Lori is a 17 year old Dragon-Angel hybrid, who has originated from the same realm as Zane, but had ecaped from it's destruction and now resides in Aether Realm. Her angel side is Caelestis


Lori was bron in the same realma s Zane, but when it came under destruction by the M.C.C.Pshe  had fled and watched her homes destruction from afar. Feeling unable to help, she fled with sadnes and regret in her heart. She later met Father Divine and introduced her to Aether Realm, where she resides and was also told that God Squad was after her, so she remanned there until she felt it was safe.

Lorem Gemma


Lori resembles a 15-year-old girl. She has light-blue hair and celestial-purple eyes. She wears a white-with-purple striped dress-like clothes.


Lori Is the more reasonable and slightly more agressive side. She knows when not to jump into a fight. She Has little fighting background so she tends to run from fights. Her Angel side Caelestis tends to be impulsive and get Lori into many fights. She is really nice and will try to be friends with most people.