Lucien "Lucia" Thorn-Camazotz
Lady of the Blood Moon
Lucifel Reborn
The Great Blood Lord
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date 10/30
Family Aurora Camazotz(Mother), Miren Cormag(Father- Deceased), Ark(Fiance), Unnamed Siblings
Status Alive- Fighting internal blood lust
Eye Color Red-Black, Red-Yellow, Green, Blue, Yellow
Hair Color Black, Red-Black, Chestnut, White
Height 165 Cm
Blood type D
Age 24
Weight 37 Kg
Health Variable- Condition dependent
Affiliation Ark
Species Vampire-Succubus(1/9 Human)
Base of Operations None, Following Ark
Weapons Lucent Storm, Nosferatu, Oho-Kuro-Ikazuchi
Current Occupation Heir of the Camazotz family, Inheritor of Helel
Fighting Style Camazotz Traditional Style, Miren's Dark Flash
Partner Ark(Fiance)
Team Riot
Relatives Aurora, Miren, Unnamed Siblings
Marital Status Engaged

Lucia is the current heir of the Camazotz family, having inherited the role from her mother. She is the first born of the current generation of the Camazotz family and, by tradition, is really named Lucien. She is a member of Riot, but isn't very active due to her special condition. She is Ark's hard won fiance.


Lucia was born into the influential Camazotz family, being the first born of the fourty fifth generation, coming from the union of Aurora Camazotz, the third daughter and eldest survivor of the fourty fourth generation, and Miren Cormag, a former swordsman who had be tasked to wipe the family out by a group of people who hated mythical beings. Her early life was simple and filled with happiness, the only real changes being the birth of two sets of twins in following years. Lucia was as good of a big sister as she could be, though around the time she was nine years of age, she began to hear a faint whisper in the back of her mind.

Four years later, the peace and happiness of her life was shattered by an attack on the home that Lucia and her family resided in by the same group that hired Miren. At some point Lucia was cut deeply across the back after being separated from her famoly, damaging one of her wings before she blacked out and awoke after the incident covered in blood, with the taste filling her mouth, in the forest near her home. Hours later she was found by a worried Aurora and a shocked Miren, neither of whom had expected find Lucia in her then state. It shoud be noted that the damage to her wing and back had healed, leaving only a physical scar in its place, though the event traumatized her for years and created a rift between her and the rest of her family.

Another three years would pass before Lucia was allowed to leave her home and go to a bording school in a city close by, having learned of her condition and the full extent of her heritage during the time between the attack and her approval to leave her home. It was here that she met Ark, being chosen as his partner for the duration of the their time at the school. Not much later, however, Lucia had her first instance of entering her Berserk Form and caused a commotion in the forest near the school until Ark managed to calm her down, though only after she bit him and ingested some of his blood. Shortly afterwards, she was admitted to the school's infirmary, where she was diagnosed, falsely, with a severe case of anemia that required her to under go blood transfusing and take iron suppliments every two weeks lest something terrible happen. Confused as to why no one knew what had happened, she later learned that Ark had prevented any information about the incident from getting out with the help of their two dorm mates, a certain Eglantine Blacksmith and Alphonse Weyr, both of whom understood what it meant to harbor an important secret.

Nearly four years would pass, the number of incidents revolving aound Lucia's condition remaining within the low single digits thanks to the efforts of her partner and close friends, who regularly cycled between provided her with the blood that she needed, though this peace would not last. A conflict began when Eglantine learned of the attack on Lucia's home, an attack that had been joined by her mother, Faith Blacksmith, a mercenary who had been sent to her death by the people whom had tried to kill Lucia and her family. Ark and Alphonse tried to mediate the issue, bu the damage was done and Eglantine challenged Lucia to a duel on the very same day the school would nearly be razed by another group of Anti-Myth idealists. 

The duel began and for the first half neither side held an advantage, but as the match progressed Eglantine began to take the lead. Just as she would have one the battle, the attack on the school began and Eglantine was nearly killed in the series of explosions that followed. Stuck with only Lucia, the two had to navigate through the damaged school and avoid the group of hostile forces, something that was difficult to do as time passed. Eventually the two reached an open area of the school, a courtyard, only to find it riddled with the corpses of students who tried to take the same route. Realizing it was a trap, Lucia had Eglantine wait for her to distract the concealed attackers in the area, before having her make a mad dash towards the other end of the courtyard. The plan worked without a hitch, Eglantine was able to escape the killing field without being harmed, but Lucia was trapped. Realizing that her friend would attempt to rescue her, Lucia told Eglantine to escape without her before the first hit landed. Dozens more followed, sending Lucia to the ground in a near death state when the blood in the area began to react to her presence. Lucia does not remember what happened after this, but she awoke over a month later in Ark's arms in a completely different location, the two of them surrounded by what could described as a lake of blood.

