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  • the 3 finally make it to the entrance of the palace

"Well, we made it. Here is where we may find Dovah Foriik."

  • Seiyge is about to open the door


  • Two archangels appear above them

"You cannot enter without permission. Strict rules, my friends."

  • One of the archangels recognize Demgel


  • Demgel turns and to his amazement


"At long last I have waited a while to see your face again."

"Whatever for, Gabriel?"

"so that I may kill you."

  • Raphael grabs Gabriel's shoulder

"Gabriel I know you have some sort of personal agenda but we cant risk the safety of Heaven."

"You don't know how long i've waited Raphael. He nearly killed."

"Yes, I know that, but do you really think he is the most evil being on the planet?"

"Yes, he is. And I will put justice upon him."

"You got this, Gabriel?"

"Yea, I got this"

  • Raphael flies away
  • Gabriel lands and slowly walks towards Demgel

"You two need to get Dragon Caller."

  • Ashley jumps down and frowns

"I'll take on this pudgy angel, you two head out. Besides, I wouldn't know the first thing about dealing with this 'Dragon Caller' What if she turns on us? We don't need two crazy dragons on the loose."

"No, This is my fight. If Gabe wants me, he'll have me. Besides, if she does turn your the one who is most likely yo be able to stop her. You and Seiyge have dragon blood. I have some blood of that of an angel and the other some is that of demon. I knew this day would come where I would face Gabe again."

  • Ashley hesitated and then jumped back on the Dragon's back

"Don't you die..."

  • She said as they flew off into the air

"...I won't. I promise."

  • Ashley nods and she and Seiyge head inside the Palace to search for Dovah Foriik while Demgel stays outside
  • Inside the sounds of explosions can be heard as though someone was training

"We should be careful here, strangers walk these halls.. Only those strangers are us."

  • Seiyge stated as the two of them continued down the hall


  • A feminine voice sounded and an angel suddenly got sent down the halls as though he had been driven out by some kind of monster


  • The angel was now unconscious
  • Ashley made her way cautiously down the hall until she opened a door and entered a room

"Hmm... Seems empty, although I could've sworn something sent that Angel down the hall. Unless it is the ' himself"

  • She paused at the thought of meeting God, but then went on and continued her search

Demgel vs. Gabriel

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  • Demgel pulls out Death's Scythe

"You, Demgel are under arrest for unauthorized permission here. Come quietly or I will use lethal force."

"Sorry Gabe, We came to far not to get nothing?"

"So it's force then?"

"I'm afraid so."

"Well, then."

  • pulls out an Angelic Greatsword

You are now punishable by death."

  • Gabriel dashes at Demgel at incredible speed
  • Demgel sees evrything moving slowly

Ex Exe

  • Gabriel is about to ram Demgel with his sword
  • Demgel blocks with his Scythe and everthing move to nrmal speed
  • a gust of wind blows upon impact
  • Demgel pushes Gabriel back
  • Gabriel flies in the air and comes down and is about to strike Demgel as hard as he can
  • Demgel quickly blocks the blow with his Scythe, causing a dust explosion upon impact
  • Gabriel comes back and is about to gut Demgel
  • Demgel dodges back and pulls out his guns

"Gabw, why do you do this?"

"Man is why. My lord has sacrificed his own life for man and yet, they still do not wish to repent! And yet God still lets them come! They deserve no place here!"

  • Gabriel attempts to stab Demgel
  • Demgel dodges to the side and shoots at Gabriel from the side
  • Gabriel blocks them with his sword

"You are nothing more than pure evil, Demgel. You have destroyed countless off lives just for the fun of it and because you were being oppressed. Basically, me killing you will be me doing a favor for mankind."

Inside the holy Palace

"Come on. She is just up ahead."

  • Both of them enter into what seems a courtroom filled with Divine drakes
  • Seiyge sees a young black girl in the middle shout into to the drakes in the air

"Excuse me."

  • Girl turns around and looks at them

"Are you Dovah Foriik."

"...Yes...Yes, I am."

"I am Seiyge and this is Ashley. We are both Dovahs we need your help. Darkness shdows over Dragon Realm: your home land. We need you to call the dragons somewhere else."

  • Raphael comes out of nowhere and comes in between Seiyge and Dragon Caller

"Sorry Ghost. you are still unauthorized to be here."

"Our land is in danger. We must use the power of the Dovah Foriik. Its the only way."

"Sorry, Still can't. Orders are orders. I must ask you to leave now."

  • Ashley crosses her arms

"It seems we are at an impasse, we need the Dovah you have behind you. And you want us to leave. So how about we do a trade... I stay here, and the Dovah Foriik goes back to Dragon Realm with Seiyge here? I mean, I'm a dovah too.. I can do wahtever task she was here for."

  • Ashley looks hopeful at Raphael
  • Seiyge only looked to see what would happen next as even he did not see anything in the prophecies about Ashley undergoing Dovah Foriik training
  • Raphael thinks about but thena shining light comes out of nowhere and a booming yet gentle voice speaks

"My lord."

  • Raphael takes knee and bows toward the light

"Raphael. Let them take her. The dragons may have come from that of Satan, but it doesn't mean I don't care about their wellbeing. Take the Dragon Caller with you. She has been here for years now an there is not much we can train her. Be on your way and God bless."

"You heard him. You may leave with her."

  • Seiyge bows

"Thank you, God."

"Um... I don't know how to say this. So I'll say it in my native tongue: Dii fahdon Demgel, rok praag hin hiif. Rok los ko grah voth Gabriel ahrk Zu'u faas fah ok eyvir nahlrii. Zu'u fund dreh anything wah dein mok tirahk. My friend Demgel needs help, he was confronted by Gabriel while accompanying me on my journey to find the Dragon Caller. He means the world to me: lein seik nid compared wah mok. I'll do anything, Thuri."

  • She bowed before the light of God

"I know Demgel. He prays to me everyday out of selflessness. He wants nothing more but want the wellbeing of others. He is a good soul, but is often tormented by the half that is evil. i have plans for him, for his time has not come. I will do what you have asked of my, my child."

Back outside

  • Demgel and Gabriel are mildly wounded and bruised

"It's about time I ended this!"

  • Gabriel rushes up to Demgel and head-butts Demgel
  • Demgel falls to his knees
  • Gabriel is about to strike him down with his sword
  • A bright light appears before the two


  • Gabriel drops his sword in disbelief

"Gabriel, Why do you do this? Ever since my son sacrificed himself for the sins of man, you wish nothing more but to purge Earth of evil. Look at Demgel. He may have blood of that of a demon but there is good in him. I see alot of my son in him. Go now. you are free."

  • The light goes away

"Whao. It...was really him."

  • Gabriel falls to his knees

"What have I been doing? Becoming nothing more than the same people i so despise."

"It's about time you saw the light, Gabe."

  • The other three came running out of the palace to see if Demgel was alright, with Ashley ahead of the others

"Thank God you're alright."

  • Ashley stated with a sigh of relief as she looked at Demgel to see if he was badly wounded
Noloty Maruchie -2-
"So you must be Demgel, I've heard a lot about you, even God speaks of you I hear."
  • The Dragon Caller greeted him cordially with a smile as she looked at Gabriel and nodded in acknowledgement

"Well we'd best be off then, not to spoil the moment but we have the Dragon Realm to save after all."

  • Seiyge calls the dragon and the four of them head off to Dragon Realm after saying Goodbye to Raphael and Gabriel

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