First Fight

Demgel walks into the cemetery and passs a few greavstones." Man, this place is gloomy."

  • Demgel's Demon conscientious pops up on his shoulder.

"Yeah, a cemetery is supposed to be gleaming with sunshine, having birds and bees all around, and flower to pay respects to the honorable. Seriously, what part of "Cursed Cemetery" dont you understand?"

"Fuck off, Med. I dont need this right now." Continues to walk.

Med flies in front of him. "Ofcourse you don't. You need them." Points behind Demgel.

Demgel looks back and sees a Zombie horde, and a few spirits, then two skeletons."Hmm." Pulls out Death's Scythe. Demgel runs toward him and starts killing them all.

Med claps. "Oh beautiful, man. That's just beautiful. You neither blessed or damned. Just killed. Embracing your inner Demon, much?"

Demgel looks upset. "Go way."

  • Demgel's Angel conscientious pops up on his other shoulder

"Awwww, whats wrong." Leg pets Demgel's face

Med is annoyed "And then this bitch show up! That's just great!"

"Hush it, Med. You gonna be okay?"

Demgel has a straight, yet gentle look on his face. "Yeah, I'll be fine. Thanks, Leg."

Leg smiles."Anytime." Disappears.

Med is distgusted. "Ugh. Distgusting. Now i've gotta clean my eyes." Med disseapears.

Demgel walks up to the very center of the cemetery

Demgel vs. Missionary

Demgel makes it to the center and stands next to a tree. "Wonder why Father Divine sent me here?" Hears a rustle in the tree. Looks up and sees what seems to be a deformed man. "Oh F!" Backs up and spawans out to blades from his sleeves.

"Get out. I don't want you here. I like loneliness." Missionary jumps out the tree and lands in front of Demgel.

Demgel is a tad bit frightend. "Oooohhh crap." spaces his feet out. "Ok. If getting by you leads me closer to Chaos I cannot leave. Father Divine has told me of your evils against the dead and righteous. You must be slain."

"Last chance, go away and leave me be." Missionary says with a little edge in his voice.

Demgel gets a bit angry. "And I tell you this. Stand aside and let me pass." Stares at him coldley and intensely.

Lifts his head a little. "I warned you."

  • Charges at Demgel and slashes at his chest.

Demgel is in pain. "AAAGGGHHH!" Steps back and looks at his blood dripping from his wound. Is angry "RRRRRRRRGGGGGWWWWRRRR!"

  • Charges at Missionary and strikes him with a double-bladed attack.
  • Blocks one blade with his, but the other slashes his leg and black blood drips from the wound.

Looks at the wound. "You're better than I expected." Lightning flashes around the wound, closing it. "My turn then."

  • Flash step towards Demgel and spins in a wide arc, to deal multiple slash wounds.
  • Demgel is in greater pain

"AGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH" Is breathing viciously.

  • Eyes turn red
  • Dashes toward Missionary and stabs him in his chest
  • Pulls the blade out and jump spins back. More lightning closing his wound before disappeaing and reappearing behind Demgel, slashing towards his back and legs.
  • Demgel falls to thr ground and gets even more angry. The ground around him strat to break apart.
  • Med appears

"Hey. Hey Demgel?"

  • Demgel looks at Med

"I dont want to say your getting your ass kicked. But, your totally getting your ass kicked."

  • Demgel grabs Med and throws him at Missionarie's face. Then, dashes toward him and puches him so hard Missionary crashes threw the tree and across half of the cemetery.

"That one actually hurt." Missionary states while he heals again, but not completely.

  • Slashes the ground, sending dirt into Demgel's face and kicks him in the nose, following up with a swift slash to the gut.
  • Demgel is in complete and agonizing pain


  • Demgel's canines start to grow, he crosses his arms like a mummy and starts twidiling his fingers, tiny peices of earth start to float up into midair, black w/ blood red outline matter form into demon wings.
  • Med looks at Demgel, then Missionary.

"Dude, you are definateley screwed."

  • Demgel dashes straight pass Missionary

"This is to an interesting developement.

  • Takes a faltering step towards Demgel before jumping in the air and sending down a torrent of gales and dives towards Demgel.
  • Dengel dodges all of them, witout even moving
  • Missionary attempts to slash Demgel multiple times before stopping and puttting his weapons down.

"You've proven yourself, you may pass."

  • Demgel calms down

"Thank you" Retracts his blades and walks off.

Demgel vs Guardian of the Complex

"Who are you and why are you here?" Guardian says.

"My buiseness here is no concern to you. But what you should bbe concerned about is your well-being. It's simple, Let me pass. I mean no harm whatsoever."

"Your words seem true, but I still must test your strength."

  • Smashes the ground causing cracks and rocks to show all around. He then charges and sets down a broadsword in front of him.
  • Demgel runs a few steps forward and jumps over him.

"If its gonna be one of those "All brawn, no Brain" battles I might not even try. I tell you once more, I have not come to harm nobody." "Your words are wise, I must ask if you are able to protect this Complex incase of mine or my master's ownfall. Do you accept?"

"Ofcourse. You are above all very honorable. I accept"

"Then I here by give you admittance into the Complex."

"Thank you." Walks into the Complex. "Holy Crap. Nice place here."

"Welcome to a the Complex. I am Sym, the Electronic Guidance system created by Dark Prynce. Is there anything you need?"

"Yeah, Do you have a room? I feel like a bit tired after a fight I got into at a cemetery and I need to clean myself and my wounds. Seriously, my blood is dripping on the floor."

Lucime: What are you doing here!?

  • walking up 
  • Demgel turns around

"Oh, I am looking for a room. I need to get myself cleaned up before I bleed out. Can you show me to a room?"

Rolles her eyes " I guess"

  • starts walking away
  • Demgel follows

Thoughts*" She must be irratated by something. I wonder if i could help in anyway."

  • flips her hair to the side

"I haven't seen you around yet. My Name is Lucime. Who are you?"

My name is Demgel. Nice to meet you Lucime."

""How did you get in here?"

"The Guardian let me pass. I simply told him I don't intend to hurt anybody"

"You can't be all bad then"

"So, where is my room? And I hope not"

  • Is a bit conceredn of his Demon nature

Lucime looks and sound anoyied. "Can't you be patient!?"

"Sorry. Didn't mean to be hasty. It's been a long day for me."

Lucime rolls her eyes. "You can't complain!" 

"Sorry. For annoying you."

