Iskaria Cremesin, Aria for short, is an agent of the MCCP. Under the alias "Red Jester", she is usually sent on assassination missions by the program, as a result of her particular "Situation". At first look, Agent Jester may appear to be a slim young woman, no older than 20. However, Aria has lived for centuries.

Aria survives by feeding on the flesh and blood of other beings. While almost any simple creature would suffice to stave off hunger for a short time, The blood of a being with a soul is much more effective, sustaining her for months after a single feeding. Aria is also able to absorb the energy of any being she devours, gaining some of their gifts when she does. However, these abilities only remain if she completely devours the individual; otherwise, the power disappears within hours.



Abilities and Skiills

Blood Manipulation

Aria can manipulate blood to take various forms, such as weaponry, barriers, and even Armor of varying durability.

Blood Absorption

Aria, being a vampire, can absorb the blood of others through biting, although she can do it through any form of physical contact.

Supernatural Reflexes

Aria is capable of dodging attacks almost instinctively. Ironically, she always lands on her face.

Supernatural Strength

Aria can lift at least a ton on her own strength, even more with a large enough supply of blood.