Lucia wanted disappear from the world after that, but Ark managed to persuade her to not take her own life, which caused her to fall for him. A few months would pass and the two's relationship would grow stronger, but a call from her father temporarily shattered any hopes that she had of living in peace with Ark. Not wanting to get her precious person involved in her family's affairs, Lucia tried leave without warning, only for her plan to fail and see the confrontation of Ark and Miren, one which nearly killed Ark and somewhat wounded her father, before being returned home to be taught many new things, both about herself and how to better protect herself. It would be two years before she saw Ark again...


Lucia is a very soft spoken person, stemming from an accident in her childhood that left several scars across her back. She speaks less than any other member of Riot and is very shy around a new face. This all changes when her hunger and desires take over, giving way to her inherited vicious and carnal side. Rarely does she interact with others normally, excluding Ark or her mother Aurora.

Depending on her condition, her personality may shift further from the norm, making her extremely hedonistic and wild or exceedingly dark, bloodthirsty and prideful. This in turn also has an effect on her appearance, changing to fit her condition...


Lucia is rather pale and somewhat sickly in appearance. Her hair is snow white and her eyes bright red, making her appear to be albino. In actuality, this is due to her innate condition which eats away at her body's immune system and proteins if she does not consume a certain amount of blood within a certain period of time. When her condition is offset, her hair is a light and chocolatey brown while her eyes are a brilliant emerald color. She has the pointed ears and attractive features of a succubus and the elongated incisors and heightened senses of a vampire, though she exhibits the commonality of a human. She is thin yet curvy and somewhat tall in stature, but this is often lost to others because of her timid disposition and way of carrying herself.

She wears a simple set of clothing consisting of a silvery, frilly dress and dark blue tights with open-toe sandals and a fluffy scarf, but occasionally can be seen wearing a simple pantsuit with a cloak.



Lucia is just as in love with Ark as he is with her, regardless of her condition. She wishes that she did not have to worry about possibly harming him because of her condition and growing power, but she has little in the ways of preventing such a thing from happening.


Lucia sees Patrikolos as a mentor of sorts, respecting his words and often chastizing Ark for being rude to him. On the other end, Patrikolos is worried that Lucia's power may be growing too quickly for her too control without losing her mind and warns her to be careful, lest she lose herself. Lucia is the only one who seems to realize that Patrikolos is more that a simple human in peak condition.


Lucia and Leone see each other as friends, though not nearly as closely as Ark and the other male are. Leone believes that she is too careful, while Lucia sees him as too reckless.


Lucia has no real opinion on Sol, having rarely interacted with him. His aura irritates her for some reason.


Lucia and her mother have a good, if somewhat distant relationship after the attack on their former home. She sees her mother as a role model and strong woman based on her morals and the strength of her convictions, but isn't as accepting of her desirous nature as Aurora is, though that may be attributed to experiences and age. She is one of the two people able to calm Lucia when she transforms into her less than stable states.


Lucia and Miren had a rather strained relationship, mainly because of his restrictive, overprotective nature around her. While he hardly showed what most would call familial affection due to his time as a sword for hire causing him to cut off his "weak" emotions, it is known, at least to Aurora, that he cared for her dearly and would resort to any means of protecting her, even if that meant horrifically injuring the person she had fallen for because he believed that the younger man would not be able to properly protect her and keep her happy. After his passing, Lucia became severely disheartened though only Ark could tell, having learned to see past her mask.


The relationship between Lucifel and Lucia has yet to be fully explored. All that is known is that her Lucifel self is the ideal version of herself once her power fully develops.

Abilities and Skills

Blood Absorption

Lucia is able to absorb blood from other beings as long as they have had an open wound in her immediate area or have allowed her to make contact with their blood. She can forcefully draw blood from others in the form of a red mist released from their pores or rip the liquid from them should it be required, but she can also simply bite the person to do the same thing. Absorbed blood temporarily appeases her condition and keeps her stable. The power of this ability seems to be rising.

