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Answers and an Unknown Fate

 Kalin walks the streets of Earth several days after his adventure with Kado, and his decision to join his group. He is wearing his casual attire, and has his hands in his pockets. He has no real destination in mind, he is just walking.* 

Rose: Where are we going?

Kalin: No idea.

Then why are we walking around? Let's just go and hang out in Japan. I loved it there...

Kalin: I did,too. But I'm not trying to run away. I was just tired of the drills, and mission debriefings, and all of the other stupid stuff. Damn the rules, I had to get out of there.

Rose: You know I get excited when you talk about breaking the rules.

Kalin: For a ghost, you really are a bit of a pervert...

Rose: At least this is more interesting conversation than you whining about your new boyfriend. Assuming that is a boy under that mask of his. He's a shapeshifter, right?

Kalin: Ok, first, that was gross, the way you speculated my sexual orientation just now. Second...

Voice: Yes, he is a shapeshifter. His face can be anything he wants it to be. With this lack of trust, it'll push his followers away from him, once they get curious on who they are following, sort of like you, Kalin.

Kalin: *looks around in confusion* Who's there?

Rose: It's a disembodied voice, so it's up in the air who, or what, it belongs to.

Kalin: Good guy, or Bad Guy?

Rose: I'm kinda hoping it's not a guy at all...

Kalin: Rose!

Rose: Not like that!

A dark hooded figured is standing right behind Kalin

Voice: This voice surely does have a body. It is pleasant to see you again, Kalin.

Kalin: Oh, it's you. Nice to see ya again.

Rose: You have no idea who that is...

Kalin: They don't know that. Maybe they'll buy it...

Voice: I know who you are...but thing is you don't know us...the only thing you know about us is that you were our Re-creation...Of the Son.

Kalin:*looks confused, as well as afraid* "The Son"? what are you talking about...You obviously remember me from the past. Unfortunately, I can't remember anything.

Voice: You see, there was a prophecy, that boy who possessed power over all oppositions in the Universe. He was a Nephalem, an offspring of an angel and a demon. He was going to decide the fate of the world, possibly the Universe. We originally had him on our side, but he disobeyed orders and left to forge his own destiny. After that, we decided to forge our own prophecy, so we made you and the girl out of the next best thing to an angel and a demon; An aetherborn and a netherborn.

Me and...Rose, what are they talking about?


Kalin: Rose?


Voice: Me and Jibaku, we were in charge of creating you two. If one failed, the other was proven to be our true success. But we knew that only one of you could have been capable of being a success. So we pitted you against each other, and afterwards kept a close watch on you two. Unfortunately, you were growing too attached to one another. How long before you decided to rebel against us? We pitted you against one on other while we still had your obedience.

Kalin: You mean, you made us fight each other? Why? Why would you create people just to watch them destroy each other?

Voice: No, we created you to fufill the prophecy The Son failed to fulfill. We just knew that one of you had to be the one to fulfill that prophecy.

Kalin: *Angrily* What prophecy!? Am I supposed to save the world, Be some sort of messiah. Huh!? I don't know if you've been paying attention, but all these years, I've searched for an answer to the question "what am I supposed to do?". *As he speaks, his Dark energy begins to burst out of him* And you show up here now, now when I finally believe I've found a purpose, just to tell me I'm someone else's experiment, or worse, some kind of...puppet!? And you think I'd be okay with that?! To HELL with you!!!

Voice: I'm afraid I'm a bit too...cold for Hell to handle. Besides, it wasn't your decision to make. We made it for you. Unlike The Son, we made so you would never stray away from us, but you proved to be..defective as you mourned over the death of your lover. So we tossed you out, to find your own purpose, just like The Son.

*Surprised* Are you trying to tell me that I...killed Rose? That I'm the reason she's like this? I turned her into some sort of spook in the name of some prophecy?

Rose: Well, you obviously didn't kill me. I'm right here.

Shut up!

Rose: ...I-

You knew about this, didn't you? You knew where I came from and didn't tell me?

Rose: I'm not the one you should be angry with! You should be angry with those monsters who made us to be some kind of pieces on their chessboard. I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but you wanted a life that was your own, right? How could you have that if you were always thinking about some grand purpose.

Voice: A purpose is what you make of it. Not what others make of it for you. But we did. You were supposed to be the savior of the world now. The Son has left this world to join a band of misfits on their misadventures somewhere else and the humans has gone as to so far kidnap their own Messiah and revert him into a machine, just so they can create mechanical beast to rid themselves of their creations. Your purpose is clear, now. What will you do with this knowledge?

I...(smiles) I'm going to do whatever I want. Like you said, my purpose is what I make of it. So I'll find a purpose on my own, like I've always done. To hell with your prophecy(Turns to the figure, his eyes glowing red) and to hell with anyone who thinks they can stop me.(Turns away from the figure) nice seeing you again, whoever you are. We're done here.

Voice: Good. Your purpose to us was a flaw. We have no use for you, for we shouldn't have tried to forge our own prophecy. And if by chance you run into The Son tell him "I'll be waiting for his return". *blows away with the wind*

Rose: So what do we do now?

Kalin: First, we're going to Japan, and getting something to eat. Second, we start looking for someone who can show me how to kill a god...

Rose: Oh...sounds like a date.

The Two Shadows cont.

Van Valeric reappears at the southern icecap.

Van Valeric: What is it you want that you must watch me from afar?

Kukyo doesn't respond right away, instead she appears to simply be gazing out towards the north lands. Eventually she turns her head, so that her dim red eye stares at him, the eye causing the sensation to come over him again, as though it were trying to read his soul.

"I was looking for someone. I didn't find them." She says quietly.

Van Valeric: We're all bound to find what we are looking for sooner or later. It all depends whether we look hard enough or not.

Her eye narrows a bit. "Tell me something Valeric. Is there something that you would give your life to achieve? No matter the cost to you?" Her tone seems sharper.

Van Valeric: I already have. Knowledge. So much can be achieved, some many secrets unaswered. Once you search for those answers, it becomes really time consuming.

Kukyo's eye closes. "So then tell me this. What would you do if you couldn't achieve that goal? What if something prevented you from knowledge? What if all that was worth knowing was destroyed? What then?"

Van Valeric: Then I would have my services to provide.

Her eye opens again, and it occurs to him for some reason she seems to avoid showing her left eye, it is always covered by her long hair.

"... then you don't understand. So much for your legendary 'wisdom'."

She walks away from him for a moment, and he notices her feet are bare, and her steps are forced, as though the cold were bothering her. Her long hair blows behind her in a gust of wind.

"There is something I yearn to find, Valeric. Something that if I could... I would do anything to have. Even give up my life. I would do anything to find it. Anything... including stopping you." Her voice drops into a steely, cold tone. Her head turns to face him again, her eye changed to a solid red iris and a black pupil, the eye's color reminds him of dried blood with the darker flecks of red mixed with the lighter fire red.

"I've suffered all of these thousands of years... and I will not let you and Jibaku destroy everything. Because I can never know happiness in a world without life."

Van Valeric: Without life here, you are not bound by the pain of this world. Besides finding happiness, why not find peace or relief that you can no longer feel the pain of others who wrong one another everyday? Not anything can be achieved, not everything.

She sighs. "You still don't understand anything. I wouldn't expect anything less from a 'god' who doesn't understand the value of anything."

She brushes the hair from her left eye, and it slowly opens, and once it does, a shockwave rips through the region with a massive increase of power. A seal involving sealing away power within a specific part of the body. In this case, an eye.

As this wave of energy rips through the area, he almost has to brace himself to prevent himself from getting knocked back. He notices with this change of power, her form has become unstable, almost as though she is made of smoke. Then he sees it for a brief moment. A complex series of red markings on her now visible chest that burns into his memory, as though something about it is something he needs to remember, but he cannot figure out what it is.

