Phoenix is a powerful mythic organization that opposes Neo Pangea and humanity at large. While previous incarnations were described as somewhat in the line of a zealot state, it has become almost cult like in terms of its obsession in light of the new ruler's objectives. They exist as one of the greatest threats to the world and its people.

Their main base, Yosai Fortress is located somewhere to the East of the three nations of Fantasy, Downation, Midnation, and Upnation in the ocean, and the organization was founded eight hundred years ago by their founders Hadari and Nyusatsu.



  • Nyusatsu
  • Hadari
  • Dangrel (Earth Slayer
  • Thia (Water Slayer)
  • Kelia (Ice Slayer)
  • Vixera (Lightning Slayer)
  • Sael (Fire Slayer)
  • Cent (Wind Slayer)

Second Gen

Third Gen

Fourth Gen

  • Eien
  • Sukina
  • Amboros (Earth Slayer)
  • Lucios (Wind Slayer)
  • Felis (Ice Slayer)
  • Gornath (Earth Slayer)
  • Helan (Fire Slayer)
  • Aoua (Water Slayer)

Fifth Gen

Sixth Gen

  • Yuren
  • Yima (Light Slayer)

Seventh Gen

  • Cyrus
  • Jaelin (Light Slayer)

Eighth Gen

Notable Members

Chaos Engines

Kanjo Gods and the Elemental Terrors


Phoenix was founded originally as a elite group of swordsmen who were assigned the duty of defeating the Eight Kanjo Gods, who for eons had ravaged the world, and had recently invaded Earth. Taking a stand, Phoenix set out to Earth to force back the Kanjo and their elemental servants. After many years of fighting, the final Kanjo, Kukyo was sealed in the last of the Slayers, the Dark Slayer. With their eight blades empowered by the eight elemental gods, they drove back the Elementals from Earth and their lands, and on Echo were considered heroes. With the proceeding generations, however, they have begun to use their powers in vengeance against an ungrateful humanity, who demonized their first generation.


  • Light Slayer/Dark Slayer - Absolute Monarch
  • The Eight Slayers - Main Figures of Authority
  • Chaos Engines - Generals or Captains equivalent
  • Generals and Captains
  • Footsoldiers

Lead by either the Dark or Light Slayer, the organization is a form of monarchy, in which the Light and Dark Slayers have the highest authority, and immediately after them is the six other Slayers. Below them are Chaos Engines and regular soldiers.

The organization is heavily militaristic with a heavy focus on magic and technology, the higher ranking members enjoy a low restriction lifestyle, though normal soldiers face heavy scrutiny. Outsiders are suspected of malicious intent fairly readily, especially when unannounced. It can take very little for an execution to take place without proper reason for an intrusion. Diplomacy is only dependent on the whims of the leading Slayer.


Phoenix under White's reign aims to create an empire of genetically enhanced, superior beings known as Chaos Engines, for the purpose of making life strong in the face of future threats White deems more important than her own. She champions the creation of the Lambdas as the crowning achievement of the organization, and believes little will stop the success of her plan, not even her own defeat can stop it in her mind.

Anthem - The Song of Rebirth

To seek answers in the darkness,

To expose the truth in light,

Finding foundation in the earth,

Diving into the calm waters,

To strike lightning upon the world and give it life,

To subdue violence with numbing frost,

Bring about a changing wind,

And burn the world with eternal fire, and rekindle hope,

Together we thrive, together we burn.

To be consumed by the flame, burned to a cinder,

And revel in the Second Birth.