  • Thoguhts* "*sigh* I'm not making it any better on here. I just need to be quite."

"Well then, I'd like to welcome you to the Complex. I hear you've had quite the day." Dark Prynce walks out of the shadows and hands Demgel some bandages.

"Thank you."

  • Raps the bandages arounds his was and part of his chest,

"So, you must be the Dark Prince I have heard rumors about."

  • Twitches slightly.

"Yes I am. You must be Demgel." Dark Prynce says with a smirk.

"I was showing him to his room." Lucime said. "I have not heard of him before"

"That's fine, I'll be taking him under my wing." Dark Prynce states as he looks towards Lucime. "It's okay, you can go and rest for a while. You've been through a lot lately. Both of you."

"It was still nice meeting you, Lucime. Sorry for annoying you."

Rolls eyes. "Whatever!"

"Sorry about her attitude. We just recently got back from a battle and her boyfriend was killed by my opposite. She's not really keen on Nephalems right now." Dark Prynce says leading Demgel to the end of the hallway. "It's not much, but it should do until we renovate it."

  • Opens a door to a luch room with a king size bed and a master bathroom. It also had a flat screen T.V, a bulletin board, and a super computer.

" Whats a Nephalem?"

"A hybrid between a Demon and and Angel. I'm a Nephalem, which is why I'm considering training you."

"Huh, no wonder they were hunting me."

"Sadly, things happen. So you already have more missions to complete. A satanisst cult is forming that is disturbing the balance. You need to take them out."

"Hmm. Ok, I'll do so, but while i'm out doing that, you must to speak to Father Divine. He told me not to trust anybody, but you can trust him. I'm off."

  • Goes off after the Sect of Satan

At the Tundra

"Hello Father. May I speak with you?" Dark Prynce says casually, walking up to the stranger.

  • Father Divine turns around

"Ah, The Prince of Darkness. What may I be of service to you?"

"I was wondering if I may use Demgel to complete tasks that I myself am unable. I would also like to request permission to train him so he may grow more powerful."

  • Father Divine slowly walks up to him and put his hands on his shoulder

"Sure you can. You can have him as long as you want."

"Much gratitude. By the way, who are you? You seem familiar."

"I have no particular name, my friend. Just call me what everyone else does."

"Alright, I hope we may be allies in the future then. You seem trustworthy."

"I am indeed, bye now"

"Farewell." Dark Prynce turns and disappears with the blink of an eye.

  • Father divine has a crooked smile on his face

Voice: Is it time yet, Father?

"Yes, yes it is. Commince Operation: Endeavour."

"Yes sir. What of the boy? Once he finds out?"

"I'll either have to mind-control him or dispoze of him. He has become a good asset to me."

"What of the others?"

"Heh, I'll deal with them."

  • Father Divine turns into a water mass and jumps into the waters of the Tundra


Lucime is sitting in the park looking sad twords the sky. 

  • Med pos up in front of Lucime's face

"Hey! What's your problem get all sad and crappy on my pal like that, huh?

"Get out of my face. What do you want for me!?" lucime says annoyied 

"He just want a room so he can take a rest from all the crap he's been through today. Oh, oh i see. You wanna go don't ya?

  • gets into a boxing fighting stance and pretends he's punching Lucime
  • Leg pops up

"Med, stop. Don't you see that she's mourning?"

  • Leg pats Lucime's face

'What's wrong, dear?"

"What's wrong is that this girl needs a get her ass whooped, thats what!"

"Med, sit down!"

"Make me woman!"

  • Leg punches Med in the face
  • Med is dizzy

"Is that all you got?"

  • Leg punches Med in the face again
  • Med falls down and is rendered unconscious

"Now, tell me what's wrong."

"Why do you care!" Looks away from them

"Because, I'm an angel. I'm suppose to care. I also don't like to see people sad. Let me try to cheer you up."

Looks like she's about to cry. "I doubt you could cheer me up" tears begin to form 

"Atleast let me try. See, yuor shedding tears and makes me want to cry aswell. Its still my job as angel to tend to your sorrows"

"And its my job not to care, and I could care less about your sorrow, and I don't cheer people up unless they pay me. And if they don't, i'll just laugh in their face. HAHAHA!"

"Shut up, Med! What is wrong with you?"

"I'm a demon! What do you expect from me, woman?"

"You could atleast show the least bit of sensitivity."



"Yep. If you pay me"


"Sorry, dear. Tell me what's the matter."

"Sure, tell her but not me, she's charity, i'm the fucking IRS."

Lucime closes her eyes to try to ignore them.

"Just tell me what's bothering you, dear."

With a sigh Lucime tells them. " Someone i loved died recently" eyes bigin to fill with tears 

"Awww. I know how that's like."

"I do, but do you see me cry about it? Hell no!"

Lucime begins to growl. "Then do you want me to MAKE you cry!"

"Go  ahead, ya big-tittied vampire slut!"

  • Med gets back up and gets back in his boxing fighting stance

"I'm tired of you, Med"

  • Leg makes Med dissapear

"Sorry about him, deary. It's in his nature to be that way. Continue."

"Whatever....." Lucime rolls her eyes 

"I know that your upset, but you acting this way only troubles you more and the people around you."

Her Eyes Glow slightly. "I can be Trouble if you want me too"

"No, no need for that. Hmmmm. I know. How about I tell you a story?"

"What kind of story" Lucime looks curious

"It's a story on how I too, lost someone I loved. It was in Heaven. I was an accountant for God at the time and the strongest female angel in Heaven aswell"

Rolls her eyes. "When do this become interesting"

"In 1-2 minutes. If you find the slaghter of a thousand angels intersting. So, I had a good friend who a looked upon as my little brother, Benginus. He was an accountant-in-training. I can remmber the hilarious times he accidetally, counted the birds instead of the angels that were doing their jobs. And the times we'd walk around taking attendance nad he would complain that his feet hurt and his hands were cramping. But he was also very fiesty and often times envied the higher ranking angels. This concerend me, because there is no reason to envy . Basically, rank didn't matter among us, neither did sin. That was when Lucifer came to rise. Over the past few years, he has put himself above all others, including God. He reveled in his praise from the other angels for his magnificence and  became over-confident. He also resented God for his higher praise and power. Benginus, admired him, maybe a little too much. Lucifer could have been the reason of Benginus' ferouciuous actions. I have spoken to him about his actions I have noticed, but he rebuked them. That was the day he decided to take the thrown for his own and this, is what you might call the exciting part. Do you still want me to continue?"

