Akua Suzaku
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"Eh? I didn't think you'd see this form..."
Phoenix Empress
The Doll Maker
Ingenious Enigma
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date Unknown
Family Kokua(Sister), Alisa(Daughter), Iylessa(Daughter), Unnamed Husband
Status Reincarnated
Eye Color Blue, Red
Hair Color Red
Height Variable
Blood type I
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Health Immaculate
Affiliation Neutral, Zentria(Former), Anira(Former)
Species Phoenix(Imperial-Reborn)
Base of Operations The Academia
Weapons Phoenix Beacon, Plumage of Suzaku "Ember", Experimental Armament No. 11i "Rosamund"
Current Occupation Self-made Head of Affairs
Fighting Style Imperial Phoenix Battle Dance, Bloodstorm Blaze
Partner Anira(Former), Zentria(Former)
Team None
Relatives Kokua, Alisa, Iylessa
Marital Status Widowed

Akua is one of the rare Imperial Phoenixes from the line of Suzaku. She is an amazing scientist and the former mentor of Anira.


Entry One through Eight

Dear diary,

it appears I've been reborn again. I don't know how many times this makes, but I'll do what I must to fulfill my duty...

Unlike the previous universe, this one appears to favor us phoenixes rather than see us as some form of plaything or food source. This is highly advantageous and means that I- we- can live in peace relatively... -

Hm, I've come to find the heavens dull and boring, as I did in the universe before the previous one. It doesn't help that my desire to use my expertise is gradually leaking out, though I haven't scared anyone yet. I'd like to get leave to go off on my own, but I imagine that going to one's parents as a perceived adolescent will go about as well as asking a stranger for their home. It appears that I'll have to bide my time until I can go off on my own... -

In this universe I have a little sister, indicating the level of divergence from the previous universes is rather high. Kokua is a cute thing and is utterly adorable. I may have to push back my plans for autonomy until after I bond with her... -

I utterly blew it. Kokua got sick due to an autoimmune disorder that utterly compromised the efficacy of her white blood cells, so I used my expertise to create a cure for it and administered it to her. Unfortunately, such a cure is not permitted in the heavens by the angels who oversee us phoenixes, so they plan on casting the little one out of the heavens, even with the pleas from our mother and father. If I were to come out now, it would only worsen the situation, but I can't let my little sister be sent to the mortal realm because of something I did... -

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to punch an angel in the face for being so utterly heartless and cruel to one so innocent and pure? I found out that it's like hitting glass with a steel bat after the angel who attempted to cast out my little sister from the heavens attempted to brand her as a heretic for asking why angels have more authority than phoenixes in the heavens out of genuine curiosity. Despite being whipped til my back was little more than bone, hitting that bastard was the best thing I've done in a long time, a long long time. It was also well worth it, as it moved dear Kokua from the hot seat and gave me it instead... -

Goodbye heavens and hello freedom. I was put on trial after I was whipped, and the verdict was that once I was of age, I was to leave the heavens until deemed fit. Meaning I have three more years of putting up with this dull pretentious place... -

I never expected to fall in love up here, especially not with a member of the Garuda Line, but it happened and, unfortunately, we're expecting a child after my exile date. Chandra attempted to get my exile repealed, but the angels, one in particular, were adamant about me going and him staying. Talk about ruining a person's life...

Entry Nine and Ten

Dear diary, I'm somewhere in the outer reaches of the universe now, far away from the influence of the angels and their circles. I've since given birth to a beautiful baby girl, whom I've named Alisa. Unfortunately Alisa appears to have been born with an extremely weak constitution and, as such, I've had to create a space that quarantines her from the outside world. I am able to enter without fear of making her sick, but only because my constitution renders me clean of any and all bacteria and dust, an upside of being an imperial phoenix, if only in name now. I've since set up and created a lab for myself to work on a cure for little Alisa, but curing her is going to be much harder than curing Kokua was. It looks like my work is cut out for me, but as they say: business before pleasure... -

Hm, I've been offered an interesting opportunity by a strange person. He seems interested in my work, the little I've done in my spare time wile I work on finding a solution to Alisa's condition, and is willing to offer me more resources in exchange for a single model of each of my creations. I'm not particularly interested in doing that, but more resources may speed up my progress in curing Alisa, so I decided to give him an old journal of mine filled with half complete experiments and conjecture about the soul and "Dolls". Perhaps that will be enough...

