Anira II

Aeon's Realm Mascot. The Unchained Wyrm, Anira

A dimension created by Aeon for training others and to provide sanctuary for those who would prefer not to be involved with multiuniversal and omniversal conflicts, orphaned beings and other neutral parties. Second home of Aeon, Nero, Tatsu, Xiao, Lillia, Shion and Alara. This is a completely neutral territory unless otherwise declared.

Appearance and Functions


Aeon's Realm

Aeon's Realm's appearance changes depending on its purpose, the number of people and and their strength. It is generally a planet among planets, in size, that is covered with various wildlife, natural and supernatural. Over a thousand meters above the planet's surface, there is a floating city with a tall tower standing in the center. On other occasions, it is a vast galaxy with barren planets or an infinite black space with a large seal like platform in the center.

Function wise, Aeon's realm is a neutral territory to all conflicts, regardless of Aeon's own position in the conflict. It contains a safe haven for those attempting to escape conflict among things, a Colosseum for those interested in testing their might and various other facilities for training, exploration and visitation. There are stores and trading posts within the area as well, but few seem to understand how the credit exchange works. At the very edge of the realm lies a bizarre space that few have properly explored, a silent challenge for those willing to brave it in the name of glory or fame.



Aeon's Sanctuary

A place for those who hate or are tired of conflict, were orphaned by strife or are completely neutral. The location is secure unless an attack occurs on Aeon's Realm, in which case the sanctuary is in danger as well. As long as a person is within the sanctuary, no harm can come to them so long as it functions properly.