"Why not I have nothing else to do"

"Ok, So like I said. Lucifer went out and decieved the angels of Heaven. No angel nver knew sin. We lived in a world where the things on Earth never existed, especially the same thing that caused us to be torn apart from God. Lucifer's tales of lies about God, sing us, trapping us. Never giving us freedom. It was getting out of hand. God was aware of this and spoke to Lucifer numerous of times, but Lucifer rebuked him. Benginus also in the midst of Lucifer's lies, started to believe them. This conceredn me even more. The more we try to resume to our jobs, Benginus would sneak off and spread these lies of deceit against God. Days later, Lucifer and 1/3 of Heaven's angels went up to God and wished for him to step down. God did not respond to Lucifer's request. Lucifer then came to the conclusionthat a war must be fought. Starting the Angels Wars. I was summoned to be a soldier for the first time in Heaven, violence, killing my friends, the death of peace, all because of one being's wrong. We fought for what seemed like an eternity. Heaven fell apart in the midst of it nd fire rose from the ashes. One day, during battle, me and Gabriel had killed a band of Lucifer's followers who had brutally slaghtered 5 angel children, 2 warriors, and an accountant. They attempted to attack us, but me and Gabriel put up a shield that could shatter anyone like glass, upon contact. The followers ahd shattered upon hitting the shield and blew away with the wind along with the ashes of ruin. After we slew them, I had ran into Benginus, who I have not seen during the Beginning of this war. Benginus said that he was kidnapped by Lucifer, so he could do the smaller jobs. Me and Gabriel took him to our refuge. I was so happy to see him again and he was happy to see me. Atleast, so I though. Sory if i'm boring you, dear."

Looking at her. "What did your friend do?"

"Well, back at our refuge. We had went to sleep from a hard-days work. I had a dream of a foul ravens slaughtering doves. Then vultures came down to pick at the flesh. I had a second dream. A dove was flying, as free as the sky. It flew past a bloody skull in a crevis in a mountain. When the dove flew by, barbewire came from the skulls mouth and entangled the dove. The dove bled and was in great pain, it still tried to fly away but to no avail. The dove couldn't stand the pain and the bleeding any longer and it finally.Gave.Out. Benginus woke me up from my slumber and before me I saw angels and the followers of Lucifer engaged in battle. I didn't undertsand on how the followers found us. We were well hidden from view for anyone, but God to see us. It was horrifinng. Angels were struck fell to the ground and then the deceived came down aswell and started to repeatedly cut them again. Just like in my dream."

"Sold out?"

"Don't worry. We're almost done. This is the most tragic part. I had launched myself into the fray, but was ultimately defeated. I had to pretend I was dead unlit they had left."

Rolls her eyes. "That was the ending!? really!?" Lucime said annoyied.

"No, Benginus had woken me up and the cost was clear. I was severely injuriered. He said he had protected me form a follower that was about to strike me again. Benginus had completely compacitated him. He told me he had found a refuge not far. He helped me up and we went on our way to the new refuge. This refuge wasnt the one you would have expected it to be."

Looking nicer. "What was it!?"

"The new refuge was occupied, but by the enemy. There I saw the Legion and Satan sitting on his throne. Was this a set up? Did Benginus accidentally get the wrong information about this refuge? I tried to find an explanation, but before I could. I realized I was stabbed in the back...literally."

"Thats a terrible friend!" 

"He had stabbed me from behind with a sword. My own friend who I though of as a brother, had turned against me. He was deceived by Lucifer and has helped him in the raid against the refuge and had brought me there to join them. I had refuse, and Benginus was ordered to kill me, which he reluctantly accepted. Me, nearly at the edge of dying, fought Benginus, now known as Immitis, meaning Ruthless. It was heart breaking fighting my friend to the death. Rage, Anger, Hatred, and Fury gleamed in his eyes. I had tried to talk him out of it, but he rebuked and claimed that Lucifer was more of a father to him than God was. His fighing was well commendable, as I was about to fall short and let Benginus make the finishing blow, God had opend a wormhole and the angels of Heaven marched the Legion out of Heaven along with Lucifer, including Benginus. Benginus made one last attempt to get back onto the platform of Heaven. I had realized there was no saving him. I jumped of the out each of Heaven toward Benginus and struck him down. I was now falling into the Universe but Gabriel caught me and took me back onto Heaven. I mourned for the life of my friend, for that very day.'

Lucime looks sad and sorry. "That so sad......." She looked at her. "I'm sorry i was mean to you. I was just really sad about my boyfriend dieing." 

"We all get sad, deary. The only thing that can make us better is to strive for a better future and reflect on the good that the person who meant everything to us did. See now? You more beautfiul than all the stars in the galaxy. Don't let the death of your beloved, trouble you, but instead, let it reflect upon you,  to strive for a better future. This is what a tell Demgel nearly everday."

Lucime with tears in her eye looks to the sky and smiles. "Yea..... you're right" 

  • Leg hugs Lucime' face

"Why did this have to happen though!?" lucime can't help but cry

"Because of of the evil in this world. So much evil pollutes it, it becomes dangerous to do good. But when I look up into the sky, I still see a gleaming Sun, a dove and a rainbow. This is God's promise for Hope. Never give it up, Lucime."


"Don'y Now come now, let us enjoy the rest of our day."

  • Flies near the vast, green hills

"We can still talk some more, if you want?"

"i'll stay here for a little while........" 

"Ok, Whatever makes you feel better. If you need me just simply say my name."

  • Flies off into the hills

End Game

  • Guards patrol around the Alter of Blood
  • Demgel is right above them

"These glorious people serving my....No, No, None of that.

  • Drops down epicly and spawns out 2 blades
  • Guards spot him


  • Chages at Demgel with a spear
  • Demgel grabs hold of the spear and kills the Guard by stabbing him in the stomach with the spear

Guard 2: Who...Who are you?

Guard 3: Is that? It can't be!

  • Demgels eyes turn red

"Well, I'm sorry to say, that you guys pay with your live to a master who you does not even care for, but rather revels in your down fall. HM,HM. Quite funny really."

Guard 2: You take that back!

  • starts to fire bend and esnds a barrage of fire waves at Demgel
  • Demgel inhales all the fire and breathes it out killing the Guards, except one.

Guard 3: ...........

  • Demgel walks up to the 3rd guard

"Don't worry, you're next."

