Van Valeric looks up at the Sun and the green strands spread across the sky.

Van Valeric: Come forth Jibaku. For your wait is over.

Today is the day, for the universe to tremble in fear...

A solar flare hits the the Earth, but this solar flare is actually the Sun pouring itself into the magnetosphere. The force and the intake is too much and the magnetosphere literally shatters like glass and the world slightly burns to ash. The fire takes form of a large but miniature version of the Sun. As it hovers over above, it releases releases a force of instant death and light all but blinds everyone who saw it. After the light clears, a being made out of molten fire, with a cracked smile, slant eyes, small horns, long tail, bestial feet and flames coming out the cracks of the rock skin that he has appears in front of Valeric.

Jibaku: *stretches* How was your millennium, Valeric?

Van Valeric: Busy, eventful, etc. You?

Jibaku: Sat around and watched the endless slaughter before my very eyes. Oh how I wanted to do the same to ever world out there. How I can resolve so many problems, *picks up some ash* just by turning everything into ash. *the ash blows away into the wind*

Van Valeric: you know there are forces coming to vanquish you.

Jibaku: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Then let them come! Let them bare witness to the end of the universe.


Demgel: Duuuuude. Da fuck was that?

Med: I don't know but that was fucking awesome! I mean look at the Sun now!

The Sun is completely black and only has a red rim around it. The sky is black with a glowing hint of the horizon.

Med: Man, that is so badass. Demgel? *looks to see that Demgel has run off* Well, *takes out a camera* Lights, Camera, Action. Whooohooo! *follows after Demgel*

"Noooooooo! The Sun has already given birth! Why lord?" Falls to his knees and pound the ground. "Why? Why? Why?Why?Why?"

Akanmi: Ugggh, Dad-

"Shut up, I'm mourning/panicking. Whhahayhay? Whhyyyyyy? Ok I'm good, let's sprint to our dooms! Smiles at them and rushes off.

Everyone follows after him, while Reveryn only limps faster.

Kado sighs. "You know, as much as I like running, I'm not in the mood to take my time so..." Kado draws Dark Slayer and Fire Slayer, and as he does so, a skeleton of black flames slowly manifests around him, running for him and growing eight arms, then muscling out into a large demon with the same flames burning about it.

"Anyone need a ride?" Two large wings sprout from its back.

Reveryn: I do! *trips* Oh no! *rolls all over the ground*

"You all go ahead. I'll come in later and make a badass entrance when everyone has gotten the shit beaten out of them."

The multiple arms each out and grab them, then the demon speeds off at a massive pace, metallic armor now beginning to cover it, and it takes off into the sky and flies even faster, towards the source of the flame.

"Let's do this. Let's give em' a performance that will leave em' hanging.... til they drop dead."


Jibaku: *is siting down waiting* There are some coming from the west and there's another coming from the south. They are very anxious to see me.

Van Valeric: You have no idea.

Jibaku: Well I can't wait to meet them. Happy fun times.

A massive flaming black demon with heavy armor lands some distance away from then, its impact raising a mountain range behind it. It lowers its hands and drops off several figures, staring at Valeric and Jibaku once it rises to full height, and Valeric can remember this being's energy as Kado, the wielder of Dark Slayer, though his increase in power since he last saw the fighter had grown significantly, obvious by his mastery of his ansestor's technique. The negative being within him also seems stronger, and it seems to have a familiar energy to that of.... Kukyo.

Jibaku: Hahahahaha! I feel like its birthday. Mind introducing yourselves to me? I like to know who my opponents are before they burn eternally.

Kado remains silent, the demon drawing several energy swords, but leaving a few spare hands.

Jibaku: No names? Well, it looks like there will be no more heroes today. But I'm glad you all came all this way just to show that don't care about dying.

A low chuckle comes from the demon. "You guys ready?" Just so you know, I have a rather..... massive..... radius of attack. Be careful if I make a move that you don't get hit.

Jibaku: But before you die, let's for more others to come. If they don't come in less than 5 minutes, then we can start.

Kronos: And before YOU die... *Takes off the halmet, putting it in the thin air where it disapears* ... Let me tell you how much your friend is a dick. *Summons The Scythe* You guys ready to beat the shit out of these douches?

Jibaku:....Who is this tramp....? He reminds me of those medeling Olympians.

Van Valeric: That's Kronos.

Jibaku: *nods* Well. Not surprising that he is hard-headed as usual. They're in for it. 'm not like most of my kind. Speaking of which, Is my kind still around.

Van Valeric: Yes, they still live. They still remain on the east side of the continent.

Jibaku: Good to hear. 4 minutes

A flash of light appears atop a large rock between the two forces, and a woman in pure white robes with long white hair appears from it, with large dragon wings and tail, and sits down, observing both Jibaku and Valeric, but also the various gathered resistance, and smiles on seeing Kado.

Kado turns and snarls. "Of all of the times....!"

She smiles wider. "Oh don't worry yourself. I'm not here for you. When have I ever been anywhere with the interest of you?"

Her head turns toward the two gods, Jibaku and Valeric, and laughs softly. "I'm just here to watch the show.... before the main act unfolds...."

Van Valeric: Do you feel that?

Jibaku: Yes...I can feel it. The white lady has something planned for us and what I'm feeling, it's not good for neither of us.

Van Valeric: Should we take her out first?

Jibaku: No. Before you know it, I might get bored of the competition and destroy the Earth before she even does anything. Besides, depending on who all arrives, I have what you call 'insurance'.

White's smile does not abate. "Destroy the Earth, or a thousand for that matter.... it does not concern me. My plan will still be on course and you will save me the effort of destroying humanity. Either way..." She laughs.

"My plans.... have gone exactly as predicted. Have your fun, little gods, little Titan. It matters not to me."

Kado growls. I got a bad feeling I know what's up guys.... .....Beware that woman guys. If she gets involved, get away quickly."

Kronos: I heed your warning, Mister Kado, but I am here to beat shit. And I can think of only one way to do it. Are we going to? Because frankly, I don't care what you guys think. *Gets in a ready stance* Sorry for the bluntnes, I just don't want Kukyo to have to get hurt... *Moves forward*

Everyone stays quite

Reveryn: *smiles* I feel slighty awkward...

So we got the overconfident Titan, a somewhat epic archer, a girl who make you see tomorrow with a single punch... me.... so, what's left...."

Reveryn:You got yourself a symbiote angel and one of the half angelic marksman form this side of the continent.

"I see."


What is it, Neo?

Let me go first.

No. I want you to stay back. I can handle myself here. But if I do get in a tight spot, I'll appreciate the help.

She's still sleeping, you know.

You done talking?


Jibaku: 1 minute.

Reveryn: Oh man, due. I'm so psyched and then again I'm so scared at the same time. Jesus, so much mixed emotions about all this. So much, I forgot I'm in pain.

"Let's focus. I'd rather not have someone die because they weren't paying attention. I assume he's going to make the first move...."

White watches them all as she remains seated. "I wonder how well the heroes of this world shall stand.... it shall be a most interesting battle.... watch now.... and see your desires fulfilled with mine eyes."

The Avatar of Kagayaki manifests next to her, and it bows its head, and she merely strokes it. "Soon enough. Soon enough."

Reveryn and Segura looks at White

Reveryn: Awkweeerrrd.

The dragon opens its mouth and a powerful beam of solar energy blasts at them, it's only Kado's creation of a Dark Shield that deflects the blast in time toward the mountains instead, creating a large explosion when it strikes.

I would keep comments to yourself. That's Kagayaki, the dragonic God of Light from my homeworld. And his master, White, leader of Phoenix and the one behind this whole invasion. Neither one of them you should piss off.

Reveryn: Still awkward.

Jibaku: 45 seconds.

The demon readies, lifting its shield towards the direction of Jibaku and Valeric.

Alright guys. Let's do this....

Jibaku: 30 seconds.

Everyone gets ready

The demon tenses, ready to attack or defend at the first sign of a threat.

" SonOfABiiiiiiitch!" Van Valeric is tackled by Demgel and the fall down a slope of ash and debris.

Jibaku: *stands and turns to look at everyone* Fight!

