Kinkaku and Ginkaku
We will never stray from Lord Tsubaki's will, his will is our will as well.
Darkaria's Twins of Time and Space
Important Information
Gender Male(both)
Birth Date October 31
Family Kinkaku(older brother to Ginkakau)

Ginkaku(younger brother to Kinkaku) Unknown Parents

Status Alive(both)
Eye Color Red(both)
Hair Color White(both)
Height 5'6
Blood type O
Age 28
Weight 5'6
Health Healthy
Affiliation Darkaria Kingdom, 15 Darkaria Knights
Weapons Katanas(both)
Species Vampire(both)
Base of Operations Darkaria Kingdom
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Previous Occupation(s) Unknown
Current Occupation 15 Darkaria's Knights No.1
Abilities Super Human Strength, Super Human Speed, Expert Swordsmanship, Blood Draining, Enhanced Senses, Divinity Immunity, Transformation
Fighting Style Demons Wrath, Twin Takeover
Partner Tsubaki
Team 15 Darkaria Knights
Relatives Kinkaku(older brother to Ginkaku)

Ginkaku(younger brother to Kinkaku) Unknown parents

Marital Status Single(both)


They were orphaned by their parents in a small village due to being a completely different species, so they were forced to find their own food and shelter, also due to this they were picked on by the other villagers. One day, a priest came to the town to do blessings, and they began retreating farther away from said priest. A few of the villagers saw this, so the next few days they began torturing them with crosses, holy water etc.

After having enough, on the night they left the town, they drank all of the blood of people who'd tortured them the following day. After a few days of leaving the village and searching for anything they can suck blood from on a very snowy day, they came across a young Tsubaki being forced to train in the weather. Seeing this as a good opportunity, they lunge at him hoping to get him before he noticed them. Unfortunately, shadows grabbed them before they could reach him, signaling that he knew they were there. Tsubaki turned to them and asked they'd be his servants. Seeing as though this is an insult, they escape the shadows with they're speed and tried to attack him again.

After a few minutes, Tsubaki defeated them single handedly. Seeing as they seem to have no other choice, they swore loyalty to him on the condition that Tsubaki gives them a drink of his blood every month to sustain their life. Without hesitation Tsubaki agreed, who after which branded them, and made them his personal guards, making them Tsubaki's first servants. After Tsubaki came to rule Darkaria and created the 15 Darkaria Knights, they became No.1 of the group after defeating other demons and people who wanted the spot.


Being identical twins they generally have the same appearance. Both have white hair that reach to the middle of their backs tied into a half ponytail by a red thread. They both wear a white Darkaria military coat, one of the differences is that Kinkaku has gold buttons and trimming while Ginkaku has silver buttons and trimming. White gloves, pants, belt, and shoes. Another difference is Kinkaku wears his sword on his right hip while Ginkaku wears his sword on his left hip. Due to being vampires, they also have long sharp fangs.


They're generally very quit and patient. They will not act or speak without permission from Tsubaki unless he tells them to go with someone else and having to listen to their orders. They of course follow orders without failure or question. They're very loyal towards Tsubaki, so much so that they'll risk their own lives for him even without his permission. Also due to this they hate Kohaku for his disrespect, in which they have a killing intent towards Kohaku when he teases or mocks Tsubaki, until Tsubaki gives Kohaku a warning whip which tends to calm them down.

Abilities and Skills

Super Human Strength

Super Human Speed

Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability

Enhanced Endurance

Enhanced Senses

Expert Swordsmanship

Expert Close Combat

Darkness Magic/Manipulation/Mimicry/Martial Arts

Blood Draining



Divinity Immunity


Time and Space Manipulation


Weapons and Equipment

Both carry a katana with the guards shaped into a silver crecent moon(Ginkaku) and a gold sun(Kinkaku), and white and grey guard. They also carry hidden daggers, and blood capsules in case of a prolonged battle or mission.