The dragonid are those with the blood of dragons running through their veins or those born with the spirit and aura of a dragon, a heritage garnering honor and respect or fear depending on the place at hand. To clarify any misconception, the dragonid do not descend directly from dragons, but the stout-hearted dragonborn, those imbued with the power and form of dragons, or those who have bathed, intentionally or not, in the blood or spirit of a dragon long gone as par of a ritual or as an accident. The dragonid have no specific form, being those who simply are related to dragons via blood, meaning anyone could be one that hasn't awakened to their bloodline's power.


The dragonid, unlike their Dragonborn ancestors, have no distinct appearance that sets them apart from those around them aside from a sort of radiant, regal aura tinged with feral curiosity about them. They are often considered beings of great beauty or respect, but for no known reason in some cases.

Dragonid often have amber, crimson, sapphire or emerald colored eyes or a combination of the colors and slightly pointed ears. In rare cases there are those born with scales and ridged ears that do not belong to their native race, but this is very uncommon. There are other ancestral features that may appear, but the reports of this are extremely few and far in-between. Essentially, dragonid are completely akin to the race they descend from besides dragons, there only being a single exception.

When a dragonid feels a certain level of anger and hatred, the complex internal systems within them activate and transform them into a pseudo-dragon state. In this state, their height increases and they grow long prehensile tails along with layers of dragon scales and claws. Their facial structures become those of dragons, but lack eyes and horns aside from natural ridges in plating. In more extreme cases or cases where the dragonid's dragon blood is very strong, the dragonid may grow wings and transform into blood dragons, dragons with the sole purpose of leaving nothing but destruction and death in their wake as part of their unabating wrath. The amount of anger required to cause this transformation is dependent on the person as is the duration of the transformation.


Dragonids originate from the Dragonborn, a race of humanoid pseudo-dragons created by the magic and blood of dragons. From the Dragonborn, dragon blood was passed down from generation to generation, slowly diluting in most cases until beings with the appearance of any other race, but the power of dragons, were born. They date back several hundred years on Earth and further back or more recently depending on what world is visited, giving them ample time to adjust to society and learn to blend in with ordinary folk.


The Dragonid have a multitude of abilities based on their ancestry. A common ability is the ability to charm or intimidate those around them with a single glance, a "watered down" version of a True Dragon's Eye of Dominion. Another common ability, more so a trait, is high physical endurance and durability in comparison to the Dragonid's base race and keen instincts. Slightly less rare abilities are keen insight, the second sight, elemental manipulation and high natural recovery speed from injury and ailment alike. Various other abilities have been recorded, but most are individual cases or mutations of other abilities(i.e. Heat breath instead of fire breath, metal manipulation instead of seismic force manipulation, Death Eyes instead of True Sight, etc.).

Strangely, the ability to fly upon reaching adulthood is a very common occurrence despite the fact that many Dragonid descend from flightless dragons. The reason behind thus is unknown, but it is theorized that flight is the manifestation of dormant magical power, something many Dragonid seem to lack. Little else is known about their abilities, but it is speculated that the anything Dragons and Dragon Born could do, Dragonid could do as well.