Arkyle "Ark" Linen
Male Mage
Raging Demon of Red
The Daemon's Descendant
The Crimson Reaper
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date 9/18
Family Lucia, Unnamed Father
Status Alive- Hunting Charade
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Primarily Black with red and blonde highlights
Height 211 Cm
Blood type C
Age 24
Weight 49 Kg
Health Fantastic
Affiliation Anti-Charade
Species Shapeshifter-Kaiju
Base of Operations None, constantly moving
Weapons The Red Sword, Annihilatus, Famfrit, Ultimate Spear
Current Occupation Bounty Hunter
Fighting Style HAOS
Partner Lucia(Fiance)
Team Riot
Relatives Father, Rest Killed by Charade
Marital Status Engaged

Ark is a Shapeshifter-Kaiju hybrid and the founding member of Riot. He looks up to Patrikolos and is engaged to Lucia. He seeks revenge on Charade for the murder of his family.


Ark does not discuss his past beyond why he wants to kill Charade.

Ark grew up as the older of the two in the Linen family, his father having adopted his mother's last name. He was born into a modest, but stable, house hold, where he was able to enjoy the freedom and innocence of being a child. This changed when his father disappeared when he was about seven years old. Ark experienced true sorrow for the first time in his life when he learned that his father had left the rest of his family without warning or explanation and anger when, while he was eleven, he was forced to move into a temple at the behest of his father, whom had not appeared in the four years that had passed since his disappearance.

Seven years of harsh, brutal and nearly mind breaking training from an acquaintance of his father later, Ark returned to his home as a somewhat different person. He still retained his innocence and kind heartedness, but occassionally one would notice a melancholy or haunted look pass through his eyes. When asked about what his training was like, he would always calmly dismiss and evade the question- as if there was something he didn't want to remember. A few months later, the event that enbittered Ark occurred.

New Year's Eve. Ark, his sister, mother and friends were celebrating the new year when a mysterious woman appeared and began asking about Ark's father. When she learned that this was the man that she was looking for's family, she began to mercilessly kill and maim all that were present. Ark tried to fight her off, but was easily outmatched and severely injured by a single attack from the mysterious woman. Crippled and unable to do anything, Ark was forced to watch the woman slaughter everyone he cared for, leaving only him. Before leaving him to die, the woman gave him her name:

"I am the Phantom Waltz, Charade Masque. Remember that name when you cross over, Kiddo."

Unknowingly, she fueled Ark's resolve to avenge his family. Ark decided he would not die, despite his grievous injuries and managed to hang onto his life until local law enforcement agents arrived and had him delivered to a hospital in a comatose state. Unknown to them, Ark had been drawn into another realm, one where he was able to make a pact with two of the deity-like beings called Patrons, in exchange for  them taking something that he did not know of from him, granting him power he had never dreamed to exist and a weapon that would become one of his greatest assets.

When he awoke a few months later, he met Patrikolos, the head of the local law enforcement groups and another person searching for Charade. The two decided, after much debate and argument, to work together once Ark fully recovered and honed his abilities... He would later meet his best friend, Leone, his wife to be, Lucia, and a wise, tempered and tried teenager who often proved to be wise beyond his years, Sol, along with a few others...


Ark is quiet and brooding. He always seems to contemplate how he's going to get his revenge on Charade, the person who destroyed his life. Revenge is what drives him and he will not allow anyone or anything to get in the way of his vengeance.

Around people whose company he is comfortable with, Ark displays his more calm and peaceful side. Beyond his pursuit of revenge lies a softer, less fierce layer, but don't let that fool you: Ark is capable of going from calm and content to rancorous and destructive in the blink of an eye.

He hates one person besides Charade, his father who suddenly vanished from his and the rest of his family's life when he was seven, though the extent of that grudge has yet to be tested.


Ark has unkempt, predominantly black hair with natural red, gold and silvery white highlights. He stands at above average height and has a fair complexion. His eyes change color often, ranging from a deep indigo to a stony grey to golden to blood red to an iridescent violet depending on his mood or situation. His ears are pointed and have scaly red and black protrusions coming from them, his canine teeth are slightly elongated and his pupils slit. He wears baggy black pants, combat boots modifed to promote stealth, a black and red combat vest with lines etched into it over a skin tight black shirt. He also wears a pair of gauntlets, one red, black and gold, the other blue, black and gold, with mounted cross bows called Famfrit and a red and black cloak called Scar Wing. The Red Sword is strapped across his back and Annihilatus is sheathed at his side. He often carries his spear or compacts it into a less imposing form.