  • puts on a crooked smile
  • Guard 3 impales himself with is own spear and dies

"Say Hi to Satan for me."

  • Walks on
  • The Twins are sitting at a large painting of what is assumed to be Satan and are chanting ancient words.
  • enters a room with bloody dead bdies are hanging

"Hmm, looks like somebody has a weaird taste in decorating."

"You should possibly say "Someone and someone else" right, Sister?

"Sure thing brother"

  • twins with ram horns jump up and turn towards Demgel

"Ugh, don't you guys know Halloween is over? No time to be playing silly games."

"Do you want to play Trick or Treat, Sister?"

"Sure thing, Brother."

  • Both dash at Demgel and does a quardinated and sincranized attack
  • Demgel is in minor pain


"It appears that are little plaything is laughing at us, Sister."

"What might we ask is so funny?"

"Oh, Im sorry. I didn't know we were taking syncranized ballet dance class."

"Hm, It seems he likes to dance, Sister?"

"Let us Tango"

  • Dashes at Demgel at unforeseen speed
  • Demgel barely blocks
  • Twins randomly throw punches an kicks at Demgel
  • Demgel can barely keep up and is getting hit multiple times
  • Twins fire a combined fire ball
  • Demgel tries to hold it back but the fire balls explodes in his face and is rendered unconscious

"Aw, I think we broke him, Sister."

"Aw, What a shame. We were just have some fun."

"Heheheheh, You want some fun kids? Well, LETS HAVE SOME FUN!"

  • His canines start to grow, he crosses his arms like a mummy and starts twidiling his fingers, tiny peices of earth start to float up into midair, black w/ blood red outline matter form into demon wings
  • Pulls out his pistols and put them on fire and starts shooting at them.
  • The Twins dodge with ease

"Your definition of fun, seems more like exerscise."

"Well, I'm sorry you say that, because..."

  • Flies right past the two

"I'm about to have the time of my life!"

  • fires a dark wave of energy at Sister that completely disinagrates her
  • Brother is surprised,yet terrified

"....Sister...How could you do that to Sister?"

"I guess you know how it feels when the people you kidnap ask the same thing."

  • Shoots Brother to death with his Fire pistols and blows the smoke of them

"Happy Halloween"

  • Walks off

"Oh how nice of you to join me. Would you like some wine?" Father Wretched stretches out his decrepid hand with a glass of mysterious liquid. Behind him is a statue of Satan with blood streaming from his hands.

  • Demgel takes the glass, looks at it for a little while, then breaks the glass over Wretched's head.

"It was poisoned"

"Oh, smart boy. I like it when they're smart. Always makes the battles more fun."

"Nice, Sect you got here. Mind if i turn it into rubble?"

"As I've already seen, you pretty much have." Drinks his glass of poison and smiles.

"You know you just fuckin' killed yourself, right?"

"And your point is?"

  • Dashes at Demgel with unexpected speed and pushes him back a few meters.

"Heh,heh. You push like a girl and your an old man, possibly in his late 30's"

"You smell like a dumpster, maybe you should take a bath."

  • Makes a barrage of tidal waves and sends them at Demgel.
  • pulls out Death's Scythe and cuts the tidal waves.

"Please, give me more of a challenge, old man!"

  • dashes up to Father Wretched an cuts his side with the scythe
  • Grabs Demgel by the neck and smashes him into the ground, then throws him across the room.

"I plan on it, yougnster!"

"So, what do you plan on doing, you old fool?"

"Punish you for your crimes against Satan!"

  • Stabs Demgel in the arm with his hand and jumps back.

"RRRRRR. Ok, lets get things started then."

  • the scythe turns into a buzzsaw and cuts Wretched's body in half

Half of Father Wretched's body says, "Well that was a bit unnecessary don't you think."

Other half replies, "Yes it was. How's about we show him the true power of Satan"

  • Both halves charge Demgel and do a kick to each side of his body and double punch him in the face, before merging together again."
  • Demgel gets up and is loosing blood rapidly, but doesn't seem to care.

"Come now.....Let us see this so called power that has so forth Satan is so foolish enough to lend to a mortal man."

  • has trouble keeping his balance and is breathing heavily.
  • Once he's finished reforming, his aura turns dark and he changes. His hands turn into three pronged claws, his back sprouts spikes, and his head sprouts horns. Chains sprout out of his body and bound his arms to his chest, like a mummy.

With a demonic undertone, "Satan is not foolish whelp, and I am no normal mortal man."

"Neither am I."

  • Scythe turns into a spear and extends and stabs Father Wretched in his forehead.
  • the scythe then turns back into a buzzsaw and starts to tear up Wretched's forehead.
  • Grabs the blade of the buzzsaw, and yanks it out of his head.
  • He darts to Demgel and blasts him back with an unseen force.

"Tell me, who do you think I am you insufferable idiot!"

  • struggles to get up

"I think your as fucked up as your lousy excuse for a master."

  • gets up and slices Wretched with his scythe with some fancy reflexes.
  • Takes the slashes and reforms.

"The name's Lord of Ruin. Like what I'm going to do to you."

  • Charges Demgel and uses the chain as a whip to deal a multitude of blows to him.
  • Demgel takes several of the blows, then wraps the chains around his scythe

"Sorry, but I would like to look like myself, not like the Lord Who Ruined his Face."

  • point the scythe at the Lord of Ruin.
  • The scythe turns into a spear and extend though the Lord of Ruin's body.
  • The scythe then turns into  buzzsaw and starts shredding the Lord of Ruin's insides.
  • Quickly dashes back.

"I don't like the damage you're able to do to me. I'll need to ruin that scythe of yours."

  • His chain turns into a whip blade and he attempts to shred Demgel into peices.
  • Demgel jumps over him and rips Lord of Ruin's back in half

"Sorry, if you want one go get one from Death, if you can beat him."

  • grabs hold of Lord of Ruin's horns and swing kicks him in the face
  • His arms extend and pin Demgel to the ground as he bashes him in the face.

"I will show you the true power, that *coughs* Satan *coughs* GAVE ME!"

  • Tosses Demgel into the air and blasts at him with negative energy.
  • is really hurt

"And I will show you *cough,cough* the power your master gave up."

  • the skies go gray and waves of lights shine through the clouds and one beam of light will shine on him, he will slowly lifts his hands up and small stem particles descend unto him and start forming angels wings made with bright-white w/ a light blue outline, he stop half way and lowers them back down and the skies slowly go back to normal and reveals his eyes to be blue.
  • get up and turns toward the Lord of Ruin

" Are you ready to join your "master" in Hell?"