Akami is the first to rush Jibaku. She throws swift punches and kicks , but Jibak dodged them all. Torem rushes him as well but both of them cant land a single hit on Jibaku and are immediately being tossed around the place. They comeback to rush him again, only this time Segura beats them to Jibaku with his sword drawn, but he does not better as he is too being knocked around along with Akami and Torem.

The demon charges a massive sphere of fire, and condenses it into a tiny point, which it fires as a massive beam straight at Jibaku, the beam cutting through the terrain as though it were a massive blade.

Jibaku: *grabs hold of the demons face and drives his face into the ground and pins it down with his foot*

Akami: *rushes Jibaku and throws swift punches at him and actually punches Jibaku in the face*

Jibaku: *slowly turns his head towards Akami and shout fire breath at her sending flying across the terrain*

Torem: *rushes Jibaku only to get get grabbed around the neck by his tail that begins to choke her*

Jibaku: Quite fun. I fun. Are you having as much fun as I am? *an arrow hits Jibaku in the chest can it causes a vibration that blows his flames out and causes him to drop Torem and step of the demon's face*

Reveryn: I sure am. *fires another arrow*

The arrow hits the ground near Jibaku and the vibration makes him stagger back.

Segura: *sends a shockwave from his sword at Jibaku that splits him n half*

Jibaku: *his flames return and as he walks towards them he slowly splits apart and the to split halves become two separate wholes* Hahahahaha.

Reveryn; So ceeewwwl. *fires two arrows at the same time at both of them, but just as soon as it come it reach, the arrows burn before they even touch both Jibakus* Well that's not cool.

The demon stands up, not even injured. "Flame Suppression." All of the fire is suddenly absorbed by the demon's blades and Jibaku finds he cannot start them again.

A metor suddenly smashes into Jibaku and violently explodes, and he feels the explosion take full effect, if not increased in damage.

The fire from the explosion stops all of a sudden and it is absorbed into Jibaku and his flames return.

Jibaku: It's like throwing a rock into a fire place. But don't worry. I got something that's fail proof. *looks up into the sky and the stare shine but the begin to fall and it appears they're coming straight towards the Earth* I hope you like showers. I absolutely love them.

Kronos: I don't. *Pulls himself back up* But thanks for asking. Never did actually... *Cuts Jibaku's head off, then flying back to his spot*

Fire burst out of the stump of his head and a cracked smile and slant eyes appear and it forms a new head.

Jibaku: Maybe if you didn't dig your own grave in Tartarus, you would. *puts up his finger a a single red speck of light appears. He flicks it at Kronos and it instantly causes and mushroom explosion* So...Who's next?

The demon punches Jibaku straight through half of the mountain range it created earlier. While he's flying, it also creates an instantaneous explosion almost as destructive as Jibaku's attack.

Jibaku appears behind the demon most ominously. " Did you miss me?" Elbows him the face twice, kicks the demon in the side then elbows im in the face again, then uppercuts him into subspace. As the demon exits the atmosphere of earth, Jibaku comes down and rams his feet into the demons back sending him back down to earth in flames and an enormous explosion ensues. Dust clears with Jibaku stand untop the demon. "So where were we?" Kicks the demon into the ground and he stop where everybody else is.

Reveryn: *kneels down next to the demon* How you doin', guy?

The demon suddenly condenses, and disappears to reveal Neo, with shaggy long black hair and a black cloak, looking very much like Kado except maybe older. He has orange red eyes that gleam in the dim air. He stands, looking over at Jibaku with an annoyed expression, and dusts himself off. Red runes appear on his chest, and the aura unleashed spreads through the region, a powerful negative energy.

"Fraid it's not that easy pal." His arms are crossed. "By the way, you really should have kept quiet in that sun. Both you and Valeric are idiots for coming here."

Jibaku: And you're a even bigger idiot to face us.


Demgel: *circles around Valeric with his scythe at hand* Alright you ice-chucking asshole, it ends here. Everyone has grown tired of your existence and it's about time someone put an end to it.

Van Valeric: Stop speeching about why I should die and go ahead and kill me already. That is...If you can.

Demgel: *is angry* I'll show you! *a massive aura of darkish fire surrounds him* AAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHH! *He rushes Valeric at with earth-shatering speed and throws numerous attacks at him with his scythe*

Van Valeric: *simply dodges with little to now effort at all* Come now. I know you can do better. The legends say, that you are the one who will surpass all others. So prove it. *jumps over Demgel and lands behind him*

Demgel: *stops and rushes him again, this time his scythe turns into a bazzsaw and stil continues to throw numerous attacks at Valeric* Why don't you die! *pulls his ahnd back and hits him with a demonic blast, knocking Valeric off his feet*

Valeric: *lands on his feet and breathes slowly* There we go. Release the rage you have for me. Finish me.

Demgel: AAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHH! *his demonic aura grows bigger and gravel begins to levitate around them*

A large wave of negative energy suddenly bursts from the other battlefield, almost knocking them over, as a figure launches Jibaku into the air with a single kick, and then fires a black hole at him, which launches him even higher above the battlefield, before creating a monstrous explosion strong enough to raise the temperature of the area violently, and momentarily illuminate the area.

Valeric can suddenly sense the being responsible, and it doesn't take him long to recognize the energy of the being as being empowered by the Curse of Kukyo.

Kronos: *A flash of sadness comes unto hos face befor his serious look returns* Alright. Demgel, Smash. *Draws the Scythe* Make sure I have a clear hit at his heart. *Charges with Demgel*

Demgel: die, mother fucker! *jumps and dive attacks Valeric*

Jibaku: *points toward the sky and more red specks of light rain down and when they hit the surface it starts to destroy absolutely everything*

Reveryn: *is panicking whilte trying to avoid the speck* Shit! Shit! Shit! Oh Shit!

Akami: Everyone!...Do whatever Reveryn's doing? Actually...Torem, put up the shield!

Torem: *raises her hand and a cross is glows. A ring of light domes around them. The pecks hit them, but they are not receiving damage*

Reveryn: Oh shit, that was a close one. Thanks, Torry.

Torem: Don't mention it.

Neo kicks Jibaku in the stomach, and launches him out into space, where the stars falling suddenly change course and smash into him instead, the blast an implosion rather than an explosion, all of the destructive force smashes him and nothing else, and he falls down, where a brilliant glowing figure stands next to Neo.

"Sorry we're late." It says simply, a glowing sword in its hands.

White sits up, and looks at the figure, then banishes the Avatar. "Well now.... this is surprising. All Eight are here.... how astonishing."

Kronos: *Slows to a halt* Heh, Valeric, surrender now! *Throws kunais everywhere* For now there are 9 GODS on our side! HA!

Demgel: *is thrown across the ground and bears sight ti the freezing aura surrounding Valeric*

Jibaku: *appears next to Valeric* 16. Looks like they got insurance too. Shall I bring mine?

Van Valeric: Go ahead.

Van Valeric: Come forth my sons...

Three lights appear to come from the sun and are descending quickly. Thy finally land reveal to be men made of of solar flames

Jibaku: Even odds right? 16 against 5.

" you forgot one more, mother fucker! Whoooooo~" The boss jumps out of nowhere and attempts to dobule-front kick him, but it does nothing and he falls to the ground. "Ahhhh it didn't work. My legs! Oh god. It didn't work! It didn't woooorheherherrrrk! Ahhhhhhhahahahhhhhhh! Whyyyyy? Whhhhhahahyyy?" Dramatically sobs for a moment.

Reveryn: I saw it was a good try...

"Shut up!"

Reveryn: Ok I'm sorry...

"You are but one god of Destruction. We are Eight Gods of Creation." Kagayaki says simply.

"Everyone! We're going to show them what real power really is!!!" He roars, but is cut off by the sound of White laughing.

"You might as well save your breath for later Kagayaki.... you'll need it.... all of you......."

She stands up. "It's time to begin."

Suddenly all of Earth begins to violently quake, as multicolored light begins to fill the entire sky.

"Thank you.... Jibaku.... Van Valeric.... for providing the necessary energy to accomplish it. All of this destruction energy is exactly the kind of energy we would have needed to charge this atmosphere with in order to even come close to achieving this power...."

She holds up her hands to the sky, and begins channeling the energy Jibaku had unleashed. Suddenly the sky itself, even the image of the Sun cracks violently, then all over Earth, a phenomena as though the sky itself shattering appears, to reveal a thing even greater in circumference than the sun, with countless rings violently spinning around a massive cannon, which is charging an absolutely massive store of energy.

