One of the many locations on Arcadia.

Daikeim's home and sanctuary, Arcadia is a paradise made by the Vitae Gods. This is where most of the Vitae Gods and Heroa Gods live, being able to watch over Cyanic. Arcadia serves as a afterlife home for the dead, with parts of Arcadia made for the evil and good respectively. The scenery is amazing, from vast forests and deserts to floating islands and mystical temples, it's one of the most beautiful places to visit.

The Aid For a Heroa God

In a temple, far in a forest that is cut away from civilization. A group of five figures approach the abandoned building and enter, the figures then go into the main all and stop walking. They all turn to each other and start talking.

Melina: Cogita told you to bring us here?

Infernus: *Holding a Soul Stone* Yes.

Melina: Why?

Infernus: *Turns to look at the whole group* All of you have heard about Daikeim's exile, right?

Melina: Yes, but why are we here--

Luxinare: Daikeim has already used Exeon energy, he also has a unfamiliar energy brewing inside of him.

Kazuki: I'll save you the trouble of asking, Melina... Exeon is a energy created by the Deitatem Terno Gods, it was made only for Heroas who were to surpass their father or mother, depending on the choices the user makes. Not only does it grant the abilities of their chosen parent, but it also allows them to use abilities of other Murr Gods aswell. As you can tell, it's a powerful, mystical energy...

Melina: Ok... So why are you guys making it sound like it's a bad thing.

Adustio: Because Daikeim wasn't supposed to use Exeon energy this early, now that he has a way to use it. This will cause problems with Daikiem, the more times he uses it, the more his body will take the punishment... Going from passing out after use... To death.

Kazuki: Ok... But why has Infernus got a Soul Stone with him? He never uses them...

Infernus: It's not for me, Daikeim has no Soul Stone. Without a Soul Stone, the dark power inside Daikeim will grow... That's why me and Luxinare have brought you here.

Adustio: You've brought us here to give Daikeim a simple stone?

Luxinare: Not exactly, Daikeim and his friend's banishment has been lifted. They can come back home... So we need a portal to where them two were banished to...

Kazuki: Hmm... Bringing Daikeim back... Ok, time to make a portal.

Infernus starts by creating a small disc of energy, Kazuki then draws blood and drips it into the disc. Causing the disc to become a portal to nothingness. Melina and Adustio both channel their spirits together and send energy into the portal. Lunxinare then gets the Soul Stone and places it infront of the portal, causing the Soul Stone to glow gold and hover infront of the portal. The portal then shows Fantasy.

Luxinare: Done.

Kazuki: So, who's going?

Infernus: Well, a family member...

Melina: I'll go. *She picks up the Soul Stone* I got a feeling it'll take a while before he comes back, so don't expect me soon. *A small dark grey dragon flies onto Melina's shoulder* Let's go Flare. *He steps through the portal and the others close it*

Luxinare: I hope them two will be ok...

Adustio: They're your children, they'll be fine. Let's head back.

The four people leave the temple.


Two figures fade into the same temple, one takes a minute to look around and smile at what he sees. While the other one starts walking.

Daikeim: Where are we?

Melina: Oh, one of the temples...

Daikeim: *He examines the structure, noting some destroyed ruins* Looks ruined, I'm sure I wasn't gone for this long.

Melina: You weren't, it was only because of something else.

Daikeim: What do you mean, what happened?

Melina: *She sighs* Mortus and Noxia happened... They've caused imbalance.

Daikeim: What did they do?

Melina: You'll see... *She continues walking*

Daikeim follows Melina through multiple locations, and the damage that has fallen upon them.

Daikeim: Melina, what did they do...

Melina: Heroas... A lot of them.

Daikeim: What the hell do you mean?

Melina: Not traditionally, corrupt Cyanicans who pray to Mortus have been granted powers similar to his and Noxia's...

Daikeim: Why would those two idiots do that?

Melina: I'm not entirely sure... I've heard that they want to overthrow and kill the rest of the Vitae Gods and their children... I'm gonna be honest with you Daikeim, I wished you never helped the Cyanicans with their war... You could of stayed... You could of made a difference.

Daikeim: Where are the other Heroas?

Melina: No idea, they were told to run...

