Dragon Realm

A Fateful Battle

  • Father is destroying most of the realm and many other Dragons
  • Storm and his second son (Bolt) land in front of Father determined to defeat him

"Follow me" Storm says as he flies at Father

  • Father strikes at Storm with his claws but Storm avoids the strikes
  • Storm kicks Father in the face but Father vanishes before the kick connects
  • Father appears above Storm and punches him hard to the ground

"Daddy!!!" Bolt yells with worry in his voice

  • Storm hits the ground hard and Father lands in front of him
  • Star's son (Gust) lands on a mountain "I can handle this, this won't take long" Gust says
  • Bolt lands next to Storm and Storm's first son (Frost) lands next to Storm
  • Storm gets up slowly "Look Father, this ends NOW!!!" Storm says as he powers up to his Demon Dragon Form
  • Bolt powers up to his Demon Dragon Form and Frost powers up
  • They all fly at Father
  • Father strikes all of them hard with his claw but they all avoid the strike
  • Frost kicks Father in the face hard but Father vanishes before the kick connects "Both his power and speed are increasing!!!" Frost says
  • Father lands on the ground in front of all of them and roars
  • Storm shoots a universal energy beam at Father  but Father vanishes before the universal energy beam hits him
  • The universal energy beam hits the ground and creates a big explosion
  • Father appears behind Storm

"Dad!!!" Frost yells

  • Storm turns around as Father strikes him with his claw hard sending him flying into a mountain
  • Frost punches Father hard but the punch goes through him
  • Father appears behind Frost and roars
  • Frost kicks Father in the face hard but Father vanishes before the kick connects "I can't seem to track his movements!!" Frost says
  • Father appears behind Frost and grabs him tightly
  • Frost screams in pain and Father roars
  • A dark energy ball hits Father's hand causing him to drop Frost, then Father roars in pain

"Hey you, over here!! I was enjoying my first day off in over a month, until you stepped on my house!! You're going to regret this you freak! All the way to the GRAVE!!!" Star says as he powers up to Demon Dragon Form

  • Star flies at Father and Father strikes him hard with his claw but Star avoids the strike
  • Father steps on Star hard but Star avoids his foot, then Father wacks Star with his tail hard but Star avoids his tail
  • Father strikes Star with his claw hard but Star avoids the strike, then Star punches Father in the face hard but Father vanishes before the punch connects
  • Father appears beside Star and strikes him hard with his claw but Star struggles to stop his claw
  • Father appears behind Star and strikes him in the back hard with his claw sending him flying to the ground
  • Star stops himself and flies back at Father, then he throws a dark energy ball at Father
  • The dark energy ball hits Father creating a huge explosion
  • Father appears above Star and roars
  • Star turns around as Father wacks Star in the back hard with his tail sending him flying into a mountain full of Dragons
  • Father shoots a dark energy beam from his mouth at Star and the mountain of Dragons
  • Star gets up slowly and uses his energy to protect the mountain full of Dragons

"Is that it?" Star says as he returns to normal and passes out in front of the unharmed Dragons

"Star!" Storm says as he floats in front of the mountain

  • Father appears behind Storm and starts crushing him with both of his claws
  • Storm yells in pain

"Storm!!!" Gust yells

"Daddy!!!" Bolt yells

  • Storm falls to the ground 
  • Father shoots a dark energy beam from his mouth all around him destroying more mountains and killing more Dragons

"Fusion now!!!" Gust yells at Bolt

"Right!" Bolt responds

  • Gust and Bolt both power up to their Demon Dragon Forms and make their power levels completely equal
  • Gust and Bolt fuse and turn into Boltic Gust

"Yeah, we have started out as a Dragon Overlord!" Boltic Gust says

  • Father walks in front of a mountain full of Dragons and the Dragons fly further into the mountain

"It's Boltic Gust here Father, there's no use hiding! You can fight me or surrender, no matter what, you're doomed!" Boltic Gust says

  • Father turns around and strikes Boltic Gust with his claw but Bltic Gust avoids the strike
  • Boltic Gust flies behind Father "Here Father!" Boltic Gust says
  • Father punches Boltic Gust hard but Boltic Gust avoids the punch
  • Boltic Gust flies away trying to get Father away from all of the Dragons "That's it!" Boltic Gust says
  • Father flies at Boltic Gust but Boltic Gust moves out of the way causing Father to fly into a mountain

"Ready? FIRE!!!" Boltic Gust says as he rapidly throws pure energy balls at Father's back

  • They all hit Father causing him to roar in pain

"He's down!" Boltic Gust says

  • Father turns rock solid 

"Hmm, how did that happen?! Must've hit him harder then I thought!" Boltic Gust says as he knocks on Father's corpse

"What are you waiting for?! Finish the attack!!!" Storm yells at Boltic Gust as he floats over the battlefield

  • Frost floats next to Storm

"Yes sir!" Boltic Gust responds as he flies above Father

  • Boltic Gust shoots a pure energy ball at Father's back again creating a huge explosion and cracking Father open
  • Boltic Gust laughs
  • Father's Demon Form crawls out of the exoskeleton
  • Father's wings grow larger

"This is not going to be good!!" Frost says

  • Father roars

"Uh oh!!" Boltic Gust says

  • Father flies at Boltic Gust and punches him so hard through 3 mountains that it causes Bolt and Gust to separate and return to normal
  • Frost flies to Bolt and Gust but Father wraps his tail around him tightly
  • Frost yells in pain

"Frost!!!" Hawk (Frost's girlfriend says as she starts flying towards him

  • Father shoots a dark energy beam from his mouth at Hawk
  • The dark energy beam hits Hawk, knocking her into a mountain hard, then Father throws Frost into the same mountain

"I...tried...Dad" Frost says as he passes out

  • Hawk lays on the ground unconcious as well
  • Father roars
  • Storm explodes out of some rubble

"You have a weakness!!! Everything does!!!" Storm says as he flies at Father

  • Father shoots a dark energy beam from his mouth at Storm
  • Storm appears in front of Father before the dark energy beam hits him, then he kicks Father in the gut hard but Father vanishes before the kick connects
  • Father appears behind Storm and strikes him in the back hard knocking Storm forward
  • Father appears behind Storm and wacks him with his tail hard but Storm blocks it, then Father punches Storm in the back hard
  • Father appears behind Storm and Storm shoots a universal energy beam at Father but Father vanishes before the universal energy beam hits him

"NO!!!" Storm yells

  • Father appears above Storm and starts pushing him into the ground hard causing the heavens to shake
  • Tons of mountains fall on top of Storm
  • Father walks around the realm roaring and scaring other Dragons
  • Storm returns to normal and struggles to get up from under all of the rubble

"It''s as if we are fighting an illusion!" Storm says

  • Father starts destroying more of the realm and keeps killing more Dragons
  • Storm pushes the rest of the rubble off of him and stands up completely
  • Storm limps over to a wall to keep himself from falling

"Must find a way...before he destroys the entire planet!" Storm says as he limps towards Father

  • Father keeps destroying the realm and killing more people 
  • Storm falls to the ground unconcious
  • Star wakes up and stands up slowly
  • Fathers old master starts powering up
  • Hawk wakes up and tries to get up but cannot "Don't let it end like this...not like this" Hawk says as she passes out again
  • Gust wakes up "Hero" Hawk says
  • Father roars at Hero
  • Father shoots a dark energy beam from his mouth at Hero but Hero's energy shields him from the dark energy beam
  • Father stumbles backwards as Hero continues to power up

"Hero. You really did come to save the planet!" Gust says

  • Hero absorbs Father inside of his body then falls to the ground

"Hero you're awesome! You did it! We won!" Gust says as he runs to Hero

  • Hero pulls out his sword "Gust, there isn't much time left, quick strike my heart. I can't hold him much longer!" Hero says

"You don't know what you're saying!" Gust responds

"Do you want to see everyone you care about die?!!" Hero asks

  • Gust shakes his head "But you're my friend" Gust says as tears roll down his face

"There's no other way! I don't want to destroy you! I know death seems cruel but i welcome this blade. Help me" Hero says