White ascends into the sky, looking down on them.

"This is what Kukyo spoke of, Van Valeric. She promised that if you joined Jibaku on this day, it would lead to your defeat. Your absolute destruction. You should have heeded those words and fled. Now both you and your partner shall experience the ultimate punishment of your sin. Mortals of this world! Bare witness to the absolute power of Phoenix! Watch as these so called gods are brought low, by their own hubris! Now, begone!"

A portal appears on both Valeric and Jibaku's chests, and they find they cannot remove them, and as they look at one another, to Valeric, Jibaku fades, as does the environment around him, and the same is said for Jibaku.

Neo and Kagayaki grab the Frontliners with shadow and light hands. "WE NEED TO RUN, NOW!" They yell, and the Eight and Kronos, along with the Frontliners in tow run as fast as they can, while White gains a mysterious aura, and stands still.

The blast hits.

Demgel: *looks at Valeric with in his eyes*

Med: I don't think you should do it, man. And that's comin' from me.

Demgel: *pushes Med away and sprints at Valeric with full speed strikes him*

Van Valeric: *catches the scythe and both are struggling. Valeric sees the light coming and has it to where Demgel is fully in front of him*

Demgel: *sees the light from the corner of his eyes and as he turns around Med appears*

Med: Man dude, You done screwed uuuuuupppp. *disappears*


Van Valeric: *keeps Demgel in place and takes as much cover as he can from behind Demgel's body*

The three beings surround Jibaku and put up a ring dome over him. The Spear of God hits and the dome only hold form some time until the dome shatters and the three beings are erased and Jibaku is ultimately consumed by The Spear of God.

Neo changes back into Kado, and Kado pants exhaustedly, too tired to maintain his Wildcard disguise, and they all look back in time to see a massive field of pure Void Energy slowly dissipate, and the sky slowly seems to peel back into existence, the last thing to change is the Spear of God slowly fading from view, until it disappears from vision, though the moments they just bore witness to still burn.

Kado stares out at the massive crater that almost reaches to the horizon. "....Could anything have... survived that?"

White descends on the edge of the crater, looking down, then smiles.

"I must give you credit, Van Valeric. You're cunning. Indeed what they say about your wisdom holds true after all.... that you're, 'too wise for your own good'? Is that it? Yes.... Will you continue to fight? I can already sense the others have survived the attack, and soon even more shall come should you stay. In the face of this power play, it is best if you humbly retreat. Even using that boy as a shield... will not have escaped unscathed...." She says, as Void Energy zaps Valeric, causing him to flinch.

"So then.... ....shall you continue on, or flee and live to fight another day?" She has a small smile on her face.

Van Valeric: i don't know. Will you live long to see Phoenix fall?

Jibaku: *struggles to get up* I don't care what you say....but that was awesome...*collapses and decapitates into flames and as he leaves the magnetosphere fixes itself and the green strands of light come back and begin to restore light within the Sun*

All the damage in the world fixes itself back to normal, the environment, the civilization, everything even the people who have died come back and the world is fully restored.

Reveryn: Well, we didn't save the world per-say. but this is good enough right.

" Mission complete, fools." Salutes. "Let's head on home. Come on, blondie."

Kado looks over at White, and they can see Kado's face deepening with hatred and rage.

Reveryn: Hey man, come on. I'll have Cook fix us up some Powerhouse Chili for our victory. You're gonna love iiiit.

Kado suddenly charges down the side of the crater at high speed, charging past Valeric and Demgel, swords drawn as he charges at White, who sighs exasperately. She flickers in front of him, and easily disarms him and suddenly grabs him by the throat.

"I could have killed you at any time. You should have taken my mercy the first time after Azula.... but, you went so far as to challenge my authority of Phoenix, and declared yourself ruler. Who will follow you?! No one! Not even these 'friends' of yours would. They'd help you fight me, certainly... but aid someone in taking over the organization that brought all of this upon Earth in the first place..... no.... You'll be alone.... this life.... and now the afterlife."

She begins to choke him. "You'll be forever alone.....!"

Reveryn: *shoots an arrow into White's hand making her drop Kado* So....she yer sister or some shit?

Double front kicks White in the face making her hit the slop."Reveryn, how stupid can you be. She's obviously his ex-wife. Duuuhh.

White simply lands on her feet and comes to a stop easily. In a brief flicker, she suddenly slams Reveryn's head a full foot into the ground, then flickers again, only to be stopped by Kado, who furiously begins exchanging blows with White, who has the major upperhand, and after a few minutes, she spin kicks him across the crater, but he refuses to give up and charges, as does she, and this time both of their strikes begin to cause small shockwaves with every attack.

White and Kado clench their fists tigher, and light and dark energy forms like flames on her fists, and they clash blows again, a blast knocking them to both sides of the crater. Kado's scowl becomes even more savage. "White..... you took everything left worth living for.....! I'LL KILL YOU!!!"

A small portion of the Dark Pheonix mode fully manifests on his left side and forms an energy blade.

"DIE!" He roars, charging at White at high speed.

White just sighs. "You're all talk..... are still too weak. It's pointless, Kado." As she says his name, she stops the blade of Dark Phoenix with a bare hand, and looks at a shocked Kado.

She flexes her hand, and the blade shatters, and before Kado can react, everything begins to slow down, and a massive explosion seconds later has Kado deeply embedded in the side of the crater. She flickers and appears over Kado.

"I'm afraid that no matter what you do, Kado, it will never be quite enough. You fled from us all those years ago, and believed that your hatred was your strength. You fed your heart with rage and hate, and believed in a power that ultimately left you to rot."

She grabs him by the throat again, but this time she doesn't choke him, instead, a strange marking appears on his forehead and she begins to glow oddly.

"You looked upon such things as companionship and love as pointless affairs, and distanced yourself with the concept of mere comradeship, pushing away those who cared about you. You isolated anything within yourself as weakness, when in reality you've left yourself crippled. Ironic, how you sought to make yourself stronger, yet in the end, that desire created your weakness. Because now, when you have no anger, when you have nothing to draw upon, all you have left..... is nothing. You become as weak as the emotions you buried and locked away."

As she says this, she drains Kado of power, until all that is left is Ace.

"You're still nothing but a child who is still too afraid to face the world with an open heart.... ....and that's all you'll ever be."

She turns to face the Frontliners. "A fool like you is not worth killing...."

"Now then.... I believe it's time for the second act to begin."

Five portals appear behind her.

Torrent, Toma, Noriko, and Drake appear, with Daikeim coming out close behind Drake.

White looks over at Daikeim and has a faint smile. "Come to fight I see? Interesting, coming from you."

Torrent looks down at the unconscious Ace and raps her head with his foot. "Couldn't even last long enough to get his ass kicked by me. I was looking forward to crushing his skull into dust....'s almost pathetic to even look at this wretch. What a disgrace."

Noriko hides her reaction of surprise and does not look at Ace.

White looks at everyone behind her.

"I'll deal with these fools up here. Deal with Van Valeric."

Drake looks at Torrent, a slightly annoyed expression on his face as he walks past. "Just shut up Torrent before I ram that rag of yours down your throat..." Daikeim stays silent and follows Drake, a focused glint in his eyes as he scans the area looking for Van Valeric.

Van Valerc: Not really a wise decision.If you we're wise, you'd send your follows to fight against you opponent who have equal numbers. But what do I know? I'm just an old fool to you.

White ignores him. "Now then.... who's first?" She says softly.

"I'll go. For no reason." Steps forward.

Her image flickers. "Are you coming or not?" *Goes into a ready stance.

" Oh sure thing. You can go first."

Akami: Fath-

"Shut up, Akami! I got this!"

Before he can blink, he is suddenly smashed in the face by a nunchunk, and then sent flying by a single kick, and to everyone else it didn't even appear as though she had moved.

Is still in the same place he was. "Ummmm are you gonna do somethin'? Or you just gonna stand there and look evil?"

His vision flickers, and there are five Whites, and all five charge.

Launches acrobatic attacks so fast that she can see multiple after images of him

The first White he hits suddenly glows brilliantly like a star, and explodes, launching all of the Frontliners flying as well as the boss.