He notices that her body is breaking down into pure energy, and her form is becoming more vague and taller, her spirit brand now fully spread across her form, but not replacing the strange markings, infact the spirit brand seems to link directly to the ends of the marks, as though connecting to her soul. The spirit brand appears to gain energy as this happens, pulsating in waves from the markings to the ends on the hands feet and head.

As her form grows gargantuan, it begins to take the form of a black demon, but the only thing that interests Valeric is the strange markings, which for some reason command his thoughts and attention.

Van Valeric: Interesting. But it's all about mind over matter, so whether you rendered me to your will, I still might gain the upper hand.

"Stage one... Nekuroboido..."

The form grows eight arms and two long curved horns, darkness comprises the entirety of its being, except for the dull glow of the spirit brand and the strange markings.

As he looks at the markings, a familiar rune becomes noticeable, and slowly he begins to see it is some sort of spell focused on Kukyo's spiritual core. Though what it is exactly eludes him, he suspects it is the work of an outside force, and not the creation of genetics or Kukyo herself. He has to pull his attention from the runes as one of the eight arms swings a massive sword at him.

Van Valeric: *simply steps back and the sword swing right past him*

An eye opens on the sword, and his vision blurs as he meets its gaze, drawing him into a void filled with similar eyes circling him, until a blow from the Demon-Kukyo slams him out of the illusion.

She summons more blades, until all but two hands have swords. "How long before you realize all of the folly you've brought upon yourself, Valeric? Is it when you actually lose something important to you? Or when you stare Death in the face and realize your end? Or is it when you ignorantly continue down this course, until finally you stand in the midst of nothing, when all of the universe has faded and crumbled? Do you even feel guilt when you ruin the lives of others, or are they just part of some game to you?"

Va Valeric: Don't waste your time. I've past the point of caring. Why do you care? If you want to kill me, why are you sympathizing with me?

The air around her begins to darken as she raises her spare hands towards the sky, which begins to darken.

"Very well..."

The darkness begins to blacken everything around him, the ice, the sky, even the distant ocean, the only light comes from the faint glow of her markings.

"I value life. I do not like to kill... but you have forced my hand. If you intend to assist Jibaku, then your fate has been decided. Even if I do fail, at least you can charge blindly into your demise tomorrow. For a god who claims one of their best attributes is wisdom... you're rather foolish."

Faster than before, she begins to violently slash at him, his dodges each time coming closer to being too late, until a sword clips him and the motion flings him toward a lone cliff face, the wind grows colder with the lack of sunlight.

Van Valeric: I do not care for humanity. They have all but deserved to die and if God wont do it...Jibaku surely will...

"No he won't. Because you will both lose tomorrow."

She fires a powerful sphere of pure darkness and negativity straight at him.

Van Valeric: *when it gets close enough, he simply touches it with his finger and the sphere just decapitates into smoke and it blows away into the wind*

Kukyo silently stands from a distance. The arms and swords disappear into just two normal ones, and she summons dark fire into her hands. She observes him for a moment.

"I honestly don't know what's more irritating... that you're the one who rescued me from Dark Slayer... or this dream..." She muses.

Vna Valeric: It is best not to think about what vexes you to do things out of provocation, but rather to over come what vexes you and have a clear mind-set.

"Disappointing that the one who saved me is no different from the ones who put me in the sword in the first place. ...More annoying is that you remind me of him."

Van Valeric: It is best for one to keep his or her mind in ones own affair than have his or her head in another's affair.

"In that case..."

Valeric's vision suddenly blurs as a fist suddenly slams him deep into the polar seafloor in only a few seconds, the impact strong enough to momentarily carve a hole down to where he stands. The next moment, Kukyo appears, blazing in dark fire armor and wielding a tall staff with blazing maces on the ends, and she spins it violently to deflect the downpour of ocean water and creates a arena out of the repelled walls of ocean. Her mace slams into the ground, and it cracks the ground hard enough to cause magma to spew out of the ground where Valeric stands.

The magma instantly turns to ice, then it takes form into that of a serpent and it lunges at Kukyo, wrapping around her.

Van Valeric: Experience is it makes us stronger. The Conditions make us more adept. And the knowledge makes us more vigilant.

Kukyo's eyes flare, and the serpent shatters.

"The first phase, it encompasses all, precedes all. Hungering, it laments, yet despises that which gives it sustenance."

She creates a wave of dark fire that scorches the ground just after he dodges, only for him to be met with the impact of the mace, which finds its mark and slams him back into the burning black flames.

Van Valeric: *jumps over the mace and lands ontop of it* You lack in experience. Fighting me with swords and maces instead of fighting me hand-to-hand. Not actually fighting rather swinging a baseball bat at a fly.

The black flames become part of him, not scorching him at all but rather giving him an ominous aura

"The second phase... it reveals the truth and brings out the earth and all its splendor. It coaxes, yet lurks with hidden malice. Prodigy, yet the first born heeds the silver hand, to all which fail and falter."

As she says this, the flames are smothered by an overwhelming force that Valeric cannot find the source of. He begins to wonder what she is up to.

Kukyo simply watches him for a moment, then speaks again. "Do not speak to me of experience. You've never been tortured. You've never been raped. You never had to endure the pain of being treated like a god, when all you want is acceptance, yet you are pushed away and put onto a pedestal upon which no one can climb to give you comfort. You never saw your children senselessly killed by the men who forced you to bear them and raise them. You were never the subject of a man's greed, or treated like some precious treasure. You've never been hungry. You've never wished for death. You have no experience. I doubt the concept of pain is a familiar thing to someone like you."

She suddenly pulls the mace towards her and her fist slams into him with enough force to send him through the seafloor and into the magma filled scar.

"You can talk to me about experience when you have actually lived the life of a person. Not a god who knows nothing and understands nothing of our struggles."

The mace breaks before it even touches Van Valeric, causing the the ice to break-up around him

Van Valeric: I have lived longer than you, little girl. I know very well what pain is. for you know nothing of what experience is. That was not experience, that was witnessing. Did you how to resist torture? Did you learn not be raped? Did you learn not to be worshiped as a god? How to be accepted? How not to be pushed away? As far as I know you never loved your children, because they we're the offspring of the men you raped you. Everyone wishes to die, only because they can't handle life, the crumble from the pain. They see and feel it and mourn over themselves, instead of learning from it and keep the pain of life weighing them down into rugs, only mean't fr being stepped on. This world will try to bring the good-hearted down to the level of the wicjed and evil-hearted become worse. I faced pain, but I learned from it, to the point I can never feel it again. But oh, they worshiped you as a 'god', but in real life, you we're just a tool an excuse for them not to worship the one true God. Atleast you we're trapped withing a sword so you couldn't feel the pain, only witnessed it and learned nothing from it.

Her demon avatar smolders in black fire. "How easy for you to try to undermine someone else's pain, to make it seem less than it really is. I wouldn't expect a person like you, a Mythos not even born during my lifetime to understand. It is true that you are older, but wiser...? Doubtful. You forget what life was like for people, for humans. I was human. I was just a normal human girl. In that age, freedom itself was nothing more than a mere fantasy. Rights for men? Ridiculous. Rights for women? A fool would be mocked with cruel laughter before they were stoned to death. I was born in a time where resistance meant death. Only after I committed suicide did my curse force me into this existence. Never dying... never aging...alone. For thousands of years. My private garden, the echo of the world I left behind, became filled with life. I tried to ignore it. Then he came... showed me compassion. Kindness. Love. ...and betrayal. He locked me away after I had endured and existed for thousands of years. How easy for you to forget the pain of others when you've forgotten what pain is."

Her red eyes narrow. "I was born into the same pain these people face. Fear. Anger. Loss. Grief. Hatred. I understand their pain. I understand their actions. That is why I will not let an arrogant god like you dictate who deserves life and who deserves death! You are the judge of no one! You don't have that privilege."