Blood Manipulation

Lucia is able to manipulate available blood in a fifty meter radius of herself, possibly greater, and use it to create constructs, weapons, familiars or even convert it into a destructive force depending on her condition. This ability grows more dangerous as time passes, making Lucia a secret weapon of sorts- possibly even an double-edged sword to her allies. Lucia is the first to be able to do this while not gorged on blood and life energy in her family.

Dusk Manipulation

Lucia is able to manipulate both Light and Darkness to high degrees due to her condition. The full extent of this is unknown, not because she as rarely used the ability, but because her powers appear to be growing more potent as time passes because, as of late, its power range has extended into the ranges of ice, water, fire and lightning. 

Soul Puppetry

Lucia has inherited the especially rare and frightening ability to call upon the souls of the dead and reanimate corpses to obey her will. When she calls upon souls, they are granted a form that is a cross between truly spectral and physical and weapons that can harm both body and soul equally. When bodies are reanimated, they are restored to their peak condition, but with greater durability and are granted similar weapons to those of called souls, but with the added effect of absorbing blood regardless of if the strike breaks the target's skin or not. As of recently, this ability appears to be gaining the power to manipulate the living if their minds and hearts are weaker than Lucia's, but only on rare occasions. Lucia appears to very much dislike this ability, but cannot do anything about it other than not use it.

True Camazotz

An inherited trait from Lucia's ancestry, found in only the first born of each generation of the Camazotz family. It grants the bearer immense power and control over blood, light, darkness, desires and emotions among things, but subjects them to a curse like status that requires them to consume a certain amount of blood or life force from others at certain intervals lest they lose control over themselves and go berserk. Consuming blood or life energy beyond the required amount may result in another type of transformation, dependng on how much over the bar is consumed, and key changes from the original personality, but with a massive amount of power granted in exchange. The curse aspect can eventually be nullified, but the means by which this is done are unknown as the past few generations of the Camazotz family have been headed by children born after the Lucien of their generation. There are several other factors and aspects connected to this condition, but the information on them is sketchy at best.

Disease Immunity

Lucia, as part of her condition and heritage, is immune to all forms of illness, sickness, infection and disease from the mortal, spirit and demon planes. Angelic illnesses do not affect her because she is not of a similar nature. She is not immune to the effects of curses, so long as they do not ail her health in an illness like manner, or similar magical conditions so long as their effect is not to make her sick. 

Vampiric Touch

Should Lucia make direct physical contact with someone, she can sap away their vitality, blood and even physical condition and apply them to herself. It is unknown if this works on special abilities, but it may be possible as her power grows. This ability is directly inherited from her mother, Aurora, who developed the ability at some point in her past, and is thus not something completely attributed to her condition. Should she lose control due to too little blood or pent up negativity, this ability becomes much more dangerous.

Energy Absorption

Another ability inherited from Aurora, allowing Lucia to absorb energy from her surroundings. This can often be noted by a drastic drop in temperature around her, to the point where water freezes solid and ice forms on surfaces. The amount of energy absorbed is based on her emotional state, making this ability highly unstable and dangerous if she is stressed beyond a reasonable level.


Lucia unconsciously generates a strong aura that attracts others to her. Unlike glamours that change the user's appearence to be ideal to those who view them, this one accents the soft beauty held by Lucia and makes her more appealing to all who view her, not just a specific group of people or person. 

Contained Madness

Depending on Lucia's blood levels, her sanity and mindset may or may not degrade. At the best, she may become somewhat tyrannical and amorous, but at worst, her desires may become the forefront of her mind, causing her to discard all traces of her original self until her desires are met or until she is subdued by Ark or Aurora.

Dark Flash

A set of techniques taught to Lucia by her late father, Miren, allowing her to utilize his famous "Dark Lightning" and the Black Element that she inherited from him. These techniques range from damaging afterimage creation to short bursts of lightning speed to using Cormag's most affamed and powerful technique, Sundering Convergence of Heaven and Earth, to name a few. 