Reveryn: *shoots 4 arrows at once while in mid-air and it hits the other white making them explode*

The boss lands and sprints at White, but slides right under her, knosk her legs apart causing her to do the plits then heel kicks her in the face knocking her across the ground.

The White explodes, and suddenly everything begins to get much darker, and they turn to see the real White glowing bright as the sun, while everything else begins to darken.

Torrent chuckles as Phoenix, along with Daikeim and Drake advance towards Valeric.

"White's not in the mood for mercy today apparently."

Van Valeric: She never was...

Everything to the Frontliner's vision begins to fade into white, until a twitch from White makes everything go white.

Akami is suddenly grasped by White, who violently flings her across the whole of the landscape, and Akami doesn't come to a stop until she crashes into a far away mountain, which causes the side she crashed into to violently collapse. Before they can react, White then begins to spin extremely fast, the monstrous winds from her momentum send them flying to all corners of the crater. Reveryn ends up landing next to the unconscious Ace.

Segura: *does a spin attack with his word disrupting the wind*

Torem: *goes in of the hit and punches White hard enough to make a crater surrounding them*


Van Valeric: Come forth children of Satan. Come and feels a new sense of pain.

Drake smirks and unsheathes Kurai as he enters his Half Dragon form. "Pain? Oh spare me with that, we're here to kick your ass, simple. Now if you would be so kind as to drop to your knees and I'll let Corruption here do his work..."

"Pain is pain. And I find that ironic, coming from a Dark Elf." Torrent says dully, sporting long claw like blades on his gloves, the metal multicolored.

Noriko sighs. "He's such a gloomy one.... kinda like Tank Boy and Captain Wolverine!" She laughs, before she morphs into a suit with light armor on the body, but extremely thick armor on the chest and gloves.

Toma just sighs. "Noriko, please stop embarrassing us." She takes out two twin duel blades.

Surprisingly, Daikeim stays deathly quiet as he gazes at Valeric, dragon wings forming out of his back and stretching out to full size. Before speaking, but strangely, it sounds like a hundred voices harmonizing in sync. "Children of Satan..." Daikeim walks towards Valeric, pushing the others out of the way.

"You have the nerve to call us the offspring of pure darkness and evil itself, when your motives are filled with monstrous intent. Tell me... Van Valeric, why do you follow shadows, why walk this dreaded path that will lead to your demise, for what gain do you wish? Back at Upnation, you were correct that I was blinded by something... Now I know what it was, tell me this Valeric. If there is something like repentance, do you not believe it? Afterall, as I hear the Mythos say... 'each person who turns to God in genuine repentance and faith will be saved'..."

Daikeim's aura slowly shades into a strong gold as his eyes glow the same colour along with his Soul Stone, everyone on the battlefield can feel a God-like energy, even staggering Valeric somewhat, the final ten words Daikeim says sends out small shockwaves, White, Noriko, Toma, Torrent and Drake all feel a massive power boost.

"Even though Phoenix also walks a dark path, today, we are under a temporary alliance with one goal, even though others would say otherwise. To erase a dark force from existence... And as the Heroa God of light, it is my right and purpose to do so... So tell me, are you prepared to face judgement?"

Van Valeric: Are you ready to cry for your father?

Kronos: Not just yet. *Starts to run at Valeric* This... This is for my ungrateful little shithead children! *Slices the Scythe at Valeric with immense power and speed.*

Van Valeric: *ducks and back-flip kicks Kronos in his face causing him to stagger back* If you cared so much about them, why did you eat them whole? You have a strange way of expressing you ' fatherly love', Kronos.

A peal of thunder rumbles, and suddenly Valeric is body slammed by Noriko, who is laughing in a rather disturbed manner. The force is strong enough to momentarily crack a few of Valeric's ribs, before he is sent flying into a nearby mountain. Before he can get his bearings, she appears behind him, and he turns around just in time to be headbutted straight towards Daikeim and Kronos.

Daikeim sidesteps beside Valeric and kicks him in the spine, sending him blasting towards Drake who then charges at Valeric and uppercuts him into the air and starts slashing at Valeric with Kuria then slams him down back at Daikeim who fires a blast of Exeon directly in his chest. Crashing Valeric a couple of feet into the floor, causing a crater to form around him.

Van Valeric: *stands* Pathetic.You all hit like infants. *flicks both Daikeim and Drake in the forehead and they crash into the slopes* Come now. Fight like you mean it.

Kronos: Okay. *Kicks Valeric through the world, teleporting to the other side to punch him back* Alrighty. Now... *Summons the Scythe* Your turn

Van Valeric: *is right above him his hand turns into a ice spike and he stabs Kronos in the back with it, breaks it of and kicks him down the hole through the world and seal both sides* I hope you like the center of the Earth better than you did Tartarus.

Suddenly Valeric finds himself in a vacuum that stretches for miles. Torrent appears in front of him.

Van Valeric: Is there something you want?

Torrent raises his hands to the sky, and over fifty skyscrapers from a city below rise up at his command, and begin to orbit Torrent slowly, but eventually with greater speed. Some of them become so fast they become blurs, and out of no where one is flung straight at Valeric.

The building moves straight past Valeric

Valeric's skin is becoming extremely dehydrated, and he finds that there is no water or air to speak of, ice isn't an option.

The building behind him suddenly spouts a huge cloud of white sparkling mist, which rushes Valeric at blinding speed.

The mist freezes and it passes by him completely and it hits Torrent

Torrent just silently shakes his head and it unfreezes, before the buildings around Torrent explode into fine dust and billions of razor sharp fine particles fill the vacuum and begin to endlessly bombard Valeric, so many particles Valeric can't keep up with the calculations to evade even one of them.

Van Valeric: *teleports out of the vaccum*

The vaccum turns into an icy blue color and it disperses into the air and makes it way over to Valeric, circles around him and back at Torrent, blowing him high into the sky.

Torrent isn't budged at all.

Suddenly around Valeric, a huge mass of clouds begins to encircle him, and the entire city below them is suddenly wiped out, everything including living things turned to dust, which all rises into a massive personal hurricane around him, an infinite cloud of metal, glass, and death.

Noriko and Toma suddenly appear at Torrent's side, and all of the particles become electrically charged, as well as the rain now falling on Valeric, and the particles being to bombard him, shocking him even as the electrified rain strikes and cuts him as well. The winds hold him in place, preventing any movements. A massive burst of electricity sudden radiates from the storm, zapping him every other second with a massive bolt of lightning, created from the electricity from the ruined city. The storm rapidly closes in on him, the air pressure rising to monstrous levels and every single particle moving beyond supersonic speeds, and only after a full five minutes of constant attack does the storm slam him into a nearby mountain at over Mach 5.

The hurricane begins to snow and the clouds turn into a blizzard and Van Valleric is seen above them

Van Valeric: I see you brought up your game. Now you hit like puppies.

Ice shards bombard them, giving them nasty cuts

The ice shards merely stop the first inch of their journey and embed in Valeric's skull.

"Go play with your daggers elsewhere."

All the shards miss Valeric

Van Valeric: Says you. By all means, I'm quite tired. You've proven that your leader has poor tactics. She she were wise, she would've fought me instead and you would be fighting the martyrs. Victory would've been more assuring that way.

Torrent chuckles. "You still understand nothing. We aren't even the main attraction. Even if you manage to beat us.... White has a special surprise. And if you recall, you barely managed to survive our last one. So you have no business calling our tactics poor. If you're tired, then I've got bad news for you.... we haven't even broken a sweat. We might even destroy the humans by sheer accident from the widespread use of our powers. Time is on our side. We can spend it however we desire. However your cards have dwindled to that of the pathetic. If you'd like to stick around and push your luck, fine by me. We don't mind showing you more of the wrath of God.... ....only this case, much more literally."

