This can either be blank or filled with a brief generalisation of your character.


Any character pages being created or updated will be using this one - The 'TZCharacter' infobox, it may go through some changes here or there but this is the official infobox.

To use it, click 'Insert' at the toolbar and press 'Infobox' from the drop-down menu. From there just select 'TZCharacter' and make sure it's at the top of the page and you're done! If you have any issues, just ask the staff.

Appearance is the bottom line, anything else can be expanded upon in the section of its own name on the page rather than in the infobox.

Character BIO is pretty self explanatory, general information about your character. Nothing in here is really needed to be expanded upon so no need to worry.

RP Info is more so your 'out of character' stuff, character type explains if they're a protagonist, antagonist, neither or whatever else.

Power and Martial Tier will need further explaining, but generally speaking - It determines how strong your character is and it's for you to place it accordingly.

Common locations just tells others where they usually are hanging about.

Owner if simple - If it's your character, put your Wikia/Discord Username here.

On your actual character sheet, this section can be removed but the infobox must stay.


What was your character's life like? What did they do in the past and are they still doing the same thing in the present? Describe your character's past experiences and lifestyle up to the present. Be as detailed as necessary and take your time if you realize you can't get everything down at once.

There are two, possibly three ways to approach this. There's the typical, 'write it down here', the WIP 'tabs' to divide the history into bite size chunks or the 'backstory' method. Usually this is reserved for characters who have a large enough backstory that they want to write it beginning to end or for people who want to roleplaying their character's lives and what got them up to that point. Ask a staff before trying to do the backstory method.


What's your character's take on life or the world around them? How do they verbally or physically interact with it? Explain your character's personality and any quirks they may have.


Describe how your character looks. You can be as detailed as you want as long as you stay within the appropriate zone.


How is Character A around Character B, C and/or D? This secton is optional.

Abilities and Skills

What can your character do? Provide a detailed list. Some abilities will be limited, Omnilock is not permitted.

A good source for abilities that are not unique is the Power Listing Wiki, but this should NOT be the only thing you use in that regard: Originality and Creativity make a better character. Be warned that most "Absolute" abilities are prohibited because of their implications(Absolute Attack and Absolute Defense are exceptions). Also, unless His/Her/Its history states that s/he trained abilities or had a certain level of proficiency with them naturally, they will be considered to be low mastery up to intermediate mastery.

Addendum: If you are just starting and making your first set of characters or character, you CANNOT have any Omni- abilities without giving a sufficient explanation as to why said character has such an ability, their level of control over it, a strong, detailed, backstory that either explains how they got it(Another person's charcter with the ability to grant such powers may only be used with their permission- The Character MUST be requested, even if Admin approval is given) or the origin of the power and Additional Admin permission before creating the character. If the character is approved, but the ability isn't, the ability cannot be used for that character, find something else. The reason this rule has been added is due to the increase in users creating characters with Omni- abilities without establishing themselves as part of the community and/or properly building their character and having their characters go against other characters without any real reason.

Weapons and Equipment

What weapons and/or equipment does your character Use? Be as specific as needed.


Can your character transform into something else outside of simply shapeshifting? If so, describe it here and explain what changes in ability or personality take place. Details like duration, additional weaknesses(if any) and other details should be included as well. Optional Section.


Does your character have companions that aren't actual characters, but creatures? Describe these companions(Name, appearance, abilities if any, etc.) or companion if your character only has one. If no familiars are had, this section is unnecessary. Optional Section.


If for some reason, you need a specific section to explain something that can't be dealt with in the other sections. Then don't be afraid to add one in yourself.