Queen of Spirits
Artist of Souls
Āto no Kami
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date Unknown
Family Kagayaki(Father), Kukyo(Aunt) First Black King(Cousin), Races of Echo(Creations)
Status Active
Eye Color Lavander
Hair Color White Tinted Lavender
Height -
Blood type None
Age 1000+
Weight 0
Health Alive
Affiliation Neutral, Kanjō Gods, Echo
Weapons Kami no burashi, Soul Hands
Species Spirit
Base of Operations Tower of Heaven, Echo
Quests Null
Previous Occupation(s) -
Current Occupation Kanjō God of Life
Abilities Kami no burashi, Creation, Create Life, Create Energy, Create Object
Fighting Style Art Magic
Partner None
Team Minor Kanjō Gods (The Black King, Kuria, The Nine Winds)
Relatives Kukyo(Aunt) Kagayaki(Father) Kanjō Gods (Family)
Marital Status Single

Azayakana is the Kanjō Goddess of Life, able to create creatures, animals, and races at will with ease. She serves as the Queen of All Positive Spirits of Echo. She is a kind, gentle ruler who spends her days creating new life and meditating.

She is a Spirit of Peace.

Theme (Tower of Heaven / Aza's Theme)

Appearance and Personality

Azayakana is known to be rather beautiful in countenance, but keeps to herself and is rarely seen. Those that do see her see a woman dressed a veil and kimono, usually in a shade of lavender. Her eyes and hair are lavender, though her hair is nearly white, shaded by a tint of lavender. She is almost always seen with a brush or some other form of art utensil, as well as pretty much an endless supply of scrolls. When viewed from afar, she is known to glow brilliantly, but in close encounters, she appears as a beautiful being, but has no such glow.

Azayakana is a very calm, gentle person with a love for all living things. She does not tolerate violence and will never aid someone in the pursuit of power to cause harm upon another living being, nor will she lash out in violence against attackers. She may merely disappear, or create beings to protect her from harm. She is angered only when one would abuse the creations she has placed upon the world for their own gain, or when one would needlessly commit acts of violence.


Azayakana was born the Daughter of Kagayaki, and is one of the few Secondary Kanjō Gods in existence. When she was a young girl, she discovered whenever she painted, the pictures of animals and people came to life, and as her imagination grew stronger, so did her ability to create things. At the time of her birth, no unique living things existed on Echo, and so wanting to fill the world with life, she began her miraculous works. She created the Shapeshifters, free from restriction of form and masters of the body, and Elementals, the masters of elements and ones entuned to the balance of nature.

She created the species of plants, animals, and various other creatures that now roam Echo's vast expanses, and watched contently as the world became full of beautiful life. Eventually, she came to admire a man of the Shapeshifter race, the man who would become the first Emperor of Chinmoku, and eventually the two fell in love and had children, what would be the first of the line of the Spiritwood and Dragonfang clans. After his death, she returned to her occupation of creation, keeping a fond eye on her descendants.

When her family, the Kanjō Gods began to enslave the Elementals, and wage war on the Shapeshifters, Azayakana was enraged and demanded they leave her creations be. When they ignored her pleas, she furiously stormed out of the grand palaces of the Kanjō Gods, and from that day never saw her father, Kagayaki, again. She distanced herself from all beings, taking refuge in the solitude of the North. However, the various Spirits of that land came to her and eased her despair, and eventually she peacefully united their clans into a grand North Kingdom.

To this day she quietly remains in her northern sanctuary, the Tower of Heaven, offering guidance and a place to reflect and find peace to those who find the remote palace.


Kami no Burashi

She is capable of manipulating a brush or other tool used in art, even a pencil, to sketch complex figures to create life forms and other such things, such as energy and objects.


She may create individuals, animals, plants, energy, and matter in general. She is not able to directly create immortal beings, being unable to write 'immortal' or use the 'infinity' symbol. There are loopholes, involving beings such as Angels and Demons being inherently immortal, these traits can carry over as well, though she cannot create beings that are of her invention that are immortal.

Aura of Benevolence

Few beings can find themselves willing to harm this graceful spirit, her aura exuded can calm some of the most violent of beings.


As she is a spirit, she never ages and is always at her most pristine and perfect sense of self. As a Positive Spirit, her spirit affects others in a beneficial, calming way.