Van Valeric: Please. You all are just infants who believe whatever they are told and believe whatever they see. Kill off humanity, by all means I don't care. As for me getting tired, I mean you are not worth my time. By all means, i could've frozen you solid to the core and instantly kill you. You're not immortal. I am. Even with The Spear. I am the wind and the sky. That is my soul. It will never go away, cause God forbids it, unless you can deny the will of God, then go ahead. I would love to see it. *waits*

"Gladly." Daikeim appears in a flash of light right behind Valeric, before Valeric can make any sudden movements, Daikeim places his hand on Valeric's head and sends pure Exeon down into his veins hotter than the core of the sun. Temporarily paralyzing Valeric as Daikeim lets go and swipes downwards, sending Valeric crashing down into the floor, as he gets up, he sees Daikeim a couple meters away from him. Daikeim glances at him and flicks the air, the resulting shockwaves blasting directly at Valeric's pressure points. "Vitae Arts: Temperance of a Thousand Wills..." Daikeim smiles as clones of Valeric with golden eyes flicker all around the original, they all charge a Exeon sphere and fire it at Valeric, the resulting blast is stronger than ten nukes combined. The clones fade away as Daikeim speaks once more.

"If we are not worth your time, then why bother? The will of many outweighs one Valeric, even God's own. Face it, he's abandoned you and there's nothing you could do.

A giant ice spike pops out and spears Daikeim in the middle of his chest, hoisting him of the ground

Van Valeric: *gets up* God abandons no one. Not even me.

The spike melts away and Daikeim restores himself as he looks at Valeric. "Then who would God side with at this battle? The sinner or the saint, light or darkness..." Daikeim's eyes flash as Valeric suddenly feels a massive pain all over himself, Daikeim walks up to Valeric and places his hand on his forehead. "You said 'cry for your father', didn't you... So let's see you scream for God." Valeric's eyes glow a red tinted gold as all the pain and suffering he's caused is reverted back onto himself, as Valeric attempts to get a look at Daikeim.

He sees an entirely different person speaking to him, as Valeric looks around, he can't see anyone but himself and the mysterious figure. "Van Valeric, your time has come today for your sins to be accounted for and 'repayed' back to you... And even if you survive and live another day, each encounter with a select few will become fatal towards you... You won't see me next time, but rest easily, your burial place is assured. Goodbye, and enjoy your suffering."

Valeric's eyes stop glowing and he drops to his knees for a moment, looking up at Daikeim. He notices the expression on his face, pity... Pure pity. "If you joined the path of light, then your fate wouldn't have been sealed like this... Valeric, you are a man of outstanding feats, but to use them for dark deeds is unacceptable. I'm sorry, but thank you... I cannot ignore the darkness that you've caused, but I can forgive you. So once again, thank you for helping me..." Daikeim sighs as he creates a dome around Valeric, inescapable by any means. "That will keep him sealed for now... I don't know how long I can keep this up for..."

Drake flies over and lands next to the God like Daikeim and looks at Valeric. "Wow, you actually managed to capture him..."

The Valeric in the dome turns into a puddle and the sky speaks. "Strangest thing is, I was never here after The Spear. I walk a path of twilight, neither for the light, nor have i completely succumbed to the darkness. We cannot judge others for their sins, only God can. I am obligated to help either side. We all have the freedom of choice. So, I tried to make apparent to you. Your father did tell me to show you how to become a true man. With hope, It might have done something..."

Daikeim looks up. "Your help is unneeded anymore, now show yourself... This ends with one of us leaving, so we might as well end it now." Daikeim slightly swipes his hand, causing the area around everyone to flatten and a massive dome forms with only Daikeim inside it.

Van Valeric: I already left. And you saying you no longer need my services seals that.

Suddenly the sunlight across the whole of the hemisphere begins to be drawn in towards the location of White's battleground, a violent quake beginning, and Daikeim and Drake can see a massive sphere of energy rapidly condensing at the location.


"Alright, we're out of here." Torrent grabs Toma and Noriko, and looks at Drake. "You might want to run." He and the two disappear.

The Seven are recovered, and are now hastily trying to flee the scene carrying various members of the Frontliners, just as a massive explosion is unleashed, which sends everyone flying, a scorching heat blasting them seconds after the explosion: radiation.

Daikeim steps infront of Drake and stretching out his wings, covering Drake from the heat. It's obvious that Daikeim is now in pain from the radiation but then looks at Drake. "Drake... Get out of here now!" Drake sighs and looks at Daikeim. "Not a chance, we've been through thick and thin and this isn't gonna end here. I'm staying by your side, now stop being my guardian angel and let's team up!" Daikeim smiles and turns around, a combined aura shielding Daikeim and Drake as their fly towards the source.

Kagayaki sets down Reveryn and Ace, looking at Ace a bit, then looking at Reveryn, who is still conscious, before looking over towards the explosion, where mighty flames leap up at the air surrounding the new crater.

White looks at Drake and Daikeim as they approach, her form glowing painfully bright like the sun.

"I see you have dealt with Valeric. Excellent. You did better than I expected."

"Yes, but now there's a new threat in my sight... And sadly, we must put you down." Daikeim continues walking as Drake shields his eyes. "Yeah, 'sorry', but we're stopping you now... I finally get to get back at you... Corruption." The blade glows as Drake enters Primitive Stage Two and steps aside Daikeim. Both wielding their respective blades as the Red and Blue Oni.

White puts her hand to her sword hilt. "In most cases, I would respond by drawing my sword. However.... you've been a rather annoying pain in my side, Drake, Daikeim. A particularly vexing one at that. I could draw my sword.... but I think this situation calls for..... ....a more decisive punishment."

Drake and Daikeim watch as her form begins to change at a massive rate, quickly morphing into a huge white dragon with armor like scales bigger than they are. Her eyes in this form are a beautiful lavender, which narrow as she stares them down, her form many times bigger than the form she had taken back at Yosai. One of her massive feet step down on a mountain and utterly crushes it flat, and she lets out a roar that practically feels like the wind of a hurricane. Despite the obvious threat, she is as beautiful as she is dangerous.

While Reveryn is treated by Kagayaki, Ace starts to stir, feebly trying to move.

Drake laughs out loud in a taunting way as he looks up at White. "BRING IT YOU FLAT CHESTED BITCH!" Drake looks at Daikeim with a joyful yet devious smile on his face as he holds up Kuria. "Daikeim, grab the hilt... We're gonna... Scale up to her high, per say." Daikeim chuckles and nods as he grabs hold of the hilt.

The two's aura's combine into the blade which begins to roar strangely as Daikeim and Drake's auras expand and morph. The two float in mid air as two faint silhouettes of dragons appear, reaching only three quarters the height of White, Daikeim's aura turns blue with a tint of gold while Drake's turns black with a tint of red. The two roar a final time before their transformations into the full Primitive Stage, the dragon's eyes focus on White. "Now then Daikeim, this should be even.. So then White, ready to see what new things await in this form... Funny thing is that we don't know ourselves, so this should be fun..."

Before they can blink, White spins in place, and her tail blade whips around and cuts off one of their wings, and as they attempt to take advantage of the opening, she carries the momentum into a second strike, this time with her head smashing against their's, then breathing White Fire straight on their face. Drake realizes she used her light speed, and has a sneaking suspicion that's not the only ability that carried over.

As he comes to that conclusion, White jumps back several miles and lets out a massive beam of pure radient light that catches all of the terrain on fire in its path before striking at them.

Drake just manages to dodge it while Daikeim blocks it, Drake then speeds towards White and claws at her face. Causing a deep cut on her face, Drake then slams his tail against her side. To her surprise she sees the wings grow back, Drake then growls and steps back as Daikeim flies at White and bites her then carries her up into the air. Letting go then breathing pure Exeon at her, blasting her down at the ground.

A massive roar suddenly blasts the Exeon back through sheer shockwaves, which causes a massive tremor in the area. They look down at her to see the bite and claw marks are already gone.

Kado is drowning in a sea of despair, self doubt, and pain. No matter how hard I try.... .....I've always failed... I just....want something.... more to life. ....But even that is too much to ask....

Kado, don't tell me you've lost heart already? You need to stand up and take it like a man for once. A familiar voice echoes through the pain.

.....A-Azula.....? W-Where are you?! I-I need-

No.... no....'s a lie.... she's not here.... ...I'm alone.... I'm always alone....!

A soft embrace envelops him, and Kado turns, shocked.

Is.... Is that..... .....really you.....?

Drake growls. "This... Is gonna be a pain. Any ideas?"

"Yeah... Just get her to hold still somehow."

Drake sighs and then flies straight down towards White while set ablaze, he crashes down on her and starts clawing everywhere on her. Causing cuts and burn marks to appear on her, he then wraps his tail around her body and restrains her only for a brief moment. But that's all that Daikeim needs as multiple long thin spikes of energy appear around Daikeim and he roars, causing the spikes to speed towards White and Drake, impaling them both. "Gah! You... Bastard!" Drake pulls himself off and jumps back from White.

