Aether Realm


This is the Aether Realm, birthplace of the Aetherborn. Here, life and creation energy flows and repels the forces of death and destruction. Netherborn and Reapers are forbidden from entering this area.

Vorah and Zane

Zane looks around hoping to find something intoresting. Any signs of intelegent life. disapointed he flouts there. "I hope everyone is ok"

"Good morning, Zane." a voice says, it's a tall man with light blue skin, dark blue hair, and fangs. He wears a black leather trenchcoat over his jumpsuit.

Zane looks up "How do you know my name!?"

"You don't remember me? Aww.. I'm hurt.. But it was a long time ago." Vorah says while he pulls out a cigarette, putting it between his fore and middle fingers, he pulls out a silver zippo lighter, and strikes it a couple times, before managing to get the spark to catch. He waves his cigarette over the lighter, pushes the lighter into his pocket, and inhales deeply on the cigarette.

Zane lands, "So whats your name again?"

He exhales the smoke, as it floats up, he says "It's not important who I am, is it? Isn't it much more important who you are?"

Zane chucles. "Really now. Now serious looking into the stanger's eyes. "Tell me what you want from me,"

Vorah looks at him, taking his time to inhale deeply through his cigarette, and exhale, before responding "I just thought I'd warn you."

Zane Smiles. "Warn me! What do i have to worry about!"

"You're a worthy opponent, and I'd hate for you to get cut down unaware. It would be a pity." Vorah says vaugely.

Zane looks to the sky. "Yeah,but still there is so much to learn from defeat. You grow as a person" Zane looks ahead of him. "But if you are smart, You learn frome everything. You never know what to expect. Never. Even with a warning thing might go badly. But anyways thanks I'll watch out." Zane Smiles. "I still want to know your name."

"The Program isn't as kind as you imagine." he smiles back, his showing his sharp canines, biting down on his cigarette. "My name? Well that will have to wait." his cheeks filled, and in a explosion, blue smoke began to launch from his mouth, his cigarette butt flew past Zane's head. The smoke filled the area. When it began to clear, the man was gone.

Zane closes his eyes. "Well he had a nice exit"

Dark Prynce and Zane

"Zane! I know you're here! Come on out and greet your old friend!" Dark Prynce says with a little relief.

Zane looks Surprized and happy. "Prynce! What are you doing here!?"

"I heard you were here, so I decided to pay you a visit."

"Well it's good to see you! How is every one else?" 

"Well, Lucime's in morning, Shiner's told me you were still alive and part Aetherborn, I'm looking for a place to hold our wedding, Osiris is training with Evelyn to ignore the fact that you died, and Arachne is with Umbras making you a shrine for your dead body."

"Well then. Now what about you...."

"Finding a good place to hold the wedding with Shiner, too bad she can't visit this place, and you can't visit the Nether Realm."

Zane looks around. "It's such a nice place. it's peaceful. but it's too quiet."

"Yeah, it would've been nice to have everyone come here. But we can't so I'm thinking of taking you all to Tartarus."

"is it nice there?"

"I've put it in suspended animation at the most beutiful point in it's existence. It looks more amazing then the Aether Realm and Nether Realm combined."

Zane looks at him. "is there more people there this place is kinda empty."

A girl appears behind him. "What is that supposed to mean!?"

"Well, seeing as how I'm the only one with the entrance, I'd say it's pretty empty. Oh, who's your friend?"

She floats there on a dragon. "I Haven't seen you here yet. I'm Lorem. You can call me Lori" 

Zane looks up and whispers. "I'm not alone" Looks at Lori. "Nice to meet you i'm Zane."

"Hello there, I'm Dark Prynce." Holds out his hand.

 Lori hops off the dragon and grabs his hand. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm stuck here"

"I'm visiting. My friend here is from the Royal Dragon Clan and Aetherborn colonies. In short, he can't leave until his physical body is healed."

"Why are you here?"

Lori looks at Zane. "I Remember You! I'm hiding out here."

Zane looks surprized. "Wait you know me!?"

Lori smiles. "Well i am half dragon" 

"I thought all the dragons got wiped out years ago."

" I Saw Zane's house being invaded but i couldn't help so i ran but my house was also invaded so i ran more and made it here."

"I see, how did you manage to arrive in this Realm?"

"I have no idea. I saw a bright light in a field and i ran to it to distact the people following me and made it here"

"Portals don't just open randomly, did someone meet you here?"

"Now that you metion it there was this guy and he said lots of people were after me and to hide here. He disapeared before i could thank him"

"So you have no idea who he is. Well then.How long have you been here?"

Lori smiles. "No Idea"

"Well then, I should probably head back to the complex, we have a new recruit who needs training."

Zane looks at Prynce. "Nice to see you again. And i think you should wait to tell them i'm here"

"Of course, they can't know you're alive for now. Well see you later." Teleports away.

