A group of Chaos Engines created from the genetics of Drake Ryunexo. Possibly one of the strongest generations of Chaos Engines created.

Silent Angel | Sukimu | Vzark Ryddias | Kōrudā | Lyre | Tanoshimi | Nezumi | Vulda | Kagerou Ryunexo | Kanashimi (Former)

Silent Angel


Silent Angel is the strongest of the Eta Class, but cannot use Chaos Drive, he can use his Chaos Engine Mode to further strengthen his formidable Aura Dragon abilities. He is one of the closest to being identical to Drake in appearance.


Aura Dragon

Silent Angel is capable of creating an Aura Dragon far stronger than Drake's at will, though the extent of the Dragon's power is not known, it appears to have two forms, a basic black dragon, and a evil, sickly dark green skeletal version that serves as armor, the strength of which is not known.

Archangel Physiology

Machine Physiology

Cyanic Physiology

Endlos Physiology

Spirit Physiology

Disease Manipulation

Poison Manipulation


Energy Sword Manifestation

Soul Manipulation

Psychological Manipulation

Mythologic Adaption

Shi no Nageki

Silent Angel is able to create a bladed weapon of any kind using his Aura, its edge is filled with disease, poison, and Miasma. This sword can also channel his Soul Manipulation. The amount of energy condensed in his blade is enough to cause explosions if used as a spear.

Vzark Ryddias



Aura Dragon

Vzark's Aura Dragon is dark purple in color, and in the shape of a crude, jagged wyvern. His speed and offense is increased insanely in this form, and it grants various buffs. In this form, Vzark will seem to occasionally "glitch", showing twisted and horrifying images of him and the surrounding area. Those who witness these images under go mass amounts of paranoia and terror. Under this fear induced state, they will take even more damage from Vzark.

Archangel Physiology

Endlos Physiology

Aetherborn Physiology

Cyanican Physiology

Machine Physiology

Spirit Physiology

Magnetism Manipulation

Vzark can manipulate and change the very laws of Magnetics to the way he sees fit.

Explosion Manipulation

Vzark can induce and create explosions with as much force as he wants. The explosions can be used in tandem with his physical attacks and weapons, granting them the force of an explosion. After intense training, Vzark's physical attacks can now of the force of explosions without even using this ability.

Illusion Manipulation

Vzark can create Illusions to fool his enemies. The Illusions can either be physical, or incorporeal.

Aura Manipulation

Vzark can manipulate Aura, the spiritual life foce of beings.

Gravity Manipulation

Vzark can manipulate gravity for a variety of affects, whether it be by inducing pressure or force, lifting things up akin to telekinesis, making gravitational fields, or anything of the sort.

Sharpness Manipulation

Vzark can manipulate the sharpness of any object he sees fit.

Maser Manipulation

Vzark can manipulate Maser: An energy of modifed atomic proportions, via combining electromagnetism, radiation, and microwaves to create extremely devastating and lethal energy. With this, h can disintegrate almost everything.

Elemental Manipulation - Solids, Gases, Liquids, Plasmas

Along with the natural elements such as Fire, Wind, Eart, and Water, Vzark can manipulate forms of elements. This can include blood, acid, plant matter, gas, anything that could fall under an Element.

Fusionism - Elements

Vzark can fuse and mix together any element.

Ultimate Fighter

Vzark is a highly skilled warrior, and an extremely powerful fighter.

Self Power Immunity

Vzark is immune to any of his abilities. Any ability he has that is used against him will do nothing to damage him.

Fear Aspect (Primary)

Vzark's aspect is fear. He embodies fear, is empowered by it, and can induce it in nearly everyway imaginable.

Death Aspect (Secondary)

Vzark's less proimnant aspect is Death. He is empowered by death and can induce it to an extent, and nighly embodies it.


Vzark is extremely adept at numerous amounts of various fields. 

Chaos Engine Mode

Chaos Drive

Mythological Adaptation

Novas Wrath

An orange broadsword of an energy like material, with a jet black handle. It seems to be covered in runic symbols across the entire blade. It curves along the edge and gets wider towards the base compared to the tip, and has a two handed grip. Despite this, Vzark can use it as a one handed sword. The blade is exceptionally sharp, but has enough force and mass to crush as well as slice. It leaves a yellow green tracer whenever it moves, and seems to cut the very air when being slashed. the sword itself drastically enhances the users speed, agility, and reflexes, allowing the user to become a whirlwind of attacks with the sword. It has a special circumstance, every time a battle begins with this sword, or if the sword is sheathed, if the user is attacked first the user will always be able to deflect or dodge the hit, and quickly counter. Its also able to slash a persons body, but stop the effect of the cut in time, and "activate" all the cuts at once, starting the effect of the slash. The sword can also absorb energy or heat based attacks, and unleash them in a strong and overwhelming blast.