Van Valeric: I don't judge. That is the Fates' job. I simply wipeout whoever I feel would make a world a much more...bearable place.

Valeric catches sight of the markings again and to his great irritation he can't help but attempt to discern their origin, whatever the markings are, they seem to have an effect on his subconsciousness, as though urging him to remember something he'd forgotten.

Kukyo's form shifts almost back to her original appearance, but blackened. To his slight frustration the markings don't disappear. She looks toward his gaze but her eyes don't seem to see it. She summons forth a spear of dark purple energy which crackles with negative energy.

"The third phase cradles the fourth, it is the bed of all that walks and all that crawls. Mighty it stands, but its foundations make it stand firm, no matter how much it may desire to be free, it envies the fourth."

Van Valeric: So much I remember but yet, I feel a minor yet important gap in my memories.

"I guess you're going senile at long last." She taunts, before hurling the spear at him, the spear making a violent scream as it flies at him.

Van Valeric jumps and the spear hits the ice instead and he stand on the other end of it

Van Valeric: I have a feeling this memory gap has something to do with you.

She smirks. "I'm sorry, but I didn't realize this was a discussion club."

She disappears, and Valeric hears a noise behind him and turns to see... nothing there, and then turns again to get decked in the face and into the towering wall of water that surrounds their battlefield.

Stops the fist with his finger and the water forms into a beast.

Van Valeric: I say your doing the most talking. *flicks her fist back hard enough for the fist to hit her own face* You either talk or you fight. Number one rule in battle.

As she falls back, the earth almost seems to rise to greet her feet, and she lands softly. She looks over at him silently. As though reaching a conclusion, she clenches her fists, and black flames erupts from them, and she begins launching dark fireballs with each punch in rapid succession.

Th water monster smacks them out of Valeric's way and grabs hold of Kukyo and tackles her into the ground.

Suddenly Valeric's vision flickers, and the beast rips apart into nothing with a howl, Kukyo standing in the position that she had been in before it had tackled her.

"The fourth phase is the blessing of which none can live without. It stretches across all of the world, seen in vast bodies, and hidden in great mists. Masterless and free, yet bound by the third, it longs to find its place, but forever it travels to its next destination."

Valeric begins to suspect that there is something else at work besides a cryptic poem.

Van Valeric: The sayings...they serve as seals...and also realization.

"Seals? No. Not quite, but a close guess. The fifth is rage incarnate. It devours and consumes, blackens and deadens. Yet it fuels the hearts, the homes, and the cold earth. Without restraint, it is a destroyer. Given purpose and direction, it can give rather than take. The sixth feeds and culls its temper, while the seventh dulls its strength. The fourth tames its fury, yet is incited to action by the fifth."

Kukyo grows two large dark blue wings, which ripple with dark power. She stretches her hand out towards him, and a dark, compact sphere begins developing in her hand.

Van Valeric: Hm. How saddening though...

Kukyo fires the sphere, which he barely dodges as it slams into the ground and creates an immense blast.

The blast turns to ice shards and they blow away

As she prepares another shot, Valeric gets another look at the markings, and as he looks at them, a few runes stand out, various lines in the structure seem... familiar, almost like how he would write runes. Too familiar in fact.

He doesn't know what exactly it is about them, but in his mind's eye, there's no question that the runes are done in a style like his. ...Though of his own creation, or the work of a copycat is unclear. What's certain to him though is that something about the markings is important, important enough to catch his eye, even from this distance.

Van Valeric: Hold up. Those markings..they..are ancient runes I have made from years back and still use now...Have i encountered you before?

Kukyo flat out gives him a glare. "Before you freed me, I had never met you. But I have known of your existance for a great number of years. You destroyed the Greeks and the Bablyonians."

She fires again, and just as he gets out of the way of the first, she fires a second one, cutting him off mid dodge.

Van Valeric: *kicks it in the air* Don't forget the Persians and the Romans.

A shadow hand grabs a hold of of Valeric's leg and flings him towards Kukyo, who rams her knee full throttle into his stomach, and begins to batter him with heavy, blinding blows.

"Yes, because destroying the greatest empires of the world and plunging the world into the Dark Ages is such a lovely track record!" She sneers.

all her blows miss Valeric and only hit the ground behind

Van Valeric: Yes, yes it is. thank you for noticing. It's not everyday a single man brings down the greatest world empires in Earth's history.

"You know what that is called? Sarcasm! You should try it sometime. Amazing what idiots manage to not catch onto!" She snarls, as a wave of water blasts him back.

Van Valeric: It's a concept I'm familiar with, but I rather not annoy my enemies any further. You wouldn't want me to start using sarcasm on you, would you? *the water splashes without even touching Valeric's face*

Kukyo creates a sword of darkness and charges him, her form flickering as she approaches, then proceeds to stab and slash at him, the sword cutting the rocks and water like butter.

Van Valeric: *dodges her stabs and the slashes almost barely moving at all* Let me know if this is annoying enough.

Suddenly a foreign force grabs ahold of Valeric and immobilizes him.

Kukyo draws back her fist and takes the opportunity to slam him in the face.

Her fist cant even touch his face as if soemthing is keeping is keeping her from hitting it.

"If you want to play it that way... fine." She snarls.

"The seventh phase is cool yet hot. A gentle blanket and a violent shield. Unseen, but all within its path is broken. It churns the sea and tears down the land. The eighth phase knows no warmth, the sixth its liberated sister. A creeping titan, a gentle breeze."

Her spirit brand begins to glow ominously.

Van Valeric: Change all you want. We both know it won't do anything.

Suddenly the area around her blackens, and the seafloor arena disappears into a black void, and Valeric quickly realizes he cannot sense anything outside this place.

Kukyo levitates infront of him. "Welcome to our dominion. And don't bother, Valeric. It's not possible to access this place without one of us taking you here. Or leaving for that matter. Besides... here I can really let loose."

Va Valeric: Sure. Go ahead and think that. *looks around*

As he looks around, he suddenly notices a white haired boy with lavender eyes and a blue spirit brand quietly watching him. He appears about the age of eighteen. It takes him a moment to realize, but his energy seems almost on par with Kukyo's.

Van Valeric: Is this a relative of yours?

The boy looks at Valeric. "You're the one who destroyed Babylon..." He says quietly.

Kukyo looks at the boy. "...One of my sons. Kagayaki. The others are here as well."

Van Valeric: *bows* I can't really say that I am 'pleased or 'honored' to meet you.

Kagayaki looks at Valeric for a moment, his eyes seemingly searching for something. He looks at Kukyo after a moment, then at Valeric.

"Can you see them?" He asks, his voice really light and soft, this surprises Valeric considering the boy's appearance.

Van Valeric: Yes. I can very much see them

Kukyo puts a hand to her forehead and sighs irritably. "Now you got him fixated on that subject again..." She groans.

Valeric notices a landscape is taking shape, and a hint of warmth is spreading into the air, which begins to feel less stiff.

Van Valeric: I can see your calming down. I am also starting the see the significance of the rune-like marks on your face.

"I don't see what your fuss is with them anyway. And don't get comfortable. I didn't invite you here to play nice. When they are done creating our battlefield, we will return to the festivities."

Van Valeric: How about 'no thank you. I use those runes to make my spells and use hem to encrypt my notes so no one will know my studies. I combined them with elf dialect and Japanese art-style/context.

"You don't have a choice now. Besides. If you want answers so bad, now you have to earn them. I don't know what you're talking about, but if you want to know so much about them, feel free to figure it out if you can beat me."

They are pulled to the ground by gravity, and the landscape around them becomes complete, a vast plain with mountains barely visible in the distance in all directions.

Van Valeric: you have no need to answer. I'm on the verge of knowing it anyway. I think you mean if you can bat me.

Suddenly a dark object flies at Valeric, and it only takes a single moment for him to realize that it is sucking in light as it tears straight at him almost at light speed.

