Ah, my Tankboy. Took you long enough~
Kanjo Goddess of Lightning
The Loose Cannon
The Troublemaker
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date {{{birth date}}}
Family Royal Family of Fey, Michiko
Status Active
Eye Color Electric Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height -
Blood type None
Age 19-20 (During the Series) (Deceased)
Weight -
Health Well
Affiliation Phoenix, Drake
Weapons Lightning, Life Energy
Species Fairy/Shapeshifter
Base of Operations Yosai
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) Lightning Slayer of Phoenix, Lightning Goddess, Queen
Current Occupation Null
Abilities Electricity Manipulation, EMP Burst,
Fighting Style Lightning Step, Rolling Thunder
Partner Drake, Kanashimi
Team Drake's Group
Relatives Michiko(Sister), Four Children, Grandchildren, Drake (Husband)
Marital Status Married

Noriko was a former member of Phoenix who fell in love with Drake Ryunexo and ran from the organization in order to seek a new life. Their time together had many ups and downs, and at one point, they were separated. However fate had a mysterious hand in their return together, and together they would spend the rest of their lives in quiet peace.


Appearance and Personality

Noriko was a youthful fairy hybrid with long messy blonde hair and electric blue eyes, often wearing leather clothing, such as leather jackets, pants, and boots. As she matured as a fairy, her ears would lengthen into long points.

Noriko was a incredibly energetic being with an incredibly free sense of will and a refusal to adhere to rules. She loved nothing more than fun and happy memories, being made extremely uncomfortable by negativity in her life. She enjoyed all manner of games and activities, most of all loving music, singing, and the guitar.

Upon becoming a mother, Noriko would be seen gradually mellowing a bit, but her love of fun and adventure was never truly diminished, much to her lover's dismay as they tried to reign in their many children and grandchildren from their various exploits, he found her often joining in.


Noriko was born as one of the younger princesses of the Moonlight Shire, at a time of great peace. She and her sister Haruko, her twin, grew close together during this time, however their time together was short, as Phoenix had sought out a new Lightning Slayer, and the family was forced to hand Noriko over as part of an ancient treaty with the organization.

Being taught in the way of the ninja was a difficult thing to accomplish with her, as she had a perpetual pertinacity to make everything a game. However in time, she would grow skilled and accomplished, even finding interest in espionage and undercover tasks, which she would grow to blossom in as Phoenix began to infiltrate Earth for the purposes of its total destruction.

Having been assigned to take out the electrical grid of Earth, Noriko grew deep inside the electronic community, branching out into entertainment, gaming, music, and various other fields to try and deepen her connections. Yet, at the same time, this increased exposure began to make her question her mission, and began to indulge herself more and more, turning her teachings against her comrades as she began to uncover dark secrets about the organization, leading her to begin distancing from them, even plotting to rebel.

It was at this time a curious visitor came to Yosai Fortress, who changed everything...

...and at the end of the road, she and this visitor would become close, through great trials, love, hate, even a great time of separation in which her soul was torn to pieces. Yet through it all the lovers would unite again by fate's hand, and together would bear four children and several grandchildren, dying together in quiet peace.


Lightning Magic & Manipulation

Life Energy Creation and Manipulation

Spirit Goddess Physiology

Titanic Strength

Empty Mind

Hollow Soul

Elemental Creation

Advanced Ninjutsu

Advanced Kinjutsu

Unnatural Song

Death Magic Immunity

Self Manipulation Resistance

Electromagnetic Pulse

Plasma Manipulation

Soul Manipulation

Void Soul Physiology

Conceptual Powers Resistance