Zane Looks at Lori. "So this is your home"

"It's the only place I've known, besides the Dragon Realm."

"Well the dragon realm is kind Hell right now" 

"I'd rather go to the Dragon Realm, than Hell. So, how'd you get here?"

"Kinda almost died"

"Wow, what were you doing that could have beat you like that?"

Zane looks down. "It was actually one attack really"

Stares at Zane with her mouth gaping. "That's just sad. Funny, but sad. How do you get almost killed by one attack?"

Rolls eyes. "I'd like to see you take that attack......."

"Well if it could kill you, I'd probably kill me. Well enough about death, what do you want to do?"

Zane and Lori

Zane is sitting in an open field look at the sky.

"Thinking about somethin?"

Zane looks up to see lori. "hmmm.....? Oh No nothing."

"You know you're a terrible liar."

  • looks up into the sky

Zane smiles. "Who Said I was lying"

"Your pupils shrunk when I asked you the question."

Zane looks to the sky. "I was thinking about my friends and family" Zane smiles. "And how much i miss them"

  • Lor is a bit upset

"I wish I had mine."

Zane looks at her. "Well you have me.....And one day you can go with me to see my friends and family"

  • smiles at Zane

"I would like that. Alot."

Zane laughed. "I'm sure they would like you too. Trust me we are a weird group"

"In this world, everything is weird."

  • looks back up into the sky

Zane laughed. "Then you'll fit right in"

  • Lori smiles a bit more
  • holds Zane's hands

Zane looks surprised and smiles slightly.

"Thanks, Zane"

"No problem Lori." Zane smiles

  • Lori smiles back
  • looks back into the stars

"How long do you think we will be here? So you can go and have a family again."

"Don't know. But I hope its soon.I believe I think I remember something about the man who lead me here."

Zane looks at her. "What is it?"

"His name was...Divine."

Zane looks up. "Hmmmm No idea what that means"

"That's what the man's name. That's all I can say"

"Well tell me what else you remember okay" Zane smiles

"I remember..."

  • has flashbacks of the events that happend at Dragon Realm


Zane pats her head. "It'll come to you" Zane smiles

"Trust me, Zane. It be better if it didn't."

"Well we'll help you. No matter what."

  • is a little nervous about the idea

"Okay. I trust you Zane."

  • sees blue giants walking by in the distance

"Can you see them?"

Zane looks that way. "Yeah, Why?"

"The are called 'Endlos'. They reside here and are bountiful. They protect all who reside here and tend to each other and others from different species. I hope my new family is like that. "

Zane smiles. "They are but i tend to go overboard if my friends get hurt."

"I hope my family is like that too."

  • smiles

Zane Side hugs Lori. "I'm sure they will be"

  • embraces the hug
  • tears form in her eyes

"A family. After so long."

Zane kisses the top of her head. "Welcome to the family"

  • then hugs him tightly

"Glad to be apart of it."

"Glad to have you apart of it"

  • Lori sees black giants heading toward the Endlos
  • Lori also sees one giant with a man wearing a black-hooded cloak in its hand

"W-hat is this?"

"I Have no idea"

  • the dark giants attack the Endlos and effects them
  • Lori is shocked at the sight

"Oh My God."

"Should we help them!?"


  • flies toward the Endlos
  • the man looks toward them
  • throws an ice-shard at Lori
  • Zane catches the ice shard and crushes it

"So who do i fight?"

"There will be no need. This place is already at the brink of it's annihilation."

  • lifts his hand up and a circle of cold wind forms int the sky
  • immediately the entire Realm is consumed by a frozen blizzard

"Well how do we get out!?"

"I know of one."

  • points toward the far East

"There you will find a pond with whirling vortex in the middle. It activates upon weather storms. If you can make it You might escape before the pond freezes."

"Well come on!?" Zane grabs her arm and starts to run

  • the man watches them go

"Prophecy is nearly fulfilled."

  • raises his hands higher making the blizzard more ferocious

"We gotta hurry!"

"I know, but the blizzard is blowing more violently. I'm not sure if we can make it, before we freeze to death."

"Hop on my back we'll make it"

  • gets on Zane's back

after a few minutes

"Hey, hey hold up. I think I see it. Yeah, I see it!"

Zane closes his eyes and after a few second he takes a step and opens them and starts flying at triple the speed they were going.

Finally make it to the pond

  • the pond start freezing

"Come on, We don't have much time."

Zane slows down and lands in front of the portal. "So this is it?"

"I'm afraid so. I hate to leave this place. I'm afraid it has to be that way."

  • jumps into the vortex
  • Zane follows her in

Both pop up from a pond in the Wilderness

"Here we are. Back to minimal paradise."

"You go to the complex i told you about. I'll wait here for a little while"

"Alright. Thanks again, Zane."

  • walks off