  • Gust grabs the sword

"Yes. Thank you Gust, it was an honor to know you my friend" Hero says

  • Gust raises the sword but Father starts breaking out of Hero
  • Hero screams in pain

"Hero!" Gust says as he drops the sword

  • Father roars
  • Storm wakes up slowly and leans against a wall to keep himself from falling again
  • Father walks up to Gust and Hero
  • Storm starts powering up to his Angel Dragon Form
  • Storm's energy destroys multiple mountains

"Fight me, if you're ready to die" Storm says

  • Father flies at Storm and punches him in the face hard but Storm avoids the punch
  • Gust grabs the sword and slices Father's tail off
  • Father roars in pain and spits out blood
  • Gust charges at Father again

"No Gust, Father is mine to handle alone" Storm says

  • Gust stops

"Dad!!! He has a weakness!!!" Bolt yells

"I know!!!" Storm responds

(Intense emotions drain its energy and that's when it can be attacked) Storm thinks to himself

  • Storm flies at Father but Father strikes him in the face hard with his claw
  • Storm recovers "Struck a nerve?" Storm asks
  • Father punches Storm in the face hard but Storm stops his fist "You call that a punch, you'll have to do better than that!" Storm says as he pushes his fist away
  • Father roars in anger

"Don't quit now! We just started!" Storm says

  • Father roars again and punches Storm in the face as hard as he can
  • Storm yells in pain but he manages to stop his fist
  • The power from Father's punch destroys mountains that are behind Storm

"I think it's working!!" Storm says as he struggles to push Father's fist away

  • Storm starts pushing Father's hand back but Father punches Storm the rest of the way back

"That's it keep roaring!! I'm still standing!!!" Storm says as he lands on the ground

  • Father punches Storm as hard as he can

"Come on!" Storm says

  • Storm avoids the punch and uses his ultimate attack 

"ANGEL FIRE!!!" Storm says as KOED shoots out from Storm and goes through Father

  • Father explodes

"We won!!!" Gust says

"Thank you Storm" Hero says

  • Storm lands on the ground with his fist held high

Into Dragon Realm

  • Demgel manages to land on one
  • The realm is kinda midnight dark and is pretty rocky
  • Demgel looks down and sees some dragons resting and taking care of their hatchlings
  • Ashley jumped and landed right behind Demgel, and since she almost fell off she ended up wrapping her arms around Demgel's waist (like riding a motor cycle) to regain her balance. She then realized what she was doing and blushed but didn't let go for fear of falling.

"We should be careful here, Dragon's can sense the presence of other dragons. And well, I'm not exactly human either."

  • She whispered to him so that the dragon they were riding on couldn't hear

"Im not human at all. We're all the same. Nothing to be ashamed about "

  • For the first time Ashley didn't feel alone and she leaned against Demgel without even noticing what she was doing

"Good, then let's see if we can't steer this dragon."

  • She forms an ice-spike in her hand and stabs the beast in the shoulder and murmurs something in Dragon Language

"As I command you shall move, less your wings be cut off and your abilities leave you."

  • She suddenly became very serious towards the beast
  • Demgel puts his hand on Ashley's shoulder

"There is no need for that. We will be fine. I feel that the dragons are pretty trustworthy.It may sound crazy trusting a giant-flying-fire-breathing lizard, but we can."

"Maybe you're right..."

  • She removes the ice-spike and heals the wound with frost magic

"Uh... Sorry creature, I shouldn't have stuck you in the shoulder."

"Nii los ronak. It is fine. Il zey himdah ful tol Zu'u aal greet hi prudaavgaar. Let me land so that I may greet you properly."

  • Dragon lands on a nearby hill with a small tent and a fire with a cook pot over it.
  • The dragon takes form of an elderly man that is 1-2 feet taller than Demgel and Ashley

"I am Seiyge: Saint-Ghost. And you are?"

"I am Demgel."

"Ah...The Son of Good and Evil."

"Looks like im famous now."

"You have been foretold in many prophecies. Even in the Holy Book but it was removed knowing that it would decide your fate."

"Wow. i was in the Bible too. Then, misplaced so that I may have a choice..."

"Mmmhmmm. And who are you girl?"

"Zu'u los Ashley Summerglo, and I am from Gol."

"Ah...The First Dovah. Nii los ahrk zin wah kriist ko hin presence. It is and honor to be standing in your presence. Well, Demgel and Ashley of Gol. I welcome you to Dovah Suleyksejun. Dragon Realm. What is it you seek here?"

"My home is shrouded in darkness and my friends are missing? I believe it is because of one known as Van Valeric."

"Nii los ni Van Valeric. It is not Van Valeric. Nii los atruk gut incomprehensible. It is something far incomprehensible. Your friends went to another world to see if they can resolve the problem. But there is a problem remaining here. That very darkness is coming here. One known as Van Valeric well lay waste here with corrupted giants and a great blizzard."

"what do you want us to do?"

"Consult with the Dovah Jun so that he may send the dragons away before the siege."

"Where might we find him?"

  • points to a castle with 2 dragons flying above it

"That is where the Dovah Jun remains. His short tempered and does not listen too me quite often, rather relying on his own strength and prowess. I must get rid of this ice in my shoulder. Talk about cold shoulder."


  • Demgel makes his way to the Dovah Jun's castle
  • Ashley follows behind him and looks at the realm around her and is a bit awestruck

"This place, I have only heard of this place in legends.. It is darker than I expected but dragons, my mother always told me they were evil creatures naturally given to destruction and arrogance. But the elder dov seemed quite cordial and not as vicious as my mother described my father to be."

  • Ashley thought about this as they arrived at the castle

"I believe that most people talk of dragons out of fear. They are giant,flying,fire-breathing lizards after all. They seem wise, but some of them do evil things out of pure nature. No one is born good. Especially the spawns of Satan. I can understand why the are evil. It's not their fault."

  • Demgel feels saddened by this thought
  • Ashley remained silent for a few minutes to keep hidden the pain she felt throughout her life as a dragon, she didn't want Demgel or anyone to see that part of her so she just walked with him with a blank expression on her face.
  • Demgel knows Ashley is in pain

"I already know."

"Hmm? Oh sorry, I wasn't meaning to seem like anything was wrong it is just that. They remind me of someone I once knew."

  • She was hinting at herself but she didn't say it

"Ashley, if their is one thing i'm good at i reckoning pain. And I must say, being yourself doesn't make you like them."

  • Demgel is referring to the rest of the dragons
  • She blushed a little bit but turned away so he couldn't see her face

"That is sweet of you to say."

"Your a strong girl. Pain is what makes us who we are, whether good or bad, it all depends on how we take it. No reason to hide something that can be seen."

  • She thinks about what he said but continues down the corridor of the castle

"I think we are nearing Jun's room now. We had better get ready for an ambush."

"No need I'm already here."

  • The Jun is sitting on his throne
  • The Jun gets up and makes his way toward Demgel and Ashley

"And may I say what a lovley being you are."

"Oh my gosh dude, I'm a guy. Holy geez, what is wrong with you males?"

"Not you, you fool."

  • The Jun strokes Ashley's face

"Her.I don't believe i've seen you here."

  • Ashley shivered at his touch and looked at Demgel briefly

"I'm not from around here... We have a message."

"Yes we do. Seiyge..."

  • The Jun interupts

"That old cripple? He must of sent you here because he is too lazy to do his own job. Pitiful."

  • Demgel is angerd a bit

"Yes well, that old cripple wants you to send the dragons off. Away from here."

"Whatever for?"

"Darkness is coming. A man that can freeze is taking advantage of that darkness. He will destroy all of dragon kind in one place."

"Let the man come. He certainly cannot stand the force of a thousand dovs.

  • The Jun turns his attention toward Ashley again

"Neither can a particular dov can withstand my charms."

  • The Jun continues to stroke Ashley's face
  • Demgel is agitated by this
  • Demgel grabs his wrist

"There is no time for you to be flirting my friend! Your kind is on the line. If you don't send them away he will slaughter them and you!"

"You dare touch me?!"

"Yea I dare, your pitifulness!"