"That's all I ever wanted to do."

  • Dashes at Demgel with his fist pulled back and attempts to punch him in the face.
  • removes Lord of Ruin's fist from his face
  • Demgel delivers a fatal punch to Lrod of Ruin's chest
  • Demgel's fist pops out of Lord of Ruin's back
  • Lord of Ruin tries to remove Demgel's fist, but loses strength in his body and slouches over. He aura begins to dissipate.

"I've never felt death before. I kind of like it. Too bad, I'm not done here yet."

  • Blasts a hole in Demgel's wing and slides off of his arm.
  • is in great pain

"Now you've done it."

  • rips of the Lord of Ruin's arm
  • Tries to regenerate, but can't and starts to cower away. He sends out random blasts of negative to slow Demgel down.

"I don't like this. It hurts too much!"

"It does hurt, doesn't it?"

  • slowly walks toward the Lord of Ruin like a badass
  • Begins to cower some more.

"Please stop, I want to live! I want to serve my master from here!"

  • Demgel kneels down toward the Lord of Ruin

"Don't worry, think of this as a promotion."

  • has his hand infront of the Lord of Ruin's face.

"Be glad, Wretched. You deserve this."

  • blasts the Lord of Ruin's with an energy wave.
  • Demgel cancels out of his Angel form and collapses

"Man, times like this hwre I wonder why I have to handle the tuff shit."

  • limps back all the way to the Complex, severely injured

The Assault

  • Demgel makes it to the bridgeway to the Complex but suddenly collapses and his blood flows into the water.


  • Leg is in a field sniffing some flowers


  • Leg is shocked

"Demy? Don't worry, let me get help."

  • teleports in front of Lucime

"Deary, I need your help right now."

Lucime looks up surprized. "What's Wrong!"

"It's Demy, he is severely wounded and he can't get up, he's loosing blood fast and if not treated soo he might blackout. And I can't have my Demy Gely going dead on me."

"What do you need me to do!?"

"We need to go back to the Complex and fix him up. I believe hes till has his badages. Come on."

  • put her hand on Lucime's face and both of them telport to the Complex

"Do you see him, deary?"

"W-W-What happened!?"

"I don't know. He said he needed help and his voice sounded weak. Do you know what happend?"

"That's why I was asking you. Well, we need to get him to the medical bay quick."

  • Walks over and lifts up Demgel with ease. She then starts running towards a white hallway.

Lucime looks worried. "Will hew be okay?"

  • Lucime sets Demgel on a bed quickly and patches up his wounds, which soon begin to heal.
  • Demgel is breathing slowly
  • Demgel then slwoly wakes up

"Leg? Lucime? Am I dying?"

"Lucime I hope not, I can't deal with friends dying anymore."

  • Hugs Demgel tightly.

"You just rest until you're fully healed."

"Thanks. I'm still sorry about this morning."

"Don't worry about it, I've some time to think and I'm calmer now."

"All she needed was a story time."

  • Demgel smiles

"Heh, story time."

  • a miniture earthquake shakes the room
  • a water mass is looking through the window

"Demgel, why is there a mass of water outside the window?"

"This can't be good! You wait here!" Runs to the window to look out

  • Demgel looks outside

"Chaos? Chaos?!CHAOOOOS!"

  • Jumps out of the window at the water mass with his scythe at hand.

"No Demy, Not yet."

  • Demgel cuts the mass' shoulder

"Wait! You still have to heal!!!" 

  • Demgel proceeds to fight the water mass
  • the mass attempts to grab Demgel
  • Demgel jumps into the air and power dives on top of the mass' head, forcing it back into the water

"Well, he's going to need help."

  • Jumps out the window and pulls out her anti-tank cannon and shoots the mass repeatedly pushing it further into the water.


  • launches at the mass
  • the mass smacks him through the Complex, then turns it attention to Lucime

"What Do You want!!!!" 

  • lands and rushes at the mass shooting forward trying to make a hole to get inside it
  • the mass is uneffected and grabs Lucime
  • the mass proceeds to squeeze Lucime
  • Lucime struggles and tries to get it to let her go


  • the scythe pertrudes through the mass' eye
  • the mass seems to be in pain
  • Demgel lands on the bridgeway to the Complex
  • Med appears

"I'm back, bitches!"


  • Leg imediately puts her hands over her mouth

"Sorry God"

"While I was away, I did some research on this big-tittied vampire slut and found out that she can absole the blood of a perons blood. So all we need to do is have her drink some of the boy's blood. Then maybe she can be useful." 

Lucime continues to stuggle. "LET.....ME......GO!!!!!"


  • launches at the mas and cut of the hand that is holding Lucime and grabs Lucime before she hits the water and both of them land on the bridgeway.

"Thank you.....Now you can put me down"

  • Demgel puts Lucime down

"Deary, It appears that if you both are to defeat this thing, you must drink some of Demy's blood.

Lucime Looks annoyied."Don't think i can handle myself"

"I know you can, but we cant stop this thing from destroying this place if we dont go along with this."


  • Lucime bites Demgel
  • Demgel feels a litle sting

"How do you feel, deary."

Lucime opens her eyes and they are now red, "I feel like you are taking too long!"

"If we are done with the blood donation, let's get him!"

  • launches at the mass and cuts his way through its body.

"Hey, you guys doing good down there? And that thing about to tip my building over?!"

Lucime look up. "Prynce you're back!"

"Yeah, and I come back to see this amorphous blob trying to ruin my artifacts and house! Not a welcome return."

  • Blasts the mass with a dark beam, sending it flying.

"Since your back, how about giving us an assist."

  • fires a ball of energy at the mass' face
  • the mass crushe one end of the bridgeway and procceeds to swipe his hand across the bridgeway, destroying it
  • Demgel grabs Lucime and flies into the air.
  • The mass looks at Demgel, Lucime, and Dark Prynce.
  • The mass finlly pushes the tower over with one hand
  • The mass launches itself t everyone and tackles them into the water
  • The mass proceeds to drown them in the water

"I don't know why you think this will work?"

  • Punches the mass and sends it rocketing out of the water. He appears above it, grabs it with one hand and sends it crashing down on the fallen tower.
  • The mass arises
  • The mass goes away into the distance

"Well that was just fantastic. I'm going to go after it and ask it, politely, to fix my Complex."