Entry Fourteen through Twenty

Dear diary, I've come across a strange young man recently, more specifically, a dragon in humanoid form going by the name of Iota. He's nice enough, especially now that I've patched him up and decided to listen to his story in the next few days... -

I am outraged, both at myself and the man whole I allowed use of my research. I wasn't expecting him to wage a war to purge the entire world of those who opposed him, which in hindsight I quite literally have given him the power to do. Well that is going to change soon... -

Iota seems to have grown as a person, though I may have had something to do with that. He's no longer vengeful and the definition of doom and gloom, instead he's taken to my teachings of lucidity and has calmed immensely, though he is still rather gruff. That being said, when he found my daughter he turned into jelly and offered to give her some of his essence, something I've shied away from doing because it would have little to no effect on her. Alisa, however declined his offer. Looks like it's back to the drawing board in regards to that... -

Zentria, the bastard! -

...My daughter has been kidnapped and her purification chamber is broken. It's high time he learned why you don't kidnap my daughter or take anything from me. Iota- Anira rather- is in agreement, wanting revenge for his guiding light. We're laying siege on Zentria's castle at dawn on the morrow and he will regret laying a finger on her... -

Anira, the fool, went to duel Zentria when he attempted to use Alisa as a hostage, buying me enough time to set his castle ablaze in the frantic search for Alisa. Thankfully, she was in one piece when I found her, in fact Zentria had done me a favor by infusing her with his essence to cure her disease. I quickly overwrote the majority of what e had done, removing the parts of his essence that did not directly pertain to curing Alisa's condition before joining Anira to finish off Zentria. With that done, the three of us returned to my laboratory and I performed a medical exam on Alisa to make sure that Zentria's work would last and that my corrections would ensure that nothing else related to him would have an impact on her in the future. After that I slept like a rock until the following day, when I began to work at reversing the damage I had indirectly wrought... -

My work is far from done, but I've had to pretend to to notice the obvious looks Anira and Alisa are sharing when they are near each other. It's not like I mind them having feelings for each other, but I guess it is rather awkward for Anira to ask me about courting my daughter. I thought it was cute for the first few weeks, but after the lack of progress on their end after two years, I grew annoyed and sat them down for a long talk. The two love birds were beet red after I was done, but at least after that their relationship progressed past quick touches to the other's hands to actually holding hands. You'd think they'd have died if they hugged judging by how skittish they were about even holding hands... -

Entry Twenty-Four

Dear diary, this will probably be the last entry I write. Ever since Iylessa was born and Kokua got hitched, I've been having these reoccurring nightmares about the both of us and Chandra. I can only hope that these are false alarms, but they are more than likely premonitions of things to come, terrible things to come. All I can do now is pass everything I'm able to down to Alisa, and possibly Iylessa if there is enough time, even if that means I have to go from being nice and open with her to stern and cold. I hope that she can forgive me, if that happens and I hope that Anira brings her happiness when they next meet...


Akua is a rather cheerful, carefree person who is almost always smiling. She enjoys science and experimentation, often going for weeks on end without taking a break if something peaked her interest. She is rather blunt as well, not hiding what's on her mind when addressed, but can come across as ditzy and airheaded compared to her daughters. Beyond that, however, is her strong maternal instinct and fierce protective nature of those under her wing. A serious Akua can be the difference between water exploding from pressure and water fueling a purposely unstable fission reaction or the destruction of worlds.