  • The Jun grabs Demgel by the hair and flings him across the room
  • Demgel manages to stop himself

"I will not be ordered by a foreign underling, like you!"

"Apparently, you just did."

  • Th Jun is infuriated and rushes towards Demgel
  • Demgel gets into a fighting stance
  • As the Jun makes his approach he is suddenly frozen completely solid with a terrified look on his face

"You will not touch him."

  • Ashley said as she hovered in between the two of them and stood face-to-face with the Jun

"Look into my eyes and hear my voice. Tiid has meyz, zen los crossed. Hi fent qiilaan us dii thu'um, time has passed, paths have crossed. You shall bow before my voice."

  • She began speaking in Dragon language as her eyes glowed yellow-green and an aura was emmited from around her

" Naav, gir wah dii lovaas. Hin tiid wah bovul los nigh. Heed my warning, your time to flee is now. Lahvraan hin allies ahrk lif daar staad, fah vulom alok wah gejahr daar gutlok. Gather your allies and leave this place, for darkness arises to fill this place. Begone!"

  • As she shouted the ice-cracked and shattered releasing the Jun unharmed. But the aura she exuded remained as it seemed as though she was being possessed
  • Th Jun was completely unaffected by this and was now speaking to Ashley

"Nid, Zu'u fen ni krahsek wah hin lovaas. No, I will not kneel to your voice. Nuz sinon, krahsek wah ungol. But instead, kneel to mine."

  • The Jun turns to Demgel

"I'm impressed on how she came in to protect your life."

"You bastard. She's my friend!"

"How I see it, I believe she thinks of you more than just a friend. So, if your out of the way, I can have her all to myself."

"Dude, you are really fucked up, aren't you? Is there anyone who isn't immediately attracted to Ashley?"

  • The Jun head-butts Demgel in the nose
  • Demgel nose is bleeding
  • Both engage in hand-to-hand combat

"I must say you are not as bad as I thought peasant. Matbe you can be of some use to me!"

  • Gains the upper hand on Demgel

"But, unfortunately I don't take broken things"

  • Knees Demgel in the face
  • Demgel falls to the floor bleeding

"Now to have the most beautiful maiden in Dragon Realm and the head of the on who opposed me on a mantle."

  • Is about to land the final blow


  • Ashley yells as she breaks free of the Jun's control and knees him in the back of the head before summoning soulcaster in Scythe form and slashing him down the chest and then using her Frost breath to freeze his internal organs

"Stay the hell away from Demgel... I will not allow you to touch him Firok!"


  • Demgel grasps Ashley's leg
  • The Jun's scale become more visble and and looks more dragonic and sprouts wings

"I am Dovah Jun! All who oppose me shall perish!"

  • Dovah Jun throws a giant firebll at Ashley and Demgel
  • Demgel quickley gets up and intercepts them and the fireball, causing him to get hit inste
    Dragon king


  • Demgel's back is burning


"Feel that? It is what you deserve for coming into my house and demand me of requests. I am ruler of this realm and everything I see is mine to control without question."

  • Demgel falls to his knees and is breathing heavily


Fire vs. Ice

  • Ashley quickly used her eyes to mend his wounds using her ice to put out the fire

"You... You jumped in the way to save me..."

Ashley on Ice
* A single tear fell down her cheek as she closed her eyes and suddenly a bright blue light shines as she transforms into an ice form and a cool breeze surrounds her and forms a shield around Demgel

"You have to suffer for your crimes... Jun.."

  • Ashley rushes at Jun and the two engage in a brutal hand-to-hand battle and Jun starts to gain the upper hand and bashes Ashley back
  • Jun headbutts her in the face

"Ah my young bride, you must be tamed.. For someone so cold you have a certain Yol inside of you don't you?"

  • Ashley glares and shoots a powerful frost blast into the Jun's face causing him to be blinded temporarily as she kicks him back
  • the Jun is temporarily disoriented as he is knocked back but he uses his flame to restore his own vision

"Dirty move... I'm going to like you."

  • Ashley summons Soulcaster and transforms it into a spear that she infuses with her ice-magic as she looks at the Jun with a deathstare

"What are you planning?"

  • the Jun was a bit worried but began to form a powerful dark blast of his own as he faced it towards Demgel who was on the ground
  • Ashley remained calm as the spear glowed white and cold air emmited from it as she threw it straight at the Jun
  • the Jun immediately shoots the blast straight into soulcaster but the blast is instead turned blue and was instead redirected at him as it struck him with a huge explosion causing a large sphere
  • Soulcaster blasted through the Jun's chest and caused him to freeze solid before his heart was removed and his body became unfrozen. Ashley then walked up to him with her eyes glowing green as she accessed Dovahkriid form

"Krahsek joor."

  • She demanded him with a calm, and cold voice with emotionless eyes as they glowed green, but her voice shook the castle around her

"No...No... I will not be shamed....Not in my own HOUUUUUSSE!"

  • Flies up into the air and dives unto the shield protecting Demgel
  • The shield shaters and Jun grabs Demgel by the neck

"This is your doing!"

"Don't blame me for your mistake."

  • Demgel wraps his legs around the Jun's arm that is holding his neck
  • Demgel then dislocates the Jun's arm
  • Jun back away in pain


"Well, guess what? This peasant dislocated your arm!"

  • Demgel comes back at him and does a fancy kick to Jun's arm, thus breaking it
  • Jun is in great pain
  • Demgel finish it off by uppercutting Jun in the face
  • Jun falls on the staircase to his throne
  • Jun's crown falls off his head and rolls toward Demgel's feet
  • Demgel steps on it as he makes his way toward Jun, thus breaking it
  • Demgel steps on Juns chest and has a blade pointing at him

"Tell your people to to head off away from here."

"I...I can't."


"i can only...control them in this area...sending them away is not apart of my rule as Jun.... Only one can surely do so."


"Dovah Foriik. Dragon Caller."

"Ah crap. Come on, We've gotta go back to Seiyge."

  • runs out of the castle

"I will remember this day...I have been shamed by a peasant and a beautiful ice maiden."

  • Jun falls unconsciuous
  • Ashley reverts form and follows Demgel, but then feels weak and falls to the ground

"Mmph.. Dammit I used too much energy on that last bout.. You go I'll catch up when I can."

"No. I will not leave you."

  • Demgel pick up Ashley

"I will not leave you like last time."

  • Runs out of the castle
  • Ashley blushes and tries to cover it up by covering her face with her hands as if to wipe something out of her eyes

"So do you think we can ever find Dovah Foriik?"

"Ofcourse we can. If there is one thing Leg has always told me to hold on to, is Hope."

  • Demgel finally makes it to Seiyge


"Yeah, what is it?"

"We spoke to the Jun."

"What did he say on the matter?"

"He cannot send the dragons away."


"He said its beyond his power. We need to find Dragon Caller."

"Dovah Foriik?"


"I..believe I know where to find him/her. And what happen to her benevolence?"

"Well, before the Jun told us about the Dragon Caller, he was being..."

  • Seiyge interupts

"An arrogant son of a bitch?"

"An arrogant son of a bitch, Yes."

"and I bet he threw the first attack?"


"And the result of Ashley's lack of energy is because..."

"She used it to save me."

"I see...put her down, please."

  • Demgel gently puts her down
  • Seiyge puts his hand on Ashley's head

"Take my power, girl."

  • Seiyge gives Ashley his energy

"It is not much, sense I m an elder dov, but it should help you some."

"Feelin' ok, Ashley?"

  • She nods

"Yes, thanks for the energy Thuri."

  • She said very respectfully with a smile as she stood to her feet
  • Demgel hugs Ashley

"Thanks Ashley."

  • She blushed again and hugged him back

"Wh-what for?"

"Saving my life."

"Aw, that's beautiful, but we really must be going before the darkness comes."

  • Seiyge shouts in the air
  • A red dragon with firey-like wings descends before them

'"Hi lost summoned zey, Seiyge? You have summoned me, Seiyge?"

"Yes, take us to Thamel, Oldland"

"Yes, Seiyge."

