Antiva is home to many demons and malevolent spirits, most commonly Rakshasas, Yaksha and Sura. Ayakashi and Youkai also make their home here, however their numbers are fewer and more sparse. The realm itself is beautiful and appears untouched by the flow of time, appearing to be eternally autumn most of the time. Night appears to be festive and grand, as if a great festival was going on, with colorful hanging lanterns, booths and stands selling entertainment and food or drink, dances and grand feasts. However, the air has a sense of melancholy about it, but only a limited few of the denizens could tell anyone inquisitive about this why. Little else is known about this secluded and mysterious realm.


Mountain Fall Village

A large village connected to the Great Pond, Sea of Trees and Melancholic Field. A place of festivities and enjoyment in the night. Given its name due to the crumbling mountainside it neighbors.

Tempest Haven

A sanctuary only revealed by the fiercest of winds. Home of the higher class Youkai and Yakshas.

Great Pond of Ira

A mist covered pond with placid waters and a tiny mass of land in the center. Contrary to appearances, the water's denizen is known for their unrelenting wrath towards trespassers.

Sea of Trees

A forest of fire leaved trees that seems to go on indefinitely. Serene and beautiful, but easy to lose one's way in without a proper guide.

Melancholic Field

A blood-soaked field covered in rotting bones and rusted arms from recent and old conflicts. The birthplace of Sura and a reminder that the peace of the realm is finite. The few permanent denizens are always in tears, singing hymns of mourning that resonate through the field, even as wars rage.

Elder Sea

A deep blue sea that grows larger as time passes. As with the Great Pond, the water here is placid, but one can sense a great deal of malevolence when approaching it. Home to a powerful entity, but the details of what it is elude the most knowledgeable of Yakshas.