Adventus, also known as the Xenodeus, is a bizarre being, known more commonly in the Mortuverse. An immortal existence bound to a sphere bearing a great curse, one that denies it an identity and recognizable sense of self.


Information withheld by the MIU as of now. Threat to UIU is being assessed.


Adventus has no recognizable personality as it is now. More information is restricted as of now.


Adventus appears as a sphere of pure white marble polished to a wholly reflective shine. It is the size of a person's fist and floats surrounded by a pale blue aura.

Abilities and Skills

Adventus' abilities, vaguely described by the MIU, are speculated to be:

Damage Mitigation

Attacks directed at Adventus do the least possible damage, even when defense and ability ignoring properties are in effect.


Adventus can reform itself after experiencing death, often within seconds and in rapid succession should something cause multiple deaths.

Growing Immunity

Each time Adventus is slain, barring multiple deaths from a single blow, it gains immunity to whatever slew it in the context that said thing cannot fell it again.

Repulsion Wave

A wave of energy that repels and heavily damages what is in radius, regardless of defense and abilities that reduce or mitigate damage.