  • Seiyge mounts unto the dragon
  • Demgel mounts unto the dragon as well
  • Ashley mounts the dragon's back along with the other two
  • The dragon then takes off in the direction of Thamel

Thamel, Oldland

  • the 3 are flying in the air and see a town down below

"Take us there."

"Yes, Seiyge."

  • the dragon land on a nearby here
  • all three dismount the dragon

"Call me if you need a ride back."

  • the dragon flies off

"Come now. God know how much time we have now."

  • the 3 head towards the town
  • the 3 enter a bar filled with Dovahs

"What information will we find in a bar?"

"You'll see."

  • Seiyge walks up to the bartender

"Here for a drink,sir?"

"No, I'm looking for Dovah Foriik."

  • Everyone in the bar turns toward Seiyge

"Hmmm, I don't know."

  • Seiyge starts to head out

"Exactly. i don't know exactly. Rumor has it she is in Heaven training with the Divine Drakes up there"

"Divine Drakes in Heaven?"

"How the hell is the Dragon Caller in Heaven?"

"don't know but we're going there."

  • the 3 head out
  • Seiyge calls the dragon again
  • the 3 mount the dragon once more and fly off toward Heaven

Back Home

  • The dragon lands and the 4 of them dismount
  • Seiyge is horrified

"....I....Can't believe this."

  • Sees 12 dark Endlos grabbing and choking the dragons
  • The realm has been covered with cold

"We...are to late..."

"No. We're not. We have come to far to see them die. He is here for me, I am responsible for him being here and it's my responsibility to take care of him. Dragon Caller, you go ahead and call the dragons to Thamel. Seiyge you go with her and Ashley you and me are taking those giants down."

  • The three of them did not hesitate to go and do as they were told
  • The Dragon Caller went to the highest point and began using her voice to call the Dragons to Thamel, Oldland
  • Seiyge accompanied her
Ashley Half Dragon
* And Ashley stood right next to Demgel and powered up into her Semi-dragon form

"I'm with you until the end Demgel..."

  • Demgel looks into the skies
  • Kisses Ashley on the forehead

"Thanks, Ashley."

  • Jumps toward the Endlos

"You take 6. I take 6."

  • pulls out Death's Scythe and cuts one's arm of then come back and cuts of it head
  • Demgel then barrages another one with a series of blades
  • The 3rd one is shot down by Demgel's pistol

"I've taken down 3. 3 more to go."

  • Ashley blushed when Demgel kissed her forehead but she didn't linger on it
  • She faced the other 6 Endlos and summoned soulcaster in spear form and then threw it straight through one of them, with it slamming through the other that was directly behind it. She then turns and looks at one Giant and flies up to it's chest and freezes it solid before hovering up to its face and blowing an icy mist into its eyes and then with a powerful kick she drives it into the ground causing it to shatter into many pieces. She then turns to the remaining 3 and claps her hands together and spreads them apart from each other as soulcaster reappears in between them.

"Time to finish this. Final Frost!"

  • Suddenly a huge blizzard is summoned through the spear tip of soulcaster and she forms it into a scythe before holding it at her back and slashing forward with a full swing causing a huge wave of frost magic to slash into one of the giants and quickly following with another barrage of slashes destroying the beast before she turns to face the other two
  • As she turns one of the giants managed to get in close and clapped his hands around her, smashing her in between its palms and then throwing her down into the ground and stomping on her
  • Demgel sees this


  • Demgel's canines start to grow, he crosses his arms like a mummy and starts twidiling his fingers, tiny peices of earth start to float up into midair, black w/ blood red outline matter form into demon wings, and finally he opens his eyes and reveal them to be red
  • Demgel tackles the endlos and procceeds to punch its face until it dies
  • Demgel then runs to Ashley

"Ashleeey! Are you ok?"

  • Ashley opened her eyes and saw Demgel, but wasn't startled

"Huh? Oh yeah.. I'm fine. Thank you for helping me."

  • She stood to her feet and saw one of the monsters coming in to finish the job but this time she held soulcaster up and summoned the storm of snow to poor down, freezing everything in it's path as it froze the remaining Giants solid

"Huff, huff Tiid wah geblaan hjot, time to finish them."

  • She spun soulcaster in her hand and it became soulscythe, and with it she rammed into the first giant causing it to break into pieces and the final giant she reaped its soul with the magic in soulcaster and absorbed it before casting it from this plane

"Ugh... I think I overdid it again."

  • Ashley then stopped hovering mid-flight and fell towards the ground
  • Demgel catches her

"Don't worry. Let me handle the rest."

  • sees Van Valeric on a hilltop
  • Demgel flies to the hilltop and is once again encountered by Van Valeric

"Are you ready to except your destiny, Son?"

"I told you before. I don't believe in destiny."

"Ahh, but this time you will. Everything is on the line. I can feel a greater power somewhere beyond here."

"You...will pay...for doing this."

"Doing what? Fulfilling prophecy?"

"Killing everyone!"

  • knees Van Valeric in the face sending him flying across the ground
  • Van Valeric stops himself and fires ice shards at Demgel
  • Demgel dodges them while running
  • Demgel slides acros the ice and trips Van Valeric
  • Demgel quickly gets up and finds that Valeric isn't there

"Where are you, you ice chucking bastard?"

"Why right here?"

  • Demgel takes an ice shard to the head


  • Demgel takes another ice shard to the chest
  • Demgel falls on one knee
  • Van Valeric reappears in front of Demgel

"It would be alot easier to fight if you put the girl down."

"I promised her....that I would not....leave her...again."

"Oh, sentimental are we, much?"

"Call it what you want, but I will not abandon her again!"

  • round-house kicks Van Valeric in the face
  • Demgel then fires a ray of fire with one hand at Van Valeric
  • Van Valeric is obliterated upon being hit
  • The blizzard goes away and Dragon Realm is back to the way it was
  • Demgel collapse to his knees and looks at Ashley

"We...did it."

  • She smiles at him and leans up to kiss him softly on the cheek

"Yes, you did. You saved this realm and Earth, and you found the Dragon Caller and bestowed peace to this land once and for all. You really are amazing Demgel."

  • She smiled again and then healed his wounds with the energy she managed to recover

"Oh, and for keeping your promise."

  • Ashley touched Demgel's cheek softly and turned his head so that he faced her, she then leaned up in his arms and closed her eyes as she kissed him on the lips while blushing


  • All of dragonkind surround the castle
  • Seiyge holds a crown in his hand

"I pronouce the Dragon Caller as our new Jun. May we prosper ever so greatly."

  • Puts the crown on Dragon Caller's head and hug
  • All the dragons roar and shout and fly with joy
  • Seiyge turns toward Demgel and Ashley

"Thank you ever so much for helping us. We do you two stand in all of this?"

"I must find my friends. I must help them stop the spreading darkness as I feel it is not over."

"That you are right. Dark times are soon to come. But I have no doubt that you will do all you can to stop it."

"I will."

"What of you benevolence?"

"My destiny lies with Demgel, and our friends. I will help fight this darkness, but if any in Dragon's realm need my aid. The Dragon Caller only needs to call me, and I will always return to the land of my father, Relon."

  • Ashley smiled slightly

"Thank you for your hospitality Seiyge, I am forever in your debt, and sorry again for stabbing you in the shoulder with an Ice-spike..."

"It is fine. Misunderstandings happen. I bid you two farewell."

"Goodbye, Seiyge."

  • Seiyge's hands turn into enormous dragon wings and flies off


  • Ashley nods and smiles
  • Demgel opens a portal with his new emblem back to Earth
  • Demgel walks through
  • Ashley follows behind and the portal closes
  • A figure is watching them leave
  • The figure then turns his attention towards the flying Seiyge
  • The figure is covered in a dark orb and immediately disappears


Daikeim and Drake could not believe their eyes when they saw the realm in ruins.

Daikeim: What...

Drake: ...I can't... Who would do this?

Elaonore: We do not know, but the dragons who breathe fire have all but died out....look down there. *points down a steep valley and a ruined castle is and see that hundreds of dragon bones are buried in snow*

Sena: It looks like something alike a meteor hit this place...