Suddenly she leaps up at Drake and pins him to the ground, and glows pure white, and explodes, completely stripping his form of Aura, and then Daikeim is blasted in the back by the real White, which slams him into a new crater.

After the smoke clears she sees that the Aura has disappeared but still leaves the still standing Daikeim, charging another Exeon sphere. Just as White is about to attack she is suddenly blasted away multiple times until she is lodged into a crater, as she looks to see who caused the attack. Another wave of attacks collide with her, a distorted, slickly voice can be heard booming across the battlefield. "Finally, it's my turn."

A humanoid creature scales to White's height, pure black with blood red eyes and with ooze dripping off of him, as his skin hardens to form a armour, he holds a pure black blade similar to the one he was sealed in. He looks down at the unconscious Drake before looking back up at White. "I cannot believe I'm doing this for you Drake..." A evil smile appears on the figure's face as he focuses on White. "Corruption lies in everyone, so are you ready to face it?"

White looks at him for a moment. "You have been getting stronger. I would have expected no less, all beings trapped with a Slayer gain power. Admirable effort, truly. But...." White closes her eyes.

"I'm afraid it is for naught."

Her eyes open and glow brilliantly, and massive chains of energy bind and cut off Corruption's power, and he begins to shrink as he's being drawn into the blade once more.

"I know it did not occur to you, but I shall spare your confusion. While Drake is your master, I am the one who sealed you within the blade Kurai. This gives me, the sealer, unique control to suppress and contain you. So even if you had managed to take over Drake and confront me, this would be the same result. I have no time for the likes of you."

"It seems you forgot someone..." Daikeim slams the massive sphere of Exeon down into White's mouth, managing to bounce away as the sphere explode. Crashing White into some mountains, crumbling them, as she recovers. He hovers in the air as he supercharges another Exeon sphere until it becomes unstable, he then absorbs it into his fist and glares at White, using his Exeon form one more time. "All or nothing..." Daikeim lets out a final battlecry and flies towards White at mach 5, all she sees is afterimages of Daikeim as he gets ever so close. She doesn't seem to land a single attack on Daikeim until it's too late... "VITAE ARTS: TEMPERANCE OF A THOUSAND WILLS!" White suddenly sees multiple Daikeim's counting to exactly one thousand as they all surround her, and with the unstable Exeon energy. They all let out a roar and collides their fist with White, causing a explosion of pure light the same force as ten supernovas, shaking the whole planet. When the smoke clears, at the bottom of a crater, only two people are down there... Daikeim and White reverted back to her normal form, Daikeim struggles to stand up and takes a couple of heavy breathes waiting to see what White's next move is...

............You're not really here.... Kado thinks bitterly.

"You're right.... ....but I am here... you memories. Didn't you once say to that man that even if he died, his family would still have his memory to cherish? Perhaps we may never see each other again.... ....But we'll be together in the end... connected by memories."

I must have really lost it, if my imagination of you feels this authentic...

I miss you.....

.....Forgive me......for losing my way.... ....I'll carve a new road to peace..... I swear.........!

White's form suddenly flickers and disappears, and from behind him, White prepares to stab him in the back.

Daikeim quickly summons the Draconia and deflects the stab and kicks White away before jumping back and taking a moment to think, he closes his eyes and traces White's energy signature. But it's more than obvious that Daikeim doesn't have the strength to fight, with the excessive use of Exeon. His vision starts to blur and a thin stream of blood pours out of his mouth, his expression goes as he tightens his grip on the Draconia. "To my last breath..." He gets in a stance and closes his eyes once more.

The White in front of him disappears, and he reacts only too late to be kicked down on the ground by the real White, who was right where she had been from the beginning. He feels her charge Light Slayer, and he realizes she absorbed a decent amount of energy from that explosion, and is about to kill him with his own move.

"Now no one can save your precious Elaonore for the judgement that shall come....."


Suddenly Kado enveloped in Positive and Negative energy slams into White, and they tumble away from Daikeim, and quickly get back on their feet, White has her Slayer out, and Kado has Dark Slayer. She silently pulls out a regular katana, and sheathes Light Slayer.

"I won't need this to kill you."

The two clash, and neither seems to have an upperhand.

Suddenly a second Kado appears behind White, and she manages to block his sword stroke with a hand. She then jumps up and spin kicks them both aside, and they disappear into shadows.

"......Come out." She says firmly.

Suddenly Kado's Dark Phoenix Mode roars from above her, and she barely manages to dodge its energy sword, only to be assaulted by another Kado. She kicks it in the stomach, and it disappears.

She looks at the Dark Phoenix and smiles. "You'll never beat me, even with that. I can sense your energy is low. It will be so easy to break that shell of yours."

Suddenly a red and blue flaming energy sword pierces her through, straight into her spine and just missing her heart and lungs, and she lets out a horrid gasp. Kado flickers into being, having only used a mere illusion like she had to deceive her, and the fake Dark Phoenix disappears.

"How's your own medicine taste, White?!"

She coughs up blood, and manages to pull herself off the blade of the sword, collapsing on the ground.

I........can't believe.....this....! have gotten stronger......

......But he's not strong enough..... not nearly strong enough.... ....he isn't ready... for his destiny....

Azula! Come to me!!!

A golden light suddenly appears next to White, and Azula picks her up.

White, gasping weakly, manages, "Fair enough..... you've won this round..... ....but this..... only the beginning.....!"

Azula teleports them both away, leaving Kado and Daikeim behind. The energy around Kado disperses, and he pants heavily, before falling on his knees.

"The beginning.... ....of the end....." He pants.

Daikeim stands up and staggers over to Kado, offering him a hand to pull himself up. "H-Hey... There Kado, thanks for making her retreat..." Daikeim wipes the blood from his mouth and smiles.

Kado takes his hand, and then begins limping over towards the Frontliners. "With any luck, that wound shall buy me time. Time to prepare my organization for war."

He pauses. "It will soon be time for the Ninth Generation to be assembled....."

"The Ninth Generation... Well anyways, good luck Kado..."

Kado slowly limps away, using Dark Slayer to hold himself up as he slowly rejoins the Frontliners.

Daikeim sees a portal open near Drake, and a figure dressed in golden yellow robes lands outside it next to him, various bags on its back.

Daikeim walks over to the figure, a not pleased expression on his face. "You're going now, aren't you..." Daikeim slumps down next to Drake and sighs. "God dammit Drake... You crazy bastard..."

The figure sits down next to Drake, and takes a strange pad of cloth that shimmers with a green light out, and places it on his chest, and the light spreads to Drake's body, the cloth seems to be enchanted with some sort of healing property.

"He is pretty crazy. But that's why he's fun to be around." The figure says, an unusually cheerful voice Daikeim remembers as Noriko's voice.

Daikeim looks up at Noriko and chuckles. "Yeah... He is, so what's gonna happen to him? He's not going back to Phoenix, is he?"

A cough can be heard as a raspy voice answers. "Go back to the bitch? Heh... Not a chance." Daikeim looks down at Drake and smiles, helping him sit up as he looks at Noriko. "Oh, hi Noriko... You missed it, it was a hell of a fight." Drake laughs but coughs up a bit of blood. "...Maybe I shouldn't laugh until I'm healed fully again. But regardless, you should of seen it!"

"I saw the end result. One of the CE's is healing her now. It's going very slowly from what I can gather, though the bleeding subsided. White probably won't be seeing any action for a number of weeks."

She looks over at Daikeim. "And I have no intention of returning to Phoenix either. After we.... pick someone up.... we'll be going off to Echo for a while, homeworld of the Shapeshifters and Elementals."

"Echo... Sounds far..." Daikeim looks at Drake and chuckles. "Going into retirement Drake?"

"Hey! I still haven't lost my touch, I just need to rest... Y'know, besides in a tube and actually on a bed that's my own..." Drake sits up and whispers in Daikeim's ear, giving a shocked expression after hearing it. "Really? You managed..." Drake smirks then punches Daikeim. "Yeah, and that was for her..." After a bit of laughing, Drake sighs. "I'm gonna miss hanging out with you, Daikeim... Just try not to die, ok?"