Van Valeric: *takes a step to the side and it rushes past*

The orb stops abruptly, and discharges a massive burst of highly condensed matter and radiation in the form of a mile wide beam at Valeric.

The beam phases right through Valeric

Sudden a orb of dark energy appears concentrates on Valeric, and defies any attempt to remove it or destroy it, and begins to grow in size until it consumes him in a massive sphere that ends up stretching for miles. It then suddenly shrinks to the size of a pinhead and violently explodes, unleashing a tide of negative energy and darkness that destroys the vast majority of the landscape.

Van Valeric: *walks foreward unharmed*

Her body suddenly shimmers, and he can sense her being doesn't occupy the physical realm anymore as she disappears.

Van Valeric: You are fading....but I feel there is something else.

Suddenly all of the light drains away, leaving behind an oppressive negative aura, and a crushing darkness.

"Moooooooooooom!" Kagayaki moans. "I just finished making that sunlight!"

Van Valeric: I say the sunlight was unnecessary. This looks a whole lot better without it.

Valeric feels an odd sensation, and suddenly something sharp appears to nearly graze his cheek, though he can't see it.

Van Valeric: Hmmm...Odd.

The next time it happens, only his quick thinking prevents him from being stabbed by some sort of blade shaped energy anomaly.

Van Valeric: You know this grows rather tiresome. Why don't we talk things out. Do you even remember why your fighting.

"That would be a no. My answer will not change. If you're so bored, why don't you actually fight back instead of prancing around like the little ballerina you are?"

Van Valeric: Then why don't you just kill me? Or do you want to be beaten?

Two glowing red eyes appear, though he can't see the rest of the form. "For the sake of the world... I will erase all pain and those who cause it. Starting with you."

The words seem to echo in Valeric's memory.

Van Valeric: Wait...I know're the girl...

Her eyes narrow, and suddenly her spirit form flickers into view, Her left half humanoid with red organize markings, but the whole of her right is so corrupted by negativity that it looks as though it could be the physical representation of pure corruption. A malformed clawed hand is on the right, misshapen to the point the left side looks incredibly delicate and fragile in comparison. The spirit brand on the right side appears to have no order what so ever, something he's never seen in a spirit. Her hair is a fiery mane of red and black.

"What are you talking about...?" She growls, her voice distorted, human, but only just so, marred by the snarl of some kind of beast.

Van Valeric: You wanted to take in the pain of the that they may feel happiness...You took it all in, but the world became worse and and the pain kept coming to you.

"You...." She growls, and the corrupt side of her body begins to shimmer with a violent red light.

Van Valeric: You saw the pain of the world...and you wanted it to stop...that's when I came to you and I said I could help you...I told you I couldn't make it go away, but I could make a vessel and have work as a magnet to take away the negativity...I told you it would cause you greater pain feeling the pain of others...You agreed to it to end the suffering of others. I marked the runes on your face, was the spell I casted on you so that you can become that vessel, to store and take away the negativity of the world...It worked...only for a little while as the humans continued their sinful nature and the negativity was not only destroying you but also empowering you...

Suddenly the whole of the realm shakes violently as a massive tear opens up in the sky and the ground, and Valeric sees Kukyo's left amber eye become red and dim as the corruption suddenly seems to go into overdrive, devouring her.

Kagayaki looks on with fear, and six other children of various age appear.

"M-m-mother?!" He gasps.

A red haired boy with fiery eyes about the age of sixteen narrows his eyes. "The realm is collapsing."

Van Valeric: Well that sounds beautiful. *opens a portal back to the Tundra* If you will, follow me. Our do you wish to die along with your mother?

They follow him, though Kagayaki is the only one of them that sheds tears, the majority of them seem almost impartial.

"Now we don't even have the realm of our mother... when they come for us... we'll not even have our thoughts..." He weeps. "Mother...."

As Valeric comes out, he notices that there is a strange tone to the sky, and an energy in the air, though the source is not of Jibaku.

Van Valeric: I think your mother made it out...

In front of him appears a pure red light that takes a humanoid form. However, it seems different from anything he's seen in a while. The only thing the energy reminds him is nonexistance. The figure flickers several times, and Valeric cannot sense a soul, nor a consciousness within it.

Van Valeric: Nothing...Nothingness...For shame.

Suddenly the figure destabilizes, and seven massive tendrils of black energy ripple out from it and impale the seven, and it pulls them in, even while they let out screams of terror, which fall silent upon being drawn into the void being, which blackens and disappears, though its energy feels even stronger.

Van Valeric: More and more interesting....something is happening to you Mother, like she's unergoing something...

Far above him, a singular point of energy begins to draw in the negative energy around it, until a strange pure white being appears from nothingness and crackles with unnatural energy. Two solid orb like red eyes gleam, and Valeric feels its very presence causing all of the light in the world to begin dimming. He notices the red markings that form his spell appear to be changing to allow...

To allow it to unleash all of the negativity of the past several thousand years upon the world.

Van Valeric: The choice is yours...make this world better or make this world worse...I'm not holding you back.

All shall be one under one pain... A voice whispers, hissing like the faintest of winds. Valeric tries to examine the being, though the only sentience it appears to have is through its sheer collective of memories, they flicker constantly, some showing emotions from ancient times, others fairly recent memories.


Kado had been just about to attack Toma, when he lets out a violent yell of pain, and she is about to attack in kind, when she too doubles over and collapses, and Jonas notices a series of blue markings glowing violently on Toma, and Kado's body is strung with various red and blue markings all over him, the two seem completely unable to do anything but scream in some sort of agony.

Jonas: *is sort of confused* Well, time to make the most of this. *punches Toma hard enough to send her flying into a building which starts to crumble upon impact. Then rushes over to Kado* He dude, your not havin' a mental breakdown/seizure are ya'?

Kado continues screaming, but manages to yell in pain, "SOMETHING'S... HAPPENING... ....KUKYO...!" He gasps violently, then manages, "A-Ask... Admin...!" He degrades back into screams of pain.

Jonas: *shrugs* Ok. Hey Admin, I know you probably dont care, but our other-dimensional ally are havin' a...I don't know...a...seizure?

The Administrator: What do you want me to do about it?

Jonas: I don't know...make it stop?

The Administrator: Would that same ally bee the same one who decided to put my facility 300 feet under?

Jonas: Uggggghhhhh...Noooo?...Hello?...Hm. Tuff luck guy. Your gonna have to rough this one out


The being lets loose a massive wave of pure negative energy in a vast tidal wave of darkness, the blast first striking Valeric and then spreading beyond the poles, rushing toward the mainland.

Van Valeric: *stands still and watches the darkness unfolds upon the world*

An MCCP patroler looks up at the sky and sees a massive wall of darkness, with a strange white being rushing ahead of it. "Uhhhhhh, command? Are you seeing this thing? Cause I have no idea what that thing is, and I memorized the handbook of catagorized Mythos, that ain't something I've seen."

Communication: Yea. I see it. All personnel take cover.

All soldiers get into or behind something, same with surviving civilians

Communication: Man, talk about Apocalypse Now, huh?

You haven't seen nothing yet...

Communication: *turns around* Wha-?

While the darkness keeps spreading, the being stops and turns back towards the south, and begins charging a massive beam of light then fires it at Valeric's location, Valeric only dodges seconds before the beam impacts and completely destroys the glacier he had stood on, but as he looks back at it, he realizes it wasn't just Light. Rather, all elements at once.

Van Valeric: Now that was impressive...I assume your still mad at me.

A massive tsunami rises up right in front of him, ready to smash him against the ice, which appears to be growing large spikes to impale him should he jump away or get smashed into by the tsunami.

The tsunami instantly freezes before it reaches his body

Van Valeric: Not really the wisest answer. *jumnps from spike to spike until he finally reaches over the tsunami* But I can definitely make an exception.

As soon as he lands on top, the being appears again and point blank blasts him with a beam, sending him smashing into the ice in a colossal collision.