Drake and Daikeim clench their fists.

Drake: Whoever done this... Will pay with their life...

Daikeim: Elaonore, me and Drake will stay here for now. We need to see more...

Elaonore: *nods. Takes them to the dragon's sleeping hills. All the dragons there are nothing but skeletons as well, but some frost-breathing dragons still seem to have made shelters out of the bones of their brethren*

Daikeim: Thank you, you may go now.

Drake walks up to a frost-breathing dragon and turns Half Dragon, hoping for a reaction.

Drake: You should do the same Daikeim...

Daikeim: Right. *He turns Half Dragon aswell and looks at the bones*

Elaonore: No need to hurt them. These frost-breathing dragons are the only ones who can survive this intense weather. They will not hurt you, like you they mourn over the lose of their brethren and at least wish to make use of there bones in order to survive themselves.

Drake: I'm not planning to hurt them. *He sits down and leans against the frost-breathing dragon*

Daikeim: Is there anything we could do to revive this realm? Anything?

Elanore: *looks upset and shakes her head* I don't know...I'm sorry...

Daikeim: Damn... *He sits down and sighs, he then makes a fireball to warm himself* The cold must be getting to you... You're free to leave.

Elaonore: I don't what to do from here, I simply cannot leave them like this, notafter the first one had died from the cold...i must also stay to help...

Daikeim: I understand, thank you.

Drake: Everything is frozen... Oh my god, I have an idea! Elaonore! Where is the tallest point in this realm!?

Luna: Hiyaa!

Angeli summons the heartbreaker and casts a spell, putting a sort of pink aura around her that seemed to protect her from the weather.

Elaonore: On that mountain...*points at the mountain piercing throught the sky* The dovah known as Seiyge lives there on that mountain.

Luna: Dovah? As in Dovahkiin? It feels like you've played skyrim or something.

Sena: I don't think you should reference video games here...

Elaonore: What is Skyrim? The Dovah are the offspring of man and dragon.

Drake: Ok! Daikeim, you're coming.* Drake flies to the top of the mountain*

Daikeim: DRAKE! WAIT UP! *He follows behind*

Luna: Skyrim is this game on earth that is about a human with a dragons soul in medieval times and he uses the voice of a dragon to kill dragons and stuff, And then he saves the world.

Sena: I think that was an awfully plain description.

Luna: Seeya Elaonore!

Angeli proceeds to catch up with Drake and Daikeim via running quite easily as she activated the enchantments on her boots.

Elaonore: How about I teleport you guys there. I have heard it is a 5 day travel just by flying.

Daikeim and Drake stop in their tracks.

Drake: Umm, yeah, that'll be helpful.


Angeli suddenly speeds up a thousand times and creates a sonic boom in the process as she jumps 60% of the height in one go.

Elaonore: *teleport Daikeim and Drake to the top of the mountain. There lies a door a few feet away from them*

Drake: Ok... *He takes out his spellbook and looks at the door*

Daikeim: This better work Drake.

Drake: To be honest, so do I...

Daikeim and Drake open the door and walk in.

Angeli suddenly jumps a few kilometers above the mountains and then proceeds to use the beam from the Heartbreaker as some sort of jetboost and she flies through the door, past Drake and Daikeim and and ups landing face down after struggling to get balance from landing.

Luna: Ow... That hurt, Now, What is this place?

Elaonore: *is freezing to death and is puts her arms over her body trying to stay warm*

Drake: Ok... So where is this Seiyge?

Daikeim: Right now, I feel we should focus on your plan Drake... If it works that is...

Drake: Seiyge first, then the plan.

Luna: Hey! You never told me about the plan!

Sena: Yeah... What is the plan?

Elaonore: S-S-Seiyge is...walks throught the dorr and sees a dead skeleton sticking out of the side of the front desk* Is....d-dead...

Drake: Well that solves that, ok, Daikeim blast a whole in the roof. *Drake lays down his spellbook and opens it to a page*

Daikeim: Ok. *Daikeim charges an energy beam and blasts a massive hole through the roof, creating an opening*

Drake: Good. *He gets some chalk and creates twp hexagons around the book, he then gets a knife and cuts his finger and draws Cyanic writing on the inner hexagon* Daikeim, do the same.

Daikeim: Got it. *Daikeim bits his finger, and draws DaeMurr God writing on the outer hexagon*

Drake: Ok, now for your Soul Stone...

Daikeim: *Hands the Soul Stone to Drake, who places it on the page*

Drake: Ok... Here goes...

Drake starts saying words in Cyanic, the book, hexagons, blood and Soul Stone begin to glow. Drake and Daikeim create a energy ball each and it goes into the Soul Stone. Suddenly, a massive beam of light blasts out of the book and into the sky, creating a small light orb. Drake and Daikeim fly up and sends energy into it, making the orb expand. The orb then explodes, covering the whole Dragon Realm in a golden light. When the light dims down, everything slowly reverts back to normal, Drake and Daikeim collapse and falls back down to the house and exiting out their Half Dragon forms.

Drake: D-Did it work?

After the giant glow, Luna simply said.

Luna: That was blinding, Also, Lemme warm you up Elaonore!

Angeli points the heartbreaker at her as the red parts of it glow a little bit and suddenly Elaonore is consumed by a pink light that is then reduced to an aura which would warm and protect her from wind.

Sena: Anyway, Drake, Mind telling me "The Plan?"

The realm is restored but it still frozen and the dragons are still dead

Both Drake and Daikeim are exhausted.

Drake: That WAS the plan...

Daikeim: Ok... Realm restored... But still dead dragons and ice...

Drake: Cut me a break...

Daikeim: Soul of Revival, right?

Drake: Don't even start... I don't get it, everything should of reverted back to it's former glory. Why is there still ice and dead dragons...

Luna: You mean to tell me THAT was the plan?! I'm pretty sure you just turned them all into zombies that have a hard time to get up!

Sena: Don't be so quick to judge luna, Who knows, Maybe it takes a few minutes for them to be fully revived?

Elaonore: T-t-this isn't no reguglar's f-f-far from regular...iit's like iiits p-p-permanent...liike it's eternal....*starts freezing from the feet upward*

Drake: CRAP! What do we do!?

Daikeim tries to melt the ice but to no avail.

Drake: No no no no no!

Luna: Magical Girl Luna to save the day!

Angeli grabs Elanore's hand and then proceeds to use the heartbreaker's beam as some sort of jet-propulsion, kicking up a bunch of dust in Drake's face, and then she and Elaonore proceeds to fly down the mountain at hypersonic speeds, which would generate enough friction and take them down at the same time to perhaps slow or remove the ice.

Elaonore: *starts defrosting*

Drake: Thankfully Angeli was here to help... For a change.

Daikeim: So... What do we do? There's obviously something that's making the ice come back, so we just need to find what's causing it and destroy it.

Elaonore: Wait...i-i-think i know what i can do. *teleports back to the peak of the mountain*

Drake: Nice to see you're ok, any ideas?

Elaonore: Yes, but you may not like it. I'm going to absorb the cold. The cold is immortalized within the air and wind. I am made up with air and wind...if i can absorb it...the cold will not plague the realm anymore and the realm can finish being restored. I can't say the same for the dead dragons, but you can help rebuild.

Drake: That's insane! Are you sure you want to throw away your life like that?

Elaonore: We Mythos care for our kind, dragons are one of us. We weren't able to save the dragons. I couldn't forgive myself I if I couldn't save their land too.

Drake: Ok... And Daikeim and I can't thank you enough.

Zane appears with Kid. "So whats happening here?"

Elanore: I am going to absorb the cold, in order for this land to fully restored.*the cold starts surrounding her*

Daikeim: Who are you two then...

Drake: *Preemptively draws his sword* And can you be trusted...

Kid looked at the drawn sword carefully."Well this here is The Dragon Prince and I am The Dragon Slayer and you can go straight to Taturus with that little tooth pic that you call a sword." KB says crossing his arms."We are here to help,I guess."

