Riot is a fairly tiny organization that keeps the peace between Myths and Humans from being destroyed in particularly strained areas, while also hunting down wanted folk and teaching people how to act in a functional society. Each of the core members has their own agenda, but not much of it can be seen.

Known Members

Arkyle Linen

Founder and core member of Riot. A Kaiju-Shapeshifter who balances revenge with duty. Wielder of the Red Sword and Vanguard to the Red Queen and Blue Prince.

Lucia Thorne-Camazotz

Core member of Riot and fiance to Ark. A Vampire, Succubus and Human all in one, who deals with growing power as much as growing bloodlust. Timid by nature, but observant and knowledgeable.

Leone Maxima

Core member of Riot and head of the Maxima Clan. A Sacred Beast with lineage stemming from the Nemean Lion and Kirin and a strong love for battle. Stronger than many can perceive, but rather smart as well.

Patrikolos Gallant

Co-founder of Riot and fatherly figure to Ark. Almost nothing is known about him other than the fact that he has a daughter, was widowed and was chief of the Lumina City Police Department.

Viola Aska

Former crime lord and assassin for hire and core member of Riot. A bizarre woman capable of using Archmagicks in tandem with swordplay despite being in her mid-twenties. Daughter of a powerful Archmage and Swordsman and his wife.

Entegris Lumina

Rival of Leone and Scion of the Lumina Clan. Core member of Riot when she isn't fighting with Leone or going off on solo ventures. The wolf to Leone's lion and Hoarfrost to his Inferno, polar opposites.