The water monster catches him

Van Valeric: Glad you can make it back, boy. There she is.

The water monster breathes slowly

Van Valeric: Face her.

The water monster summons the waters of the tundra and is now teaming with icy vapor. It then rushes towards the being with frozen-tipped fingers

The being summons a massive scythe made of pure radiant heat, and just when the water monster comes within range, the scythe is swung, the heat instantaneously vaporizing the beast. Valeric can actually feel the intense heat of the blade, and to his surprise its temperature ranges near the surface of the sun.

The water beast screams in pain but it slowly comes back together and stabs the being with its fingers

The being's shimmering red energy begins to race down the beast's body as it does so, and its fingers and arms appear to be getting absorbed.

The water beast turns it's fingers into ice and they break off and he regrows a new one

The being flickers, and dozens of red tendrils composed of red runes sprout from it, barbed with some sort of long blades.

The water beast grows an extra set of arms from over its shoulders

The tendrils fling at the beast, sparking with some kind of energy.

The beast dodges the tackles the being and stabs it

The beast's arm harmlessly goes through it, and the red energy suddenly completely covers the water beast, literally devouring its consciousness, body, and soul.

The water beast screams a horrible, yet near human scream

Van Valeric:...Poor boy.

The being summons its scythe of pure heat again, and flourishes it before pointing it at Valeric. A sphere of burning hot energy begins forming at the blade's tip.

Van Valeric: *touches the tip blade of the scythe and it insta-freezes and shatters*

The ice pauses in mid air, and rearranges back into its shape and returns to normal, before suddenly changing nature into a blade of electricity, and proceeds to shock the daylights out of him, afterwards the being repels him with a shockwave generated by flicking its finger.

Van Valeric: *reverts the lightning back at the being freezing it*

The being makes a chuckling sound. It doesn't bother to change the scythe, in fact it opts to charge and rapid fire a series of pure energy blasts at him at the rate of a machine gun fire.

As he dodges, it chuckles again. Rather a moot point trying to fight a Elemental God with such pathetic powers.

Van Valeric: Same with you. You're not doing any better than last time.So who's more pathetic? The one with the most power or the one with the most smarts? Or are you too hard-headed to think about that? No. This entire fight already answers my question.

It creates a massive spear and impales the spear into the ice, causing a massive explosion that rips apart the landscape and causes a majority of it to collapse into the ocean.

The broken ice comesback up into stalagmites. They fire ice shards at the being and some shoot lighting.

Have you finally gotten serious then...?

It nimbly dodges, and begins changing form, becoming nimble and sprouting seven pairs of gold and obsidian wings, similar colored markings appear on its body. The top half appears more feline now, but the bottom half has become a long thin tail with razor spikes adorning it. Orbiting it appear eight swords of energy representing the eight elements, and in the center of ring of swords a yin-yang designed disk.

Van Valeric: It' not like I had to from the beginning. You haven't given me anything to be serious about.

It curls up, and then slings it tail out towards him, sending glowing spikes screaming towards him, radiating with immense power.

The tail shatters before it even touches Valeric. A black man with a white beard and wearing white robes and has white-stubby hair stands in front of Valeric

The being regenerates the tail, and new spikes form. A barrier of sorts appears around its form, as though the being senses danger. The wings curl and enlarge, partially shielding its front, while thicker back armor grows.

Two? Reevaluating...

Negative energy sparks around it.

Father Divine: May the wickedness be purged with fire. *fire rains down on the being and consumes it*

The fire freezes and shatters

Van Valeric: No. She should not be hurt.

Father Divine: Ahhh. You wish to reveal the truth to her. Very well then. *points his finger at her chest and fires a beam of light at it. It opens the way to the core* Godspeed, Valeric.

Van Valeric: *starts walking on thin-air as if he we're walking up steps. He enters the being's core*

As Valeric enters, he hears a whispering in his head.

We just want to make a perfect world...

Union under pain...

Join us...

No more fighting... no more wars...

Sameness. Resolve broken.

Van valeric: Where is the imagination in that? God made man special in his own unique and diverse way. You make them the same and the world would be scared of the glory of God. Besides, It's God's job to bring forth the perfect world. Just imagine what he will do to you if your try to become like him by assuming his role as Savior. There is no answer to the pain. Only God is the absolute answer.

As he walks further, a tiny light far off becomes visible for a moment, before the darkness obscures it.

Too late for that.



We don't care. Willing.

Will accept.

We will sacrifice. Everything.

Will accept. Anything. No cost too great.

A singular red eye made of red markings appears infront of him.

Join us. Ultimate Sacrifice. Greater good.

Van Valeric: not lace. Neither is it yours. But don't worry. *hands glow with cold divinity* I'll make it go away.

The eye blinks. A ring of runes appears, and it disappears. It becomes apparent that it is the formula of the curse, and various copies appear in smaller and bigger rings around and inside it, eventually solidifying into a form that almost looks like a collection of shadows literally stitched together in a vague form of Kukyo as she was thousands of years ago, just before her death. Between the runes is pure black energy, giving it a odd translucent appearance.

Thousands of years of a life tragically wasted. And all because of a experiment gone wrong. The truth is... you messed up... miscalculated. You sought to create a means to erase all pain... but instead... you gave rise to Us. ...According to our desire... for so long we longed to unite... so that we could end our existence. ...Convenient timing, one might say... that the one time the great Van Valeric messed up... that it just so happened to be the incident which gave us our birth. A dark chuckle echoes for minutes after it speaks.

Van Valeric: Deaf you are, girl. You wanted this. To turn yourself into a monster. And ever failure will become a success. I warned you, but you put aside my warning. So in all honesty, you are the one who did this to yourself. *forms a ball of light teaming with cold vapor*

The girl ain't here. We just thought to mock you with your greatest failure. Such a brilliant plan gone wrong... but it's not over Valeric... the plan has changed... but if you let us live, we can make that plan succeed. After all... isn't that why you created us in the first place?

The being creates a sphere of darkness, cracking with red lightning. If you destroy us, that sacrifice really would have been for nothing. And then you're really have failed...

Van Valeric: I'm man of many failures, but why do you think I'm so invincible now? Because of Experience, Condition, and Knowledge. Besides, That was the past. *claps his hands and the void rips apart*

F-fool... this is-isn't over....! We are everywhere... I... Kūdō-shin...!!

It's voice drains away. Ahead of him, a large door slowly opens, revealing a weak, feeble light smaller than his palm, weakly flickering, along with seven smaller lights. The lights seem incredibly pale in the face of the vast darkness, which still remains strong, even though he had removed the head of the hydra.

Van valeric: *walks up to the door*

Father Divine: What is it, Valeric?

Van Valeric: I am unsure, but I feel like I'll know soon enough.

Father Divine: You say that about everything you don't know.

Van Valeric: Isn't it true though.

Father Divine: *gestures his head*

Van Valeric: Thought so.

Valeric reaches his hand out to touch it, and it weakly tries to move away from it, and Valeric feels a flash of fear run through him, though it's not his own, rather the light's, which he realizes is a soul. Kukyo's soul, though incredibly weak, the others he quickly determines must be the other seven. He determines that the soul is acting out of a primal fear, communicating will likely serve no use until it feels safe. The darkness around them seems to be tightening though, as though it was slowly beginning to rouse itself.

Van Valeric: *stretches forth his hands and the glow with cold divinity. He slowly sways one had to the side and lights follow to where their circling around him. He takes the lights outside* The Void is gone. I'll have to bring your mother back though. Push away thine fear, for the darkness will never go away as long as you fear it.

The larger light trembles slightly, weak. Above them, the being slowly crumbles into a massive cloud of darkness and negativity, and then violently explodes in a noxious wave of black energy across the world.

Father divine: *looks at the cloud* I'm going to guess that wasn't suppose to happen.