Konachan-com-186626-armor-atha-long hair-original-purple eyes-tattoo-white hair

Anti-Psychic Presence

Kōrudā acts as a heavy dampener to any Psychic in range of her ability, effectively making it impossible to use any form of mental power in an enemy's arsenal.

Limited Vocifery

Kōrudā has the ability to make any statement true, though she cannot grant herself infinite power or remove her own power's limits. She can however freely tamper with reality as she sees fit, though this power's potential is currently low due to lack of use. Requires concentration and time to deploy.

She has to watch what she says, and can only enact this power if she is deliberately meaning to use it.

Misfortune Inducement

Kōrudā can Jinx or otherwise impede an enemy with various misfortunes and even weaken the competence of an enemy to a near fatal level if they are exposed to her influence long enough.

False Empowerment

Kōrudā is made stronger in the presence of lies and falsehoods, and is adept at both. When secrecy and lies are flourishing, so is she.

Light Manipulation

Sonic Manipulation

Beast Manipulation

Kōrudā can control any being that bears the form or semblance of a beast, granting her dangerous powers over even some sentient creatures.

Cowardice Inducement

Kōrudā can instill fear into the strong and the brave, and make whole armies fall to pieces.

Fire Manipulation


Barrier Manipulation

Kōrudā can erect various barriers of various natures to obstruct her enemy.

Living Stigma

Kōrudā is a living curse to anyone who intends her harm, harming her or otherwise coming in contact with her blood is akin to a death sentence or possibly worse.


Silver Swordsman

Lyre is a soft spoken but fierce fighter of the Eta Squad. While he shows plenty of character and understanding of his enemies, he will still fight for White.


Aura Dragon

A white colored form that has the ability to directly channel elemental energy in the form of ice, though it is slightly more humanoid than Drake's.

Archangel Physiology

Machine Physiology

Cyanic Physiology

Endlos Physiology

Spirit Physiology

Ice Magic

Soul Magic

Aura Magic

Illusion Magic

Clone Creation

Mass Manipulation

Mythologic Adaptation

Chaos Engine Mode

Chaos Drive


Twin short swords Lyre carries with him, they allow him to disrupt his enemy's nerves with a single slice, completely making them unable to function. Coupled with his arsenal of spells, his threat level in combat is severe at best.



Sukīmu is unique compared to the other CE's, in the sense that she alone deals solely in close hand combat. She also

has a number of unique powers that shut down the enemy's advantages, if not create disadvantages for them.


Aura Dragon

Her Aura Dragon takes the form of pink-violet dragonic armor. Heavily increases her defenses, as well speeds injury recovery.

Archangel Physiology

Machine Physiology

Cyanic Physiology

Endlos Physiology

Spirit Physiology

Ethereal Blades

Allows her to create energy blades that can cut through normally untouchable objects, such as users of intangibility.

EMP Generation

Can disrupt and render all technology used against her useless for a period of four hours.


Can attract and repel metals, of various degrees, including non traditional magnetic metals.

Spirit Buster

A move that causes massive damage to Spirits or any Spiritual being, Area of Effect is indeterminate.

Shield Breaker

Can destroy barriers of countless varieties and effects.

Negation Aura

Can negate harmful effects caused by area of effect powers or by ailments in general, and is a field constantly generated by Sukimu.


Can forcibly unsummon beings not originating in the natural world to their plane of existence, or return beings bound to a realm to said realm. Is especially effective when direct physical contact or contact mentally or spiritually is established.

Shockwave Manipulation

Can manipulate shockwaves, allowing her to create various bursts of energy of varying intensity.

Mythologic Adaption

Chaos Engine Mode

Chaos Drive


A series of six blades and two dark steel longswords that constantly spin around Sukimu, acting as both shield and offense. Can be seen as faint flashes of violet strokes. They follow the direction of Sukimu's longswords. When she releases her grip and points the blade of a longsword straight down, a blast of violet swordstrokes is unleashed in all directions. The swords are made from her Aura, and can be repaired infinity.



Tanoshimi is one of the newest members of the Eta Knights, created to add further strength to their ranks.

Liquid Fire Manipulation

Demon Ice Manipulation

Holy Earth Manipulation

Demon Wind Manipulation

Minor Balance Manipulation

Tanoshimi has the ability to balance opposite forces, but cannot use it to give one side or the other an advantage, only level them.

Advanced Magic

Advanced Science

Opposite Effect

An ability that allows her to reverse abilities and their intended effects, provided she actively targets the ability. Allows herself to heal when she would be damaged otherwise, etc.

Elemental Duality

The ability to use two elements at a time, but they can only be elements directly opposing each other, such as fire and ice.