Ark is in love with Lucia and is very protective of her, but for multiple reasons. On one end, he doesn't want her to get hurt, but he also wants to keep her from hurting others when she looses control of her hunger. If she were to get hurt because of him, he would possible unleash his untapped power to kill the one responsible among things.


Ark sees the older man as a mentor and father figure despite any down talking he may do. He respects Patrikolos greatly, though he won't show it around the man.


Leone and Ark are the best of friends and see each other as brothers, even if they are complete polar opposites. Where Ark is brooding and calm, Leone is spontaneous and bright. Despite this, the two make an extremely formidable pair in battle, complimenting and matching the other's fighting style. The one time Leone got hurt seriously, Ark went berserk until the the opponent was a bloody stain and Leone was moved to safety.


Ark and Sol are friends, though Sol disapproves of Ark's quest for revenge. Despite Ark being older, he comes to the Monkey King's descendant for advice or words of wisdom when Patrikolos is busy or away.


To say that Ark hates Charade would be a total understatement. Ark allowed himself to be put through hell in order to become strong enough to take on the woman, and vows that he will never rest until she is dead.

Abilities and Skills

Lightning Speed

Ark is able to move at the speed of lightning over short distances thanks to his mastery of the element.

Lightning Manipulation(Mastery)

Ark, despite his heavy association with fire, has matered the manipulation and control of electricity. While not on par with that of gods and the like in his humanoid form, his Kaiju form power with both lightning and fire has earned it the title Black-Winged Firestorm.

Fire Manipulation(Mastery)

Ark has mastered controlling and manipulating fire, though to a lesser degree than lightning, the element he holds the greatest affinity for. His mastery of the element pales in comparison to Leone's, but is still formidable and deadly when he uses it.


As a Shapeshifter and Kaiju hybrid, Ark has the ability to transform and change his appearance, voluntarily or not. Depending on his mood, he may turn more and more into his Kaiju form, but he can also choose to transform into his colossal form. He is not solely limited to that transformation, contrary to what he allows others to believe.

Time Manipulation(Limited)

For some reason or another, Ark has the ability to manipulate the time of an object or person for four to twelve seconds. As no one in either side of his family that he knew displayed such an ability, it may be an acquired skill. Ark is able to to stop, reverse, slow and accelerate the time of an object of a person able to be affected by such an ability and add their speed to his.

Crest of Red Gold

Ark has been granted a crest by the Red Queen and Gold Empress, the Patron of Red and Gold. This crest is called Fury of Gold and Scarlet: Ignition.

Active Ignition

The ability to activate the Ignition Crest. Doing so makes the user more resistant to mystical, spiritual and arcane forms of harm.


The user is able to fire a crimson spherical or cubic projectile covered in a mysterious black or gold aura. Higher mastery allows the user to fire what appear to be fireballs.

  • Fire Works

A modified version of Bullet created by Ark. He fires a rounded cube at his opponent that dissipates into a mist of golden sparkles of light that explode shortly afterwards. Despite the small size of the sparkles, the amount of them and their individual blast radii make them especially dangerous. Ark can also manipulate the speed and density of the mist, making the attack hard to predict.


The user is able to conjure a line of crimson conic spikes covered in a hazy black or gold aura from the ground. The size of these spikes is variable, as is the distance they travel. Higher mastery allows the user to generate what appear to be burning fracture lines erupting with energy.


The user is able to create sphere of hazy black energy with a red center that draws in things around it before imploding. Higher mastery allows multiple of these to be formed at once and causes spacial distortions around them.


The user is able to create golden crescent shaped waves of energy able to bypass physical defenses and elemental protection. Higher mastery allows the user to shape these waves as please and apply their effects to attacks or themselves.


The user is able to coat a limb in a crimson or golden aura that makes it capable of rending defenses. Said ability also increases the power of said limb drastically. Higher mastery allows the user to project this aura outwards, apply it to multiple limbs at once and even boost the massive destructive power of Destroy.


The ultimate ability of the Ignition Crest. The user is able to gather a massive amount of power into their fist and deliver a devastating punch that generates what could be called a tidal wave or tsunami of crimson or gold energy that travels for miles. When used on the ground, it creates a steep indentation over a massive area, preceded by the area rippling, before the area is consumed by crimson or gold energy. This ability can be strengthened further by augmenting its power with Crush and using Upheaval, the latter causing legions of spikes erupt from the area affected by Destroy. High mastery allows the resultant wave of power to rotate as it travels, greatly increasing the amount of destruction it causes.