Van Valeric: *looks at the cloud* So much to be done...

Father Divine: And such little time to do it in.

A loud clapping comes from behind them, and as they turn, they see a figure in a thick black cloak with a hood and mask over his head, with exceptionally long light grey-brown hair clapping, as they gaze at him he slowly stops. The energy of the being, as well as the hair strike a familiar cord in Valeric's memory.

"I must say... very entertaining indeed... of the many events I anticipated happening... Kukyo acting out like that... I never imagined such an outcome... and on top of that, Van Valeric, Minister of Darkness, her creator... this day's events have been most intriguing." His dark voice echoes slightly, as though he was speaking from some other plane.

Father Divine: It appears you got yourself a fan, Valeric. He just needs to loose the mask.

Van Valeric: I take a lucky guess...

"I know many things... intriguing to see Father Divine at work once again... though I'm afraid it's not a simple matter for me to lose my mask..."

Father Divine: So the mask is your face.

Van Valeric: I have known you since the Great War and I have mildly sensed your presence ever since.

The man tilts his head slightly. "You know of me... interesting. I assumed everyone was fooled... perhaps I was not careful enough... and no, it is not my face, Father Divine. I would imagine few have a mask for a face. So then... if you know of me..."

Van Valeric: Your name is Hadari, what Phoenix know as the first Dark Phoenix.

"... ...You know... ...I'll be blunt... create new bodies for the seven... and hand them over to me.... and I'll be on my way..."

Van Valeric: I'm sorry, but you didn't ask the right way.

Father Divine: Tsk. so demanding. They say ask and you shall receive. But, know. you believe everything is your right. Nothing can be gained so easily. You must earn it, to gain it.

Van Valeric: So in easier terms. No.

"In easier terms... it's not really your choice. They were already mine to begin with... I have all the right to require their return. I care not what you do with the girl, her purpose for the moment has been served. But I require the seven. Do not interfere."

Van Valeric: Interfere with what? I am Kukyo's quote-on-quote creator. So basically, that makes me her father per say and these children per say are my grandchildren. So, if you mean don't interfere with family affairs, I am all apart of that family. So what you asking me is invalid.

"Like I said... it's not your choice." He stretches his hand out towards Valeric, and his hand glows with an ominous grey light. A sword appears from the largest of the lights, Kukyo's version of Dark Slayer. As he grabs it, red symbols violently flare on the sword, and another black blade appears in front of Hadari, and he grabs it, the same symbols appear.

Suddenly, something like red chains flare into being from the hilt of the swords to Kukyo's soul, and it is violently ripped out of orbit by the chains and forced over to Hadari, who grips the swords tighter, causing a pale transparent ghostly version of Kukyo to be formed, thin and weak, the red chains attached to her chest. Hadari grows two shadow hands, which grab her spirit by the throat and a third pair grow and restrain her against his chest, while his normal arms put the edge of the slayers at her throat, though one is kept pointed at Valeric.

"Fool. You thought the seal which I created, could be so easily defeated by you? I foresaw even such a feeble attempt such as yours to disarm the Slayer, so I made a back up seal... within Kukyo herself... I spent over forty years perfecting it... not even you can defeat it, Valeric. I can control her, completely... in every definition of the word... I can even make her kill herself.

Trust me when I say this Valeric... do not anger me... because what I can do to Kukyo is something that not even your curse could begin to compare to... now... hand them over... or your 'daughter' is going to be a lot worse off than the day you left her to her fate all those thousands of years ago... and her suffering beyond anything she endured while trapped within that infinite Void."

Father Divine: *smirks* Then it's a good thing I am here. Right Valeric?

Van Valeric: I suppose so.

Hadari silently maintains his hold on Kukyo. One of his spare arms sparks with some sort of energy. "I promise you this... you don't have any other option... but hand them over. Or you will regret it."

Van Valeric: No...

Hadari sighs. "You make no sense to me Valeric. You intend to destroy humanity along with Jibaku, and yet preach on how it isn't the place of others to create a perfect world- ironic I find that- and, yet you claim to have some degree of care about them? Liar. You don't really care. You wish to preserve their existence? They would be better off dead. I know Kukyo better than you do, Valeric. Give her a second's opportunity, she'd gladly kill herself- for real this time, than watch you destroy her race and the world, one of the only things she's ever cared about. You don't care at all. You wouldn't care if I crushed her soul into oblivion, or stripped her of all emotion and thought. You don't care as long as it's in the name of knowledge."

Van Valeric: I only want humanity gone, not to make the perfect world. Nothing can be perfect. In all cases. There are somethings some one like me do regret doing. Like for what happned to Kukyo for instance. By all means, if she wants to end up in Hell for not able to handle the pain she sought to take away from the world, then that's all her choice. And also your right you're right. I don't care. Normally. But I care now. And me caring now is better than never caring at all.

"Well then... it's going to hurt all that much more for you." He adjusts his mask to expose his mouth, and he bites into Kukyo's spirit's neck, which let's out a shrill scream as he swallows her soul.

Seven massive tendrils of negative spirit energy emerge from his back and grow large spiritual blades. "This is what happens when you disobey me. I can still expel her - or I won't... unless you hand them over. This is the last time I'll ask you."

Van Valeric: No. Kkyo cares more about her children than her own safety. They have more to live for than their mother did. If anything, Kukyo is ready to die. Her children are not. So go ahead. Kill her, but you will not have the children.

Suddenly one of the seven lights begins to burn much stronger. "No... enough... Mother has..." The light burns with a exceptionally powerful glow. "...sacrificed enough for us..."

Van Valeric: That's what she supposed to do. She dies, you live. She knew it was far too late for her, but she also knew it is never too late for you. Take advantage of her sacrifice and remember how much you mean to her and how much she wants the best of for you.

"No. Not anymore. These past thousand years... all we did was ruin things. We tore apart the world that was meant to be a place she could finally be happy... we took our own selfish desires and made war upon the Earth... while our mother paid the price. We never cared at all what we did, as long as we got what we wanted. But now... I don't care. I just want to make her happy for once... she shouldn't have to sacrifice herself for us... it is never too late...!"

"....He's right..." The others eventually murmur.

The empowered one suddenly breaks from the others, similar but golden versions of what Hadari formed sprout from it and clash with his. Hadari raises his hand and fires a beam of darkness at it, but it retaliates with a golden ray of light that holds it back, but doesn't defeat it. Just as Hadari pours more energy into the attack, another one joins Kagayaki and blasts at Hadari with fire.

"Idiots..." He growls, but he has to dodge as the Earth one attacks his foothold in coordination with the Ice. Just as he regains his footing, the Wind one blows him back.

"...You're rather foolish, aren't you..." He says under his breath. "I'd actually be impressed you're working together if it wasn't for the fact the 8 is now the 7."

Kagayaki blasts him, and this time it hits him in the chest, and Hadari snarls. "I know one thing and one thing only... is that you're still weak against Light. You failed to acquire MY power. Of the seven, I'm still a threat to you, aren't I?"

"Cheeky little kid..." He idly dusts himself off.

He observes Valeric and Father Divine. "...Damn it all... Consider yourself lucky... that I'm not looking to make a lot of noise right now..." His voice gets distant.

"But don't get me wrong... you'll live to regret this Van Valeric... next time... there won't be a next time... if you survive tomorrow, that is."

His form suddenly dissipates, leaving behind Kukyo's soul, though much weaker than before. The seven finally manifest, though very much transparent. Kagayaki is the first to get toward the weak soul, and cups it in his hands.

"Tomorrow..." He says in a solemn voice.

Van Valeric: You say there wont be a next time. I say there wont be a tomorrow.

Kagayaki walks over to Valeric and collapses on his knees, holding out Kukyo's soul. " her..." His head is bowed, and his voice sobbing. "She deserves better...please... I don't know...what to do... so please...can't something?"

