Arius is a Spellsword of old and master of the necromantic arts and other foul magicks of the old world.


To Arius, his life began when he made a pact with the Apollyon, Avatar of Death and Dread after falling into depravity. He became one of the mad king's Chosen, those granted the power of Apollyon's blood despite lacking blood relation to the being. This only lead to his study of the Primordial Evils of the world and gradual corruption by the darkness housed within, until he reached a pinnacle of power and understanding of the world, vanishing after which.

When next spotted, long after the war of the underworld, Arius was an intrepid researcher of the Abyss, to the point of fanaticism. He came up with the theory that the Abyss was median of the seam between realms, but was shunned for heresy at the time. This lasted until the researcher made contact with the Abyss and encountered an ancient being who resided in the Deep Abyss and bound it to the mortal plane, creating a living hub to the Abyss and inadvertently spilling its contents into Earth, creating a period where disease and darkness ravaged humanity until the gate was finally sealed. During this time, Arius was bound to the soul of a denizen of the Oblivion, a realm at the cusp of creation in the deepest depths of the seam between realms, making him a Transcendent Being and alien to all that was humanity and all that is as his world was warped by the merger. Soon afterwards, Arius vanished again, now with deadly power beyond comprehension and knowledge well beyond his time. What he does now is unknown, but he is somewhere, neither far nor close, watching and observing...


Arius is, simply put, condescending and antagonistic to those he deems below him. He is prideful and blunt, easy to flatter and easier to anger. He speaks of things obscure and unimaginable to the common person and grows bored when people fail to understand his words, often dumbed down to be understood.


Arius appears to be in his mid to late twenties, with glossy black hair and a trim moustache and goatee. He now has amber eyes and a pale complexion. His attire consists of that of a noble of the eighteenth century, with a long cane and monocle. He is of average height and build, but emanates a strange aura.