Zane materializes his sword. "You wouldn't be able to do much with that. This on the other hand is poison to us dragons." Zane smirks " And yeah i'm the prince....well no technically king here but i'm not much of a king."

Elaonore:*the cold starts flowing into her and Elaonore is being frozen from the feet up*

Daikeim: *Turns to looks at Elaonore, he closes his eyes and speaks in Cyanican* "May the heavens guide you and the gods protect you. Your sacrifice has been thankful. And for that, we thank you..."

Drake: *Glares at Zane and Kid and draws his sword* To your kind, yes... Not me or him.

Daikeim opens his eyes and looks at Zane and Kid.

Daikeim: So, The Dragon Prince and The Dragon Slayer... *He walks towards his Soul Stone and picks it up and wears is* Get your book Drake, we have a lot of work to do...

Drake: Right. *Drake goes over to his spellbook and picks it up*

Kid watches all of them closely before whispering to Zane."Why are we here again?" He said still having his eye on Drake and Daikeim

Zane looks at the ice. "Who or whatever made it this way wont give it up this easy." Zane Looks at Drake. "As long as you have dragon blood in you this sword is poison. It may take longer but i will kill you. Plus The fact that i have it is deadly enough."

The land is completely restored, but even thought the dragons remain dead, some who managed to have escaped before this had happened started to return.

Daikeim: That's nice, anyways, c'mon Drake. We're going house hunting, need a place to contact aswell.

Drake: Alright *He glances over and Zane and Kid and laughs a bit, he then turns to look at Daikeim* Simple house? Or something extravagant?

Daikeim: Anything would do right now.

Drake and Daikeim turns Half Dragon and flies away from the mountain, looking for a place to rest.

Drake: Prince and a Slayer? Ha, out of everything, why would someone who kills dragons team up with a Prince of them?

Daikeim: I agree, that doesn't seem right. But for now, let's just find somewhere, a cave would do...

Drake: Fine fine... *He looks around for a bit and finds an old abandoned castle* There.

Daikeim: Ok then.

Daikeim and Drake both fly to the castle and enter it, while Drake goes exploring, Daikeim goes to the throne room, sits down and uses his Soul Stone to open a portal. The same figure as before appears.

Daikeim: Hello again Shockwave.

Shockwave: Daikeim, any news?

Daikeim: Not much, this place we're in is a dragon realm. It just got restored.

Shockwave: Dragons on Earth? That's interesting...

Daikeim: Yeah, well anyways. How's stuff doing at Arcadia?

Shockwave: Everything is fine, Cyanic is doing well also, recently went through a great harvest. The family is doing well also, your Sister just got her Lunar Novac form.

Daikeim: Ah ok *Hears noises followed by swearing* Gotta go, Drake's causing trouble. See you later. *The portal closes* Drake, the hell are you doing?

Drake enters the throne room with a mark on his arm.

Drake: Traps...

Daikeim: Oh ok... So, what do we do now?

Drake: Dunno...

Kid watches as the two fly off."Hmph. I've beaten stronger than them before,Demigod, my ass." He then looks around."So this is the Dragon Realm eh? This is so much different than when I was here years ago." He says to Zane before checking out his surroundings."So who were those two?" He asks him before picking up a flower and stuffing it in his Messenger bag.

Zane Looks at Kid. "Demigods are over hyped. i have beaten full gods." Zane looks around. "Yeah So much has changed here. As for those two, I have no idea."

a dark figure is standing from the distance and is watching Zane and Kid, the figure then turns his attention toward the castle. A dark aura surrounds him and he disappears.

Kid looks over his shoulder,smelling the figures presence and when he disappeared he immediately knew where he was heading.He then began to slowly walk in the direction Drake and Daikeim had headed off to."Well looks like We are getting left out in some of the action!" He says to Zane while walking forward.

Zane looks at the castle. "I wonder what they are doing there. And why it looks so familiar"

The figure appears before Drake and Daikeim

Voice: I'm glad your expanding your living options. How has it been?

Drake and Daikeim are now cautious about the Dark Figure.

Daikeim: It's been good... Tell me, how did this Realm get froze over? And don't lie...

Voice: Mmm...Ok...but do not get mad at me if I do...This realm froze...because I froze...Why?...I have a bigger plan at hand...all this must may not understand...but you will soon...I know you must be mad at my for freezing you kindred the way I did...

Daikeim: ...Ok, Drake.

''Drake creates a dome around the Dark Figure, increasing the gravity in the dome, making it hard for the Dark Figure to move. Daikeim then walks up to the edge of the dome and glares at the Dark Figure.''

Daikeim: How dare you... You just made yourself two new enemies, and trust me. They won't mind killing you... Again Drake.

''Drake increases the gravity in the dome once more.''

Voice: You have no honor in facing an opponent like this...I told you not to get mad with me...and I even told you...this isn't Cyanic...*is walking normally*And you can't kill...what can not be touched...

Daikeim: True, but leave. Now.

Voice: *bows and a dark aura surrounds him and the figure disappears*

Drake: Hmph...

Zane laughs and is leaning against the wall. "You guys are not prepared for this are you?" Zane stands up. "Trust me fighting with a gravity increase is not hard. Kinda underhanded."

Drake: Oh look, the Dragon Prince... What do you want now?

Daikeim: And why are you teaming with someone who kills dragons...

Zane looks at them. "I've killed a few dragons myself. I know how to defend myself outside using tricks like gravity magic." Zane laughs. "Do i have to show you how a dragon fights."

Daikeim smirks.

Daikeim: ...Sure why not, fighting a Prince will be interesting.

Zane smiles. "Are you the only one that would even concerting it?" Zane doesn't move.

Daikeim: Ok then. *He sprints towards Zane and knees him in the gut, the then slams both his fists on Zane's back, blasting him towards the throne.*

Zane lands on his feet by the throne. "Nice move" Zane stands up. "But not enough."

Daikeim: Heh... *Daikeim appears behind Zane and grabs both his arms and kicks his spine, he then throws Zane at a wall and punches him through it*

Zane appears behind him and looks like he didn't move from the attack. "I'd rather not tear this place up."

Daikeim: *Sits back on the throne and sighs* You're gonna be like that then...

Zane smiles. "My turn yet?"

Daikeim: Huh? Oh, yeah sure.

Zane smiles almost evily. He spins to kick Daikeim's legs tripping him kicks him upward and grabs his leg and throws slamming him on the ground a little farther away. As he bounces Zane appears in front of him with his sword to the side and slashes him not quite cutting in half then back handsprings while kicking him upward and as Zane lands he disappears. Zane above him facing the roof. Zane would flip over blasting him with a grey energy blast. Zane would land not far away from him.

Daikeim gets up and wipes away any dust.

Daikeim: That was... Something... Anyways. *Daikeim charges at Zane and grabs his neck and slams him to the floor, he then throws him up into the air. Daikeim then jumps up and punches Zane in the chest, and dive kicks down to the floor, using Zane as something to land on. Daikeim then jumps back and charges a blue energy sphere and throws it at Zane, exploding on impact, he walks up to Zane and picks him up and throws him aside.* And if you're gonna battle with blades... *He summons the Draconia Blade and points it at Zane*

Angeli suddenly moved there after a while and just took a look at what they were doing.

Luna: Can somebody recap for me?

Drake: Basically a fight, between Dragon Prince and Daikeim... Take a seat and watch.

Zane glances at them. "This is hardly a fight." Zane laughs. "I'm putting like no effort in this."

Daikeim: He's right Drake. *Punches Zane out of the castle* It's hardly a fight, I'm tired...

Zane is now standing behind Daikeim. "Does no one know who i actually am? I mean really. And then everyone thinks they are the best ever. Over confident. Way misjudged power. I guess no one understands the meaning of hold back." Zane laughs. "You demi gods think you are all that. You cant even touch me unless I let you."

Daikeim: In retrospect, I shouldn't be bothering with this. *He goes over to the throne and sits down* Introduce yourself then. And who you're sided with...

Zane laughs. "I dont have to answer to you."

Daikeim: Fine, I'll introduce myself; Daikeim, DaeMurr God. Allied with the Mythos.

