Your tale will play out in your favor... another time.
The Observer of Fate
The Godmaker
The Yellow King
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date  ???
Family Royal Moonlight Clan
Status Active
Eye Color Electric Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height -
Blood type AB+
Age 400
Weight -
Health Immortal
Affiliation Phoenix(Sponser/Observer)
Weapons Mysterious Slayer (Unknown Type)
Species Shapeshifter - Fairy
Base of Operations Yosai Fortress, Various
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) Unknown
Current Occupation Intervening in Events
Abilities Unknown
Fighting Style Unknown
Partner Unknown
Team Unknown
Relatives Kio (Sister)
Marital Status Widowed

Eien is a mysterious being that travels the worlds. Who he is and what he is after are all unknowns, though he claims to have the ability to see the future, as well as control over time.

Appearance and Personality

Eien is a man dressed in a yellow cloak, with sharp blue eyes and light blonde hair. On his belt is his favored weapon, his katana.

Eien is a snarky, arrogant person on the outside, incredibly wrathful upon being provoked enough or the wrong topic being pressed, but in truth possesses a cunning mind which is both deeply insane, yet other times incredibly rational. At his best he is wise, at his worst childish. He is incredibly determined and driven, focused only on what matters to him and not the well being of others. To those who wrong him, he is a merciless titan of destruction and cold fury, and to those who best him, he is a shade who haunts their every footstep and waking moment, awaiting the moment they lower their guard.


Eien was born to the Moonlight Clan of the Southern Frontier, one of their many princes. Simple and to the point, he engaged himself in all manners of studies, before the time came his sister was to be chosen for Phoenix's next Lightning Slayer, but he took her place instead, refusing to allow his innocent sister to be harmed by warfare.

He would go on to be the right hand man of Sukina, and became known in history as one of the members of Phoenix who helped put a decisive end to the wars between Shapeshifter and Elemental. However, not all would stay well in his life, as on his 35th birthday, Inga Kankei invaded the palace and stole his sister's soul. Dedicating himself to vengeance, he discovered a way to attain the power of the Eight Slayers, and betrayed Phoenix. Eventually settling down with Kaminari, the goddess within his blade, he would move past his hatreds, and together they would have nine children. However, the shadow of the past refused to leave the Shapeshifter...



Eien personally hates the Doctor, mainly due to the Doctor's continuous interference's. He has sort of a rival's attitude toward him, borderline hatred. Eien has yet to unleash his full power against him, yet he may be the first to push Eien to that point.

Drake Ryunexo

Eien find Drake rather annoying, and rather enjoys taunting him. Eien hates it when Drake has an attitude, but hates it even worse when Drake has rarely been 'nice'. Eien has been following Drake's path since he first arrived on Earth, stating that he enjoys the factor he brings into things, though due to more recent events, Eien's favor may be running dangerously low.


One of Eien's former love interests, they were good friends during their days in Phoenix, his prowess with magic and her skill and tact made for a dangerous combination. The friends are under the assumption the other may yet live, but neither have sought the other out. Sukina holds herself responsible for the events of late, as Eien was allowed to go free.


Alexian's mere existence annoys Eien, and was already a target on the very gigantic list of targets Eien had already scoped out, but due to his interference at the Lost Academia regarding Naki, Eien's temperament toward Alexian is dangerously volatile, the next time the Yama runs into Eien, it will probably be his last. Should those who got in Eien's way the last time remain at Lost Academia, the entire school will likely come under fire.


White strongly dislikes the mysterious character that is Eien, but for unknown reasons takes orders from him, though this trend is quickly expiring.


Naki had been saved from death by Eien's hands, as he saw good potential in her future should she live, and gave her a clone body to protect her soul. He intended to use her to augment or become the Lambda of Order, but as of late, his plans have been soured by Alexian, and Eien intends to pay him back in spades.

Inga Kankei

The object of Eien's hatred, Inga has wronged Eien multiple times, and Eien very nearly succeeded in his mission to defeat her and save his sister's soul. It is unclear what impact his failure has caused to his psyche.


Grand Timeline Sight

Eien can see past, present, and future, not just related to his own respective timeline, but all of them. This vision has granted him unusual insight into the mechanics of the universe at large, and experience that no one else would have. One of his most dangerous abilities, granted to him by Nyusatsu.

System Creation and Manipulation

The true source of his 'immortality' as well as the majority of his powers and abilities, which is less a power and more a fundamental intuition and understanding of the systems that govern creation. At its most minor, this understanding grants him the ability to exponentially increase his physical strength through manipulation of physics, but at its most terrifying, is the ability to alter, remove, destroy, and create systems in their entirety. It would take a force from beyond this plane of existence to pose a threat to his being.

Ancient Magic Knowledge

Ancient Science Knowledge

Truth of Soul

Eien can create, alter, and destroy souls on the purest whim, being fabled for his ability to perfectly replicate data, even if struck by Erasure type events.

Fundamental Element Manipulation

Entropic Forces Immunity

Eien is immune to all currently understood forces of Entropy, especially concerning those originating from this plane of existence. As such, Reincarnation, Samsara, and Death hold no meaning to him. This is not because he cannot die, but rather due to a unique system operated by two other beings he created, he is only subject to the form of 'death' that system entails. While a current instance of Eien may be destroyed, it will inevitably be rebooted from its last known 'Upload Point' in the system. It is likely that all entities created by the Phoenix Retrovirus are inherently part of this system, but it is likely individuals can be thrown out of it just as easily as they were put in.


Muru Mode

Eien awakens his other half and gains access to powerful creation abilities, and doubles his overall power.


Eien means Eternal in Japanese.

Eien will occasionally break the fourth wall, making allusions to members of the actual roleplay, or do things such as have random crowds cheer when he sends someone flying in a humiliating fashion.

Eien has been expressly forbidden from having sugar, specifically coffee. He is pretty much know for having absolute insane bursts of hyper activity from having a single sip of it. This is a family trait among the Moonlight Clan Lightning Fairies, who are generally well known for hyperactive behavior.

Eien was the first of the Cloaks to make their appearance on the Canon, and has some of the most significant roles to play in the lore of the series in regards to Phoenix.

Eien detests being called a pixie, and will adamantly refused to enter his Fairy Form unless he has no other choice.