This page is for memorable sayings from characters or comical sayings on chat. Please get permission first before editing this page.

Quotes from Chat

"Wish I didn't wake up a boner though." Kameron Esters. Rough night?

"FanGUYs, I'm a guy. I think." DamienN02. You poor, gender confused kid...

"A very strong boob bump." Dragon Kid321. It's all sexual with you XD

"My parents take a shower together, also, my dad made me and two of my other brothers take a shower together as well." Kameron Esters. Too much information is a understatement.

"Transcending Zenith: The Biggest Cock Around. DOCK*" Dragon Kid321. When shipping goes horribly horribly wrong.

The only things to kill with spiders arecfire and zombies - ChaosWyvern-i

Talk about a jumbled mess

*gives DK a movie* Thanks alot, DK *cookie - Kameron Esters

Someone watches too much spongebob.

Quotes from Characters

Kronos: Alright. Demgel, Smash.