The fire child, Saisei, just sharply laughs. "Little Kagayaki, always breaking down into a fit, either that or Mikadzukikei. I swear you two -OW!" He yelps as Mikadzukikei, a seventeen year old looking girl with blue eyes and grey-blue hair punches him in the shoulder.

"Knock it off Saisei."

Van Valeric: *puts his hand on the Kagayaki's shouder* Yes, she does, doesn't she? I will help her, little one.

He looks up at him slightly, his lavender eyes much dimmer than before. "...You will...?"

Van Valeric: You asked the right way, didn't you?

Kagayaki's head whips towards the North as a brilliant flash of light flares. "...she's come..."

Father Divine: Do you know who it is, Valeric.

Van Valeric: Well, I can take a good guess.

Saisei lets out an exaggerated groan. "Can we please go somewhere else? I freaking hate the cold. And Kagayaki needs to stop whining like a little b- OW! STOP THAT!" He growls at Mikadzukikei, who smacked him on the head.

Van Valeric: Come now children, gather around and I will take us somewhere else.

"Yes, let's gather around the campfire and sing the campfire song." Saisei says, and Mikadzukikei gives him a deathly glare. "Please. Stop. Singing. That. Song."

"Or what?" Mikadzukikei kicks him in the groin.

"Shut up and get over here."

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggghhh....!" He wheezes. Grumpily, he walks over to Valeric, as does the others. "I'm going to turn you into fucking water vapor."

"Bring it on, Hot Pocket."

Van Valeric: You know I can just lend you over to you grandfather Hadari over there. He seems to like troublesome children.

The two glare at each other but don't say or do anything else. "...Fine."

Van Valeric: *surround them in a dark aura and the disappear*

Father Divine: *looks back at Hadari* So, can I interest you in in to teachings of God?

The Buyer

Skana flies to the abandoned igloo.

Skana: So, tell me what you need. I say the price.

Buyer: Ahhhhh. Sure thing...Do you have any ivory I can buy?

Skana: I can get anything. But yes, I do. What for?

Buyer: To make more little sculptures to sell. I gotta make a living you know? not to mention it's a pretty good hobby.

Skana: How much. And elephant ivory, or manufactured?

Buyer: Elephant ivory. Can't find anything like that anywhere else. Be careful though. Elephant's are at the verge of extinction, so try your best not to kill it.

Skana: ... To late for that, it seems...

Buyer: Hmmm. Well atleast there were no witnesses.

Skana: Killed them. Here. *Hands twelve tusks to the client*

Buyer: I didn't mean that neither, but thanks any way. *Takes the tusks and gives Skana $120.00 in cash*

Skana: That it? Nobody need dying? Nobody piss ya off?

Buyer: dude, I live in the middle of the freakin' Artic with no one to bother me. If you want something like that, go find The Junkyōsha Party. Join them and you can take all the recon and mercenary missions you want.

Skana: Okay. See ya. *Starts flying*

Buyer: Bye now. *goes back into his igloo*

The igloo blows up, sending shrapnel and grenades flying everywhere.

Skana: Oh sh- * a sniper round loges into his arm* OW OW OW OW!

A.R. soldier: You are here by dead to the nation for illegally slaughtering an endangered species

Skana: *Draws Cronos* How many of you are here?

Another sniper shot hits him in the other shoulder

Skana: AH! *Shoots SMGs at the snipers while flying 40 mph* Shoot THAT dicks!

Both shoot at the SMGs and they both hit Skana's stomach

Skana: That's it.

At full speed, Skana uts both of their heads off, and heals.

A rockets hits Skana making an explosion

A black pheonix with bladed wings flies out of the smoke cloud, throwing blades in every direction.

Rockets hit him from four directions.

The phoenix flies away unharmed, going 40,000 mph at seemingly everything at once.

A.R. Soldier: No mercy. *fires another rocket*

The phoenix flies strait at the missile, going through the progectile, and making it explode two seconds behind him.

A.R. Soldeir: Call it in.

Huge bulge pops from under the ground

The pheonix pulls Skana's head up.

Skana: *grabs soldier by the neck* What did you just call in?

A metal hand come from under the ground and grabs Skana

A.R. Soldier: Your worst nightmare. *spits in Skana's face and pries himself from Skana's grasp*

The hand pulls Skana underground

Skana: Cronos - TO ME!

Cronos: Alright shithead. Don't get yer nickers in a twist.

Skana: Kind of in a hurry! *Cuts metal hand off of himself* That thing is too big...

"Mytho Detected" * A fire-looking light shines and it blast Skana out from under the ground and into the sky.

The phoenix flies back into the large hole.

Skana: Try me metal-head.

CRAzy: *come from under the ground and looks up at the phoenix*

Skana: Dude, I'm M.C.C.P too. Why are you attacking me?

CRAzy: Identifying. State your name.

Skana: Skana.

CRAzy: Processing. Pulling up information on Skana. Information Not Found....

Skana: Shi- *Shot by laser again. Calls Admin* You better tell me WHY THE FUCKING HELL YOUR ROBOT IS TRYING TO KILL ME DAMNIT.

The Administrator: I must not given them your information into system. Hold on a second.

CRazy: *jumps into the air and bite down on Skana's waist and once it lands begins to violently shake it's head and occasionally slamming Skana on the ground*

Skana: *Attemps to cut the macines head off* That's it... *flies faster than light speed, ripping pieces of it off*

CRAzy: *pinches Skana's head and begins to pull*

Skana: Fuck. You. *tries to cut machine's arms and legs off*

CRAzy: *the arms and legs are unaffected. Begins to literally chomp on Skana. Then has Skana completely in its mouth, which he blast him with his mouth closed* Refreshing.Information on Skana Received. *opens its smoking mouth*

Skana: When I get back.... Ad... I'm gonna... Show you the vid.... I have some places you need to update.

A rocket hits Skana

Skana: Screw this. *Flies to the M.C.C.P* ADMIN!!

A.R. Soldier: *watches Skana leave* Damn monsters...

Skana: *Walks into Admin's office.* I've worked here for how long? 7 YEARS? And you didn't THINK to put me into the SYSTEM?!

The Administrator: you forgot that entire 3 years you were absent. I assumed you no longer wish to affiliate yourself with us, so i had removed you from the system. Just be glad that CRAzy didn't eat you. Lord knows it could've put your powers into good use.

Skana: It couldn't KILL me... Could it? I meean... My regeneration is better than Jonas'!

The Administrator: You'd be surprised of what a CRAzy can do.

Skana: Yea... Well, I'm heading out. Oh! I wanted to figure out where I could find her. Been 3 1/2 years...

The Administrator: She would be in Albany, New York with Jonas.

Skana: Oh... They're an item now... Well... Uh, I'll be going then. Thanks man.

Trading on Ice

Skana lands and goes into human form, accidentally dropping Ameno and semi-purposely dropping Jonas.

Skana: We're here...

Jonas: *lands on his feet* Why the hell would they trade in the Artic? No one freakin' lives here.

Skana: They're MONKS. Not traders. Black market theives of monks, but monks all the same...

Ameno: I'm fa-fa-freezing. *Sneezes*

Skana: Then maybe you should've tried to bring a jaket or something. *draws Cronos* Get ready for a fight.

Jonas: *gives Ameno his leather jacket* They gonna come up from under the ice or somethin'?

Skana: Not... Exactly..

Thousands of ice golems come up, making the ground level decrace by a foot

Skana: Common, this is no-

Millions of archers position themselves on the backs of the golems, two to a golem, and some on the ground

Jonas: Sooooo, I take the archers, you and Ammo take the sonwmen. Deal?

Skana: Just protect her. *sighs* I can handle an easy thing like this. *Runs through the crowd at top speed, slicing through the archers and magically blocking the golems from moving, all before a single snowflake hits the ground* There we go.

A large door opens, revealing the real army, and an old wizard in front with a wide grin on his face.