  • Chases after the mass.
  • The mass is going at high speed back toward the Tundra
  • Demge follows the mass aswell
  • Lucime quickly follows the pair
  • The mass rises upon reaching the Tundra
  • It turns it hand into is and backhands slaps Dark Prynce in to Demgel
  • Demgel catches him

"Thanks. I didn;t see that coming."

  • Dark Prynce pulls out his twin pistols and shoots at the mass
  • Lucime shows up and shoots at the mass as well.

"Let's tear this thing apart!"

  • Demgel pulls out his pistols and shoots at it
  • The mass is uneffected and sinks back into the water

"Yeah, I thought that would happen."

  • Begins firing energy blasts where the mass sank into the water.

"It was worth a shot."

  • Begins to charge up her energy.


  • charges two red balls of energy and merges them into one
  • throws the balls at the mass
  • The masgets completey obliterated and it starts to rain water
  • Demgel is breathing heavily

"Don't you think that was a little much for some water?"

"As long as he's dead. I'm good with that."

On the other side of the Tundra

  • The mass pops back up from the water and takes form
  • The figure lands on the icy surface and reveals to be Father Divine

"The boy proved to be stronger than I expeceted, so as his new-found friends."

Voice: "Father, I have news of Chaos' death at the hands of a god-like being known as Star."

"Ah, I see. Well, its about time to take a different approach to this. Do what you need to. The end is almost near and I will make forth my way above the Most High."

Voice: "Yes, Father"

  • Divine looks off into the distance

Voice: "Father, I have news that the boy and the Lord of the Abyss are travelling through the pillars of Hell and are now battling the The Seven Princes."

"Good. With Satan out of the way, the wager I made with him wont even matter. Making my possibilty of exspancion more inevitable. Things are forever going in my favor. Resume your jonb

  • Spends about a few seconds rebuilding the Complex.

"So Demgel, I have a new mission for you."

"Yes, what is it?"

"I need your help in storming Hell. There's something there that we need."

  • a little nervous.

"If I can handle the Circles of Death, I can surely handle a lving fireplace."

  • pulls out Death's Scythe

"Where do we start?"

"I like that attitude. Just follow me through here and we'll be at the first pillar."

  • Opens a wormhole.
  • Demgel looks down and sees firey skulls and damned souls


"Oh come on, it's not that bad."

  • Dives into the wormhole.
  • is about to dive into the wormhole, but quickly turns back around and kisses Lucime on the cheek.

"What was that for?"

  • Blushes.

"I felt like I needed to thank you. And I still feel sorry this morning."

  • smiles


  • jumps into the wormhole

Raizo Pillar

"What took you so long?"

"I needed to give thanks."

  • looks around and sees the place is on fire mixed with blood

"Awkward place. Who's first?"

"My half brother. The most egotistical demon you'll ever meet."

"Hm, if you think he's egotistic you shold see Med when he's high on chilly-peppered meth."

"That is something I would like to see. Well, on to his castle."

  • Points to a castle in the distance. As soon as that happens, an army of demons pop up from the ground.

"Should have known we'd run into these things."

  • starts slicing them with his scythe
  • Begins mowing them down with his gun.

"Yeah, should've guessed!"

  • Demgel jumps in the air and groundpounds the ground with his scythe killing all the demons
  • Raizo falls from the sky.

"Well, well, if it isn't my younger brother!"

"Shut up and let us through. You don't want to loose again do you?"

"I'm not easily defeated."

"Yeah, sure."

  • Punches Raizo in the face.
  • Demgel follows up and kicks Raizo in the stomach
  • Demgel then kicks Raizo in the jaw
  • Demgel then impales him with with his sythe

"Had enough yet?"

"Is this all you've got?"

  • Punches Demgel away.
  • Dark Prynce shoots Raizo repeatedly forcding him backwards.
  • Demgel quickly recovers and charges back at Raizo
  • strikes Raizo in the shoulder and tears it off

"Ooo, I'm so scared. Is that really all you've got?"

  • Blasts Dark Prynce with and energy blast and punches him into the ground.
  • Dark Prynce gets up and uppercuts Raizo before sending send a wave of energy at him.

"Let me show what i'm made of."

  • Demgel jumps in the air and strikes Raizo and splits him straight down the middle
  • Cough* "Okay, that hurt a little."
  • Reforms and dashes at Demgel
  • Demgel dashes to his right
  • turns back around cuts the back of Raizo's legs
  • Then strkes him him in the head
  • Dark Prynce then incinerates Raizo leaving a smoldering pile of ash.

"He must be the weakest of the Pillars i prossume."

"Obviously. Shall we move on?"


  • The ground breaks beneath them leading them to the next Pillar
  • Demgel dives head first into the next Pillar
  • Dark Prynce follows suit

Anti-Christ Pillar

"I wonder who's residing here."

"Me too."

  • loks arounds see everything in a red and black atmosphere

"Where ever we are, it oozes with unholiness."

"So you can feel it too. I think this guy might be pretty strong."

"He has too be. hopefully,we can still beat who ever resides here."

"Now why would I let you take over my diminion?"

  • An army of 1000 demons comes out of the sky and the Anti-Christ appears behind them all.
  • Demgel is in awe

"Holy Crap"

"I take the army, you take Anti-Christ?"

  • Demgel is nervous


  • sythe turns into a spear launches at Anti-Christ
  • Dark Prynce summons his scythe and starts wailing on the army, sending out blasts from the tip and energy slashes from the blade tearing down the army.

"Foolish mortal, come to meet your end. Give me the strength to destroy him oh unholy father."

  • Anti-Christ summons tonfas and blocks Demgel's attack.
  • Anti-Christ hits Demgel in the stomach.
  • Demgel quickly recovers

"I have read of you, the destruction you will so forht bring."

  • The scythe extends and impales Anti-Christ
  • Anti-Christ quickly heals and dashes forth towards Demgel.
  • Dark Prynce blasts Anti-Christ away.

"Keep him out of reach! He's deadly with those tonfas!"