Zane looks at him and rolls his eyes. "I'm Zane, i see we are on the same side, and you are in my house."

Daikeim gets off of the throne.

Daikeim: Ok... Anyways...

Voice: Was. It was your house. *the figure walks out from behind Zane*

Zane doesn't move. "I wondered when you would show yourself."

Voice: Are you are aware of me?

Zane: I knew you were there but i don't know who you are

Voice: Clever...but why are you concered about your former have a new home with the Sedition...what is this place but a memory to you...You don't even remember fully surroundings...

Angeli was still there, as they had not moved from the castle really.

Luna: Are you a stalker or something? Can you just stop following us, It feels like you're some sort of person that wants to assault us or something!

Sena: Yeah, Could you stop just appearing out of nowhere for no reason?

Zane: I'm used to people doing that

Voice: It's hard to do that...when I'm everywhere...

Luna: Y-you're everywhere!?

Voice: Yes...I am the wind and the sky...there very thing that keeps man every living thing the from burning up...

Sena: Well this is awkward...

Luna: Can you just go already!?

Drake: *Gets up and loads his Shadow Pistol with Ember bullets and aims his gun at the Dark Figure* This is getting absurd...

Daikeim gets his Draconia Blade and points at the Dark Figure's neck.

Daikeim: Final warning, leave.

Voice: Not until this 'Prince' leaves as well.

As the group began to get in a stare off with the dark figure the sound of rolling could be heard outside.Seconds later another figure crashes through a high window in the castle and lands infront of the group.It turned out to be Kid,baseball bat in hand,and on his skate board.His face was hard and serious.

Voice: ...Kid...

Drake: Great, the brat is here... Screw this. *Drake fixes his aim on the Dark Figure's head*

Kid turns in Drake's direction and gives him serious and angry glare before turning his gaze to the Dark Figure."What do you want? And how do you know my name?"

Luna: Who is this guy? He doesn't seem to be fit to be around here, I mean, It's frozen and all.

Sena: It's kind of ironic.

Luna: Hey! At least we can use magic!

Voice: Quite...I know everyone...for I am the wind and the sky...

Drake: Ok, getting tired of that. You plus bullet equals a happy face. *He fires his Shadow Gun at the Dark Figure*

Kid ignores the shot fired at the Dark figure and walks up to the Dark Figure,almost as if recognizing him he squints."I know your scent.....I just cant place it.." He says coming as close as 3 feet from the figure.

Luna: Hey! Who are you? Also, How can you resist the cold?

Voice: *the bullet is frozen in the figures hand*...Because I am the cold...

Daikeim: Hm... *He draws his sword and watches*

Drake: Hmph. *He walks up to the figure, pushing Kid out of the way while doing it. He clenches his fist, sets it ablaze and punches the Dark Figure*

Voice: *catches the punch and freezes Drake's fist*...Forseeable..

Kid,after getting pushed out of the way,naturally side steps and spins before slamming the heel of his bat on the back of Drake's head.

Drake is now bleeding on the back of his head.

Drake: ...*He looks at the Dark Figure then turns to look at Kid* You just messed with the wrong mercenary. *Drake grabs Kid's shirt and headbutts him, he then picks him up and throws him to the floor. Drake walks over to him and kicks him on the side of his chest, finally picking him up by the shirt once more, punching him in the gut and dropping him.* If you want to fight, wait until this is over, got it?

Voice: As yourself..will it ever be over? We live in a endless cycle of reapting the things we do...your destructive actions will only push father off your edge...

Luna: Hiyaa!

Angeli summons the heartbreaker and casts waves the giant staff/wand-like weapon towards the figure, Chains with a pink aura would form around the voice and suddenly restrain the figure.

Kid spits in Drakes face which causes it to burn and melt (considering that his spit is acidic)."And you messed with the wrong Dragon." Kid then uses his legs to wrap around Dark's torso before flipping over and Pile Driving him into the ground,causing Drake's head to crash into the ground.

Drake: Hehe... *Drake fades away in fire and reappears infront of Kid in his Aura Dragon form. He grabs Kid by the neck and throws him through a castle wall, he then sprints after him and grabs him and flies up into the air. He dives down to the ground, using Kid as something to land on* Hmph... *Drake grabs Kid's arms and repeatedly slams him into the floor, he picks Kid up by the neck with his tail and tightens his grip* Now I do have the intent of killing you... But right now we got better stuff to do, also that and Daikeim would straight up kill me. *He lets go and glances at Kid, he then turns to walk back to the castle.*


Angeli fires a red beam into the chest of the figure and suddenly cracks reality like it was some sort of painting in glass, And ended up causing a giant explosion of which would most likely destroy the wall of the castle and heavily injure the figure.

Kid stands up straight."Hey Asshole!" He says giving Drake the finger and going the come on sign."I aint finished with you yet." Kid says before launching himself at Drake at Speeds of Mach 15 before leaping and round housing Drake in the face with the force necessary to bend gravity and light around them causing gravitational lensing, creating a explosion that is nigh apocalyptic . He then turns his body around and round houses him on the cheek on the other side with 10 times the force of the original other kick before kicking Drake in the stomach with the equal force and kicking off of him and generating a Giant Dragons foot and kicking him through the castle.

Drake gets up and glares at Kid.

Drake: Ok brat... Game on. *He flies at Kid and punches him in the gut, then grabs both his arms and pulls back while kneeing him in the back. He then swings Kid around and throws him through the floor.* So... You done yet? *He picks him up and creates a White Orb and throws it at Kid's chest, blasting him away and through another castle wall.*

Kid gets up,a Pinkish/Violet,Red aura surrounding his body."Oh now you really got me fired up!" He says activating Dragon Soul."Give me your best shot!" He said excitedly.It was obvious that he wasnt taking this as serious as Drake was,not in a insulting way either,he was just having fun

Angeli walks near one of the destroyed walls and looks out at the two while they fight.


Drake: Luna, SHUT UP! *Drake opens his spellbook and summons multiple energy swords and they're all aiming at Kid. They start flying at Kid and stabs through his clothes, sticking him to a wall. Drake walks up to Kid and laughs then starts punching and kicking him, the swords finally disolve and Drake jumps back and charges multiple energy spheres and blasts them at Kid*

Kid lifts his guard up as the blasts crash into him with a massive impact.Unfortunate for Drake the energy spheres never made it to Kid because of his Dragon Soul aura blocking the way,forming the technique Dragon Art:Resistance."Tsk." Kid says letting his guard down and crossing his arms."Is it my turn now or should I let you keep going at me?" Kid says grinning with his eyes closed.

Drake: Ok then... *Drakes Aura comes off of him* Did I tell you? My Aura's sentient, can do what it wants, has a mind linked to mine. Now... *Both Drake and his Aura sprint at Kid and kicks him into some trees, the Aura walks over to Kid and restrains him, taking away a bit of his stamina while doing so. Drake charges at Kid and punches him in the chest, headbutts him then grabs his neck and throws him across the floor. Drake and his Aura jump into the air and make a combined energy beam and firing it down, making a massive crater where Kid is. When the smoke clears, all Kid can see is Drake and his Aura hitting him in the back and chest with an energy sphere, exploding on impact. Drake and his Aura jump back and join back together.* So, what's your followup?

Kid lies on his back inside the massive crater,but oddly his clothes are unharmed,he then lifts himself up with his arms and does a handstand before running towards Drake."Doragon'āto !: Piercing Claw!" He says before performing the attack.Kid coats his feet in Violet Acidic Flame before leaping upside down and performing a bicycle kick before spinning and using his feet like Helicopter blades to burn and damage Drake.He jumps in the air so he is upside down and in mid air,coming face to face with Drake."Fire Dragon's ROAR!" He yells releasing the blast and coating Drake's entire body in it.As Drake flys across the landscape,bouncing off the ground Kid runs up while he is in the air(about 5 feet above the ground)."Tamashī no āto!:Destination Devastation!" He yells as he creates Spirit Dragon hands around his own and slaps them together,causing multiple ripples in the air and causing a Super Sonic Boom in Drake's direction,that sent him crashing into the Castle.