Daikeim: This is why you brought me back, you want me to help...

Melina: It's what you do best Brother...

Daikeim: I'm surprised they done it without the others knowing...

Melina: Not everyone was oblivious to the situation, but it's too late now...

Daikeim: Hmm, well... They're just fake Heroas, they ain't gonna do much.

Melina and Daikeim arrive at a destroyed town, they see a fake Heroa attacking innocents.

Daikeim: Ugh, look at him... *He speaks in Vitae Dialect* (Dark Heroa God)

Melina: Neroa God... Hehe.

The Neroa see Melina and Daikeim and start laughing.

Neroa God: Well well well, look who we have here... Two 'heroes'?

Melina: Heroes? Nah, just two people who are gonna kick your ass!

Neroa God: Hahah! Yeah, right... Listen girl, after I deal with your friend, I'll make you my bi--

Melina appears infront of the Neroa God and kicks him into some ruins, she then summons a naginata and walks over to the Neroa God and picks him up. She then throws him into the air and slams the pole of the naginata against his back, blasting him into the ground.

Melina: That's DaeMurr God to you, faker!

The Neroa God gets up and looks at Daikeim, he then summons a scythe.

Neroa God: So you must be the exiled Heroa God, the son of Luxinare... Thanks to the Umbra Sector Vitae Gods, killing you will be fun...

Daikeim: Them morongs? Please, do me a favor and keep quiet...


The Neroa God charges at Daikeim and swings his scythe at Daikeim, with Daikeim dodging every attack. Daikeim then blocks the scythe's blade with the back of his forearm, he then grabs the Neroa God's shirt and headbutts him. Daikeim then summons the Draconia and slashes at his chest, he then finishes the Neroa off by charging the Draconia with energy and decapitating him.

Daikeim: *Looks at his arm, which surprisingly has no mark* Hmph, that was weak...

Melina: That... *She senses Daikeim's soul, to now see more dark energy* Daikeim... Something's wrong with you...

Daikeim: That can wait... Right now, we need to find the others... Melina, you're perception is better than mine, can't you sense them?

Melina: Oh, right... *She takes a moment to sense everyone around her, later smiling* Found them, come on! *She goes into her Half Dragon form and starts flying*

Daikeim: Noxia and Mortus... What morons... *He goes into his Half Dragon form and follows Melina*

Melina and Daikeim continue flying through Arcadia's floating islands and towns until they come across a pile of bodies, Melina and Daikeim fly down to inspect the bodies.

Daikeim: Neroa corpses... *Sees the blood* Pretty recent aswell...

Melina: *Notices one trying to crawl away, she walks over to him and puts her foot in his back* So, wanna tell me who destroyed your buddies back there?

Neroa God: A group of dicks... That's who!

Melina: *Presses down, slowly crushing the Neroa God's back* Awww, you're so cute when you're about to be snapped, what did they look like?

Neroa God: Red hair... Crazy armour on his arm, talks too much.

Daikeim: Rythai... Glad to see he's at least alive...

PraeMurr God: That's all I'm gonna say, long live the Age of Destruction!

Melina impales the Neroa God's neck with a blade, killing him.

Melina: He was getting on my nerves... So, Rythai is alive, and if he's alive... That means his Brother is aswell.

Daikeim: That still leaves a few left, but I'm sure they'll be fine. So that just leaves the Vitae Gods themselves... Looks like they just left the Neroa Gods here to deal with us... Noxia and Mortus are probably away from Arcadia.

Melina: Then wouldn't that mean the Vitae Gods would of went for them?

Daikeim: And leave Arcadia in a state like this? Not a chance... *He starts walking*

Melina: Where are you going?

Daikeim: I know where they are... *He starts running then flies towards the center of Arcadia*

Melina: ...You better. *She follows*

Meanwhile, a group of figures are talking among eachother. With one incinerating more corpses of the Neroa Gods.

Luxinare: What were they thinking!? Allowing them to become demigods...

Infernus: That's not all, remember. They're planning on taking both Cyanic, Arcadia and more. The Heroas won't be able to help, so that's why we've sent them away....

Luxinare: Still, staying here while it just gets worse?

Adustio: *Burns another corpse* Well, what other choice do we have? We have to get rid of these fakers first before it gets worse.