"You too, just try and enjoy life."

"Aaaand you killed the moment, nice one." Drake laughs and slowly stands up, looking at Noriko. "Alrighty then, I'm back to full health, we ready to go?"

Noriko looks over at Daikeim. "Yeah, just gotta do one thing."

Before Daikeim can react, she jumps on top of him, shouting, "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" And knocks him onto the ground in a tackle/bear hug.

Daikeim struggles to get her to stop hugging. "Drake! Help me out here!"

Drake looks down chuckling. "Nah, I think you're good."

"Drake you snowhead sonovabitch! Get. Her. Off!"

Drake joyfully sighs and looks at Noriko. "C'mon Nori, come off of Daikeim before Elaonore gets the wrong idea."

"Ok ok, Drakey." She gets up and smiles down at Daikeim. "It was nice to meet you, Golden Eye- Err.... Daikeim," She says, laughing.

Drake smiles and helps Daikeim up. "Well then... I guess this is goodbye for now..."

"Yeah, it is... But don't worry, I'll come around to say hello and whatnot, just try not to cause trouble. I know how much you love doing that." Daikeim holds his hand out for a handshake, with Drake happily agrees to. "Goodbye Drake Ryunexo, until next time? Oh, and goodbye Noriko."

"Goodbye Daikeim, may the Vitae Gods guide you to your goals."

The two enter their Half Dragon forms and laugh one more time together before saying something in Cyanican. "And may we grow stronger from what we hold close to us. Until our paths cross again, this is goodbye, old friend."

Noriko quietly watches them, then looks over at the figure of Kado slowly walking away.

So... are you going to follow the steps of our ancestors? Or if not, what will you do, Kado? I wonder if the change he will bring will mean restoration or destruction for the future....

She has faint smile. Good luck, little brother.

Daikeim takes to the skies and goes in the direction to Upnation, Drake then waves goodbye and turns to look at Noriko, stretching his wings. "Alight Noriko, let's head over to Downation, it's where I left my friend last... Hopefully she's still there." Drake then hovers slight and looks in the direction opposite to where Daikeim flew to. "I'm guessing you're gonna teleport there using your lightning, so I'll see you there soon?"

She smiles, touching Drake's shoulder. "Not exactly." A bolt of lightning carries them both away.

Kado rejoins the Frontliners, still limping a bit and using a sheathed Dark Slayer as a crutch. "How are.... all of you guys.... doing?" He pants after taking the last step up the massive crater.

Akami: *is holding her arm* We'll be fine...

Torem: *picks up Reveryn* As long as the world isn't on the verge of the end, we'll be good.

"Come forth, Frontliners! Homeward!" Points back to where they came.

Kado groans. "I officially hate walking....."

Akami: *picks up Kado and carries him on her back*

"Errr... ....thanks. .....Hey, can I ask a favor?"

Akami: Yea?

"Would you mind, I don't know, training me? Minus the absolute ass kicking?"

Akami: Ass kicking is apart of training. You gotta learn from it. Sort of like how we did back there. But I promise, if you do handle it, it won't be 'absolute'.

"I suppose the alternative is getting killed by White next time.... ....sorry I rushed off alone.... ....guess I am just an idiot."

Akami: Sure are. But you're new here and we all have done some idiotic things before and still do. If you are willing to be apart of us, you're gonna have to work along side us. We maybe the first ones to die but we die together, not one after the other.

"....I understand. ....She's going to be back.... ....when she does.... I don't know if we'll be able to defeat her next time...."

Akami: You'll defeat her. Not everything can be undefeated forever. Even us.

"....I guess you're right.... ...thanks...." He looks up at the blue sky, surrounded in clouds.

We're still so far from those days you envisioned..... Azula.... when they skies are clear and hope exists for all, not just the few...

I wonder if I'll ever see the azure skies you dreamed of....


Demgel slowly wakes up, to see two hooded figures approaching him, though one of them seems benevolent, the other seem a touch more edgy. When they notice he has stirred, they seem to blink to his location in seconds, the edgy one holds him down without aggression, while the other one kneels down next to him, white hair with red edges falling from her hood as she does so.

"Are you the one named Demgel?" She asks in a soft voice.

Demgel: *looks wearily around* Damn....Yes my name is Demgel. What is it you want?

The girl with the white hair and red tips laughs softly. "Our mistress sent us to heal you."

The other one looks at the girl, then at Demgel. "You are in this state on her part, so we were sent to reconcile. You've been severely injured, though you took light to moderate damage physically, spiritually you should be in tatters. She will be pleased to hear that you're at least this intact."

The girl with red and white hair places a hand on Demgel's chest, and narrows the touch to her index finger, and slowly runs it down straight from the base of his throat to his waist, then takes his shirt off and traces it again.

"Make a light insicion there, Sukīmu." The girl says.

The girl named Sukīmu manifests a small blade of what looks like dark iron with a faint energy blade extension with violet energy, and silently creates a cut along his body from the base of his neck to his waist.

"Don't worry, this is just part of my procedure. My powers work better if I can channel my energy through a wound or other opening in the body." The white and red haired girl says softly, as Sukīmu makes the blood that results disappear, leaving the wound nice and clean.

"Now I'll begin. Restoration Aura...." A green aura envelops the girl, and she places her hand on the center of the cut, and the green aura begins to flow into him through the cut, and starts repairing damage done to his mind and soul, as well as his body.

Demgel: If it's alright with you, I can do without your mistress' hospitality. *gets up* I do better on my own.

"Yes, if it weren't for the fact that you were hit by a time and space cannon capable of wiping out gods from existence. The only thing you'll do better on your own is either spiritual decay, complete memory loss, and not to mention death."

The girl named Sukīmu sighs with aggravation. "Should I?"

Demgel: It doesn't matter to me any other way. I don't belong here or anywhere. So me disappearing into thin air wont be a problem. *turns his back and walks off*

Sukīmu sighs. "Trust me, you'd like to think you can tell us 'no'." She raises a hand and a shockwave emits from her, but instead of being pushed away, the shockwaves emitting seem to suddenly start pulling him in towards her at blinding speeds, til she has grabbed him by the neck.

"Next time you get up I will bind you down with spiritual chains. If that doesn't work, they do say a sword can change a person's outlook very quickly. Now lay down and don't move until she's done. We don't take no for an answer, espically if we've been ordered to do something."

There is a strange, powerful divine aura present around Sukīmu now.

"Are we clear, Nephelam?"

Demgel: No...we're not clear. *pushes Sukīmu away* I don't who you are or what you are. I'm not interested in anything your mistress has to offer. *walks off again*

The white and red haired girl appears in front of him. "Listen! Our mistress just told us to heal you, nothing else! We're just trying to help you! If you dislike our mistress, please understand we don't mean any harm!" She pleads, begging for him to heed her.

Sukīmu sighs with a twinge of anger. "Nezumi. He won't listen. We might as well just hold him down."

Nezumi looks over at Sukīmu. "No!" She takes off her hood and gives Demgel a pleading look.

"Please. Just let me help. I want to help you. I would help you regardless if I was ordered to or not. So please, just.... lay down and let me heal you. I just want to show you kindness, that's all...." Her eyes plead with him, and she seems genuinely upset.

Demgel: *scoffs* Fine...

The girl called Nezumi sighs and sits him down against a tree that had somehow escaped the destruction, and places her hand on his chest again.

"If you're impatient I understand. I'll be out of your way soon enough Demgel." She makes an attempt to smile, though she is seemingly nervous of his temper.

She pauses and looks over at Sukīmu. "Take the hood off, there isn't a point anyway."

Sukīmu sighs in irritation. "You're too loose, Nezumi."

After a brief moment, she sighs again and takes off her hood, revealing a girl with a rounded face, a grey tint to her skin, red somber eyes, and well trimmed white hair. Her lips are pursed slightly, either out of annoyance or anger.


"Yes." She gets her green aura again, and begins channeling her healing energy into Demgel, and he can slowly feel his energy stores get replenished until he feels as though he just had a strong energy drink or coffee. She reverses damages done to him from his fight with Valeric, and mends his soul and mind from the ravages the Spear of God had unleashed on him.

"I'm almost done.... ....Sorry that we were a nuisnce..."

Demgel: I've dealt with worst.