Crest of Blue Silver

Ark has been Granted a crest by the Blue Prince and Silver Emperor, the Patron of Blue and Silver. This crest is called Sealing of the Azure and Shining: Suppress.

Active Suppress

This allows the user to utilize the power of the Suppress crest. It grants the user litheness of body and increased perception.


The user is able to summon thin beams of silvery-blue energy that easily pierce through objects, but do not necessarily cause harm. If disturbed, they snap and generate a strong vibration through whatever they are passing through. Higher mastery allows the user to strengthen or weaken the beams, curve them and even use them as a mode of transportation.

  • Ripple

Ark has created a variant of wave that allows the beams to vibrate as they move allowing them to cut through nearly all physical and ethereal defenses.


The User is able to create an invisible pulse of energy that passes through and shatters most solid objects. If there is a target in mind, the pulse will, upon connecting with it, cause a great deal of internal damage and temporarily scramble and seal their abilities off. Higher mastery allows the user to redirect or disrupt most projectiles and divide the pulses, causing more damage overall than a single, larger pulse would, but far more subtly.


The user is able to create stream-like currents of invisible energy that forcefully redirect the path of attacks and enemy movement should they come in contact with any of the currents. Higher mastery allows the user to create a barrier that redirects most attacks and control the currents to such an extent that they can create a well or geyser of energy. They also can increase the power of the currents, making them both a force of offense and defense.


The user is able to surround themselves in an energizing layer of energy that boosts their physical parameters vastly. Higher mastery allows internal usage, which can be used to right some ailments affecting them and increase the spiritual and mental power of the user vastly.


The user is able to perform a pinpoint attack with either a finger or a thin beam of invisible energy capable completely destroying the target internally and externally. Higher master allows the user to affect the power of the attack, strengthening it for vastly increased destructive acts or lessening it to cripple or stun the affected, grant it an ability and power sealing property and increase the number of beams usable at once should the attack be used at a distance. The user also gains the ability to affect the direction from which the attack comes.


The Ultimate ability of the Suppress crest. The user creates a large scale, omni-directional pulse of energy visible of the ground as expanding blue rings that cause everything they touch to freeze in place. The user is then given knowledge of everything within the radius of the pulse and the ability to delegate what is affected by it and how so. If used for offense, the selected are destroyed on a molecular scale. If used to heal, all fixable ailments and debilitations affecting the selected are righted. Higher levels grant the ability a wider radius and a time stopping effect, as well as the power to seal and restrict the abilities of those affected by it after the main function of the ability concludes.

Restorative Magic

Ark is able to use up to advanced restorative magic and is able to heal with both the Suppress crest and lightning to an extent.


Ark is able to recover from injuries considered fatal or mortal if given enough time or if he transforms. This applies to both lost limbs and organs, though it is extremely painful for him to heal by transforming.


Ark is in tune with his bestial Kaiju instincts, though he can suppress them if they grow too intense to handle. This allows him nearly unmatched reflexes and reaction time in conjunction with his power over lightning, Suppress crest and limited control over time.

Weapons and Equipment

The Red Sword

A mysterious Sword gifted to Ark by the Patron of Red. It normally appears as a red and blade claymore with exhaust ports, but it can easily shift into a multitude of other bladed weapons. It is a sentient weapon and is nigh impossible to destroy. It can cut through all but the strongest incarnation of any element and seems to feed on Ark's anger. It's true form is...


A katana gifted to Ark by his, now deceased, former best friend. It's full power is unknown, but it has been noted that it can create damaging after images and trails of energy. A very symbolic weapon to Ark.

Ultimate Spear

A spear Ark created. More akin to a lance with a built in railgun and laser cannon, this spear is not to be trifled with. It has a myriad of different tips and blades, ranging from hooked to barbed to stiletto shaped, and can be split into a spear with a literal miniature satellite death laser orbiting above it.


A pair of bracers Ark won by defeating a demonic monster terrorizing a town. One controls fire and the other ice, though both can be used in tandem for more damage in the form of a firestorm or freezing flames. Both also double as wrist mounted crossbows.

Scar Wing

Part of Ark's Kaiju form. it appears as a black and red cloak most of the time, but can extend into what appears to be a crimson and black forearm protector with five disconnected, bladed digits much, much larger than Ark himself. It can be used as a shield or a weapon of pure destruction depending how Ark purposes it.


Kaiju Form -Partial-

Kaiju Form -Complete-

Kaiju Form -Dark-

Kaiju Form -True-

Patron Form

Avatar of Yellow

Avatar of Quick Silver