  • sythe turns into a buzzsaw and rips Anti-Christ's insides
  • Anti-Christ smacks the buzzsaw away and teleports around the field and smacks Dark Prynce
  • Dark Prynce summons his tonfas and smacks Anti-Christs legs and kicks him across the field.
  • sythe turns into a buzzsaw and extends twards Anti-Christ
  • Anti-Christ blocks with one tonfa, knocks Demgel's weapon up, and dashes in and attacks Demgel's face.
  • Demgel's face starts bleeding
  • Demgel recovers
  • throws a blade at Anti-Christ
  • The blade hits Anti-Christ's face
  • He rips it out and throws a tonfa at Demgel and dashes in.
  • Demgel dodges and spawns another blade and stabs Anti-Christ right in the eye
  • Anti-Christ leaves the blade in his eye and sends a wave of heat seaking energy towards Demgel.
  • Demgel puts up a barrier that destroys the heat seeking energy

"This one is strong. Let me ask you. Who's stronger? You or Satan?"

"My master is the strongest of us all. He is my Unholy Father. However, unlike him, I can summon dead humans."

  • A trigram appears on the floor and Lord of Ruin shoots up, except now, his skin is black, his clawed hands look like guantlets, and his chains are reinforced.

"I'm back, and I'm stronger than ever thanks to my masters!"

  • Demgel stares in awe

"Ah fuck."

"I guess you two have met!"

  • Dark Prynce teleports behind the Anti-Christ and snaps his neck.
  • Anti-Christ recovers and stabs Demgel in the back with the knife in his eye.
  • Lord of Ruin punches Demgel further onto the sword.
  • Dark Prynce removes the sword and spin kicks Lord or Ruin and Anti-Christ away from Demgel.
  • Demgel is severally hurt
  • coughs up blood
  • eyes turn red and starts breathing furociously
  • Lord of Ruin rushes Demgel.
  • Anti-Christ rushes Dark Prynce.
  • Dark Prynce summons his gauntlets and takes on Anti-Christ.
  • Demgel pulls out the blade from his back and jumps and stabs the Lord of Ruin in the head
  • Lord of Ruin screams in pain and blasts towards Demgel with rage.
  • Dark Prynce punches Anti-Christ into Lord of Ruin

"Time to finish this!"

  • Dark Prynce charges up an enourmous energy ball and sends it to the enemies direction.

"Demgel, give it a little power."

"A little? Why not all?"

  • Demgel's canines start to grow, he crosses his arms like a mummy and starts twidiling his fingers, tiny peices of earth start to float up into midair, black w/ blood red outline matter form into demon wings.

"Let's see if their's a place for the people who already dead."

  • releases a black and red explosion that disenagrates noth Anti-Christ and the Lord of Ruin
  • explosion is finished

"Hehe, I had expected Wrethced to have lasted longer than that. Shall we be going?"

  • The ground benath them brakes into giant shareds of glass that is floating in mid-air

"Might as well call this Hell Inception."

  • Demgel jumps and swings from shard-to-shard

"Glad you're having fun."

  • Flies straight across.

Mammon Pillar

  • lands in a wierd puggy surface with a red mist

"Who else here wishes to find a place beyond Hell?"

"Cut the act, I know you hate this job."

"Eh, give or take. So one has to do it. Am I wrong?"

"True. So, you mind doing me a favor and letting us pass, or do you have to follow that rule?"

"I never turn down help to those who need it and because I have nothing else to do."

"Thank you. If you ever need anything just ask, I'll get it to you."

  • Ashley appears out of a magical portal and faces Demgel and Prynce

"I'm here to help with your demon problem."

"Thaks Prynce and who da fuck you?"

  • She moved some of the stray hair on her head out of the way of her eyes and smiled at him

"My name is Ashley, Ashley Summerglo. I am here to vanquish the demons 7, I was told I could meet you and Demgel here."

"By who?"

  • She points back towards the enterance into this Pillar

"One of the demons back there said that some people up here might need some help, I thought that I would be helping a small child. But I ran into you two..."

"You make sound like it's a bad thing."

  • puts on a badass smirk
  • She grinned a little

"I have no idea what you're hinting at.. Now are we going to do this or are we going to talk about it?"

  • She turned to face the next Demon that would fall by Soulcaster's spell
  • Demgel sees what looks like a obese man
  • Demgel then sees a dragon come from the ground and devours the obese man

"Holy shit."

  • runs over to where the man was devoured
  • She walks over next to Demgel

"Dem, leave him we have nothing for him, he's dead. We need to find Mammon and be on our way, you don't want to find out what evil things can happen in places like this."

  • Demgel looks out into the distance and sees scrawny people walking in a line caring huge odd shaped bags

"What on Earth?"

  • Ashley casts a spell to reveal what they were and what they were carrying although she didn't know what they were or what they were carrying

"What the hell are those things... No pun intended."

  • smiles at Ashley

"No pun taken"

  • looks off again
  • one of the scrwany people fall to their knees
  • a drgon comes up from the pudgy surface and devours him

"Seriously, da fuck?"

"Dragons, in hell..? I thought I was the only one."

  • She dispersed soulcaster and prepared to face the monster

"Shall we face this kin of mine?"

  • She turned and gave Demgel a questioning look

"Sure thing. That's why w're here, right?"

  • She nods and begins to travel towards the disturbance up ahead

"Can you fly? Or do you need a lift?"

"I got it"

  • uses his wings to fly
  • flies into the air then dives down penetrting through the ground
  • Sees a cave like undergound with streams of light shining through
  • sees a giant dragon-humanoind looking being wth 7 dragon head attached to him
  • sees no sign f legs
  • Ashley hovers without using wings as she instead used her magic

"Is that a.. Hydra?"

  • She prepared to freeze the beast in place if it made a move
  • She also summoned soulcaster once more

"Hooooolaaay Shiieeet. I don't think thats thats a hydra. The center of the body is larger than the other dragon on it's side and the center has arms."

"Who dares enter the 3rd Pillar?"

"We dare."

  • Ashley prepared for the worse, and she kind of wondered what she would do if the worse did come to pass

"Um, Demgel you wouldn't happen to know if this... thing that stands before us is in fact Mammon would you?"

"Hell, it's a giant-demon devouring fat and scrwny people. It's pretty flippin' obvious."

"I am indeed the one known as Mammon: Devourer of the Gluttonous and Greedy."

"Then on behalf of the demon world, I cannot allow you to devour any longer, give up now or face retribution for your crimes!"

"Crimes? I was put here as the safe-guard of this pillar. I am the punisher for those who coveted material things. Their punishment: Everlasting devourment. The Gluttons are forced to eat upon their own fesses. I chew the Gluttons up and spit them out and the process repeats. The Greedy carry all they have coveted in life and are forced to walk across the fesses of the Gluttons. If they collapse, I devour them too. I was put here to do so."