Jonas: *waves at the wizard* Hey Gandalf.

Ameno: *Bursts out laughing* Good one, Joney! *hugs his side*

Skana: *Bows* Hello, Master. It is good to see you are well. And Jonas, Ameno, I'd suggest bowing.

Jonas: Ok fine then. *dramtically bows* Oh mighty Gandalf! Your wizardry is beyond comprehension! I bow to you, sir.

Jonas catches fire.

Skana: Baka....

Ameno: JONAS! *Starts trying to put out fire, but can't*

Jonas: *feels little to no concern* *sniffs* I smell...meat. Some good meat too. *looks at himself and sees he's burning up* Hmm....Well damn..............AAAAAAAGGGGHHH! *starts to roll around on the ground*

A large wind puts out the fire, leaving Jonas in boxers and blowing away his jacket.

Ameno: I'll -

Skana: *puts a hand on her shoulder* He needs to bow.

Jonas: I bow to no one except God. *shakes his fist a the wizard* You bastard...

Ameno: *Puts Jonas' jacket on him* It's okay, we can go now...

Skana: Guess Plan B than... *Draws Cronos*

Jonas: Does that consist us takin' down this old bastard?

Skana: Make him bow, not die.

Jonas: How 'bout I nod my head?

Skana: I got the old one. Just take care of the grunts please. *Starts off for the wizard*

Jonas: Uggghhh, sure thing. *runs to one and double-kangaroo kicks it to the ground jumps over to the next one and does the same*

Ameno: *Flyies around, sproutunging trees and Earth Golems*

Skana: Old man, here I CO-

A girl has a sword through his stomach.

Sayuri: I am sorry, my love. *a tear runs down her cheek*

Jonas: *sees Skana gets stabbed* Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What the fuck, chick?

Skana falls to the ground.

Sayuri: You will leave here. Now.

Ameno: We're not leaving without our -

Sayuri: *Has the sword in Ameno's thigh* Yes. You. Will.


Skana: Don't do this.... Yuri...

Jonas: *slides on his back and kicks both of Sayuri in her knees busting her kneecaps, then he flips back and picks up both Skana and Ameno* Ok, it's obvious you two are annoying as Hell and dont want us here, sooooo...I'll guess we'll be going then.

Skana: *Stands up* Not... Without paying... my debt... *throws the scale at the Master*

Sayuri: Skana.... *is happy-crying*

Skana: Common. *picks up Sayuri, who is already healing*

Master: No you don't. *Blows a mountain at Skana and company.* That is MY DAUGHTER.

Skana: *slices it in half, then procedes to give un-fatal wounds to the Master.* She. Is. My. Fiance. And. YOU WON'T STOP IT! *stabs Master in the stomach*

Sayuri: Skana.... *passes out*

Jonas: Yea, this is abit too dramatic for me., The Admin. is going to screw me up after all this.

Skana: Lets go.

Jonas: Where to? Be specific please.

Skana: We're going back to the M.C.C.P. We need medical attention for your girl an my girl, no thanks to you.

Jonas: OK, so,so that's how ya' feel? Ok then...*calls in a helicopter and they head back to the facility*

The Story Continues...

Skana: Whats that on Radar?

Monk: I do't know sir. It's right above us...

Skana: I'll go check it out.

Skana goes through the hidden entrance to meet the creature.

He sees a dark void appear off in the distance, and a black cloaked figure silently appears from it, and begins walking on air straight toward the Guild, a cloud of pure darkness rippling into being behind him. Even from the great distance, the being's presence is strong enough to nearly make him puke, so vile is its energy.

Skana: State your name and buisness. *Draws Cronos*

Cronos: That is one bad-ass looking mother fucker.

It suddenly appears right in front of Skana, the being had appeared as though it had always been standing there. Cruel red eyes stare him down from a dark hood, the darkness now billowing around Skana. A massive hand grabs him from the darkness and begins to lift him out of the figure's way.

Skana: Why are... You here?

Cronos: Yea bitch. *The figure hears Cronos' spirit talking to Skana* Speak.

The hand tosses Skana aside, and the Figure walks right through The Guild's outer wall and enters.

Sayuri: Stop while y- *Gets thrown out of the way*


Skana: I'm going to die...

The figure casually knocks the various monks aside with some sort of invisible force as it travels within the Guild's halls, moving with deadly purpose, it seems to have a destination in mind, and isn't randomly moving through. A man draws his sword, but the figure waves his hand at the man, and the sword and the man's arms break like twigs.

Skana: Chuck! NO! *Runs after the figure* He's after Ameno. Clear the building!

Monk: Yessir.

Cronos: i liked Chuck. Chuck was nice. I"LL AVENGE YOUR ARMS CHUCK!

Chuck: Thanks... Brah...

The figure stops, then wheels around and spin kicks Skana in the stomach, smashing him through several walls of the Guild before sending him flying outside, where he smashes into the frozen ground. Afterwards, he silently keeps walking forward, occasionally killing or disarming anyone who gets too close to him.

Skana: Broken... Spinal... Cord....

Sayuri: My legs... Broken


Skana: We have LOST Cronos... Be quiet...

Cronos: ...

The figure silently approaches the room where Ameno's body lies. "Hmmph... such a fragile, broken little thing... to have strangled itself... what a pathetic death."

A monk stands in the way.

Monk: You will not disturb the dead.

"Oh but she isn't dead... ...not yet." The figure's dark voice chuckles. "It doesn't take a moron to realize that your efforts are futile. Stand aside. You'll die like the others, no matter what you attempt to do."

The monk puts a seal on the body, preventing movement.

Monk: Worth it shithead.

"Seal? How cute. But sad."

The figure lifts his hand up at the monk, and suddenly the man's body is destroyed, showing his soul. Black tendrils sprout from the figure and rip the monk's soul to shreds. He then walks up to the seal and swipes it with a wave of his hand, and destroys it without effort. He then takes Ameno's body and begins to walk out of the room, an even thicker wall of darkness following him back out.

Sayuri: *leans on wall* I'm... Gonna have to stop you... There... *Draws sword* Because THAT'S MY FUCKING FRIEND YOU MORON! *Slices at the figure's head*

The sword goes right through his body, as though he wasn't even there.

"Pathetic. A childish creature such as you challenging me twice. Now that deserves a proper punishment..." He places a hand on Sayuri's head, and laughs darkly.

"I curse thee with the dark emotion of bloodlust. Become a predator of the innocent and take pleasure in other's suffering." A searing dark pain explodes in her body, as he modifies her soul, sprouting a dark secondary consciousness of pure malice and violence in her mind, the pain so strong she faints.

The figure walks onward, out of the Guild, surrounded by the wounded and the dead, laughing cruelly. "The Age of Darkness shall begin." He disappears, his laugh slowly echoing into nothing.

Cronos: That bitch touched your woman!

Skana: Is she dead?

Sayuri: No I'm not love... The man did something.... I don't know what.... *passes out*

Skana: *Sheaths Cronos and runs over to her*

Skana: Doc!

Doctor: Yes Master S-

Skana: She needs medical attention NOW!

Doctor: *waves over a gurney* The Mistress of the Dojo needs our help!

Skana: Thank you. *Looks at a sleeping Sayuri with sadness*

Doctor: Is something wrong?

Skana: No... Go help her, please.

Doctor: Will do, sir. *Runs after gurney*

Chuck: It'll be okay Skana. Don't worry man, shithappens and you have to go throug it, bu man, you'll go through this *waves around him* no problemo, man.

Skana: Thanks, Chuck. *Helps Chuck up*

Chuck: You two have something all monks and people alike want man. Love.

Skana: Thanks Chuck. I should go to her.

Chuck: And I had my arm ripped off. I should probably get bandages or something...

Skana: You do that, Chuck. *Shakes Chuck's hand and goes inside*

Chuck: Dude, our leader is an idiot.

Monk: Yep.