Reliqua: I can't believe them two would do this... Why?

Infernus: Power hungry obviously... Right now we need to deal with this.

Daikeim and Melina spot the group and fly down, somehow they don't notice the two.

Adustio: *Burns one more corpse* That's all of them done here.

Luxinare: They won't live to regret this...

Daikeim and Melina start talking, catching the group's attention.

Daikeim: As much as you want to do that, you do realise if that happens. That's gonna cause too much imbalance...

Melina: And in the state we're in, no point killing them right now. Oh, hey everyone!

Infernus: Welcome back, the both of you. Nice to see you actually managed to find your Brother, Melina.

Melina: It was easy! *She laughs*

Adustio: Yeah, welcome back to Arcadia... Well, what's left of it.

Daikeim: Good to be back for the time being, but after this... I'm going back..

Luxinare: Why? What is possibly worth staying back there for?

Daikeim: A lot actually... And don't say it's 'there'. You know the name of it, Earth.

Adustio and Infernus look at Shockwave.

Infernus: Earth?

Adustio: Out of everywhere, them two sent him to Earth?

Daikeim: Father, I want to talk to you... *He starts walking away from the group, with Luxinare following. Daikeim then stops and turns to look at Luxinare* You know someone from Earth, someone called Van Valeric. You told them two to send me to Earth... Why?

Luxinare: Daikeim, your exile could of been prevented... But we chose not to because of where you would be going.

Daikeim: That doesn't help... You sent me to Earth for a reason.

Luxinare: I chose the location yes, but your purpose there wasn't even mentioned by the other Vitae Gods. It was by your own will that you decided to help...

Daikeim: So I wasn't sent there for a reason?

Luxinare: Not by me, no. Cogito himself said that your purpose on Earth will be revealed soon...

Daikeim: ...Fine, I guess while I'm here. I need to get something.

Luxinare: Like what?

Daikeim: Elemental Shards mostly, I'm guessing we still have some?

Luxinare: Yes, infact. The mine has recently filled up again, anything else?

Daikeim: Access to Arcadia at my will and an upgrade to my Draconia.

Luxinare: That'll be done shortly, pass me your blade. You go to the mines and gather as many as you need, won't you need something to carry all of this?

Daikeim: Don't worry, I got something that'll work. *He summons the Draconia and passes it to Shockwave. Daikeim then flies away*

Luxinare returns to the group while Daikeim is flying towards one of the mines where the Elemental Shards grow, when Daikeim gets there. He flies down and lands, looking at the millions of crystals, he enters the cave and looks around.

Daikeim: Hmm, well... They have grown back... And that's a lot... But it's just the common ones. *He starts gathering one of each, as he goes down further in the mines, he notices a certain Shard* Hmm... *Daikeim goes to grab it but receives an electric shock, he moves his hand back and looks at the Shard and smirks* A lightning Shard... *He grabs hold of it and rips it off the wall and looks at it* Here goes nothing...

Daikeim snaps it in half, causing massive bolts of lightning to surge though Daikein's veins, making them glow blue for a minute. Daikeim then falls to his knees and stays quiet, after a while, he stands up and looks at his hands. He notices small electric surges wrapping around his fingers, Daikeim picks up the other Elemental Shards and exits the mine and returns to the group.

Daikeim: Ok, I got what I need, I'm heading back... Melina, I want you to stay here.

Melina: Why?

Daikeim: Because I can't put any more people in danger... *He holds onto his Soul Stone*

Luxinare: Daikeim, here you go. *He hands Daikeim a sword with a golden blade and dragon markings on it, with the handle being made out of dragon bones, he also gives Daikeim a sword sheath* The Draconia.

Daikeim: *Sheaths the Draconia* I'll see you all as soon as I can...

Melina: *Runs up to Daikeim and hugs her* Goodbye, Brother! Promise you'll come back someday...

Daikeim: *Smiles* Don't worry, I will.

Luxinare: *Walks up to Daikeim and taps on his Soul Stone, it then glows green* There, now you should be able to come and go whenever.

Daikeim: Let's see, shall we? *Daikeim grasps his hands together and moves them apart, causing a portal back to Fantasy to appear. He waves goodbye before going though, the portal then closes behind him*