As she finishes, she slowly runs her finger along the cut Sukīmu had made, until the cut closes and she finishes his healing, and she hands him his shirt, then bows.

"I'm terribly sorry for the trouble, Mr. Demgel. Sorry if Sukīmu roughed you up...." She straightens, then looks at Sukīmu. "Say you're sorry at least!"

The taller of the two, Sukīmu quietly ignores her, looking out towards the other side of the crater, eyes narrowed slightly. The energy of her in particular seems that akin to that of an Endlos, but also a strong trace of divinity. Nezumi seems to have similar energies, but are far more subdued and gentle, while Sukīmu's being teems with it.

Demgel: Please dont call me 'Mr.' but thanks anyway.

Nezumi sighs, and pokes Sukīmu's shoulder. "Come on, apologize!"

".....Quiet.... ....there's someone there.... they're not normal..." She pauses, then looks at Demgel, a head taller than him.

"....I'm sorry for being rough with you.... I was merely following orders." She grunts, but he can tell her interest is back in the direction she was looking.

Demgel: And I guess I'm sorry for being a dick. I'm not use to trusting strangers or anyone who offers to help me in anyway.

Sukīmu nods faintly, already looking back in the direction. "It is understandable to be hostile to strangers. We are instructed to be cautious of strangers... any strangers."

Demgel: You mean the guy standing next to you?

She holds out her hand and a black blade drops, causing an explosion of violet blade strokes to surround her in a violent flurry that forces the stranger to move away.

"Vu~ōparukirāsaikuron.....!" Demgel hears her voice echo from the storm as it begins to settle. She now has two long black blades that have six after images humming dangerously in hand, and she has them pointed at the stranger.

"Sukīmu, was that necessary?! Let's go home!" Nezumi disappears, leaving Sukīmu, who doesn't disappear, instead just coldly stares at the being who had appeared without warning.

Angel: Can't believe you can finally see me.

".....What are you going on about.....?" She asks, eyes narrowing before seeing the wings of the angel, and her pupils dilate severely, then her eyes become unfocused for a moment, as she says almost robotically,

"Angel detected.... ....fight or flight response initiated."

She turns and begins to run in the opposite direction from him, moving fast.

Demgel: Good going, bro. You done scared her off.

Angel: Didn't you here that? It sounded like a what machines do.

Sukīmu continues running, and begins jumping up the side of the crater wall.

Why did I have to be the one born with limited teleportation?!

Angel: *is in front of Sukīmu* You ok? Or are you abit surprised?

Her eyes go blank again.

"...Fight reflex engaged."

From her back six golden wings erupt, her being becoming angelic, but before the Angel can react, she is already attacking with her twin blades Vu~ōparukirāsaikuron.

Angel: *puts his arms up as guard*

Demgel: *runs towards Sukīmu*

She drops both black blades, which hover in mid air, and follow her as she rockets away into the air, in the middle of the crater, her mighty wings beating gusts of wind. They pause, as she hold out her hands as if pushing at something, and suddenly a massive shockwave blasts them, expanding the crater significantly. Her eyes are vacant in appearance, silently watching them as they recover from the attack. The Vu~ōparukirāsaikuron remain hovering at her side. Her wings begin to beat again, as she silently watches for their move.

Demgel: *gets back up and continues Sukīmu*

Angel: *is over come by the winds from her beating wings* She isn't right! The White Witch did this to here!

Demgel: I can definately see that!

"Kill witnesses. Ensure Existence Unknown. CE: Mode authorized. Responding unit CE: Eta 'Centurion' 150."

A black armor with red highlights sprouts from her body, reenforcing her. Violet energy sparks around her, and she suddenly punches Demgel in the gut, his impact with the ground creating a ravine. Walking on air, she silently approaches the angel, grabbing the Vu~ōparukirāsaikuron.

Demgel: *coughs abit and gets up and slowly makes his way to Sukīmu*

Angel: *draws forth an Angelic Sword*

She turns and swings her blade at him, forcing him to take a step back from the resulting seven blade strike. He tries to approach again, but she then stabs at him causing the other six blades that follow the first sword's movements to stab him in the chest, just missing his lung. She pulls back the blade and knees him in the chin, then rapidly scissor kicks his face a total of twenty times in a second, then roundhouse kicks him straight into the angel.

Demgel: *dodges most of the stabs, but gets hit in his lungs and blocks very few over her scissor kicks and gets roundhouse kicked inot the angel*

Demgel: Damn... *gets up* Use the damn sword if you're going to.

Angel: *flies up above Sukīmu and dives down at her and sends energy stabs at her*

Her red detail on her armor glows, and she holds up both hands and unleashes a massive shockwave that blasts Demgel and the Angel across the entire crater with ease.


Demgel: *stops himself by driving his hands into the ground*

Angel: *litfs his hands to the sky and the heavens open up and a flaming ball can be seen from the light and falls untop of Sukīmu and and huge firey explosion ensues*

Demgel: *is panting* Where's my scythe?

Med: *appears* Death came he wanted his scythe back.

Demgel: So many damns I could say to top off my day...heh. Rhymes.

A series of massive fireballs rocket at them from the explosion, Sukīmu seemingly unaffected.

"Mythologic Adaption....." They hear her say.

She slowly walks towards them, her attention largely on the angel.

"Angel. Class: Guardian. Current Ward: ......Error. Error. Ward Unknown. Cannot identify."

She speeds up, charging at the angel. When Demgel tries to intercept her, she knocks him aside with another shockwave and keeps targeting the Angel, beginning to relentlessly assault him with Vu~ōparukirāsaikuron, and he has trouble getting used to dealing with the 7 stroke blade's attack. She catches him off guard by spinning, creating a maelstrom of blades that lash out at all three of them with incredible unpredictability.

"Eliminate. Prevent outside knowledge. Kill angel. Protect existence. From heaven."

She attacks in the midst of the spin attack with a stab aimed at the Angel's heart.

Angel:....*looks down at his chest* Last thing I wanted was to fight you..the same person I had guarded for your entire life...

Demgel: *gets up again*

Med: One persistent bastard, man.

The CE seems to have paused just before stabbing him, the point of the blade just barely cutting his skin.

"....Switching to normal mode.... target threat lower than excepted." The majority of the armor begins to fold up, though it still covers her entire backside. A violet aura begins to form around her, turning into a suit of armor resembling a dragon, glowing violet eyes inside the eye holes.

Sukīmu begins to tighten her grip on her sword, preparing to attack again.

Demgel: *wraps his arms and legs around Sukīmu* Dude go for it!

Angel: Go for what?

Demgel: For the controls!

Angel: Where?

Demgel: Attached to her equilibrium! Connected to her nervous system!

Angel: You sure?

Demgel: That's what he told me! *gestures his head at Med*

Med: What's good?

Angel: Alright. *gets behind her and phases his hand through the back of her neck*

Demgel: Hold p...this guy told me. *looks over at Med*

Med: *looks at Demgel and nods his head up and smiles*

Demgel: *eys widen* Wait! We gotta think of something else!

Angel: Like what?

Demgel: I don't know...I doubt my emdlem will work....and I don't have any weaopns and you're not doing need to get out of here.

Angel: Why?

Demgel: It's obvious she can copy your moves. She can't copy mine because I don't use them.

Angel: but Ican't leave her. Iy's my job to watch over her!

Demgel: We'll you ain't doing what's neccesary to keep doing that! Get out of here!

Angel: *looks at Demgel then glnces at the sky then briefely back at Demgel* Fine...*flies up to the open skies and they close once he enters*

Sukīmu quietly turns towards Demgel, swords still drawn. She is about to point her sword at him when she pauses, and then silently turns and begins to walk away.

Demgel: So....where we goin'?

Med: *acts robotic* Take. Us. To. Your. Leader.

Demgel: You...just go away...die for ever in heaven...and dont comeback to this plane of existence for the rest of you non-existence life. know that's....*sniff*....a pretty unique choice of words right there....

Sukīmu walks to the center of the crater, and she begins to glow, but before she disappears, she holds out her hand, revealing floating red spheres in her hand towards Demgel, then she and the spheres vanish.

Demgel: Where's she going?

Med: She might be going to Heaven. She did go all like 'leave no witnesses' and shit.

Demgel: Then I might haveto get there too.