"Well then, it seems like you guys switch roles again. Well, I'll just have to take you down as well."

  • Dark Prynce pulls out a whip blade and gets ready to battle Mammon.

"Well then, I'm with you Prynce."

  • Ashley readies soulcaster and spins it around in her hand ready to fight.

"Death unto the who dare disrupt the order of what all things are."

"Heh, last time I checked. Death fears me."

  • dives at Mammon
  • Mammon sends a dragon head to devour Demgel
  • Demgel stabs the dragon in it's nostril and runs down the dragons back and heads toward Mammon
  • Dark Prynce begins to take out its legs using his whip blade from a distance causing massive damage.


  • Demgel leaps at Mammon's head and is about to slash it
  • Mammon slaps Demgel away

"Ashley, cover fire and defensive magic please."

  • Dark Prynce slashes Mammon's wings off.
  • Mammon is in pain


  • grabs hold of Dark Prynce

"You known as Dark Prynce will parish."

  • smashes Dark Prynce into a stalagmite
  • Ashley uses her dragonic magic and freezes Mammon in the eyes

"Let him go dumbass!"

  • She then shoots a fireball into his frozen eyeballs to make them shatter

"Thanks for the assist, but I asked for the cover fire for you and Demgel, I barely feel a thing."

  • Rips off Mammon's arm that's holding him and smack him with it across this plane of Hell.


What makes you think you'll survive?"

"Because we're so badass like that."

  • Demgel kicks Mammon across his face
  • Scythe extends and grabs hold of Mammon's torn arm
  • Scythe pulls Demgel back
  • Demgel leaps back and kicks Mammon across the face again
  • Ashley's staff transforms into a blade and she uses it to cut the dragon across the face

"That, was just for my bloodwhistler to get it's fair taste of blood"

  • She freezes the dragons legs to the ground before shattering one of them with her sword
  • she quickly moves on to the next but instead melts it with a fireball
  • Mammon slaps Ashley away

"Has anyone ever taught you not to hit a girl?"

"I'm an Archfiend Kaiser, Remember?"

"Oh yea"

  • Mammon stretches forth his hand and tries to grab Demgel
  • All the dragon heads towrd Demgel too
  • In a split second blood splatters as over the place
  • Mammon's arm is cut off
  • The dragon heads are decapitated. Each ones has a fire blade stuck in the severed part
  • Mammon falls once more and makes away toward the 4th Pillar

"But what you don't now , is that i'm a fuckin' nephalem."

  • jumps down to the next level
  • Ashley easily recovers from the dragons attempt to slap her away but she was now in a semi-dragon form

"Bad move Mammon, now it's time you learned your place."

  • She forms soulcaster in her hand it takes the shape of a great sword
  • summons dragonic magic around it and slams the blade into Mammon's forehead
  • wedging deep into his forehead as she pulled it back out


  • dies and falls down to the 4th Pillar of Hell
  • Demge sees Mammon's gianr dead body falling behind him
  • Demgel does some fancy acrobatic flipping all across Mammon's body until he finally reaches the end
  • Ashley lands next to Demgel

"Is he dead?"

  • She kicks his limp body to see if he was ready for some more punishment

"Yep. Lifeless."

"Then I guess we should move on to the next one"

Asmodeus Pillar

  • start walking through a blood-red field

"Soaked in blood I see."

  • She brushes the hair out of her face and then transforms back into her human form

"Time to get to work."

"Suppose so. Where should we start? It seems where in the middle of a blood-soaked nowhere."

"I'm sure there is bound to be something to disrupt this 'peaceful' situation."

  • She grins at the thought of this being all there was in this Pillar
  • Demgel looks at all those who are being tormented in the bloody fields.

"Wonder what they did to deserve this?"

"Probably a bunch of murderers or something like that. Hey, Dem, why are we here killing Demon-lords anyways? This is hell, that's like killing dragons in Dragon Realm."

  • Ashley was a bit confused

"Hm, your right both."

  • a red gust of dust takes form in front of them
  • reveals a tall-red demon that is covered with red-bony plates

"What is your business here?"

"Are you the 4th Pillar?"

"I am Archfiend Kaiser Asmodeus, yes."

"Oh good. We're here to kill you."


"He said we're here to kill you. So I'm guessing this is where you transform into your demon-Over-Powered form or something."

  • she replied

"Lucky for you, this form is all I have."

"Then, thanks for making it easy for us!"

  • launches at Asmodeus
  • She uses her frost breath: pillar of Ice attack and freezes the demon's lower half to make it easier on Demgel
  • Demgel kicks Asmodeus in the face hard enough to send Asmodeus out of the ice
  • Asmodeus stops himself
  • grabs Demgel by the head and throw him into Ashley
  • Ashley gets up and helps Demgel to his feet before launching at Asmodeus with soulcaster in spear form and stabs the demon in the left shoulder
  • removes the blade from his shoulder and throws Ashley into Demgel
  • Demgel catches Ashley

"Seriously, you demons have no manners what so ever. Throwing women? Tsk."

"We're Kaisers for a reason you know."

  • rushes at Demgel
  • head butts him in his nose
  • Demgel backs up 2 feets
  • smiles

"Has any one ever told you, if you ever want to get any where in life. Use your hands."

  • punches Asmodeus in his face
  • Asmodeus is flies across the bloody field


"Well it looks like we may be the first."

  • Ashley freezes Asmodeus solid with her special Ice breath

"I froze him solid, care to finish him off Demgel?"

"Sure thing, Ashley"

"Wait. Demgel?"

  • runs toward Asmodeus
  • spawns a blade
  • stabs Asmodeus in the forehead
  • Asmodeus slowly dies

"You...are my...own grandson."

"Grandson? If your my grandfather, then who's my father or my mother?"

"Your father is my son...he...goes by the name..."

  • Asmodeus dies

"Who? Who damn it?! WHO!?"

  • pounds the ground
  • Ashley touches Demgel's shoulder

"Hey, focus. He could've been lying Dem, besides Family or not he tried to kill you... We'll find your father another way."

"To tell you the truth. He didn't put up that much of a fight. He may be a demon, but for some reason, he seemed more...respectable. Thanks, Ash."

  • Ashley noted what Dem said and flew off towards the next pillar
  • follows Ashley toward the next pillar
  • Asmodeus gets up after they leave.

"I really hope that he makes it out of here alive."