives training for ascension for the throne. Unlike her sister however, she serves as more of an ambassador to the nation, often traveling to Azure and New Vince, on rare occasions representing the kingdom in Chinmoku and the Elemental Clan capitals. Highly elegant and dignified, this sister's pranks are known to be less obvious and more subtle, able to disguise and build advanced machines to serve her purpose without suspicion. A well rounded fighter, she is not one to take nonsense from others. Of the sisters, she is probably the most courted, as she has many admirers. She is 28.



Haruko, 3rd Line Princess

Haruko is the twin sister of Noriko, who was a previously lost member of the family. Very much like Noriko, she absolutely enjoys pranks and is a very spirited individual. With that said, when Noriko was taken away, she lost her only playmate and closest friend, which caused her to grow distant at times. She has the same blue eyes and hair as Noriko, though she can be seen with her birth color, turquoise eyes. Being an identical twin to Noriko, she is also 18. She is third in line to the throne, though she does not receive direct training related to the throne, instead she has grown up largely carefree and lacking in responsibility.


Noriko is the twin sister of Haruko, selected at the age of ten to be an apprentice in Phoenix. She has grown up not as a princess, but a fighter with a free spirit, she has found the prospect of being a princess both fascinating and confusing.

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Hoshiko is ten years old, and the second youngest sister. She has a deep love of learning and book, and is typically the smart one in the family. She often is the planning or technical aspect to a prank from the sisters, and often has a love of money. She will mostly stay in her room, reading. She bares no responsibilities to the throne. She has various hobbies, such as jewelcrafting and writing.



The youngest child in the family, she is a mere 5 years old. Incredibly playful to those she is familiar with, and

incredibly shy to everyone else, Aiko is the grand instigator in many of the antics of the Moonlight Clan. She uses her tiny stature and innocent charm to fool many from realizing her devious tactics. She often hides in air vents and crawls along the ceiling to surprise people. Surprisingly, despite her fear of strangers, she actually adores sharks.