Drake: Ugh... *Shakes his head and gets up* ...That's it. *Drake goes into his Half Dragon form and smirks* Get ready kid... *Drake flies at Kid and grabs his head and slams him into the floor, he then flies up and lets go of Kid and begins to rapidly punch the air infront of him, causing shockwaves on Kid's body. Drake then charges energy into his heel and slams his heel on the top of Kid's head, sending him flying downwards. Drake flies down and uses his tail to keep Kid in the air as Drake punches Kid's stomach and chest, causing Kid to cough up a bit of blood.*

Drake: I want to hear your bones CRACK! *He lets go of Kid and whiles he's in the air. Drake punches him in the chest once more, blasting him away and breaking one of his ribs. Drake then appears behind Kid and elbows his back, causing Kid's body to go into shock. Drake then grabs shoulders and swings him over and slams him into the floor face first. While Kid bounces, Drake makes a final energy sphere and absorbs it then slams both his fists into Kid's stomach, causing the sphere to explode. Sending Kid down into the ground even further.*

Voice: *is uneffected*...Amusing...*the chains fall of the figure. He then walks up to Angeli and touches her forehead with his finger. Angeli is now stands there, not moving. Like a statue.*

Angeli would stand there as a statue, Though not completely dead.

The Dark Figure is suddenly blasted forward by Daikeim in his Half Dragon form.

Daikeim: You should never let your guard down while in a battlefield... *Daikeim flies at the Dark Figure engulfed in fire and punches him across the floor, afterwards, Daikeim gets in a fighting stance.*

Voice: *is still on his feet. He walks toward Daikeim*...I can't afford to tell you father that I killed his son...

Daikeim: Oh don't worry, you never will. *Daikeim walks towards the Dark Figure and knees him in the gut then spinkicks him in the head, pushing him away. He then elbows the Dark Figure's back and places one of his hands on his back and fires a blast that sends the Dark Figure flying.*

Voice: *block with his knee and blocks the spinkick with his arm. The figure dashes to his left dodging the elbow to the back and knocks the blast over his head* ..I have been in more battles than you, boy...

Daikeim: *His eyes, along with the Soul Stone flash gold* Go ahead then, prove it.

Voice *disappears. He reappears and kick him in the back of the knee making him fall over backwards. He catches Daikeim and has him in headlock*

Daikeim: Hmph. *Sidesteps out of the way and spinkicks the Dark Figure on the side of his chest.*

Voice: *catches his leg and deep frezes it. He then breaks Daikeims knee*

Daikeim: Ugh... *He hovers back, the Dark figure can hear the sound of bones. Daikeim then looks at the Dark Figure and smirks, the ice thaws and Daikem can walk normally*

Voice: Impressive...your everything Shockwave said you were...

Daikeim: I am a DaeMurr God after all, so my power and skill is what you expect, maybe even more.

Voice: Not sure about more...but I am rather intrigued...

Daikeim: As are you, you have evil intentions yet you helped me and Drake, but you're not with the M.C.C.P... So you're a lone wolf. Very interesting indeed...

Voice: Not a lone wolf...but I dfeel that will go quicker if I handle them myself...You do not know much about my affiliations...

Daikeim: So you're with another... I wonder who that is. Also, this battle is against me and you, unfreeze Angeli...

Voice: *touches Angeli's forehead with his finger and absorbs the cold from her mind*

Luna: Ugh... It feels like i ate a thousand kilograms of icecream...

Sena: What happened?

Voice: I froze your mind...

????: Who are you people? And why are you finding yourself fighting in the middle of this ruined castle?

Daikeim: *Turns to look at the new person* And who are you then... *He looks at the Dark Figure* This the person I was talking about?

Voice: no..this being I have not seen before...

Luna: This guy looks tough!

????: I sense great evil in your being... *The creature who was arguably three times as tall or twice then anybody else in the room took a few steps foward and pointed at the figure and summoned his sword and shield.* I am afraid i have to drive you away from this castle.

Daikeim: Hm... *Steps back* This will be fun to watch.

Voice:...Hmmmm...Indeed it will...

Suddenly the mysterious person glows in an ember fashion and ends up having the ground under him have several runes be spread out before disappearing, his aura would be golden and ember it would seem, He takes one step forward and the closer he got would suddenly make the figure burn and forcefully push him back.

Voice: *jumps back and is surrounded by frost cloak, which freezes anyone one gets within 2 of him*

The mysterious armed figure seemed to exceed the boundary and seemed to be able to resist the effects of the cloak as both of their aura seemingly merged as they got closer, the figure would have to struggle even harder to stand still as the knight like figure proceeded to raise its sword made of pure golden flame and attempted to slash at the figure.

Voice: *jumps over the the sword an lands on top of it*

The figure that dared to jump on the sword felt a surge of pain through his body as he jumped into literal golden divine flame, the armed figure then proceeded to attempt to bash the figure with his giant shield which was also made of golden divine flame.

Voice: *jumps of and lands behind the armored figure*

The armored figure turns around.

????: I am afraid i have to banish you.

The armored figure raises his sword into the air and puts the shield in front of his chest and looks into the air, a large amount of runes form around the knight as they encase him in a cylinder formed barrier of light with several runes engraved upon it, The armored figure seemed to be channeling something.

Voice: *gathers all the cold in the realm* This evil you can not banish...*disperses the cold and manages to freeze everyone. The figure looks at everyone being frozen and a black aura surrounds him and he disappears*

The armored figure had been gathering power and its armor was basically anti-cold and anti-darkness in general, He tanks the freezing quite easily and gets back while having gathered all his power, though not having chanted anything yet.

????: Drekhan Cinder.

A wave of flame would shower over them all, unfreezing them at a whim.

Luna: Ugh, What happened?

Daikeim: Hmph... Drake and that person is still fighting outside... *He walks up to the armored figure and holds his hand out (For a handshake, there are gonna be people who will assume other stuff)* Thank you, and who are you?

Sanyirth: I am Sanyirth, I am also know as "Gigant-Reaper"

Luna: You look badass!

Sena: I don't think that was the right wording Luna...

Daikeim: Nice to meet you, oh, and welcome to the Dragon Realm.

Sanyirth: I already inhabit this realm so no need to welcome me.

Sanyirth looks around.

Sanyirth: To remove this cold is a hard task to do, I cannot do it at the moment.

Daikeim: Yeah... Me and Drake already tried, didn't go so well...

Sanyirth: So, What is to be done now?

The figure walks up to the frozen statue of Elaonore. He absorbs the cold from her body. Elaonore falls back unconscious.

Elaonore: *catches a glimpse of the figure before blacking out*

The figure picks up Elaonore and disappears.

Daikeim: I don't know, right now I gotta get Drake. *He walks out of the castle and up to Drake.* Done fighting?

Drake: Huh? Oh yeah. We're done... Well, he is. I'm not.

Daikeim: Ok... He better be alive.

Drake: Yeah yeah, I made sure I didn't go too hard on the kid...

Daikeim: Anyways, c'mon. We're going back to Fantasy.

Drake: How come?

Daikeim: Tell all the dragons they can go back to their Realm.

Drake: Ah ok. *He stands up and stretches his arms.* How we getting back?

Daikeim: There's always Jumbo...

Drake: Oh yay...

Sanyirth: I will tag along with you so i can hunt down whoever did all of this.

Luna: Let's go, I think...

Elaonore appears.

Elaonore: I heard you guys needed a way back.

Drake: The hell... We saw you froze up... How are you still...

Elaonore: Some man in a dark cloak took the cold away from me. I guess if every see that man I should thank him. Now come now, lets go home.

Luna: Let's just move

Sanyirth unsummons his weapon and his shield.

Elaonore: *studies Sanyirth* Your a tall one aren't you?

Daikeim and Drake look at each other with a slight concerned look on their face.

Daikeim: What could his intentions be...

Drake: Hmph... Luna's right for once, let's get out of here.

Elaonore teleports them back to their house in Outpit village

Elaonore: We had company while you were away

Luna: What company?

Sanyirth: I've not been outside the realm that much, Though it is certainly different.