Black Element

Supposedly one of the fabled Lost Elements, the Black Element appears as an inky black, sometimes red, substance akin to darkness, but without any of the same qualities. It has the ability to mimic the other elements in terms of appearance, but lacks any of their defining qualities. Those struck by it feel something akin to their very soul being frozen and time stopping before they find themselves drained of a large amount of energy and marked with a black substance that gradually weakens them until it fades or they succumb. Another noted effect is the complete loss of feeling and unstable emotions.

Blood Moon

A set of techniques taught to Lucia by her mother, Aurora, which allow her to enrapture those who look upon her with simple movements in combat. The full implications and usage of these skills is unknown to Lucia, but she cannot shake the feeling that they have several purposes besides distracting.

Weapons and Equipment

Lucent Storm

A sword with the ability to become a whip, spear or scythe and can rapidly switch forms depending on how it is purposed. It glows with a pale light that increases in brightness at night and is shaped like a large needle. It can damage the spirit and will of opponents.


A black and silver ring that amplifies Lucia's power over darkness, fire, ice and light. It gets its name because of the blood red gemstone set in it and its ability to add blood draining effects to attacks.


An oddly rectangular black and white sword that reacts to the Black Element within Lucia. Made by Miren, the sword is feather light and razor sharp on its own, but grows more powerful when exposed to the Black Element and used with the Dark Flash skill set. The sword appears to be made from a material that isn't comprised of a single earthen element and seems to be unbreakable and undulling. Whn used with the Black Lightning skill, the blade branches and extends infinitely until stopped after the initial thrust of the attack. Its name means the Great Black Lightning.


Most, if not all of Lucia's forms are dependent on how much blood she has consumed and how much she has at her disposal. Few are activated by external factors.

Berserk Form

In the event that Lucia does not consume the required amount of blood within fourteen days of her last feeding, she enters a bloodthirsty frenzy, killing those unlucky enough to meet her or unable to fend her off long enough to escape. In this form her hair is white and her eyes are a wild yellow and her physical parameters are roughly quintupled. Coupled with her purely instinctive actions and powers, this form is very dangerous to those unprepared to face it.

Cured Form

If Lucia is able to consume a proper amount of blood within a fourteen day period, she takes on this form, denoted by the brown color of her hair, the emerald color of her eyes and the healthy rosy tint to her skin. In this form, Lucia is closest to being considered a human, the only differences being her lightly pointed ears and slightly elongated incisors. Largely replaced by her Aristocrat form. Resets the fourteen day grace time upon being reached.

Aristocrat Form

An advanced version of her Cured Form, stemming from Lucia consuming some of Ark's blood. This form shares its appearance with her Cured Form, but has the powers of her regular state and slightly better physical capabilities. Resets the time on her condition back to fourteen days.

Blood Lord Mode

Should Lucia consume more than the required amount of blood within fourteen days, she enters this form. Denoted by her red and black hair and red irises with golden rings within them, Lucia's powers and physical capabilities are, at the very least, tripled based on how much blood she consumed beynd the required amount. In this form all exposed blood in the area around her falls under her control, her own included. This allows her to nearly endlessly absorb, manipulate and create with the available blood in the area and grants her a near immortal status until she loses the amount of blood required to maintain this form among things. When her emotions are already unstable or if her desires are too strong to be suppressed, she enters her Nosferatu form. Her personality is much crueler and imperious in this form. Stops the fourteen day cycle of her condition until this form is exited.

Nosferatu Mode

A variation of her Blood Lord form, denoted by her hair turning black and her eyes becoming crimson with black rings. Lucia's Nosferatu form has all of the traits of the regular version of this form, but to a far more potent level, to the point of her being able to infinitely sustain the form because she has the ability to convert objects into blood and create blood from energy of any form gathered from the area. Unlike her Blood Lord form, Lucia is closer to tyrannical and hedonistic in this form and is only able to be brought out of it if all of her desires and demands are met. 

Desire Form

A variation of Lucia's Berserk form, denoted by her deathly white hair and red, hungry eyes. Caused by her desires and darkness being released around the same time as the end of her fourteen day cycle without having consumed enough blood. The differences between this form and her berserk form are the addition of rationality and a much greater increase in power. This form embodies the succubus part of Lucia's nature and, as such, makes her glamour stronger than before. The only way for her to leave this form is based on what she wants most at the time, blood having no bearing on her reverting to normal.

Lucifel Form

Very little is known about this form other than it being the perfect union between Lucia's regular self and her split Lucifel self. It has yet to be attained for more than a fraction of a second.