Akua is one of the very few beings who retains the memories of all of their past lives and alternate reality counterparts, which has various effects depending on whether or not the current her completely synchronizes with the memories of a past self. The best case scenario results in no change, but the worst case may see the universe in unprecedented danger. It should be noted however, that such synchronization is exceedingly rare.


Compared to her daughters, Akua is short, being a whole head shorter than Alisa and half a head shorter than Iylessa. Her hair is vermilion in color and her eyes are the color of polished sapphire. She wears a complicated dress of red, white, gold and black with wing motifs growing from the back on days when she doesn't wear her lab attire.

Her transformations have yet to be seen by anyone.



Akua once mentored Anira in a previous incarnation and always seems to come around whenever his stability or temper may be reaching a boiling point. Why she appeared now is a mystery, Ishida being Anira's most stable incarnation. She protected him long before he became Balance, when he was still the Antithesis of Logic and Great Calamity.


Akua and her younger sister got along quite well, even if they didn't see eye to eye often in their later days. Akua was against Kokua becoming a Guardian Phoenix, if only because it would put the younger sister in danger. As if a premonition of the future came true, Akua fell into a deep depression when her sister was killed shortly after falling in love with a human.


Akua likes to tease her overly serious daughter in order to get her to loosen up. She has seen Alisa grow up in various incarnations, similar to Anira, and only wishes for the best in regard to her.


It is hard to gauge the relationship between Akua and Iylessa because Akua died early on in Iylessa's life and barely reincarnated nearly two decades later. It should be noted that this applies to two decades in the heavens, equivalent to hundreds of thousands of years for the universe itself.


An old enmity stands between these two. Akua served under the being for much of her first incarnation, but with much resentment after her work was weaponized. She defeated the being in her first incarnation, only to become the target of his enmity before he perished. While he is long gone, Akua can't shake the feeling that the being is out there somewhere.

Abilities and Skills

Flames of Suzaku

The flame of Suzaku, one of the Great Four long gone. Flames of all natures were wrought from this flame, now but an ember, but even still the bearers of such flames hold authority over all flames they've encountered, turning the ember into a roaring blaze. Untouched by fire, the bearers of this flame are capable or turning the world to ash should they lose themselves in their emotions. Akua's flame, lacking in raw power, instead excels in inflicting a multitude of detrimental effects and bizarre statuses while distorting the laws of the world around her. That being said, the flames are by no means weak, simply less explosive than the flames of the other bearers'.


Akua's flame, a flame that burns the psyche and magic. Appearing as a mote of light as opposed to dancing flames, this flame is decidedly subtle, only becoming noticeable when contact with completely magical or cognitive beings are touched.


Akua's flame, a flame that devours strength and burns ever brighter because of it. Those grazed by such a flame will notice that it does not simply burn, but also corrode, ignoring any deterrents to flames aside from Akua herself.


Akua's flame, a flame that does not burn but instead Purify. Purifying, not to be mistaken for simply cleansing, removes any detriments of the touched, but should they be hostile to Akua they also cause the targeted extreme amounts of pain as the flame eats away at their entire being.

Doll Creation

Akua specializes in creating dolls, living entities lacking in a complete will, originally metal puppets but eventually became beings of flesh. Not lacking in souls, instead the souls within lie dormant until they are truly born. Most share Akua's red hair and blue eyes, having been born partially of her blood and technology, but aside from that they are their own beings and lack any of her abilities.


A master of the dark, mad, obscure and magical sciences, Akua is lord of magic and machine, using both with such coordination that it is near impossible to see where one ends and the other begins in her crafts and combat.

Weapons and Equipment

Phoenix Beacon

Plumage of Suzaku "Ember"

Experimental Armament No. 11i "Rosamund"

Portable Laboratory Space



Imperial Phoenix

Reborn Phoenix

Suzaku Incarnation

Phantom Phoenix

Flame Empress

Star Empress